November, 2021

Nov 23, 2021

🍂 Happy Thanksgiving 2021 🍂

How_To_Make_Fresh_Cranberries_Jenny_Can_CookI already made my cranberries. There’s no Thanksgiving turkey dinner in this house without fresh  cranberries. If you haven’t made them using fresh berries, then you don’t know how easy it is. It takes five minutes and the taste is out of this world. Your kids will love watching them pop as they cook, kind of like popcorn. I don’t just make cranberries from scratch, I make my stuffing from scratch, using my own homemade bread and homemade turkey stock and my bread stuffing is awesome!

Putting together Thanksgiving dinner is a challenge, but so is cutting your own bangs… and yet we manage! ✂️ I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and if you want to try any of my Thanksgiving recipes, here they are:

For Fresh Cranberries, click here.

For Simple Bread Stuffing, click here.

For Pumpkin Pie, click here.

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Nov 1, 2021

Your Photos (November)

I love seeing pictures of my recipes from all over the world so please say where you’re from – include yourself in the photo too! (I post these manually so you won’t see it right away.) Use this link to send your photo:



“Hi Jenny!  My hubby has a sweet tooth and has been craving cinnamon rolls of late. We both lost our jobs this past year, so I’ve been making everything at home from scratch for a change. I’ve lots of time for cooking now and we are addicted to all your easy bread recipes! I was reticent about cinnamon rolls, however. I thought they’d be too tricky for me!  BUT I watched your video, taking note of the tips for not rolling too tight and using dental floss for slicing. It was easy!  The only extra step I did was giving the dough a second rest after I rolled it out. It wouldn’t “relax” and kept shrinking back up again. But after I gave it the second rest for a few minutes, it co-operated with me. I was able to roll it a second time to the correct dimensions with no problem. I’ve attached photos showing them in the pan before rising and after rising, then after baking and glazing.  My husband was very happy and didn’t realize I’d used no butter at all. Just light olive oil in the dough, then spread with a little Becel margarine before filling.  We ate them all by the next day!  I get more confident in my kitchen skills with every recipe of yours that I try.  Thanks so much, Jenny … God bless! – Barb from Ontario.”

– Thank you for these luscious photos and for the tip about the second rest. They are picture perfect!  Jenny, also from Ontario.Best Recipe Cinnamon RollsCinnamon Rolls Jenny Can Cook


“Hi Jenny, This was the easiest bread i have ever made. I found your recipe through one of my good girlfriends and have loved it since. I am super excited to try out your other recipes and will continue to make this bread in the future it turned out perfect. My husband always says things taste “okay” but when he bit into this bread the first words that came out of his mouth were “this is really good!!!!” Thanks again! Best wishes for the holiday season! ~ Marzena Frausto, Canadian living in Chicago.”

– I’m glad you got such a great compliment. It’s about the same with my husband. He says everything tastes good but once in a while, he says, “very good,” and that makes my day! jenny (former Canadian, former resident of Chicago) 🇨🇦 Best_No_Knead_Bread


“Hi Jenny, Our elf is named “Jenny Jones” because she loves to be in the kitchen, using your recipes to make the most delicious food. In this picture, Jenny is proudly showing off her latest creation, Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Jenny added chocolate chips, toasted walnuts, and sprinkled the brownies with powdered sugar. I’m glad we took a picture, they didn’t last long! So good! Jenny the Elf says “Thank you for sharing your recipes!” Theresa (Indiana).”

– This is quite an honor indeed. Your brownies look good and so does your adorable elf. Thank you for this darling photo and Happy Thanksgiving. jennyBest Recipe Fudge Brownies


“Hi Jenny. In Germany we celebrate St. Martin’s day on November 11th, where children walk around the streets with lanterns and receive little “Martins men” afterwards. I used a combination of your cinnamon raisin bread and your easter bunny recipe for the sweet treats and they turned out great. I am sure the kids will LOVE them! Thanks so much for the recipe. Looking forward to new ones (especially videos!) and would LOVE to see your new kitchen! Many autumn greetings from Germany, Manuela.”

– How nice to learn about your St. Martin’s Day tradition and your little Martin’s man looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing with us. jennyMartins_Men_Bread


“Your recipe is the best! I don’t ever have to buy bread again! I’ve been following you and your awesome.  Recipes for several years now  I also love your YouTube channel  It’s awesome. Thank you Jenny!!”

– I can’t remember the last time I bought bread either. Your bread looks fabulous, thank you. jennyBest Recipe White Bread


“I followed the recipe and made this bread!!! It turned out delicious everybody loved it! It became our instant favorite! Thank you. 😃”

– Thank you for your photo. I’m glad to know your bread was a hit! – jennyJenny Can Cook Bread

Nov 1, 2021

Photo of the Month (October)

Jenny Can Cook BreadsThis was an easy choice. Seeing this young man embrace baking made me so happy, and he is not just a baker, he is an artist! Just look at what he made in the October photos section. His grandmother, Jeannie, wrote that “since Covid started and my grandson being home with me quite often, he has found a new passion; bread baking.” To know that my recipes played a small part in a young person’s passion for baking and seeing how skilled he is already, I can only imagine what the future holds for this talented young baker. I look forward to seeing more of his creations.

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