Oct 18, 2021

My Homemade Italian Seasoning Mix

Homemade Italian Spice MixNEW RECIPE: One day I was out of my store-bought Italian seasoning mix and needed some for dinner. I thought about changing out of my pajama bottoms and favorite T-shirt to go to the store but that sounded like more work than making spaghetti and meatballs from scratch. So I decided to try making my own spice mix. That was the last day I ever used store-bought Italian seasoning mix. I can’t explain why but the mixture I came up with was just…. better. It smells better, tastes better, and smells fresher. It may be because I use a lot of basil, which is super fragrant. I just put all the ingredients on a piece of wax paper and pour it into a small jar, shake well, and it’s done. Homemade always seems to be better, even for spices. (not so much for hair coloring!)

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3 Comments on "My Homemade Italian Seasoning Mix"

  1. Thomas

    Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to get my cooking act together. You are a big help. There are many products that we buy by habit. There’s no reason people can’t mix their own spices or even grow and dry their own herbs. Always a pleasure to see what you’re up to on your blog.

  2. Greg

    Hi Jenny – so happy to find your site again – knew about it years ago but lost track n all the new books, advice and nutrition trends but your advice is solid – stood the test of time! Have you ever used 100 percent grape seed oil in your baking? Supposed to be good for you – mine is from France – pompeian brand thanks!

  3. Gobi

    Hello Jenny,
    Hope your and your beloved ones are doing well!
    I go to your YouTube page every so often to see if any new videos have been uploaded. I am really hoping that we can see some nee videos on YouTube down the road.
    Take care.

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