Nov 11, 2014

What Kind of Pans do You Use?

The pan likely seen in my videos is the Berndes Classic and I think it’s only available online.

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22 Comments on "What Kind of Pans do You Use?"

  1. karen h

    Hi! I liked your wheat bread video and would love to try it. Will the measurements you use work for a pullman pan or how would I adapt it? Thank you!

  2. Larry

    Can use a Silicone pan with parchment paper?

  3. Eve

    You inspired me to bake bread for my grandchildren. Please tell me what brand of bread pans to buy. I’m having trouble finding 9×5. Thank you

  4. Jennifer

    I have a variety of cookware depending on what I am cooking.
    I use my porcelain coated cast iron Dutch oven for roasts and some soups and stews. I have cast iron skillets as well as some ceramic coated skillets and pots/pans. I also use an electric roaster, Instant Pot, crock pot and air fryer.

  5. Karen

    Afraid to use the 500 degrees in the oven; can I used 475 for some of your recipes and just bake a little longer? Thanks.

  6. Jackie K

    Baked and loved your egg braid. Can I substitute water for the 3/4 cup of milk?

  7. Jerry Graham

    The Berndes Dutch oven says that it will take oven heat to only 300 degrees. Have you had any problems with yours at 450 degrees?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My Dutch oven is not by Berndes, it’s by Le Creuset. All my pots and pan are Berndes.

  8. Ruthie

    What brand of stove is in your kitchen? It seems so efficient. I love your cooking videos and recipes. Thank you!

  9. Plain Jane

    Thank you thank you thank you. For over 35 years, I have been using a mill to make flour from organic wheat and making bread using a bread-making mixer. From start to finish, I can have 6 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread in under 2 hours. However, since finding your no-knead bread recipe, I will be not be making my usual bread very often any more!! The no-knead bread is more tasty, more chewy, and stays fresher longer – or maybe its just that it is so good that my husband and I eat the darn loaf faster!! I’m having fun experimenting with different ingredients – fruit and nut, herbs, rye flour etc. Haven’t had a failure yet! Thank you again!!

  10. Ann

    Hi Jenny- love your no knead breads. Do you use a stand mixer or hand mixer for mist bread recipes. Making the hamburger buns today.


  11. Kathryn

    Hello Jenny, What brand is the pizza pan with the holes? What size is the pizza pan? And where may I find the same pizza pan?

    Love all your recipes and I can’t get enough of your wonderful videos.They make me happy and then I make your recipes and love every bite!
    Thank you for your entertainment and delicious recipes.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s a 14-inch GoldTouch Pizza Crisper from Williams Sonoma.

  12. Chuck

    I am wondering about Dutch oven size. I have two cast iron and wonder if the larger one is too big. It is probably considered as a 6 quart size. The diameter of the bottom is 9-1/2 inches. My concern is that the diameter might too large and cause the bread to flatten and not be thick enough.
    What do you think?

  13. richard

    do you have a video of how to make tacos ?

  14. Candie

    I heard your kitchen is a set near your home.
    How long have you used this set? Thanks,

  15. MarkB

    I’m interested to know if you prefer their non-stick coated pans, or the ceramic coated ones? Also, do you receive a financial kickback for promoting their products?

    Thanks for your time… ?

    Mark –

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t do endorsements, promote products, or sell anything on this website but when people ask what products I use, I will share the information to be helpful. To answer your question, I mostly use non-stick pans and I use several brands besides this one.

      If you’d like to know more about me, you can use the “About Me” link.

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