Jan 14, 2013

Cook some greens!

GreensCook some greens!

Last night I made a Swiss chard/baby kale combo to have with our sardines! I know. 😛 But Denis eats everything I put on the table and cooked greens have lots of calcium for your bones and lutein for your eyes.

All the better to see your sardines up close!

2 Comments on "Cook some greens!"

  1. Ruth

    Please dearest Jenny,
    Can I bake your Polish Doughnutes in the morning for Serving at night.

    I’ve sent your recipe/Video world wide!

    Ruth Age 86.

    • Jenny

      I can only say that they are best served freshly made. They will still be good later in the day but if you want raves, try to serve them as fresh as possible.

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