Easy Homemade Granola

Easy Homemade Granola

Easy Homemade Granola

I like to use thick oats when I can find them. Be sure to keep an eye on the granola towards the end -- you want it well browned but not overdone. You can add raisins or other dried fruit after it’s done and cooled. Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Makes: 6 cups

Easy Homemade Granola


  • 4 cups rolled oats (not quick oats)
  • 1 cup chopped nuts (I use toasted walnuts, almonds & pecans)
  • 3 Tablespoons shredded sweetened coconut
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar (1/4 cup works too)
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup or honey
  • 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil


  1. Preheat oven to 325° F.
  2. Place all ingredients on an ungreased baking pan. Or line a baking sheet with parchment paper and combine ingredients in a bowl, and then onto the paper. Either way, combine well until there are no clumps.
  3. Bake about 30 - 35 minutes, stirring at 20 minutes, then check every 5 minutes. Bake until well browned - watch carefully.
  4. Remove from oven and cool in pan. Don't under-bake.

Note: For extra crispy granola, I sometimes add an egg white.

Easy Homemade Granola

89 Comments on "Easy Homemade Granola"

  1. Merrilee

    This is so yummy! After I took it out of the oven, I added raisins, dried cranberries, and cinnamon!

  2. Eileen

    Just finished my first batch—-just the right ingredients -did not change a single thing and love that no salt is needed. The combination is is perfect and not overpowered with unnecessary spices. Thank you for another great recipe.

    • Cheryl

      Thoughts on how to store and how long. We use it with oatmeal and I was wondering. Thank you!

      • Jude

        I repurpose my quart size pasta sauce jars for food storage (nuts, rice, grains, homemade yogurt and this very yummy granola). An as-written recipe of granola fills about 1.5 jars. I think it would last a couple weeks since they’re air tight and unaffected by humidity – but this granola doesn’t last that long in my house.

  3. Norma

    Jenny MUCHAS GRACIAS por esta increible receta!!! Mi esposo y yo la preparamos juntos y nos salio a la perfeccion!!!
    TE AMOOOO!!!!

  4. Jenny Can Cook

    I’ve been experimenting for a crispier granola and this time I increased the oil to 1/4 cup and instead of the egg white, I used only honey and I pressed the granola down before and after baking. I liked it better. (I also added 1 teaspoon of vanilla).

    • Nana

      Jenny, when you say you only used honey, do you mean instead of the maple syrup? Did you replace the brown sugar with honey as well? If so, how much honey total did you use .

      Thank You!

      Love your recipes!

      Nana in Nova Scotia Canada🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🍁

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Oops, I should have been more clear. I reduced the brown sugar to 1/4 cup, eliminated the maple syrup and used 1/4 cup of honey.
        Jenny from Ontario, Canada. 🇨🇦🍁🍂🍁🇨🇦

  5. JeannieD

    Have made this twice. Second time, added dried sour cherries…Sweet Baby Jesus this is good stuff! PS: I used a brown sugar alternative( 1:1 ratio) due to pre-diabetes and it came out delicious! Going to experiment with pumpkin pie spice for some atumnal yumminess… Thanks, Jenny!

  6. Nana

    THIS is amazing! I have been craving Harvest Toast Crunch but the sugar is ridiculously high. I love recipes where you can pronounce all of the ingredients!

    I made exactly as Jenny instructed and it’s so delicious! I added raisins after cool.

    Thank you Jenny for yet another healthy alternative recipe!!!!

    Nana in Nova Scotia🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇦

  7. Bill L'Hommedieu

    When I assemble my homemade pizzas I add canned pineapple chunks (in juice) to the mix and get the sweet/savory contrast I love. I’d like to do the same with your granola recipe, maybe adding halved pineapple chunks midway through the baking and save the raisins, cranberries, etc for other times. I’d prefer the canned half-baked pineapple pieces to the dried version. Whadda ya think? Y/N?

  8. Dawn and Patrick

    We’ve made this 25 times and it’s a staple in our pantry plus we are always sending it off to our kids. We add stuff depending on what we have. Flax seed works well and in last 10 minutes: chopped dates. We like the unsweetened coconut flakes and often use 5 cups of oats and 2 cups of nuts. We love all kinds of nuts. Even added pistachio nuts last time. We also bake it longer than 35 minutes cuz we like it browner but you have to keep checking it like Jenny says! We adore this recipe and we love you Jenny!! Store bought granola? Not in our home. Great on ice cream too.

  9. Ellen

    Can you use unsweetened coconut?

  10. Frank

    Very easy and delicious. I make this all the time. For my second batch, the only thing I added was 1 tsp of kosher salt and I’m glad I did because salt really brings out the flavors and sweetness without making it salty. I also took Jenny’s suggestion about using 1 egg white, and OMG it IS way much crunchy with it. Warning, this will make your house smell like delicious granola!

    • Frank

      I was looking at the recipe again and noticed that my comment said that I added 1 teaspoon kosher salt. I meant to say 1/2 tsp. Sorry if anyone did this and it was too salty!

  11. Carolyn J Jacobson

    Please may I have calorie and nutrition information. Thank you.

  12. Jody from Olympia WA

    I’ve never been happy with store-bought granola and I’ve had a hard time making myself eat yogurt so gave up on that, that is until I made Jenny’s homemade granola! Now I regularly eat fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt parfaits with this granola. Thank you again for your wonderful recipes, Jenny! My osteoporosis doctor will be happy to hear I have finally gotten over my aversion to yogurt LOL

  13. Rene'

    How long can you store it and should it be kept in pantry or refrigerator? Thank you.

  14. Kristy W.

    Would I be able to use peanut oil rather than veg oil & have this come out ok?

  15. Rhonda E Davis

    Fabulous recipe. Completed one batch exactly as written; second batch added ground flax and chia seeds with hemp kernels to but mix, cinnamon, vanilla extract. I use my own ‘maple syrup’ made with Mapleine flavoring. Both batches were wonderful. Thank you.

  16. Ana

    This has become our family staple. I usually make it right before my kids return from school so the house is filled with the delicious aroma when they arrive at home. They love it! Also, I add this to a cup of Greek yogurt with fruits for my lunch after fasting for 16+ hours for intermittent fasting, and I have lost some weight and more importantly, I feel full and healthier.

  17. Julia

    Hi Jenny. Thank you for sharing your recipes and all the time and energy that requires, including the videos. So generous!

    I really love this recipe and all the creative variations possible.

    I made half a batch in my toaster oven. It helped that I added the dry roasted nuts after baking so the pan wasn’t overly crowded.

    For half a recipe I added 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract and a pinch of salt to the bottom of a bowl along with the liquid ingredients and brown sugar. Gave it a good stir and then added the rest and tossed well. (It’s how I dress a salad when making dressing only for one.)

    This was a fun thing to make and enjoyed. Thank you!

  18. Jessica

    This recipe is s weekly staple for my family! My kids eat it daily and still get so excited when they learn I’m making it. I’ve made it for people as gifts & everyone comments on it! It is so delicious and needs no quirking! Thank you so much!

  19. Gloria Cabeen

    Hi from Connecticut, Jenny! I am baking this for the third time today. My husband loves it. I never seem to have the coconut on hand, so omit it. I do add a tsp. or so of vanilla extract. Wonderful!

  20. Diane

    Love this Granola recipe. I’ve been eating it as a cereal, snack and I mix it in my yogurt. Love love it. Thankyou.

  21. Gwen Light

    have made three of your recipes they work Yeah!!! I have made one recipe of granola and sitting here typing this message while I wait for first stir of second batch. Thank you Jenny

  22. Charlee

    Thank you for your recipes! I have tried several and I have never been disappointed.

  23. Rodney

    I make granola similar but I use six table spoons of coconut oil and about a third cup of muscadine jam instead of syrup. I don’t add anything else until I serve it.

    • VIOLAA

      Thanks Rodney,you have given me a ton of ways to use the 3 jars of jam and
      jelly that have been sitting untouched in my fridge

      • Mary W

        I make lots of jelly each year and hopefully, most won’t set well. I use it mixed in yogurt every morning with bran flakes sprinkled on top – YUM. I decided to try this granola recipe using my jellies instead of syrup and so happy to see someone else was successful – now to get cooking. I think it may replace the bran flakes!

  24. Jeanne L

    Delicious and easy. What else could you ask for? I did add some raisins. I put it on some coconut yogurt for breakfast this morning. Perfect!

  25. Xavier

    Oh my! This is absolutely delicious… I shared it with friends and they all asked me for the recipe. Thanks for such an easy tasty recipe and humor 😉

  26. Pearl

    You are really good at cooking; and teaching.. I actually enjoy watching and learning from you and it motivates me to try the recipes, mostly because I like the foods you are demonstrating (fairly nutritious), but also because the recipes seem doable. Thank you for helping us.

  27. Jennifer McP

    I just stumbled on to your website and wonderful collection of recipes, especially the Polish food recipes. These are foods that my grandmother used to make us ( of course all from scratch) . I always make my own homemade soups, and just started baking my own breads..I was a scary cat about yeast! Your recipes are going to the top of my “where to look for a great meal” search.
    Thank you

  28. Ann Marie

    Thank you for sharing your recipes and great attitude! I wish we could still see you on TV.

    This has been wonderful for our family.

  29. Karin

    Hello Jenny!
    I would like to try your granola recipe, but hate maple syrup and oil in my bakings of any kind. Can I substitute butter for the oil, and maybe honey for the maple syrup?



    • Jenny

      I don’t know how that would work. It might be better to look for a different recipe.

    • Elizabeth

      If you don’t like oil, you can omit it. I make granola without oil. You can substitute the maple syrup for honey.

  30. Patty

    Thank you so much Jenny for the granola recipe. I made it and it is DELISH!!! I enjoy watching you cook and being in your fun kitchen. You make cooking pleasant and easy. I’ll be making more of this for Christmas for gifts.

  31. Jon

    This recipe is terrific. I’ve made it several times. What kind of baking sheet is this exactly? I think I need to invest in one.

    • Jenny

      There is no writing on it. I think I got it at Target, or maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    • Janie

      HI, I think a nicely made sheet pan is available on amazon for 20 bucks. It’s a thickish polished aluminum one that doesn’t distort in high heat in your oven and they are soooo helpful for doing so much in your kitchen. You can roast chicken or just about anything that you can think of on these pans. I even bake on them at high temps using a silicone mat. Indispensable tool.

  32. Verena

    I love this Granola recipe . And I must say since I made this once I never got back to buy mine. I just use coconut oil and leave the brown sugar away it’s to sweet for me with all this sugar 😉 . Love from Germany

    • elaine

      Verena, thank you for mentioning the sugar content – now I will try the recipe as I use as little sugar as possible in recipes, especially if I am making the product for children. I choose to avoid cavities and excess body fat.

  33. Patti

    Hi Jenny
    I am making my second batch now. My sister was making it for me and I felt guilty so now I am making my own. So easy and yummy. I share it with everyone at work. I just love your videos! I use to watch your show and love it too. Glad to see you are still making peoples life’s healthier you always gave good advice.

  34. Carmen

    Hi Jenny, I had a look at the different shredded coconut in Woolworths in Brisbane. Quite a few shredded coconut but could not find the sweetened shredded coconut. Maybe I misunderstood and the coconut becomes sweet once mixed with syrup etc. please correct me if I am wrong

  35. Suzanne

    Great granola.
    I mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon in a big bowl, then spread on cookie sheet. that way I don’t lose any of the ‘good stuff’ to hands or gloves, and I use a rubber scraper to get every bit of goodness out of the bowl. that’s just me. Your website is my first ‘go to’ for simply delicious and easy recipes. your videos are fun too.

  36. Renny

    I so want to try this, but as I live on the islands with lots and lots of fresh coconuts, can I use fresh grated coconuts for this recipe?

    • Jenny

      I have only made it with store-bought sweetened coconut so you may just have to try.

    • Fauzia

      Hi Renny and Hi Jenny

      Hope you don’t mind. But i
      use fresh grated coconut! It works very well. Jenny, this is a very taste recipe!

  37. Paula

    This is delicious granola cereal! I’M NOW ON MY THIRD BATCH!

  38. Chelsea

    Hey Jenny, thanks for the website! The recipes look amazing – perfected over years I bet. Am in Germany and so excited about the tortilla recipe! The tortillas they sell here are made in Sweden… All I’ll say is that they don’t taste like much.
    Concerning the granola: I am not a fan of coconut, but I can imagine it brings an important flavor to the granola. Could you possibly suggest an alternative?
    Also, if I want to add a bit of cinnamon, do you think I could do this before cooking it?

    • Jenny

      Cinnamon or other spices are fine to add. Coconut is part of the “glue” that holds the granola bars together and I don’t know of an alternative. You could look for other recipes because there are plenty that don’t use coconut. If you eliminate it, I can’t guarantee that the bars will stay intact. https://www.jennycancook.com/trying-to-keep-up/

      • Suzanne

        Granola really doesn’t need the ‘glue’ function of coconut to hold ‘the bars’ together but I like the added flavor .

  39. Betty

    This recipe is very tasty and very good. My husband and I had it mixed in our Creek Yogurt.

  40. Liz

    I love this recipe, and I also love changing it up for time to time. I made it today using coconut sugar in lieu of brown sugar. It’s a little healthier with zinc and iron and some antioxidants (according to the infallible Internet) and tasted really good. Granola, packed with nuts, and loaded into plain low fat Greek yogurt with tons of fruit, makes up the biggest part of my daily food intake. Could be worse.

  41. Ann

    Great granola recipe Jenny! I add 1/2 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder to the mix for anti inflammatory action!

  42. Dominique

    Very easy to make and delicious. The video was very helpful for the colour of the granola.Thanks Jenny

  43. Pao Dmz

    Jenny i cant Just use the oats and maple syrup? Instead of Brown sugar i can idea normal white sugar?
    If i dont have pan for baking my oats where i can put it. I hope your answer byee

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure what you would get with just oats and maple syrup. And brown sugar adds a rich flavor while white sugar has no flavor. However, without a baking pan it’s a bit of a challenge. I think you could try it on the stove in a fry pan. You can toast nuts in a fry pan so why not oats? I have never done it but would like to help so try a little bit in a fry pan. Add whatever ingredients you have and you can experiment until you come up with a combination you like. (make sure you stir constantly until it’s toasted so nothing burns and good luck!) Here’s a recipe I found online: http://thefedorows.hubpages.com/hub/Quick-15-Minutes-or-Less-Stovetop-Granola-Recipes

  44. Fauzia

    hi Jenny,

    this is the best granola ever, thanks!
    ( is this a new video? cause i remember a video where you explaned this recipe is your sisters..)
    Do you have a recipe how to make muffing with these granola?

    • Jenny

      I don’t have a granola muffin recipe. There is an older granola video that I made (still on youtube) but the recipe is the same. Only the technique in the new video is simpler. It’s not my sister’s recipe but she is the one who told me you can make granola at home.

  45. María

    Hi Jenny, just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    I made your granola and today I’m selling it, and I’m earning money. I am from México city and I hope you understand my english. I haven’t practiced for so many years. It’s delicious. I already have my bags and my brand printed on them. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

  46. rafael

    jenny- I was a fan of your show and wondered where you went. wow-beauty, brains and jenny-can-cook ?……wow again. thank you for your delicious recipe.

  47. Mana

    Hi Jenny: how I can do a bigger batch? your recipe is just enough for 1 day in my family of 3….also what can I use because the cookie sheet is not going to hold the bigger batch?

    • Jenny

      I wish I had a solution but it needs to bake on a sheet. If you have a second cookie sheet you could probably set your oven rack for two sheets (usually one rack down from the top and one rack up from the bottom) and you could bake two racks at the same time. It’s good to switch & rotate the pans about half way through.

  48. candice

    awwww… arent u just adorable… this is the first time i have come across you site and i am going to be frequent… i love your personality…

    can i use honey in place of the maple syrup? its hard to get real maple syrup where i live and even if u get it its super expensive.

    • Jenny

      Based on the comments below, it looks like you can use honey instead of maple syrup.

  49. Joey

    I just made this granola, so I have to ask – What exactly are you trying to do to me?? Last weekend I made a pan of your cinnamon buns and my husband and I finished them off in 1 day!! Now I have this granola, and it is heavenly. I added some hemp hearts, flax seeds, and more coconut (but I used unsweetened), and I used coconut oil in place of Canola. I had to add slightly more coconut oil and maple syrup because of the extra volume, but this tastes exceptional. If you keep putting out these excellent recipes, how will I ever stop eating?!? (…Thank you Jenny)

  50. Sue

    I loved this. It’s my quick snack or breakfast on the go. I tried it with coconut oil, yum….

  51. Elizabeth

    I had to use honey & canola oil but my batch still came out great . Oh my gosh – I will so be using this recipe for years to come ! And yes , I can also see adding favorite ingredients if you like . I love this recipe as is , though .

  52. km

    Made this on Saturday – delicious and easy.

  53. Alaine

    I think I doubled if not tripled the sugar, syrup, and oil, and added honey as well. It gave good flavor and in the dry ingredients I threw in some cinnamon sugar mix as well. I love these recipes because they are so fun to play with. Thank you Jenny!

  54. Esther

    I just made your granola. I didn’t have all the ingredient that you had. I used raw agave nectar. This is the best granola I have eaten. Thank you for the recipe.. I love watching you cook and the recipes.

  55. Cecile

    Gonna make this and take some with me whenever I go hiking,in case I get lost and hungry lol thanks!

  56. Amy

    I really like this recipe. I use honey instead of maple syrup and coconut oil instead of canola. Thanks for sharing it.

  57. o. martin

    I have lost 175 lbs. and one of the goodies that I use all the time was your granola. Simple, tasty, and affordable! Thanks !!

  58. O. Martin

    You’re are right sooooooo good! Thanks from Oregon!

  59. orala c.

    your right it is addicting…I didn’t follow the exact recipe I put honey not syrup and I didn’t messure I jut added thing like crazy but it came out ssssssssooooooo good!!!!! thank you 😉

  60. Haydee

    I made it good one

  61. Naomi

    I have just made this,, eating it now with milk. added walnuts pecan and almonds. your right it is addictive xx

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