Sep 9, 2018

Your Photos/My Recipes (September)

I love seeing my recipes being made all over the world, and it’s always nice if you say where are from. Please send your photo to:


“Yay I made Jenny’s whole wheat bread. 🤗 Best recipe ever. I am not buying bread anymore.”

~ That’s a perfect loaf, thank you. I’m from Canada too. 🇨🇦 ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny. My name is Nuri. I’m from Malaysia. I baked your Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake with 2 minute Chocolate Frosting. It turned out great. Both my children love it. Maybe next time I need to decrease the amount of powdered sugar. My son already ask me to make it for his birthday next year. And also, we love your Youtube Channel. Love from Malaysia.”

~ Thank you for the photo. I have often made it as a birthday cake too.~ jenny


“I’m a sourdough starter bread kinda girl, but I love your quick, delicious bread. So does my husband! He had a slice before I could photograph it! Sending warm wishes from Louisiana.”

~ He’s not the only one who can’t wait for the first slice – that would be me! ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny, I’m from Germany. We have lots of apples in our back yard this year and yesterday I made your delicious apple pie. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.”

~ Now that is a lovely apple pie! Thank you for making us hungry. ~ jenny


“I have made pepperoni pizza twice using this dough. It is so good and tender. Also an A+ for being very easy and quick.In less than an hour I have homemade pizza. My go to recipe now !! Thanks , Patsy.”

~ That’s a beautiful pizza and I love the roosters. Thanks so much. ~ jenny


“Another winner. Made your coconut cake over the weekend. So easy peasy and yummy! Thank you for your recipes!”

~ Thanks for the great photos. I love this cake! ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny, Best Recipe Ever,For Caramel Corn. I thank you,Very Much.  I’m making another batch tonight. I ate the first batch in 2 days 😁. ❤xx Regards, Carmen Allan.”

~ I have the same problem – gone in 2 days! Thanks for the tempting photo. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny!  🌺 I made your ENGLISH MUFFINS for a nice and fresh version of muffins instead of store bought ones. I do bake quite a bit of your bread and roll recipes and they always come out wonderful! So…..why not do your ENGLISH MUFFINS TOO?! Guess what…..they came out great!! 👌 I added some raisins, golden raisins and cranberries to half of the dough. I also added cinnamon to that half. The second half I left plain for just a regular English muffin. These muffins have a very nice texture…..a yummy breakfast or snack. Talk about some nooks & crannies, lovin’ these beauties. On the plain one I added a poached egg with a sprinkling of pepper and a glass of cranberry juice. The cinnamon raisin muffin went with a choice of peanut butter or cherry preserves with a cup of coffee.
Thank you for another tasty recipe Ms. Jenny!  Happy Baking!  🙂”

~ Thank you for another lovely photo. I am making these today myself. ~ jenny

Sep 5, 2018

Easy Multigrain Artisan Bread

Easy Mulitgrain Artisan BreadI never knew such a healthy, hearty bread could be so good and so easy to make. It’s probably the no knead bread I make the most because it’s just so easy. I haven’t bought bread in years. All of the bread recipes I post here are ones I make at home and it’s usually the Dutch oven breads because they are so easy to put together.

The prep is barely 5 minutes as you just combine the oats and flour(s) with yeast, salt, and water in a bowl. You cover the dough and let it rest overnight and the next day you fold the dough over a few times, let it rest a while, and bake in a Dutch oven. It’s foolproof. And you get a hearty, crusty loaf of bread you could never buy anywhere that’s so fresh and delicious. This multigrain no knead loaf is usually part of my breakfast and I also love it with a bowl of vegetable soup.

I started the dough last night but I was impatient this morning and didn’t wait the full 2 hours before baking. It was actually 1 hour and 15 minutes so I saved 45 minutes off the resting time. I will try it again with the shorter resting time and if it works once more (and was not a flook) I will adjust the recipe so you can make it faster. To try my multigrain no knead artisan bread, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Sep 4, 2018

Couldn’t Send a Photo?


Send your photo to:

If you tried to send a photo and were not successful, that feature appears to be down. We are working on it so please save your photo and try again later when I update this post. I love receiving your pictures and wondered why nobody sent one lately. Thanks for your patience.

Aug 30, 2018

Carrot Cake with Chocolate Frosting? Yes!

Carrot Cake with Chocolate FrostingI didn’t have any cream cheese. But I wanted carrot cake. My husband said, “How about your chocolate frosting?” (He loves chocolate!) Once I stopped laughing, I decided to make my whole wheat carrot cake with chocolate frosting, knowing once he had a taste, he would agree to never make a baking suggestion again. Well after I ate some of the cake, I had to eat crow. It was delicious!

Homemade carrot cake is a real treat and worth the effort of shredding a big carrot. I’ve simplified my recipe so it works with or without crushed pineapple and this time I didn’t have pineapple either and this cake is really delicious without it, especially with chocolate frosting. I used my 2-Minute Chocolate Frosting and frosted only the top of my cake right in the pan.

Mine is a healthier whole wheat carrot cake make without butter so the only butter here is in the frosting. I sometimes double the frosting, split the cake and make it a 2-layer treat. If you want to try something different and delicious, make homemade carrot cake with chocolate frosting, or use the traditional cream cheese topping.  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Aug 26, 2018

Quick & Easy Taco Casserole

Soft Taco CasseroleNEW RECIPE: There are lots of Mexican restaurants here in Southern California and I love Mexican food but I don’t always feel good after eating it. And tacos are my favorite so I decided to create something of my own that’s healthy, low fat, easy to serve, and really good! Most taco casseroles use tortillas chips but corn tortillas are a healthier choice and they make a taco casserole that’s soft and with more flavor than using tortilla chips. This easy dinner is high in fiber and protein. it has two vegetables, and it’s gluten free.

Quality matters so look for corn tortillas with the shortest ingredient list and not too much salt. I always look for low sodium products including the pinto beans (I use S&W brand). You can always add salt later or even some cayenne pepper if you like it spicy. And do not use pre-shredded cheese because it won’t melt like freshly shredded cheese. And when drizzling the bean liquid be sure to get the edges.

It’s really easy to put this delicious casserole together in layers and and it’s never dry because I reserve the liquid from the drained beans and pour some over each layer. Depending on the brand, I sometimes get 3/4 of a cup of liquid and other times it’s only 1/4 cup so I just add water to bring it up to one cup. Here’s how I layer it after coating the bottom of the pan with a little bean liquid:

3 Tortillas + Meat + Drained Beans + Bean Liquid + Cheese. Repeat this two more times to make 3 layers and then add remaining 3 tortillas on top. I like to tear and scatter them over the top in smaller pieces for easy serving. (It’s okay to have some openings in the tortilla layers).

You can serve this taco casserole two ways: Either top it with the shredded lettuce and tomatoes or serve them on the side. It’s fun for everyone to put on as much as they want and you can even use some chopped white onion as an extra topping, or even some sliced jalapeno peppers.

If you like soft tacos and fun, easy family meals, you will love this easy taco casserole. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Aug 7, 2018

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies from ScratchI always look for a healthier way to make all the favorite things we like to eat and chocolate chip cookies are at the top of my “favorite things to eat” list. I posted my recipe some time ago but when I baked them today, I made a couple of small improvements. I reduced the oil and salt a little and I prefer them the new way. (the changes are noted in the recipe).

Anyone looking to bake with whole grains can make my version that uses part whole wheat & part all purpose flour. But these healthier cookies can also be made using only all purpose flour but honestly, there’s not much difference so I say go with the whole wheat version.

While most chocolate chip cookie recipes start out with a stick of butter, my recipe uses only three tablespoons of butter. I’m still not convinced we should be eating lots of butter as some people believe but when I use butter, I’m going with the grass-fed kind.

I always put nuts in these cookies and whether you use walnuts or pecans, I highly recommend toasting the nuts first. Toasting intensifies the flavor and it will add a lot to these delicious cookies, especially pecans. For chocolate chips, the darker the better for some health benefits.

To try my whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies, just click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Aug 1, 2018

Thanks for Your Photos! (August)

It really makes my day when someone take time to send a photo of one of my recipes, and it’s always nice if they say where they’re from. Please send your photo to:


“My first old-school Beef Stew. Thank you.”

~ That’s a good looking beef stew. Thanks for the instagram photo. ~ jenny


“Sent from my iphone.”

~ That’s a beautiful, cracked crust – the best kind. Thank you! ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny! 🌼 I happen to enjoy coconut like crazy, so I made your CHOCOLATE-DIPPED COCONUT MACAROONS. The first thing I really liked about this recipe was the number of ingredients I needed, only 5 ingredients. I did add almonds to my macaroons, so 6 ingredients for me. Still, not bad, I was done combining everything in no time at all. I used my small cookie scoop to form my macaroons. The texture was so good, nice and moist with a good chew to them. You definitely know your sweets…..YAY YOU!! 👌 This recipe is a keeper, it’s nice and easy with limited ingredients. But mainly because these macaroons taste great! Happy Baking! 😊”

~ Thank you for another lovely photo. They turned out perfectly. ~ jenny


“Thank you for sharing this simple recipe..this is the very first bread i learned how to make,and because of this i began to bake more different kinds of bread and pastries ,you inspired me,and made a baker out of me..thank you..this is my husband’s and my kids favorite bread by the way.”

~ The bread looks fab and so does your little Italian chef. I’m happy to have been an inspiration. Thank you. ~ jenny

Jul 28, 2018

One Pan Spaghetti, Spinach & Meat Sauce

One Pan Pasta Veggie Meat SauceI’m loving my one pan meals because they are easier, faster, and there’s less cleanup. And when things all cook together, they just taste better. This  quick and easy recipe for pasta, meat sauce, and spinach only takes 30 minutes, including prep. That’s because I use store-bought jarred marinara sauce.

Quality matter when you buy prepared products so try to find the best quality sauce you can, especially one made with Italian plum tomatoes. I use Silver Palate Low Sodium Marinara Sauce and I always use fresh baby spinach – a whole 5 ounce package. It’s a tight squeeze adding that much spinach on top of the sauce and I can do it in my 11-inch skillet because it has a domed lid, but you can also use a larger pot.

One issue with cooking spaghetti in sauce is the spaghetti tends to stick together. That’s why regular stirring is important and I find the best tool for that is a large fork. Using a fork to twist and turn the pasta helps a lot to keep it from sticking, but make sure it’s not metal if your pan in non-stick. I use my giant silicone fork for stirring.

Three things to remember with this recipe:

1) Keep the sauce boiling the whole time but not too high or you’ll cook off too much liquid. If that happens, just add a little more water. Once the pasta is added, I start off on medium heat and as it cooks down, I gradually reduce the heat to low.

2) To keep the spaghetti strands from sticking together, regular stirring is important and you can use tongs but a fork is a better choice. Once the spaghetti starts to soften, I twist and turn the spaghetti every 2 minutes and mine never sticks together.

3) It makes great leftovers. You can reheat it a pot or pan, with a little added water to keep it moist, cover and reheat over low heat, stirring a few times. You can also drop in some more spinach, which will wilt nicely as you heat and stir.

This is a comfort food meal and at my house, every meal has to have at least one vegetable so it’s a win-win. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jul 22, 2018

Sunday Breakfast

I want to remind everyone how easy it is to make pancakes from scratch. How easy? Twelve minutes. Yes, it takes just 12 minutes to make my whole grain oatmeal pancakes. It was our Sunday breakfast, served with a little butter and a lot of real maple syrup.

These easy, healthy pancakes are made with buttermilk, oats, and whole wheat pastry flour so they are 100% whole grain. Buttermilk really makes the best pancakes! My usual breakfast is a hard-boiled egg, a slice of my homemade bread, a little fruit, and a cup of tea, but Sunday is the day for special treats – I should have called it Sunday brunch because we didn’t eat until after 11:00.

I found these pretty plates at Walmart so I took a new picture. Next Sunday, or maybe tomorrow, if you want a healthy whole grain breakfast that’s fun and easy, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jul 22, 2018

Baking Can Be Therapeutic

Baking can be therapeutic. This appeared in Sunday’s St. Croix hurricane report and it looks like my recipes are therapeutic for Isabel, who is staying calm by baking.  Question, though… is it the baking of the cinnamon rolls or the eating of the cinnamon rolls that’s helping take her mind off things?

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