Make Ahead Crusty Rolls

No Knead Crusty Rolls

No Knead Crusty Rolls

PLEASE SEE MY METRIC CHART ABOUT THE FLOUR. I recommend an oven thermometer to make sure your oven is hot enough (For the original overnight method, simply switch to COOL water and let the dough rest overnight on the counter top for 8 to 24 hours). ALWAYS AERATE (not sift) YOUR FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours

Makes: 8 rolls

No Knead Crusty Rolls


  • 2 1/2 cups (300-325 g /10 3/4 ounces) bread flour or all-purpose flour (AERATE FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING - See How)
  • 1/4 teaspoon (1 g) instant or dry active yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/4 cups hot tap water (up to 130° F)


  1. In a large bowl combine dry ingredients. Stir in water. Mixture will be thick and sticky.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap & let stand on counter top for 3 hours.
  3. After 3 hours (mixture will be puffy and bubbly on top) place dough on a well-floured surface. Using a scraper fold over about 12 times, adding enough flour so it doesn’t stick (about 2 Tbsp).
  4. Using a scraper cut dough into 8 pieces. With floured hands, shape each into a ball by folding and tucking, like making a drawstring bag.
  5. Place on parchment paper-lined baking sheet (not wax paper) & cover with a dish towel. Let stand at room temperature for 35 minutes. They will puff up but will not double in size.
  6. As soon as rolls are covered, start preheating oven to 450° F. Oven must be 450° so use an oven thermometer if possible.
  7. Bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. To re-crisp the next day, preheat the oven to 325° F and place the rolls directly on the oven rack for 10-12 minutes.

METRIC: The standard for weighing flour is 1 cup = 120 grams. But when I weigh one cup I get 125-130 grams. Please decide what works for you.

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To Freeze: Once baked & cooled, they freeze beautifully. To re-crisp, place frozen rolls directly on the oven rack in a preheated 325° F oven for 10-12 minutes. They'll be even more crispy than first-baked!

Variation: To make sesame seed rolls, gently brush rolls just before baking with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

No Knead Crusty Rolls

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  1. Thank you!

    In prep for dinner today, yesterday I’d made my “famous” all day slow roasted, bbq shredded chicken and roasted garlic and onion concoction. Said concoction was intended for my also “famous” pretzel rolls until my beloved 15-year old kitchen aid stand mixer decided to partially explode mid-knead and drop tiny pieces of metal and plastic over the dough. Fun times.

    I started looking everywhere for a quickish no knead roll recipe and didn’t have much hope until I found this one.

    These were super easy and turned out some delicious, crispy rolls that did a great job holding giant servings of juicy bbq goodness. I did cut these into 6 instead of 8 and will probably just double the next time.

    Yes, the dough is sticky but that’s to be expected. 12-14 fold overs with an high quality scraper and a little extra flour did the trick. I’m at over 5k above sea level, so proofing took about 2.5 hours. I let my oven preheat for a good long while to 465 and dropped to 450 about 5 minutes before the rolls went in.

    I will say one thing for anyone having a hard time getting a rise, presuming all other things are equal, ie freshness of the yeast, temp of the room and temp of the water (mine was around 129): when I lived in the DC area, I found out the hard way that the county’s treatment of our tap water seriously impaired the health and strength of the yeast. I thought I was doing something very wrong until a neighbor suggested I use purified water. These days I just microwave RO water until the desired temp is reached and I haven’t had any issues with rising in over 20 years.

    Anyway, thank you SO much. You’ve saved Sunday dinner.

    *NOTE ADDED from Jenny Can Cook: RO means Reverse Osmosis water.

  2. Hardi

    What do I have to change if using Whole Wheat Flour and baking in higher 1600 ft altitude?

  3. The Daily Baker

    The end result of my 1st time baking theses rolls was excellent.
    I did use egg wash and homemade everything bagel seasoning. One batch of rolls is not enough here.
    The negative reviews blaming the recipe must have been written by those afraid to admit there own errors. The basic recipe does not need changes. Additions are fine.
    I bake 7 days a week and have been doing so for many years. My wife, grand kids, and great grand kids are deeply concerned where they will get home baked goods after I move on to the Big Oven.
    I wish the best to Jenny and her family

  4. Peggy Sue

    I am so glad I have found this site. The recipes are great. Love the comments and ideas.

  5. Jean

    I just love these! I add garlic powder and dried rosemary.

    A hit every time. 😋

    • Steve

      Great idea!

      Roughly how much? I’m assuming you add with the dry ingredients.

  6. Lidia

    I made these the other day and we loved them. So crunchy. Today I am making them again for out NEW YEAR’S EVE dinner. Thanks for an awesome bread recipe.

  7. Katie

    My brain twitched and I poured in 2 1/4 cups of water, so I then did some math and doubled the recipe. I used less than half whole wheat, found the dough sticky but followed directions to have well-floured hands and there was no problem. I used parchment paper on baking steel, and they’re great. Thanks Jenny!

  8. Mad

    I made these rolls today and they turned out perfectly–much to my surprise, I have to say. They looked pathetic going into the over but they came out looking great!

  9. LisaP

    I just made these rolls. I weighed the flour and used my Dutch oven instead of a cookie sheet. They are absolutely awesome. Crunchy on the outside light on the inside. My husband said not to loose the recipe.

  10. Bonne

    I found the dough to be very wet and sticky even after adding some flour. I did use half whole wheat flour, so that may have been why. Tasty, crusty, but hard to form into rolls because it was so wet. I am in a humid climate, so that could be a factor too.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      As you see in the video, it is normally a sticky dough. The FAQs might be helpful.

  11. Rusty's Mom

    I love these rolls. I’ve made them several times and everyone else l0oves them too. However, my printed recipe is fading on the bottom and I could only see the recipe on you tube. Where can I find the printed version? TIA

    • Brenda

      To TIA….. I found the print symbol for recipe above the video.

  12. Nancy

    Wow!! These rolls are amazing! Chewy, crusty and EASY!! We can have artisan rolls anytime we want… thankyou!!

  13. Jan Ess

    The size of these rolls is more for dinner rolls I wanted themas buns for some special burgers. Next time, I’ll cut the dough in 4s or 6s rather than 8.
    I followed the instructions (very easy and right on). Everything was exactly as the video and written instructions indicate. Thank you for the post.

  14. Lynn Clendenin

    I’ve been making the loaf of bread since the firs week of the pandemic – often twice a week. It was so easy and so good! I tried the rolls today to use as the buns for our Italian beef sandwiches. I just put them in the oven. We will have to eat them even if they are like pancakes. They were so wet even with adding the extra flour while turning the dough. That in itself was a hoot since I just moved and haven’t found my bench scraper – I used the side of a large spatula!I certainly hope they work for our sandwiches tonight, but I don’t hold out much hope.

  15. Myrna

    Jenny, I am going to make your crusty rolls. I need to shape them into football shape because I will cut one end off so I can pull some of the bread out to stuff them. Do you have any suggestions or will this recipe still work for my needs. I will need a roll about 4 or 5 inches long. Not sure how many I can get out of this recipe.

  16. Fay

    Just like you said crusty on the outside tender on the inside really great thanks a lot!

  17. Joyanne

    Just made these rolls and they are great. Just what I was looking for.

  18. Sydney

    I can not find where it says if I can do this overnight. I would like to make it tomorrow and bake on Easter. Can anyone please chime in and let me know how best to do this?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      See the top of the recipe.

    • Beatrice Thomas

      Hi, Jenny said you can prepare this recipe with cold water and leave to rest for 8-12 hours or overnight. 🙂 happy baking!

  19. Susan

    For St. Patrick’s day dinner I wanted rolls for dipping in Irish stew. I also made a vegan stew for the first time, so I needed something that wouldn’t take a lot of time and had flexibility around baking time. I used 320g and found the dough much stiffer than in your video, so I couldn’t turn the dough with the scraper at all. Next time I will try 310g. The dough was certainly sticky and I needed extra flour to shape them! Happily they puffed up nicely and they tasted great. Definitely a do-again recipe – thanks!

  20. Charley

    Hey there
    Love the rolls. Sons getting married I need about 80 rolls planning to freeze and reheat. Oven temp to reheat 40 rolls at a time and how long?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s noted above. (Good luck with baking 80 rolls!)

  21. Cosmo

    Recipe came out amazing, my question is can I use gluten free flour instead?

    • B11ue

      Gluten is the substance that holds bread together together around the holes and lets it rise. Unfortunately the recipe isn’t going to work well if you substitute guten-free flour.

  22. JB


    Can I use Pumpernickel Bread Flour instead of plain bread flour?

  23. Kathy

    Hi Jenny…I’ve been making these crusty rolls for a few years now; I make them different sizes, usually bigger! The one issue I always have is the rolls sort of ‘exploding’ out of shape when they bake – I pinch the seal really well and I’ve even tried scoring the top but they still end up being weird shapes. Any suggestions?

  24. liz

    Omg this is the easiest recipe. I been making bread for years. I been using this for the last 3years. I shared this with so many people and all had 💯 results. I make 5 batches at a time freeze. only thing I do different i put a pan of water flat on bottom of oven. Your buns get gold and a nice crust . I do varieties add olives, sun dried tomatoes or hot chili flakes they are bomb

    • Michael

      Hi Liz. Maybe you can help? help? I love this recipe. Tried last night. But my dough was not wet like hers with 1 1/2 cup of water. I added a bit too much to make it moister like hers, but after 3 hrs resting it looked exactly like hers before baking. But the rolls didn’t rise? Was my oven too hot or cold? Why didn’t they rise? Thanks 🙂

      I’ve followed SO many of her recipes, but I guess I’m a horrible baker.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I’m guessing your oven was not hot enough. An oven thermometer would help with that. And try not changing anything in the recipe, even if it doesn’t look right. Also, have you looked at the FAQs?

      • Michelle

        I’m thinking maybe you forgot to add the yeast? Or perhaps the yeast was not fresh?

      • Lisa B

        Hi Michael, perhaps your water was too hot and killed the yeast? Max water temp. should be 120 degrees to activate the yeast, but I try to use it at 100 degrees, to be on the safe side. Good luck, it’s a common error 🙂

  25. Tammy

    Can I use a bread machine to make the dough?

  26. Teri

    I have self-rising flour in the house. Could I use that? Would I change anything else in the ingredients if I use that?

    • Roni

      No, you cannot use self rising flour. Bread or regular all purpose only.

  27. Kate in PA

    This is about the easiest recipe on the planet! It came together in about two minutes and as Jenny says, it is very forgiving. In fact, I realized after measuring the yeast that I used the wrong spoon and added 1/2 teaspoon instead of 1/4 teaspoon. Four hours after that little error, I had eight perfect and delicious rolls. My husband inhaled two right out of the oven and raved about them. These will be part of my regular rotation. Thanks, Jenny!

  28. Moblin

    I think the reason some people are having such a tough time with this is the non-commital to measuring by volume and offering all purpose flour as an option. You’re at nearly 100% percent hydration on this and there is no way all purpose or even most bread flours in the US will be able to hold their gluten structure without a practiced hand and a lot more strength building folds during the rise.

  29. Susan Dobbs -Ackley

    Delish. Making them for 3rd time since beginning of Dec. Such an easy recipe.

  30. Ben Helvensteijn

    1) I am definitely going to try out your (Jenny can cook) no-knead crusty roll recipe. It seems simpler than another online recipe I just tried, and I hope it ends up in a more open structure and lighter-weight crumb than what I ended up with. The recipe looks promising.
    2) The directive “Always Aerate (. n o t . s i f t .) Your Flour Before Measuring” especially the ‘not sift’ part cannot be taken seriously. Flour that sits around for even less than a few hours does lump together, i.e. is denser than the intended for volumetric measurement fluffy form, especially in high humidity. If one insists on volumetric measurements, the amount of flour taken becomes unpredictable . u n l e s s . s i f t i n g . the flour is the first step taken in the volumetric measurements (and no compaction occurs right after).
    Measurement by weight tends to be less prone to error, yet also has issues, for sure in truly high-humidity conditions. This is arguably less of an issue than measuring hard-lumped flour by volume. Then of course, one relies on the weight scale to be accurate, meaning being both well-calibrated and precise, a tall order for sure for the well-known and trusted (¿ why ?) dial weight scale. A bit more in line with expectations is the accuracy of many a digital scale, though the number of digits displayed may not in fact correlate with absolute accuracy.
    3) Of note: “cover with plastic wrap” invites readers to contribute to wasting away the environment. Nonesuch is needed. Covering the mixing bowl with almost any dinner- or breakfast plate will do to prevent drying out of the dough. The silly plastic wrap dogma serves no real purpose. While shared among online– and on TV– chefs alike, it’s a sad farce that the myth keeps being perpetuated. Meanwhile the oceans are getting loaded up with floating shards of plastic fragments. These fragments last ‘forever’ and do end up filling sea-creatures’ stomachs (including birds’) leaving no room to digest food.

  31. Suzy


  32. Gina

    Hey, Jenny, can I place in the fridge my first fully proof dough until next day? I am too tired to make the rolls. It has been out fermenting for about 8 hours already. Or, can I leave it until tomorrow at 6 am? Thanks Gina

  33. Gina

    Excellence can’t be improved changed, adjusted, or whatever. This is EXCELLENCE! I’m a Grand Chef but not a Grand Baker. I couldn’t go to market and had to make bread for a dinner for six same day – made these rolls according to your master recipe and they came out awesome… crusty and soft inside with plenty of taste, texture, and a well aereated dough showed off gorgeous air pockets. BRAVA, JENNY. GRAZIE MILE, CARA!

    PS Upon request had to email your Recipe and Site to some guests.

  34. paula

    I made these for Thanksgiving and they were fantastic! There were all gone in minutes. Thanks Jenny.

  35. Charlie

    I made these following the recipe exactly. As others have said, the dough was way too soupy. I had to add extra flour just to form a ball.
    When cooked, these tasted terrible, no flavor whatsoever. I threw them all away.

    • Bea

      The 1st time I made them the dough was very sticky, they still tasted pretty good. My Son begged me to make them again. This time I used bread flour and weighted the flour. The dough although slightly stick was much easier to handle. I also used 2 Tbsp. Of flour when folding over the dough.

  36. sandy

    I have made these rolls many times and always have the same problem: the dough is much too wet. I follow your directions and instead of weighing the flour I aerate and sift, but still I have to add about 3/4 cup or more flour when I try to shape them into a rough ball before dividing..
    What am I doing wrong? However, I find that there is no way to ruin these rolls. they always turn out great.
    Again, why is dough much too wet to work with?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s probably from sifting the flour. Please look at the FAQs.

  37. Rita G

    Hi Jenny,

    I have baked for 60+ years so I am not a novice. I followed your recipe to the T and must say that this was one of the WORST recipes ever. The dough was so sticky that I could hardly handle it. The rolls came out so hard that I could use them as deadly weapons with a sling shot. So very disappointed. I would give this recipe zero stars. Will never make these rolls again.

  38. Carl

    Jenny! I love you! And your awesome recipes of course.😍

    • Frank

      I agree these are the best rolls and so easy to make. Can anyone tell me how many calories in each roll?

  39. Jason Bigs

    Hello Jenny! Love your recipes ❤ This recipe works as well as anyone could ask for. Everytime. Even if your water is too cool to rise quickly, leave on the counter overnight and Bam! Puffy dough….

  40. Eileen Coghlan Delpurgatorio

    Excellent.! Doubled the recipe and made Italian subs.

    Prosciutto, Sweet Sopressata, Dry Coppa.
    Dressing EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and Italian seasoning. Chopped some Romaine lettuce and used Provolone cheese.

    I wanted to snap some photos, but my guests devoured before I had time😂.

    Thank you Jenny!

  41. Nan

    Wow! Incredibly forgiving recipe! I shortened the first rise time by an hour and the second rise time a little and they still turned out amazing! The turn out is tricky bc the dough is so soft but really worth the effort!

  42. Mariam

    My go to recipe for artisan rolls, turns out perfect every time. Thank you so much!

  43. Ronnie

    The rolls did not rise.Followed recipe to the letter. Not a good recipe

    • Janey

      Lol! oh it’s not your fault or the fault of bad yeast maybe? It’s the recipe. Funny how it works for everyone else including for me like 30 times. Oy…nasty people.

    • Nicki

      I disagree. This recipe is very good. I have made several times all successfully. Dough is a little difficult to work with but the results are worth it.

    • Naomi

      Mine didn’t rise the first time, and I think it’s cause my water was too cold or I didn’t measure enough, so I read through some comments and someone suggested heating water in a microwave to steam it up and to store it there. I’m a total beginner cook/ baker but I’m slowly learning my oven and kitchen. I realized that my air is quite dry (someone also stated this as a potential problem), so I lightly sprayed the dough with a little water and left it in the microwave overnight. I also don’t use plastic wrap and my bowls have lids but I guess they’re too drafty. I woke up the next morning and the top was slightly bubbly and jiggly, so kinda promising. I continued and shaped, but they didn’t puff while waiting for the oven to heat. I soldiered on and baked them, they rounded out nicely but stayed small. They weren’t too crusty, just browned and looked rock hard BUT, I quickly cut through one cause I was too impatient to see if I ruined them but they were BEAUTIFUL. We ate them all for breakfast. I actually made a double batch almost right after, this time using hot tap water (even though I never use tap water cause I don’t like the taste). I had to use a ziplock bag to seal the bowl and placed it in the steamed microwave. It rose beautifully, it overflowed, and even though it was stuck all over the bag, I just let gravity do its work and it came off clean! They puffed, we ate a batch with soup for dinner and I have an extra batch to enjoy later. So yummy. Sometimes, lack of supplies forces you to do silly things while baking/ cooking so I hope my experience helps someone just like others helped me. Such delicious bread. Thank you for an easy and quick recipe.

    • Enid

      Did you check to see if your yeast is ok?
      Did you use the correct water temp depending on how many hours you wanted it to rise?
      Did you let it rise as directed after you formed the rolls?
      It always works for me and it may be worth your while trying again.

    • Jemsmom97

      Mine did not raise either but it could be due to my yeast not being fresh. Which is a shame because it’s a well known brand and had been stored in frig.

  44. Anthony

    Best crusty bread recipe I have found came out perfect

  45. Judy

    Wow! Did these ever turn out fantastic! Crispy on the outside, fluffy tender on the inside. Next time, I think I will try to make them bigger for sandwiches though. Or even try to form it into a loaf. I can do that right? Jenny, my only comment is get a new stove lol. I don’t know why it takes 35 mins for your stove to come to temperature. My was ready in 5 so I still waited the 30 mins because I thought I should based on your instructions. Lastly, I added 1 tsp of salt even though the recipe said 1/2 tsp. But your video said 1 tsp so that’s why I did that.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My recipe has always indicated 1 teaspoon of salt, just like the video. (I think you just mis-read it.🙂)

  46. Chris

    Jenny, followed directions to a T, but my dough was SO sticky, I couldn’t even handle it. Ended up using much more flour than 2 Tbs. Getting ready to put in oven. We’ll see…

  47. Mary

    Jen, do you have a recipe for baguettes? Can the recipe for the rolls be used for 2 baguettes?

  48. Lucille

    Rainy day in Brooklyn NY today. The best thing to do was make crusty rolls. They are the best . The weather is suppose to be the same tomorrow so I’ll make the crusty bread. Jenny can cook I am so happy you shared these recipes.
    Thank you

  49. Kate H.

    These rolls are terrific. I wanted something that would hold up to a saucy pulled pork sandwich and these worked wonderfully. I used the overnight rise method and they were so easy I almost felt guilty accepting compliments.

    • Carol

      I wad watching the video, did she say use cold water if we want to leave the dough overnight in the fridge?
      Thank you

  50. Denise

    I am trying you’re no need rolls today but I’m stuck a whole thing of active yeast in there by accident so I’m hoping it will come out okay been sitting on the counter and we have about two more hours to go so I will let you know how everything comes out and I will post the picture thank you

  51. Debbie

    We had your blueberry pancakes for brunch and we are making these rolls right now to go with stew in the crockpot! We didn’t have blueberries so we made a blackberry compote to go over the pancakes! I have never had a problem with your recipes and my family loved it all!

  52. Faith

    So I made these today as a dry run for Easter. I added too much water (1.5 cups), did not mix the dry ingredients, and they still came out incredible!! I did add extra flour while forming the rolls because my dough was really sticky. I’ve already eaten 2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!!

  53. Donna Kay

    Oh my goodness! Where have you been all my life. Just discovered this recipe and made them today. Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside! Heaven. You have made a master crusty roll baker out of me. Thank you!!❤

  54. Darleen

    Thank you for making these videos. They are so very helpful.
    You are the best!

  55. Esther

    This is our family’s main bread…really… I usually will let it sit for 24 longer…and I use a pizza stone. You can sprinkle some fine cornmeal on your baking pan…or flour…I make this as a whole loaf and bake it for 30 minutes. So easy, so good…and the yeast is such a small amount. During the pandemic yeast was a premium…if you could find it and most bread recipes call for 2 tsp.. so this was a life saver, I gave my friend a Tablespoon of my very dwindling yeast supply and knew with this recipe she could make 12 loaves…

  56. Donna

    Looks delicious can I bake them on a pizza stone.

    • Esther

      I use a pizza stone, just put down some flour or fine cornmeal on the stone so it doesn’t stick.

  57. April

    Still the best roll recipe ever. Usually I make it exactly as listed; it turns out great every time. I do occasionally add onion, also turns out great. Yum, yum, yum.

  58. Richard

    Hi, tried to make these today. Used cold water and left for 8/9 hours. Seemed to double in size and look similar to yours, but didn’t portion out into as larger a sizes. Baked at 450 for 35mins. Bund came out looking good, slightly burnt on bottom. The bigger issue I found was that didn’t come out very fluffy, more dense with small air pockets. Any idea what went wrong?
    Thanks for your help.

  59. Roseann

    I figure approximately 27 grams of carbs per roll

  60. John

    I would love to see you do this with a “Bloomer” loaf. seems to me the technique would be the same. Also a Cinnamon Swirl bread. Can’t seem to master the swirl

  61. Linda

    Made these and they were quick, easy and definitely crusty which I love! First time in my life I’ve felt confident making homemade pizza dough and breads thanks to you!

  62. Denise

    I made them tonight – with whole wheat flour. I followed the directions well, had a little trouble with the oven, was 450 – the got hotter, so I turned it down, then it was too low, turned it up again – generally was around 450 most of the time. They rose really well – really puffed up! Took them out at 25 minutes, smelled great, crispy crust, little dark on the bottom – BUT – they were too soft inside, thought they were not cooked completely… Crust was chewy and good. Next time I’m trying white flour. Thinking wheat is too heavy.

  63. Regina McManus

    Can u tell me how many carbs in each. Need for diabetes watch

  64. Sonya

    I have made these bad boys a few times and the fam. just LOVES them! I have made apple in some — excellent used in an eggs benedict with the savory and sweet apple. I cook the apple down and add honey. Made some when I visited my 87 yr old dad and he requested 🙂 raisin with cinnamon/sugar– excellent! I have also made with parmesan cheese in the middle and rosemary! WOW! Fun experimenting with them. Also made it as a loaf. Need to be longer and narrow. GREAT RECIPE!!

  65. Antoinette

    Thank you so much for all your yummy recipes. We are so lucky to have you and your awesome website. Your love for cooking, kindness and dedication are so obvious, not to mention you are adorable. Blessings to you!

  66. Gail

    Want to try this recipe, but I have some questions. Where can I find the Love your recipes and videos.

  67. Marie

    Great instructions so easy! They are absolutely divine!😋

  68. Dar Shelby

    These rolls are so perfect! I love this artisan style bread. I made these today and serve them with beef stew, SO delicious!! Made exactly as written and served with salted butter, HEAVEN! Super crispy crust and chewy inside. I will be making these a ton in the future! Thank you for a great recipe Jenny!!

  69. Debby

    Just took these beautiful rolls out of the oven. My husband is devouring one right now. He says they are the best rolls he’s ever tasted. Thanks! I’m going to serve them with my Christmas dinner.

  70. Tracey

    These rolls are fantastic. I made these in a hurry, and they still come out superb! What a easy recipe! Thank you Jenny!!!

  71. Sara

    Hoping somebody can help me. It takes my oven about 45 min to heat up. Is it ok to keep the dough rolls on the counter for that amount time or it has to be 35 minutes?

    • Mary Anne


      Your rolls will be fine waiting 45 minutes to heat up. Enjoy!

    • Kathy

      You can leave them for hours actually!!! I’ve left them for 7 hours once and they came out great!!!!

    • K.

      If it takes 45 minutes for your oven to reach temperature and you want to limit the rise time to just the 35 minutes, turn your oven on BEFORE you start dividing & shaping the rolls. The time it takes for you to get the rolls ready will probably be about the extra time your oven needs.

  72. Karen T

    What’s the difference when using bread flour vs AP flour in end results?

    • Medusa

      The protein content. Bread flour has more protein ( gluten) and makes chewer bread.

  73. CB

    Can you double this recipe? Or will it not come out the same?

    • Michelle

      I double mine all the time

    • bread baker

      Just don’t double the amount of yeast when doubling a bread recipe

  74. Cindy

    So convenient to make the dough the night before. What a delicious aroma to wake the family up with! Thanks, Jenny. It’s good to have you back.

  75. Joanna

    This is a great crusty roll recipe. Easy and comes out perfect every time

  76. Eva

    Jenny Jenny Who Can I Turn To ???? Well — Jenny Can Cook! I baked your lovely No Knead Crusty Rolls and they turn out fabulous! I sent you photos too. I will be freezing them so I can reheat them at the Cabin we have rented this upcoming week. I divided them into 6 rolls instead of 8 because I needed an excuse for a bigger roll. LOL! Thanks so much for the recipe! I’ve saved your recipe to my PAPRIKA3 app (which i love and highly recommend) but …. I’ve named them Jenny Jenny No-Knead Crusty Rolls. ;D

  77. ColleenD2

    I’m going to try using this to make pigs in the blanket! Wish me luck!

    • Darleen

      How did the pigs in the blanket come out? And how long did you bake them please?

  78. Juanita

    Do you think this would work with glutenfree flour and baking powder iso yeast? I can’t have either and I miss rolls so much

  79. V

    These are my new favourite rolls. My whole family loves them, even my fussiest eater.

  80. Lauren

    I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for a while. Thank you so much!! They turned out delightful!

  81. Nichole

    Must have done something wrong. These did not rise AT ALL. Stayed a sticky gooey mess 🙁

    • Bella

      Did you mix all dry ingredients first?

      If so, try putting yeast in a bowl on water. Let it sit in the water for 10-15 minutes.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Also, look at the FAQs.

    • Jenny from the block

      She explained it very carefully at the beginning you need to make sure you aerate your flower to have the correct measurements!! Please revisit and try again! This is always a crowd pleaser!

    • ColleenD2

      I think it could be a couple things, either you added too much water which can be tempting because this is a very dry and shaggy dough. It’s tempting to add more water but as long as all the flour been absorbed it’s fine. Also, is the date on your yeast still good? Some people haven’t gotten new yeast since the start of the pandemic and lastly if the temperature of your water if too hot can kill the yeast. What I do is a stick my hand under the water and when it’s feeling too hot to keep it there, that’s usually fine. Better to have the water less hot and it may take a little longer to rise. Oh and one more thing I just thought of if you live in a dry climate or your house is really dry, it will have trouble rising. Sometimes I just have to boil water on the stove to get my kitchen a little more humid. I encourage you to try again. I make her bread all the time.

      • Eveline

        I microwave a cup of water for a minute remove it and put my dough in the microwave for the rise. It provides a constant temperature and a nice moist environment. This has consistently brought a successful rise for my bread dough. Just remember: DO NOT TURN ON MICROWAVE 😄

  82. Laurie W

    These were amazingly simple and delicious! These will be my new go to rolls. I did add a bit of garlic powder to the dry ingredients and it gave it just a bit more of flavor! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!

  83. Josh

    These rolls are wonderful. I use 30% wheat flour and then blend bread flour with all-purpose flour. Sometimes I add honey to the dough. Our family devours these with honey butter. They freeze well. Incredible! Thanks Jenny!

    • Medusa

      You mean 30% whole wheat, 35% bread flour, and 35% AP flour?

  84. Jan

    These rolls are amazing and so simple. I have an old oven, and even though the oven thermometer said 425, when I checked after 13 minutes it was nearly 475. However, the rolls turned out beautifully and almost like the picture. My new favorite recipe!

  85. Kathy

    I’ve made these for two days in a row using some different flour types. Both sets of rolls were excellent. Super crusty outside and yummy inside. So easy to make. Love this recipe.

  86. GiGi

    Made the “crusty rolls” today and they were absolutely perfect..!!! Delicious and so easy…. Thank you.!!

  87. Marianne

    I have made these for years and they always come out perfect. Don’t look quite as good as yours, Jenny, but they are a hit with friends and family. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  88. Marlene

    Please tell me how I can get my no knead rolls puffier. They are a little flat. Should I increase the amount of test?

  89. Dawn Conner

    What did I do wrong? My dough didn’t really expand at all and there is alot of moisture on my saran wrap. 🙁

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

      • Paulina

        This is honestly not helpful. I followed the recipe to a T, weighed my flour, and had the same issues. I don’t know if maybe it’s too humid where I live and need to lower the amount of water in the recipe to compensate, but the dough as written in the recipe came out very very wet for me.

  90. GinaB

    I was skeptical that these rolls would turn out. They are delicious! Thanks for sharing! Gina

  91. Matthew

    Great recipe, but i will make a few notes. Firstly when it says “hot water” don’t use hot. Its needs to be somewhere in between room temp and kinda warm. Putting hot can kill alot of your yeast, significantly increasing rise time, if it will rise at all. Secondly if your house is cooler, like mine always is, then your rise time will be longer

    • Teresa C

      I was wondering if you actually TRIED this recipe? All you critiques were “it may…. If at all”. HOT tap water didn’t kill the yeast. NEVER kills my yeast. EVER. In over twenty times I’ve made these they’ve turned out perfectly as per the recipe.. Try to make something even if you THINK it won’t work because odds are it works.

    • McC

      If you would have actually taken the time to read the instructions you would have seen that in the instructions it tells you exactly how hot to make the water, so instead of using this forum to display your vast knowledge for all of us to be in awe over all you did is show how bad you are at following instructions

      • Cesca923

        I usually just follow the instructions on the package of yeast. the rapid rise/instant one usually requires higher temperture than the active dry. Some of Jenny’s recipies specified actual temperture ranges.

      • Dru

        👍 Thanks for speaking for me (at least) These rolls are perfect and I often take them with me as a house problem. Ever.

      • kathleen

        No need for a snarky comment McC

      • Gail

        Be kind mc c!

  92. Louise

    Absolutely love your bread items. Have been making the wheat bread. One day I got confused and got two recipes together. Oh boy how do I fix this.
    Left on counter because I used the cold water instead of hot.
    Next day had a full container of dough. It turned out perfect the best yet.

    Can I use wheat flour for the rolls? Trying to be a little healthy.
    Thank you and again love your recipes so much!!!

    • Ellie

      You can add wheat flour – I have added 1/2 c each of wheat, rye, and barley flours and reduced the plain flour by the same amount. Then I have added sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds – talk about delicious!

  93. Laura L.

    I’ve made your bread twice and your rolls once since finding you on YouTube. I make a homemade Zappa Toscana soup and this is the PERFECT bread to dip into it. So yummy! Tomorrow my daughter is coming over so I can teach her how to make it. (We are going to try a while wheat loaf too). For those who struggle with the dough, do make sure you are aerating the flour and using the proper measuring tools. I always temp the water before mixing it into the flour to make sure it’s not too hot. Best bread I’ve ever made. Thanks Jenny!

  94. Marian

    How many calories for the 2 hour buns – 4 large ones? Per piece.

    Love this recipe. Mine bakes in 17 mins. Made this recipe a lot! Thanks

    Thanks for your tips …

    • KarenK

      Every 100 grams of flour = 364 calories, so 325 g = 1183 calories for entire batch, divided by 8 = 148 calories per roll.

  95. Annie

    Have been using this recipe an also the crusty bread recipe that I doubled an I have to say these are awesome bread recipes. It can be intimidating to make bread but these recipes create a wonderful loaf of bread. Am going to add mozzarella an carmelized onions to the rolls let’s see what happens yum

    • Kris

      How did your buns turn out with the added onions and cheese? I’m planning on doing the same thing. Itd be lovely to know how yours were. TIA.

  96. Vivian

    So good, just the way you tutored! Thank you so much!

  97. SA

    Do I have to bake them as soon as they rise (3 hour version) or cn I delay so they are baked just before dinner?

    • Vicki

      This recipe is similar (if not the same) to one I frequently use for a whole loaf of crusty bread. I typically leave it for 12+hours and never have issues.

  98. Bunny the Baker

    Hi Jenny! I love these rolls and have made them 3 times so far. I looked at your FAQs and didn’t see this one. So, I thought I’d ask here. Rather than putting the dough on parchment paper and then onto a cookie sheet, can I put them on a pre-heated pizza stone? If so, I would first put them on the parchment paper and then onto the stone. Within 10 minutes I would remove the parchment paper to crisp up the bottoms. What do you think? Has anyone done this? Thanks a bunch!

  99. Norman

    Thank You. Looks like a great recipe. Hope to make it soon.

  100. Joan

    I just discovered all your recipes and I plan to make the rolls

  101. Margaret

    Have made these many times in the last year, always turns out! This time added Dill and decided into 4. Delicious!

  102. BETSY

    I am so happy to report that I finally found a crusty roll recipe that is SIMPLE AND CRUSTY/CHEWY INSIDE!!!!!!! I was sceptical with only a 1/4 tsp. of yeast and no sugar/honey to assist with a rise. But this recipe works, dough was soft and fun to work with, it is sticky and a well floured work surface for handling it and making rolls is a must. I am at an altitude of 4500 ft. and no changes to the recipe were needed. Thank you Jenny!

  103. papaD

    I’ve seen a few post saying this recipe is too dry or they weren’t able to incorporate all the dough, the hydration of this dough is around 91%, on average bread dough is around 60-65% hydration, so this is a very wet dough.
    The people having issues with the hydration lever have to be measuring incorrectly.
    Most likely the issue is the amount of flour, the flour here is measured by volume not weight and while a cup is 8 ounces if you used this to convert to weighting you would come to 20 ounces of flour which would be about twice the amount called for.
    This would make a dough with a hydration level around 52% which is too dry.

    • Cathy

      I used a formula to convert 2.5 cups to grams and ounces…2.5 cups flour equals 312. grams or 11 ounces. I always like to weigh flour for accuracy and consistency.

  104. sherry

    Hi Jenny! love you recipes and videos. can you make crusty rolls with organic rye flour?

  105. LM

    Jenny can I make these into bread sticks? If not do you have a recipe?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my Sesame Seed Breadsticks recipe.

  106. Cindy

    Hi Jenny, Can you make these rolls with 1 to 1 gluten free baking flour and if so what would the ratio be if different ? I just mixed the gluten free flout and it does not look the same as your dough and I had to add a little more water and still looks different?

    • Amber

      I asked King Arthur about their measure-for-measure GF flour and was told it is NOT recommended for anything yeasty/that you want to rise.

  107. Mary

    I did the no knead bread and it calls for 2 1/2 cups of flour but only 1 1/4 cup of water. Couldn’t even get all flour to come together

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe is correct. Please look at the FAQs for a solution.

  108. Filomena M Rotante

    I love Your recipes I have made these rolls are the best TU for sharing I would love to follow your blog if I can
    May you please let me know how to get on TU ❤️

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Just click on the “Subscribe” button.

  109. Maggie

    I just made these rolls for the third time since December, adding rosemary and sage to the dry ingredients – then continuing as directed. Came out great. So yummy! This is my first try at making bread and this is a great recipe. I will try to make your ciabatta next week. Thank you for your great and easy recipes. Stay safe😋😷

  110. Molly S

    These couldn’t have been easier or more delicious to make. Dough is sticky, yes, but that’s what makes them so wonderful. Soft inside, crunchy outside. Wouldn’t change a thing. Perfect!

  111. Ronald Hofmann

    I have made the pecan Christmas cookies and the crusted rolls, WOW what a treat. I am 82 and a retired Lutheran Minister, and I have watched almost every cook on Youtube, but, Jenny, you are the best. You make cooking fun.
    I know you try to make your dishes with low fat but there is something about butter and sugar that makes baking a challenge.
    Thank you for sharing your baking secrets. I have to limit my baking as my waist is slowly growing as if it if filled with yeast goodies, and it is.
    Stay well and stay safe. ( O,, next week I am going to make the cinnamon buns)

    • jenji

      Funny those are the two I cooked as well! In the process on rolls right now. Yum city

  112. Sandra

    I live at 7,500 ft. High altitude. Please let me know of tips and tricks to ensure perfect crusty rolls and breads. Thank you.

    • TurquoiseWoman

      Hi, I live @7300 ft and have not made any alterations to the recipe at all. Came out perfect.

  113. Seraph

    Is it necessary to put a tray with water in thd bottomof the oven when baking those buns.? Please advise.

    • Zoya

      Hi, I am not Jenny, but I tried both- with and without. I did not notice much difference.

  114. Dorothy

    I have made these quite a few times. Perfect every time! Today I made them into 4 rolls instead of 8 for sandwiches using leftover prime rib with grilled onions and au jus. YUMMY.

    • Laura G

      Me, too! Only I made baked ham and cheese sandwiches with them.SO delicious.

  115. Angel

    I love just made French baguette but since I found this recipe I am making my own bread everyday so I can have it with butter with my coffee. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  116. Barbara

    I make these fabulous rolls at least once a week. Hope these 2 simple techniques I now use helps others make the process easier/less messy:
    1. Instead of turning the dough out onto a floured board and stretch/folding them, I do that stretch/fold process right in the bowl using a curved, rigid plastic bowl scraper (& for only about 6-8 turns). This develops the gluten without additional flour & makes the dough easier to manage when it does get turned out onto the floured board (where it’s stretch/folded once or twice more).
    2. Once the dough is divided into 8 pieces, I shape the rolls using wet fingers (dipped into a bowl of water between each roll). Some dough still sticks to the fingers, but *much* less than when trying to shape with dry hands.

  117. Bahram

    I made it and love it. Can I used gluten free flour instead regular bread flower?

    • Gloria B

      You asked whether gluten-free flour could be used instead. I have found that all-purpose gluten-free flour is not interchangeable with standard all-purpose flour. You just don’t come up with a good end product. This year I found some wheat flour from Sunrise Flour Company in Minnesota that I can use to make anything with flour in it for my husband who had a serious intolerance for gluten products. It was the best thing to find because now I can use all my good recipes and make breads, pie crusts, cakes, and everything else with this flour and my husband has no problems with it. It’s not in stores where I live but I go to their company website and order it from them. The wheat they use for their flour is some sort of heritage organic wheat and doesn’t cause the allergic type reactions like regular flour does.

      • Emmy Joyful

        I’m very interested in the heritage flour you use. There are many flour options available on their website. If you would, I’d be very pleased to know exactly which flour you have found that your husband can tolerate. Thank you in advance.

      • Irene J

        I have digestive problems with most wheat, even organic but have no problems with Sunrise Flour Mill products.

  118. Ann D

    This was a very easy to follow recipe, and the results were excellent. My husband loved these rolls. This recipe is a “keeper”, and I will make theses a lot!

  119. Angel I.

    This is my first time making this recipe and I love it! I added olive and rosemary herb …. it was amazing with olive oil and balsamic vinagre

    • Liz

      Hi Angel, how much olive oil did you add to the dough? It sounds wonderful!

      • Audrey

        I think she added actual olives to the dough and served it with olive oil and balsamic for dipping. All of which sounds delicious.

  120. Benita Brown

    Made them the 1st time doubled the batch and they turned out great. Thanks for the recipe

  121. Sarah

    I love all of Jenny’s recipes I have made the lemon cake the no kneed breads from buns to loafs and everytime they are just fantastic 😉 her recipes are simple and easy and I prefer it that way, especially if you are just starting out. Thank-you for lending us your recipes and your videos are quite helpful when dealing with wet dough 🙂 thanks jenny

  122. Monique

    Just wondering how the hot water doesn’t kill the yeast. Is there a step I’m not seeing?

    • Sarah Jeffrey

      It’s just tap hot water it shouldnt be too hot. I use traditional yeast and put it in the hot water with a little sugar and it activates within five minutesm I’ve also done the quick rise one that Jenny does and no it doesn’t kill the yeast. It obviously shouldn’t be above a certain temperature but two water doesn’t get that hot or it shouldn’t.

    • Josee

      Hi Monique, I’ve made these often and I usually use hot water from the tap, and it has never failed. If the water is too hot (i.e. boiled from kettle) it will kill the yeast hence the “no hotter than 130°” she indicates in the instructions. I hope this helps.

  123. Ally

    I was surprised to see that people are having problems with these. I’ve made these rolls numerous times. I’m not much of a baker and sometimes they are slightly different but they are fantastic every time!

  124. Bobby

    Mine turned out like hockey pucks! The dough didn’t rise at all during the 3 hour rise time. My yeast wasn’t expired and water temp was 120’. What went wrong?

  125. Betty Gracie

    What caused my rolls to be doughy on the inside?? Did I not bake them long enough? Can I rebake them so they aren’t doughy?? Thanks in advance.

  126. Darlene

    Like another lady mentioned, in your video for the crusty buns, you say cook for 20mins. But in the print out directions it says 25-30 mins. I timed the buns for 20 mins, came out great. If you want them a little darker, maybe 23 mins? This might help clarify this for some people.

  127. Ellen

    Could I make these crusty no knead rolls with gluten free flour? Thanks

  128. Annmarie

    Can I make the crusty roll dough and let it sit overnight like the crusty bread recipe
    Thank you

  129. Steve N

    Substituted whole wheat flour for the buns. They came out better than when I used the all purpose flour.

  130. Frank

    This recipe is perfection as well as the rolls. I’ve made them many times without a hitch. Can you tell me how many calories in each roll?

  131. MKB

    These came out great. The dough was a bit messy to handle when making the rolls. Maybe too much water. As flour to liquid ratio is important, the water added should be listed in grams as well. I also added a pan of water in the oven. Crust was nice and crispy.

  132. Steve

    I carefully measured the ingredients and followed the instructions as best I could. The buns turned out a nice color and good taste. Problem was the inside of the buns were still a bit doughy. Any suggestions on how I messed up.

  133. Ilona

    Does yeast add to the flavor? Can I add more salt for flavor?
    I always use 2 teaspoons for the extra fast but frankly I’m so slow that I am actually using the fast technique. Doesn’t seem to bother the final result.
    Leftover Cold Bread has an off flavor, why?
    Just love trying new things. Thanks

  134. Marianne

    I love the rolls, but wonder .. Can I make them twice the size and use them for sandwiches? Do they still come out the same? Thanks!

  135. Ann


    I have a weird question regarding the yeast, the recipe says 1/4 tsp, I have packet yeast do I measure it out or use the full packet….

    I know it’s weird…. thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You should measure it. (a packet contains 2 teaspoons and you only need 1/4 teaspoon so should be able to make this recipe 8 times with one packet.

  136. Anniemanana

    I had a bad experience with these, and need some help. I’m sure I carefully measured, my water was 120*, and my yeast was new. They didn’t appear to puff at all, slightly if anything. The dough looked about the same after the 3 hours as it did after 3 seconds. But I went ahead figuring with all the glowing reviews it would work. I shaped them , and waited the proper time.The oven was 450* and in they went. They didn’t do too much in the oven, though when opened they did look right, and smelled great.The outside/crust was seriously hard. We were afraid to break a tooth hard. Can someone help me out? They are so easy and I really want them to work.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Did you look at the FAQs?

      • Anniemanana

        Thank you for the reply. I did, but still don’t know where I went wrong. I’ve come to the conclusion that it was user error and am going to make them again today. As careful as I thought I was, I must have mis measured…maybe the flour.

        • Bibi

          I think it might be possible that the salt killed the yeast. I mix the flour and the yeast and then poor the salt but I try not to dump them both on the same spot. You can google more of it. Good luck.

        • Bill Paterson

          Try and keep the water in the 105-110 degree range. My problem was the rolls were real tasty, but didn’t brown up.

    • Madeleine

      Perhaps your yeast was old. Try a new batch with fresh yeast.

    • David

      I have made these many times. I found them too crusty the first time too, so I take them out a bit early. About 18 minutes. The insides are perfect and the outside pleasantly done. Not too crunchy. Hope you give it another go. I was making them at the cottage once and the power went out so baked them on the bar b que. Worked out great.

      • Cathy

        I just read about adding oil (I wanted the xtra taste) to the dough…apparently it makes the crust a bit softer…not as crunchy. I’m going to try adding just about 1 tablespoon to see what the results will be.

  137. Trish

    These are delicious rolls. I make them often. I have also froze them after baking and then reheated and they are great. Do you know if you can freeze the dough before baking to bake later? Thank you! Trish

  138. Joanie

    Hi Jenny,
    I made the crusty rolls for dinner. My family and I didn’t like them – – – we LOVED them!
    I sprinkled Everything Bagel Seasoning on them before they went in the oven.They
    came out awesome! This recipe is definitely a keeper!!
    Thanks so much!!!

  139. Chris

    These are great! I thought the dough was way too floppy and everything sagged and flattened before going in the oven, but they turned out perfectly. I added a pan of water in the hot oven. Crispy airy deliciousness

  140. Dr. Batsheva Gillat

    Great recipe.
    The rolls came out amazing. I added 1 tbsp of Za’atar, 1tbsp of Rosemary, and 1 tbsp dry oregano. The flavor of the rolls came out great.
    THANK YOU !!!

  141. Janet

    Love this quick easy bread recipe my husband requests it a lot.

  142. Sandy T

    Has anyone used sourdough starter? Would I just leave it overnight. I may have just perfected my starter! Probably not – it’s tricky! Thanks Jenny. I have tried many of your recipes with great success!

    • Jan Buehring

      Love these rolls! I use though one cup to 1 1/2 cups as self risin flour with one cup of bread flour. They are so good! My husband and daughter requests these! Thank you Jenny! Will you make another video please! I miss you! Jan

  143. Rob T from NYC

    Just so I can educate myself, why are the flour and water measurements different than that of the no-knead bread? Writing this as my rolls dough ferments. Love the bread recipe. Love you!

  144. Erics

    Hi Jenny,
    Love your recipes. Can the one for rolls be used to make French baguettes?

  145. Kristin

    I get so used to making your whole grain and whole wheat loaves that just now when I made these crusty rolls again I had to laugh at the squishiness of the dough after the 1st rise. I love whole grain, but there is a certain visceral delight in working white dough, like the blob!
    I like to have these rolls frozen to pull one or two out as needed. The results are always so good. I find AP works fine for these.

  146. Mario

    Hello Jenny,
    I recently retired about a year ago and with the lock down spend a lot of time getting in my wife’s way. Found your website and now using my time to bake rolls, bread and those cinnamon rolls. Going to try the salmon too. Question; Have you ever used an air fryer? If so do you have any recipes for pork chops? We are visiting Chicago from Texas and my son in law has a new Cuisinart Air Fryer I want to try out, thanks.

  147. Cheryl

    I have made these many times with great success , but yesterday the dough was so sticky I had to keep adding flour and it was really difficult to shape them. They baked up good , now today I made your no knead rye bread. I proofed my yeast and it was ok but the same thing happened. It’s rising now. My house is air conditioned so no issue with heat. I aerate my flour no sifting. Any ideas of why this happened ?

    • Paul C

      Hi 2.5 cups = 590 g of flour.
      1 1/4 cups water = 295g
      With these numbers it makes sense, at 325g of flour the dough was like soup!

      I’m fixing it now and will try again.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        You are suggesting 4 3/4 cups of flour (almost double) so I suspect this may be a typo. The recipe is correct as written and as I showed in my video.

      • Rolf W

        Paul, Jenny is right. 2 1/2 cups flour weigh 325 g. However the hydration, if used with 1 1/4 cups 300 g is 98% (a little wet). More even than Ciabatta which normally requires hydration between 80 and 90%.

    • Barbara

      Perhaps you used a different brand of flour? I have successfully made these many times using King Arthur Flour (measured by *weight*, not by volume). Because of flour shortages, I used store brand AP the last time and had a similar, soupy result. Other baked goods also didn’t turn out as usual. Found some KAF & just made a batch & they’re A-OK again. (used half bread & half AP flour).

    • Barbara

      Perhaps you used a different brand of flour? I have successfully made these many times using King Arthur Flour. Because of flour shortages, I used store brand AP and had similar, soupy results. Other baked goods didn’t turn out as usual, either. Found some KAF and just made a batch of these – everything turned out A-OK.

  148. Franca

    Made a double batch of these buns today, they are delicious. Than I send a picture to my daughter, send her the recipe and she made some too!

  149. Anna

    Can I bake them in a non-stick, muffin baking pan?

  150. Mariana

    Hi I was wondering how long I should cook the rolls for if make 4 instead of 8. Im trying to make sandwiches and would need a slightly larger roll. Thanks!

  151. Tracy

    Can I use my kitchen aid to mix the dough?

    • Allison

      It’s amazing how fast this mixes up – just a minute or so. I use a silicone spatula and that works great! It might be too sticky for a mixer actually.

  152. Jennifer

    I would like to know where you got your board, what type, etc. I’ve used my glass cutting board and I don’t like it. When you flour your board, the flour seems to stay put. I end up using more flour with my board to try to keep the dough from sticking to it. Man, what a mess!!! Please help.

    • Nicole

      I use a non-slip silicone pastry mat (readily available on amazon) and it works out perfectly! I recently bought it after having the same issues and love it.

  153. Closet Chef

    These rolls are excellent!!! I made them for this first time today. I couldn’t believe how simple they were to make. I added 1/4 cups of raw sunflower seeds…Yum. I love the simplicity of the recipes I’ve tried so far. Thank You for sharing this recipe with us.

  154. shirley welch

    This is a quick and delicious roll recipe ~ make one batch to eat and another to freeze.

  155. Barbara

    We *love* these rolls and make sure to always have some in the freezer. I’ve slightly tweaked the process:
    1. Add 1/2 tsp diastatic malt powder
    2. Let rise for 1 hr on counter, then overnight in fridge, then 1-2 hours on counter in the morning.
    3. Divide into 6 rolls rather than 8
    4. Bake on a pre-heated cast iron pizza pan

  156. Peter Newton

    I find the part of the recipe that refers to shaping the rolls “like a drawstring bag” baffling, and would welcome clarification (from anyone) about how to do this. Thanks in advance!

    • Barbara

      From the bottom outside edges, use your finger tips to pull the dough up, pinching it together at the top. You are “cloaking” the ball, creating a tight, smooth skin. Because this is a fairly wet dough, it is a sticky process. She shows how to do this in the accompanying YouTube. Hope this helps!

  157. Peter Newton

    I found the part of the recipe that refers to shaping the rolls “like a drawstring bag” baffling and would eelcomr

  158. Ann

    These are DELISH! I never knew it could be this easy! I made one batch yesterday with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and they were so good that I immediately made another batch (doubled the recipe) and let it rise overnight. Made those this morning. Everyone loves them! Thanks Jenny! I will be checking out your other videos and recipes too.

  159. Brenda

    Made my third batch of these. This time I used regular flour, not bread flour, and still used bread machine yeast. They are so delicious with my freezer jam!!!!! I like to split them the next day and put in my regular toaster like an English muffin. These are so easy!!!!

  160. Carol

    Can I use whole wheat flour and get the same results?

    • Patricia

      I made these with 1-1/2 cups whole wheat bread flour and 1 cup unbleached all purpose white flour and they were heavenly! I can’t compare them to the original recipe because this is the only way I’ve made them. I find that whole grain flour absorbs more liquid than white flour and suggest that once you’ve gotten all your ingredients into the bowl and start mixing, keep adding water a couple tablespoons at a time until you reach the consistency of the dough in the video. My other suggestion is to watch the video carefully — it’s excellent! Good luck!

  161. Carol McCurdy

    I cut into 4 long
    rolls and made hoagies for our Philly-cheese steak sandwiches. Delicious! It’s a keeper! TY

    • Janet

      Did you make them logs or pouches for the steak rolls out of the no knead crusty recipe? How long did you cook them? This sounds like a perfect idea!

  162. Michelle Mayer

    In my oven, the bottoms of the rolls burned. I backed up the time to 20 minutes the 3rd time I made them, and that worked beautifully. I do use an oven thermometer, and it was right. The loaf of bread always came out great, and that made me try the rolls.

    But now I can’t get yeast, so I made fruit yeast, and then made a starter from that. Now I have to make the dough the night before, but it’s so worth it!

  163. Patricia Andrews

    I have gotten into bread baking for the first time since sheltering in place because of the coronavirus. I made these rolls last night and used a couple of them to make my husband breakfast sandwiches this morning. He asked if I would continue to make these after this time passes! (that is great praise from my husband.) I assured him, yes!

  164. DebraL

    I have a smaller than normal oven, motorhome, so can’t fit a dutch oven or extra pans for water in. I tried your crusty rolls, overnight rest, and they came out awesome! A little pale on top but that was because my oven thermometer exploded so I wasn’t too sure of the temp, lol. Love your videos, Thank-you!

  165. Flour jo

    I made these rolls for the first time yesterday. They were scrumptious! I called my 85 year old neighbor and had a social distance picnic in my backyard with the warm rolls, butter, cheese, wine and grapes. We had hours of laughing, stories, and fun. Thank you Jenny.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      What a wonderful thing to do for your elderly neighbor! ❤️

  166. Donna Savage

    Sooo good. Have made them twice with no fails!!! Thank you so much.

  167. Cher

    Can 1-1 gluten free flour be used instead?

    • Leilani

      I made a batch of those today with gluten free flour. Turned out well, taste is good. My problem was they didn’t brown. Not sure what I did wrong.

  168. Mariam

    OMG ! Thanks so.much for this easy ( not your life time bread recipe) I love it and will give it a try today!

  169. Miza

    I can’t thank you enough for these no-knead recipes. I will never buy bread again!!
    I need to make larger buns so instead of 8 I’ll make 4. Any suggestions for changes in the directions? Thanks again!!

  170. Karen

    Hi, what if I don’t have yeast, can that be substitute with something else, like baking powder, baking soda?
    Please advise. Thanks.

  171. Sam

    Hi Jenny,
    I would like to bake the rolls in a toaster oven. Do I still bake it at 450, or should the temperature be lowered?

  172. katie

    These are so delicious the day they are made. So crusty and soft inside. Still good the next day but they lose their crustiness. Any tips on how to keep them crusty the day after?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the “How To” section of my blog.

  173. Margie V

    I just made your bread and rolls during our “ at home time.” They are incredible!’ I make the bread at least three times a week! I have been trying to find a simple crusty bread for years and just by chance saw your video!! I love it!! Thank you!!!

  174. Maria Teixeira

    Hi jenny, my first time making any bread or rolls, i made your bread recipe 2 weeks ago, and just finished making the rolls, Oustanding!, thanks for the video

  175. Jason broome

    Hi Jenny you write 2 1/2 cups flour. And you write that it equals 300grams.
    That’s way less than the average measures of 128-136 grams per cup of flour( depending on where you look). Is that accurate? Because even when I make sure to aerate the flour very well I get way more than 300 grams for 2 1/2 cups. Please advise. Thanks

  176. Cindy

    I found this website yesterday and immediately made these rolls. They are so easy, and really delicious! I may try to proof them overnight to see if there is any difference, but not sure I can wait that long!

    • Maria

      Hi, I just tried minutes ago and I don’t have a “watery” consistency on my dough as shown on YouTube…I still covered with a saran wrap…
      So reread the ingredients and had measured them right..but nonethe less, I did another batch and still didn’t get the dough consistency as shown on ur YouTube, Jenny…these ingredients are correctly written, right?
      2 1/2 c flour
      1/4 tsp yeast
      2 tsp salt
      1 1/4 c hot water

      Thnx, Maria?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Yours is mostly correct except for the salt. It’s only 1 teaspoon of salt.

      • Maria Teixeira

        1 tsp of flour, not 2

      • Susanne


        I have the exact same problem. Could it be that you used measuring cups? I did that and am now wondering if using measuring cups as opposed to the measuring pitcher makes the difference. Will test tonight…

    • Ginette Richer

      I have been making these rolls for two months now and I no longer buy bread! I cannot believe how easy they are to make. I add raisins at times and I cannot imagine myself making any other kind. WHO KNEW I COULD BAKE BREAD!!!

  177. Barbara K

    Jenny, You’ve created another new bread-baking fanatic and taste-tester, too (look out Pillsbury Doughboy!) Thank you for your great no-knead bread! My curious mind would like to know why you use 1/2 cup less flour for your rolls than for the large dutch oven loaf? What difference does this make? Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      A thicker dough makes the rolls easier to shape.

      • Barbara K

        Thicker dough DOES make it easier to roll. Thanks for that easy answer! I just read the comments (in Dutch Oven no-knead bread) about ‘grams’ of flour – 360 vs. 390 vs. weight vs. volume. Too much math! But, as you say, Jenny, in your videos, “the dough is forgiving”. You’re right, it is and it forgives if you add a little more or less flour. (I always end up using more… to minimize stickiness).
        Thank you, Jenny. I love your site and baking your bread recipes! I’m even starting a new gadget collection!

  178. Anna Jean

    I made these last year overnight and they were awesome. I tried again this weekend for the 3 hour method and they didn’t rise. I ended up leaving them for 24 hours and they still didn’t change much. I think my VERY hot tap water might’ve killed the yeast…..something to think about….making another batch now.

    • Vegan

      Try using a glass thermometer, used for candy making, (fine temp incrementsto test the water temp, & make sure it’s between 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a moderately warm temp, but not hot. The thermometer, may cost around $10, but if you’re careful with it, It can last a decade or more.

    • Janel

      AnnaJean, my mother was raised during the depression, so she always mixed the yeast with some of the water (1/4 cup works) and watched for some activity before adding it to the dry ingredients. She figured if anything went wrong she wouldn’t waste all the ingredients. I follow her example and it has saved me a couple times!

    • julie

      Hi Anna, I heard if there is chlorine in the water , it can kill the yeast. I use bottled spring water for baking bread.

  179. Fay

    I made these wonderful and easy roles. Problem, though in trying to get the golden , crusty top in the picture. They still tasted great–but I ‘d love a crusty top and the color of yours. Mine were a pale, creamy color.

    • Hilde

      for golden brown crust, I use an egg and milk wash ( one beaten egg with 2 tablespoons of milk mixed in), just brush over tops and bake.

    • Lisa

      Wonder if using the heated pan with water in hot oven steam method would crisp these up like they do the bread?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        If the oven temperature is accurate (450) they will be very crispy.

  180. Lucille

    OMG THE EASIEST AND BEST ROLLS EVER, First I heated my cast iron frying pan then lined with parchment paper they came out great. Thank you for sharing .

  181. Lucille

    OMG THE EASIEST AND BEST ROLLS EVER. Thank you for sharing .

  182. Kelly

    Have you ever made these rolls with gluten free flour?

  183. Antonella

    Made these rolls every day since the quarantine started on March 16. At first, my family would not believe that I made them. Now if I try any other recipes they complain and say “you are straying away from your origins”.
    My new routine: prepare the dough (double dose) around noon with regular tap water, let it rest overnight, make rolls (and sometimes other shapes) around noon so they are ready for lunch and dinner. Repeat. Thank you Jenny!

    • Antonella

      Forgot to say that I weigh my flour and the recipe for me works very well with 320g

      • Rebecca

        Thank you. I have been using 300g AP flour and I cannot get the rolls unsticky enough to shape. My picky daughter loves these, but I find I am adding a ton of flour on shaping to get it so I am not stuck in the dough, literally.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I am not great with metric but I suggest trying 325 g. (see my metric chart)

      • Carmela

        HI..I use 2 1/2 cups and found the dough to be very crumbly..not soft at all like the video. Should I weigh it?

    • Deborah

      So have I…bread making is therapy? I make and give it to friends so we don’t turn into Pillsbury Doughboys. Tomorrow is Naan also called flat bread!

  184. Maggie

    Fantastic recipe. So simple. I am a baker and this is one of the easiest recipes I have seen for bread. Thank you so much.

  185. Allie

    This recipe is FANTASTIC! Made it several times…since January 3019…works every time. I do turn the oven on for about ten minutes, then set the bowl on top of it to let my dough get a little bit of warmth while it rises. (During cold seasons) not IN the oven, just on top. Enough heat radiates up which my dough seems to appreciate.

    I have also added minced onion, garlic, rosemary, …at various times. All good! Thanks so much.

  186. Carol Forbes


  187. Connie Gibbons

    Just FYI…. I believe it is all your fault I cannot find any yeast. Your recipes are so delicious and easy….. EVERYONE is making your homemade bread. I live in Richardson, TX, and visited 8 stores in Garland, Sachse, Plano, Dallas and Richardson, and no one had yeast. Check out Amazon…. where for $25 you can buy a 4 oz jar. It is also partly my fault, I shared your recipe with friends and family. Your recipes are soooo good. Just had to let you know.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m so sorry. ? I will flog myself with a kitchen towel! ❤️?❤️

      • susan

        can i use salt substitute in the bread recipe? thank you

    • Deborah Irby

      We cannot find yeast in our area either…I went to King Arthur Flour. Tried to order from them. Check their website…but they say their best selling yeast is SAF Red Instant Yeast. Sold out. But I found several sellers on Ebay. I ordered a 1 lb bag for delivery next week. It was $18.95. Expensive, yes. But a pound? That will make a lot of rolls and breads. All the reviews on KAF were great and it can be frozen for very long storage. Plus I can probably sell it to my neighbors by the baggy:-)

  188. Maria

    Don’t know why but your rolls look bigger than mine. Any reason? Also I see you use 1/4 tsp yeast – is that enough?

    • Antonella

      yes 1/4 tsp is enough

    • Alicja

      Nope, not enough. Ruined a batch.
      It’s 1/4 oz, which is the standard size of a yeast pouch, or about 7g.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        The recipe is correct, using 1/4 teaspoon of yeast. Please look at the FAQs for a solution to why yours didn’t turn out.

  189. Lynn N.

    Jenny…I made your 2-Hour Crusty No Kneed Rolls yesterday. They are DELICIOUS, so easy to make and turned out perfect. They go nicely with a cup of soup. Thanks again for a wonderful recipe that is so simple to make and best of all…turns out the way it should. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to more recipes in the future. Next up…Cinnamon Rolls!

  190. Martina

    Hello Jenny!

    I was able to purchase Rapid Rise Yeast.

    Is it possible to use the Rapid Rise for these buns? If so, could you please let me how much.

    My family absolutely loves your no knead breads.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  191. Jo

    I did not activate fresh yeast. Just added it in like dry yeast to my dough

  192. Anna

    Should I activate my yeast first? I usually activate it first in a separate bowl with a bit of sugar and water. Should I do this first, and then toss it in the mixture. I don’t have the instant yeast.

  193. Jo

    Made these last night. Turned out fine. I could only find fresh yeast from a bakery as dry yeast could not be found in any grocery stores (this pandemic is turning everyone into Martha Stewart these days). Did some research on conversion…1/4 tsp dry yeast equals 1/2 tsp fresh yeast. I did a HEAPING 1/2 tsp fresh as it’s crumbly and not as compact as dry. Was concerned about the dough not rising enough but they puffed up nicely while baking.

    • JJYork

      I did the same thing and it worked perfectly. I just made more a few minutes ago. I did activate my fresh yeast and mixed a little with the water before mixing it in the flour. Then added the rest of the water. I also added some sun dried tomato seasoning to one and crushed fresh rosemary to another batch. I plan to freeze them and use as needed. Happy baking everyone.

  194. Deborah

    Can this dough be frozen after proofing the 3 hours and forming the individual rolls? Maybe then thaw and let proof again before baking? Or should I bake them off and then freeze? Thank you in advance.

    I’ve watched all your videos and love all your recipes. I’ve never been disappointed.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the recipe for a note on freezing.

    • Deborah

      Oh duh. :/ I just read your entire recipe above and saw your notes at the bottom. I usually just cook from your videos. So sorry.

  195. Pb

    I tried to follow the recipe. Tested the water and it was 127. Yeast was rapid, had not been opened and was supposed to be good til Dec. 2021. My results were horrible. Heavy lumps of floury don’t know what. It seemed to me the mixture was too thick for the yeast to really do its thing. It was not bubbly after 3 hours. This was my first try at making bread without a machine (no longer have it) and it was disaster. I aerated my flour and carefully measured 2 and a half cups with 1 tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp yeast and 1 1/4 cup hot tap water. If anyone can tell me what i did wrong i woukd appreciate it.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You may find a solution in the FAQs.

    • Susie in Texas

      I also made this recipe today and its 10 min till my 3 hours is up – no bubbles, no doubling…. The video looked way more watery/jiggly than mine but I followed the recipe. Are we sure the recipe is correct?
      I’m super sad!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Even if it doesn’t look right keep going – they may still turn out. Meantime, check the FAQs.

        • sylvia

          I agree with Jenny! I’ve made this four times in the last two weeks, once with cold water approach and three with warm water. Three of the times I thought, “Oh, oh, this is not working,” but I was wrong…. I continued making the rolls as directed, and they were perfect every time! When the dough was too sticky, I made sure my hands were well floured, but didn’t put much on the counter. I think this is a very forgiving receipe, and the rolls really are yummy.

    • Anna

      I had the same reaction. I was sure this was gonna be a flop; however I let it rest for 5 hrs, and it did rise eventually, in the end the results were better than I initially assumed.

  196. Renee reborn

    Thank you so much???

  197. Roleen

    Correction on the time baked.

    It should be 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

    NOT 30-35. That’s for her bread.

  198. Roleen

    Thank you Jenny!

    First time I made them exactly as your video and they came out good. I did put a pan of hot water on the lower baking rack for moisture.

    Second time I made them, I let them rise 4 hrs and they were softer.
    They were flatter too so I might’ve used a little less flour.
    Again I baked using a pan of water. This came out incredible.
    The bread was chewy and crusty on the top. Just wonderful.

  199. Ahmed

    Easy recipe-Thank you!

    Would it be ok if i left the raw dough balls overnight if I used hot tap water ?

  200. Lyndsey

    I had never made bread or rolls before, but made these last week and they came out crusty and golden brown and yummy. Thanks!

    I’ve always been intimidated by yeasted bread baking but now I’m going to do a lot more experimenting. I got a sourdough starter from a friend, so I think I might try sourdough rolls next.

  201. Diane

    Hi- made the crusty rolls and they were delicious.
    My question is- it states 1/4 tsp of yeast-I used the whole packet but that is 21/2 tsps- which is correct.?
    Thanks- look forward to trying additional breads- that is if I can find flour!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe is correct – 1/4 teaspoon of yeast.

  202. Faith

    Hey Jenny, I’ve tired this recipe now 3xs in two days! Two times I did whole wheat flour with very hot water and let it sit 4 hrs! The buns were not big in 8 pieces and 450 burned them at 25 mins and second times 15 mins. At 15 mins, it wasn’t at burnt but I assumed it would be way softer! Now I’m letting it sit overnight in cold water! I’m so determined to make this work with whole wheat flour! Can you advise me if I need to make some kind of baking adjustments? Thank you!

    • Roleen

      If the water is too hot, it’ll kill the yeast.
      You shd be able to put your finger in the water comfortably if that helps.
      Try putting a pan of hot water on the bottom baking rack. That’ll make your bread softer but still give a nice crusty top. Good luck.

  203. Natasha

    Mine didn’t come out perfect :(. they were smaller than yours and a little overcooked it think. the bottom was a little dark. they were still ok a little hard not as soft as i would have liked. thank you. I will try again soon and make a couple of adjustments. Thanks again,

    All my best to ya,

  204. Art and Maureen

    Tried your no-knead buns today and they turned out tasting delicious but the crust was a bit too crusty (hard). I think I may have cooked them too long in our gas oven because I was trying to brown them like your no knead crusty bread (which was the best I ever made). Love your recipes, your videos and your wonderful personality. Thank you from Niagara on the lake, ON.

  205. Faith


    Today was my first time making these rolls and I was so so excited bcz they just seemed so easy! I make Moroccan bread daily and so many diff kinds of bread but this one came out really bad. I did whole wheat flour and I left it 4 hrs bcz I ran to do an errand then I did egg white on it and sesame seeds and they came out burnt on the bottom and too hard! I was going for crispy but not this way lol I really really love ur videos! I didn’t want to use white flour, so what do u think went wrong? Thanks 🙂

  206. Hila

    These came out great! So easy.
    The only thing- the rolls didn’t want to come off the parchment paper so easy. Had to scrape some paper off the bottoms. The rest was great texture and taste great.
    Is it the length of time in the oven?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s likely from using inferior parchment paper. Use Reynolds if possible – it never sticks. It could also be that your oven was not preheated long enough.

    • Elyse

      The brand of parchment paper makes all the difference. I used parchment paper from the Dollar Tree for my first two attempts. The paper baked into the bread. My last two bakings I used Kirkland brand from Costco. The bread slid right off.

  207. Ritz

    Hi Jenny,

    I used the same measurements but with 1 and 1/4 cups water I didn’t get a sticky dough as yours. The dough just looked dry and didn’t come together. I added total 2 cups hot water. Waiting to see how it turns out.

  208. Dawn M

    These are the absolutely best rooms out there. Today I’m making them with 8 tablespoons of the Carrabbas style dip mix: chopped fresh rosemary, oregano, basil, crushed red pepper, salt, black pepper, chopped fresh garlic, and a little olive oil.

  209. Kristin

    What the heck Jenny! Who knew you could cook?!? I can cook too, but unfortunately,I’ve NEVER been able to bake bread (let alone find any bread recipes) that taste even close to a bakery. Never, until tonight that is. I cannot begin to tell you how in love I am with you now. I feel like I found the Holy grail to bread making. Thank you so much for sharing the good stuff. Happy Easter! He is risen.

  210. Christine

    My husband has been baking your no knead bread for several months now, have given loaves away to friends. The rolls are fantastic too. We are making them a little bigger this afternoon…6 instead of 8 . Will let you know how the timing works..


  211. Diana

    Hello! I am so glad I found you. Checked out many other sites as well – and my son and I are about to try this recipe. Question – I cannot find yeast anywhere, and found that I can use yeast substitute (baking soda + lemon juice?

  212. Valerie

    Hi Jenny,
    My family loves these roles and your bread as well. Can I add olives to the rolls? And if so, when?

    • sylvia

      Hi…. I tucked chopped olive pieces into each roll as I formed it. Yum!

  213. lily

    Hello Jenny,
    I love all your recipes. I would like to know if I can make in this recipe cutting 4 big bun rolls to bake and not making 8 little ones. Thank you for your time. Be safe.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes you can but you may have to adjust the cooking time a little longer but I’m not sure how long.

      • lily

        Hello Jenny,
        Absolutely right! I had to add about 5 to 10 mins. The last 5 to 10 mins I had to bring it down to 350f in the oven or the buns would burn. The size and the shape of the bun all depend on how much is needed. Of course, having 8 bread buns like the way it is written on the recipe is much easy to follow. The taste did not make any difference. I had a nice experience of having fun. Thank you

  214. Stef

    So this is the second time I tried this, it is not working for me…Is it the yeast I used? Frustrated….

  215. Johna

    I have made these 3-4 times now with gluten free flour and they are DELICIOUS!

  216. April F.

    I have made these rolls more times than I can count! Fabulous recipe! I have also made it into bread and it comes out perfect!! They are my daughters absolute favorite. We are having them again tonight.

  217. Mkelly415


    Thank you for this recipe. It is the only one we use now. It’s a big hit in my family and they want them with everything !

  218. GeeGee

    Jenny, many years later, people are still commenting on what a great recipe this is, and I must add mine!!! In the midst of multitasking, I got mixed up and let the dough rise for only 1.5 hrs instead of 3. I kept wondering why they were so small. We couldn’t use them for sandwich rolls as I planed (I cut them into 6 pieces rather than 8), but boy were they good!! We ate them as dinner rolls but my husband wants me to make them again tomorrow – we can’t wait to try them when I make them right!! They’ll be fabulous!! I’m tired of trying bread/roll recipes that are advertised as the best ever but I have never found one that was better than mediocre – until now! Your baked Polish donuts are next in my list & I can’t wait!! Thank you so much, Jenny!!!

  219. Daisy likes to cook

    Omg! These are so easy and delicious. I’ve made these every other day – I’ve run out of flour!!! I let the dough rise 6-8 hours and the rolls seem fluffier (is that a word?!) Thank you Jenny! Love your videos too.

  220. Beth

    If I did my math right this is a 92% hydration dough which is huge (295g water / 320g flour) . My no knead bread recipe is 72% hydration. Water is key to getting crispy crust! Not sure I want to risk this given that flour is difficult to find at this time. I might try an 80% hydration overnight rise then hydrate the oven with water mist at the start of bake and part way through. Any thoughts?

    • Kari

      Hi Beth. I have made these rolls at least 6 times since Jenny posted this recipe, following the instructions and measurements exactly as written. They turn out every time. I’ve made her breads (3 hour rise and the 18 hour rise) and they all turn out. Give it a try! You will be pleasantly surprised!

    • Cath

      Try the recipe as written the first time you make it. If it does not work then you make adjustments as needed.

  221. jd

    I love your rolls and quick bread – perfect every time. Thanks so much!

  222. Gloria

    Made your wheat loaf a few days ago and it was great. Tried these rolls today, they didn’t rise too much but the taste is great. Only problem I had was the parchment paper stuck so I had to scrape the bottom to remove it. I think my dough was quite a bit more sticky than Jenny’s. Definitely will keep trying to perfect them. Thank you for your easy bread recipes Jenny, my husband loves you 🙂

  223. Marilla Rapp

    These buns were really easy and tasty. They have substance. I used the overnight method. I also appreciated the values given in weight. That way you don’t have to worry too much about aerating the flour. Thanks

  224. Robert

    Three attempts, three failures. Dough is so sticky that I can not possibly form it into any shape. Sticks to the scraper when I try to fold it over no matater how much flour I throw on it. FAQs do not address this

    • Jenny Can Cook

      As you can see in the video, the dough is very sticky so you have to keep flouring your hands between each roll you shape. Even if they’re irregular blobs they will probably still bake up nicely. I hope that helps.

      • Robert

        Thank you. I’ll keep trying because they look so good and you make it look so easy!

    • Cath

      Robert make sure to flour your board and your scraper. You might have to add a little more as you fold, depending on the humidity where you live.

  225. maggie

    Made these this morning and they are amazing! so simple and yummy!
    thankyou so much for this recipe. did exactly as you said!
    will make again today as the first batch is gone!!

  226. Robert Bellinger

    We are two seniors stuck in the house trying to make something to eat. I tried this recipe twice with the only all purpose flour we have and a pretty new package of yeast. Both times the results were uneatable dense, white scone look alikes. The insides were dense which smelled and tasted like untoasted english muffins. What is wrong? How can so many people repost such different results?

  227. Jolene

    Can I make these using sprouted wheat flour?

  228. Francis D

    The roll recipe does not say to aerate the flour. I did based on the other recipes and wonder if my dough did not rise a lot as a result.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I does indicate to aerate the flour at the top of the recipe but the problem may be something else. Please look at the FAQs.

  229. Jaye Deveraux

    Jenny, it’s so nice to see you again after all these years. I have definitely missed you! 🙂 And I’m so glad you like to cook b/c I just found yet another cooking show to watch 🙂

  230. Anna

    Thank you so much……I’ve been baking bread requiring to rise for hours 18 at least but this was just as good in a fraction of the time. Really no work at all!!! Having to look up recipes is turning out to save me much time. Looking forward to trying other recipes on your site.

  231. Nona Sturdevant

    Can you double most of your no knead recipies?

  232. Mary B.

    Drats. I think that I followed the recipe to the letter but they were so flat and hard. Great baking smell and really good taste but mine didn’t rise. The yeast wasn’t expired and I did the overnight method. I’ll try as it was probably user error. ?

  233. Karina M

    Can the recipe be doubled?

  234. Mary Misleh

    Super easy to make and work with. The rolls are resting and will be going into hot oven in 15 minutes. Topping with TJ’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. Can’t wait to have one with my breakfast/lunch. thank you so much!

  235. Carolyn

    OMG, Iʻve been using my breadmaker for years and have never gotten dough for rolls as great as these. Putting the breadmaker in the garage. This recipe is the bomb!

  236. NevisRik

    My new favorite recipe. The outside was very crunchy, and the crumb is filled with holes and flavor. Needless to say, it was extremely easy and very fast. I was afraid that 1/4 teaspoon of yeast was a typo, but trusted the recipe. I’m glad I did, but I might try 3/8-1/2 teaspoon next time to see what happens. (I hate people who make changes in a recipe without ever making it the way the author wrote it. People: FOLLOW the recipe! THEN it you want to try changing something, go ahead.) I used the overnight version. It took about 4 minutes to mix everything up before going to bed. That’s less time than it takes me to drink my metamucil. Jenny, you are fun to watch on your video.

  237. Gloria Territo

    Can I mix this in the evening and bake it the next day? And if I double the recipe does it still come out the same?

    • NevisRik

      The very first paragraph of the recipe tells you how to do an overnight version of these amazing rolls.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please read the top of the recipe for the overnight version.

  238. A Joy

    Easiest, most fantastic recipe I’ve tried yet! Will be making with many many more times! Thank you!

  239. Maus

    These turned out great! I’ve been missing the Trader Joe’s Artisan French Rolls (too scared to go to TJ’s at the moment) and these are a good substitute. First I followed the recipe exactly. Then I made them with half white & half whole wheat. Very different, but still yummy.

    Last night I did a 1/2 white + 1/2 almond flour for an overnight experiment. I did six rolls vs. eight and while a bit flatter, they still taste great. Next variation will be half whole wheat & half almond. These rolls are the best!

  240. Angela D

    Can I double any of these bread or roll recipes? I love the bread. Making the rolls today.

  241. Nic

    Your rolls recipe doesnt work. Tried it twice and they never rose, did it to the gram, used a thermometer for the water. Nothing worked. Things were cold to the touch.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for a solution. I make them all the time.

    • Kathleen

      Perhaps your yeast has expired.

    • Cath

      Maybe your oven needs to be calibrated? I have made them three times in as many days and works great! I don’t usually even like baking and these are so easy. In my oven at have to do 36 minutes at 455°F. They have a very crusty outer crust, and will be airy inside. Don’t let the hard exterior fool you into thinking something is wrong. I personally like the overnight method best. Don’t
      expect them to rise very much either… they won’t.

  242. Mary K

    Just made these and they turned out great! Question: Can I divide the dough into six parts instead of eight for slightly larger rolls?

    • Carole

      I’m not Jenny, but I did it and they turned out great, big enough to use as a sandwich roll!

    • Maus

      I inadvertently divided the dough into six pieces (I’m a bit distracted at the moment) and they came out larger & were fine.

    • Esther

      This is my go to recipe.. for at least the last year. I don’t make the rolls, I let it sit for 24 hours, mix it one morning, bake it the next. I dump it out on a floured board sprinkle a little flour over it, fold it over a couple times to shape it, cut it in half if I feel like it, or leave it whole. Bake at the 450, for about 30 minutes.. the best bread ever. My husband loves this bread. AND THE BEST IS…only, yes only 1/4 tsp yeast. In my area yeast has been hard to find.. a lot of recipes call for 2- 2 1/2 tsp for a loaf.. this will make 8 loaves for the same amount of yeast..⭐️⭐️⭐️

  243. Francis Pineau

    I did your no knead bread and it was awesome, can you bake these rolls in a muffin tin as well. I will definitely try other recipe of yours. Thanks

  244. Mandi

    So easy and Absolutely Delicious!

  245. Llawrence Miller

    I followed your recipe to a Tee although I was skeptical about only ¼ tsp. of yeast. But you were right on. The rolls rose well and came out very, very good with a nice open crumb.

    Thanks for the great recipe.

  246. Lillian

    Amazing bread! First time making rolls. Turned out perfect with the ingredients as written using the overnight method. So easy and delicious, thanks Jenny!

  247. Carole

    Can you make this with almond flour? Or another gluten free flour?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No, this recipe needs gluten.

      • Johna

        I have used gluten free flour, and they have turned out splendidly every time!

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I tried gluten-free flour and it was not good at all. Can you please share what brand of gluten-free flour you used? It would help a lot of people. Thank you.

  248. Susan

    Made these once. They were fabulous. Just making it again! They freeze very well by the way. Jenny, you are so hilarious and at this time where we are all confined indoors from the Coronavirus, this is a fun thing to do!
    Stay healthy, stay safe! Hamilton, Ontario. ??

    • Lillian

      Same! Trying to use this time indoors to make delicious and healthy food. Hello from Los Angeles!

  249. Graebeard

    Hi Jenny, love your passion, humour, presentation style, and of course, your foods.

    Mainly interested in bread, but your cabbage rolls are a great addition to our menu.

  250. Maria


  251. Aniko

    Thank you for this recipe! I never knew bread rolls can be so easy and delicious! Love your recipes!

  252. JJ

    I’ve always failed at making bread before but this was so easy and it turned out perfect thank you for the recipe

  253. Ralph

    Are the yeast and salt quantities not reversed in your recipe. There’s no way 1/3 tsp of yeast will rise very far. ?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s 1/4 teaspoon of yeast.

    • Olivia

      I thought same about yeast when I made Jenny’s ciabatta bread. Made it two times using 1/4 tsp. Turned out beautifully and tasty!!

  254. Andrea

    I would like a yeastier taste. Can I just add more yeast?

  255. Tosca Giorgi

    You did not mention having water in the oven to make rolls crustier…..
    would that be a good idea?

  256. Maria

    If I use a metal bowl can I use the plastic cover that came with the bowl or must I use plastic wrap?


  257. Kathy

    February 14, 2020, Jenny, can sugar be added for a little sweetness to the rolls or your breads? I do enjoy your fondness for the love of cooking and baking. I will give this a try. Thanks for your videos

    • Michael

      I always add some auger…it helps tto activate the yeast. I NEVER mix salt in with the yeast proofing water. The salt will impede the “Blooming of the yeast.

  258. Kyra

    I would like to try rolls in my Cast Iron Casserole pan using the No Knead recipe. I envision them looking like a single row of “monkey bread” folls. Can anyone tell me if they have tried this and if it works.

  259. Patricia

    Jenny I love your sense of humor and recipes. You think, act and say things I have did. It’s so refreshing to watch you. I have to subscribe and thank you so much.

  260. Caitlin L.

    I made these and they turned out beautifully! I added a few squirts of local honey to the dough mixture. I cooked them for 30 minutes. At the halfway point I took them out and put a small amount of homemade honey butter on top and stuck them back in for the remainder of the time. They are just perfect!

  261. marie stanley

    Question : Can i use less salt and still get the same rise ? I’m sensitive to the taste of salt ; i had cancer on my tongue and radiation ; makes “everything” taste a bit salty to me.

    • Eileen

      Jim and I use salt very sparingly. I had good results using 1/2 the amount of salt.

  262. marie stanley

    This worked perfectly for me ! I’m delighted. …many thanks….

  263. Lyne

    Hello … i tried to make it (im not good with breads at all) and for some reason it didnt rise at all 🙁 and while mixing it .. it sure did look like yours .. like i didnt have enough water .
    but i realized my yeast was not fresh so i will by some and new flour next time i get my pay …
    i really hope i can make this bread .. they will be awesome for quick sandwiches i think
    thank you for your amazing recipes and videos

    • Bread lover

      I am trying this as well as I write this. I too found it was not enough water??? I just added another 1/4 cup to make it look like Jenny’s. We’ll see?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        The FAQs might be helpful.

      • Bread lover

        …. here’s an update…took only the 1/4c of additional water to get the right texture. Turned out perfectly. Thanks Jenny for this great ajd easy recipe.

  264. Denis

    To make your breads and or buns ,does it matter if I used stainless steel bowls ?
    Any info will help .

    • Eileen Salyards

      “Back in the day..” housewives used big stainless steel bowls to mix up six to ten loaf recipes. Still have mine, stored in barn.

  265. Joyce Weidig

    Hi there,
    Your crusty rolls are the best, but, I’m wondering, since we are doing a lot with gluten free breads, if I could use King Arthur gluten free flour. It is called, Measure for Measure. Any thoughts?

  266. Das Baker

    Just tried your recipe. Great results, this is the one I was looking for.
    Used steam first few minutes for a really crunchy crust. Liked the fact that they were fairly dense and not a hollow type bun. Thanks.

  267. Billie

    Quick question. Are these directions the same if you in high elevation? i.e 5300′.
    Thank you.

  268. Ankevj

    Hi Jenny, thank you so much for sharing the rolls recipe. I have hooked my daughter, son – in – law and the two grandchildren to it. Now being German I tried it with rye flour. They are fine but the crust is extra hard as I had b too increase the baking time. Do you have any idea how to bake v the rye rolls best.
    Thank you in advance for your possible advice
    Best regards

  269. Mary

    I made the “Fastest No Knead Crusty Roll” recipe and they were beyond fantastic! I was hoping to make them again with my granddaughter tomorrow. I didn’t print the recipe and it’s no longer on your website. When I clicked the link for the recipe an error page popped up with a “no longer available” notice. Please, please post the recipe for them again!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for alerting me. I had renamed the recipe “2-HOUR Crusty No Knead Rolls” and didn’t rename the link but it is fixed now. The recipe can also be found under Breads/Muffins.

      • Mary Flannery

        Thank you so very much, Jenny, for fixing the link so promptly! I was so happy to be able to make the rolls with my granddaughter the next day as planned. She really enjoyed forming the rolls and said they were really, really delicious!

  270. Debbie H.

    I made these rolls last night with some homemade chicken noodle soup and they were THE BEST rolls EVER! My husband asked me today if we could have these rolls everyday this week 🙂 Thank you so much for the amazing recipe!

  271. Marine Ret

    Perfect!! I have been trying to bake a roll similar to a NY Hard roll. This is as close as you can get, so simple compared to others. Thank you

  272. Kimberly

    I made these today. Absolutely amazing. I used a lock and lock for my dough. I did not have plastic wrap. Imagine that. I also used a cookie sheet for turning my dough and dividing it. It made it simple to clean up. Thank you for the recipe I stumbled on your youtube channel and so happy I did.

  273. Kathy

    Hi Jenny
    Thank you for all the great recipes. I make no knead bread almost everyday. I noticed some people say that their dough is too dry my advice is just use less flour and if you’re new to this try unbleached all purpose white. I use organic. It is better to experiment with another kind of flours after you become very good at this recipe, at least that was my experience. Also I’d like to thank you Jenny for adding a dash of humor to your videos. Sometimes my husband watches your videos just for that part! You are not only great cook but a great actress too! Thank you for sharing your talents! Dziekuje from my ❤️! Happy Holidays!

  274. Marye

    Excellent rolls! I have made 2 times, my French husband loves them. I made 2 changes, 2 cups whole wheat and 3 cups white (I double the recipe), remaining ingredients doubled also. Then I add 1 tablespoon honey as the whole wheat needs the sugar. While cooking, I spray with water when putting in the oven, then every 3 minutes for the first 9. I also add humidity with a tray with water near the bottom of the oven. Yummy and just a little healthier with the whole wheat.

  275. Mary

    Hi Jenny, I’ve been successfully making your no knead bread and love it. I came across the rolls and making my first batch as I type. My question is. I mixed all purpose flower the little I had left and my new bag of all purpose flower read Unbleached.. my dough feels very dry not sure how these are going come out. Bleach or unbleached is my question?…
    PS. I’m used watch your show all the time. Now I’m showing my Age! Haha❤️From NY

  276. Madie

    I love your recipes. Most of all you have a soothing voice and it is easy to follow your instructions. If you don’t have a cookbook, you should write one. Sorry I didn’t discover you sooner. ?

  277. Allison Davis

    I’m excited to try these! I always thought the yeast would die if the water was too hot…..but I guess that wasn’t true!

    • Ju

      Yes, it is true. While 130″F is the highest water temp for dry yeast, going to 138° F definitely kills yeast. Notice directions state, “up to.”

      Ideal temp is ~105° F – 110″ F because a slower rise develops more flavor, along with using yeast in the 1% – 2% range.

      Search “highest water temp for yeast,” and most pro bakers, as well as, yeast mfgs. provide this info. Also listed on any yeast brand label.

  278. Tim Day

    Will we see anymore new recipes on your YouTube channel?

  279. Helena Morais

    I’m in the Highland of Pico Açores Portugal love your bread recipes,thank you

  280. Gabriele

    Jenny I found your YouTube videos by accident and I am so happy I did. I rember you from years ago with your talk show you used to have but I had no idea that you are such a fabulous cook and baker. I am a bread lover and love artisan breads since I grew up in Germany and all the diffent breads we used to eat. I have been baking my own bread for years but had no clue about how easy it is to make your own sourdough bread and buns. Thank you so much for your videos, you are a great teacher!

  281. Dawn

    Jenny, I made your dutch oven bread and it was (and is) fantastic! I’m making the rolls tomorrow and noticed that in your video you say to bake them “20 minutes” but in the printed recipe, instruction #7 says “25-30 minutes.”

    Am I nit-picking? Or is one correct and the other not? Thanks so much!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I occasionally adjust my recipes but I can’t edit the videos. I did make this change two years ago for even crustier rolls and it’s added to my “Recipe Changes/Fixes” category in the blog.

      • Evelyn

        Jenny, I followed the first recipe for the no knead rolls the three hour rise one and the recipe said only put a quarter of a teaspoon of yeast and leave for three hours. Later I seen a recipe for the same rolls but it said only leave an hour to rise and put in 1 and a half teaspoon of yeast. Are they both the same. I have my batter in the middle of the the hour rise right now.Thank you for any comments.


      Use a digital quick read thermometer and bake until they reach somewhere between 190 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The time is really irrelevant just make sure they reach a correct temperature.

      As far as I know, that is the correct temperature for all breads.

  282. Paul Vasco

    The “Dreaming Bread”….no comments.

    You!…… I Love you So Much !!

  283. PortlandBlkPearl

    These perfect rolls were my intro to yeasted breads, and I’m so glad. (Not sure why I was scared.) These are super tasty with a great mouth feel. And you’ve given us a clear, simple recipe, great tips — and a fab, funny video too!

    Thank you.

  284. Cindy

    These are the bomb diggity.. so easy and sooooo yummy.. I am guessing you can make this into a loaf too. Love them with (vegan) butter. I am making a double batch today and make them just a tad bigger for my husbands lunch sandwiches. Thank You so much, I think you’re the bomb diggity too.. Namaste..

  285. Annie Y.

    I tried this recipe and it worked beautifully! Easy peasy! I added a teaspoon of Italian seasoning to give the rolls an herb-y flavor and they were delicious. I don’t have a large wood board, so I taped a piece of waxed paper to the counter top and floured it, allowing me to work and form the dough easily and making clean up a breeze. I enjoy your videos, Jenny, thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      How did I never think of using waxed paper? What a great idea! I will add it to my “Helpful Hints” category in the blog. Thank you for sharing.

  286. MarGee

    I love, love, love this bread, thank you…for your excitement and enthusiasm, that is so like mine, and that so many are absent of.
    I have done so many other things with this basic recipe, added nuts and cranrasins,.cinnamon sugar dried fruit….also made it with fresh garlic and olive oil, has so much fun with it…blessed so many with the finish product, and recipe.
    Keep spreading the love Jenny, and always keep your Sparkle !!

  287. Vivi

    Hi Jenny
    Your recipes are awesome-thanks for sharing
    I’ve made these rolls just as your recipe states.
    I’ve recently (just before placing the rolls in the oven) added egg wash and sesame seeds. I baked as directed. If the rolls were great before, topping them with sesame seeds makes them wonderful! (you have to like the taste
    of these seeds). Thanks so much Jenny for all the work you do with these recipes and your website.

  288. Hildegard M.

    I make these rolls at least twice a month. I use half whole wheat flour and rolls turn out perfect. Thank you for sharing this recipe….

  289. Christopher Mitchell

    The no knead recipes have revolutionized home bread baking. These rolls live up to that. Simple, excellent crusty rolls.

  290. Donna

    Followed baking directions. My rolls have stuck to the parchment paper to the point I have to cut off the bottoms. Why?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It could be from using inferior parchment paper. Reynolds brand will not stick. (some people have mistakenly used wax paper, which is not intended for baking and will melt in the oven.)

  291. Michael Moland

    I Wii try them

  292. Miss Marti

    I make these and the No Knead breads at least once a week! I can’t believe how fast and simple these are to make! Better than store bought, any day! Thanks Jenny! I’ve been checking out all your recipies!

  293. Italia

    Jenny, I was so excited to recently find you and your Jenny Can Cook show and recipes on line. I LOVE your recipes, especially your bread recipes, as I am a fresh homemade bread lover and you make everything look so easy! So happy to see you again (I never missed watching The Jenny Jones Show years ago). I love cooking and baking so thank you for coming back and doing what we both enjoy! Happy cooking!! ❤

  294. Lady Private

    Jenny, thank you for being you, and doing such a wonderful job with your recipe channel. When I came across it, I knew I had come across a gem.

    Do you have a borsch recipe to share? Made it in Russia once, but I have forgotten how.

    Thank you either way; and, have a great day! 🙂

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, it’s under the Soups/Salads category.

  295. Louise

    I love your cooking videos!!!!! I’ve been binge watching them for three weeks. Finally, yesterday I decided to make the crusty bread rolls. I’ve never had luck making bread or anything that requires yeast but, OMG, these turned out fantastic! I also made the Dutch baby yesterday! So, three weeks of binge watching, one day of binge eating. Today I’m fasting. Tomorrow, a colonoscopy! Was that too much info? Well, after tomorrow I will be back in the kitchen making another of your recipes.

  296. Gloria


    Since this recipe make only 8 rolls, can I double the recipe so I would have more to freeze ? Then I would have rolls if unexpected company comes.

  297. SusieQ

    My little grandchildren are asking me for a sweet bread like Panetone! The Italian Easter Bread type as I am of British background, and hubby is northern Italian. These grandchildren are of Polish and Dutch background on that side and they enjoy many polish specialties like the pirogies and a soup that takes a couple of days to make with polish sausage in it! I keep on learning, never too old to learn something new!

  298. David

    My family loves these rolls! Thank you!

  299. Sarah Pie

    First, this recipe made me a champ to my vegan grandchildren in Germany where miniature kitchens seem to be a thing. Thank you so much!
    A little ground flaxseed and/or whole wheat flour worked also.
    Now, do you have any experience with freezing the rolls before baking? Does it work?
    Thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my note above on freezing.

      • Sarah Pie

        Thank you for the rapid reply. I will try (all by myself) freezing the rolls after they are formed and letting them rise the day i want to make them. They are awesome, good for sandwiches the day after, as they soften. Just wonderful!

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I clarified my note to indicate they freeze well after they are baked and cooled. I have never frozen the dough.

          • SusieQ

            Made the rolls yesterday! Felt like you, getting all excited about taking them from the oven. It really is a great feeling to make something so good from so little. Also, I keep baking the whole wheat bread. All are delicious. Jenny, you have revived the baker in me, in my 67th year! Freezing the few rolls left!

  300. Heidi

    Deceptively simple and ridiculously delicious! Fight the impulse to overwork dough or add flour. Thank you Jenny! These will be a new staple in my house!

  301. Eva

    Jenny Jenny – Perfect! Wish I could submit to you a photo here 😉 Delish!

  302. Kathleen

    These rolls are perfectly delicious! Thanks for recipe.

  303. Sharon

    Baked these with whole wheat flour using the overnight method. The rolls were perfectly crusty on the outside and deliciously soft (and slightly dense) on the inside. I used a little more water and yeast as I was using whole wheat flour. I brushed the tops with Normandy style butter and sprinkled sesame seeds. And Voila, I just can’t stop eating them. Thank you very much for this awesome recipe Jenny 🙂

  304. April F.

    I have made these twice and they came out perfect both times. My family absolutely loves them. Great recipe. 5 stars!

  305. Cheryl

    Can I substitute sprouted whole wheat flour for the all purpose flour? Or part of it?

    Thanks so much.

  306. Anonymous

    Can you please tell me when you found this recipe. ?

  307. michael

    Great recipe and have several times. Family really enjoys. Today am adding rosemary as a twist on your great recipe.

  308. RonS

    Very carefully followed each step, new flour, new yeast, aerated the flower, measured carefully, still extremely dry dough. Something is missing.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

      • Irishcurls

        Question…what does it mean to aerate the flour? Is that like sifting? And do I do it before or after I measure it out? Thanks!

    • papaD

      Hi, if you convert this recipe to a ‘by weight’ recipe, it works out to this…
      312.5 grams of flour
      296 grams of water
      5 grams of salt
      1 gram of yeast
      Try it by weight, this dough has a very high hydration and should not be dry.

    • SusieQ

      Ron, I’m from Canada, I have to add more yeast to my flour, and less flour. You can always add more flour during the kneading, which is how I figured it out. Our flour absorbs more moisture, I have found. Give this a try. I’m not a seasoned bread baker, but trial and error has helped me out here. Also, I needed more time to rise. Hope this helps! ??????

  309. Sarah

    I run a cooking group and I posted asking for an easy bread or roll recipe. A friend of mine shared the link to your YouTube video for the rolls, omg, you made learning so fun, I love how excited you get about the rolls. The first time I made them they turned out amazing! Thank you for the easy, wonderful recipe. I’m making them again tonight to go with our crockpot beef stew. I can’t wait!

  310. Flo

    I HAVE to comment here. After 2 unsuccessful attempts at this recipe – which I knew was a winner and it had to be something on my end giving me suuuuuper sticky dough which baked into flat white hockey pucks – I finally reached perfection!

    The problem was the flour. My first 2 attempts were with Aldi flour. After a little Googling about flours and protein content, I bought some King Arthur Flour (all purpose, nothing fancy) and it made ALL the difference. The dough wasn’t a sticky, airy unshapeable mess, and they rose exactly like your photo, turning a pretty shade of brown.

    Very excited! Thank you for the wonderful, super easy recipe.

  311. Jessie

    Hm….I loved. Crusty outside n soft inside. Full of texture..Perfect! Will definitely make again…n again ..n again! Thank you, Jenny

    • Mark

      I am so motivated to successfully make these rolls and the corresponding loaf recipe. I am , however , at a loss regarding the quantities … now for the 4th time in 2 days , the mixture ends up way too dry -and as a result, doesn’t really rise ,of course!
      Having rechecked every single step several times , I wondered if that happened to anyone else or whether an even more experienced person might advise me on it?
      The only thing I am doing differently is using whole wheat flour ( which Ms Jones suggests is ok in her YouTube loaf video)
      Grateful in advance for any suggestion!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Any bread or rolls made with whole wheat flour will be drastically different from the white version. A lot of us would like to avoid white flour so I posted several variations of no knead bread if you would like to try them but they will all be somewhat heavier and more dense than the white versions. I tried the rolls with whole wheat flour and they were hard and dry so I did not suggest using whole wheat flour. (I directed you to the FAQs because one cause of a dry mixture was “you changed the recipe” but I will clarify that by adding “you used whole wheat flour.”

        You could try using part whole wheat flour for these rolls, maybe a 50/50 mix of white and wheat or try the recipe as written just so you know it works and then try the 50/50 variation. I hope this helps.

        • Mark

          Thank you, I am very grateful for your clarification!
          Indeed I expected any whole wheat flour version to be somewhat heavier, but I look forward to the results following your suggestion 🙂
          Very best

        • Karen

          Whole wheat pastry flour works. I used King Arthur all purpose and Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour.

  312. Mark

    While I completely trust that your no knead bread recipe is great, somehow, after trying it 3 times, I still end up with a very dry mixture (clumpy and dry as if I had not added enough water …)…the third time I decided to bake it anyway to make sure before leaving this question. As expected , the resulting dough didn’t really rise (3h:30), and the resulting bread was tiny and way to dense…
    I bake often, and have meticulously retraced each of your steps on the video – for some reason can’t imagine what may be causing this, and would welcome any idea you may have.
    Thank you in advance and very best wishes.
    If there is anything I maybe overlooking

  313. Hannareka

    Dear Jenny, I really love your recipes and videos. You spice the show with your sparking personality, but don’t waste our time with unnecessary lengthy stories.
    And the recipes are amazing!
    Question: do you have a so called sweet roll recipe? I love to bake and have to bring a large plate of sweet rolls to a fundraiser. Can your recipe include milk and butter? Thanks, Hanna

    • Tracy

      Why make the comment about waisting our time? She is waisting her time if she is talking to people like you. You’re nicer comment afterwards doesn’t make up for the ride one before!

  314. Chris

    I love making these rolls they are so easy and fast. However, every time I make them the bottoms burn. The last batch I baked for 20 minutes instead of 30, which was too long, and they still burned. Should I lower the temperature?

    • Hannareka

      I also expreienced getting the buns ready faster: 20-25 min. My oven heats to 450 F in 15 minutes, and it is a modern gas based one. Maybe Jenny has electric?

    • Lyn

      Just a suggestion… if the roll bottoms burn. You may want to try moving the shelf you put the baking tray on up to a higher level in your oven. And buy an oven thermometer to check and make sure your oven doesn’t run hot. : )

  315. Rusty Canuk

    been baking bread for years …this is by a mile ( 2 km) the best

  316. Widget

    I have a bread machine and have always made very good rolls. I have never had the crusty results that your rolls produce. Very little effort, wonderful results. You are the best, enjoy all your videos.

  317. Vin

    I just made these and they are amazing! Great flavor and great texture. I’ve been looking for a good, quick bread roll recipe and I have found it.

    Now onto some of the other great recipes that you have. Thanks Jenny!

  318. Diane

    Hi I tried this recipe and it seemed that there was not enough water. It was so dry. Not at all like the video. Any ideas?

  319. Adirondack Mtn Lady

    This recipe is FANTASTIC! I love to cook but I do not do much bread making. I followed the recipe exactly, except I added onion powder to the dough. It came out great!

    I also looked at your FAQ…ooops…my yeast had expired 2 years ago! And it was stored in refrigerator, not in the freezer. Another ooops! But STILL the rolls were so yummy!

    Thanks so much. So glad I found you online. Wondered where you had gone to from back in the day.

    You rock!

  320. Oakland Mom

    Made these last night and they were absolutely fantastic! Warmed up a couple in the oven today and JUST as fantastic. Thanks for a great recipe!

  321. Amy

    Fabulous! Easy, quick , and delicious!

  322. John Utley

    Thank you for another great recipe!

    I have never before been successful in making “hard”. But this time the crust was nicely crunchy and the interior was delightfully soft. I only got one my wife purloined the others.

  323. Dasya Grant

    I made these for my ungrateful husband and they came our perfect. Thanks.

  324. Love Bread

    Love these rolls, with butter – right out of the oven, Yes, it is very easy, the hardest part is waiting…I read your comments you can make these using cold water and on the counter overnight. I prefer using hot tap water. I think the dough comes out better. (at least for me)
    thank you Jenny for sharing your recipes.

  325. Carolyn Zorn

    Made these for grandchildren today. Used overnight method and finished this morning. Just wonderful, thank you so much!

    • Margaret Blickenderfer

      Carolyn! Are you the same friend from NJ, way back when??

  326. Caitlyn!

    I’ve already posted, but I just love these rolls so much! They are the tastiest, easiest, crustiest rolls!!! I’m making them for Thanksgiving. I’m quadrupling the recipe, whipping them up tonight, letting them sit in the fridge, punch it down in the morning and letting them rise for another few hours before baking them for 2pm dinner! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  327. Sitara

    Made these rolls. I doubled the recipe and added some chopped Calamata olives and rosemary. It came out perfect and every one loved it.. Now this is requested for Thanksgiving.. Thanks for the recipe

  328. Carolann Dmello

    Can made with wheat flour instead of white with the same result?
    Thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Whole wheat flour will not turn out the same.

      • Carolann Dmello

        Thanks for your response. Do you have a similar recipe for wheat rolls?

      • Carolann Dmello

        Thanks for your response. Do you have a similar recipe for crispy wheat rolls?

        • Old Texan

          To adjust this recipe for whole wheat, use half all purpose or bread flour, and half whole wheat.

          You can use all whole wheat, but it makes a more dense, heavier roll.

          You will have to add a bit more water, as the whole wheat absorbs more water than the white flour.

          • Vivi

            Thanks Tex
            I wanted to try these rolls with whole wheat flour but I was always thinking
            why mess with a good thing! I am going to try your half and half recipe
            love love love to all!

  329. Beattie

    Hello Jenny,
    My mom left us a perfectly good family bread recipe that produces fluffy bread and rolls. I wanted to find something with a crunchy crust.
    I’ve been wrestling with sourdough recipes for the past six weeks with off and on success. I was asking myself why I was doing something that has so many exacting steps.
    What a treasure to find your site. I tried your no knead bread last week with wonderful results. Today we enjoyed your perfect no knead crusty rolls. I added some of my sourdough starter to the dough and loved them.
    Thank you so much for sharing. My confidence is coming back.

    • Old Texan

      I make these all the time with sourdough. My starter is very vigorous. If I want the 2 hour rolls, I will add some yeast.

      I am sorry that your introduction to sourdough has been with all the “exacting steps.”
      Stop it. It’s unfortunate that you got in the clutches of “artizan” bakers and hobbyists. I don’t measure, weigh or figure hydrolization or use a proofing basket.
      Sourdough starter was carried by prospectors in the west, starting about 1849. They carried a little pot of starter inside their shirt or chunked a lump in on top of their flour. They didn’t measure or weigh anything. It was introduced in California at that time by the French. I got that information from a Canadian university.

      I keep my starter in the refrigerator. To feed it, sometimes as long as a month intervals, I use 1/2 cup starter, 1 cup flour and enough water so that it will sheet from the mixing spoon and pour into a jar. I let it set on the counter until if triples in the jar, usually in 6 hours, then back in the refrigerator. Use all purpose, unbleached, unbromated, not enriched or bread flour for feeding
      I don’t throw anything away, I bake with the discard or feed it a little to use in a few days. I maintain a half recipe starter, 1/4 cup flour and 1/2 cup flour and water. Your starter should smell fresh, with hints of yeast and alcohol.
      I make up about 4 cups of whole wheat flour with about 1 cup or more starter, enough water to make a stiff dough, let it double, place in the refrigerator and when I’m ready to bake rolls, I take out about 4 rolls,add a little honey, then add enough all purpose flour to stiffen and let rise and bake. For whole wheat rolls start in a cold oven and they will puff up a good bit, The whole wheat won’t be as crispy as those made with white flour
      To figure water flour ratio for one cup starter, figure 1/4 cup water and 3/4 cups flour, then the rest of the called for ingredients, adjusting flour and water until you get a nice dough.

      I made my starter by using King Arthur whole wheat flour. Use 1 cup water, 2 cups flour, adjusting until it will sheet off the mixing spoon and pour into a jar, let set in a warm place until it doubles, or triples. Don’t use any of the big national brands for your starter. Bob’s Red Mill, Hodgson Mills, whole wheat should work well, too. The whole wheat will have more of the natural wild yeasts. I have a very, very vigorous starter.
      Flours are milled and blended to fit regions of the country, for environment and general baking habits. Flour made for Atlanta won’t work as well in Denver, for instance.

      Make a big batch of starter, spread thin on parchment to dry thoroughly. Then store in airtight jars in a cool place. When you are ready to bake, a day or two before, mix a little warm water with some dried starter.
      When it awakens, feed it normally for a day or two for more flavor.
      That way you don’t have to maintain a starter.

      Jenny, I’m sorry I hi-jacked this thread, but it aggravates me that the “artizan” (mispelt on purpose) and hobby bakers have scared so many people away from the wonderful world of sourdough. There is one website that has about 14 pages of directions. One website has several pages of chemical equations, dealing with the ratios of acids and alcohols in starters. It’s okay, it’s a person’s hobby, but it’s not somebody that’s got to have hot bread for a hungry family in a couple of hours.

      Since I can’t have salt, I don’t miss it with a nice sourdough roll.

      • Esther

        Old Texan… A big Thank you!!! This is what I need also. So appreciate you taking the time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

      • Carola

        Old Texan,

        Thank you so much for your helpful tips on sourdough. I’ve done a lot of research on sourdough, and I agree with you…there’s too many needless fussy details and misinformation, not to mention waste.
        I will try your methods. They make a lot on no-nonsense sense!

      • Jacqueline

        Wow, you are wonderful for helping a stranger make sourdough bread. I love sourdough and was too scared to make it. I liv in Michigan but was raised in California and love the sourdough from the west coast. The bread called sourdough in this state isn’t the sourdough I grew up with. When my brother lived in Seattle it was a real treat to hit the Market for sourdough bread!!

  330. Simone

    I love you from the 80s, Jenny!! I would run home off the bus to watch you every day?

    I’ve made your large no knead loaf a few times…comes out amazing?

    Tomorrow I’m doing rolls, but I’m putting a frozen stick of mozzarella smeared with roasted garlic paste inside each roll, for a nice cheesy, garlicky change of pace hmmmm!


  331. Gail Dolly

    Dear Jenny: I am so happy to have found you on this wonderful site. Anyone who LOVES bread will enjoy your videos and I was so delighted; am planning on baking the rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast. Love from a devoted fan.

  332. Georgann

    How many carbs in a crusty roll?

    • Connie

      Georgann, If you’re eating “rolls” you can’t be concerned about carbs. Just savor and enjoy the experience. It’s lovely. This recipe works!

      • Georgann

        That’s the way I think also, unfortunately my doctor doesn’t think the same way.
        These rolls are great, I’ve been making them for years they, make the best slider rolls I’ve ever had.

        Love these rolls!

        • John

          The USDA tells me that there’s 95 g of carbohydrates in each cup of all-purpose flour. None of the other ingredients (water, salt, yeast) is a significant source of carbohydrates.

          2.5 cups * 95 g/cup / 8 rolls/batch = 29.6 g of carbohydrates per roll.

          • Eileen Salyards

            Thanks, John for the news. 29 grams isn’t that much, but stopping at one roll might be impossible!

  333. Vicki

    These rolls are amazing and so easy. Made them for my daughter’s shower to make caprese sandwiches. My husband ate a roll and loved them saying they taste like crusty Italian bread. This recipe is a keeper!?

  334. Sarah

    So delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

  335. Peg

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Easy to make and a family favorite

  336. Patt Konopka

    Just made these again, yummy!


    Kind of looks like your basic pizza dough….. nothing wrong with that! Can’t wait to try it out

  338. L

    I made these rolls last night, very simple.
    I did not aerate the flour as I forgot to do that, and I used AP flour.
    While reading the reviews, I realized I didn’t aerate the flour and was heading for disaster but I was wrong, they came out perfect.
    My dough did not rise in those 3 hours.
    After baking for 20 min, they were perfect!
    Thank you Jenny!!
    I love your recipes, your videos and your smile:)

  339. Caitlyn

    WOW!!! Just made these and they are one of the best crusty rolls I’ve ever made!!! They were light and springy inside and very crusty all around with the perfect rustic taste that pairs well with the chili I ate them with. I baked them on a cookie sheet in a toaster oven and then put them straight on the grate for the last few minutes to get the springiness out of the bottom (didn’t have parchment, so used foil). I will keep this recipe forever!

  340. MzGlorybe

    I made these today following directions exactly. They came out hard as rocks and seemed almost burned. Even the parchment paper turned brown as if the oven was too hot. I have a new LG range and the temp was 450 right on. The inside of the rolls were ok. Can I bake these at a lower temp or for less time? I hesitated taking them out before the 25 min as I didn’t want the inside uncooked. Help! I do have a pic if you want to see them.

    • Pbhand

      Me too. I don’t know what I did wrong!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      These rolls work for me every time. Please look at the FAQs for a possible solution.

      • Suzanne

        Your recipes sound wonderful.
        Do you have any variations using almond flour for any of your bread recipes. Keto breads are terrible. The inside is gummy.

  341. GRACE

    i make both your loaf and rolls. my problems do not rise ver well i bought a dutch over justr for baking. also made rolls an i find the bottom crust comes out very tough, what am i doing wrong?????? please tell me….

  342. Bread Cooking Viewer

    What am I doing wrong?
    First time I made this, I made it in a boule style loaf and it turned out fantastic, but I had let it proof for 8 hours before it looked like hers.
    Next two times I tried it, neither turned out, it raised up but the inside was still gummy. Baking longer didn’t help. (awful)
    I’ve watched the video over, and my dough doesn’t look this lose when it’s first combined. I’ve measured carefully. I’m using regular all purpose flour and regular yeast.

  343. karin

    Hi smiley ?

    Love your blog.

    The recipe is great. I changed a few things through, I used filtered water and nuked it, and my gas stove baked the buns in 20 minutes. I also put a foil pan with hot water in the oven when I was heating it up.

    I learned from my grandmother in northern norway how to bake bread. She would in no time whip up 8 loafs of rye bread on her kitchen table in no time lol ?


    I will be doubling the recipe next time.

    Thank you and keep baking

  344. Barb

    I have made this recipe twice. Last week I made it as written. It was delicious. Today I substituted 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour. I was amazed, just this little bit of wheat flour made a difference. It was equally good with a subtle wheat taste and a little more chewy.
    Either way this recipe is a keeper. Thanks

  345. Cliff B.

    How wide are these rolls? Looking for something to make a good sized sandwich with. Not slider size but considerably larger. Anyone?

  346. Lindsay

    I made this recipe twice and both times it was not near as wet as yours. First time was Quite dry actually. Still turned out tasty but a little dense. My rookie mistake was scooping flour out of container. I replicated measuring that way and found i had about 370 grams of flour. When i remeasured for 2nd batch using aerated flour 2.5 cups was 320 grams, big difference. Still, more dry than your video so I feel they will again come more dense.

    How much flour by weight is right for the amount of water you use? Or should I just add extra water to try approximating how it looks on your video? Thanks!!–

  347. Adria

    Jenny, can the rolls be made with gluten free flour? My son has food allergy to wheat. Thanks!

  348. veronica

    Jenny, I just made the Crusty Rolls..they are wonderful, my family love them. Thank you so much. I love you!!!

  349. rochelle

    Hi Jenny. tried your rolls using the ingredients and hot water from tap. but it
    did not bubble or become soft. tried another recipie from utubube just like yours the only difference is she used lukewarm water and 1/2 tsp. yeast. turned out fine. why would that be?

    • Jess

      Ideal water temp usually 110-115 degree water for best results in my opinion. Years of experience in professional kitchen.

    • Susan

      Why does this recipe only call for 1/4 teaspoon of yeast and your 2-hour call for 11/2 teaspoon of yeast? My dough is not rising, just wondering if something is not right.

  350. Ray

    Hi Jenny, If I wanted to add sourdough starter to these rolls, how much, 1/2 cup is my thought, would I cut back on the water a little or ???
    Thanks Ray

    • Ray

      Added half a cup of sourdough starter, water amount the same and a dusting of yeast, just came out of the oven.
      Cooled down, butter and Marmite, an acquired taste! Ha
      Thanks, will be making these again, yum!

  351. Dawn

    Can you freeze these raw?

    • Kathryn

      I have doubled the no knead dough, then refrigerated it in a sealed container. I cut off pieces as needed. The dough is good for up to 10 days. It might have abit of gray sludge in there. Just drain and add a wee bit of flour.
      As for freezing, I do not know…google it, maybe?

  352. Bunny

    I made these rolls a couple of days ago and they were DELICIOUS. Crispy outside, moist and a little chewy inside, as you would find with good French bread. Today, however, I was looking to make a sandwich. I was going to reach for the usual, store, sandwich bread when I saw I had a couple of these no knead rolls left over. I decided to grab one and steam it for 2 mins., then pop it into my 350 degree toaster oven 2 mins. before building my “sammich.” Oh man, it was SO GOOD! Great bread texture. Tomato, lettuce and hard salami with creamy Italian dressing on that wonderful, warm bread was like the ULTIMATE Italian sub from your favorite sub shop. So today, I’m going to make more dough, and cut it into about 4- 5 pieces (slightly larger than my original rolls) to make sandwich rolls. By the way, I LOVE the overnight technique. The long rise adds additional flavor, as well as giving me the option of baking the rolls when it’s most convenient. Thanks again, Jenny.

  353. Ashley

    Hi Jenny! Can I freeze these rolls? If so, how? Thanks!

    • Ashley

      Never mind, Jenny you’d onto have to respond to this comment!!! Sorry I didn’t see that you wrote a way for freezing this 🙂 I feel like you’re getting more and more comments so I don’t want to load you up with questions you’ve already answered.

  354. Donna Hodges

    I tried making two different batches and I added the joy ingredients for the 2 1/2 cups flour but when I added the one in quarter cup very hot water it didnt Mix well ,it needed more hot water ,,am I doing something mething wrong .? Thank you fo you help sincerely Donna Hodges

  355. Sandra

    I love your recipies Jenny, they are foolproof!! My family love it too.
    Keep them coming Jeeeeennnyyyy!!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  356. Marsha

    Found your website by accident, I’m a subscriber to your YouTube channel and LOVE it!! Can’t wait to try these rolls ?

  357. Novellian

    Love the colorful world you live in:) absolutely beautiful colorful utensils you have surrounded yourself with. It’s a fantasyland kitchen!??
    I’m one of those who still remember your show and your special brand of humor that is still prevalent in your subtle statements

  358. Novellian

    I was just wondering if I would be able to make long French baguettes with the same recipe and concept, provided that I have long vessels to bake them in:)???

  359. Rose Santiago

    I have made 3 different batches. First one was a little wet but good. 2 batches were crusty and delicious. We love every crumb. Will be making often. So easy

  360. Carol H

    These rolls are delicious. They have a sourdough taste and wonderful crusty exterior. A few days ago, I made some as a trial run and they didn’t last more than an hour after I took them out of the oven. The prep is much easier than rolls I have made in the past. These will be my go to rolls from now on!

  361. Lizzy

    Mine unfortunately turned out a little raw in the middle, and I let them cool all the way before cutting into them. I followed the recipe exactly so I’m not sure what went wrong! I don’t think it’s my oven.

    When I made 10 rolls instead of 8, and baked for 35 minutes, they were perfect!

    • Bunny

      When you’re not sure whether or not your bread is done baking, take it’s temperature. Most breads are finished baking at about 190°. Breads enriched with butter, eggs, or milk are finished when the internal temperature is closer to 200°. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s better to cook the loaf a little longer than to under-cook it. An extra five minutes isn’t going to burn the crust, and the worst that will happen is that your bread will be a bit on the dry side But better dry than raw in the middle.

      • Leslie

        A time tested way of checking on doneness in baked breads is to knock on the loaf or roll and if it sounds hollow, they are done.

  362. Joy

    Jenny–I want to tell you what a great success your crusty rolls were last night at a dinner party. The guests loved them. The rolls reminded them of bread from Europe. That is a real compliment from all of these people who travel a lot. I do have one question. The rolls stuck to the parchment paper. Any ideas why? I have never had anything ever stick to parchment paper. We just cut off the bottoms and enjoyed them.

  363. Mary

    I love these buns. I’m a huge fan of no knead anything. Been doing it for years. I added some nutri blend flour to the bread flour. Love how they rise in the oven. And rebaked, like Jenny says, the best!!!!!! Thanks so much Jenny for figuring this all out for us!

  364. Sonja

    Love these rolls I make a batch every other day and double and triple batch for good!

  365. Caroline

    Amazing! I used half white flour half spelt flour and they turned out great

  366. Tom

    3 1/2 years later and you are still getting “Thank you!” comments to this post! I love to cook and bake, but bread is the huge hole in my repertoire. You have given me the confidence to give these a try!

  367. Charlie

    There are a lot of really good cooks on the internet. Some are very inventive and creative, but there are a couple of you that reminds me of how my mother used to cook ( and she was a really good cook), just great intuitive cooking, just knowing what works. My mother learned to cook from her grandmother and was undoubtedly a good cook as a teenager, and by time I was a child growing up she was an amazing cook. When she was working she would often throw something together just to get something on the table at night (there were six of us kids), but every Sunday without fail there would be a delicious family Sunday dinner that we all remember today. You remind me of her.

  368. Val

    Love the on line cook book!
    Thank you I’m making everything in your on line book.
    Thank you for the fun I have watching you, it inspires me.
    I enjoy cooking, especially healthy easy meals.

  369. KLH

    Thank You Jenny this is a great recipe.?

  370. Bee

    I’m making these as we speak, are these eggwashed before baking?

    • BreadBakingBoss

      No…not unless you want to. All I can imagine it would do would be to give it an even darker, richer color and give it a sort of glaze. Also, if you want to add anything on top of this bread, it should be washed with egg white first. I know I’m not the author of this post, but I can assure you that I have a lot of experience in bread baking.

    • BreadBakingBoss

      It would also yield a softer crust.

  371. Kathryn s

    Jenny, I made these today and they are incredible! I always have trouble with bread but these came out perfectly!!

  372. Marnie Plant

    Made these yesterday and when they were all gone my husband said “i’m so sad”! So I made them again today.

    Yesterday I somehow ended up with 9 rolls, guess I can’t count. Then today had 6 rolls. All perfect, different sizes and beautiful crusts.

    Yesterday they sat on the counter for about 1 hour and then today about 2 hours. A very forgiving recipe!

    Thank you Jenny! I think you are AWESOME!

  373. Ravengal180

    These turned out perfectly. Very easy to make. Left a cast iron skillet in the oven while preheating, and poured water into it twice during baking of the rolls. Made the crust brown and very crunchy. I am excited make another batch.

  374. Janie

    Made these rolls today and we loved them…so easy and soooooo good tasting. Next time I’m gonna do the over night thing. And I am going to just cut the dough in quarters so the rolls will be bigger. Like NE Bulkie rolls.

  375. Amy

    These are the BEST rolls ever, and so easy! I have made them for my family every day since I found this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  376. Janie

    I would like to make bread bowls for onion soup and I am wondering if doubling the size to maybe only 4 rolls. would change baking time ?

    • BreadBakingBoss

      Since you would be doubling the size of each roll, they would need to be baked for double the time.

  377. Denise

    Just baked these rolls. The are stuck to the parchment paper you may want to suggest the paper be oiled.

    • Jenny

      I’ve had the same problem with inferior parchment paper. If you can get Reynolds brand, it never sticks.

    • Leyanne

      use a SILPAT…! ???

  378. Peter

    Hi Jenny
    I made your No Knead Crusty Rolls and they came out OKl – even put the sesame seeds on top.
    The one issue however, I find that the dough is not cooking in the center of the rolls. I did everything according to the instructions – which by the way was easy to follow. I am just wondering if the oven temp of 450 degrees is a bit too high ?
    If I was to lower the heat from 450- degrees to perhaps 400 degrees, 1/2 way during the baking time, would this allow the dough to cook more so on the center of the rolls?..
    Also, a hint for your fan club- I spray water on the sides of the oven and the door several times during the baking which provides a very crusty effect. This was mentioned during a cooking class many, many,s ago when we were making pizza.
    Look forward to receiving your suggestions..
    Thank you.

    • Sueeee

      Did you allow the rolls to cool? If your rolls are cutt open while still hot it will be mushy. You have to allow the bread to completely cool before eating.

  379. Mike

    Jenny thanks for your recepies.everything I tried has been very sussesful,none of recepies have failed me yet,your my hero thanks again mike

  380. SUE

    Very tasty! Everyone loves them. BUT, we’re old, we have bad teeth, how can we make them less crusty. Yum yum yum

  381. ChristineA

    Made these rolls for the second time today, Jenny, and they are soooo good! Thank you so much for the recipes. Hope you are well. I am in London, Ontario.

  382. Sigrid K Shafer

    Have the rolls in the oven for the last 10 min. Yum! I love crispy bread and bun. Loaf of bread tomorrow! Thank you, Jenny, big hug.

  383. Lola

    I have made many of the no knead breads and they are all delicious; I made the multi-grain, rye loaf, whole wheat and raisin loaf. Where have the no knead bread recipes been all my life? I have a lot of catching up to do.The results are amazing each and every time. Thank you Jenny!!

    • Marty grillo

      Can you send me recipes for rye, whole wheat and five grain no knead. I make good whitebread only

  384. Dustin S.

    Thank you Jenny for all of your amazing recipes and for sharing it with the world!

    Over a five day period I have made your, Salmon patties, low fat Mac and cheese, Ziti, and most importantly for me were these rolls! I’ve been daunted by actually making anything with dough for a long time and you made it not seem impossible.

    My girlfriend and myself eat out a lot and I consider myself a foodie and your recipes are awesome! These rolls are better than store bought!

    I completely get your excitement over them coming out good. 🙂

    • Dustin S.

      I meant better than restaraunt quality rolls. These remind of the bread from Cheese Cake Factory but your recipe is a lot better.

      I made the Ziti and these Rolls to share with my girlfriend and now she wants me to always cook dinner. Haha Life is great!

  385. Linda

    Tried this overnight and there was alot of liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Do not know what I did wrong??

  386. Ewa

    I love baking and first of all eating these rolls 🙂 I bake them in jumbo muffin pan which helps shaping the rolls perfectly without any efforts. And shape is just perfectly round. I adjusted the recipe so one roll is in my recipe weighs 100 g . I make 12 rolls ( 2 pans of jumbo muffins) using 4 and a half cups of flour , 3 /4 teaspoon of yeast ( I use a little bit more yeast then you) and 18 ounces of water. It gives me after proofing about 1200 g of dough. And what is most important I use your method of making a steam in the oven. I pour 1 cup of boiling water to the cast iron small pan which I preheat. Cast iron gets really hot so there is a lot of steam. Works very good. It really makes a difference . Crust is just perfect. Much better then without the steam. Thank you for you method of making steam in the oven. Now baking breads and rolls is even more fun.

  387. Don Jenner

    this is a very solid recipe; i do add a large dollop of gluten (maybe a serving spoon size amount). I also commonly increase the yeast — mainly because my yeast (in jars) is sometimes several months old. btw, this is also an excellent baguette dough. I have often found online recipes do not perform as advertised; the JennyCanCook recipes are first rate and just don’t fail.

  388. Paul A

    Love your site. I made the rolls. They crust was to hard and like cardboard. They did not brown at all. What do you think I did wrong?

    • Jenny

      It sounds like you did not preheat your oven long enough.

    • Paul A

      By the way the inside was perfect and delish. The outside tastes very good. The only problem it is very stiff. Help!

  389. lauren

    I made this twice with 2 different brands of yeast (brand new), tested my water=129 degrees and yet neither batch came up in volumne much,
    What went wrong?

  390. Betty

    Can this recipe be shaped into one round loaf instead of eight buns?

    • Jenny

      I suggest the faster no knead bread – it’s almost exactly the same.

  391. Jane


    I substituted half a cup of all purpose flour with whole wheat flour (trying to be a bit healthy). Maybe this was a mistake, because when I added the 1.25 cups of water, the dough was very dry and not wet like in your video. So I added another 3 quarter cups for a total of 2 cups of water which made the consistency a bit more like in the video. I’m still waiting for the dough to rise but I hope I didn’t mess up severely.

  392. T Hartwig

    I love your work, Jenny! I’m trying these today.

    Thanks for doing what you do,
    keep up the great work, love your sense of humour and charm.

  393. Diane

    Can these rolls be made with spelt flour?

    • Jenny

      I tried and spelt flour did not work for me. They turned out flat.

  394. Marianne Bush

    Wow, Jenny. I’ve been making “snappy buns” for years but these take the cake. I prepare a batch every single night, let it rise overnight, heat up the kitchen in the morning with our 20’s cast iron range and make 8 buns. What doesn’t get eaten gets frozen for future use. Fantastic buns. thank you.

    • Linda

      Tried this overnight and there was alot of liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Do not know what I did wrong??

  395. Larry

    Jenny, I’ve rarely seen your television show, however it was the only show that I would ever watch as you were an excellent talk show host. After spending 25 years on stage myself, I laughed right out loud when I saw that you loved to cook, and have created an amazing blog, and vlog.

    I really enjoy your vlogs and seeing you creating wonderful Polish food, (I am Italian) and have made several of your recipes! They are wonderful and so delicious.

    I’ve made your no-knead rolls, and not sure if you knew this or not, however if you would cut a cleat into the top of the rolls for the steam to escape, you will get a much crisper exterior, and more texture on the inside. Great recipe, and let me know if you would like to sway any authentic Polish recipes for authentic Italian recipes that have been in our family for a couple of centuries. They are from the Calabria region of Italy, where my grandparents are from.

    Thanks again, and it is truly great watching your blog, and vlog and how excited you get over cooking and then end result! Also enjoy the snarky comments, sounds like me!

    • Knittingrozz

      Larry, you said exactly how I feel about Jenny can cook. Love her humor, the recipes are as awesome as she is. Made the pork tenderloin recipe just as she did. It came out delicious. Even critical hubby loves it..I am also Italian and my parents were Sicilian and Neapolitan. My mom cooked mostly Neapolitan dishes.

    • Reni

      I should have used scissors to cut just before baking, kinda collapsed, but now they have risen in the oven so maybe they will be ok?

  396. Diane Takesh

    Can I make these rolls with spelt flour? I made the regular way and there great! My husband is diabetic and spelt flour is better for him so that is why I would like to make them with spelt flour. Any one know?

    • Jenise

      She previously responded that spelt did not work for her.

  397. Leigh

    Excellent beginner crusty rolls recipe! I tried this recipe because recently, my local grocery store doubled the price of their rolls. I really recommend watching the video. Especially the way the buns are shaped. Although my first batch was a little denser than I wanted (maybe I did not aerate my flour enough — the no knead bread questions helped!), the taste and the crust were fantastic.

    Thanks Jenny!

  398. Carol S

    Jenny my kitchenaid mixer died after 37 yrs, so I tried making a loaf of bread using your no need crusty rolls recipe x2, after the 3 hrs I turn it over 12 times, then shaped into a loaf and place into (sprayed with pam) loaf pan, let rise 1 inch higher then pan, then baked at 450 for 30 minutes. Let it cool few minutes before cutting. Came out great!
    Thanks! Love all your recipes!

  399. Ana

    Hi Jenny! I love your recipes and your fun videos! 2 questions for you:

    1) I plan to make the dinner rolls for Christmas dinner. Is it possible to make 10 rolls vs. 8 without altering the recipe?

    2) Could I use your original “faster no-knead recipe” and just form into 10 dinner rolls? Wondering why the 2 recipes are different.

  400. Victoria

    I made these rolls and they were great! I like to make my own olive oil dipping sauce for crusty bread. I put olive oil in a saucer, add garlic/parsley seasoning, along with dry Italian seasoning, a bit of salt and pepper, a few red pepper flakes, dry dill and dry tarragon, heat in microwave, swirling the spices around until they smell wonderful. I would imagine, you could add whatever seasonings you have on hand to change it up/for individual taste, etc. Have to say these rolls are so crusty and chewy, just right for dipping. They are great for toasting for breakfast with butter and jam, too. (I like them much better than English muffins or bagels. Thanks so much for the recipe. I am going to make my second batch today, they are addicting and great to have around, so much better than the bakery hard rolls that I get at Publix. P.S. I forgot to mention, I used black sesame seeds that I had on hand. I did toast them first, then followed the directions on the recipe…really really great!

  401. DustyandJoeyInSilver

    Love these. My only concern that did not brown as much as the picture. Taste great, light, crispy, airy, more gold than brown. My oven was at 450 per thermometer. These wil be great for my weekly lunch sandwiches. Thank you so much for the recipe Jenny. Will definitely be doing them again, practice makes perfect….

  402. Joe

    Hi Jenny, tried the flour to water ratio several times and my dough is still dry. I even tried sifting flour first than taking 2 1/2 cups and still was dry. Do you have an alternate with weight instead of cups.


  403. "Uncle" Rick

    I like Jenny’s Buns!

  404. Peggy F.

    Amazingly simple and delicious. And oh so versatile. Used your sesame addition with a whole wheat and white flour combo and really enjoyed the soft chewiness. Had just tried with more white to wheat ratio and definitely notice the crustier difference. Love how it appeals to all kinds of bread lovers! Thanks for this!!!

  405. Ana

    I just made these, they complimented Thansgiving dinner perfectly! Thank you so much!!!!!

  406. dave

    Can you replace 3/4 water with buttermilk ?
    and roll/flat and cut like biscuit ?

  407. Bibi

    Well kissing Panera’s buns goodbye ?? I’m sticking to Jenny’s Buns ????

  408. jana

    Made these on a friday. Ate with my homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday. They tasted great. Good for dipping in the broth. Making double batch today. ( i gave some away) I’m guessing they will freeze? Love the no kneading and just the 3 hour wait time.

  409. Ed Morris

    Jenny, these Rolls are fantastic! So easy to make, also…thanks so much for publishing this recipe. I will definitely be trying more of your recipes!

  410. Jean

    Hi Jenny, love all your recipes but I’m wondering if you happen to have one for a baguette? Also how do you store your bread, I usually make 2 at a time!

    • Jeannine

      My guess is: follow the same recipe and shape it into a baguette form.

      • Jean

        That would be great if I had a long narrow dutch oven……haven’t seen one

        • Chris

          Jean, you don’t have to use a dutch oven. Its purpose is to trap the steam. You can spray the loaves with water a few times, or place a pan under the bread pan as you preheat and add water when you put the dough in the oven.

  411. Jillybeans

    Thank you for this recipe. It yielded great crusty rolls. My only gripes was my rolls was stuck to the parchment paper that we needed to cut the bottom bit off.
    My question is, do i need to grease or flour the baking paper before i place the dough so it won’t stick?

    • Jenny

      It sounds like inferior parchment paper. If you can find Reynolds brand, nothing will ever stick to it.

  412. Catherine

    Hi Jenny,Just made your recipe for these fantastic rolls.They turned out nice and light and crusty with big air holes.Better than any bakery!Where did you purchase your wooden board? I would love to have one instead of dumping the dough out onto the counter.Thanks again for another great recipe.

  413. Bonnie B

    Jenny Jones I’m such a huge fan! Your videos are so quirky and fun! I have the smell of No knead rolls in the oven. I mixed in some parmesean and mixed herbs and the smell is unreal. My sister is a great bread maker but I’ve never dabbled until now! Thanks for the inspiration. Carb Porn indeed. I’m a bread loving Type 1 Diabetic and your recipes are worth and extra needle prick!

    • JoJo

      Bonnie, how much Parmesan did you add to the roll recipe? Tyvm.

  414. kjm

    Just made these rolls and earlier made faster no knead bread and both recipes are amazing!!! Smells so good here and they taste great!!

    I love your videos!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  415. Tom NE Pa

    I’m not new to baking, I do have some experience. NOW, my rolls look nothing like yours. They turned out rather flat looking. I followed the instructions to a tee. All my ingredients are fresh. Any idea why ? Thanks

    • Jenny

      If you didn’t change the recipe, aerated your flour before measuring, and used freshly opened or frozen yeast (it has a short shelf life once opened) then I think it may be your oven was not hot enough. These rolls need that initial hot blast of the 450 oven and my oven takes 35 minutes to reach 450. That’s all I can think of.

  416. kathleen

    Can I make these in muffin top pan?

    • Jenny

      I would make sure your pan is safe to use at 450 but why not use a flat sheet?



  417. Julie

    Oh I’m so excited to make these rolls! It’ll be around midnight when I get home but I’m going to make these rolls! I’ll have my family eat them for lunch tomorrow, and maybe one for my boss as well. Thank you, Jenny!! xoxo

  418. Erica F

    I was hesitant in making these in fear of failure but so glad I attempted it ANd successful!!!! Oh so yummy!!! Even cool/cold we were ripping into them! On my go to list for sure!!

  419. James

    Jenny, I made these rolls and they were so good I made them again the next day. The kids loved them, the wife loved them! Thank you for such an easy and delicious recipe.

  420. Olivia

    Love these! They are my go to recipe to make with soup

  421. Cooktoserve

    Could you tell me what Oven rung to place the tray of rolls if using light silver air baking sheet with parchment paper.

    • Jenny

      Always bake on the center rack unless otherwise notes, but I do not recommend the air sheet. Please see the latest post in “Your Photos.”

  422. Ellen Marie

    I made these rolls the other day, as I love the no-knead movement. They are delicious, and talk about easy!! I’m making more today, and plan on baking them in my square cupcake tins. Pretty sure it will work. Great for portion control, although portion control just doesn’t work if you eat 4 of them at a time.

  423. Jane

    I made these the other day but I put roast beef, caramelized onion and provolone cheese inside. They cooked up great (it was an experiment as to whether they would be soggy)! My roommates took leftovers for lunch the next day and they reheated well. Definitely a foolproof roll!
    Thank you so much!

  424. Suzanne

    Love the video – you’re hysterical.

    I’m making the bread tomorrow…..yum

  425. Lynn

    Can you brush with butter and garlic and still have the crunch to them ?

    • Jenny

      I don’t know but I think brushing with butter softens crusts.

    • Linda

      I wanted a softer crust and so I butter them lightly. Turn out great.

  426. Melissa

    First time baking bread and came out perfect! super easy and delicious

  427. Robbie P

    Jenny. I made you’re rolls yesterday and they came out wonderful. loved the texture and thought they would make great hamburger buns if the were a little bigger. Nest time I’m going to try making them a little bigger, and give it a try.

  428. Sophia

    I tried it, and after the 3 hours, it was not puffy and bubbly. I dont know what went wrong. It was thick and sticky when i let the dough rest.

    • Sophia

      Also, should i just throw it out or i could still try to continue on?

      • Jenny

        You could try letting the dough rest overnight and see if it looks okay the next day to continue. Look here for some help:

        • Sophia

          Ok, I’ll see if they look better tomorrow. Thanks

          • Liz

            How did the bread come out? I tried it today and it was really wet and sticky. I realized later that I added an extra 1/4 cup of water. I followed the directions and it still came out really nice. It wasn’t as round as I would’ve liked but it was really good. My husband loved so it’s a keeper.

          • Teresa

            Just thought this may be helpful (I just found out about this yesterday). Depending on where you live, “chlorine” and “fluoride,” which can be found in drinking water, will affect Yeast. The yeast will not work properly. I plan on purchasing bottled water for this reason..



  430. Susanne

    how do you aerate the flour

  431. Aurora

    Hi I just tried it today but my rolls failed to puff up in spherical shape like those in your video, instead they are relatively flat. I wonder if anything goes wrong, or if there is anything to take note of?

  432. WY

    I am so thankful for this receipe. Wonderful crusty rolls without the fuss. Incidentally I mistakenly used the proportions of no knead faster bread in making these crusty rolls ( I looked up the wrong page but the ingredients are the same, just off in proportions a little). Still comes out perfect. And I didn’t wait for 35 minutes to bake ( my oven takes only 5 minutes to reach 450 F). Again, they still worked like magic. Thanks, Jenny!

    • Jenny

      What brand of oven is that?

      • Paula G. SW Florida

        I also have an oven that preheats rapidly. Mine is a Whirlpool.. Take 11 minutes to preheat to 450 and my rolls and bread from your recipes come out fantastic every time! LOVE your site and recipes!

  433. Judy

    Made these yesterday
    And 6 rolls instead of
    8 seems a better size. I always put cornmeal underneath the rolls and added a combination of sesame, poppy, anise and pumpkin seeds on the top. They were snatched up before I could blink.

  434. Sahire Mullinax

    Jenny thank you very much for the roll receip.I will make it today and let you know how come it aut.

  435. Happymouse

    Hi Jenny, this is the first time I baked bread. Thank God, it turn out amazing yummy. Great thanks to you. You have given me confident to start baking. 🙂

  436. Judy

    Jenny, how about rye rolls with caraway seeds. Love an exact recipe for those.

    • Jenny

      You could try my no knead rye bread recipe made into rolls like this.

  437. Violet Weed

    Sounds to me like the yeast was old. Or she didn’t let them rise long enough. Burnt on the bottom? Probably put them on the lower rack not the middle.

  438. Karen

    Hi Jenny, I just discovered you yesterday and today I tried your recipe for no knead crusty rolls and they turned out to be amazing!, I wanted to thank you and also ask you a question that I have not seen in the comments or in your questions link… How can I store the crusty rolls for them to last at least 1 or 2 days without getting hard?, even though I doubt they will last long but I was wondering in case I decide to make a big batch. Thank you again!! Next time: Pizza dough!!

    • Jenny

      They are really best the day they’re made so I usually freeze the ones we don’t eat just after they cool. If you don’t want to freeze, just be sure not to store them in plastic, which makes breads soggy. Foil would be a better choice but no matter what you do, they would likely benefit from re-crisping in a warm oven.

  439. Brigitte

    i found this recipe about 6 months ago and i have not bought bread since. i cut the dough into 4 rather than 8 and make mini loaves that i frequently give away to happy recipients. i add pepper and dill, or Epicure’s chive, cheese and bacon dry mix. oof! best bread ever! i simply love this recipe because it is easy and practically makes itself! thank you again!

    • Elaine

      How much of the Epicure herbs do you put in? Sounds like it would be delicious.

      • Brigitte

        i add it by sight. maybe about 1 tsp. adding too much makes the bread a little dry. i also found that simply cutting the dough and plopping it on to the baking tray makes for a lighter bun or tiny loaf depending on what size you want.

  440. Alexandre

    I made it!!
    Thank you Jenny for your recipe.
    I’ve been trying to do french baguette, with two kind of results: good aspect but no flavor and vice-versa.
    This recipe get closer (in my country, Brazil) to what is sold as french baguette.
    I doubled the ingredients to split the fermentation time: one using hot water, another with cold water (overnight).
    Taste and weight were different, but both delicious.
    I don’t know how did I stumbled in your funny and charm videos.
    I hope for more!

    Best Regards!

  441. Tina

    Thanks so much. I have always wanted to make bread and this looks like I could do it. Making these rolls today

  442. Patience

    Hi can you use coconut flour or gluten free?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think this recipe will work without gluten but you could check around for gluten free no knead bread recipes.

  443. Julieanna

    Love love love! I have made these multiple times they are delish! All my friends are now making them. Look forward to more videos!!

  444. Carolyn

    Thank you so much for such an amazing recipe! I’ve made these over a dozen times and they’ve always come out so crusty and so yummy!! Big hit with my family!! Your an awesome cook!!!

  445. Lyre

    Hello Jenny!! I made the rolls and was extremely disappointed in them. I used excellent parchment paper and they where in less then 20 minutes at 450 and the bottoms burnt slightly, They where tough and very dense and very small. Not at all light and airy like I had hoped for or nice size! Almost, as if they hadn’t totally cooked inside. Any suggestions to help correct this would be totally appreciated.. Thank you, Jenny!!

    • Jenny

      I will try to help. Can you please describe your oven?

  446. Brianne

    Just to be sure, is the yeast a 1/4 ounce packet or a 1/4 tsp because a 1/4 tsp doesn’t seem like enough for the dough to rise.

    • Jenny

      The recipe is correct – it’s 1/4 teaspoon. If you trust my recipes I think you’ll be pleased.

  447. Jefe

    I stuck the 8 rolls in a 12 muffin non-stick tin and filled the 4 corner tins 1/2 full of water and they came out great! No sticking and they were a little taller like I wanted them. I think the added moisture helped the whole process.

  448. Tom

    Jenny, add me to the list of your fans who baked these rolls using cold water and a 12 hour rise on a kitchen counter.

    Thank you for posting this recipe. The rolls were wonderful. As you mention on your video on YouTube, the nice thing about rolls is you can use an egg wash (one whole egg and two teaspoons of water) and put various toppings on different rolls. My favorite is a little coarse kosher salt with a light dusting of onion powder. Organic sesame seeds or poppy seeds work well too.

    Thanks again Jenny for posting this recipe and for the video on your JennyCanCook YouTube channel. It got me back into baking no-knead bread again. I used to bake no-knead long ago before Jim Lahey gave his recipe to the NY Times. And I tried Lahey’s technique of baking in cast iron and just found it too dangerous for me. When I bake Lahey bread loaves now, I use a stainless steel oven-safe skillet with lid. I baked these rolls on a Silpat in a Nordic Ware half sheet pan. They turned out great.

  449. Dana

    im making these rolls right now. but im pretty sure i will only let them rise for 1 to 2 hours because im always using fresh yeast. it works so much faster and also tastes better in my opinion 🙂

  450. Doug

    I’ve made the no knead rolls a few times and I’m pleased with the outcome overall. Just one little issue- they have a tendency to stick to the parchment and I have to scrape it off the bottom of each roll after baking. Anyone have any insight into this and how I can avoid it?

    • Jenny

      It could be from using inferior parchment. I use Reynolds brand and it never sticks.

      • Doug

        Aha, I suspected that it might be the dollar store parchment. Thanks for the quick response!

  451. Chew, Malaysia

    I found your fantastic easy to bake crusty rolls and it tasted lovely with butter!
    I mix 1/4 cup of wholemeal flour with bread flour and I am really Happy with the outcome.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  452. Jen G.

    Aloha from Hawai’i, Jenny!
    I’ve enjoyed your videos and have made the no knead crusty rolls, with much success! I’ve never baked bread before and this recipe was definitely a confidence booster! I’ve even experimented by adding dried organic rosemary in one batch and dried cranberries/walnuts in another (before I saw your no knead fruit and nut recipe). They both came out delicious and the rosemary ones will now be a must-have with my husband’s chili! 😀
    I recently ordered a Dutch oven (as a birthday gift to myself), so I can bake the faster no knead bread loaf. Thank you for all your great recipes that I am so eager to try!

  453. Violet rukutis

    Been making bread and rolls for months. Great recipe never failed , two batches in rise as I comment thank you

  454. Kelly

    Hi Jenny, I would like to make these rolls and noticed it’s the same recipe for your no knead crusty loaf but there’s a 1/2 cup flour difference. I made the loaf bread and it came out fabulous the first try but I did have to let the dough rise more than 3 hours. Is there a typo or is the flour amount correct on this recipe? Thanks Jenny and I’m looking forward to more recipes!

    • Jenny

      If you trust my recipes I think you’ll be satisfied because I make them all the time. The amounts of flour and water are both different in the rolls vs. the bread recipes. Also, it’s very hard to judge the bread dough by appearance and I think if you proceed after the 3-hour rest you will find the loaf bakes up just fine, as long as your oven is at the right temperature. Good luck!

  455. Angela

    Great recipe. I saw it this morning and now I have fresh rolls!

  456. Marianne

    Hi Jenny,
    I have made your no knead bread several times, all with great success. One time i was roaming around your videos and saw your recipe for no knead bread using whole wheat pastry flour. I bought the flour, but now i can’t find your recipe so i substituted 1 cup of the ww pastry flour for the ap flour and proceeded with no other changes. We’ll see how it turns out. I also bought some light rye flour to experiment with. Haven’t tried it yet. I grew up in Chicago in a Polish neighborhood and loved the rye bread. It’s difficult to come by in No. California. Anyway, can you point me to your bread recipe using the ww pastry flour? Thank you. Love your videos. Marianne

    • Jenny

      I have never used whole wheat pastry flour for bread, only for other baking that does not include yeast. Whole wheat pastry flour is not suitable for yeast baking. I guess that’s why you can’t find it. Maybe you are thinking of a different recipe for one of my cakes or cookies.

      • Marianne

        My apologies. I must have been reading someone elses blog. I could have sworn it was you. Anyway, i made the bread as i said substituting 1 cup ww pastry flour and it came out great, maybe even better than using all ap flour. It has great flavor and not too heavy. I took a picture and put it on my pinterest bread board. (It’s really darker than the picture portrays.) I made it in a french copper pot with a lid because it has an oval shape. Next time i’ll use my dutch oven. I love your tip about using the parchment paper. The first time i made this bread i lightly greased the pot before baking. The bread turned out fine, but clean up was a pain. I had no idea you weren’t supposed to use pastry flour for bread. Turns out you can. Next time i’ll try the rye using the same ratio.

        • Marianne

          I’ve noticed that generally this bread using ap flour will last three days, the first day being the best. I live alone, enough said. The wheat bread did not last as well for some reason. The flavor deteriorated after the first day, not moldy or anything like that, just flat. The rye was much better in terms of flavor lasting longer. Getting good artisanal rye is almost impossible in California.

      • heudi

        I make no kneed bread with whoke wheat flour. The proces is the same, the ingredients are as follows :
        1.5 c of warm water 1/4 c
        3 c of whole wheat flour = 360 grams
        1/4 tsp of yeast
        2 tsp of salt
        3Tbs of vital gluten flour
        1/4c of sesame seeds
        1/4 c of flax seeds
        2Tbs of cumin seeds

        It never fails, gluten keeps whole wheat flour together. However, gluten and seeds are optional

  457. Mary Lou

    I also tried to print the recipe and it came up blank on the viewer. I didn’t give up. I did a highlight of the area, then a copy and a paste onto a blank document and from there I was able to print it! I am looking forward to trying the rolls.

  458. Carol

    Hi Jenny,
    I just wanted to Thank You for this recipe. I’ve made it many times for many people. Everyone loves it. I’ve tried different things other than making it into rolls. I’ve doubled the recipe. Shaped it into loaf pan and french bread pan. Added garlic on some occasions. It is wonderful and very tasty.

  459. Dave W

    I had trouble with these rolls. I cook no knead bread quite often and am familiar with the dough. It seems there is not enough time for the small amount of yeast to do its gluten development in 3 hours as it does in the normal (12 – 18 hr) method. Also, I think yeast starts being killed at 120 degrees so some care must be used in the the water temp. Anyway, they came out dense and chewy. I see from other comments that many others did not have these problems so I have to assume it was me.

  460. Dan

    Hi Jenny…. I have been a fan for years. I tried the rolls and after adding the cup & 1/4 of hot water the dough was hard and flakey. Not soft and soupy. What did i do wrong… I live in AZ…can the dry weather have some effects??? Thanks Dan

  461. Sam

    I cant get printable recipe. Please tell me how can i get it print.

    • Jenny

      First, you need to use a desktop computer and I assume you tried the Print button. For some reason, in some browsers (like Google Chrome), the “print menu window” appears to load faster than the actual recipe page you’re trying to print. The workaround we’ve used is to close the print window and then either wait for the recipe page to load or refresh it, and then print via the Chrome browser menu – File > Print. I hope this helps.

  462. Veronique

    Oh my delicious goodness!! Thank you

  463. bill

    Great recipe but stay away from using hot tap water as it can pick up heavy metals from the water tank and / or other plumbing.
    The low yeast amount, subsequent long rise time and high cook temp both contribute to a good crust and taste.

  464. Shirley

    your rolls are fantastic & I would like to be able to double the recipe

    Will that be a problem or should I just make two batches

    • Jenny

      You can double the recipe but I am not a fan of baking two sheets at the same time. I would suggest baking them separately, which shouldn’t be hard since they bake quickly (and assuming you have 2 baking sheets).

  465. Eva

    Hi Jenny! I just watched the video for the rolls and I can’t wait to try them. Quick question, did you bake them on the lower rack or the mid rack of the stove? I’m thinking it would be in the middle so they won’t become hard. Thanks so much!

  466. letizia

    …Hello Jenny! ..

    . thank you !!!!… I made this easy recipe and I’m in love …whith wholemeal flour …and… eat with Gee butter … so good….and healthy.

  467. August

    Wow. Great recipe. I used whole wheat flour and I needed to add additional water. Cooked up very well in my small European style convection oven. It’s going to be a staple in my bread recipe arsenal. Can’t wait to crack into a jar of jam tomorrow morning and eat the other 7 buns…kidding #notkidding. Lol

  468. Alyse Silver

    Hi Jenny,

    I made the rolls two times and they came out perfect. The third time the dough was way too runny after the 3 hours. I got rid of it and started again.
    The fourth time it was a little bit runny but I added extra dough. When it finished baking and I cut the roll in half it is very moist and a little sticky inside.
    I was still able to eat it. I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I used organic flour for all the rolls. I put the flour in the proper way. I got rid of the old yeast and bought more yeast. To the touch the tap water feels slightly hotter today than yesterday. How should I seal and freeze the yeast. You say pinch it . Is it pinched with a rubber band and put in a lock and lock plastic container. Also, how long do I have to defrost it in the fridge or outside.
    Alyse Silver

    • Jenny

      Even for me, baking with yeast isn’t always consistent. All I can say is to measure carefully and the water temperature is flexible, as long as it’s very warm (about 125 degrees). Regarding yeast, I use the small packets and once opened, I just fold over the top a couple of times and secure it with a paper clip and freeze. It does not need any defrosting. I just take it out of the freezer, use what I need, close it up and put it back in the freezer. Good luck on your next attempt.

  469. Alyse Silver

    I baked the rolls. They were so good. On the bottom of the roll it was
    slightly well done. Next time, I would take it out after 18 or 19 minutes.
    I seem to have a lot of food sensitivities lately so I am very excited that there are so few ingredients in these rolls. Is it possible that I would be able to substitute rye or spelt flour for some of the all purpose flour. I used organic all purpose flour. I just discovered you on utube last night. I watched the video over and over. I was trying to find a quick bread recipe to use in a waffle maker. Would this recipe work with a waffle maker? Thank you so much for sharing your videos and recipes. I’m very impressed.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know about bread in a waffle maker so maybe you can find a recipe online for that. With these rolls I’ve tried substituting some of the bread flour with whole wheat flour but they are never as crusty as they are with only bread flour.

  470. Joyce

    I made the rolls &I rolled them out a little flat &I baked for 20 mins & they turned out the size of an English muffin just like I wanted they were a lot easier for me to eat

  471. John in Nova Scotia

    Jenny- I’m off to try this super crusty roll recipe. I am also intrigued by your gas stove. Can you tell me the brand, precisely what I’m looking for, and if the oven is gas as well? There’s much controversy about gas vs dual fuel which leaves one thoroughly confused.

    Great site.


    • Jenny

      I have a Viking dual fuel but I won’t buy Viking again. Their customer service was terrible. My next one will likely be a Thermador dual fuel. I will always prefer cooking on gas and baking with electric.

      • John in Nova Scotia

        Thanks for that Jenny. This seems to be a common complaint with Viking.


  472. kathleen

    This will sound goofy but could these be baked in english muffin rings


    • Jenny

      Hmmm… well I think they would still puff up and be round so they would not look like English muffins, and also if you want crusty rolls, the edges inside the metal rings will not be crusty.

  473. Robert W

    Yummy rolls, but even though I added extra yeast, the inside was a little dense. Also needed extra water to even make the dough stick together. Iwould have definitely added some more salt :).

    I added some icecubes when putting the rolls in and got a nice crust.

    • Jenny

      I think if you try the recipe exactly as it is you would like these rolls. Adding extra yeast and then extra water is really not necessary with this method, and the extra water may be why they were dense inside. If anything, this dough is extremely sticky (as you can see in the video) and could require extra flour but never extra water. So I hope you will try again and follow the recipe and measurements exactly. And be sure to aerate your flour before measuring so you don’t wind up using too much flour. You won’t even need ice because these rolls will turn our very crusty. Good luck!

      • Roz G

        I love you and your easy you, follow reciepes..I watch your shows on Utub all the time

      • Chuiry

        Is there a way to make these without having the crust turn out “very crusty”? My hubby has trouble with his teeth and hard crusts.

        • Jenny

          I don’t know but you should be able to research that. My easy dinner rolls are very soft if you want to try that recipe instead.

  474. Cathy A

    Jenny your breads always come out great! This is the first time I’ve baked such good bread.

    I wanted to know if this recipe can be doubled? I would like to make them into small sandwich buns. Also, does this work if you put some seeds inside the rolls?

    PS where did you buy that great counter top kneading mat?

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled or put seeds in these rolls but I believe the recipe can easily be doubled and seeds inside sounds like a nice idea. I got my kneading board at a local restaurant supply.

    • Carol

      Hi Cathy, i have doubled this recipe and it comes out fine. Also instead of rolling out rolls, i have also rolled out eight sandwich rolls or two big loafs and baked them. This recipe is wonderful.

  475. M'Gee

    My husband decided to make these rolls tonight but when he mixed the dough it was quite stiff, not runny as your video shows. His measurements were exact. Why the difference? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      It’s very likely the way he measured the flour. It must be aerated first because it settles in the container and gets compacted and you’ll be using too much flour. Look at my flour basics ( or you can see how to aerate flour in my easy one bowl chocolate cake video (

      • Joy

        Hi ,jenny can I add butter in the ingredients?

        • Jenny

          I have only made it the traditional way without any fat so I don’t know. You can try looking for any recipe for no knead bread that includes butter but I have never seen one that uses any fat.

  476. nicky

    Hi jenny, found your video few days ago. I am new to baking . I would like to try this bread, but my oven temp is 270 C maximum . Can I bake the bread at this temperature. Pls let me know.

    Thank you.

  477. Mara

    Thank you, thank you so much for this recipe! Mine turned out beautifully, if a bit smaller than ideal- perhaps I’ll make 6 instead of 8 from the batch.
    But they were a huge hit!

  478. Joyce

    Could I put garlic in the dough I was thinking minced garlic what do u think?

  479. Ina

    I live alone. Thus, I would love to freeze them and take them out one at a time and reheat. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      I freeze them too. I take out two at a time and thaw them first, either overnight in the fridge or on the counter top for a while. I’ve even microwaved them to thaw last minute. Then I preheat the oven to 325 and place them directly on the oven rack for about 10 minutes. They crisp up really nicely that way.

      • Cheryl

        Hi Jenny I love every recipe I’ve tried from your site! Are these rolls big enough to hollow out and put beef stew in? Thanks for all the great dinners and desserts at my house☺️

        • Jenny

          They are not big enough to hold beef stew. They are only about four inches across.

  480. Madame Butterfly 1

    Baking bread has always been done in my mamaw’s family. I’ve always found it to be a daunting task, however. At least until now. Thanks, Jenny. I think I can even make these in my little apt in my vintage O’Keefe & Merritt range. Keep up the great ideas and videos, they are the best and the most fun I’ve ever seen ❤

  481. BJ

    Jenny, you are a genius! I have a French bread pan and have tried various bread recipes and your recipe is by far the best. I followed your instructions right up to the part where you divided the dough into 8 rolls, and instead I divided the dough in half and rolled out 2 long loaves and placed them on my bread pan, which was lightly greased and sprinkled with a bit of cornmeal. Absolute perfection! Thank you thank you thank you!

  482. Itala Rzeppa

    Dear Jenny,

    I love it see everything thanks so much to teacher me!!!

    God bless

  483. yvonne

    May I know 1 cup = ? g

    • Jenny

      There’s a handy conversion chart in my blog, which should be a big help:

    • Emily

      Hi Yvonne, in North America they do everything by volume, not weight, even flour and sugar. I often have to “translate” Italian recipes for my mum, and her Canadian recipes for my Italian friends.

      From my notes, for flour, 1 American cup = 150 grams (for Canadian recipes, 1 cup = around 160, Canadian cups are a bit larger). If you’re stuck, use your liquid measuring cup and fill with flour/sugar/oatmeal /whatever, 240 ml = I American cup, 250 ml = 1 Canadian cup. Hope that helps!

  484. Yuri

    This is basically French Baguette when we make.
    It looks great and easy .

  485. Joan

    I made the rolls for a dinner for 7 people. I made 3 batches of the rolls in 3 separate bowls and ALL the rolls disappeared at dinner. Can you double the amounts of ingredients instead of using separate bowls and batches? I love these and will not buy store bought rolls for dinner again. Joan

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled it but I think you could use one bowl for double the recipe. I found a recipe for a large loaf that uses 6 cups of flour and it uses just one bowl.

  486. Kelly

    olive oil and fresh rosemary and some cracked black pepper in my dough…one question I decreased the eater equal to the olive oil was that the right thing to do?.???

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry, I have never used oil so I don’t know. Did you already make them with decreased water and if so, how did they turn out?

      • Kelly Foti

        OK they came out good not enough rosemary flavor will use a little more next time…the rise was not as good….but yes they were good and crusty!! And i like a good rise so next time no olive oil…i will put the olive oil in a bowl at the table to dunk the rolls in it!! BTW…such a great bread recipe, thank you Jenny!!!

  487. Joan

    Love the no knead rolls!! Can you leave them longer ( than 35 mins) on the baking sheet? I do not want to fuss with them with company present

    • Jenny

      I think you could leave them longer but I would check on them occasionally to make sure they don’t get too big.

  488. Anu

    Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would attempt baking bread or cinnamon rolls. Your instructions and demo were so clear and simple that I just had to try. i am so happy that I did for they were such a hit! No one could believe that they contained no butter. Thank you.

  489. Mike

    What would be a good sidedishbe with the cabbage rolls?

    • Jenny

      Please see my comment under the cabbage rolls recipe regarding side dishes. Thanks.

  490. Justyna

    Hi Jenny! I love your recipies but how do I get the nutrition info on them?

    Thank you!


    • Jenny

      These are just my own home cooking recipes so you may have to find your own way to get the info (I think there are programs available for that).

    • Mimi S. has a recipe analyzer that will give you nutritional information. You will find it under the “tools” tab.

    • Nona Sturdevant

      You can use an app like My fittness pal to figure calories.

  491. Orren

    Jenny! Found your YouTube lessons a couple of days ago……you are awesome. No news there. Making these rolls right now. So far so good. You are a great teacher. Thanks for de-mystifying the rustic bread thing! So much fun.

  492. Jeremiah

    Jenny, I love seeing you cook! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes at my home. I look forward to your future videos.

  493. Amy

    Hi Jenny, I’m a pretty beginner cook so I don’t have a scraper, should I flour my hands and try to fold it, or use a large knife?

    • Jenny

      It’s almost impossible to handle this soft dough without a scraper or something else like a wide paint scraper, a firm spatula, or yes, even a large knife would work. Let me know how they turn out.

  494. Sandy

    Hello Jenny!

    This is my fist time making bread! Would it be ok to leave the dough overnight I stead of 3 hours? I started making this at 8pm and realize that I’m tired and not sure if I can stay up until it’s 3 hour. 🙂 if I do leave overnight, is there anything special I need to do?


    • Jenny

      The overnight method requires cold water so if you already used hot water, it might rise too much overnight and spill over – I’m just guessing. I suggest you let it stand until bedtime to let it cool down a bit and then refrigerate it. Yeast doughs usually improve with refrigeration. Then when you’re ready, let it get to room temperature and continue with the recipe… i.e., let it stand for 3 hours, shape, preheat, and bake per the recipe. I hope that helps… and I hope I’m making sense.

      • Sandy

        Thanks Jenny! I was able to put it in fridge and baked it the next morning and it turned out great. My mother and law loved it! She said its so crispy on outside and chewy on inside. I can’t wait to try it again!!

        • Jenny

          Whew! I’m so glad it worked. Thanks for letting me know and I’m glad you liked the rolls.

  495. Stephanie


    I am making these rolls to go with my Hamburger Soup that I am making today also.. Is there a reason as to why you dont butter your breads when they come out of the oven??

    • Jenny

      Two reasons: One, I try to avoid saturated fat whenever I can and two, I like crusty bread and I think that would make it softer. But I confess I will use some butter on a really fresh slice of homemade bread – I love bread and can’t stop myself!

      • Len

        The reason you don’t butter them is while they’re still hot/even warm, they are still cooking. That’s why when you bite into them they’re still kinda gooey but once they cool off, they have that fresh, “dry” texture.

        Wait till they’re thoroughly cooled and then you could “re-warm” them and slather your butter on.

  496. Jolanta

    Hi Jenny
    Am so delighted finding your cooking section.
    Have been passing it on to many.
    Where can I purchase your book. “Jenny Jones”.
    I am from Australia.
    Good luck with your fantastic works.

    • Jenny

      I assume you are referring to my cookbook and it’s available for free as a download here on this website. But I am updating many of the recipes from the book and posting the new versions here on this site as well since I am a better and simpler cook than I was back then. If you want the actual book, it may be available online.

  497. Gerry

    The first batch I made was a success and my friend liked them…I did too but felt just a touch of sugar would make it even better. Do you think it would harm the outcome if I added a 1/4 or 1/2 tsp. to the dry ingredients?

    • Jenny

      Sure, you can add some sugar. My only note is that I make the no knead loaf in a fruit & nut version with sugar and sugar makes the crust burn easily at such a high temperature. So just keep an eye on it and you may need to preheat to 450 and then reduce to 400 for baking, like I do with the bread. You’ll know the first time you make them.

  498. Bob G


    I’m a new cook and attempted to make this twice without success.

    All measurements were exact, water temperature appropriate, yeast with future expiration date. Room temperature 70.

    On both occasions, the dough looked the same after 3 hours, e.g., no bubbles, same size. I tried baking the first batch and they were not good. I discarded the second batch after the 3 hours.

    I have absolutely no idea why the recipe did not work for me.


    • Jenny

      I’ll try to help. Some people are afraid that hot water will kill the yeast so don’t be afraid to use hot tap water (mine is around 135 degrees). I think it’s possible the yeast is the problem. Yeast does not keep well and once a jar is opened it should be kept in the freezer. Even if the date shows it has not expired, it still might be ineffective. I would try again using bread flour, which responds as little better to yeast (no whole wheat flour) and buy some new yeast, preferably Fleischmann’s RapidRise. I always buy the small 3-packs and even when I open one of those little packets and don’t use the whole packet, I pinch it closed with a clip and keep it in the freezer. It’s important to me that my recipes work for everyone so please let me know if you try again and how things turned out. I will continue to help any way I can.

      • Bob G

        Thank you, Jenny, for your rapid and informative response.

        After writing last night, I decided to try again and left the dough overnight. By morning, it was perfect. The rolls baked properly.

        I love the crunch!!! What a great recipe!

        As you suggested, the next time I will use hotter water and bread flour. Even though my yeast packets are new, I will replace them with others.

        Thank you very much…you are a wonderful support for someone who is learning to cook. 🙂

  499. Radha

    Hi Jenny,

    I recently came to know about your website through a friend. I made bread loaf and the cinnamon rolls(which was a big hit at a party). I was wondering if we can make these rolls with all purpose flour. Typically I have all purpose flour around and not bread flour. Really appreciate your videos and recipes.


    • Jenny

      Yes, you can use all-purpose flour with any of my recipes that call for bread flour. Bread flour is a little better with yeast but there’s not too much of a difference. When I’m out of bread flour, I use all-purpose as well.

  500. Mark

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for the videos and for sharing your recipes! I found one of your videos on YouTube through a random search. I’m very good with a grill and a smoker but am looking to “up my game” on side dishes. I’ve tried two of your bread recipes and have gotten rave reviews from friends. I’ll definitely try more. When I stumbled across your video on YouTube, I had no idea who you were, but you had such a warm, friendly, stage presence, that I did some searching to figure out whose recipes I was using. You are definitely a woman of many talents. Very well done, and thanks for sharing!

  501. hank


    I came across your recipe and was intrigued by the “no knead” aspect …….I have made these crusty rolls 3 times since Friday… family LOVES them…..this is a keeper……I have sent the link to family and friends.

    Thanks so much jenny, I have bookmarked your site…..looking forward to many more “easy” and exciting recipes!

  502. Dave

    This is the easiest bread dough recipe I have ever made. Not only easy but delicious also. I love the hard shell and soft inside. Thanks so much for sharing.

  503. Sara

    Can you use wheat flour with these rolls?

    • Jenny

      I tried whole wheat and did not like them. The rolls were tough and chewy. Whole wheat seems to work for the loaf of bread baked in the dutch oven but not for the rolls.

      • Reni

        Oh dear! My wholewheat rolls are rising right now, almost ready to put in oven. Oh well if they taste awful I will just throw them away and make the rolls with white flour! No biggie.

        • Reni

          Ok here’s how my whole wheat rolls turned out. They weren’t bad, a bit denser, and not as pretty. But not bad. They were a tad bland tasting, so I added ham and spicy mustard in a sandwich. Next time I will make with the white flour!

  504. Laurie

    Jenny I love your videos. Just found you. I haven’t seen you since the talk show days! You’re so sweet and informative when showing us how to cook. Thanks

  505. Terry

    Hi Jenny. I am loving your cooking videos. I think you do a wonderful job explaining what and why you are doing.
    Could you please tell me what the average tempurature of your hot tap water is? Mine has been eratic lately and can go up to 130F. I am sure that is too hot and would kill the yeast.
    I made your chocolate pudding and my husband said it was the best he had ever had! I also just bought a hardcopy of your cookbook. Nicely done. Thank you!

    • Jenny

      My tap water comes out at around 130 to 135 degrees F and it doesn’t kill the yeast. I’m glad you like the pudding – I made some last night and my guy loves it too.

      • Terry

        Thank you, Jenny. The bread turned out beautifully! To me, warm homemade bread with a little butter is better than most any dessert. Warm pudding or custard would be a close tie.

  506. Marisa

    I’m making them today Jenny!! Thanks for sharing xo

  507. Miki

    Love all your no knead bread recipes. I was wondering if the no knead crusty rolls can be frozen for use in a couple of weeks. If so, will they re-crisp to that wonderful crust again. Thanks so much.

    • Jenny

      Yes, I have some in the freezer right now and they will crisp up again. Once thawed, I put them directly on the oven rack at 325 or 350 for about 5-10 minutes. I can’t tell you exactly but I check them until they feel right.

  508. Christine

    I love these rolls – thanks a bunch for sharing!!

  509. Jeff

    I’ve made these rolls twice now. The first time they were PERFECT and really the best rolls ever. The second time they turned out raw even afterbbaking for 40 minutes. Any thoughts why the 2nd time occurred?

    • Jenny

      Hmmm… it could be that your oven was not hot enough the second time, or that you measured differently and you had too little flour or too much liquid. On the other hand, I suppose if your oven was too hot, the outside would be done too quickly and prevented the inside from cooking. I can’t think of any other reason but I hope you’ll try again. I make these rolls all the time and have never had that happen.

  510. Chuck

    I am not much of a bread fan, but you converted me on making my own granola and I am going to give this one a shot too! Thanks Jenny!

  511. Marlene

    Yes I love this bread rolls. will you be making a video of it. Thank you

  512. Newton Magalhães

    Hi Jenny,

    Quick question for you: Are you working on the video for the no-knead rolls.?
    Thank you.

  513. Angeline

    Hi Jenny,
    To keep overnight, do we need to store in an air tight container? Will it still be crusty?

    • Jenny

      Any bread stored in an air-tight container will not stay crisp. I store my rolls wrapped in foil but even with that, they still need to be re-crisped for a nice crust. I preheat the oven to 325 f. and place the rolls (or bread) directly on the oven rack for 5-8 minutes.

      • Junesgirl

        I sliced the rolls in half then put in toaster……works really well to crisp them.

  514. Kim Schriver

    These rolls are fantastic! Chewy hard crusted deliciousness and super easy to make.

  515. Ewa

    I baked the rolls. They turned out perfect. I used cold water and left the dough for the night and for breakfast I had delicious rolls. Perfect solution for those who love crusty part of the loaf. 🙂 Whenever I bake a bread there has always been a “fight” because everybody wants the heel of the loaf. With the rolls you have a lot of perfect crust. Thanks!!!!

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