May 5, 2018

My Ribs are Really Popular

Best Recipe Bbq RibsGuess what? I just found out that my video for these fall off the bone ribs is the second highest viewed ribs recipe on youtube after Gordon Ramsey. Well knock me over with a spatula! It makes me proud because I was just making my home videos for fun, never expecting them to be so popular. But that means lots of people are cooking at home and I’m glad my videos and recipes are helping. Here are my current top 5 most viewed videos.

Fall Off The Bone Ribs – 4 million views

Cabbage Rolls – 3.9 million views

Faster No Knead Bread – 2.8 million views

Easy Whole Wheat Bread – 2.8 million views

Hash Browns – 2 million views (My Hash Browns? I couldn’t believe it!)

It’s exciting to watch these numbers grow. I don’t make ribs often but when I do, I always find myself saying, “Wow, I forgot how good these are!” If you haven’t tried them yet, summer is coming! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

May 1, 2018

Your Photos of My Recipes (May)

Thank you all for taking the time to take a photo and send it to me, and it’s always nice to see where you are from. Please send your photo to:


“Dear Jenny. Today I had to bake your yummie bread again. I’ ve put some seeds into the dough. Tomorrow we will have a very nice breakfast again. Lots of greetings out of my kitchen.”

~ Seeds sound like a healthy addition. Thank you for the photo. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny! 🌺 I had a taste for doughnuts, so I whipped up a batch of your delicious BAKED DOUGHNUTS. I did make a slight change by adding some diced strawberries to them this time. I also made the glaze with a hint of strawberry in it. I’ve made your baked doughnuts many times before and the are always a huge hit. I never have any leftovers….LOL!! I’ve even done double batches and I still have no leftovers! As always your recipe never fails, they came out wonderful! I’m not sure how these taste or keep for the next day…..all gone again! LOL!! Have a wonderful day Ms. Jenny! Happy Baking! 🙂”

~ Strawberry doughnuts with a strawberry glaze – sounds wonderful! ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny. I’m really happy that I have found your website with all those great recipes. Today I have tried the cinnamon rolls, oatmeal cookies, whole wheat bread loaf and dinner rolls with a bit of a twist: I’ve filled them with mincemeat and sprinkled with poppy seeds. They’re wonderful, the dough has risen perfectly with a nice crust and delicious. Here’s a picture. Thanks for sharing your recipes! Cheers!”

~ Wow! This is my first quadruple recipe photo. Thank you so much! ~ jenny

Apr 29, 2018

Potato Salad Without Mayo

Potato Salad Without MayoPotatoes are my friend – boiled, mashed, roasted, hash browned, I love them every way, and in the summer, potato salad is my favorite. I tried for years to make a good potato salad without mayo but was never happy with the result. It was always too dry and if I added more oil, it was too oily.

This time I decided to try something different. I added some of the potato cooking water to my dressing and it was better but still not good enough. Then I tried something crazy. I mashed a little bit of potato and added that to the dressing along with the water. Bingo! It was great. The potato salad was creamy, tangy, and delicious.

So now I’m sharing this recipe for creamy potato salad no mayo, just in time for summer. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 25, 2018

Whole Grain Cookies

Crispy Oatmeal CookiesIt seems that I’ve been making these crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a lot lately. They keep well, there’s no white flour, they have lots of fiber, and instead of chocolate chips I’ve been using part of a 70% dark chocolate bar (the one that’s good for you), chopped up and added to the final batter. Of course the toasted nuts add a lot of extra flavor.

They are big – about 5 inches across – so we usually split a cookie for dessert. But then we split another one because… well… because I’m in charge in the kitchen and I said it was okay. Today I also made salad, salmon patties, and spaghetti with chard for dinner. Then we had half a cookie for dessert. That’s the truth. We each had half a cookie for dessert. What happened after that is… quite frankly… confidential. 🙂  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 11, 2018

Fall Off The Bone Beef Ribs

Easy Beef Ribs in the OvenYes. You can make beef ribs that fall off the bone just like my pork baby back ribs with just a couple of small changes. First: Cook them longer. Two: Lower the temperature. After seeing so many questions about beef ribs I decided to try them myself so I could share the recipe. The two changes are very simple:

  1. Reduce the oven temperature from 300 to 275° F.
  2. Cook them for 3 1/2 hours in the oven (baby backs take 2 1/2 hrs). You can cook them even longer in the oven if you like but they are very tender after 3 1/2 hours.
  3. I was never able to remove the silver skin off the back but if you can, it’s best to remove it. (there’s good how-to advice on removing the silver skin in the comment from RussS below – thank you, Russ!)

I cooked 2 pounds of ribs and my dry rub recipe was just enough for 2 pounds. If you cook more, you’ll need to double the rub recipe. My homemade rub and sauce always get raves and both are easy to make. I see a lot of people use Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce but you should know that the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. My homemade barbeque sauce is easy to make and really worth trying. For tender fall off the bone beef ribs click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 8, 2018

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesIsn’t everything better with chocolate? Today I made my incredibly easy peanut butter cookies but upped the game by adding dark chocolate chunks and extra peanuts. Oh My! They are so good and so easy. These peanut butter cookies have no flour so they’re even gluten free. This is a simple one bowl recipe and I just added some chopped up 70% chocolate bar and some additional chopped salted peanuts. I don’t think I’ll ever make them plain again.

You could use chocolate chips but using a plain dark chocolate bar is a healthier choice. Anyone can make this simple recipe. Just use my original recipe for peanut butter cookies and add the chocolate chunks and peanuts.  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 4, 2018

Polish Stir-Fry ( Haluski )

Best Recipe HaluskiHow can something so easy be so good? I love haluski so much I just can’t get enough. My mother used to make it and I never asked her for the recipe but I finally figured out how to make it like she did and it’s so good! It’s basically a Polish stir fry of cabbage and onions that is quick and easy so you need to prep everything in advance. It only takes 20 minutes to make. I slice the cabbage by hand and then rough chop it after that.

Most haluski recipes use lots of butter but you don’t need to. This whole pan has only 2 tablespoons of butter and some of that is stirred in at the end for a great flavor and finish.

Now about the sauerkraut: I LOVE the addition of sauerkraut but I know it’s not for everyone (except us Poles 🇵🇱) but I do recommend trying the kraut version for a true Polish experience. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 1, 2018

My Recipes by You (April)

Happy Easter Sunday. My thanks to everyone for taking time to send your photos. I look forward to more pictures and I hope you’ll also share where you are from. Send your photo to:


“I always thought I didn’t like blueberries but I’d never cooked with fresh blueberries only frozen. Use fresh blueberries! I made them in my jumbo muffin tin and they turned out delicious. The polish donuts are sooo good! I had to stop myself from eating them all. 10 out of 10 will make again 😄”

~ I  agree that fresh blueberries make all the difference. Thank you for sharing. ~ jenny


“Hello Jenny. This last Easter we enjoyed your recipe! Thank you for sharing!”

~ They look adorable. Thank you for the photos. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny! I love your YouTube videos and have tried a couple of your bread recipes. Hope you can see my pictures. I don’t have a stand  mixer but I actually enjoy the kneading, especially after a frustrating day at work. Thank you for making cooking seem less scary!”

~ Thank you for your photos. Both breads turned out beautifully. ~ jenny


“I made this bread and added 4 oz of extra sharp white cheddar, one jalapeno and one tsp of garlic powder. Everyone loved it. Thanks for the recipe!”

~ Now that sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing your exact additions with us. ~ jenny


“Last night’s dessert: 2 jumbo brownies for my husband and 2 jumbo brownies for me. Just kidding! We did not wolf down the whole thing in one sitting. We managed to exercise restraint (although, to be honest, it wasn’t easy!) These One Bowl Lemon Brownies are absolutely wonderful. I will definitely be making them again and again! 😊  Beth – San Diego, CA.”

~ So you didn’t each have two giant brownies??? Okay, we’ll go with that story! 😀 ❤️. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny, All this talk about ribs on your blog so I finally decided to make them. Pork ribs were on sale at Ralph’s so I used your original recipe. I’ve never tried making ribs before, but this was so easy. I used your rub and sauce, too. They tasted amazing and really did fall off the bones! Thanks, Ryan – Redondo Beach, CA. “

~ My rub, my sauce, and even my foil pan! I’m so glad you liked them, thank you. ~ jenny


“This was sooooo delicious! – Serendipity -“

~ Wow! Your bread came out beautifully. Thank you for sharing. ~ jenny


“Another great recipe, thanks Jenny!”

~ I’m enjoying my own peanut butter cookies today. Thanks for the great photo. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny, I made cinnamon buns using your recipe and I loved it, it was easy and fun and more importantly healthy and delicious.”

~ Thank you for your photos. They look terrific. ~ jenny


“I made your amazing Easter Bread recipe yesterday, and it was amazing.  Here are pics of my creation.  Thank you, Jenny, for this wonderful website.  I am Polish also, so I especially enjoy experimenting with your recipes.”

~ I’m glad you liked it and I like those beautiful spring colors.~ jenny


“Happy Easter Jenny, as so many have said thank you for the great recipes that we all can actually have success with!”

~ Thank you and great job on the braid. Happy Easter!~ jenny

Mar 29, 2018

Happy Easter 2018

A German family spent more than 2 weeks decorating a tree with 10,000 painted eggs. Making Easter bread doesn’t seem like that much work after all.

Happy Easter, everyone. ❤️

Here’s more on that spectacular tree:

Mar 28, 2018

Easter Bread

Quick and Easy Easter BreadThis soft and sweet egg bread is easier to make than it looks. It’s fast. It’s beautiful. And it’s full of golden raisins. My simple recipe needs only one rise so it’s ready in just over two hours. You start with a simple but sweet egg bread and divide it into two. Roll each half into a 24-inch rope. Twist the ropes together like this…

How To Braid BreadPlace the rope on your baking sheet and shape it onto a wreath, pinching and tucking the edges in the best you can. Here it is ready to rise…

wreathAfter it rises in a warm spot and had doubled in size, it will look like this…

Now, just bake and finish. To ensure success have all your ingredients at room temperature, including the egg + yolk. Adding a cold egg will slow down the rise time. Make the powdered sugar glaze as thin or thick as you like. In the photo at the top I made a slightly thinner glaze than the one on the recipe page. Enjoy this delicious sweet holiday bread on any special occasion. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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