May 26, 2019

Easy One Bowl Apple Cake

Easy One Bowl Apple CakeEverybody stay calm! 🙂 There is no cinnamon in my crispy top apple cake. You can add some if you like but I tried using cinnamon and I prefer it with just a little vanilla. This way the apples are the star. This is another easy one-bowl recipe for a healthy dessert that I absolutely love. Here’s why:

~ No mixer
~ No butter
~ Uses less sugar
~ Has whole grains and fruit
~ Minimal cleanup

This fresh apple cake is healthy enough to include with breakfast. (notice I said “with” and not “for!”) 😋 Be sure to keep the apple pieces small, no bigger than 1/2-inch so they cook through. I use Granny Smith apples 🍏. I have made this cake using 100% whole wheat pastry flour and it turned out well but using half all purpose and half whole wheat pastry flour makes it much lighter, so that’s the one I prefer.

I’m loving my one-bowl recipes and am always looking for an easier way to make my favorite foods. And it doesn’t get much easier than this. With or without cinnamon, this is still the easiest apple cake you will ever make. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

May 26, 2019

Your Photos (May)

It’s a thrill to see my recipes made all over the world. Thank you for your photos and for including where you are from. Please send your photo to:


“I have been “baking” in a bread machine for over 10 years but was always nervous about no-knead bread. Mine came out just fine (even though I left it on the counter for 17 hours instead of 12). Next step, with olives and a little whole wheat flour!”

~ It looks perfectly delicious to me. Thanks for your photo. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny. We made your chicken pot pie and it was delicious!  Thank you for all your recipes. Have a wonderful day! Eva from Edmonton, Alberta.”

~ Thank you for the photo. It turned out beautifully. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny, I brought 9 lbs. of ribs made using your recipes for  rib rub,  homemade barbeque sauce and Fall Off the Bone Ribs to a party.  People were ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ even before tasting them.  They tasted as good as they looked.   Leftovers tasted great the next day, also.  Thanks for sharing these recipes and making me look like a real pro! Kind regards from Chicago, IL, Marie Nixon.”

~ I’m so glad to hear it. Thank you for the delicious photo. ~ jennyJenny Can Cook

JOHN (from Connecticut) MADE MY NO KNEAD BREAD

My name is John and I live in Connecticut. This is my first time baking bread and it tasted amazing. I made this for the super bowl and it was everyones favorite. Thank for for this quick and easy recipe!”

~ Congrats on a successful first loaf. Thank you for sending your photo. ~ jenny


Deliciousness! I made my first loaf of whole wheat bread last night.  It was tough to wait the 10 minutes to slice! I’m telling everyone to check out your website. Everything is easy peasy!!! – Donna Skinner Indianapolis, hometown Toronto.”

~ Thank you for the great photo. I have the same “waiting” problem. 🙂 ~ jenny


“Beautiful and tasty bread.  Thanks for sharing your recipe.  It was a hit with my husband who is not a fan of sweet baked goods.  I really enjoy watching your videos especially because you have helped me learn the technique of properly braiding bread.  I have finally perfected this process and am confident of my future success in creating various braided breads. – Marilyn  Russell “Lapetitchef,” Apopka, FL.

~ It turned out beautifully! Thank you for sharing your photo. ~ jenny


Hi Jenny, I baked your wheat bread. I guess my pan is slightly larger than yours. The egg was cold and the milk not quit as hot as it should have been. It took an hour and a half to reach an inch over the edge. But after 30 mins on 190centigrade, I think it’s not too bad for a first attempt. Greetings from the Netherlands, Dronten City. – Erik Groothuis

~ The Netherlands! Woo Hoo! This “first attempt” looks perfect to me. Thank you for your fantastic photo. ~ jenny


Hi Jenny! I want to thank you for your easy bread recipe. It came out perfect as described in your video. Can I add dry herbs like oregano and rosemary? If so when should I add them? Tks again! ~ Ruben from Isabela, Puerto Rico.”

~ Thank you for the great photo and you can add herbs at the beginning of the mixture. ~ jenny

May 19, 2019

One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes

One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & PotatoesI’m so excited to share this easy one-pan meal. It’s Mediterranean eating at its best… healthy, low fat, and full of flavor. The whole thing is ready in an hour so there’s plenty of time to steam some broccoli or make a salad.

When using lemon, it’s best to use a non-reactive pan like Pyrex. I found a 13 by 9 pan at the grocery store for 12.49. The marinade is really simple, using one large lemon but you can use more lemon if you like. Here’s how it looks before cooking:

Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe

I try to submerge as many potatoes into the liquid as possible so they absorb lots of lemon/garlic flavor. About 10 minutes before it’s done, I turn over the potatoes and chicken. Here is it after cooking:

One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & PotatoesMost of the liquid will cook off and I use whatever juices are left, including the onions, to pour over the chicken for serving. I slice the chicken so the juices go inside all the slices. I love this easy recipe. They say the healthiest diet in the world is the Mediterranean diet and this is it! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 22, 2019

My Pan Fried Turkey Meatballs

Easy Healthy Turkey Meatballs

Three things I always have in my freezer: 1) homemade chicken stock 2) homemade bread 3) turkey meatballs. These tasty little meatballs help me put together and quick and easy dinner with some pasta, sauce, and a salad. They are light and healthy and take just a few simple ingredients.

You can use white or soft whole wheat bread to make the fresh breadcrumbs. I use my own homemade bread, both white and whole wheat. There’s not much difference in the result so why not use whole wheat, but make sure it’s a soft whole wheat bread (mine is really easy to make).

This is a quick recipe but it’s hands-on because you have to keep turning the meatballs (sometimes meat squares or triangles) but who cares as long as they taste great. When I add the water, I rarely have any left at the end but all stoves and pans are different so if you have water left over, it just takes a minute or two to cook it off. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 18, 2019

Happy Easter

Easy Easter Bread RecipeHappy Easter, everyone!

I wish you all a lovely holiday and good luck with all your cooking and baking.

This is my Simple Easter Bread that I’m making on Sunday. Of course I had to test it out today to make sure it turns out so I guess we’ll just have to eat it. 😋 I love baking for any holiday and sweet breads (my favorite kind of bread) are most popular at Easter time. It’s an easy one-rise recipe with lots of golden raisins and a light glaze. If you want to try this easy homemade raisin bread recipe click here.

Apr 1, 2019

Who’s Making My Recipes? (April)

I love seeing who’s making my recipes. Thank you for your photos and for saying where you are from. Please send your photo to:


“Thank you!   The kids loved them.  It will be a new Easter tradition!  Thank you Jenny!!
Louise ~ Long Sault, Ontario 🇨🇦”

~ What an adorable basket of bunnies! Thank you and Happy Easter. ~ jenny


“It’s been years since I last hauled out the bread machine.  After reading through your recipe for no-knead bread, I decided to give it a try.  Here’s a photo of my first attempt.”

~ Great job! I believe that bread machine is officially retired. ~ jenny


“Made them the other night they came out great thank you. Best regards, Frank.”

~ Thank you for the great photo. They turned out perfectly. ~ jenny


“Hi. We just built a house and I have always said that once I have my dream kitchen, I’d take up baking. Two weeks ago I made my very first loaf!  A simple  white bread. I decided next I wanted a real challenge!!  I found Jenny’s YouTube channel and voila’.  I watched it about 10 times and on Saturday I got to it!! This was only the 2nd time EVER in my 47 years I’ve made bread 😂😂😂 It wasn’t perfect…and my 9 years old went a bit crazy on the icing….but we loved it!!! Thank You!!  Yum!! ~ Nannette Postel”

~ It WAS perfect! Congratulations! And I would have put on even more icing! 😋 ~ jenny


Here’s the first ever bread I made: wheat loaf. Jenny made it simple enough for someone whose never tried making bread before. This came out wonderful and it made me want to try more and more! (Thanks Jenny! I love watching you!)”

~ I’m happy that my recipe has shown you that you can make your own bread. ~ jenny


한밤중에 머리 땋기👩‍”  Translation: “Braiding in the middle of the night.”

~ Thanks for sharing your photo on Instagram. It turned out beautifully. ~ jenny

Apr 1, 2019

What You’re NOT Eating is The Problem

I just read an eye-opening article saying it’s not the bad stuff we’re eating but the good stuff we are NOT eating that poses a bigger threat to our health. It’s from a 27-year global study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One in five deaths, no matter where people lived, occurred because of too much sodium and a lack of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calcium, fiber, legumes or beans, and healthy fats found in salmon, vegetable oils and some nuts and seeds. Hey! I eat a lot of that stuff!

This chart shows the 15 risk factors with #1 being the highest risk. In the USA it’s not enough whole grains followed by not enough nuts and seeds. I’m proud to say that a lot of my breads and cookies have those things.

 To read the whole article, click here.
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Apr 1, 2019

My Go-To Dinner

Easy Veggie Fried RiceI’ve been busy the past month and when there’s not much time to cook, I still cook. And tonight I made my veggie fried rice. It’s my go-to dinner when I want a quick and healthy meal. I always have broccoli and peppers on hand I always keep frozen peas in the freezer.

It’s a light meal with protein from the eggs and a bounty of nutrients from the vegetables. This time I used broccoli, spinach, peppers, and peas. We had my peanut butter cookies for dessert.

If you want to try this quick and easy vegetarian fried rice, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 17, 2019

Finally, A New Photo

I finally posted a new photo of myself on this website. I enjoy taking photos of my recipes but not so much of myself but I felt obligated to show my true and current self, un-retouched. The other photo was taken 5 years ago so it was time. I’ll soon be turning 73 and couldn’t put it off much longer. At least in this one I’m still only 72!

Photo Jenny JonesI wore my favorite apron and included the smiley spatula. My husband took the photo after I showed him which button to press. 🙂 He always said he would do anything for me so I took him at his word. Thank you, my precious! ❤️ (He doesn’t know it yet but there’s an apple pie in his future 🍏) Happy cooking, everyone!

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Mar 10, 2019

Breakfast For One

Easy Oven Apple PancakeThis morning I was craving my caramelized apple pancake but I am by myself and the recipe makes two servings. I decided to experiment, cutting all the ingredients in half, using one large granny smith apple and I used my 9-inch cast iron pan. It turned out great! I was afraid it would spread out too much and the edges wouldn’t puff up but look – it’s beautiful!

Here it is just out of the oven before I flipped it over onto the plate.

Skillet Apple PancakeIt wasn’t quite as gooey as the big one but I needed to show that you can make this pancake for one. You know that movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds?” So was my pancake. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones