Homemade Barbeque Sauce

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

Quick & Easy Barbeque Sauce

It doesn’t get much easier than this. The beauty of this recipe is it’s very flexible: more of this – less of that – no problem. Add cayenne or Tabasco if you like but I like it just this way, not too hot, sweet, and sticky. I’ve never found a bottled sauce this good! - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Makes: 1 cup

Quick & Easy Barbeque Sauce


  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1/2 cup onion, finely diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced

  • 1/2 cup cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons molasses
  • 2 Tablespoons spicy mustard (I use Guldens' Spicy Brown Mustard)
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder (NOT powdered chili pepper)


  1. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat and sauté onion & garlic for 2 minutes until golden brown.
  2. Add everything else and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about 25 minutes. Sauce with thicken as it cools.

Notes: This is NOT a spicy, hot sauce. International cooks, please note: Use chili powder, NOT POWDERED CHILI PEPPER, which is extremely hot. For more on this recipe in my blog click here.

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  1. Tracie C

    Thank you Jenny..these ribs look delicious..There was a woman that looked a lot like you who had there on tv show way back in the 80s..I can’t wait to make this..Ty 💖

  2. Tracie C

    Thank you Jenny..these ribs look delicious..There was a woman that looked a lot like you who had there on tv show way back in the 80s..I can’t wait to make this..Ty Ty Ty 💖

  3. Liz

    Hi Jenny,
    Your sauce and rub sound good, but I will be adding liquid smoke and I am cooking 20 lbs of ribs, any advice???

  4. Angel

    Love you jenny! Glad you found something new to do. missed you! I am trying the sauce this afternoon

  5. Jeremiah Roberson

    I wish you would make a short video making this sauce.

  6. Charlotte

    Love this sauce. i don’t buy barbecue sauce anymore. I just whip this up fresh everytime i make ribs or pulled pork or chicken wings. I’m lazy so i don’t use onions, and i opt for garlic powder. other than that i follow everything else. oh and i use grainy dijon mustard. takes the sauce to a whole new level. i’m off to make a double batch for 5 lbs of pulled pork!

    • Jeannine

      If not using the fresh onion and garlic do you leave out the oil too?

      • Char

        I actually do stir in a couple tsp of oil, just ads a bit of richness.

  7. Samantha little

    Jenny I always loved your show, and miss it but this sauce is one of the best I’ve ever had, you have the perfect name jennycancook. That’s sure true

  8. Francisco

    I finally found your BBQ sauce recipe. I clicked on the link, and took me to this page, but I couldn’t find anything, than I clicked on search, and found it. It’s really great. Love it, and love the way you do your videos.

  9. Michael

    Hi Jenny! It’s Michael & Marciano from Nova Scotia. Just simmering my 11th batch of your BBQ Sauce and the house smells absolutely delicious!
    Your recipes are THE best on the internet. You’ve taught me so much and I have had a better time through this ongoing Pandemic because of you!
    Respect & Love to you. Hope you and yours stay healthy and happy!

  10. Letha

    Hands down, BEST BBQ sauce ever! Made ribs with this sauce and store bought. Store bought sat there and were hardly touched, your BBQ sauce ribs were devoured almost instantly.

  11. Char

    If you are looking to make this sauce thicker mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 2 tablespoons of water and while your sauce is heating just stir this in and let it simmer for a bit and it will thicken.

    • Betty

      Thanks for the tip! I’ve made this recipe a million times (tasty) and will try this next time. Seems like too much water will all the vinegar. I have put in half the water without any change to the taste of the recipe but still not thicker no matter what I do.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Cooking any sauce longer will automatically thicken it.

  12. Jerry

    Does anyone know if I could substitute onion flakes for the finely choppy onion? My kids will not eat it otherwise.
    And, if so, would I still use 1/2 cup?

    • Mary H

      I have used onion powder and it is delicious both ways. I used about a Tablespoon.

    • Michael

      Dried anything, including onions is more concentrated than fresh. I recommend 3 level Tablespoons if using flakes.

  13. pjr

    Hi Jenny, I want to thank you for this recipe, I’ve been making this for a couple of years now, it’s so simple and quick. The only time I ever had a problem was when I used organic apple cider vinegar, it was waay too strong, Lesson learned, now I just buy the cheap store brand, works great. However, I just tried another recipe proclaiming to be the best ever, yuck!! what a waste of time and ingredients, I promise to never stray again!! I now keep a mason jar of your sauce in my fridge all summer long, and to anyone wondering about freezing this sauce, I’ve done this many times with no problem.

  14. Eva

    Is there anything I can use other than the molasses, can’t find molasses at my grocery store. Wondering if the sauce would be just as good without it…

    • Matt Jefferson

      After I saw your coment I treid using honey and dark corn syrup. The honey worked the best but gave off a sweeter smell on the barbque sauce.(It was a bit runny too but no difference when cooking with it.)

    • Tabitha

      You can use dark brown sugar instead of brown sugar, that had molasses in it, the dark brown.

    • Michael

      Sauce is absolutely fine without molasses.

    • Wayne C

      The first time I made this sauce I didn’t have molasses, so I substituted maple syrup. Everyone loved it and wanted a do over. Tonight I’ll be trying it with molasses. Thank you for the recipe. It’s a keeper!

  15. Kat

    How long will bbq sauce last in fridge ?

    • Dave S

      Made a batch and it was in the fridge for a month. Used it on some chicken and I think it just gets better with a little age!

  16. Marina B

    I absolutely LOVE these ribs, sauce and dry rub!!! I was always scared to make ribs but this is sooo easy and delicious. I’m just wondering how to thicken the bbq sauce even further.. I’ve follows the recipe word for word but I still find that it’s a bit liquidy..
    Any suggestions?!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Just cook it longer (uncovered). Any sauce will thicken the longer it cooks.

      • Marina B

        Thank you Jenny…. It did thicken a bit more but either way the flavour speaks for itself!!! Thank you again for all the delicious recipes you share and allow us to enjoy as well!!!!

    • Michael

      To thicken, simply simmer longer. I leave mine on low for 4 hours while ribs are in oven on 200 same length of time.

  17. Robin


    I love this recipe! I have made it several times using both your rub and sauce. They are the best! Highly recommend this recipe. I do make double the amount of rub and have it on hand in case I need a little more in the moment.
    Love, love, this rub recipe!

  18. Lynne Medel

    I feel sad that i put powdered chili I thought it would be the same with the chili powder 😞 I hope it will still taste good,i’m still on baking it

  19. Dayana

    What can I add so it tastes more like bbq less like ketchup

    • Bobbyg

      Sounds like you like the taste of store bought bbq sauce, so just stick with that.

  20. MARY

    Chile Powder is pure chili
    Chili Powder is a mixed blend of spices.

  21. NancyJ

    Dear Jenny I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for this amazing recipe. I have been married for 30 years and have three grown children and believe it or not I have never made ribs. Someone gifted us three racks of beautiful baby back ribs and after countless videos I have chosen this one to use. Your steps are very simple and easy to follow especially for a novice like myself. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your sharing it with us.

  22. David

    If you wanted it less ‘sticky’, what would you leave out? Thanks,

    • Rachel L

      Probably the brown sugar or molasses, but I don’t know if you can have true BBQ sauce without both. Maybe reduce the amount?

  23. Stella Phillips

    I made this sauce on 8/2/20. Let me tell you, it is better than any sauce, stickier and thicker than any store bought sauces I have ever used. I used No Salt ketchup because my husband is on a low sodium diet! He loved it so much he used it on multiple foods not just the ribs! I also made your ribs and rub. I am not into ribs but my husband could not get enough of this stuff! Thank you for sharing!

    • Marie

      How long did it take for the sauce to thicken? Mine has been cooling for about 2 hours but is still very thin!

      • Kyle

        I cooked it down on low heat so it reduces and thickens. I also used only 1/3 the chili powder.

  24. Chaya M.

    Hello Jenny,
    I can’t wait to try this recipe. I will be making this for Fathers day. I’m sure my family will love it. One of the best things in life is gathering around a table with good food and good company! Even more so rare now than ever.

    • Glenda M

      I had to reply to your comment. We are making this recipe for Father’s Day as well, it is my second time making it and it is delicious! My son who thinks he is a (self proclaimed) rib expert said it was the best sauce he has had. You will not be disappointed!

  25. Tracy

    I love your videos!! Don’t change a thing, they are super funny
    and most importantly your cooking recipes are Fantastic!
    Ribs are almost done! Last side is down!
    I want to see all your spatula collection someday, you are sooo fun. 🙂
    Love ya!

  26. Kely Simas

    Is it possible to freeze the barbecue sauce to use it on future!? 🙂

    • Brad Daquila

      Hey long time cook/chef owner of two restaurants in seattle back in the 80s. As a general rule a sauce with alot of vinegar will keep for quite awhile, but yes you can freeze just about anything. I make huge batches of homemade mozzarella cheese and freeze it for months. Same with tomato sauce from garden tomatoes etc.

  27. Lyoni

    I had ribs in the oven and realized I had no barbecue sauce, so, to google I went. I found this recipe, and after lots of searching, I found pretty much everything I needed in your ingredients list. I was thrilled. Even more so when we ate the ribs, they were delicious. Compliments from the whole family. Thank you so much for posting this, I see that it is your hobby, and it is lovely of you to share your hobby with those of us at home. 🙂

    • ATLFran

      Oh Lyoni, you are in for a treat…Jenny’s recipes are great, and if you have the opportunity, watch her vidos on Jenny Can Cook. They are delightful.

  28. JSmith

    Hi Jenny, made your BBQ sauce yesterday to use on chicken breast we’ll be grilling today. I accidentally left out the chili powder yesterday and realized it this morning. I’m in the process of reheating the BBQ sauce with the addition of the 2 teaspoons chili powder in your recipe, and it’s so good! I just wanted you to know that we loved the sauce Even without The chili powder! My husband called it a sweet and sour BBQ sauce and we both agreed it’d make a wonderful sweet and sour chicken dish using pineapple and ginger. Or, as we intended, on grilled chicken. Thank you from the great state of Louisiana

  29. T star

    Everyone enjoyed the ribs. I made your classic BBQ sauce and a second spicy version.
    I put the extra sauce in the refrigerator. How long will it keep?

  30. Andrea Murphy

    Hi Jenny grew up watching you as a teenager, my daughter and myself was watching your cooking video and I said to her this lady’s. smile looks so familiar. of course I googled you and bam. There you are Jenny Jones show. love love love you. on the menu is your beef rib recipe and bbq sauce. only thing missing I. the sauce was molasses but I’m not going outside.. thank you for being apart of a new Easter tradition. ????

  31. LYNDA Silverman

    I put a little liquid smoke in the barbeque sauce… Delicious hint of smoke. Ribs are in the oven now. I’ll let you know how they turned out. Thank you.

  32. nick raspa

    the only thing i added was apple sauce or sometimes spicy jelly jams with all the other ingredients thanks recipes are delicious

    • Michael

      Absolutely love your idea of Apple Sauce! Trying it today!
      Thanks, from Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦

  33. Kevin

    Wow. Superbowl menu was great. Ribs were the star of the show. The sauce thickened up perfectly. That flavor is spectacular. The cider vinegar helps with the heat. Definitely will make these again.

  34. Karen

    Hi. I made recipe exactly as stated but mine never thickened. Suggestions?

    The flavor is amazing and I definitely want to use it again!! Sooooo yummy!!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’ve made this sauce many times and if you follow the recipe exactly with no changes, and cook it for the recommended time it will thicken. Sometimes people don’t realize that a small (or accidental) change in a recipe can make a big difference in the result so try it again and double-check every ingredient as you go. It will turn out as shown.

  35. Renee

    I tried these last night and they were SOOOOOO awesome, way better than any ribs we’ve eaten in restaurants !!

  36. Lynda

    Dear Jenny:

    I was searching for and Barbeque Ribs recipe and I came across your YouTube video. I kept thinking that you looked so familiar and then I remembered your talk show. I love the step by step process that you shared. I made your recipes four times now, Rub and Barbeque Sauce. Wow, the taste and fall off the bone tenderness is so delicious.

    I did use Sir Kensington Spicy Brown Mustard instead of the dry powdered mustard and minced garlic rather than the garlic powder. The Rub still applies well with extra care to spread it on the ribs, rather than dipping in the dry mix.

    Thank you for sharing your awesome recipes. Wishing you Blessing & Health. Ms. Lynda

  37. Rallo

    We loved the outcome though added extra fresh pepper for more kick. Thank you ?

  38. Carol

    I remember watching your shows back in the 90s and I just came across one of your Jenny can Cook You Tube episodes. …I just love watching you….I have the Rib recipee in the oven right now…can’t wait…..I’ve made them before and they are good…..???

  39. Carol

    All I can say is you are my go to,Your recipes are amazing!
    Thank you so much ?

  40. Sally Scherer

    Thank you so much for your recipe for Ribs and Barbecue Sauce!! Now that I know how to make Ribs in the oven, and have a recipe for homemade Barbecue sauce I can take the package of Ribs out of the freezer!!! Can’t wait to make them!
    Hopefully the heat and humidity will be out of here by tomorrow morning!?
    Thank you so much for Sharing!!
    Have a Blessed week Jenny!

  41. linda

    Thank you for this recipe as well as ribs and rub ,it took me way back to early 60*s ! My mom made a pot of ribs and sauce,she would make it once in awhile but through life changes she forgot recipe and we would try to figure out but never did! Until last night made your recipe,so again thank you very much.Love your videos and will try other recipes.

  42. Rob

    Can I use honey instead of molasses?

    • Ray

      You could, but every time I’ve left this out it seems to be missing something. It’s also what gives it that beautiful brown color and rich flavor.

  43. JimmyMac

    Jenny, your recipe is uncomplicated…the ribs came out great, I didn’t use your BBQ sauce…too late on Election night. Gonna munch & watch politics. Thanks

  44. Beth L Bilous

    Im making the ribs with the rub and bbq sauce, but i am cooking them on the grill instead. My family insisted with some hickory wood chips. Sauce cooking away, will report back as to how my babybacks came out.

  45. Mediumeddie

    This is forever more my go to perfect bbq sauce! Shame it took me 65 years to find it. It’s delicious!

  46. Georgina

    For the first time in my 69 years, I have made the most delicious ribs in my life, homemade from the rub to the BBQ Souce which both have become staple for chicken and ribs, of course. And so simple that to me it’s the true Art of Cooking. (I make your no-knead 5 minute bread since 5 mos ago – to die for as well) you’ve changed my family’s life and mine forever. THANKS

  47. Jeanne

    Love the sauce. Do you know if it can be made in larger amounts and then canned? It would make for great gifts. Thanks

  48. Stephen

    Do you use the light or dark brown sugar, or does it matter? The ribs look amazing btw!!!


  49. Judy

    I used both the rub and made BBQ sauce! Loved it! My husband tried the sauce on his chicken and loved it. I will never use anything else.
    Thank you Jenny

  50. Marg

    Where do you get the Spicey Mustard.. or what can I substitute for it .. can’t find it on Canadian shelves!!

    • No amateur mom

      You can use any spicy mustard, Jenny used Guldens Brown, I used a Swedish one that was slightly less spicy, turns out perfect either way, thanks Jenny!!???

    • Marg

      Found Spicey mustard at Walmart.. it’s just not brown

    • Al

      I just put mustard and hot sauce mixed it together and Booom
      Spicy mustard ???

  51. Julia

    Making them now for super bowl! The BBQ sauce smells like balsamic is that ok? I also used shallots instead of an onion

  52. Karen

    These are the best. Better than anything in a restaurant.

  53. Karen

    These are the best. Better than anything in a restaurant.lO

  54. David Delve

    Made your Rub and Ribs are in the oven. BBQ sauce simmers on the stove top. Father inlaw will be here for supper…. keep you posted… oh picked up a bottle of Amarone della valpolicella for myself

  55. CarynM

    Made this twice. The first time with your ribs recipe and then just because I was making something that needed sauce. LOVE! My whole family loves it! I will never use store bought BBQ. The ribs are amazing too. Thank you!

  56. Tammy Grindle

    Thank you so much for your amazing BBQ sauce , I made the recipe and my party animals loved it , I had to make another batch Everyone was asking (63 guest) about the sauce. And I was proud to say
    Jenny Can Cook my other recipes I’ve tried and served well I’d say found it online but that’s if anyone ask But yours I was proud of. Thanks from all of us. GA.party Animals

  57. Midge

    I love your no knead simply wonderful bread and so does everyone that I share it with…and I make it much more often than I should.
    Your Fall Off The Bone Ribs are exactly that. I am really picky about BBQ sauce and like very few The recipe you shared with us for the ribs will be the only one I use from now on. It is much like my mother used to make. I asked my granddaughter if she wanted to taste what she thought smelled heavenly. With a giant smile and an empty spoonf she pronounced, “Who needs ribs?” Dinner was a big hit with everyone that evening!!!

  58. Renny

    This is the second time I made this, but I am not sure why my sauce still end up running any ideas?

    • Jenny

      Please list all of the ingredients you are using (be specific) and I will try to help.

      • Mikey Mike

        Wow Jenny, you are so helpful 🙂 New to your page and YT channel. Subscribed.
        I’m going to try your complete back rib recipe tomorrow.

      • Renny

        I made this again last night and it turned out really well. It’s not runny as before. I think the reason why it was runny on those two occasions is because of the ketchup I was using. yeah, the cheap kind, lol.

    • David

      Maybe you didn’t simmer the sauce down until it was thick enough. I think Jenny says 25 minutes, but depending on your simmer heat it will vary. I suggest you try to cook it down more.

  59. MaryKate

    On molasses…molasses delivers a deeper flavor than honey. Being diabetic I can’t use either of those and substitute Splenda ‘maple syrup’ and a dash of smoke flavoring.

    • Diane

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR POST!!! My husband is a diabetic and we are just learning about diabetes, so we don’t know what to substitute for sugar. Thank you for your suggestion so we can make this BBQ without worrying too much about my husband’s blood sugar. Any other substitutions for sugary recipes?

      • Marie G

        Sugar Substitutes: Erythritol, Splenda (pure), and Monkfruit. You can purchase them in just about any health food store and larger grocery chains stock them. Great for diabetics.

  60. Melanie

    This sauce is OFF THE CHAIN! Delicious. I added a couple of dashes of liquid smoke for a mesquite touch.

  61. Betty

    I always have raw honey available, can I use this instead of molasses?


    • Phoodie AL

      My guess is that these two ingredients, being so dissimilar in color, flavor and sweetness, would significantly alter the final taste of the sauce, beyond what Jenny’s recipe delivers.

      That’s not to say it would not suffice in a barbeque sauce- only different.
      Go ahead and try it…if it fills the bill for you, what’s not to like?… 🙂

  62. Angelina

    I have had the opportunity to try several of your receipts and WOW are they ever fantastic, just filled with so much flavor and love.
    I did see someone complain that you don’t respond as fast as they would like you to on comments..Big SHAME on them. I could not even imagine how long this must take you., and if a person spends the time to browse the comments they can usually find an answer to their questions.Do not shut your site down…please it is well appreciated and those who do not see that, should go else where. Big Hugs and a Big Thanks for sharing this with all of us…

  63. Lisa

    Love your recipes. Hope to see more.
    Thank you for sharing.

  64. Delbert Simmons

    Made this BBQ sauce and it was wonderful taste,and favor on it’s own.I baked chicken and spread on it was delicious dinner.Thankyou for the pat’s on the back,and making me dinner Hero for a night.

  65. Terrie

    Hi can I use veal instead of beef or pork ribs to make this recipe?


    • Jenny

      I’m sorry, I have no way of knowing since I only make it with pork ribs.

      • Samantha Williams

        Can you grill with your recipe instead? If so any hints or comments?

        • SCV

          Samantha Williams, You must have overlooked it,but it was in the post.. 🙂 You really need to make these they are so good. 🙂

          9:Grill: To finish ribs on the grill, remove from the pan and place ribs on the grill (I use a basket over direct but low heat) basting and turning a few times for about 10 minutes.

  66. HappyLuckyBlessed

    Making these tonight for me and the hubby — can’t wait!! Will let you know how they turn out – I’m sure they will be amazing!

    • HappyLuckyBlessed

      These ribs are AH-MAZING!! I made 2 racks instead of 1 and my husband raved. Thank you so much for posting your recipe — I will definitely be using this as my go-to rib recipe and your BBQ sauce is addicting!! And I love your website and you are adorable! Blessings to you!.

  67. debby mathis

    I have looked at A LOT of recipes for great ribs. I’m making yours for my husband to take to tailgate at the KC CHIEFS & SAND DIEGO CHARGERS GAME SUNDAY. I hope they will be OK to put on a grill to warm. THANK YOU & I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES.

  68. Anna

    Hi Jenny!
    Was wondering do I have to use olive oil? or is reg. veg oil ok?

    • Jenny

      Any vegetable oil will be fine.

    • Bama Belle

      You can use any oil, but it will alter the taste of the recipe as each oil has a distinct taste

  69. Jim

    What if I am making 3 or 4 slabs at a time do I have to increase the temp or time or both??

    • Jenny

      I have never made that many so I can’t say for sure but it seems to me that as long as the oven is big enough for the heat to circulate properly, you should not have to increase the time or temp. But it’s best to do a little research, especially look through the comments because some people have made large portions.

      • Ishes

        How long will this Bar B Q sauce last. Is it preserved to last a long time?
        Can I bottle it to use for a couple months. Please advise.

        • Jenny

          I have kept mine for several months, refrigerated, of course.

  70. Sandy

    Hi Jenny,
    Can you let me know if store bought bbq sauce is okay to use? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      If you look through the comments you’ll see that a lot of people use their own, or store-bought, sauce. It’s my method that they like.

  71. Véronique

    Très bon! Excellent! Second time I make these ribs, always been a big success!
    Love the recipe in the oven. Merci Jenny, keep it up!

  72. Helge

    I’m going to try this today. I’m not that familiar with the US-measurements like cups and so forth. How does it all add up to 1 cup (it says “makes 1 cup” in the beginning) when you add like 5 times a 1/2 cup of ingredients? That alone would make 2 1/2 cups right?

  73. Steph

    Can you tell me how long can you have this recipe for? Im guessing it will go in the fridge once made so will it be good for 6 months?

    • Jenny

      I keep mine in a jar in the fridge for several months. Once, I forgot I had it and it was in there at least 6 months.

  74. 2CeYouSmile

    This is a great & easy sauce! And just like many of her recipes, it is fool proof. I was trying to multitask and misread the measurements. I used 1/2 Cup of spicy brown mustard instead of 2 Tablespoons. Not to worry though, I just amped up the other ingredients to counter balance. It is a great sauce! Pair this with her fall off the bone ribs and you will never go hungry. Great recipes!

    Just a tip: If you do not have molasses on hand, use 3/4 cup of dark brown sugar and omit the light brown sugar.

    Keep up the great cooking and instructional videos!


    Hi, I’m a sort of international cook! and I have a question for you.
    What exactly chili powder is? According to Food lover’s Companion
    Chili powder is a powdered seasoning mixture of dried chilis,garlic,oregano,cumin and cloves. Is that what you are talking about? Could you please give me a name of commercial brand? such as McCormick Chili Powder.
    I am wondering if this product (Mccormic Chili powder) is suitable for your recipe.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  76. Jack george

    How do you make your rub?

  77. Marcela

    Hi Jenny!

    I tried your BBQ sauce along with the dry
    Rub recipe that I used on my ribs. Everything came out of this world. Thank you Jenny.

  78. Susan

    Hi, just finished making the sauce. I doubled the batch and was having trouble trying to get it to thicken, so I made a roux. I didn’t know what else to do, lol. Any suggestions for next time ? By the way it was delicious!

    • Jenny

      You could try cooking it longer. Occasionally, I cook mine a little too long and it’s actually too thick and I have to thin it. It’s been my experience that almost anything cooked long enough will eventually reduce and thicken.

  79. Michael

    Can i leave out the 1/2 cup of chopped onion?

    • Jenny

      Onion adds a lot of flavor to any recipe so the sauce won’t be quite as rich if you leave it out.


      Yes, but best when flavored with onion and also 1/2 lemon. Squeeze the juice from lemon into sauce pan and add peel to sauce along with fairly large chunks of onion. Simmer sauce as Jenny has written, After a very slow simmer of about 15-20 mins, remove onion and lemon peel. Also to hide onion from kids or those who don’t like onion, blend it to a puree and no one will ever know the difference when added to sauce except for a better flavored sauce. Onion is awesome so when called for, do not exclude it from recipes, just disguise it!!! I also add 1/2 stick of real butter to sauce.

  80. Janice

    Hello Jenny!!! Your recipe looks delicious. In your opinion if all I have is dark brown sugar which, if I’m correct just has more molasses than light brown, can’t I use that and omit the extra molasses in the ingredients? Thanks

    • Jenny

      If you use dark brown sugar I would not omit the molasses because it adds to the syrupy nature of the sauce and whatever molasses is in the brown sugar would not compare to the richness of thick molasses.

  81. Jan

    Hi Jenny! I want to make your barbeque sauce and I just want to know if you use light brown sugar or dark brown sugar. Can’t wait to try it.

    Thank you!

  82. Nina from Orlando

    Hi Jenny! First, I have to say that you look gorgeous! Would you PLEASE share your anti-aging recipe with us?? Your recipes are amazing! I found you on You-Tube while searching out an easy whole-wheat bread recipe, and you’ve got the best!! Now, I’d like your advice on how to change the BBQ Sauce to sugar-free! (I’m not able to have any sugar, whatsoever!). TY!

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry but I have no experience with sugar alternatives. If you can’t have any sugar, you know more about substituting for it than I do. A sauce like this is very forgiving so whatever you use in your other recipes is worth trying in this one.

      • Linda

        You didn’t answer the question on anti-aging……you look great…we need an answer…LOL…

  83. Shirley

    Thrilled you wrote the recipe out as there was something wrong with the video. It wouldn’t go past oregano…. Maybe because there was over a million hits! Thanks for sharing – love your enthusiasm!

  84. Victoria M

    hey , I just made this rib recipe with country style boneless ribs, because that’s what I had. It was fork tender and finally the taste was right! I don’t care for bbq sauce but this home made cooked down one is fab. I also love the idea of not buying store bought stuff with all those preservatives. I’m keeping this recipe on my Pinterest. I can say that I’m sure that everyone will love these!

  85. luna

    This BBQ sauce is amazing! I had some chicken wings that I wanted to make in my new pressure cooker and thought i had some BBQ sauce in the pantry when I realized i did not have any I decided to give this recipe a try. It was super easy and the wings I made turned out to be the best wings that I have ever had. I will be making them again on Sunday for the football game and many many more times. Thank you!

  86. Susan

    I’m going to make the ribs tonight for dinner. I can’t wait to try your rub and BBQ sauce recipes. They look incredible. I will let you know how they turn out. Thanks a bunch.

  87. Sue

    Excellent sauce ! Made them for Christmas dinner because that’s what my girls wanted was ribs. They couldn’t stop talking about them.

  88. MIA

    I’m making this right now the sauce but I did it 8 olive oil 2 cups onion 4 cloves garlic 2 cup cider vinegar ect….. Would it turn out the same? First time making it I’m nervous

  89. Michael

    Hi Jenny,

    thanks for your ribs recipe, I’m going to do it today for the first time. However I’m from Germany and I don’t know the difference between chili powder and powdered chili pepper. Products which could be chili powder / powdered chili pepper are red flakes (is this powdered chili?) and a powder which kinda looks like sweet paprika powder (is this the proper chili powder?).

    I’m going to take the one I have (flakes) but less than in your recipe to make sure it’s not going to be too hot and spicy…

  90. George

    I am planning to cook 6 racks of back ribs how much extra time do you suggest for cooking. Thanks!

    • George

      Also can I cut them in two or do I need to cut indavidualy.

      • Jenny

        You can cut them in twos or threes or not cut them at all. They will still fall off the bone.

    • Jenny

      I’m not an expert but it seems to me that ribs take the same length of time to cook whether it’s one rack or six. By the way, you can cook them in advance, cool & refrigerate, and then just finish them the day you need them. Scroll down to see how some people have cooked multiple racks.

  91. Lyn Maxwell

    I do not have a broiler for my oven when finishing off ribs, what temperature will I use Celsius?, thank you Lyn xx

    • Jenny

      I would set the oven temperature as high as it will go and move the rack to the top of the oven because ovens are always hotter at the top.

  92. Doug

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m home bound from a shoulder reconstruction (last week).
    I’m going to surprise my wife with these Monday evening dinner (tomorrow in Sydney Australia).
    expecting this will go down a treat!

  93. emma

    Hi Jenny,

    My family enjoys your bbq ribs, thank you so much for sharing your own recipe.

    God Bless,


  94. Ms.Janice221

    Are those heat resistant gloves that you used in your video to handle the ribs? If so where can I buy a pair? Thanks in advance for your reply/answer.

    • Jenny

      They are just Playtex kitchen gloves, the kind used for dish washing but I use clean ones out of the package. They are thick enough to handle hot ribs.

  95. Trang Nguyen

    Can’t believe I can make this BBQ sauce! 😉 Turn out to be excellent!
    Thank You Jenny!

  96. ian Joseph

    Great recipe is it powder mustard for the rub and liquid mustard for the sauce ?

  97. Sabrina


    Cant wait to make this recipe!

    I dont have spicy mustard can I use yellow mustard or will this have a dramatic difference to the taste?

    Thank you

    • Jenny

      There is a big difference between yellow mustard, which has a tangy bite to it and spicy brown mustard, which has more depth of flavor so I don’t think I would make the switch. If you can’t get spicy brown I would substitute dijon mustard.

      • Sabrina

        Thank you Jenny! Ill make sure to go buy spicy brown mustard.

  98. Mariluz

    Hello, I don’t have Worcestershire Sauce, or soy sauce, Can I just leave it out or what can I use?
    Thank you!

    • Jenny

      There is no soy sauce in my recipe but Worcestershire is found in most barbeque sauce recipes. It’s a strong and complex addition to the sauce and there’s really nothing like it that I know of that you could use as a replacement.

  99. Carol

    We followed this method but we used a famous dry rub already made in a jar. The problem was the ribs got very salty. What should we do differently? We love the method of baking.

    • Jenny

      That famous dry rub was probably very high in sodium. Next time, try my rub.

      • Donna

        This looks good and it is easy.I will be using this ricipe soon got to get a few or the ingredients. Love that I can do in the oven. Thanks

  100. Lila

    How does this sauce stand up in a pressure cooker? Does it become thin or separate during pressure cooking?

    • Jenny

      I haven’t used a pressure cooker in years but always thought it was for cooking things faster, that would normally take a long time. I don’t know how this recipe would turn out in a pressure cooker but I can tell you that when I cook it too long on the stove it gets too thick. It only takes 25 minutes to cook this sauce on the stove (where you can keep an eye on it and stop when it’s as thick as you want it) so you may not need to use a pressure cooker.

      • Stefanie

        She wasn’t asking about it cause she wanted to make the sauce in the pressure cooker, she was asking how it stands up, cause she probably wanted to cook the meat in there, not make the sauce itself. I love your recipes, but think you need to read your comments better, you seemed to misunderstand several of them. Thanks for the recipes.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Please let me know any other ones I misunderstood and I will try to correct my reply. It’s hard since this is just a hobby I do for free and I get overwhelmed with all the questions. Thank you.

        • Matthew


  101. StayThristyMyFriends

    Excellent recipe, Excellent ribs ! ! !
    Used your recipe for bbq sauce and the rub as well…. worked great.
    One question…. the cider vinegar, can you use apple cider vinegar?
    (probably the same thing I guess)

  102. frank

    I have made your awesome cabbage rolls now I am making these ribs this Italian is on a roll you are the best thanks “jennnnnney” in a (forrest gump) voice lol

  103. Sharon

    Making it right now. Did not have cider vinegar, so using white wine vinegar. Dijon mustard. So far, so good! Really tangy, but sweet at the same time. Dipping bread currently. Might not have enough for the ribs!☺️

  104. Val Jamison

    This recipe makes only one (1) cup?

  105. Cathy J Wells

    I always wait until my ribs are almost fully cooked before I slather them with BBQ sauce, let them cook about 15 minutes on one side, turn them over, slather that side with BBQ sauce and cook 15 more minutes. I learned the hard way the any sauce with honey, molasses or ketchup in it will burn on the meat if left on too long. I’ve cooked mine fully in the oven before and I’ve cooked them 90% done in the oven and then finished them on the grill. Either way they’re always delicious. I’m a Southern girl and we love ribs.

  106. Tariq M.

    Can you please make a video making the BBQ sauce?

  107. John-Paul Hunter

    I got the temperature totally wrong…..we use Celcius in Oz…..your 300 is only about 150 here….burnt the ribs to a crisp….:-(

  108. John-Paul Huntet

    once the sauce had been made…..what is it’s shelf life. It tastes awesome and I thought I might just use it as a sauce over steak as well as a basting sauce for the ribs. Thought I might “bottle it’

    • Jenny

      I keep mine in a jar in the fridge. I’ve kept it as long as 2-3 months.

  109. Clody

    Thank you so very much!!!
    I always wanted to make my own barbeque sauce and this is excellent.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    The ribs are also the best ever!

  110. Kim

    Great barbecue sauce!

  111. mohamed

    I tried this and holy cow this works so amazing with the ribs 🙂

  112. Lorraine

    Is that powdered mustard or mustard liquid in a jar,we don’t have that mustard here in australia.thanks Lorraine.

  113. Mariel

    thank you for the easy and yummy recipes (^-^).
    more powers in you!.
    God bless you…

  114. Connie

    can you use honey to replace molasses?

  115. Connie

    can you substitute the molassas for something else?

  116. E

    Is it suppose to be liquidy? Or wen it cools it will become thick?

    • Jenny

      The sauce will thicken after it cools so I usually stop cooking once it gets a little thick, or just thick enough to coat a spoon. I usually use it right way so I cook it until it’s thick enough to stick to my basting brush. Once I cooked it too long and it got too thick in the fridge but I just added a little water and it was fine.

  117. Carol

    I have used this recipe for years (1964) and I thought you might like it as it is very similar to your BBQ sauce.
    Sweet and Sour BBQ sauce.
    3 TbspFlour
    1 C lightly packed brown sugar. Mix in saucepan, then stir in..
    1 C water
    3/4 C cider vinegar
    1/4 C catsup
    1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
    1 tsp dry mustard
    1 C drained Pineapple chunks
    1 green pepper seeded and cut into strips
    Bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes. Serve with spareribs, meatballs, ham steaks.
    Yield 3 Cups.
    Thanks for all your recipes and ideas…..Carol (Freezing in Canada.)

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