Jan 29, 2019

Make No Knead Bread in LESS THAN 2 HOURS!

Fastest No Knead Bread Ever

GOOD NEWS! There is an even faster way to make my 2-Hour No Knead Bread. Thanks to a comment by fellow baker, Terry, who simply forgot the 15-minute rest, it turns out you can do without it. So the 2-hour recipe now can be made in 1 3/4 hours! When I saw Terry’s comment I immediately tried it myself. And it worked. I just left out the 15-minute rest and took it straight from the mixing bowl after the one-hour rise, folded it over a few times on a floured surface, and placed in on a sheet of parchment paper. I lifted the parchment and dough, placed it in my preheated Dutch oven, and baked as usual. Look at how well it turned out!

Most bread connoisseurs will agree that the longer the dough rests, the better flavor the bread will develop. This is true but some days I want bread and don’t have much time and I thought this loaf tasted really good.  I’m not sure if I should adjust the recipe so in the meantime, here is all you need to do: 1) Preheat your oven 15 minutes earlier. 2) Skip the 15-minute rest before baking.

Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

160 Comments on "Make No Knead Bread in LESS THAN 2 HOURS!"

  1. Mary

    Can this no need quick bread be made with a sourdough starter?

  2. Sam

    I would like to use my sourdough starter in this recipe. Is that possible, and how?

    • John the Renegade Baker

      Just add 1/4 starter to the recipe. You’ll get the flavor benefits of the starter while the commercial yeast does the lifting

  3. Chere

    My first attempt at the no knead bread

  4. JM

    Hi Jenny. Love this recipe. Have you ever added Raisins, cranberries or nuts ?

  5. Sandy Abrams

    Is there any reason not to use a regular bread pan? I like to have the slices about the same size. Thanks,


    • Elle

      You need the heavy pot with lid for two reasons: 1.). the cast iron will distribute heat more evenly and develop a nice even crust. 2.) the lid holds in moisture which gives the bread its lovely chewy texture.

    • SUSAN

      I make this all the time. My family loves it. I have put cheese and herbs in and its a hit. I am sure you could put raisins in as well. Thanks Jenny xo

    • John the Renegade Baker

      Spray a 4”x8” pan and gently scrape in the dough. No need to shape. Cover with a second inverted bread pan and bake for 30 minutes, Uncover and bake another 20 minutes or until the internal temperature is 205 f

    • Dianne

      The reason to use a Dutch oven versus a bread pan is because the Dutch oven creates an outer crust that is thick and crispy. You can use a bread pan and it will just be less crusty on top.

  6. Jody

    Many talented bread bakers here I see! If I used the large enameled pot to bake in do I need to pre-heat this with the oven??

    • Lori

      I pre-heat my ceramic casserole dish (with lid) that I use when I make this bead. It comes out great.

      • Colleen

        This bread turned out great in my enameled cast iron Dutch oven.
        Next time I will try a covered clay roaster.

        • Patty

          I have made 3 loads at a time (have a doble oven and a single) and used one of each: cast iron, ceramic and clay…. All of them with the same amazing results!!
          I usually make an herb one, a garlic one and an original….

    • Xander

      You always need to preheat your baking ban. I don’t bother hauling out the Creuset, I usually either put the bread directly on tin foil on the rails or on a standard baking sheet. I’ve also used a lasagna pan, a nonstick cake pan, and a pie plate to bake bread. You don’t even need a Dutch.

  7. Faith

    I want to thank you for not only sharing your recipes and giving us a step by step way of doing it and for the standard of weights. Plus all those other tips. I like a lot of different recipes other people have posted but you have gone several steps beyond to make things even easier. Thank You. I will definitely try these recipes. Question has anyone ever mixed all the ingredients for the bread and let it sit on the counter overnight???? Just curious.

    • Elijah

      It does best overnight in the fridge

      • Xander

        Nope. It works great with the shortcut methods too.i use the 2 hr rise recipe all the time, different flours, different pans, different add ins like raisins, nuts, etc. It works every time.

      • Nana

        I enjoy the bread especially when it’s over night in the fridge. I feel it has a much better flavor! Just my opinion!

  8. Susan

    She’s absolutely beautiful, everyone loved my bread, thank you sooo much for helping me master this

  9. Steve

    Your bread recipes are great.
    Miss new stuff, have you given up on YouTube?
    Thanks for all your efforts,

  10. Karen

    Can this bread be made with Einkorn All Purpose flour?

    • OmaK

      Did you get an answer on if it will work with Einkorn all purpose flour?

  11. Rosemarie

    You are such a lifesaver to have delicious bread in such a short time! As a sister Pole also e joked you Polish recipes. Thank.you.

  12. Margaretta

    Made this today with Bob’ Red Mill all purpose flour. Added required amount of xanthan gum and a bit more water. My husband’s diet is unrestricted. For optimal health I need to stay away from ALL grain including rice. This bread is so easy and so tasty that my husband says I need to make more. Outstanding success.

  13. Erika

    I just love your No-Knead Bread. I use half bread flour and have whole wheat. It turned out great. Nice solid texture. We Germans like a more solid Bread to put Leberwurst on. I used to make Sourdough bread but my Arthritic Hands don’t like that anymore. My Daughter gave me your recipe and I’m hooked. Thanks.

  14. Marlene Olson

    At first I thought I did something wrong because i thought the dough looked wetter than it should but it turned out great. I only had a six 8 Dutch oven so improvised by putting a 7” springform pan inside. I did not remove the parchment paper and it was fine. The Dutch oven was placed on top of a pizza stone and the bottom looks beautiful! I can hardly wait to slice it.

  15. Gilly

    I showed an Italian baker who was used to making and kneading bread the hard way how to make no-knead bread. A week later, she texted me a photo of her kitchen. On every counter there were pans of all kinds, loaves in all shapes, some baked with the covered pots and some long, oval loaves baked on cookie sheets. She even had her husband make her a French baguette pan, and she made two loaves in that. She experimented with all kinds of flour and additions like rosemary, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, etc. I immediately drove to her house and tasted some of the bread! It was delicious. The loaves baked on the sheet pan were not perfect for sandwiches, but they were perfect with everything else! I created a bread monster who taught me a lot of new tricks. Thanks for your recipes, Jenny! The spark the urge to experiment!!!!

    • Beyana

      Now that’s inspiring!

    • Patti Samuelson

      Thanks for this great review. I will try it now. Merry Christmas

    • Flagartist

      Your comments answered the sneaky creative ideas I was having. Look forward to being a bread no-kneeder.

  16. Connie Christie

    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.

  17. Marie

    Wow Jenny!
    I consider myself an experienced baker…especially cookies and pies…but yeast and bread have always scared me. I have the first loaf coming out of the oven and the second loaf is in the works. Love the video!
    You Are Amazing!
    Thanks for all of the wonderful tips!

  18. Dea

    I wanted to make last night and so for one I used the Dutch oven and for the other I used my All Clad big pot with lid and put them in the oven together. The Dutch was smaller and more crusting but the All Clad was bigger and still had a good crust.
    Love you Jenny, you crack me for sure, and so pretty…..

  19. Granny Dar

    Thank you so much for this easy to follow recipe. Wanted to bake bread for dinner but didn’t want to take all day, this was perfect! The bread was crusty on outside and soft on the inside. I really liked the tips you added. I used a springform pan with aluminum foil to bake and wrapped leftovers in kitchen towel. Your recipe is a winner in our home.

  20. mary g

    I have made your bread numerous times. I have discovered that after the hour of rising you need to bake it soon after. I was making a number of loaves at the same time. The first was perfect and the remainder did not rise proberly. I am guessing the yeast I was using had something to do with this. I am making a loaf this morning but adding muffaletta and rosemary for some added flavour.

  21. Greg

    I’ve created a couple of loaves using the 1 hour rise time recipe. Jenny, thank you. They came out perfect. I used a 3 qt Dutch oven. I’d like to double the recipe for a 6 qt Dutch oven. Other than doubling the ingredients would the rise time and the baking time change?

    • Kathy Dougherty

      I have doubled the recipe and used the same rise and bake times. It worked out perfectly. Also what I did differently was, after mixing the dough, I immediately put it on parchment paper and plopped it into a larger bowl for 1hour and 15 minutes. It turns out exactly the same and I skip the messy scraping it out of the bowl. No shaping for me. I just pick the parchment paper up by four corners and plop it into the hot oven.

  22. Dee

    Can your bread recipes be adapted for bread making machines?

  23. Nita

    Arthritic bread bakers dream recipe !! I bake this in a loaf pan with another pan on top.
    I just put a little flour on it right in the bowl and turn it and shape it into a loaf shape
    Super easy no finger pain lol
    My variations are tablespoon of honey. Also it’s nutty and yummy with a quarter cup ground flax seed. Also covered the top with a liberal swath of melted butter before baking. Sometimes sprinkling of oats. Also use olive oil to coat the pan. Then coat the bottom and sides

    • avey

      I too am finding that pain in my hands is no joke especially when trying to knead dough! This no knead bread has revolutionized the way bread making can be done!
      Thank you Jenny!

    • Nice Karen.

      I’m trying this bread using a le Cruest covered casserole. I’ve been successful the traditional way. Should I oil bottom and sides of dough before parchment and baking? Stick to 450 degrees? Thanks in advance!!

  24. Susana

    I have made jalapeño cheddar bread and a rosemary garlic bread using your 4 hour recipe for white bread and I just added everything when I added the water, they both turned out great!! Thank you!!!

    • Annie M.

      Help!!! I do not know what I am doing wrong. My first try turned out a pretty good loaf. since then it has been all down hill!! I watched the video several times, tried to be exact with measurements etc.
      I know the dough is supposed to be somewhat sticky but this has been too much. I actually “poured” the dough into an empty mayonnaise jar. It reminded me of slop got pigs.
      I have baked all my life and have been very successful in the baking dept. I make most of the Italian cookies that are very high priced in bakeries. My rainbow cookies take time going into a second day. I am never in a rush when it comes to baking. So many people have said that I should sell all my different types of cookies. I do not think that I could be paid enough for my time and patience as I like my baked goods looking perfect and delicious.
      I am at my sister’s home in Florida and do not think that is the problem.
      I aerate the flour, try to measure the flour (sometimes) more than once. I recently purchased a Torwood Danish wisk, a plastic scraper, a metal scraper, a wooden board. I have made 5 attempts and am not giving up the “ship” as they say. Ps . I do not know what I am missing in this procedure with this overly sticky dough. Can you help???

      • Jenny Can Cook

        First, please look at the FAQs. https://www.jennycancook.com/no-knead-bread-solutions/

      • Grammy Lammy

        I find that the humidity may influence the stickiness of the bread. I measure out my water and add about 1-1/4 c. to the flour mixture and add the rest if needed. Some days I actually have to add about 1/8 c. more to the dough after I’ve stirred in the 1-1/2 c. Before I bought a Dutch oven ( because I wanted one ?) I used my grandma’s small old blue enamel with white speckles roasting pan. The one where the lid is just a tad smaller than the bottom. The bread was oval shaped and just great. I haven’t been able to mess up no knead bread yet.

      • Kathy Dougherty

        I love this recipe but not the scraping out after one hour. Once I mix the dough I immediately place it on parchment paper and plop it into a larger bowl and let it rise 1 1/4 hours. Then I just pick up the parchment paper by the four corners and plop it into the hot pot. It turns out perfectly each time. I do remove the parchment paper when I remove the lid, then simply drop the loaf back into the pot to finish baking.

      • Ron

        I’m a guy stuck in the house due to Corona. I’ve started making bread with Jenny’s recipes and they all came out great. One a little denser than the rest, but the family loves them I just follow the exact instruction and everything is fine. Maybe there is something in your water, some chemical, that disrupts the yeast or something.

      • Oma K

        You didn’t specify if the bread was flat, to wet, to dry, to much flour.
        I’m guessing it was to “shaggy” not enough flour.
        Where did you make your first loaf that turned out okay? We’re you in another state or more inland? I don’t know for sure but possibly there’s more humidity where you are in FL and may need an extra T or two of flour. I’d only add one at a time. You don’t want it to become to firm.
        Hope this is helpful.
        😞 when we don’t get replies from the administrator.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          It’s not possible for me to keep up. The FAQs are there in response to the most commonly asked questions like Annie’s. I did reply with a link to the FAQs. I do the best I can as this website is a hobby and not a business, so there’s no reason to be disappointed.

    • AnnieM

      Do not know if you received my text. I am a baker and I have had a big problem with the no knead bread. I will not go into great detail again.
      I followed all the instructions to a T.
      Simply put- my dough runs like LAVA!
      Made 5 attempts- 1st one ok – rest a disaster. I have watched the video so many times and made exact measurements. What is possibly wrong?????

      • Novella

        i used my own judgement when the dough seemed too dry and added more water. or if too terribly wet a little more flour. all else was the same. it has been successful every time.

      • Teresa M

        Annie M, Maybe humidity is high in your area. If dough is too runny gradually sprinkle on more flour until its workable. Good luck!

      • Glor

        Perhaps check the utensils used to make sure they are accurate measures!

      • Con

        Try adding more flour. You said you’re in Fla. The humidity may be the issue. Add more flour. This is more of a batter than a dough, so it is much better. You cannot knead it. You will use a rubber spatula to scrape it onto a well floured surface. Then dust it with flour. Then use a floured bench scraper to scrape the dough from the side and flip it over itself from side to side turning and folding over until you can use floured hands to shape it into a boule. From there I place the boule into a Pam sprayed 8″ skillet and cover for the 2nd raise/rest. Really easy to flip into the hot pot from there. Good luck! Make sure your yeast is good!

    • AnnieM

      Do not know if you received my text. I am a baker and I have had a big problem with the no knead bread. I will not go into great detail again.
      I followed all the instructions to a T.
      Simply put- my dough runs like LAVA!
      Made 5 attempts- 1st one ok – rest a disaster. I have watched the video so many times and made exact measurements. What is possibly wrong????? I do not know if the first text got through that is why I am repeating. Is this not the site for asking valid questions???

      • Ana

        Hi, check the yeast, if it isn’t old. Try with a brand new yeast and flower.

      • Shawn

        I made this recipe 3x with 0 issues, got a new bag of bread flour (same brand/size i used previously) and 2x in a row it comes out really running and I keep adding flour (way more than in the recipe) and it just keeps being runny, is this bag of flour possibly bad?

  25. Margaret-Ann

    Thank you Jenny! My mother was an amazing baker and we grew up with the smell of bread wafting through the air.
    I never took to it because it was tedious but Covid lockdown got me trying again and today I tried your 2 hour no knead bread and am thrilled .

  26. Nancy Hamilton

    Hi Jenny. I checked the FAQs first but don’t see an answer. Thanks so much for the Fast no Knead Bread. I’ve been struggling with Sourdough and this was a saviour and the family loves it. Here is my question, I really like seedy bread. Do you have advice for adding seeds like roasted sesame, poppy & pumpkin & maybe walnuts etc.? Thanks and keep up the great videos. I like when you let your feisty personality come through too ;)!

    • JIll Flink

      I substitute 1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal for 1/2 cup of flour. It gives the “seed” feel and ads a great texture and flavor.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The FAQs show a list of all the “extras” people have added to no knead bread.

  27. Lewis Rosenthal

    I added 2 or 3 tablespoons of wheat germ for added fiber and a bit of nutty flavor. Theoretically it should not harm the recipe. Will let you know. What do you think?

  28. Lewis Rosenthal, Taos, NM

    You might want to “pre-assemble” the dry ingredients in advance and set aside so that one is ready to proceed with the rest of the recipe. This would save some assembly time if you want additional time saving. I haven’t tried it yet but it should work. What do you think?!

    • Melanie

      Hi Lewis!

      I find that it does save a lot of time to have all ingredients out and ready to go. One thing I like to do is put the “smaller” ingredients in a prep bowl which for me, saves a lot of time. So, let’s say your recipe calls for cinnamon, salt, etc. I will measure out and place into a small bowl and then when you’re mixing your dry ingredients just dump the contents of the bowl in. Saves a lot of time.

      • Lynda L Vorhies

        I make bread every 2-3 days. What I do is put all my dry ingredients in ziploc bags, then put in the freezer. When I’m ready to make bread I just take out how many bags (loafes) I’m going to make and add the water.
        Saves me time so I don’t have to get all the ingredients out all the time.

  29. Mary Lou

    Can you make bread with chick pea flour?

  30. Kaye

    Thank you,

    Do you have a sour dough recipe

  31. Cydnee

    I’ve been using the 2 hour recipe for over a year now, works like a charm every single time. I live at 7200 ft and made no adjustments. I also love the recipe for pizza in a cast iron pan. Delicious! Again, no adjustments and perfect every time. Jenny, you are so fun and your recipes changed my life! Thank you and God bless!

  32. Chris D.

    We have a bread machine, but thought I’d try this instead. The only question I have is what type of knife everyone used to cut it? I tried with my bread knife, then a very sharp serrated knife, but wound up using my electric knife instead. It’s the first time I’ve ever made bread with a hard crust. I swear it needs a chainsaw to cut it, and I only baked 10 mins. after the cover was removed.

    • George Simonis

      If you reduce the time that you bake the bread uncovered, your crust will be less hard. Try 8 minutes or even 7 if you want a softer outer crust!

    • Jody

      I find that adding 1-2 tsp to the pot during the first 30 minutes of baking makes for a softer crust. Dump in the water, place the parchment with dough right on top. Good luck!

  33. Cathy

    Thank you for the recipe for the no knead bread. I changed it up just a bit, I add 1 tblspoons sugar to feed the yeast. Love this bread as well as my church, they ask me to bring it for every event.

    I’ve also done a quick rise using the microwave.
    Heat 1 cup of water in the microwave. After it’s heated, move the glass to the rear corner of the microwave and put your covered bowl of bough in the microwave for 30-40 minutes. Let it rise using the heat of the water.
    I also put a pan of water in the oven while the bread is cooking. The moisture seems to help it here in Colorado where it is extremely dry.
    Love watching your videos, keep up the good work!
    Cathy Montowski

    • Richard

      Hi, I’m in Colorado, too, at 5,000 feet in Fort Collins. Did you make any other adjustments to the recipe because of high altitude or dryness? Thanks.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Several people have commented that they made no changes in high altitude. Please see the FAQs for details.

      • Debbie

        I’m in Fort Collins, too, and made no changes. I love this bread!

    • Suee33

      Cathy thank you for the Microwave tip, that really works!! And I now add the sugar, sometime a little oil – seeds are great to add too. LOVE this BREAD thank you Jenny!!

  34. Rhea

    Just made this with my teen daughter. It turned out great! And so easy to make…she can make it by herself anytime. We’ll definitely make this again and again! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Thanks!

  35. jennc133

    Wow, you’re trending again. I know you can’t answer, but just know that we’re out here trying your lovely recipes.
    I hope this note finds you well ?

  36. Nikki Harding

    Made this bread yesterday and it was amazing. I found it a tiny bit flat in flavor so when there is flour in the stores again I plan to experiment a little bit to see if I can get more notes in the flavor: tiny bit of sugar, tiny bit of powdered milk, little bit more salt and yeast. And I plan to also try a jalapeno cheddar version. But for now, with flour at such a premium, I will try to make a loaf with some fresh rosemary from the garden.

  37. Nancy Campagne

    I tried twice. Threw first batch out. Did not raise bit a little bit.
    Tried again today using your video and followed everything. Did not rise again. Looked nothing like yours. I put it in the oven anyway. It did rise more than yesterday but not jiggly and puffy like yours. It was heavy. Well , I’ll see what happens after Baking. Not confident. Used active dry yeast. It was in the fridge. Is that the problem? Cold yeast.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look a the FAQs. Yeast should be frozen once opened, not refrigerated. (cold yeast was not the problem)

    • Jamie

      Hi Nancy. When I have a problem with bread dough not rising (and if the yeast is still good – just proof some in warm water to see if it has life left in it. I have used yeast from my fridge that has been in there for two years.) it’s been when my kitchen has been too cold. I live in a very wooded shady area of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, and my kitchen is always cool, so I heat up 1 cup water in the microwave for about two minutes (using pyrex measuring cup), keeping the measuring cup of warm water tucked in the corner), then put my bowl of dough into the microwave and just shut the door. Don’t turn it on, just use it as a proofing box. You should get better results doing this if you kitchen is too cold. Don’t give up! It took me thirty years before I could make a decent loaf, and that was using the kneading method. This sounds so easy that I am going to try it tomorrow!

      • Lilwahine

        If your dough is too heavy and doesn’t rise much try weighing your flour. It likely has condensed and you’re inadvertently using too much flour. I also have to cut back my water as I live in a humid environment. 1 1/4 C. Good luck!

    • Kathy Grounds

      I would check your water temperature. Your hot water might be either too hot or too cold. I check the water temp every time. It’s always too hot out of my tap.

    • GG's mama

      Hi Nancy, don’t give up…I found fluffing the flour and measuring level cups is an important part of the recipe. Also fresh yeast is a must! Be well and Happy Baking!!!

    • Lord John Whorfin

      There are only three reasons your dough didn’t rise:
      1) The yeast died of old age. Stir some into a cup of warm water along with a tablespoon of sugar. If you don’t see any bubbling after a half hour, it’s dead.
      2) You killed the yeast by adding water that was way too hot. Use a thermometer. Don’t go over 100F to be safe.
      3) Your proofing environment is too cold. Try the steaming microwave method described here by other posters, or you can turn on your oven on low and as soon as it hits 100F, turn it off and put in your dough to proof. If you have a fancy kitchen with a warming drawer, you can use that too.
      Don’t despair! I promise you’ll get a hang of it in no time.

  38. Isabel O

    I am making this bread now. I have to admit i was nerves about making bread, but i found out this is easy and i enjoy it. i am for sure going to make this once a week. LOL

  39. Diane Hoyt

    I am so happy that I made your no knead Dutch oven bread recipe. My bread turned out great,tasted great,looked great. You made a bread baker out of me. Thank you so much! My husband says that this is his favorite bread!

  40. Lorie

    made this last night. Was freaking delicious. Was scared senseless that it wouldn’t turn out, that I killed the yeast. Wasn’t thinking and before I added the water, I threw in about a cup of FROZEN mozz cheese!!! it was beautiful, and delicious and I love you for posting the recipe!!

  41. Judith Miller

    Made this recipe this week and loved it. Would like a larger loaf for dinner guests. Should I just double the ingredients and go with it?

    • Magickmoon

      I have doubled the recipe a few times but make 2 loaves not one giant one! Not sure about the baking time for one huge loaf! Good luck!

  42. Gena

    Just made two loaves tonight, I’ve so happy! My first bread loaves ever! Turned out great, I only used organic flour and *good (*not tap) water and also the parchment paper in my cast iron dutch ovens. The neighbor loved it and I am taking it to a couple of other neighbors to share tonight.
    Lovely, lovely bread!
    Thank you so much Jenny! I want to take this opportunity to let you know that you’re the kind of Mom we all need again, an obviously good person, very feminine and pretty, dead pan funny, who patiently teaches us things we all need to know 😉 and is so kind. I absolutely adore your videos but I understand your wanting to take a break, you are exactly the kind of woman though we need to take back America! Our families would be intact and kids (and husbands happy ;). Don’t be shy, please just accept it, we love you and thank you for sharing with us all so much. You are a kind person and a great role model. God bless you! Your family is so blessed to have you (and us too!) Thank you, Jenny!

    • Debbie

      You are so inspiring! You remind me of my entire childhood of smart dedicated teachers who just really care about others and tried to make a difference in their lives. Thank you for being our informal hero during quarantine! Go Jenny!

  43. Linda Madden

    Thank you Jenny for this super easy fantastic Artesian bread recipe. So easy to make in just 1 3/4 hour.

  44. Soupersue

    I’ve dialed in this version. This dough is so versatile. I made it several times following the recipe exactly until I was confident with it. It’s so delicious.
    My changes are, I add 1 TBS everything but the bagel seasoning (Trader Joe’s), 1 TBS
    garlic olive oil, and 3-4 lg garlic cloves (or more) grated and chopped. I do cut the salt down to 1/2 tsp because the seasoning has salt in it. Holy Moly that’s some good bread ? ? ?.
    Jenny I so enjoy your YouTube, you crack me up. Thank you for being you ❣️

    • Kathryn

      The suggestion of using Everything Bagel seasoning sounds fantastic! Thanks! Now if I can just remember to do that next time.

  45. Jan in North Las Vegas

    Been making breads for years and your quick recipes would take all the intimidation and fear out of making bread for the first time. Your recipes for the quick breads will teach you that it is quick, easy, and just about foolproof. I eyeballed the ingredients, left it sit for almost 24 hours and it came out great. Next time I will make it using milk instead of water, should give a more Italian flavor to the bread. Milk is the only difference between French and Italian bread. Your recipes are not only simple and forgiving the dough is so versatile and soft that its perfect for adding herbs, olives, cheeses, etc. This will be my go-to bread recipe. Thanks for the recipe…it’s fantastic.

  46. Barbara

    Jenny made your bread and it came out great. I’m wondering about needed adjustments if I wanted to add cheddar cheese and jalapeños.
    I’m so glad I saw your you tube. I will be looking at more of your recipes!!!
    Merry Christmas

  47. Sharon Webb

    Can this be done in a bread machine?

    • Kat

      Only for the mixing part. It must be cooked in the dutch oven to get the crust.

  48. Doris

    can I aerated this and mix in a kitchen aid with the dough hook. I do not mix to well anymore. love your recipes.


    • Kat

      I used the Kitchen Aid with the regular paddle to do the first mix. Worked great. took about 2 minutes.

  49. Lynn

    I made this same recipe a few days ago and the bread came out perfect, I wonder if we could add rosemary to the batter?

    • Elle

      Sure can. Other herbs too, imagination is the limit. Love Rosemary Bread. Makes great sandwich bread and toast. Am going to make one with seeds next. Yum!

  50. Beth Perrotta

    Hi Jenny, Love your recipes! I wondered if you or anyone else has experimented with this recipe using einkorn flour? I am baking with it now as I want non-hybridized wheat. I know it has weak gluten but using an einkorn dinner role recipe I found, they vital wheat gluten because it to helps the einkorn roles fluffier? Any idea if it would be the same for bread vs roles and if so how much vital wheat gluten I would add for 3 cups of flour? If anyone has done it and it didn’t work please respond, as einkorn is expensive so any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Beth

  51. bbbarlow

    when making no knead bread with dutch oven – when you put the bread dough in the dutch oven what temperature should you bake the bread at.
    does it stay same temperature as when you heated the empty dutch oven before you inserted the dough thank you

  52. MPrice

    You havr a patient personality.

  53. jo

    I made this bread and it was wonderful. Been making the longer version for years. Just a helpful hint I saw on the internet that has saved me some dollars. Instead of covering my bread (long or short version) with plastic wrap, I use a new plastic shower cap dedicated to bread only. I get alot of uses out of the same one.

    • Lisa Welch

      Ooooh that’s such a great idea!!! Been really trying to reduce my plastic waste! Thanks!

      • Maria

        I use an extra large mixing bowl, knead it in the bowl and cover with a dinner plate. Anything to do less clean up!

        • Diana

          What a good idea, to cover the dough bowl with a plate!

      • sweetfe

        I use a large pyrex bowl that has a plastic lid. It works great!

  54. Tammie C. Guevara

    Hello, I haven’t tried yet should be easy. But, do you have video to see it case I make mistake. I wonder different uses bread machine sometimes I problem with it.
    If learn to make it knowing by heart I want give family. The bread buy stores doesn’t last always turn green. By doing make fresh bread good just come out oven smell good.
    Thank you
    Time 3:33 pm
    May 12, 2019-Sundays

  55. Joe Homer

    Hi Jenny,
    Love your recepies.
    Can you tell us what to expect if substituting buttermilk for water?
    Thank you.

  56. Lori

    Has anyone cooked this in a convection oven? Timing?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t believe convection would do anything because the bread steams inside the pot. In fact, it would probably raise the temperature in the oven and overcook the bread.

      • Susan S

        My oven has a convection setting which I used – bread came out perfectly.

    • Bristol Sue

      I only bake in a convection oven which automatically lowers the temperature 25 degrees…successful bread every time! Thank you to Jenny!

  57. mzjmarple

    First, I love your video and was a great fan on your show! My question is that, all I have on hand is self-rising flour, expiring 5/2019. Must I brave the snow and ice? lol I’m rearing to go!! That bread looks so yummy!! And, can I use my covered corning wear or pyrex bakeware? Thanks!

    • Lindisuzi

      Hi! I baked a few loaves in my large corningware with lid and they came out beautifully each time!
      One of them I sprinkled mixed hard cheeses on top for final 15 minutes and it was so good.

      • Dori Sage

        You answered my question before I even asked it. I wondered if it would work in a large (5 qt) corning ware pot. And now I know I can. Thanks

  58. Ron White

    I know that speed is critical to some cooks but of the 3 recipes, which one tastes BEST. Thank you

    • Eva

      Hi! Is this the same Ron White {potatoe salad}? Probably not, lol, just curious! Ive got this raising as we speak, {in my proofing corner} I thought I would add some fresh jalapino and sharp cheddar but I thought I would try it plain first. I’ll add a note later after I try both. Thanks for the recipe Jenny, I used to watch your show all the time. Glad to see you still in the lime light. Yes I know I spelled jalapino incorrectly. lol! Later!!!

  59. LCK

    I made this bread for the first time a year ago at a friend’s cottage I was visiting… I remember the dutch oven I cooked it in but I don’t remember the bowl I prepared the dough in – it turned out amazing! the reason I explained this is because I just made it again at home and it turned out runny (bad) so frustrated because I have acheived what everyone is raving about I made another with brand new store bought yeast thinking maybe that was the issue.. nope same problem (bad again) and yes I aerated the flour – checked the temp on the hot water blah blah… I’m now trying for a third time this fastest version because I think the problem was I prepared the dough in a stainless steel bowl and the cling wrap was not adhering as tight as it should so I’m doing this third version in a glass bowl and the wrap is clinging – if this turns out than the that just might be the problem others are having – I will text back in an hour or so!

    • sp

      I made this bread with 2 young children and mixed it in a stainless steel bowl. I did add about 2 TBSP of sugar. I also used a black cast iron dutch oven with no parchment paper. It turned out great but had a little bit heavier crust on the bottom than I wanted. I am making it again right now but this time I am raising it to a higher rack in the oven to see if that changes the crust. Also putting just a little cornmeal in the bottom of the pan.

    • Tammie C. Guevara

      Hey, Everybody use plastic bowl no problem.
      Be good mood to try again be patient.
      Put some music let self go.
      Check recipe everything there it correctly in order maybe something missing.
      Friend: Tammie Guevara
      Times 3:42pm
      May 12, 2019
      Have fun

  60. Cathy

    Hi Jenny, can I use milk instead of water?

    • Tammie C. Guevara

      You uses powder milk that oh ok.
      They all kind milk uses around world to make bread. But, don’t uses can milk some reason not come right.
      Some lady and gentleman uses.
      Ask Google some information and see.
      Should be all right. Have fun put music and let raise.
      Friend: Tammie Guevara

  61. Judi Harvey

    Jenny, in your video you said to use 1/4 tsp of yeast but on your website it says 2 tsp of yeast. Which is correct?


  62. Joyce F

    I found you on YouTube. And I must say I kept thinking I know her or have seen you before. Then I realized after reading your about you I have watch you and followed things you’ve done for years. Lol. I had to laugh at myself because I love everything you cook. I’m 71 years old and have learned so much from you. Your the sweetest cook I know!!!!!

  63. Linda

    Parchment paper is oven safe up to 425 degrees. I’m worried that at 450 degrees the parchment paper will ignite!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use Reynolds brand for all my no knead breads with no problems.

      • Mary

        I have not ever used the parchment paper. I place the dough on a silicone matt and work it, sprinkled with lots of flour, cover it with the stainless steel bowl I used to prepare it. When I am ready do bake it I just dump it in the pyrex 2.5 pre-heated casserole dish. Have been doing this for about 3 yrs, since I found your recipe. Making bread about 1 a week.

        • cath

          I use the smooth side of a silicon turkey lifter…the handles make it easy to lift the bread out of the pot (i use a big cast iron pot and lid to bake it.

    • Gina

      Oh my! Just checked the box my parchment paper comes in (Sam’s Club) and it says safe up to 420 degrees. That explains why my paper turns so dark by end if baking!

    • maria

      I have used parchment paper up to 500 degrees without a problem

    • Sailor397

      After using a French version of parchment paper for the longest time ( it often turned black – didn’t flame up – but came close at high temps 450 to 500.) I bought a roll of Reynolds parchment paper and find it much more conducive to staying intact without burning or turning black even at 450. Haven’t tried it at 500 yet but one of these days…

    • Linda Mo

      The first time I made this with parchment paper overhang – that did burn. Tuck all the parchment paper inside the dutch oven and hasn’t been a problem since.

  64. Sheryl

    Can I use a big bowl with a lid. And what are ingertdents that I will need to make this.

  65. marg

    can i make this bread in a bread pan instead of the dutch oven thanks mj

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No, you need a covered pot. Please see the FAQs for ideas.

      • dmcwills@gmail.com

        My husband uses our biggest stainless steel pot and lid that fits. Can go in oven.
        We are happy. The size turns out like what is shown. Big and round.

    • Jane

      For those who don’t have a dutch oven (like me!): Try two loaf pans, using one as a top, clip together with metal binder clips. Also, give the Lekue silicone baker (found mine on amazon). Either option much cheaper than investing in a dutch oven. I’m no baker but just starting to get into making bread and having a good time experimenting! Love these quick bread recipes!

      • Pentaxguy

        Don’t be put off getting a cast iron dutch oven bu thinking you need to spend $100+. Lodge makes some of the best cast iron and a 6 qt enameled dutch oven will only set you back about $70 – less if you are willing to go with standard, seasoned cast iron. A cast iron dutch oven has so many more great uses than just bread making – soups, stews, braising are all well suited to the heating/oven characteristics of this pot. I do most of my cooking in cast iron. When it’s well seasoned it’s nearly non-stick, with easy cleanup and no worries about PFOAs leaching from non-stick pans. Unlike enameled cast iron, the seasoned cast iron requires a little care but that’s easily done.

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