Nov 30, 2018

Spaghetti & Meatballs & Cookies

Easy Spaghetti & MeatballsI can never get enough spaghetti and meatballs. It’s really one of the best comfort foods. Most people think you have to cook sauce for hours but I will never do that when I can make delicious marinara sauce (and meatballs) in half an hour. I always use canned San Marzano plum tomatoes for my sauce.

And people think you have to brown meatballs first before putting them in your sauce but I don’t do that either. By cooking the meatballs totally in the sauce they come out super soft and delicious. We had this tonight with a salad and breadsticks. I made cookies too.

For dessert I made soft & chewy oatmeal raisin cookies – super easy. I’ll be posting that recipe soon. Meantime, if you want to try my quick and easy spaghetti and meatballs recipe, click here.Jenny Jones

Nov 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Good luck to everyone who took on the challenge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a little humor to make you smile.

I have so much in life to be thankful for but I also want to say how grateful I am to everyone who jumps in to help answer questions and help other cooks. It’s become impossible for me to keep up with all the questions, and sometimes I don’t know the answer anyway. Between this website and my youtube videos, I have over 1/2 million visitors every week, something I never expected. So thank you for helping me out.

~ Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and fellow cooks. ~

Nov 12, 2018

I Made Ribs

Best Baby Back Oven RibsI made ribs this weekend with my own rub and sauce and I can see why the video has 5 million views and 35,000 comments on youtube and why my recipe has garnered over 800 comments here on this website. They are fantastic! I always make them in the oven now because I don’t like cleaning the grill. And this time I couldn’t find the silver skin on the back to remove and they were still just as tender as ever.

In case anyone has not tried this easy, foolproof way to make the most delicious fall-off-the-bone-ribs, try this recipe. Use my rub and sauce and you won’t be disappointed.

I went to bed early last night, planning to have the leftovers for dinner tonight but this morning, two of the ribs are missing. Apparently, my husband decided he needed a midnight snack. 😋 Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Nov 4, 2018

Custard Filled Pączki – Polish Doughnuts

Oven baked custard filled donutsSomebody please stop me from eating five! These oven-baked Polish doughnuts are so light and so delicious and filled with homemade custard, well….. I can only make these a few times a year. It’s too easy to eat five. Pączki are most often filled with jam but custard is my favorite by far. These Polish doughnuts are light and airy and really simple to make.

Filling them is the hardest part and a pastry bag does make it easy. I used to use a long, slender pastry tip but I find it easier to use a wider tip, something like these:

Pączki are traditionally fried but I avoid eating deep fried food – nobody needs that. Besides, I could never eat five fried doughnuts without requiring medical care. Oven-baked is the way to go. Fill them with jam or custard. Either way you will love these delicious pączki (pronounced potnch-kee). Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Nov 1, 2018

Your Photos / My Recipes (November)


I just love getting photos of my recipes being made all over the world. It’s even better if you say where are from. Please send your photo to:


“Dear Jenny, I made your cinnamon rolls for my daughter’s pre-school class to celebrate her birthday. I scaled down the size a bit and baked them in muffin tins. They were a hit! Thanks for your great recipes!!”

~ What a pretty presentation! Thanks for the photo and new idea.  ~ jenny


“My friends devour this bread. Have tried it with AP, bread flour, 1/2 1/2, and all the same results. Even used 1 packet of yeast by accident and all were delicious.”

~ It’s good for people to know that this is such a flexible recipe. Thank you. ~ jenny


“Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for your recipe for the no-knead bread with Le Creuset, it literally is a game changer for me! My partner is a FAN of Le Creuset and we pretty much bought the whole collection. He is the chef in the couple so I don’t get to use it a lot. Now that I baked a wonderful and tasty bread in our dutch oven, I feel I own the Creuset collection too 🙂 Your video is funny and instructive, it helped a lot! – Marco Parent, Montréal, Canada.”

~ I’m so glad to hear it, thank you. Btw, I used to live in NDG! 🇨🇦. ~ jenny


“I love you Jenny! Pizza dough intimidated me so I never made it. Made your 20-minute pizza dough for a taco pizza. Can’t believe how easy it was (did by hand, no stand mixer) and came out awesome!”

~ Taco pizza sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing your photos. ~ jenny


“1 1/4 cup hot water to 2.5 cups flour.  My dough is very dry not wet like yours.. what am i doing wrong?”

~ Please look to the FAQs for answers – you can always add a little more water if needed. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny.! I’m Eve from the Philippines. Thanks for your simple and yet so delicious and healthy recipe! Check out my pics 🙂”

~ Thank you. Photos like this will motivate more people to bake bread at home. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny, Thank you for your wonderful recipes! I have been baking bread for years but none of the no knead varieties before making your super easy multigrain recipe yesterday. My husband and I loved it! Can’t wait to try the rye bread next time. Big, big thank you from both of us!”

~ You just made my favorite bread. I have one in the oven right now. Thanks for the photo! ~ jenny


“I made spaghetti and meatballs and beef stew this week. Both were so good! My 12 year old son especially loved the beef stew and ate 2 large bowls. I’ll have to double the recipe next time! I also made sweet cornbread to go with the beef stew. I added mushrooms and Parmesan cheese to the spaghetti. Thanks for sharing all your delicious recipes, I really enjoy making them. 🙂 PS.. I’m currently looking for a good chicken salad recipe… hint hint lol.”

~ Thank you for TWO fab recipe photos! I do not have a chicken salad recipe, sorry. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny! I use many of your recipes at our monastic residence. Your bread and roll recipes are amazing. Today I made the whole wheat dinner rolls to go with your skinless chicken thigh recipe. W-O-W. I can’t keep Monk Sergius out of the kitchen! Blessings to you!- Monk Philaret.”

~ My roll are being made in a monastery – how exciting! Thanks so much for the lovely photo. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny. Olivia (now almost 12) is still making your fab recipes – but usually eaten before any chance of a photo. Tonight she made your amazing walnut cake, moist and delicious – especially with a little Greek yoghurt to go with it. Big hugs from us all in the UK. – Paul, Olivia and the family x.”

~ Olivia, I’m so glad you’re still cooking! Thank you for the photo and keep up the good work! ~ jenny

JODI (from British Columbia) MADE MY EASY BAKED ZITI

“Hi Jenny, I discovered your Jenny Can Cook videos on YouTube just recently while looking for a recipe online for an easy quick chocolate cake. I whipped yours up quickly and easily and it was delicious! This lead to me watching more of your videos and pictured below is the Easy Baked Ziti from last night – a big hit for a tasty Friday dinner. My boyfriend is Polish and we live with his Polish parents so we’re excited and eager to make some of your Polish recipes! Probably starting with those tempting baked Paczi…Thanks for doing these recipes, videos and website – fun for us but lots of work for you, I’m sure! Regards, Jodi Murphy, Surrey, BC Canada.”

~ That looks just like mine and I see it works with penne just as well. Thank you. ~ jenny


Was literally as easy and fast as you said. I’ve officially been converted!!! – Shayna, Toronto, ON.”

~ Thank you for starting off the month with these great photos. (I’m from London 🇨🇦) ~ jenny

Oct 26, 2018

One Pan Spaghetti with Beets

One Pan Spaghetti with BeetsNEW RECIPE: Look at this beautiful spaghetti! It’s not just beautiful but it’s delicious and healthy too, full of brain boosting beets. And wait until you see how easy this pasta dish is. Everything cooks in one pan. No draining the spaghetti and no extra pots to wash. I am loving my new one-pan and one-pot recipes and this one makes a dramatic presentation. (anyone thinking Christmas?)

The ingredients are so simple: garlic, beets, spaghetti, and Parmesan cheese. You’ll need a pan at least 8 inches across so the spaghetti can fit, but you still have to break the spaghetti in half. These days, whenever I sauté garlic, I add it before the oil gets hot. This way there is no chance it can burn and the garlic flavor infuses the oil as well.

Beets are red… very red. Do not wear white clothing when handling beets and remember they can also stain white or wood utensils. I use the big holes on a box grater like this to shred the beets:Beets are full of fiber and nutrients and are good for lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, supporting brain health, and they have anti-cancer properties. So besides the stunning presentation, there are may reasons to make this easy and healthy side dish. Keep in mind it’s important to stir the spaghetti well and often so it doesn’t stick.  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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Oct 15, 2018

I Made Apple Pie

Easy Apple Pie Oil Crust

Autumn is here and that means it’s apple pie time. I always make it with an oil crust because if nothing else, it’s just easier. You can pat it into the pan but I find that rolling it between sheets of wax paper is the best way to use an oil crust, especially for the top. My apples of choice are granny smith 🍏 and my thickener of choice is tapioca but flour works too.

Homemade apple pie is something special. We were at a social gathering last night and when desserts were set out, I told some friends I had just made an apple pie and it was cooling on the counter at home. If they wanted to, we could skip the prepared desserts and go to my house for apple pie. “Homemade apple pie? Let’s go!”

That’s the power of homemade apple pie. My husband’s two favorite desserts are my Fresh Strawberry Cake and Homemade Apple Pie. Nothing compares. I love this delicious pie and I must admit I like the power. I think I hear him in the garage right now cleaning things up. 😍 Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Oct 13, 2018

One Bowl Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake

One Bowl Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake

My favorite desserts are something a little sweet, and that is why I created this simple loaf cake.  It’s easy to put together (I like that) with barely any cleanup (LOVE that), and it’s not too sweet so I don’t feel guilty if I have a little piece after breakfast. I still prefer baking without butter and I always prefer easy recipes so this one is perfect. It’s a moist tender cake and so delicious I never seem to have any leftovers.

If you don’t have a mixer, you can make this recipe by hand. Just sift all the dry ingredients, including sugar, into a bowl, make a well, stir in the liquids, and proceed. It won’t be quite as tall but still very delicious – a bit more like a pound cake. As for the chocolate chips, I use dark chocolate chips but I also like to use part chocolate chips and part chunks of a dark chocolate bar, somewhere in the 63 to 70% cocoa range. I just chop it up into small chunks.

And I’ll say it again: toast  your nuts before baking with them and you will see a big difference in the flavor, especially with pecans, my favorite baking nuts. If you like sweets that are not too sweet, easy to make, and even easier to eat, you will love this easy loaf cake. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Oct 1, 2018

Photos from Your Kitchen (October)

My recipes are being made all over the world and I love it, especially if you say where are from. Please send your photo to:


“Hi Jenny, I made your buttermilk biscuits, they turned out great! Thank you, Nikta (from Ottawa, Canada).

~ I’m from Ontario too. 🇨🇦 Thanks for the photo – I like the little leftover mini biscuit! ~ jenny

~ Thank you for the great photo and note. (I love my Droste cocoa too.) ~ jenny


“Hello Jenny, I am so diggin’ this recipe.  😀   My husband and I have made several loaves over the past few months.  And, it’s so much better than the bread at the grocery store. Thanks a bunch! – Sarah Tipton, Richmond, Kentucky.”

~ Thank you for the great photo and note. (I love my Droste cocoa too.) ~ jenny


“Just made this and thought I’d thank you for a super easy to make recipe. I did make a slight change in using nothing but whole wheat flour and a very light wash on the top at 5 minutes left with the tent off for the last 5 mins. I use a small counter top Oster convection oven and it came out a tad dark but it’s the same darkness and crust firmness the store bought whole wheat bread I normally buy is, so it’s just the way I like it. Many Thanks!”

~ That’s amazing for a counter top oven and good for others to know. Thanks so much! ~ jenny


“Hi my name is Mary I’m from Maryland and this is my first attempt whenever making homemade bread. My sister Tanya sent me your recipe and said she had made it multiple times and it was fabulous. I went out got all the things I needed and made a spectacular loaf of no knead bread for my family here is picture. Thank you so much Jenny will be following you and your recipes from now on.”

~ Congratulations on your first loaf and thanks for sending your photo – it looks good!  ~ jenny


“Dear Jenny, I am A Vietnamese American living in Egypt. I love all your recipes and have been trying them. I took some photos but could never sent because it said that” can’t except it” . But I am trying now. Thank you very Jenny for all your efforts, can not say enough how great full I am.”

~ You made my day with you lovely photo and note. Thank you so much.  ~ jenny


“This cake is so good with just the right amount of sweetness and super easy to make. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thank you 😊 “

~ Well that was fast! I’m glad you like it, thank you. I’m having some right now.  ~ jenny


“Hello Jenny, I made your Simple Whole Wheat Bread recipe today in a 4 x 9 pan. It turned out very nicely. May I have your permission to list the recipe on a recipe collection site called “allrecipes”? I will (of course!) credit you and post a link to the recipe. I have posted it there (only so you can see what it would look like). I will remove it immediately if you don’t grant permission or make any changes you require to keep it there. Thanks for your wonderful cooking site. – Susan.”

~ Everyone is welcome to share my recipes with the world and I appreciate being credited. Thank you for asking. And your loaf looks great by the way. ~ jenny


Hi Jenny,I am Ali, a retired IT guy and web developer and an amateur cook from Istanbul, Turkey. Although my favorite is your No Knead Crusty Rolls for weekend breakfasts, I tried your Quick & Easy Flatbread today.Since I don’t have a cast iron pan, I used a non-stick crepe pan and served them (to myself:) with butter, feta and kaskhaval cheese. Maybe not fluffy as yours, they were still delicious and crunchy. I loved them. Thanks for all the good things you’re sharing with us. Please also note that, we missed your cute YouTube videos. Sincerely Yours, Ali.”

~ What a thrill to see my flatbread all the way from Turkey! They turned out beautifully. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny! 🍁 I made your CHICKEN & PEPPERS dinner with one change up. I had no chicken left in my frig so I substituted it with some diced pork loin. OMGoodness!! What a pleasing and satisfying meal! The seasonings are spot on, just wonderful! And it’s actually a great one-skillet meal, not a ton of clean-up. I plan on making this meal again with chicken or maybe with some shrimp. Thank you for this enjoyable meal recipe. Happy Cooking! 🙂 Dalila G.”

~ It turned out beautifully and using pork or shrimp sounds delicious. Thank you. ~ jenny


“Made your chocolate cake as a 2 layer birthday cake (doubled the recipe). Got raves! It was so good!!!!!”

~ Thank you for sharing your photos and details. ~ jenny


“Made your baked ziti. Used ground turkey and whole wheat pasta. Really good!!!!.”

~ Good to know that it works with turkey & whole wheat. Thank you. ~ jenny


“Healthy Baker.”

~ Thank you for your photos. Your loaf looks great. ~ jenny

Sep 23, 2018

Sunday Dinner

30 Minute MealsI wanted something easy to make for dinner so I picked my 30-minute spaghetti with meat sauce and spinach. It’s a complete meal and it all cooks in one pot. Yes. The spaghetti cooks in the sauce along with the beef and spinach. I love that it makes a thick, meaty and delicious spaghetti and the spinach adds lots of nutrition. The recipe calls for 5 ounces of spinach but if I can cram a little more under the lid I always do because it looks like a lot, but spinach cooks down so much it almost disappears – not a bad thing for those who are not fans of this nutritious green. I have made it with baby spinach and also regular spinach, whichever one looks fresher in the package. I love this easy dinner. I went back for two more helpings, it’s that good. Click here for the recipe.

Healthy Cinnamon RollsOh, and I made cinnamon rolls with breakfast. Notice I say “with” and not “for.” That’s because cinnamon rolls FOR breakfast is a no-no. But once you have your eggs and whole grain toast and a little fruit, you’re allowed to have a cinnamon roll. At least that’s the rule around here because it’s my kitchen and I am in charge! 🙂 This is an easy one-rise recipe that I make without butter but you can use butter in the filling if you like. It’s one of my most popular recipes. Click here for my cinnamon rolls recipe. – Jenny Jones

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