Jan 29, 2019

Make No Knead Bread in LESS THAN 2 HOURS!

Fastest No Knead Bread Ever

GOOD NEWS! There is an even faster way to make my 2-Hour No Knead Bread. Thanks to a comment by fellow baker, Terry, who simply forgot the 15-minute rest, it turns out you can do without it. So the 2-hour recipe now can be made in 1 3/4 hours! When I saw Terry’s comment I immediately tried it myself. And it worked. I just left out the 15-minute rest and took it straight from the mixing bowl after the one-hour rise, folded it over a few times on a floured surface, and placed in on a sheet of parchment paper. I lifted the parchment and dough, placed it in my preheated Dutch oven, and baked as usual. Look at how well it turned out!

Most bread connoisseurs will agree that the longer the dough rests, the better flavor the bread will develop. This is true but some days I want bread and don’t have much time and I thought this loaf tasted really good.  I’m not sure if I should adjust the recipe so in the meantime, here is all you need to do: 1) Preheat your oven 15 minutes earlier. 2) Skip the 15-minute rest before baking.

Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Soupersue

    I’ve dialed in this version. This dough is so versatile. I made it several times following the recipe exactly until I was confident with it. It’s so delicious.
    My changes are, I add 1 TBS everything but the bagel seasoning (Trader Joe’s), 1 TBS
    garlic olive oil, and 3-4 lg garlic cloves (or more) grated and chopped. I do cut the salt down to 1/2 tsp because the seasoning has salt in it. Holy Moly that’s some good bread 🥖 🍞 🥯.
    Jenny I so enjoy your YouTube, you crack me up. Thank you for being you ❣️

  2. Jan in North Las Vegas

    Been making breads for years and your quick recipes would take all the intimidation and fear out of making bread for the first time. Your recipes for the quick breads will teach you that it is quick, easy, and just about foolproof. I eyeballed the ingredients, left it sit for almost 24 hours and it came out great. Next time I will make it using milk instead of water, should give a more Italian flavor to the bread. Milk is the only difference between French and Italian bread. Your recipes are not only simple and forgiving the dough is so versatile and soft that its perfect for adding herbs, olives, cheeses, etc. This will be my go-to bread recipe. Thanks for the recipe…it’s fantastic.

  3. Barbara

    Jenny made your bread and it came out great. I’m wondering about needed adjustments if I wanted to add cheddar cheese and jalapeños.
    I’m so glad I saw your you tube. I will be looking at more of your recipes!!!
    Merry Christmas

  4. Sharon Webb

    Can this be done in a bread machine?

    • Kat

      Only for the mixing part. It must be cooked in the dutch oven to get the crust.

  5. Doris

    can I aerated this and mix in a kitchen aid with the dough hook. I do not mix to well anymore. love your recipes.


    • Kat

      I used the Kitchen Aid with the regular paddle to do the first mix. Worked great. took about 2 minutes.

  6. Lynn

    I made this same recipe a few days ago and the bread came out perfect, I wonder if we could add rosemary to the batter?

    • Elle

      Sure can. Other herbs too, imagination is the limit. Love Rosemary Bread. Makes great sandwich bread and toast. Am going to make one with seeds next. Yum!

  7. Beth Perrotta

    Hi Jenny, Love your recipes! I wondered if you or anyone else has experimented with this recipe using einkorn flour? I am baking with it now as I want non-hybridized wheat. I know it has weak gluten but using an einkorn dinner role recipe I found, they vital wheat gluten because it to helps the einkorn roles fluffier? Any idea if it would be the same for bread vs roles and if so how much vital wheat gluten I would add for 3 cups of flour? If anyone has done it and it didn’t work please respond, as einkorn is expensive so any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Beth

  8. bbbarlow

    when making no knead bread with dutch oven – when you put the bread dough in the dutch oven what temperature should you bake the bread at.
    does it stay same temperature as when you heated the empty dutch oven before you inserted the dough thank you

  9. MPrice

    You havr a patient personality.

  10. jo

    I made this bread and it was wonderful. Been making the longer version for years. Just a helpful hint I saw on the internet that has saved me some dollars. Instead of covering my bread (long or short version) with plastic wrap, I use a new plastic shower cap dedicated to bread only. I get alot of uses out of the same one.

    • Lisa Welch

      Ooooh that’s such a great idea!!! Been really trying to reduce my plastic waste! Thanks!

      • Maria

        I use an extra large mixing bowl, knead it in the bowl and cover with a dinner plate. Anything to do less clean up!

      • sweetfe

        I use a large pyrex bowl that has a plastic lid. It works great!

  11. Tammie C. Guevara

    Hello, I haven’t tried yet should be easy. But, do you have video to see it case I make mistake. I wonder different uses bread machine sometimes I problem with it.
    If learn to make it knowing by heart I want give family. The bread buy stores doesn’t last always turn green. By doing make fresh bread good just come out oven smell good.
    Thank you
    Time 3:33 pm
    May 12, 2019-Sundays

  12. Joe Homer

    Hi Jenny,
    Love your recepies.
    Can you tell us what to expect if substituting buttermilk for water?
    Thank you.

  13. Lori

    Has anyone cooked this in a convection oven? Timing?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t believe convection would do anything because the bread steams inside the pot. In fact, it would probably raise the temperature in the oven and overcook the bread.

      • Susan S

        My oven has a convection setting which I used – bread came out perfectly.

    • Bristol Sue

      I only bake in a convection oven which automatically lowers the temperature 25 degrees…successful bread every time! Thank you to Jenny!

  14. mzjmarple

    First, I love your video and was a great fan on your show! My question is that, all I have on hand is self-rising flour, expiring 5/2019. Must I brave the snow and ice? lol I’m rearing to go!! That bread looks so yummy!! And, can I use my covered corning wear or pyrex bakeware? Thanks!

    • Lindisuzi

      Hi! I baked a few loaves in my large corningware with lid and they came out beautifully each time!
      One of them I sprinkled mixed hard cheeses on top for final 15 minutes and it was so good.

  15. Ron White

    I know that speed is critical to some cooks but of the 3 recipes, which one tastes BEST. Thank you

    • Eva

      Hi! Is this the same Ron White {potatoe salad}? Probably not, lol, just curious! Ive got this raising as we speak, {in my proofing corner} I thought I would add some fresh jalapino and sharp cheddar but I thought I would try it plain first. I’ll add a note later after I try both. Thanks for the recipe Jenny, I used to watch your show all the time. Glad to see you still in the lime light. Yes I know I spelled jalapino incorrectly. lol! Later!!!

  16. LCK

    I made this bread for the first time a year ago at a friend’s cottage I was visiting… I remember the dutch oven I cooked it in but I don’t remember the bowl I prepared the dough in – it turned out amazing! the reason I explained this is because I just made it again at home and it turned out runny (bad) so frustrated because I have acheived what everyone is raving about I made another with brand new store bought yeast thinking maybe that was the issue.. nope same problem (bad again) and yes I aerated the flour – checked the temp on the hot water blah blah… I’m now trying for a third time this fastest version because I think the problem was I prepared the dough in a stainless steel bowl and the cling wrap was not adhering as tight as it should so I’m doing this third version in a glass bowl and the wrap is clinging – if this turns out than the that just might be the problem others are having – I will text back in an hour or so!

    • sp

      I made this bread with 2 young children and mixed it in a stainless steel bowl. I did add about 2 TBSP of sugar. I also used a black cast iron dutch oven with no parchment paper. It turned out great but had a little bit heavier crust on the bottom than I wanted. I am making it again right now but this time I am raising it to a higher rack in the oven to see if that changes the crust. Also putting just a little cornmeal in the bottom of the pan.

    • Tammie C. Guevara

      Hey, Everybody use plastic bowl no problem.
      Be good mood to try again be patient.
      Put some music let self go.
      Check recipe everything there it correctly in order maybe something missing.
      Friend: Tammie Guevara
      Times 3:42pm
      May 12, 2019
      Have fun

  17. Cathy

    Hi Jenny, can I use milk instead of water?

    • Tammie C. Guevara

      You uses powder milk that oh ok.
      They all kind milk uses around world to make bread. But, don’t uses can milk some reason not come right.
      Some lady and gentleman uses.
      Ask Google some information and see.
      Should be all right. Have fun put music and let raise.
      Friend: Tammie Guevara

  18. Judi Harvey

    Jenny, in your video you said to use 1/4 tsp of yeast but on your website it says 2 tsp of yeast. Which is correct?


  19. Joyce F

    I found you on YouTube. And I must say I kept thinking I know her or have seen you before. Then I realized after reading your about you I have watch you and followed things you’ve done for years. Lol. I had to laugh at myself because I love everything you cook. I’m 71 years old and have learned so much from you. Your the sweetest cook I know!!!!!

  20. Linda

    Parchment paper is oven safe up to 425 degrees. I’m worried that at 450 degrees the parchment paper will ignite!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use Reynolds brand for all my no knead breads with no problems.

      • Mary

        I have not ever used the parchment paper. I place the dough on a silicone matt and work it, sprinkled with lots of flour, cover it with the stainless steel bowl I used to prepare it. When I am ready do bake it I just dump it in the pyrex 2.5 pre-heated casserole dish. Have been doing this for about 3 yrs, since I found your recipe. Making bread about 1 a week.

    • Gina

      Oh my! Just checked the box my parchment paper comes in (Sam’s Club) and it says safe up to 420 degrees. That explains why my paper turns so dark by end if baking!

    • maria

      I have used parchment paper up to 500 degrees without a problem

    • Sailor397

      After using a French version of parchment paper for the longest time ( it often turned black – didn’t flame up – but came close at high temps 450 to 500.) I bought a roll of Reynolds parchment paper and find it much more conducive to staying intact without burning or turning black even at 450. Haven’t tried it at 500 yet but one of these days…

  21. Sheryl

    Can I use a big bowl with a lid. And what are ingertdents that I will need to make this.

  22. marg

    can i make this bread in a bread pan instead of the dutch oven thanks mj

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No, you need a covered pot. Please see the FAQs for ideas.

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