Nov 11, 2014

What Kind of Pans do You Use?

The pan likely seen in my videos is the Berndes Classic and I think it’s only available online.

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5 Comments on "What Kind of Pans do You Use?"

  1. richard

    do you have a video of how to make tacos ?

  2. Candie

    I heard your kitchen is a set near your home.
    How long have you used this set? Thanks,

  3. MarkB

    Iā€™m interested to know if you prefer their non-stick coated pans, or the ceramic coated ones? Also, do you receive a financial kickback for promoting their products?

    Thanks for your time… šŸ™‚

    Mark –

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t do endorsements, promote products, or sell anything on this website but when people ask what products I use, I will share the information to be helpful. To answer your question, I mostly use non-stick pans and I use several brands besides this one.

      If you’d like to know more about me, you can use the “About Me” link.

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