Feb 9, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION… please see the links below on the most commonly asked questions.  I am not always able to keep up with questions so please also look through the recipe comments from other cooks, or maybe you can research your question online.

Still have a question? Please understand if I am not able to respond. To send your question, click here.

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111 Comments on "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)"

  1. Carol

    Hi Jenny, I know this recipe and the video on Facebook were years ago but I’m wondering if you could help me out with something. I made the granola bars but they are just a tasty mess. They cut okay but as soon as I try to lift it it turns gooey and sweet but not crunchy. Any ideas about what I did wrong? Your recipes are scrumptious!
    Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you list all of your specific ingredients with brand names, what type of size of pan you used, and how long you preheated your oven, and how long you cooled the bars in the pan, I will try to help.

  2. Sheryl In Idaho

    Jen y I just watched your fantastic video on No Knead Bread. I am going to make it today!

    My question is why is it done differently when adding Kalimantan olives?


    • Sheryl In Idaho

      Re: olive bread comment, I’m sorry for the typos. I have a gremlin in my laptop. I never know what will come out even after proofreading.

      Sorry 😐

  3. D smith

    I am inquiring about high altitude adjustments on your wheat bread?

  4. Juanecita2

    Am looking for a reply…how long can cabbage rolls remain in fridge ..I put .them in a good zip lock freeze bag..I do not want to freeze them..too much extra water.Thanks.

  5. Deb

    Do you have to refrigerate I’m serving brownies on Sunday.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Homemade baked goods do not keep as well as store bought. For the best brownies, I would not recommend baking 3 days in advance but if it’s the only option, I suggest cooling and freezing the brownies until you need to serve them.

  6. Rita Scott

    I watched a recipe video where you read some fan mail ‘#^*+’. I didn’t believe a word. Even though I have been cooking a looonnng time I have learned a lot from your tips. I like that you can show brands & explain why you use the ingredients that you do. I feel quite positive that I can now make a loaf of bread & want to start with the Fruit & Nut Bread. So if you want to read my comment to the world it is “to keep on baking & cooking, please.”

  7. Ronald White

    What is the correct internal temp that is indicated when no-knead bread is done? Thank you

  8. Evee

    My oven max temp 350, is that problem? When baking , thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It depends on the recipe. Many recipes only call for 350 but if 450 is required, you may have to look for alternative recipes.

  9. Ruth Anne

    My crusty rolls look fantastic on top except for the fact that the bottoms are a bit black.

    Is my oven too hot? Is the heat in the oven not evenly distributed? Did I leave them in a bit too long?

    I also have a small oven. Can that affect the end product?

  10. Eva cox

    Jenny please don’t keep saying oh my God it sounds so used freely you are a nice good plain cook but you keep saying oh my God and if you only knew who God really is you would never use it as a cleshea.Eva Cox ps say oh goodness me !!!!!!!!🤓

  11. Ken

    Jenny, thanks so much for these simple and delicious recipes. When I am looking to try something new you always have an idea for me. Besides I then get to see your wonderful smile.
    Simply thanks!

  12. Arthur

    Hi Jenny.
    I don’t usualy do this but felt I had to at least write to you and let you know how you have made it so I can cook the things I always have but healthy and easy.I am in a wheelchiar and my hands are so sore that its very hard to work the dough and other thing’s for long times. I was to the point that I hated to go and get the simple of things let alone cook . I am so surprised you have maneged to do this healthy cooking with texture and the taste. I also cooked for three resturants so I am a very fussy cook. I have cooked since I was five standing on a wooden soap box…lol while my father was off to war and my mom and I where alone. I live in a rented house with my oldest son and have taught him how to cook but he is not interest in it except to stir fry and makes the best pizza I have ever had. Anyway I though if you could figure out how to get these to health care places for the seniors like me they would find anewed life as I have..THANK YOU …PS ..I will come and grab a bun if you make me some…laugh my dear !!!


    • Jenny Can Cook

      Well this is very interesting. I never thought of my recipes being easy for seniors, although I am a senior myself (72). It’s very rewarding to know my efforts are actually helping this way. A lot of people with arthritis write about how easy some of my breads are for them. I might consider specifying certain recipes for a senior or challenged category. If possible, would you please list a few that you think would fit?

      • Arthur

        Good morning ,
        First I feel I should tell you I don’t have arthridis . But I do hurt all over my body..lol . But I am a very lucky man. I had a accident 28 years ago that left me paralized from the neck down that should have killed me in the first place.. I new alot about the body from martial arts I did for 21 years before and working for a great hospital in San Francisco. So when the dr. told me I would never do anything for myself not even feed myself …I said you don’t know what I plan to do to my body the minute I get out of here. I bet him a dollar that I not only would get out of bed myself but plan to recover from this as I always have when hurt bad before. Well I can stand up now and even take a few steps around the ketchen as I stand to get thing’s to cook with. By the way …I still have that dollar…lol Cooking is so rewarding and it would be great for seniors to do this and have a positive thing going on rather than just set and stare and dream of day’s gone by. That is why I wrote to you the other day. You have no idea what you have done for me and probably for many others lucky enought to see your vidios. Bless you . Now as far what they like to do is fast .healthy,and with as little moment as possible. This will not ony make them feel good but the movement will help them with the pain. The longer you don’t use things the wores it gets. Not many people will make themselfs hurt more to hurt less… I only ran across your site around Xmas time .But I have tried .no need bread and rolls of coarse..lol I find there easy to do and tastefull and your buns of coarse ummmmm the other like chicken pot pie , stew, so far are all great and easy with little time needed so its not for long times untill things start to hurt less and then to longer times…See I had to reasons for writing you… I would like to leave a small mark in this life that will become something many would use for therapy as well as do good for themselfs.I have lived my whole life doing this and hope others would follow…I am not rich and in fact poor now as far as money goes but rich in many other ways… if you feel you would like to email me,feel free I am hear all the time and would give you my number so we could talk about what you like to do easyer. I usualy am a very private person and don’t write much but did to you …have a wonderfull healthy happy life. By the way to tell you the truth I usualy can tell a persons age pretty good but you fooled me..lol I thought you to be around 50 … your husband is a lucky man for sure… personaity,cooks and looks great ….Take care Art

  13. Swift

    About high altitude baking: having lived above a mile high all my life, all I say is, let the dough tell you. Basic “rules” can be googled, but if you bake from scratch, you’ll know.

  14. Ed

    I’m 66 now, and spent my life as a miner first in the gold mines and the last years in the diamond mines
    Well these days I have more time to putter in the kitchen, I find this a great way to spend my time.
    A few years ago I found your site Jenny can cook.
    I was married to a polish lady for over 35 years so the polish cooking got in my blood.
    My reason for this note is, I came looking for polish meat filled crapes, but alas I came up empty. So if your looking for a dish new to your site, well i bet you can guess what I would choose
    Thanks for your time, and thanks for your help in teaching an old hard rock miner the art of enjoying cooking
    Tks again Ed

  15. Linda

    I’m new to your site and absolutely love your one bowl lemon brownies. Just wondered if you list the nutritional values of each recipe somewhere? I’ve gone through the FAQ’s and couldn’t find any info. Thanks!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No, I do not… these are just my home recipes.

  16. Reni

    Jenny, I made your Apple pie – it was the most fantastic pie I I have ever tasted. The crust was out of this world creamy and flaky, and the Granny Smith apples were perfect. I have always hated apple pie, this was so fresh and so apple-y tasting it was unbelievable! The hint on limiting the spices and sugar is what did it. And I just want to say I love your humor – my husband loved your pizza dance, and I coax him outta his office to come and look at your funnies. He loves it.

  17. Janet from PEI

    Hi Jenny:

    I wanted to let you know that I made your chicken pot pie recipe exactly as written, except I had some pie crust made so used that for the top crust. I love it. Will make it again,, was very easy, your instructions are easy to follow.

    It tastes great on day 2 heated in the toaster oven for a quick supper.

    My sides were creamy coleslaw and cranberry sauce. YUMMY!!!!

    Thanks Jenny

  18. Elaine Moran

    Dear Jenny,

    I have no question, just a comment. I think you are amazing and finding your site has made my month.

    My Backstory.

    I am a young 60, having lived a very full and rewarding life. I now have terminal lung cancer, doing really well right now, living in my own home with my granddaughter and her small family. She is learning how to cook and it is hit or miss. Even though I have literally hundreds of cookbooks from my mother and myself she does much better with a visual. I was looking for some inspiration and ran across your whole wheat bread video. I felt I knew you and I just had to find from where I knew you from.The rest is history as they say and I have spent the last night reliving my past with your TV life. I remember you helping me get through my husbands cancer and death by watching your show in the late 80s-early 90s. I found solace in the fact that I wasn’t the only one going through challenges of a life not planned. As I was raising my girls without a father, your show helped me see others had life so much harder than me and I was grateful for the support system that surrounded me. I laughed and cried with each of the stories of lives told. When all your own trials came, I grieved with you. I have missed you through the years and I am glad to have found you once again.

    Last night I was looking for help on YouTube to show to my Granddaughter the joy of Cooking and I found you. Hopefully you and I can teach this young mother to cook. Her love is immeasurable in my life. She and her boys, my great-grandson who is 3 and his father keep me active and loved. The Doctors said when I came home from the hospital a year ago that I had to get my life affairs in order. There was not going to be much time. Well I’m still working on that. Their treatments have kept the wolf at bay and I plan to make some things happen before I leave. One of those things is Teaching Julie to cook.

    Thank you so much for your passion and humor for the Kitchen as mine has always been. I so look forward to having you back in my life. I cant wait to try your recipes .

    Yours very truly,
    Elaine Moran

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for such a nice note and I’m glad to have helped you with my talk show. I hope you continue to thrive and that Julie has more hits than misses as she hones her cooking skills. Tell her that she and her family will all benefit from good home cooking.

  19. D. Lynn Carmichael (aka Danusia)

    Happy Thursday, July 5th!!
    Jenny, I am looking for site/posting rules … think I may have erred. Was up in the wee hours (painful old injury flare-up)
    and replied to a comment (on the borsht entry). I saw pleas from a few Polish-American gals who were desperately searching for recipes of heritage dishes. I know that feeling. I lived far away from both my Babcas, and my mother died suddenly when I was 11. Also, making matters worse, I only speak baby-talk Polish, though I’m first-generation. Big cultural loss that I do my best to patch. Internet really helps with language learning and all kinds of Polish context, photos etc.
    Anyway, one of my Babcas made the same placek a fan of yours was looking for. I went out on the Web and found a very similar recipe. I copied the link and pasted it in my reply. *Could not see a rule about doing that. Noticed my reply/comment did not post. After clicking, got a ‘comment needs modification’ message … whoops … don’t know if posting that link was a no-no … if so, my sincere apology.
    Thank you.
    P.s.: Also, in those comments re. your red borsht entry, a couple of fans looking for a recipe for kapusta — a soup. I know kapusta (cabbage) as a tasty, nutritious side dish, not a soup, made with shredded cabbage, saurkraut, split green peas, onion. Seemed to be made near Christmas (though I could eat kapusta any time!). May be a Polish regional dish …
    Again, thank you, Jenny.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Comments that include links just need to be checked and yours was checked and approved so it is there. Thanks for helping out.

  20. Jill Madden

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m thinking of making cinnamon buns for breakfast on Easter Sunday. I have 2 questions: 1. Can I double the batch? I have 4 sons a daughter and a grandson and 8 just isn’t going to cut it.
    2. Can I let them rise overnight?

  21. Jadzia

    Dear Jenny,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your recipes. Recently I have read a comment of yours saying that cooking pork hops is not your forteit. I always stirred away from cooking pork chops for the same reason, too dry. However, recently my husband and I have tried sous vide cooking and pork chops come out wonderfully. As well as steaks, fish, other cuts of pork and many other foods. At the end,all or takes is a quick sear to brown it up and nice juicy, perfectly cooked foods. Look into it especially since you are interested in healthy eating. Thanks again for all your recipes.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thanks so much for taking time to send this. I looked it up and it sounds worth a try.

  22. L square

    Hi Jenny
    Love your no knead bread recipes and always turns out good, thank you
    The only question and one thing I never copy from your recipes is the “hot tap water”. From little of what I know it’s not safe to drink or cook with hot tap water. It may contain lead which can cause brain damage especially to young children
    I just boil my water and let it cool down to the temperature
    Thank you
    L Square

  23. denis

    hi there you make me laugh at the ends of your video you are a funny person from montreal canada

    • SunriseSis

      From the first video her jokes have kept me coming back. I sure miss her. Is she making new videos still?

  24. Diane

    I was thawing some Jimmy Dean sausage yesterday morning and I forgot it until 11:00 pm at which time I refrigerated it. It is still okay isn’t it. It was never unwrapped

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry but I am not able to advise on this. I’m only an expert on my own recipes.

  25. Maia

    Vanilla extract for the granola bar, can you give me the the name and link for it?

    • Jenny

      My vanilla is expensive (Niellson Massey) but you can find many reasonable bottles of vanilla at most grocery stores or find lots of options online. I don’t endorse or sell anything. I hope you like the granola bars.

  26. Debbie J

    What adjustments should I make for high altitude in Colorado?

  27. Natalya

    Hello Jenny.
    I absolutely love your cooking.
    Please keep up the videos.
    Truly makes my life easier watching your step by step moves.
    I wanted to know where do you shop for kitchen utensils and who decorates your kitchen and counter top.
    I love the whole colorful theme.
    Thank you

  28. Connie


    Miss you and hope you are doing well. I love your videos and miss new recipes.



  29. WJ Dobson

    Jenny, I want you to be my next door neighbor!! I have always been terrified of yeast! I tried your no knead artisan bread recipe and I am no longer afraid!! I have made these breads, white and wholewheat, many times now to rave reviews!! I always turn them on to your website, so yes, you get the credit!! Because of you I now have the courage to try sour dough, it’s fermenting (day 3) as we speak! Would love to see a sour dough recipe made easier by you! Wish me luck, and keep doing what you do….love it!

  30. Jana Fisher

    Hi Jenny, I just had to comment on how much I enjoyed your fast bake dutch oven video. You made my morning………..you are so funny!!!!!!!! Thanks so much.

  31. James

    Hi Jenny, I love all the things you make. I have a silly question, where do you purchase all your colorful things the measuring cups, Spoons, cake rack coolers and such. They make your kitchen fun and I think enjoyable to use. Thanks, James Petherbridge from New York City.

  32. Tim

    Hi. Loved the vids but it’s been a year since the last? Hope everything is well

  33. Terry

    Hi Jenny!

    My 92 year old mother recently broke her hip and all but gave up her love of cooking and baking. She found your videos on You Tube and we made the no- knead bread which came out fantastic! She was thrilled!
    Also, we found a cast iron Dutch Oven at Aldis grocery for $29 – a 2016 holiday special! It’s so nice to see her excited about baking again. She has been exploring your recipes and we are both touched by your personal story. You are a true inspiration.
    Terry and Bernice

  34. Mike B

    Hi Jen, I know you probably have someone screen your messages here. I just wanted to say that after having read your bio that I was surprised that I wasn’t more familiar with you. We have a similar childhood. Broken home, leaving home when young, musician, and the like. But I did want to say I am humbled by your struggles and achievements. You are an inspiration and I am now your newest fan. God bless.

  35. Julian Levinski

    I just watched your 🍞 video (& you) for the first time. I think you’re fabulous! I will definitely try it out when I get a chance. I also love your witty banter!


  36. jean

    i used wax paper and put flour on it but it was stuck to the bread while cooking in the oven, is this because i didnt use parchment paper?

    • Jenny

      Wax paper is not meant to go in the oven because the wax will melt so be careful not to eat any melted wax. Only parchment paper is safe for the oven.

  37. James

    You said you like easy guys in the meatloaf video. I’m your huckleberry!

  38. Jim ('ol Pa)

    Hey there. Thanks for all your cheery videos. As I told you earlier, I have been teaching my Grand Daughter (age 10) to cook. Your videos have been very helpful. We are getting ready to make cookies and candy…practicing for giving Christmas gifts to her teachers. Now, we are including her 3 year old sister….very interesting. If I might suggest, maybe a few videos directed at gaining the attention of young future chefs and keeping their attention. Keep up the good works !! You are appreciated!

  39. JJ

    I am shopping for a new gas range and oven. What brand of range do you use….looking for something that is not electronic ….your oven looks like just knobs….that is what I want….JJ

    • Jenny

      Mine is a Viking but my next one will be Thermador.

  40. JJ

    I am shopping for a new gas range. What brand oven do you use in your videos.

  41. Mathew

    Hello Jenny
    I first saw your video on youtube – the no knead easy one. I watched it like 3 times – not so much that I didnt get the first time, but your infectious personality. Then I thought, she should have her own show, she’d do well. Then I decided to look at your website and realised you’ve been there, than that and worn out the t shirt 🙂

    Love the personality !

  42. Grace

    Hi Jenny! As another Canadian girl, I just want to thank you so very much for sharing your recipes! The cold winters need comfort food so desperately and I enjoy the homemade aspect of creating memories with friends and family. I use your recipes and they all think I am a genius. Since my conscience won’t let me take the credit, I tell them about your videos and blog as they leave the house satisfied and happily fed. (yes. I let them think it was all me for the duration of the evening! HA!) As I get older, I so appreciate the way you turned your favorites for fun living recipes into healthy easy to master enjoyment of life. Food is the universal language of love and now I can share that love to the degree I enjoy because you have taken the drudgery from it all. Laughter my love, is the spice we can all afford, and it looks like you bought stock in it. You cheeky awesome woman! Love you more than cake! Grace

  43. Maraya

    I just found your website, and I’m thrilled. You really take everything down to its simplest form. I know, after many years of cooking, that these are the very best!
    I’m new to bread baking, and I can’t wait to try the simple whole wheat bread. Shopping tomorrow, baking tomorrow night.
    You also poked my heritage with the polish recipes. They will be next.

  44. Jayashree

    sorry to ask you that are you from Houston? You look very similar to my teacher who used to teach HISD. She was very sweet teacher. She was Homemaking class teacher.

  45. Jodi

    I love you.. You have opened a whole new world for me. I bake for everyone I know.
    I want to bake crescent rolls, do you have a recipe ?
    I just used a store bought and the after taste of the roll ruined my dish.

    Thank you,

  46. Michael

    Good Morning Jenny-

    I wanted to tell you that I have started to make your no knead bread. I have made it several times and the recipe and method are pretty flawless. I think I need to buy a second dutch oven so I can make 2 at a time. In any case I started to experiment and made a variation that you may like. I added a half a stick of butter that I cubed and set in the freezer to chill. Then I stirred that into the flour, added a bit of sugar about 3 tablespoons and then mixed in my water. I kept the water a bit cooler as to not completely melt the butter and added a half teaspoon more yeast. The rising time was about the same – 3 hours. I then continued the recipe exactly as you did with the proofing in parchment and placing into the dutch oven to back. The bread has a soft texture and a taste reminiscent of a croissant. Let me know if you try it. I am curious to get your thoughts on it.

    • Jenny

      Wow! This sounds really amazing and you are really creative. I don’t use a lot of butter but I may have to try this! Thank you for taking time to share this. (I also posted this under the bread recipe for everyone to see)

  47. Dina

    Hi Jenny,

    I was wondering if in most of your recipes I can use organic butter. Sometimes that unmistakable heavenly taste of butter I cannot resist. For instance, would it be safe to say that if your recipe(s) requires a 1/4 cup of olive oil, I can use a 1/4 cup of melted butter? I love how you make healthier versions of all your recipes by using heart-healthy oils, and for the most part I like to follow your recipes to a T for taste and health benefits, but once in awhile when the devil comes out of me, I want to use butter for some of the dessert recipes.


    • Jenny

      With baking, changes can be tricky and I only make the recipes the way I post them. I guess you will have to try and please let us know if you do.

  48. andy

    Have tried your 3 hour bread recipe.
    Problems: I put the same amount of water as you did and produced a very solid mix so I added more water. Still didn’t getthe required result. Left for 4 hours. No change to the mix. Still solid, no bubbles and not wobbly.
    Baked, the loaf was OK but certainly not the result you got.
    I will go back to leaving the mix overnight and useing cold water. Shame realy!!

    • Jenny

      There could be several reasons for this. Did you see this post under “Question?”https://www.jennycancook.com/no-knead-bread-questions/

  49. Kim dickinson

    Hi Mrs Jenny , I was wondering if you can substitute splenda for sugar in your cake & sweets recipes, or any of the recipes that require sugar , as i am pre- Diabetic & looking for low fat , low carb , & very low sugar Recipes. Thanks for any help you can give me , PS going to try the Spaghetti & meat balls this weekend , been looking for a long time for home made sauce, where i can make & control the salt & sugar in it 🙂

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I have no experience baking with splenda but there are a lot of recipes online for baking with it.

  50. Marie

    Jenny, I tried Cabbage rolls today and I don’t think I will ever make them again. Rolling them was terrible when I cut the stem it ripped in 2 pieces a it was not enough to roll the meat up, I had to patch them up with pieces of other leaves. I know while they are cooking they are going to fall apart. My friend is Polish she had passed away but she knew how to make them , pretty much the same, Hamburg, uncooked rice, onion salt pepper,3/4 cup of
    Beef broth, 1/4 cup of cabbage broth. She usually put a piece of salt pork on top and covered it with foil, she said Polish people don’t use tomato, I know it is not going to be in rolls. They are still cooking . I didn’t have any salt pork so I laid 4 strips of uncooked bacon on top before I put the foil on.

    • Jenny

      If the leaves ripped it’s possible you boiled them too long, making them too soft. I hope you’ll try again because most people seem to have success with this recipe.

  51. TT

    Just wondering when or if we will be seeing any new videos from you.

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure if I will make more videos. They take time and I am supposed to be retired!

      • TT

        Fair enough ha-ha, you deserve to enjoy your retirement.

  52. Angela

    God loves you Very Much Jenny!

    I am blessed to have come across your cooking channels and videos, thank you so much for creating them and all the awesome meals!!

  53. Renee

    So many variations on Internet for your granola. Wheat germ or not. Melt sugar and syrup or not. Anyway, mine came out not sweet enough and overcooked at only 28 minutes. Only difference was using unreal maple syrup. Your bread is excellent though.

    • Jenny

      I think if you use real maple syrup you will like the result. I make this all the time.

  54. Beatle Geo

    Wow Jenny, Great to see such a Vibrant, obviously Fun-Loving Lady enjoying her art so well!! If I were your husband, I’m pretty sure I’d max-out at around 400 Lbs.(Har!). Love the Humor, you go girl!! Gb bg

  55. Marilyn marilyn

    Do you have any “Vegan Recipes” to share? Love your Recipes 🙂
    Thank You

  56. carol

    can not print cinnabuns recipes.. it comes up blank, don’t have a problem with any other.

    • Jenny

      I assume you are using a desktop computer. For some reason, in some browsers (like Google Chrome), the “print menu window” appears to load faster than the actual recipe page you’re trying to print. The workaround we’ve used is to close the print window and then either wait for the recipe page to load or refresh it, and then print via the Chrome browser menu – File > Print. I hope this helps.

    • Beatle Geo

      Mine did too, at first. In Google Chrome, Click on “Menu” on task bar, then click on “print”, follow prompts. Gb bg

  57. Allison Hopper

    How would I store my dough in the refrigerator for the next day. Would I wrap the dough in alum foil or wax paper. I tried the wheat bread and it was awful I mixed the dough with a hand mixer and I messed up but now I can do the dough the right way, I bought a mixer to make my dough. I also want to know if you have a recipe for a big Reese peanut butter cups, I have seen it somewhere but I don’t know where I have seen it. Could you help me with this.

    • Jenny

      A yeast dough will expand a little even while refrigerated so I store mine in a bowl, tightly sealed with plastic wrap across the top, and the bowl needs to be big enough so there’s room for the dough to expand.

  58. tony

    I love you Jenny, but I think mushrooms absorb moisture….. PIZZA recipe, looks great. I love pizza more than you. I would to make you one ?

    Love Tony

  59. jan

    I am following the recipe for bread exactly but my dough is very sticky I have tried adding extra flour is that correct if not what am I doing wrong

    • Jenny

      If this is the no knead bread, the dough usually is sticky. If you did not change the recipe in any way and aerated your flour, I suggest you trust the recipe and continue as directed. If this is a different bread, please let me know.

  60. KEN

    Thank you for your Paczki recipe , I didn’t like the deep fried ones first time making was a bomb ! Yours look just the way I wanted them to turn out ! I will fallow you on Pinterest !

  61. Chris

    Hi Jenny, just out of the blue, eating breakfast this morning clicked you tube, clicked your icon and OMG you are just fantastic, and on top of that I am Polish born Australian. Will enjoy watching & reading your Web Page. Thank you.

  62. Jan

    Hi Jenny! I really love your recipes! I was really skeptical about the ribs being tender in only three hours but they turned out fantastic! I tried so many methods of making ribs — some fussy and some quick — but yours by far were the best. Thank you! Are you going to make more videos? I binged watched all of them and you crack me up!😀

  63. Kim

    Just found your site looking for polish recipes. Trying to find one for chicken noodle soup. Is there a chance that you could please put recipe on you site?

  64. Rose

    where do you get you kitchen tools I love your vedios
    Thanks Jenny

  65. Rhonda

    Love how nicely and neatly your website is organized. It’s a joy to read and search, unlike Pintrest which is terribly cluttered and crammed with ads. I find your site soothing and comforting. I wish more sites had the same clean and simple aesthetics. Did you use something like Weebly or Wix to design it or something else?

    • Jenny

      Most people posting recipes do it for money so they have ads and product placement, which clutters up the sites and slows them down. I don’t do this for money so my site is clean and simple because there are no ads and I don’t do endorsements. I just do this for my love of cooking and my desire to share it with others.

  66. Judy

    Can the recipe for the braided raisin bread be doubled or tripled? I love your Polish recipes.

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled or tripled any of my breads so you may just have to try and adjust as needed.

  67. Marian

    Hi Jenny,
    I love your recipes! This is the 2nd week in a row I made your 20 minute pizza dough. OMG! It’s so easy and delish. I will not buy store dough anymore. Thank you for your wonderful recipes. Your a gem. 😘
    Long Island, NY

  68. Ps jacks

    My Mother always made a dish called Kapusta, made with sauerkraut and split peas, I think. Do you have a recipe for this???

  69. Brenda T.

    Jenny, on the cabbage rolls: are you using regular white mushrooms? In!y two makes 1 1/2 cups chopped? Also, if I cook myvrice first, how much should I add? More than a cup?

    Thanks much! Can’t wait to try these!


    • Jenny

      I use white mushrooms and two large ones do make 1 1/2 cups. I have never cooked my rice in advance so I can’t advise on that.

  70. Natcab

    Hi, Jenny! My name’s Nathalie, a mom of two kids. I came across your name because i was searching for custard-filled jelly roll. I tried for almost 1week now to find the recipe to pin it but i can’t seem to locate it. Is it still in your recipes or? Hoping for your response, thank you in advance. Continue in making those delicious recipes, i’ll try to make one soon. Sincerely, Nathalie Cabusao

    • Jenny

      I have never posted my recipe for custard filled jelly roll but it’s on my to do list.

      • Eva cox

        Please quit using oh my God! Use oh my goodness!

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