Soups/Salads/Side Dishes

May 2, 2013

Are you man enough for this spicy salad?

SpicyCabbageSalad_600It’s cold and it’s hot! It’s my Spicy Cabbage Salad with Jalapeno Peppers and it’ll bring tears to your eyes. The brisk lime juice dressing is made as spicy as you want with added drops of Tabasco but you don’t have to go that far. I’ve also made a gentler version by using the milder Anaheim pepper and the fresh lime dressing and it’s still a fabulous, refreshing and super healthy salad.  But if you like your food to bite you back, that’s good because spicy meals boost your metabolism and help with weight loss. This simple recipe is only cabbage, onions, and peppers but make it once and you will crave it like I do. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 26, 2013

Greek Lemon Potatoes

Greek Lemon Potatoes

My stepmom is Greek so I have grown to love Greek food (and her, too!). She told me that you can cook almost any Greek dish with olive oil, lemon, and oregano and this delicious side dish is the perfect example. The potatoes are marinated and roasted in the oven until they’re tender inside and the edges are crispy and golden. And wait until you taste this delicious combination of fresh lemon juice, garlic, and oregano.

There’s been lots of talk lately about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet so there’s plenty of reason to try my easy Greek lemon potatoes. Did I say easy? See for yourself. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 18, 2013

Try My Easy Potato Pancakes

Best Recipe Potato PancakesMy dad used to make the best potato pancakes but my recipe has a secret he never knew – it’s in how you drain the potatoes. Also, his method took some work but that was before food processors were invented. I used to help him grate the potatoes on a box grater but now, thanks to my food processor,  I have an easy way to make fantastic Polish placki kartoflane and mine are healthy, never greasy, and super easy. If you don’t have a food processor, you can prep the potatoes old school style, grating by hand, and you’ll still get the best potato pancakes ever.

I’ve given up ordering these at a deli because they’re practically deep fried! Mine use very little oil because you don’t need it. To me, they’re best with a little (reduced fat) sour cream, and when you have leftovers, save them for breakfast. My mother used to slice up the  leftovers and cook them into scrambled eggs for an awesome breakfast, which is what I’m having right now! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 31, 2013

Soup for Dinner

TenVegSoup_8580Vegetable-bean soup makes a healthy meal all by itself. This is the reason I always have a bunch of vegetables in the fridge and my own frozen chicken stock in the freezer. It was “Soup for Dinner” night tonight. So I thawed some of my homemade stock and added… carrots, potatoes, parsnip, celery, cabbage, broccoli, kale, spinach, asparagus, cannelini beans, some leftover diced chicken, orzo, and parsley. It’s basically a delicious vegetable soup but the added chicken and beans provide protein and fiber for a complete meal and a filling one. I was going to have one bowl but it was so good I had two! There were more vitamins in this healthy meal than any vitamin pill.

Mar 20, 2013

Homemade potato gnocchi

 How To Make Potato GnocchiIt only takes three ingredients to make soft and tender potato gnocchi. My Polish dad was the cook in our family and he used to make them and called them kluski which I later learned are the same as Italian gnocchi. In Poland they are called kopytka and the Polish way to serve them is with fried bacon and onions but nobody needs to do that any more! I prefer gnocchi Italian style as a side dish with red sauce or as a main dish topped with my homemade bolognese sauce. Anything you can do with pasta, you can do with gnocchi and it’s a pretty simple recipe. Plus they freeze beautifully. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 4, 2013

Power Salad

PowerSalad_9895Here’s my “Power Salad.” I just made up that name because I just made up this recipe. I did it because I wanted something really healthy to snack on today and didn’t have anything on hand. It’s an easy recipe. I steamed 2 cups each of broccoli and cauliflower (cancer defenders!) and poured over a lemon vinaigrette. But I wasn’t done yet. Then I added some drained cannellini beans (calcium for bones & fiber), some diced red pepper (tons of vitamin C), and onion (natural anti-inflammatory) and bam! It’s good! And healthy beyond words!

Feb 24, 2013

Cook some beets


If you’re looking for healthy foods and meals, learn to love beets, and here’s why…

1. Anti-aging powerhouse.

2. Brain booster.

3. Less wrinkles.

4. Fight bronchitis.

5. Detoxifier.

6. Reduce cholesterol & triglycerides.

7. Guard again colon cancer.

8. Prevent cataracts.

9. High in folic acid (anyone pregnant?)

10. Nature’s viagra!

Besides my awesome borscht recipe that’s coming soon, beets are really good roasted in the oven and here’s an easy recipe: Scrub clean, dry and rub with oil. Wrap in foil, place on tray. Roast at 400 degrees for 35 minutes to an hour depending on size.  Yesterday my oven was busy so I put on some latex gloves, peeled and cut the (uncooked, raw) beets into chunks. Then I steamed them for about 25 minutes and we ate them plain. They don’t need anything added at all because they are so sweet. You can’t beat beets!!

Feb 7, 2013

Greek Lemon Potatoes

Greek Lemon PotatoesI made chicken cutlets tonight with Greek lemon potatoes. How much do you love Greek food? My stepmom is Greek and I grew up loving this healthy recipe. Greeks use lots of olive oil, oregano, and lemons. So these potatoes are roasted in lemon juice and chicken stock with onion, garlic, and spices… and heart-healthy olive oil of course. These tender potatoes are so lemony and delicious my mouth is still watering. I took this quick snap shot tonight. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jan 15, 2013

Soup to warm you up

Minestrone_8536When it’s cold outside, what makes me feel warm and snuggly? Soup. Unless George Clooney comes over, then I don’t need soup. But he never shows so I make soup. This time it’s minestrone made with eleven different vegetables and my own homemade beef stock made with marrow bones.

Vegetables are essential to good health for their anti-aging benefits and the more different colors you use, the wider array of antioxidants.

Click here for the recipe.

Jan 14, 2013

Cook some greens!

GreensCook some greens!

Last night I made a Swiss chard/baby kale combo to have with our sardines! I know. 😛 But Denis eats everything I put on the table and cooked greens have lots of calcium for your bones and lutein for your eyes.

All the better to see your sardines up close!