Nov 10, 2014

My Colorful Kitchen Gadgets


I find most of my colorful tools and gadgets at Sur La Table, Pier One, World Market, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, and even some drug stores, hardware stores and vintage shops. I’d rather go shopping for spatulas than shoes!

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80 Comments on "My Colorful Kitchen Gadgets"

  1. Ewa piet

    Jenny, wow your recipes are amazing! Please come back to you tube. I’m not a baker, as per my husband, but once I use your recipes, I’m actually awsome My husband thinks I bought the goodies as he can’t believe I made your amazing treats. Thank you so much for being a truly wonderful and kind person! The Polish community in Canada loves you!

  2. Kathryn Sweryda

    Where can I find the color board you use to roll your dough for krusyki – the thin dough you put in hot oil

  3. Pat

    Hello Jenny. I love to watch your shows and wanted to know where you bought your duck timer? I would like to buy one.

    Thank you.

  4. Kristie

    I just want to say a big Thank You! I have just stumbled upon your website and you tube channel. I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and I am not allowed much fat. I have a Huge sweet tooth. Your recipes fall pretty much in the range for me. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and just being a burst of sunshine. 🌞🍩👩🏻‍🍳

  5. Dexter

    Basic white and whole bread recipes, what differs when it is doubled? Or do i have to mix in separate bowls or one after the other?

  6. Debbie

    Hi Jenny, Someone else asked this question, but being that you are really busy, the question was not answered. I would LOVE to know where you purchased your gloves. I have looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything like them. Thank you for your time and I just love you!!

    • AP

      Where can I buy your type of oven gloves in Canada

      I have a small hand and have found all oven mitts way to large for me.

      Just love your recipes

  7. Rob

    hi Jenny,
    Love your videos! Could you please tell me where you purchased the green board in the whole wheat bread video? thanks for sharing your recipes !

  8. Robyn

    hi Jenny,
    Love your videos! Could you please tell me where you purchased the green board in the whole wheat bread video? thanks for sharing your recipes !

  9. Al

    Love your videos that have me baking bread first time in my 74 year life. I saw the off set bread knife you cut bread with and would like to get one, which brand do you use ? Thanks

  10. Lisa

    Jenny where did you get that adorable pig timer that oink’s? I am in love with that could you help me out finding one

    • SN

      If you do a quick Google search for “pug timer,” they’re available at many stores. Good luck finding one!

  11. Savanna

    Hi Jenny, I’ve been a long time fan of your talk show when I was a young little girl, and now I’m in my mid 30’s! The recipe was “easy cinnamon rolls”. you mentioned you’re going to use your new gadget….a stand mixer timer. Where can I purchase one, and what brand was it? The episode on Youtube was dated 9/17/2013. Thank you!

  12. Laura

    Which dough scraper do you use/recommend? I made your pazcki and they were AMAZING!!

  13. Cyril

    ***GLOVES*** Where did u get ur pink gloves? Thank you!

  14. Joe Klosek

    Dziekuie (thank you)Jenny ,
    What a fabulous story and continuing to help others less fortunate make you my go to Chef .
    Because of your cooking talent I would think it the greatest gift to be your sous chef for a day .
    Let’s get past the coronavirus and cook together because I am 84 and time is short .
    I have been cooking since ten …that’s 74 years during which I worked my way thru high school , college and continue cook for pleasure and relaxation.
    Do widzenia.(goodby) stay healthy and keep the delicious food coming !
    USAF VETERAN , Joe Klosek

  15. Dolly says "Hello!"

    Dear Jenny, where have you been all of my life!?! Hahaha
    I have found you, just this morning, in the midst of lockdown. May I say, you are a breath of fresh air! Truly!
    I began binge watching on your You Tube site and cannot wait to try your simple ( and most probably delicious) recipes.
    I absolutely found joy in your anecdotes and your brightly colored kitchen accessories!!!! How can I not be lightened?
    Thank you for bringing your viewers your experience and enthusiasm!

  16. Lady Di

    I too was wondering about all those colorful spatulas and utensils. I see now its a collection of sorts.
    I just recently found your Youtube cooking demonstrations and I can’t get enough! I began with your cabbage rolls and never looked back! You are truly an inspiration which has encouraged me to get back in that kitchen and cook!

  17. Annette McDonald

    Hi Jenny, I didn’t know you had a cooking site and so happy that I stumbled upon it by accident. I’ve already made the no-knead bread and cannot BELIEVE how it turned out! Thank you. Stayed up until 2am reading your recipes and blog. I’m STILL laughing about the baseball – hilarious! (Apologies to your mate…) Cannot wait to try the cabbage rolls and meat loaf.

    Thank you for the wonderful recipes, and the laughs… going to see where I can find your cookbook….. 🙂

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My cookbook is out of print and outdated. There is no need to buy it. Almost all the recipes from the book are here on this website, improved and simplified since I am a better cook today.

      • Bouncedancer

        No wonder we all love you — thank you for your generosity. Just (re-)discovered you; can’t wait to try it out. Love your approach about cooking the meatballs in the dish — what always stopped me from making meatballs was that it was so labor-intensive, what with all that shaping and frying and then cooking them a second time.

  18. Beverlee Nelson

    Where do I purchase a flower sifter like yours,(with the flowers painted on it?)

  19. Glo

    Hello Jenny… I will make this short as possible. I have sister who had cervical cancer. Then few years a stroke. Just recently her kidney now she’s on dialysis. I had ask what she most wanted she said a live Duck. She’s too weak so I saw your Duck egg timer. Please let me know where I can purchase this I’m sure it will bring a smile to her. Thank you and God Bless. I love your cooking so easy…

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. Unfortunately the duck timer is no longer available but I’d be happy to send you mine for your sister. Please give me your mailing address. You can do it privately using the “Your Photos” link so it will not be posted but I will see it. And please check back here so I can confirm that it’s on the way.

      • Ria

        This is so awesome of you Jenny!! I hope she really enjoys the timer!! Thanks for being so amazing!!!

      • Gloria

        Giving away your duck timer was beautiful (and exemplary), Jenny. Your kind gesture touched my heart because it was just what Jesus would want us to do. God Bless You as well as the sisters on the receiving end. Stay safe.

        • FLAPKATT

          This mini thread about the duck timer way back in October 2019 brought tears to my eyes. I have been so weary of negativity and people fighting over the silliest things. Reading that and your kindness of responding and giving just took my tear glands over the top. That’s ok though. They probably needed a good wash!
          Sincere Blessings.
          Flapkatt in Florida

  20. Faye Linster

    Love your videos!! Where did you buy the colourful metallic measuring spoons? I love them and would really like to have a set like them! Thanks!

    Faye Linster
    Calgary, Canada

  21. MaMaDee

    Please tell me where you got your brightly colored cooking bowls.
    I think they are great. Hope they are not expensive. Also the square 9 or 8″ baking pans. Like for the lemon brownies

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The bowls came from Target but I don’t remember where I got the pans, maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  22. Shelley

    Just discovered you today and really enjoy. Where did you get the polka dot knife?

  23. Barbara Florentine

    So beyond to stumble upon you in this wide world Web and see you adding to your creative story!!!! Looking most spectacular girl.

  24. Elaine

    I love your video and the step by step tips I cant seem to find that keep it coming Jenny your doing the step by step and that just what I need to watch thank you Elaine I will be keeping watching you and tell my friends and family how good you do but doing the step by step videos

  25. Rose

    Hi Jenny,
    Can you give me a simple cheese cake topping?
    Thank yo!

  26. Karen Knechtel

    I love your videos. You have a great sense of humor.
    I am looking for one of your plastic scrapers, that you
    use when making bread. (to turn it over, liking kneading)
    Thanks so much. Keep the recipes coming.

    • Kim

      I got a metal one just like it at Dollar Tree. Worked great!

  27. Sandra Finney

    Love this video and have many of your recipes. I love your miniature salt/pepper shakers that look like Coke bottles. Do you know where we could buy a set please? I love your down-to-earth style cooking and videos, Jenny!

  28. Linda

    Jenny, I make the 2 hour crusty bread 3-4 times a week. Could You tell me the best way to store them? I have heard paper bags, but also got bread bags on amazon. They are plastic with ties. Are these good to keep bread fresh? I am going to make the Polish donuts with jelly or custard filling. They look delicious.
    Love your recipes..

    • Kathleen

      Linda I too bake my own bread and I got the bags from Amazon. But i use 2 bags when I freeze and one bag when I store in the refrig or on the counter.

      • Daphne

        The bread doesn’t last long in our house so I store it in a brown paper grocery bag on the counter, and everybody can help themselves. I made a couple of linen drawstring bread bags for my bread, but we have a ton of brown paper grocery bags coming in even though we use our own market totes at the supermarket!

  29. Cas

    Hi Jenny, i love your videos and recipes and have tried several. How about a board on pinterest for sewing and other crafts you do. would love to see videos of those also. Thankyou for doing this for us. just love to watch you, love some of your comments too funny!

  30. Larry

    I just found your website and I have already watched many of the videos. They are great. What brand is the stove you are using? Thanks

    • Jenny

      Viking, but I don’t recommend them – bad customer service. My next one will be Thermador.

  31. Lauri

    I love your site. Your humor and ease with cooking is a blessing that you are sharing with us. Praying God will continue to bless your life. God speed Jenny!

  32. Lisa L.

    Where do you get the yellow cooling racks? Or did you paint them yourself?

  33. Evelyn Jepson

    Jenny: In one of your recipes you said that you can’t use the dough hook. The dough curling around the hook is what its supposed to do. Its not that it doesn’t work, its supposed to pull the dough away from the sides of the bowl. Just thought you might want to know that.

  34. Mitch G

    Crate and Barrel is a great place for colorful and useful gadgets.

  35. Geni

    Specifically, where did you get your baking gloves? All I’ve found are way big!
    Love your videos!

  36. Nicola

    Just started watching your videos, LOVE your colourful kitchen stuff, I have lots of the same ones. Each video seems to show a different colour counter…Im assuming they are towels or drop cloths…where do you get them?

    • Jenny

      They are pieces of fabric I purchase by the yard at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

  37. annie a.

    I love your colorful kitchen towels. I’ve never seen them anywhere. 🙁

  38. Rachel

    Hi jenny.

    Wondering your opinion or prefernce on cooking pans?

    • Jenny

      I use so many brands, some expensive, some not, but I always like Berndes.

  39. Pat

    There is a fry pan which is large and deep which you use alot to brown and braise, you mentioned you bought it at Target but i can’t recall the brand. BTW..great recipes !!!!!

  40. Sandie

    Your recipe for the crusty top bread in the yellow dutch oven. What size dutch oven and if I wanted to make it sourdough or honey wheat how would I do that. So glad I found your channel. My disabled 11 year old son and I watch it and love making your recipes. Congrats on your success.

  41. Marcia Ramos

    I could really use your suggestion on good kitchen knives. We have sharpened ours till we couldn’t anymore and have since bought 2 sets that were not even sharp that we had to return! One costed over $200 while the other was on sale for $30.

  42. Marie

    Hi Jenny
    Looking for a good measuring scale, with a tare measuring ounces, grams, etc
    Could you please recommend one
    Thank you

  43. Beatle Geo

    Hey Jenny, Where did you specifically get your Yellow Duckling timer?? Thanx, Gb bg

    • Jenny

      Sorry, I don’t remember.

      • Patricia

        I only was able to find funny little animal or fruit and vegetable shaped timers at a dollar store.

    • Larry shows having the duck timer.

  44. Mamamimi

    Oh Jenny, I just discovered your videos and website and I am thrilled! Not only do you cook like I do, your comments and presentation are so “friendly” but most of all, you’re Polish!! I also am and was raised on the south side of Chicago. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing productions. I haven’t even seen more than two or three of your videos and just now found your website and blog.
    You are just wonderful and I know I have many happy hours of watching you cook. And I love your sense of humor….fantastic!

  45. Michele

    Help! Jenny, when I made your pie crust for the pumpkin pie recipe it turned out crispy and not flaky. I followed your easy steps of 1 2/3 cups of all purpose flour, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/3 cup of olive oil and 1/3 cup of 1% milk. Not sure what happened. Could it be that I used Bertolli extra virgin olive oil and not the light version? Also, after placing it in the deep dish pie plate I perhaps overworked it by pressing it too much to get more up the sides? Would that make it crispy by overworking it? Thanks in advance!

    • Jenny

      I don’t think an oil crust will be as flaky as a shortening crust but it’s possible overworking the dough could have made it a little tough. I suggest trying it again with a light, flavorless oil, and handle it as little as possible and see if you’re happy with it.

  46. Flo

    I see you say you have not made good pork chop dinner. This recipe has been given to me by a relative. I’m new to your site, but have been on it all day, printing your recipes to try. Love your videos.
    6 or more pork chops with bone in
    Brown in frying pan
    Put in roasting pan with lil olive oil in bottom
    add fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper, one cup water, one cup of white wine, fresh parsley. Cover pan very tightly with aluminum foil, bake on 250 for at least 4 hours or longer. Comes out pull apart delicious. Can pour juices over chops.



  48. Lizbeth

    I love your colorful kitchen gadgets, but especially your beautiful aprons! Do you make them yourself? I grew up always wearing an apron in the kitchen, but nice ones are getting hard to find nowadays. Thank you for your wonderful recipies and cooking tips.
    Your fan, Lizbeth

    • Jenny

      I’ve made a few but Anthropologie has nice aprons.

    • Mamamimi

      I just love wearing aprons…find them indispensable and fun at the same time. All the major pattern companies have dozens and dozens of neat patterns to make them. If you watch their sales, JoAnn’s frequently has pattern sales for $1 each.

  49. Nancy

    Thanks Jenny

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