Jul 9, 2013

Whole Grain Pancakes

Whole Grain PancakesFiber is good. We need fiber. It helps with weight loss because it keeps you full longer, plus it keeps your blood sugar stable. So it makes sense that morning is the best time to have a healthy, high fiber meal. But this does not mean eating something that tastes like toasted particle board or a bowl of spackle!  With me, it means light and fluffy pancakes.

Yes, even 100% whole grain pancakes can be light and fluffy if you use buttermilk – real buttermilk from the store, not the one they SAY you can make by adding lemon juice to a cup of milk – hogwash! That is not a substitute for buttermilk, it’s only a cup of lemon-flavored milk. So get some real buttermilk and make my easy, light & fluffy, delicious, healthy whole grain pancakes.  And here’s even better news: You can use extra-light olive oil… or canola… or any oil of your choice. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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Jun 5, 2013

Easy Granola

Easy Granola Recipe from

If you make homemade granola just once, you will never buy it in the store again. My easy healthy granola uses only six ingredients and you can put it together in five minutes.  It’s one of my top three most watched youtube videos. And the taste… is downright addictive!  This healthy granola is crunchy with lots of nuts and made with coconut and real maple syrup. Have it as your morning cereal or as a crunchy topping on yogurt. There’s lots of protein and fiber and all those oats are good for lowering cholesterol. It’s such a simple recipe, I hope you’ll try it. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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Apr 5, 2013

Apple muffins with crispy cinnamon tops

Best Apple Muffins RecipeWeekend breakfast is the perfect time to make these fantastic, healthy apple muffins. People have asked me for this recipe so many times, or they just ask me to make them some of my delicious apple muffins. With lots of apples, they could even BE breakfast in a pinch. The batter is easy to make and you will have to peel and slice apples but it’s really worth it. I’m pretty sure if you make these apple muffins once, you will make them again and again. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 26, 2013

Green Eggs, No Ham


There’s nothing like a good start to the day with a protein and veggie packed breakfast, especially one with this many antioxidants. My healthy recipe uses three different green vegetables but you can make it your own (try to keep broccoli in the mix for cancer protection). I have this with a slice of toasted Squirrely Bread (it’s a high fiber/whole grain bread I usually get at Whole Foods) and I’m good to go for hours. Once you prep, it’s ready in about 5 minutes. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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Mar 3, 2013

Caramelized apple oven pancake

Oven Apple PancakeIf you haven’t tried it yet, Sunday morning is the perfect time to make this amazing caramelized apple oven pancake. The apples cook in the skillet and then you pour the pancake batter on top and boom – into the oven. And there’s only one tablespoon of butter in the whole thing! It’s an impressive looking breakfast, too.  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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Feb 11, 2013

A Caramelized Apple Pancake for your Valentine

Caramelized Apple PancakeHow much do you love your Valentine? Show him or her with a spectacular breakfast – maybe even breakfast in bed! It’s my Caramelized Apple Pancake recipe that’s oven-baked and served upside down and it’s crazy good! Once you try this easy recipe, you won’t wait for the next Valentine’s Day to make it again. It’s one of my favorite weekend breakfasts (or it is breakfastses?) It looks beautiful and is surprisingly easy to make… and healthy of course.

Click here for the recipe.

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Jan 7, 2013

I’m still working on this one…

ApplPanc_7200It’s an oven-baked apple pancake and I’m still working on it before I post the recipe. I usually cook with Granny Smith apples but they were too tart for breakfast so I switched to Gala. I still have to figure out the right temperature for the edges not to burn… oh… I mean “not be so well done.”

I love cooking with apples!

The recipe is coming soon…

Jan 29, 2011

Cookies for breakfast

Denis took me on my errands today so I made him some cookies tonight. One of his favorites are my oatmeal chocolate chip so I made my oatmeal batter with 100% whole grains, then divided it in two so I could make my own favorites,  too. To his half (the back row) I added toasted walnuts and chocolate chips. To my half, I added toasted walnuts, diced prunes and figs. They are so delicious! We’ve already had two each so I’d better put them away. These are definitely going in my next cookbook, which I’m trying to work on but there’s never time! Mine have whole grains and extra fiber so technically, I could have one for breakfast, no?  How about with a hard-boiled egg and a glass of milk? Never mind, it’s as rhetorical question – my kitchen, my rules. Cookies for breakfast!

Jan 20, 2011

Chocolate For Breakfast?

We have a new video!  It’s French Toast made with melted dark chocolate but before you judge, let me remind you that dark chocolate has many anti-aging health benefits. It’s full of antioxidants like polyphenols, the same ones found in red wine and green tea; and flavonoids, the ones found in blueberries, which can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. So I have not abandoned my standards of nutrition – this is a healthy recipe using whole wheat bread and no butter at all. We made the video yesterday with Damon working the camera, lights, and audio and when we were done, he sampled the French toast and wound up eating the whole thing. We then made a second version with Denis standing by to taste it. He ate the whole thing. It’s hard to describe how delicious this is but Damon said, “It’s yummy and chocolate-y… it’s like eating dessert.” Denis said, “Make more.” Click here for the video.

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