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Feb 13, 2022

Your Photos (February/March)

– I love seeing photos of my recipes from all over the world so please say where you’re from – include yourself in the photo too! (I post these manually so you won’t see it right away.) Use this link to send your photo:



“Getting ready for spring so I made your awesome Christmas cookies with my cookie press.  Butterflies and sun flowers with spring time sprinkles! 😀❤️ Sue.”

Hi Sue! What a great idea so we don’t have to wait until Christmas for these classic favorites. Thank you for the photo. Now try to eat just one! 😋 –  jennyBest Sugar Cookies Recipe


“Dear Jenny, Here is a photo of the biscotti I made last week using your Double Chocolate Almond Biscotti recipe.  In a pinch, walnuts or macadamia nuts are an easy substitute for the almonds. Back in the 1990’s, I worked for a Milwaukee, Wisconsin television station that carried your talk show.  The years go by so quickly. Thank you for sharing your talents with so many people! ~ Mary Milanowski, West Allis, Wisconsin.”

They look exactly like mine but may be even better if you used macadamia nuts. Thank you for this photo. –  jennyHow To Make Biscotti

LISA (from South Dakota) MADE MY HOT DOG BUNS

“Love these buns! So easy, fast and delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe! ~ Lisa Williams, Yankton, SD.”

Thank you for this amazing photo. The sheen and the seeds look fabulous! – jennyasy Homemade Hot Dog Buns


“Hi Jenny my name is Gordana and thank you very much for wonderful recipe that works every single time. Regards from Montreal Canada.”

That is a beautiful crust. Thank you for your photo. I used to live in Montreal (NDG). 🇨🇦 – jennyEasy Fast No Knead Bread


“Dear Jenny, I followed your recipe and made the 20-minute pizza dough in the stand mixer.  The dough was so tender and delicious!  It was so good I made it two nights in a row.  I made my pizza on a 12-inch cast-iron skillet.  I have made your simple whole wheat bread a few times now.  It comes out perfect every time.  My daughter called and wanted to stop by for dinner with a friend.  I whipped up the recipe and it was ready in 90 minutes to go with our minestrone soup. ~ Thanks! Jon Lavelle, Adams, NY.”

I can see why anyone would want to come to your house for dinner. That pizza looks so good and the bread is amazing. Thank you so much for your photos!  – jennyquick_easy_pizza

Easy Fast No Knead Bread


“Cinnamon tunnel bread & fresh whole wheat bread – Thank you, I enjoyed watching your video and making these with you! 😀 I am from Knoxville, Tennessee.”

They both turned out beautifully! Thank you for the great photos. – jennyCinnamon Raisin Bread

Homemade Sandwich Bread


“Dear Jenny, My family and I really enjoy your recipes and videos. I used your simple whole wheat bread recipe and substituted rye flour for the whole wheat + caraway seeds. It came out perfect and was delicious. Thanks! ~ Jon Lavelle, Adams, NY.”

– What a great idea! And it looks terrific. I always use caraway seeds with rye bread but I never thought of using this recipe. I will definitely be trying your version. Thank you. – jennyJenny Can Cook Bread

Easy Homemade Bread


“Hi Jenny, Many thanks from over the pond for your fantastic videos on YouTube and your easy to follow recipes its got me baking 🙂 All the best, Paul from the UK.”

– Thank you so much. It’s so exciting to see this photo all the way from the UK. – jennyJenny Can Cook No Knead Bread

Jan 4, 2022

Photo of the Month (Nov – Dec)

Cinnamon Rolls Jenny Can CookThis photo sent me into my kitchen to set out the cinnamon and all the ingredients needed to make cinnamon rolls. That’s why my photo of the month(s) is this one from Barb in Ontario, Canada.  She and her husband both lost their jobs in the past year so she’s been making everything at home, including all of my breads. Hubby has a sweet tooth and was craving cinnamon rolls. “I was reticent about cinnamon rolls,” she said, “I thought they’d be too tricky for me!  BUT I watched your video, taking note of the tips for not rolling too tight and using dental floss for slicing. It was easy!” And they must have been delicious because they were all gone by the next day. Thank you, Barb, for your tasty photo. My cinnamon rolls didn’t last long either. 😋

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Jan 1, 2022

Your Photos (January 2022)

I love starting the new year with new photos of my recipes from all over the world so please say where you’re from – include yourself in the photo too! (I post these manually so you won’t see it right away.) Use this link to send your photo:



“Jenny, Here’s the one photo I could find of a loaf I made of Faster No-knead Bread.  The focus is a bit off since I had to zoom in so much to just get the bread, but dang, that’s some good bread!  What an awesome recipe; turns out perfect every time!  Just left a comment on your site, too.  It might be a bit snarky for the people that always want to change everything about posted recipes, but meh, that’s just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Your recipe rocks! Regards, Not THAT Karen.”

– I’m glad you’re so happy with it and thank you for the great photo. I appreciate it. – jennyFastest No Knead Bread


“Great recipe, regardless of what type of yeast I use I always proof it first. Better results I find. Might be the altitude here as well, two diff loaf.”

– Thank you for sharing your photos. They look really good! – jennyJenny Can Cook No Knead Bread


“Wonderful recipe! Perfect bread! Thank you!🙏❤️.”

– Your crust looks great. Thank you for all the photos. – jennyFaster No Knead Bread


“Hi Jenny!  I just took this out of the oven. My husband is on route home after being away for over 3 months. What says ” welcome home ” better than homemade bread? Thank for your recipes and excellent videos. Happy New Year! ~Teresa – Toronto, Ontario.”

– Thank for your photo. What a perfect way to say, “Welcome home!” ❤️ – jennyFastest No Knead Bread


“IL MIO PANE – Hi Jenny, I have tried your Dutch Oven Bread. I used your recipe with a few changes. It came out terrific! Less chances of getting burned by the iron pot. After the first rise and the folding over. I put the bread with the parchment paper into the pot, cold…. then into the 450 degree oven. When the temperature hit 200° or set the clock for 35 minutes. Baked it and then took off the lid carefully, because it was really hot. Gave it another 10 minutes with out the lid. As you can see it was a complete success. I gave some to my friends and they couldn’t believe it I said make me loaf. You know what I told them?

Jenny, you are a real pleasure to watch when you cook and some of your words of wit really add more to your terrific recipes. Keep up the great work. Love your style! ~ Michael Juliano ( retired Television News Cameraman ….30 years )(2 Time Emmy winner too).”

– You just made my day! It’s good to see a face with the bread, and both are looking great! Congratulations on your Emmys, and the bread! – jenny No Knead Bread


“Tried this Ciabatta Bread for the first time today. I have baked your breads for awhile now and they always come out good. I did try riding the sourdough wave but it was too much work and planning… So now I am a convert to your breads and recommend your site to anyone that wants to bake bread without the fuss. I also make your pizzas, at least once a month. Thank you. Writing from Aberdeen, Scotland. ~ Maria Elisa Metson.”

– I’m so excited to see my recipe in Scotland! Your loaf looks wonderful! I’m with you on giving up on sourdough. It’s like taking on a part-time job. 😀 – jenny

Jenny Can Cook Ciabatta Bread

Nov 7, 2020

Quick & Easy Pumpkin Bars

Quick & Easy Pumpkin BarsTry to eat just one of these light and delicious bars! They seem to melt in your mouth. This is a quick recipe that uses less sugar than most and even less butter and cream cheese in the frosting. There’s only one ounce of cream cheese and one tablespoon of butter in the frosting.

I can never seem to get the top smooth but it doesn’t matter since they’re frosted anyway. Plus, you can always frost them upside down. My oil of choice for baking is avocado oil but they’re not all the same. Look for one that is light colored and flavorless. (see my brand under “Products I Use”). I line my pan with foil for easy cleanup and I frost these bars right in the pan.

Some days I crave pumpkin pie but don’t want to work that hard. These fragrant bars are the next best thing. (My husband calls them pumpkin brownies – sounds like a ploy for me to put in some chocolate chips ? – maybe next time.)  Click here for the recipe  – Jenny Jones

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Aug 2, 2020

Chewy Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CookiesThere are always fresh homemade cookies in this house and it’s usually what we have for dessert. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite because oats provide good fiber and even dark chocolate has health benefits, so this is a win-win recipe. There’s no butter in this easy recipe – I use avocado oil instead – but you can use another vegetable oil if you like.

I’m always torn about how long to bake them. The less you bake them the softer they will be but I also like browned edges so I left the baking time open to between 12 and 14 minutes. I also realize that all ovens and baking sheets are different so you can judge the baking time that works for you. Either way it’s a simple recipe for old fashioned oatmeal cookies but with new fashioned dark chocolate chunks. My husband says, “Everything is better with chocolate!” He’s after me for a chocolate meat loaf! I don’t see it happening. Click here for the recipe. (not the chocolate meatloaf, the cookies! ?) – jenny jones

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Aug 1, 2020

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Whole Wheat Oatmeal CookiesHere is the whole wheat version of my chewy oatmeal dark chocolate chunk cookies (above). When I can find whole wheat pastry flour I always make them this way. Whole grain cookies make a healthier dessert and these easy cookies are 100% whole grain. The ingredients are basically the same as the white flour version (except for the flour swap) but the technique is as little different – but still very simple. You freeze the dough before baking.

To make these whole wheat chewy oatmeal dark chocolate chunk cookies click here for the recipe. – jenny jones

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Jul 19, 2020

Cracked Wheat No Knead Bread

Cracked Wheat No Knead BreadHere’s another no knead bread that I love. It’s crunchy on the outside and on the inside too! I make it with two kinds of flour (whole wheat and white) and then I add a half cup of cracked wheat to the dough. The result is a fabulous high-fiber bread with a golden crust and a delicious nutty interior with lots of crunch.

Cracked wheat is made by milling raw wheat berries into smaller pieces, preserving the nutrient and fiber rich bran and germ layers. So this delicious loaf has extra fiber and protein, and cracked wheat is also a good source of iron.

If you like hearty, farm-style bread with extra crunch, you will love this recipe. I have never been able to find cracked wheat at the  store so I order it online, solely to make this recipe. Cracked wheat is a series of uncooked, hard, dry pieces and looks like this:

Cracked WheatI have also made the same recipe with steel-cut oats but it does not have the flavor or texture that this one does.  I use the overnight version to allow the uncooked cracked wheat time to soften. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jul 5, 2020

Quick & Easy Vanilla Cake

Easy Vanilla Wacky CakeBy popular demand, here is the vanilla version of my hugely popular quick & easy chocolate cake. As simple as the recipe is, it was not easy to get it right. I finally came up with a version that always turns out for me. I know it has a lot of sugar but every time I tried to use less, it did not turn out. With this “wacky” style cake, the sugar is needed for structure.

I also tried different pans, a square 8 x 8 pan and a round 8-inch pan, and was disappointed in both results. A 9-inch pan was the perfect size for a consistent cake. I suggest sticking with the recipe as written and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a light and delicious homemade cake that anyone can make, even amateur cooks. During the coronavirus quarantine, it’s good to have a dessert that does not use eggs, or even butter except for the frosting.

2 Minute Vanilla FrostingI’ve also just posted my new 2-minute vanilla frosting, made with just 2 tablespoons of butter, although this cake is really good with chocolate frosting too. I usually cool the cake in the pan and only frost the top.

If you plan to remove the cake to a platter, I suggest greasing the pan and lining the bottom with parchment paper. You can buy packages of parchment paper rounds or cut our own. I hope everybody likes this simple yet delicious cake and I’ll be waiting for the first photo! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jun 13, 2020

One Hour Hot Dog Buns

One Hour Hot Dog Buns There’s something about summer and hot dogs. ☀️ Summer officially starts a week from today but the sun’s shining so it’s hot dog time in my house. You haven’t lived until you have a hot dog in a fresh, homemade bun. You’ll spoil yourself forever and never have to suffer through those homemade ones where the ingredient list is longer that your quarantined bangs.

I make these soft buns using my white bread recipe, the one with the egg – it’s an easy one-rise recipe that you can make in an hour. The sheen comes from brushing the buns with a beaten egg wash just before baking. Freshness makes all the difference so if you don’t eat these yummy buns right away, I suggest slicing and freezing them for the next time. They freeze really well.

We don’t eat hot dogs very often but when we do, they are always on a homemade bun. My husband likes to add only spicy brown mustard but I like yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, and sauteed onions. 🌭 What ever way you like your hot dog, it will be so much better on a homemade bun. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jun 8, 2020

Quarantine Cooking Photos (June 8-11)

So many people worldwide are home and cooking and I love seeing photos of my recipes from all over the world, so please say where you’re from – include yourself in the photo too! (I post these manually so you won’t see it right away.) Use this link to send your photo:


“Thank you for your wonderful cooking videos!! Any chance you are considering releasing a new cookbook?  I really hope so!! There is nothing like a great cookbook to page through with a cup of tea ? I made a variation of your chicken pot pie last night for dinner and absolutely love your pastry recipe! I didn’t have chicken, so I substituted a 418g can of Salmon, and instead of carrots I added one leek (wish I had had fresh dill).
I put the pastry on the bottom, added the filling and topped the pie with potatoes (plain) that I mashed with some ground pepper and cooked for 40 mins at 400 degrees.  I covered the mashed potato (left the crust exposed) with a piece of foil I folded into a round shape for a portion of the cooking time than removed it.  Got the idea from your suggestion for protecting the pie crust in your pumpkin pie video.  In the last 5 minutes, I topped the potato crumble with a mixture that had a drop of olive oil, 2 tbsp of panko bread crumbs and 1/4-1/3 of a cup of grated parmesan cheese, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. It was delicious, your chicken pot pie sauce and pastry recipes are fantastic!!  And so versatile!!
My family can’t wait for me to make your chicken pot pie.   I plan to make it soon.  While we were eating, we came up with another variation of your pot pie dish.  When we have left overs from our next turkey dinner I will make your chicken pot pie sauce, (substitute the turkey for the chicken) put your pastry at the bottom and top the pie with the left over stuffing.
I made your Lemon Brownies on Easter weekend and they were delicious.  My daughter is a lemon lover, and this is a wonderful new dessert for our family to have.  Thank you!!  Next recipe – I plan to make your cabbage rolls.  I have two heads of cabbage in the fridge ready to be used.  I have never made cabbage rolls before, but after watching your video, I am no longer intimidated. Love your clear, easy to follow instructions. Fantastic recipes! ~ Catherine, Toronto, On.”

– I’m glad you’re enjoying my recipes. Thanks for all the details and good luck with the cabbage rolls! –  jenny


(no message)

– Thank you for the luscious photos and the personal hand-held touch. –  jennyLemon BrowniesEasy Lemon Bars


“My first ever loaf. Thank you.”

– Congratulations and enjoy. Thank you for the photo. –  jennyFaster Dutch Oven Bread


“LibraryLynn – Houston, TX – 2nd try using parchment paper with sticky old cast iron pan. Worked well, was still crisp and delicious even though temps were reduced a little bit. Double Yum! Thanks Jenny.”

– I’m glad you worked it out and clearly, it was worth the effort, and your English muffins look perfect. Thank you!  –  jenny

Best Pan Pizza

I made these a few weeks ago…so easy and delicious.  A friend of mine who is a chef said they looked just perfect!  I pass your website on to the cooks I know.  LibraryLynn – Houston, TXHomemade English Muffins