January, 2017

Jan 27, 2017

Veggie Fried Rice

Best Recipe Veggie Fried RiceThere are three reasons why I love this recipe:

  1. It’s vegetarian.
  2. It has lots of superfood veggies.
  3. It takes less than 20 minutes to make.

This is a light, easy supper that I love to make, depending what I have on hand. My favorite combo is this one with broccoli, baby spinach, bell peppers, and peas. But I have also made it with other vegetables, sometimes broccollini instead of broccoli, Swiss chard instead of spinach, or other subs like asparagus, shredded carrots, bok choy, or Chinese snow peas, so you see it’s just a great way to get a variety of cooked vegetables in one meal. But I always use at least four different veggies.

Cold cooked rice works best so I usually cook the rice the day before, and refrigerate it overnight. Mostly I use Uncle Ben’s converted rice but I have also made it with brown rice. Either way, if your rice is cooked in advance, this is a super-quick meal. Be sure to have everything ready before you start because a stir-fry means you don’t leave the pan once you start and it cooks in less than 10 minutes! So chop everything first and have everything in place before starting. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jan 18, 2017

Five Foods Known to Cause Cancer

I saw this in USA Today and thought it was worth sharing. Here are five foods they say are known to cause cancer:
1. Processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, ham, and sausages. Limit your intake.
2. Highly salted foods like pickles. A high intake is linked to stomach cancer. Less is better than more.
3. Alcohol. It can raise your risk of mouth, colorectal & breast cancer. Limit intake to one drink a day for women, two for men.
4. Charred meat. High heat + meat = DNA-damaging compounds. Cook at lower temperatures and flip meat frequently to avoid charring.
5. Scalding hot beverages. Routinely drinking very hot tea, coffee, or soup is linked to a greater risk of esophageal cancer.

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Jan 13, 2017

Trying to Keep Up

Jenny Jones photo Jenny Can CookWith over 300,000 views every week between my website and youtube, from 200 different countries, I simply can’t to keep up with the growing number of questions. I never expected this when I started sharing my recipes and I want this to be the best experience for everyone but it’s become overwhelming.

I am a one-man operation, doing the best I can, but here is the reality: If I don’t get to 25 questions in one day, the next day it’s 50. Another couple of busy days and it’s 100 and by then I can’t catch up. I need time to work on my recipes, take the pictures, perfect the details, and share what I love. I also need time to focus on my philanthropy.

It’s wonderful to see how popular my recipes have become and I want to always be there but it’s become impossible and that makes me sad. This is my creation. I take a lot of pride in it and want it to be perfect so please know I am doing the best I can. I hope everyone understands and there are ways you can help:

  1. Understand if I am not able to answer your questions.
  2. Please do not ask a question that you can research online.
  3. Please do not ask about changing my recipe as I only make them the way I post them.
  4. If a recipe didn’t turn out, please look at the FAQs before asking what went wrong.
  5. Please continue to share your helpful comments, especially if you’ve tried something different with one of my recipes and it turned out well. That’s helpful to all of us.

My sincere thanks to everyone who jumps in to answer questions to help out.  – Jenny Jones

Jan 9, 2017

Make Caesar Salad at Home

Homemade Caesar SaladI LOVE LOVE LOVE my Caesar salad! Now I don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to get a classic Caesar salad. It was always a mystery to me because I thought I had to use whole anchovies but for me, anchovy paste is perfect and it’s also easy to use. It takes just minutes to make this dressing but you need the right ingredients. You just shake it all up in a jar and it’s done.

Traditional Caesar salad is made with romaine lettuce and for me, hearts of romaine make the best presentation, not to mention homemade croutons. I usually make croutons with slices of my faster no knead bread and my recipe is super easy too. Click here to see how to make homemade croutons.

I encourage everyone to eat a salad every day and now you can make one of those salads a classic Caesar. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jan 1, 2017

Show Off Your Creation (January)

I look forward to these photos more than anything. What a thrill to see my recipes being made all over the world. Feel free to say where you are from and send your photo to: YourPhotos@JennyCanCook.com

“Dear Jenny, another fan from Bulgaria here! This is the first time I tried your recepes and it worked just perfect. One cannot get enough of the Easy Dinner Rolls, really easy and yet so tasty. Thanks for the lovely ideas! Keep on inspiring the world! Warm Regards, Maya.”

~ Your rolls came out beautifully. I hope your photos get more people to try them. ~ jenny

“I made artisan bread thanks to you Jenny! I am Esther R. Scott from Monongahela, Pa. (outskirts of Pittsburgh.) I just happened to find your channel and I am so glad that I did! It’s awesome. I used to love watching your show. I miss it. I watched you bake bread in a Dutch Oven and tried it myself. It came out so nice! And I am not what you would call a true baker. Lol. I put it in a springform pan with aluminum foil on top for a while. Here are the pics and thank you very much.”

~ Thank you for sharing your method. It’s helpful to those without a Dutch oven. ~ jenny

“Dear Jenny! Dziekuje bardzo!  You, your recipes and your way of presenting them are so inspiring, thank you so much!  I made your cinnamon rolls today, they are so good!!! So airy and not to sweet (and I love it)! Thanks again for your effort making so many useful videos, giving such important information on your blog and for everything you do for others to have a better (and in that case tasty) life 🙂 Greets from Bulgaria, Milen.”

~ How exciting that my cinnamon rolls made it all the way to Bulgaria. They look wonderful. ~ jenny

“Dear Jenny, I have made so many of your recipes and I love them all. The Chicken & Peppers and Orange Sesame Chicken are mainstays. I just made your granola bars and followed the recipe to the letter and they turned out amazing! They stayed together and didn’t break apart into little pieces as I feared. I am going to make these all the time. I am so glad I found this recipe because they’re great for an energy boost before going to the gym. Thank you! Best, Ryan.”

~ They look exactly like mine. I’m making some today to send as a gift. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I must thank you again for your fervor and creative ideas about healthy cooking. This is my second experiment with your recipe and again it turned out as expected: crunchy, yummy and healthy. I sealed my cookies in a glass container and they stayed as crunchy as they were fresh from the oven for a couple of days until all were gone! Kind Regards, ~ Miao Miao.”

~ I love these cookies too. Thanks for the storage tip. ~ jenny“I tried your Whole Wheat Choc. Brownie recipe today.. Wow! The taste is so gratifying! Honestly, with your recipes it is easy to say bye-bye to processed foods such as butter and margarine without sacrificing the flavor. Thanks again! Kind Regards, ~ Miao Miao”

“Hi Jenny, I made your no-knead Easy Pan Pizza, let me tell you it was great!! I followed your steps for the over night method, excellent and so simple to do. The pizza came out FABULOUS, the crust was soooo  tasty, nice and crisp. It had such wonderful texture to it, thank you for sharing your recipe with us. 🙂 I shared my pizza photo with my family and they were all impressed, “WOW” was their comments. A thumbs up from all of them, thank you again Jenny, you rock!!”

~ What a great photo and I’m glad it turned out so well. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! I just wanted to let you know that your blog is super, I truly enjoy reading your posts and making your recipes. Your video’s are so nice, I really like how you walk through your recipes step-by-step. That’s so helpful of you and it makes cooking easier. You are doing a bang-up job, YAY YOU!! I am going to try and send you my picture of your recipe of the beet and cabbage borscht. I’m not so good at this, me and computers just don’t play nice…LOL!  Hopefully you get it and all in one piece. It was easy to make and it was ever soooo tasty!!  Talk about a wonderful aroma throughout the house, we couldn’t wait to get our soup bowls filled. My next up recipe of yours and maybe, (crossing my fingers),  picture worthy,  is your Easy Pan Pizza. Wish me luck! 😉 Many blessings to you Jenny! Your cooking buddy, Dalila G.”

~ I grew up on this fantastic soup. Good luck with the pizza! ~ jenny

“Fall Off The Bone Ribs are the best ever!!! So easy and fun to make!”

~ Great photo. Thanks for sharing. ~ jenny

“Dear Jenny, Thank you for demystifying the joys of cooking. Baking bread is healing. Warm hugs, Jocelyn.”

~ I like the seeds you put on top. It looks wonderful. ~ jenny

“Dear Mrs Jones, it was time, to bake your “no knead bread” again. With butter and selfmade marmelade the best breakfast at the moment. Allways thinking how easy and fine your recipes are. Lots of greetings from Germany.”

~ Thank you, Sabine. It looks like this loaf works nicely in a loaf pan. ~ jenny

“Hi Jen,  I left a comment under Lenora Collins on your YouTube channel for the Faster No Knead Easy Bread. Honestly, I only had two cups of sad bread flour crumpled up in the original packaging just hanging around from a few months ago. I kind of had to guesstimate the other ingredients based on your recipe since I was using one cup less flour. You can read in my YouTube comment that I had absolutely no confidence or real idea what I was doing. I just tried to follow the recipe as close as possible. I think my mess ended up being so successful because I used your methodology and tools. Oh, except I didn’t have parchment paper, but there was no way I could’ve just plopped the dough on the surface of the 450 degree preheated Dutch oven, so I placed it on a square of aluminum foil placed at the bottom of the Dutch oven. Enclosed you can see how my “mess” turned out. No lie –  I was impressed with myself. Thank you for all of your efforts in testing these recipes so they turn out AMAZING every time.  Have a Happy New Year!!

~ I just made a loaf this morning and now I’m making croutons with it too. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny – thank you for the great recipe and video!  I absolutely love cooking, but artisan bread seemed so complicated.  I have recently decided to make a sourdough starter but didn’t want to wait for it to be ready, so I gave your recipe a try.  I followed your instructions and all was well.  The dough was definitely “looser” than I am used to working with, but I used my scraper and it was fine.  Check out my first loaf (good thing I took a quick picture, because it didn’t last long!).  Look at that wonderful crumb!  And the crust… oh. my. goodness. It was easy and fun, and I will be making this regularly (I hear someone cutting another piece of as I write this!). Thanks again, Dave.”

~ I have the same problem here – I turn my back on the bread and it’s gone! ~ jenny

“Jenny,  I came across your video when looking for ribs recipes and it left my mouth watering. I’m not much of a cook but I followed your instructions step by step and made the most delicious ribs I have ever tasted.  I used a little more chili and added a bit habanero which made it HOT .. just the way I love it. Here they are right after I took them out of the oven. Thank you!!”

~ You prove that even inexperienced cooks can make these ribs. Even with your adjustments, they turned out great. ~ jenny

“Jenny, thank you so much for your simple whole wheat bread recipe.  I have not bought store bread since last fall when I tried your simple, no fail recipe!  I give it as gifts to my friends and family who are soooo thankful.  Jane.”

~ This loaf beautiful! I never thought of giving it as a gift but that is a great idea. ~ jenny

“Thank you for this recipe! It was so good and healthy!! Of all the recipes I tried, there wasn’t any recipe that I didn’t like!! They are easy to follow, comes out good and healthy. So, I thank you very much!☺☺ Best, Jenny.”

~ Wow, it looks exactly like mine. I just made it last night too! ~ jenny

“I have made so many of your recipes, now I started taking picture of everything I make of yours. Thank You so Much! I live in Mohawk NY and I have told my sister of your site and she is also making some of your recipes, she lives in Fife WA. ~ Snow balls love your recipes! Love them so much I was hiding them just for me.”

~ All of your cookies look beautiful and I’m so glad your mom liked the chrusciki. ~ jenny“Your recipe again angel wings so good just like my Lithuania grandmother maid. I gave them to my mom who is 94 and she payed me a compliment and said “these taste just like grandmas” her moms. Love this recipe!”

“Sugar Cookies again your recipe just loved them! Will always make all of these for Christmas from now on.”

“These are your chocolate cookies. I added my own twist for Christmas, rolled in balls and dipped them in glaze then put sprinkles on them.”

“Jenny, my husband bought me a KitchenAid Mixer for Christmas and I immediately started looking for bread recipes. I found yours and IM HOOKED. I’m making my way through your bread recipes, one by one! So easy and DELICIOUS!! The Wheat bread is fantastic. I made the Cinnamon Raisin twist bread this morning. Added pecans to one loaf! Here’s a couple of pictures. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I’m having a ball!!”

*Your twist breads are beautiful (prettier than mine) and the wheat bread is huge! Great job! – jenny

“Thanks for your easy to follow cabbage roll recipe! They turned out delicious!”

~ How nice to know that my golabki recipe is turning out so well for so many. I’m glad you liked them. ~ jenny