Aug 22, 2021

I Made Apple Pie

Best Homemade Apple Pie

My homemade apple pie is a special treat, which I don’t make very often. Usually, it requires a special occasion and today I washed my hair so I needed to make an apple pie! 🙂 Granny Smith apples are my fruit of choice and I always use a full three pounds! Whoever invented the phrase, “easy as pie,” must have meant the eating part. Making pie, especially apple pie with all the chopping, is not easy but it’s worth every minute! 🍏 It makes an incredible homemade gift but I’ve never been able to let one go.

Click here for the recipe.

One Comment on "I Made Apple Pie"

  1. Gloria

    Hi Jenny, I look forward to making an apple pie soon – thanks for the recipe.
    I hope all is well and that you’re enjoying your new home!

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