June, 2017

Jun 21, 2017

Summer Vacation

Summer officially starts today and so does my summer vacation!  Please continue to enjoy my recipes while I’m away. I will be checking in but can’t always answer questions so please look to the FAQs for answers. Meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Stay hydrated, eat well, and use sunscreen! See you soon. – Jenny Jones

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Jun 18, 2017

How To Reheat Frozen Dinner Rolls

How To Reheat Dinner RollsMake ahead dinner rolls are the best way to have fresh, crispy rolls whenever you want because day old bread is never as good as bread or rolls just out of the oven. So when I make my no knead crusty rolls, I freeze them within a few hours. It’s so easy to reheat and re-crisp these dinner rolls whenever you need them, even at the last minute.

The best way to reheat my crusty dinner rolls is straight from the freezer to the oven. First, preheat the oven to 325° F and just place the frozen rolls right on the oven rack (no baking pan) for 10 to 12 minutes. They will be even more crusty than when first baked.

There’s no need to thaw them overnight in the fridge. From my experience this is the best way to reheat crusty rolls. They’ll be super crispy on the outside and soft and moist inside. And if you haven’t tried these easy no knead rolls (they are one of my most popular recipes) try them and see how easy there are to make. – Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jun 1, 2017

Your Photos/My Recipes (June)

I really appreciate when someone takes time to send a photo of one of my recipes… even better when you say where you are from. Send your photo to: YourPhotos@JennyCanCook.com

“Hi Jenny! ? I made your EASY ONE BOWL YELLOW CAKE recipe with your CREAM CHEESE FROSTING recipe. I did double both of the recipes so that I could make a 2 layer cake. OMGoodness, what a tasty and moist cake, scrumptious I tell you! I added some light cherry preserves as a filling for the cake. Everyone liked it so much that they had seconds! YAY! ? Thank you for another recipe that will be made again and again! Happy Baking! ?”

~ It’s lovely! Also, good for people to know they can double the recipe.  ~ jenny

“All I can say is YUM!  Your recipe is the best.  I’m a fan of yours forever.”

~ Your ribs look amazing. Thanks for the photo & compliment.  ~ jenny

“Dear Jenny, I’m Tya from Bali Indonesia. I made your dark chocolate fudge brownies recipe. I sprinkled a layer of sliced almonds on top. It’s delicious. My favorite so far and my family just loved it too. I can’t wait to try your other recipes. Thanks for sharing them with us xxx.”

~ My brownies are in Bali! Thank you for taking time to share your photo.  ~ jenny

“Dear Jenny, I thought you would get a kick out of my pumpkin pie adventure.  I followed your video exactly until it came time to find the right sized pan.  I could only find a too big pan, as you can see.  Did fine putting the filling together, then while putting the dough together mistakenly used water instead of the oil!!!  Hey, I’m old (76) but I do try.  So, never to throw away something like this, just added some olive oil, thinking Jenny said “lite” and I only have regular.  That made it lite, right!!! *O)   Rolling it out was quite the adventure as it truly stuck to the wax paper.  Just added a little flour here and there and got it off and into the pan/bowl.  The dough was way up on the edge of the pie bowl so I just rolled the pie dough down the inside of the pie bowl like an old pair of stockings, thinking this will NEVER WORK.  It did stay up, I guess from the weight of the filling.  Have not tasted it yet but the pumpkin pie aroma is heavenly!  It’s still hot and I wanted to tell you this story before dementia sets all the way in!  Worse comes to worse I have pumpkin pie pudding and I’ll go out tomorrow or on the internet and find a proper, larger pie pan!  THANKS JENNY and keep up the good work.”

~ Well you are no quitter, and in spite of everything it still looks pretty good.  ~ jenny

“Jenny I am so delighted to have come upon your website! You have provided me with lots of fun and laughter in my kitchen! I can imagine what it was like growing up in your house… The smells must have been intoxicating! Blessings, Jackie.”

~  I’m glad to hear it and thanks for the photo – your bread looks great!  ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I made your Dutch Baby recipe and it was delicious. I will definitely make it again.”

~  Now that’s the way to serve a Dutch baby! Great photo, thank you.  ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! ? I made your LEMON CHICKEN CUTLETS for dinner, what a flavored  packed dish!  Your step-by-step instructions were so nice and easy. Everything fell right into place, including the super easy clean-up, just like you said. ? The lemon chicken cutlets came out so moist and tender that no knives were needed. I prepared baked fingerling potatoes seasoned with tarragon, rosemary, black pepper and a bit of olive oil. They paired well together, very tasty. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! Happy Cooking! ?”

~  Your whole plate looks so appetizing. Thanks for sharing.  ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny,This is the Simple White Bread (with egg) recipe.  The recipe was easy to follow and the bread is delicious .  Much, much better than any white bread from the store.  My whole family loves it.  I plan to make it often. I hope you can post my photo.”

~  I’m so glad your family liked it. Thanks for the photo!  ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny.. This is the result of my try of your Simple Bread Loaf.. It was amazing and easy to make.. I shall be making and enjoying more home made recipes.. I love your recipes and have watched every video of yours I can find.. I so enjoy your cooking video instructions.. They are so easy to follow.. Thank you and wishing you and awesome day.. God Bless.. ~ Pat aka vablueangel.”

~  Thank you for your photo, and I’m glad you enjoy my videos.  ~ jenny

“Hi again Jenny. The thing I love about your recipes is that they almost always turn out just like yours. So here is your quick loaf. I made this with all white flour this time – for chicken and cranberry sandwiches at a picnic tomorrow. The first time I made it I forgot to warm the milk (remembered just after I added it) – so I zapped the dough in a microwave for a few minutes and incredibly it turned out fine! Just off to make your crispy apple tart for the family picnic too. Best wishes from the UK.”

~  You are right – it looks just like mine. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo.  ~ jenny

ERIC (in the Netherlands) MADE MY CINNAMON ROLLS
“Hi Jenny, I recently discovered your site and video’s. You do a great job. Thank you for sharing the cinnamon roll recipe. They were enjoyed by the whole family. Easy to make and super delicious. I attach the pre-oven pic, the end result and my son enjoying them.”

~  Eric, you just made my day! Great looking rolls and what a handsome boy! ~ jenny