2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread

2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread

2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread

This recipe uses MORE YEAST than my Faster No Knead Bread. The rest of the ingredients are the same. Be sure to aerate (not sift) your flour before measuring. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Makes: One loaf

2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread


  • 3 cups (390 gm) bread flour or all purpose flour (AERATE FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING)
  • 2 TEASPOONS instant or RapidRise yeast (1 packet/7 grams)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups hot water (up to 130° F)
  • (about 2 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping)


  1. Combine flour, 2 teaspoons yeast, and salt in a large bowl. Stir in water until it’s well combined.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour.
  3. After 40 minutes, place a 3 to 6-quart Dutch oven with lid in a cold oven and preheat to 450° F.
  4. After the dough has rested for the hour, place it on a well-floured surface and sprinkle with a little flour. Using a scraper fold dough over 10-12 times & shape into a rough ball.
  5. Place in a parchment paper-lined bowl (not wax paper) and cover with a towel or another bowl. Let stand on counter top for 15 minutes.
  6. After 15 minutes, carefully, using oven gloves, lift the parchment paper with the dough and transfer gently into the hot pot. (the dough sits inside a parchment "basket" inside the pot). Cover and bake for 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, remove lid and parchment paper. Return, uncovered, to oven and bake 10 - 15 more minutes. Let it cool at least 15 minutes before slicing.

BIG NEWS: MAKE IT EVEN FASTER! See how to make it in 1 3/4 hours in my blog. Click here.

No Dutch Oven? Didn't Turn Out? Other Questions? Click here.

633 Comments on "2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread"

  1. Kayla

    I have been wanting to make home made bread for a while now. After going through all the recipes I landed on this one and am so happy I choose it! Super easy and the bread turned out great and delicious! Thank you so much!

  2. Kristin


    i wanted to try this but i dont have a dutch oven. any suggestions

  3. Sue Ellen

    Mine is in the oven now. My question is, it was very loose, when I lifted it from the bowl ( in parchment) it flattened out and was sticking to the parchment paper. Should I have put more flour on it when I was folding it? Hopefully it will come together in a round loaf! I’m excited!

  4. janice pet

    Just took it out of the oven, and am so happy! This is my first attempt to make bread without a bread machine, and i am as proud as a peacock! Thanks so much it was fun to make, due to the staying at home climate it was a great deterrent! I will try it again.

  5. Teresa

    Can you add cheese to this bread! Thanks

  6. Cynthia

    I just made this bread this morning. But it was way way to sticky. I either needed more flour or less water. Did anyone else have this issue? Any ideas?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Tara

      Mine was sticky too. I just added more flour and it turned out fine. I made it again today and I didn’t add as much water.

  7. Haley

    Can this be done without parchment paper – I have none and am not willing to go get some!

    • Alys

      You can do the same recipe and put a sprinkling of cornmeal on the bottom of the Dutch Oven. I
      do this all the time and it never sticks.

  8. Jaylene

    My first go at it I had my water way to hot!!! Hope this helps (;

  9. Monica Dalberg

    Maybe a dumb question – parchment goes UNDER bread into pot? If under, do I remove whole bread from pot, separate bread from paper, then place bread into pot again without paper and lid?

    • erass

      That’s what I did!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That’s correct. The parchment goes under the bread into the pot for baking. When you remove the lid you can leave the parchment in and bake with the lid off or you can remove the parchment and put the bread back in the pot to finish. I remove it. You can watch the process on the video attached to the “Faster No Knead Bread.”

    • Juli

      Watch Jenny’s video on making this bread. It not only is instructional but entertaining as well. It will make everything clear.

  10. Sharon Dewitt

    Have you had a problem with the dutch oven smoking a bit while preheating? I think because I have a cast iron one and I oil it? Also when putting the parchment paper in, do you put it on the bottom of the pot or on top? Sorry for all the questions.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The smoking is likely from oiling the pot. The parchment paper goes in the bottom because you use the parchment to lift the bread to place in the pan, parchment and all. The dough sits in kind of a parchment basket. You can see the process on the video attached to my “Faster No Knead Bread.”

  11. BMags

    Just baking lidless for the last 10 minutes. My toddlers loved helping mom “cook”.

  12. Daedo

    Jenny, I’ve been baking bread for nearly 40 years. I’m not an expert, but have tried many different types of bread, from whole wheat to sourdough to biscuits and focaccia. This is by far the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever used AND it tastes great. Great for toast and grilled cheese sandwiches, just a great everyday bread.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. Debbie

    I had a few slices left over, so I cut them into cubes and sautéed them in olive oil. As they crisped up, I sprinkled sea salt on them.
    Best croutons ever!! Seriously they never made it to the salad. Hahahaha. We just ate them out of a bowl.

  14. Kolace2020

    Can you use beer instead of water? Can you blend 1-2-3 roasted garlic cloves (just the pulp mashed) into the dough mixture? If I use Asiago cheese how much can I use without weighing down the dough? Thanks!!


    Thank you for the bread and many other of your great recipes.I would like to ask you if i can use self rising flour with out yeast. would that work for the bread?
    Thank you

  16. Jessi

    I love baking, but am new to the Dutch oven! Would you use the convection feature on the oven or just the traditional heat?

  17. Jacqueline

    Just made this and it is my first attempt at making bread. It looks amazing, however the inside was a little bit doughy. Not too much, bu Maybe I need to bake it a little longer??? Thoughts?

  18. rosa Mandeville

    What if I do not have rapid rise yeast.? I only have active dry yeast

  19. Blanca

    Jenny ,this is my favorite bread to bake. And in times like this ,its nice to bake an extra one to give to a friend ,who is not able to bake.

    • Ron

      Hi, it is great to hear that you are thinking about your neighbors!
      Kudos to you, I am doing the same for my tenant baking it right now.
      Also giving some of my home made bacon to try out.


  20. Laurie

    Can butter milk be used in place of the water? Would it work out the same?

    • Kay

      Not sure how it would work with yeast, but if you swap out yeast for 1 tsp of baking SODA, it becomes a quick bread. You can skip all the rising and follow the rest of the recipe and it’s a traditional Irish Soda bread. I just dust the dutch oven with flour and skip the parchment. BTW if you only have regular milk use baking powder instead.

  21. Jill

    I brushed mine with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt during the last part of baking when the lid comes off. I also added extra parchment paper underneath the bread in the Dutch oven to help reduce the bottom from getting too overcooked.

  22. Gaby Orr

    I am not happy at all. After 3+ hours is still looks as crumbly as it did after I mixed the ingredients.

  23. Jenn B

    I have made this recipe multiple times and it’s so easy.
    My family loves this bread with a good beef stew which is what I’ll do tonight!

  24. Marissa V

    Has anyone every doubled or tripled the recipe? Can you store dough in the refrigerator to bake at another date?

  25. Brian Harder

    Easy peasy. I missed the aerating part and simply weighed the first cup of flour and then did two more by weight only. Instead of 390 grams as you mention in the second (faster) recipe, I did 450 grams. I also did 1/3 of the flour as whole wheat. That said, it turned out great. I’ll do it again with less flour and see how that works out.



    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, the oven stays at 450 through the entire process, when it bakes with the lid on and the rest of the baking with the lid off. Good luck!

      • Kathy

        After the 30 min bake time, when you take off the lid AND the parchment paper off, do you return the bread in the Dutch oven? Or just on the rack? Or can I just take the lid off of the ditch oven and leave the bread in the Dutch oven and paper? Thanks!

        • Jenny Can Cook

          You can do any of the above. After 30 minutes, I remove the lid and the parchment paper and return the bread to the oven in the pot. You can remove the lid and leave the parchment paper and bread in the pot and return it to the oven. Some people remove the bread and put it directly on the oven rack (no pot) but I do not recommend that.

  27. Ca

    Mine didn’t rise 🙁
    I am not much of baker.
    I think I’ll try another one tomorrow.
    Maybe yeast goes bad, or maybe I used the wrong kind.

  28. Cindy Ganj

    Thank you so much for such an easy recipe. I was so excited when it came out and I actually made it!! So good

  29. KMP

    Just mixed this up, it’s in the resting/rising stage now! Will be perfect with our dinner and salads tonight, thank you Jenny! This is my go-to bread!

  30. Doc Kath Baker

    Thank you for this amazing receipe- came out just perfect!


    AMAZING! Made this for the first time last night – definitely won’t be the last! We (well, me) have to have bread with every meal, and this one fits the bill – so easy and tasty! Perfect balance of saltiness to the bread, which I think is key to any homemade bread! Thanks so much Jenny!!

  32. Val

    Thank you Jenny for your Faster and Fastest Bread recipes. I have made several times w great results. Being it is only my wife and I, we do have leftover bread. I was not able to keep the crust of the bread crispy when eating the very next day.

    Do you have any recommendations to maintain the crustiness of the bread if there are leftovers? It is so fabulous when first eating it. Perfect!

    Thank you for these two Bread recipes and other recipes you have blessed us with.

  33. Wendy K

    I have a fear of yeast! I made this Sat. morning and OMG – it was PERFECT!!! Can I add ingredients – like maybe cheese, or garlic or sun-dried tomatoes? If I can, when would I add them? Thank you…LOVE YOUR RECIPES!

  34. Lisa (Not a baker)

    Is the dough supposed to look dry?

    • Lisa

      I guess I’ll find out…

      • Raechel

        It will look dry! Don’t worry! As long as u give it a good mix when u add all the ingredients together your fine! As it sits it will completely change and look more moist. Also making the dough the night before with cold water truly will give u the same results as doing it day of! Hope everything turns out well enjoy!

  35. Stephanie M

    Just made mine this afternoon! Looks and smells awesome! How is the best way to store any leftovers (if) there are any once it’s cut?
    Thank you!!

    • Ken

      There is never any leftover! I put it in the microwave if it lasts overnight!

  36. Kathy Klein

    Can i use cake yeast if so how much? how would you measure it

  37. Branda

    I’m just about to put mine in the oven. I wish it said in the actual recipe to use 3 cups of aerated flour. My dough was so dry and tough to mix. I assumed I read the amounts wrong. After setting it aside to rest I realized that it says to aerate your flour at the top. It’s my own fault for not paying more attention to detail. Fingers crossed this all works out😊😊

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Your comment is very helpful. I added that note to the recipe itself. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!? Thank you!! ❤️

  38. Kris Z

    Well I don’t bake. Apparently I don’t read well, either. I used Active Dry yeast instead of Rapid Rise. I did proof it. I used 2t salt instead of one. Pre-heated the oven instead of putting the Dutch oven in a cold oven. Let’s not forget regular instead of bread flour. Oven is cooling down now. Bread in bowl for first rise. If this works, it is truly a magic recipe.

    Good thing parchment paper is called for because my cast iron Dutch oven needs seasoning.

    Not Betty Crocker

    • Karen

      How did it turn out? Doing this today too!

      • Kris Z

        Looks EXACTLY like the picture. I am eating a hunk now. Maybe it is me but it seems to lack flavor. I will see what the mister says. I have never made bread without sugar and some type of fat.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Some people use more salt, or try the “Faster” version that takes a little longer.

  39. Amy

    Any suggestions as I do not have a Dutch oven yet. What else will work?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      See the FAQs.

    • Jeff A.

      I have used several different crusty bread or artisan bread recipes. Last year I was teaching a group of about 12 young women how to make it. We didn’t have enough Dutch ovens so we went ahead and used regular cookie sheets and the bread turned out great. I still use a Dutch oven when I am making my own for my family, but I have used cookie sheets in a pinch and the bread was still wonderful. Goes great with dipping oil too! If you need a recipe for a great dipping oil let me know.

      • Nurse Marge

        Hi Jeff – Can you please share the dipping bread recipe when you get the chance? Much appreciated!

      • Glenda

        Dipping oil recipe please!!

        Thank you…..stay safe!!

      • Becca

        Jeff, When you use cookie sheet, how do you make sure the bread steams the way its supposed to? Do you cover the bread with something on the cookie sheet? Thanks

  40. Jaclyn Gretz

    Looking to make but dont have a Dutch Oven… tips?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Jeff A.

      I have used several different crusty bread or artisan bread recipes. Last year I was teaching a group of about 12 young women how to make it. We didn’t have enough Dutch ovens so we went ahead and used regular cookie sheets and the bread turned out great. I still use a Dutch oven when I am making my own for my family, but I have used cookie sheets in a pinch and the bread was still wonderful. Goes great with dipping oil too! If you need a recipe for a great dipping oil let me know.

      • Rhonda

        Jeff, OF COURSE we all would like to to know more about your bread dipping sauce recipe! Tell us soon please.

  41. Jen

    I have a loaf in the oven as we speak, and this is my second time but not my last! I shared your link on Facebook since we’re all cooped up because of covid-19. It helps me pass the time.

  42. RMD

    I accidentally used a whole packet (1/4 oz) of yeast instead of 1/4 tsp. What can I expect? It’s only into a half-hour of the first 3 hr. rise?

    • Tam

      Hi. The recipe calls for an entire packet, no? Thats what I used and its resting now…

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This “Fastest” 2-Hour recipe uses 2 teaspoons of yeast. To other original “Faster” one that takes 4 1/2 hours and has a video, uses 1/4 teaspoon.

  43. Diane

    This is great bread. Sure would like to see the video back up so I can send to a friend. Thanks!

    • Rhonda

      Diane, I have watched Jenny’s video several times on YouTube. It presently up and ready for viewing at
      Best to you and your household during this COVID-19 pandemic and sheltering in place ordinances and laws.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Keep in mind that the video is for the “Faster” loaf, which uses less yeast, but the method is basically the same.

  44. Birdie

    This bread couldn’t have been any easier! just took it out of the oven…things to do while on lockdown and everyone is working from space is the kitchen! Breda looks fab, now I must hide it for dinner!!!

    • Birdie

      Bread looks fab, posted a picture on Instagram! Don’t be afraid of using yeast, just make sure you have a thermometer for the water, so you don’t kill the yeast!

  45. Theresa

    First time I ever made bread and it turned out Awesome, only thing at the end I had to turn my oven up a little to get it to brown on top, but it’s awesome. Will be making this again, thank you 😁

  46. Mars B

    I’m making soup and I wanted decadent bread to go along with it so I used the basics of this recipe and added chopped basil leaves, cheddar chunks and a tbs of tomate paste (dissolved it into my water) and it turned out super good! This so isnt the first time I’ve tried this recipe (and the basic no knead one) and added a bunch of stuff in and it always tastes perfect and has the best crust. Tried it with kale, bacon and white cheddar mixed in recently and it was amazing!

  47. Ann

    So I made this yesterday, the tutorial said 1/4 tsp rapid dry yeast, the written recipe said 2 tsp rapid yeast. So I put one packet of active dry yeast which is 21/2 tsp of yeast. I thought well this might not work because I know in baking measuring is important. Everything else I did exactly. Came out perfectly, super crispy crust. I let it rise the three hours but I baked an Irish bread so I didn’t waste a lot of time when I went to heat the Dutch oven. By the time that came out of the oven it only took maybe 30 min or so to get to the 450temp, Honestly don’t think you can mess this up. I bake but nver made bread.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The tutorial is for the “Faster” recipe, which only needs 1/4 teaspoon of yeast (the 2-HOUR Fastest uses 2 teaspoons) but it’s true, this bread is hard to mess up. I’m glad it turned out.

  48. Ann

    Has anyone used active dry yeast instead of quick rising?

    • AJ

      I’ve used “regular” yeast more often than not, and it works just fine. I tend to always proof my yeast even with the instant yeast instead of just adding it to the flour.

  49. Pauline

    I love your recipes,I made a loaf for my friend,without salt it was very dense.what did I do can I correct this? thank you.

    • Debbie

      Homemade loaf bread is normally denser that what you find in the store. Store bought bread you can roll into a ball in your hand because of all the odd ingredients they’ve added to it. As a kid we grew up on homemade bread (born in 92) so the few times we had store bought bread we thought it was kind of icky.

  50. TZ

    This simple recipe has become our family’s favorite. It’s so easy to put together a nice hot loaf every time I make homemade soup. My brother in law makes it quite often for my sister and their grands. Always makes the house smell great, too! Thank you, Jenny- for the great recipe and your contagious enthusiasm!

  51. Meredith

    This bread is fantastic. To make it a little more palatable, I add a tablespoon of white sugar in the mixture. I also brush a little bit of olive oil on the top of the bread and sprinkle on some oregano or herbs to Provence before sticking into the oven. Love this recipe. I’ve made this bread a few times now.

    • Ann

      Is active dry yeast ok to use?

      • Babs

        hi ann
        yes you can…but dissolve the yeast into the water directly first. dissolve the yeast into the water that’s stated in the recipe. Wait five minutes for the yeast to activate/small bubbles on the surface.
        instant rise yeast is the one you can add directly to the flour…remember to always mix the flour with salt first before adding yeast. salt can kill yeast.

  52. Sailgurl

    I use non-stick aluminum foil for baking my bread. I love that product for everything from homemade pizza, bread and candy. Nothing sticks to it.

  53. Nancy H

    I was using my cast iron frying pan with the lid. But I found it too heavy and hard to handle without getting burned. So. I bought a small granite roasting pan with a lid (holds a 10 lb. turkey and costs only $10) It’s very light even with the bread in it. I put the empty roaster pan with the lid on in the oven while the oven was pre heating. I took the hot pan out and put 2 small loaves side by side in the roaster. Put the lid on and baked the bread. Turned out great and was much safer to handle.

  54. KMP

    Made this today and it’s cooking in my oven to accompany our 31st Wedding Anniversary dinner tonight! Will be just perfect with our salad and steak! Not my first or last time making this crusty bread!

    • Kelly

      Happy Anniversary! How awesome is 31 years! Congrats!

  55. Dawn

    Sooooo good!! Thanks for sharing this very simple recipe. Bet you can guess what I had for dinner!

  56. Amy

    Perfect. Super easy. Great bread. Made it in my Staub Dutch oven. Bring on the butter.

  57. Sandie Rhodes

    Hi. My daughter gave me a Le Creuset Dutch oven for Christmas and your recipe! It’s added a great component to many of the meals I cook. I have added rosemary and thyme to the basic bread recipe with great success but am wanting to try olive oil. I know this will change the proportions of wet ingredients and wondered if you’ve done this yourself? While I’m a pretty good cook, I’e not had a lot of success with baking since my style is to go with instincts and as you undoubtedly know, baking is more of a science. Thanks for any input you have. Love your site!

  58. steve nagelkerke

    This is the fourth time making your recipe. We love it. It’s so easy even a cave man can do it!

  59. Lynette

    Has anyone tried this with a gluten-free all purpose flour?

  60. Roger D.

    This came out fabulous. So easy , even a guy can make it.

  61. Beth R.

    I was amazed by how well this turned out! At 5 PM last night I told my husband I was going to make bread. He looked at me oddly and then said “now?”. I threw the ingredients together and covered with plastic wrap and went back upstairs to finish a show I was watching. He asked me where I was going, I answered: “to finish my show.” He said “I thought you were going to make bread”, I answered, “I am!” LOL I couldn’t have been more impressed with the results!!! It is more of a country-style bread in my opinion, with the softer texture inside, but delicious! We could have devoured the whole loaf with a stick of butter when it was warm! I am going to use bread flour next time to see what taste differences it makes. Thank your for this amazing recipe!!

  62. Louise

    Love this bread recipe. I’ve made it several times. Have a loaf in the oven right now to go with the homemade spicy bean soup cooking on the stove.

  63. Sara

    I have made this recipe more than 10 times and every time it turns out wonderful! We have even made this in a Dutch oven while camping. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!

  64. James Buchanan Just Jim!

    Jenney, have after folding the dough about 6 ok 8 times.
    how would it be to roll the air out little like a pie dough lightley.
    Have you ever done that for bread.?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I never have but it seems like you would want the air bubbles in there to help rise the bread.

  65. Tuula

    Well – Delicious !! I was a bit confused in reading comments on light and airy as mine was a little dense – although my hubby and I both loved the density- I had sprinkled a little garlic powder and onion powder over it at first rise – so I thought that’s why .
    Then I read about aeration lol !
    So I will do that the next time to see how that version is but I’m thinking since we both loved it the dense version I may end up making the “”wrong”” way lol
    Thanks for this awesome recipe !!,

  66. Nina

    OmygoshJennyyy!! Thanks so much for this recipe; super delish yumyumyum! My bread came out looking like a Panera loaf and tasting just as good! I almost missed the second rise, but backtracked just in time-scooped the dough out of the hot Dutch & back into the bowl (I actually missed the link to hour and half bread the first go around so next time I will be trying without the second rise) As for the prep- I have shied away from baking that requires things be rolled out, as my countertops are a circa 1960’s weird veiny laminate that traps every piece of dirt so even though I keep them clean, I’m still skeeved rolling food things out on them. I worked around that issue simply by flouring up my pizza stone and folding the dough on that. Also, I eschewed with the parchment paper because I had none. Instead, I put a bit of cornmeal in the bottom of the Dutch and it worked perfectly. ThankU again Jenny!! I felt preeeetty fancy pulling my bread out of the oven. You’re awesome! 😊

    • Susan

      Nina, I use parchment paper to roll my dough onto so that clean up is super easy and you aren’t getting anything on your counters. You can also use a silpat mat for the same thing

  67. Lola

    I have yeast from your regular no-knead bread. It is active dry. Can I use in your super fast no knead bread, you call for rapid rise. Can I substitute. By the way, I always watch your videos over and over. I am in my 70s, but you are never too old to learn new things. You are great fun and a great cook
    Just made your potatoe latkes . They were great.

  68. Steph

    Absolutely amazing recipe. I usually do an 8-16 hour rise on my no knead bread but this is way better. Not only for time but the texture is much airier and lighter. The longer rise seems to be doughier. This is absolute perfection!
    I skipped the parchment paper for anyone looking to do that. Just put dough right in the hot Dutch oven.

  69. Nick

    I just made this recipe and it turned out fantastic. I don’t know what all these people are talking about, burning their dutch oven and butcher paper catching fire. I used cheap Walmart butcher paper and it didn’t catch on fire. I bought a pioneer woman dutch oven from Walmart and everything came out perfect. The folks using super expensive dutch ovens must have done something wrong. I paid $44.00 for my dutch oven. Bread is perfectly crusty on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. Can’t wait to tweak the recipe with some honey and oats or a more savory bread, onion powder and garlic. Thanks for this super simple and delicious recipe!

    • Mark W

      Absolutely agree Nick. I use an Amazon dutch oven that cost about 60.00 specifically to bake in and it and grocery store parchment paper work great. I’ve reduced the size of the bowl I use to let the dough rest and slash the loaf with a razor blade after it goes into the dutch oven just before I put it in the oven. I’ve also discovered Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning and LOVE it on (and in) my dough

      • O T.B.

        OH MY GOD, Mark!!!! My jaw DROPPED when I read what you were putting on top!! My dough is still in the first rise, so when I’m ready to put it in the oven, I’m going to sprinkle sesame seeds on top!! I already have the Mediterranean spice blend za’atar in the dough, and I think the sesame seeds on TOP will be amazing! Thanks for the idea!! 😊

  70. Kari

    This was the easiest and best bread I’ve ever made. Perfect crunchy crust with chewy center!

  71. Chey

    “Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to…” : ) This bread made me break out in song! Today is the day I FINALLY made this recipe, which I have been wanting for a while. It came out beautifully!! My hubby and I ate 1/2 the loaf and reluctantly packed up the rest for later. Like maybe in about an hour later…..? hah, we’ll see! Thank you SO much for your practical recipes. I can always count on finding a delicious Anything on your site and your YouTube videos! I added a tsp of garlic powder and a Tbs of dried onion to give the bread a savory flavor. Dang! This was so delicious. I will bake the next loaf for maybe 5ms more to perhaps firm it up a bit – I had a little trouble slicing, but honestly… do I really need perfect slices? Maybe not. Thanks, again! Another winner and I’m not at all surprised!

    • Nick

      Excellent Tommy Tutone reference. I wonder how many people it was lost on? I too made this bread and it came out excellent! I had cheap stuff as well, cheap cast iron and cheap parchment paper. Rock on!

    • Andrea

      For people who have trouble slicing bread cleanly, may I suggest using a serrated (ragged-blade) knife, (ot a straight-bladed knife, and letting the bread cool just a bit before slicing? Also, do not press down firmly on the bread, either with your hand or the knife. Patience and gentleness are the keys in slicing bread, especially when it’s just-from-the-oven. Enjoy!

  72. Lisa Wint

    Hi… I am wondering if anyone has tried this recipe without the parchment paper and if it came out ok?

    • Just Me

      For a long time, I followed the No Knead bread recipe from the New York Times which does not use parchment paper. It always came out fine, but it was always a bit difficult to get the dough into the hot pot. I love the parchment paper method much better as it makes transferring the dough much easier. It’s worth keeping parchment on hand!

    • Steph

      I skipped that step. Just put the dough in an oiled bowl to rise then after flouring and turning put it back in the same bowl for the second rise. Once the Dutch oven was hot I plopped the dough straight in. It was perfect!!

    • Chey

      : ) Nick! I’m glad I’m not alone. Cheap Dutch oven and parchment used here, too. I think in the second rise, I’m going to try jalapeno and a bit of cheddar. This is such an easy-not-spending-my-whole-day-waiting kind of recipe that if it doesn’t work … no biggie. I’ll just do something else. Take care. … and Thanks, again, Jenny!

  73. Heather

    I’m here to say please dont replace anyones dutch ovens. I have cooked bread in my dutch ovens multiple times and with a little Bar Keepers Friend powder cleans them right up. I have also used many different recipes from all kinds of places etc.. websites and cookbooks. If anyone did their research they would see that baking a dry item (bread dough) in a Dutch oven may discolor it. Did anyone here read their manuals for their dutch oven before complaining to this poor womans site and upset her. It will state that in the paperwork. Plus Le Creuset has a warranty also. Plus if the recipe states it’s going to use the oven at 450 degree for a long time… it’s going to get HOT in the kitchen. Duh!!!!! JENNY.. your recipe came out great!! Even my 12 year old helped with the baking. It was super easy and worded great for him to understand each step of the process. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Mucho Love
    Heather and Nick

  74. Klaus

    Simple, quick, easy, and magnificent recipe! Just made 2 loafs with my 12yo son, one exactly as the recipe said, one with about 2Tbsp of honey added.
    No discoloration of the Dutch Ovens other than the outside darkening with the heat and returning to normal as they cool….no flaming parchment paper…
    …Not that EITHER of those could ever possibly be Jenny’s doing or fault! If your product fails to meet the advertised capabilities, please contact the manufacturer instead of trying to pawn it off on someone else for freebies!

  75. Vic

    Can this recipe be doubled? The first loaf I made came out great but it was gone in no time. It was great.

  76. Harry

    Very nice & very easy recipe. Testing is next.
    Thanks for sharing!

  77. Name Withheld

    What’s the matter with ten minutes of kneading? I tried the recipe here, and I watched Jenny on YouTube video. Nice loaf. Very sweet video presence. But please. All told, this was a 3 hour process. My electricity bill will be sky high for the long high temp oven. The edges of the parchment paper around the Le Creuset dutch oven caught fire, and the pot itself is charred: no amount of scrubbing will get it back to its original pale yellow color. So again, I ask, what’s wrong with ten minutes of kneading? It actually is therapeutic! Bake your loaves at a lower temp and give them a little love first.


      Please read this! I am quite serious. My pale yellow Le Crueset Dutch Oven is ruined. The high heat burned dark splotches all over the pot, but esp on the lid. It is not in warranty, and was a gift from my daughter. NOT WORTH IT! I used to have a brown Dutch Oven, same brand, and it would not show the burning but the enamel had cracked; I used it for over 35 years. If you have a dark colored pot, go ahead, but not any of the recent pastel colors by Le Crueset. Actually weeping.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I’m so sorry to hear this. I don’t know how this could happen because I also use a light colored Le Crueset but please send a picture of your DO and I will send you an exact replacement. Use the “Your Photos” link and I will keep an eye out for the photo. Include a note with your mailing address and it will not be published. I can order the same thing online and have it sent directly to you. ~ jenny

        • Andrea

          Perhaps note to folks that Cast Iron dutch ovens work great if they’ve been seasoned correctly, and they never need scrubbing. Although it’s getting more difficult for me to lift cast iron, it is great for baking and cooking.
          Thanks for a great recipe ’cause I really don’t like spending lots of time kneading and having the long double rise.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        This email should work: – From a camera or computer you should be able to drag & drop photos into this email. Let me know. Please send more than one photo. We need to see the logo on the lid, the inside of the lid where Le Creuset has some numbers, and something that clearly shows the color. Also please provide the size in case the numbers are not enough. Thank you.

        • Named Withheld

          Jenny and staff – I have now sent email with photos of the Dutch Oven that became splotched with baking the no-knead bread. I appreciate your kind offer to replace my pot – a treasured gift from a hard working daughter. I do not see how to get rid of my frustrated comments on this site from earlier. Please remove them – if no one else has had this trouble it must just be the curse of my Swiss grandmother for trying to bake bread without kneading it!

          I have enjoyed watching your video clips!

          All the best.

          • Jenny Can Cook

            Thanks for sending your photos. Your Dutch oven looks a bit like my own yellow one, which has scorch marks on it. It’s definitely hard to clean so I just let it go but yours does look like it could be cleaned. I offered to replace it for you and am willing to do so but I’m not clear that it’s what you want now since you acknowledge that no one else has had this problem.

            It’s a bit of a dilemma for me since replacing your Dutch oven would suggest that I think my recipe is not trustworthy but tens of thousands of people have made it with no complaints of any damage and I stand behind this and all of my recipes. Please let me know if you want the replacement and I will honor my commitment. If not, we can just move forward and I will delete your comments as requested. Thank you.

            • DinaBeDina


              I’m sure I ‘m not the only one who has thought this woman was ridiculous in her complaint about stains on her pot! You don’t owe her anything! I’m sure I am not alone in this opinion. I’ve never met a fabulous cook who’s pots are not stained and scratched tons of bumps and bruises. etc… Carry on Jenny! I have 3 adult autistic children who can easily follow your recipes and have success over and over and over again. Same with me. You are my # 1 go to chef and I refer you to everyone. In return they tell me how they love it too! You are very much appreciated in my world, all over this world and the world beyond, of this I am certain. To me , you are more than just a great cook Your the mom I never had, the Grandmama , the aunt, the sister, the best friend the great co worker I have always dreamed off in my head. Thank you for sharing your Sunshine with the rest of the world, for FREE! Bless you and yours, Enjoy In~joy ~ Sign me , a very satisfied student. Dina.

        • Heather

          I’m here to say please dont replace anyones dutch ovens. I have cooked bread in my dutch ovens multiple times and with a little Bar Keepers Friend powder cleans them right up. I have also used many different recipes from all kinds of places etc.. websites and cookbooks. If anyone did their research they would see that baking a dry item (bread dough) in a Dutch oven may discolor it. Did anyone here read their manuals for their dutch oven before complaining to this poor womans site and upset her. It will state that in the paperwork. Plus Le Creuset has a warranty also. Plus if the recipe states it’s going to use the oven at 450 degree for a long time… it’s going to get HOT in the kitchen. Duh!!!!! JENNY.. your recipe came out great!! Even my 12 year old helped with the baking. It was super easy and worked great for him to understand each step of the process. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

      • kk

        Why don’t you try cleaning it?
        Also the comment about your electricity bill..a bit over the top. Clean your pot. Contact the manufacturer about issues, not the person who wrote a recipe.

      • Learning Bread Making In Ohio

        To blame her for what happened to your pot is insane. I have tried the very same recipe and came out awesome.
        You bitched about the electricity, then about the Dutch oven. If you are so concerned about your electric bill, shouldn’t have baked.
        As far as the pot is concerned, yes it burned, but there’s this one thing is called cleaning.
        If you so cherished that pot, shouldn’t have used it. I can’t believe you got on here complaining on something that others can’t control. Isn’t like she pushed you to do it. The risk was on you lady. Be glad she was kind enough to send you one. Had it been me, will have given you a tissue.
        Posts like yours is what keeps people from posting good things…. I hope you are happy with the new Dutch oven ….

        • Paul

          I agree. Take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming someone who is kind enough to share her awesome recipe with the world.

        • Heather

          AMEN! 100% AGREED. That lady is ridiculous.. smh.

      • DinaBeDina

        Google how to clean it. ex:
        . .. Now, please, go scrub and think of how immature and whinny you sounded over a stupid pot that gets stained sooner or later, no matter. Even if the stains do not come out. Your pot still works!!
        Time to grow up girl! Geesh. Jenny doesn’t owe you anything.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I would like to get this resolved but need to hear from you as I am not clear. Please let me know if you still want me to replace your Dutch oven. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If I have not heard from you by tomorrow I will assume you no longer expect a replacement Dutch oven and I will consider this issue closed. Your name and/or comments will be removed. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Case Closed. It looks like she realized I was not responsible so I will not be replacing her Dutch oven. My thanks to everyone for supporting me through this stressful event. ❤️

      • Corrine

        I love your recipes and you handled this well God bless you

      • Mark W

        Good Job Jenny; As a business owner I can say that it’s not about the complaints it’s about how you handle them, and your response was spot on…many people just need to be heard. By the way…I love my beat up and discolored dutch oven. It’s seen a lot of warm and wonderful times in my kitchen

      • M

        Just a thought…when I read the original comment, it sounded like the gal thought she needed to have to the oven on for 3 hours. Now that would ruin your pot, cause the paper to burn and jack your electric! 😉

        Anyhoo…I have a sour dough starter in the fridge and was wondering if I could use that as a liquid replacement. Thoughts?

      • CINDY

        I haven’t made bread since the 70’s. I watch your videos and when I saw you make this bread, I was inspired. I used my LeCreust Dutch oven and I was over the moon happy with how it turned out! Delish! And my family loved it. Your videos are the best, love your humor and enthusiasm! Thank you!

    • Italmamacita

      Wow who ever you are, your being ridiculous. Nobody twisted your arm to make the recipe. And no one has had any complaints about their Dutch oven pots.
      Jenny thank you for sharing your recipes and videos for free. Your an amazing cook. I love your humor on the videos also ☺️ Take care and be stay safe.

  78. Olivia

    I subbed a little bread flour for spelt — maybe ⅓ cup. The dough is having its one-hour rise time and it looks pretty wet. Is that normal? Is there a video for this one?

  79. DinaBeDina

    Jenny Jenny Jenny!! Speechless! ( because my mouth is so full of this aww~ so absolutely so easy,fun to make Orgasmically Deeeelicious bread! )

    P.S. Insane that you don’t self publish your own book! I would buy so many of them. Your the best teacher ever. Thank You so much for the love you put into all of you do !!
    Godspeed sweet lady. Mouah xox from New Brunswick Canada.

  80. Lara

    I LOVE this recipe! It looks pretty, tastes great, and so easy to adapt. The first loaf I made was devoured by my family. The second loaf I added 1/2 C of shredded cheddar cheese. It was even better! Most importantly – this recipe got my daughters to love the crust. :o)

  81. Martha

    Jenny I cant believe you have a food blog!!!! I just found this page today and I grew up watching your talk show.
    Anyways, this bread is great! Super easy and fast. Very delicious! A little denser than I’m used to but maybe I could let it rise a bit longer. Would be excellent with some added herbs as well. Definitely will make again (as it’s almost gone)!!

  82. Diane Uhlman

    I made this a week ago. It was great! I just put a loaf in the oven and I added garlic powder and Italian seasoning. I am waiting to see how it tastes.

  83. Jerry from Brooklyn

    Jenny, I had used your 2 hour “No Knead Bread” Recipe. I had increased it by 25 percent volume to all your ingredients. It came out great and boy did it taste good!

  84. Rayn

    My husband polished off all but TWO slices of the loaf in a day….. now I have to make three batches. One for his gran, and two for us so I can hopefully get more then just two slices!

  85. Rick C.

    Followed your recipe but decreased the instant yeast to 1/2 teaspoon and let the dough rise for about 2 1/2 hours. The final product looked just as you pictured. The bread was crusty and chewy and developed a really nice flavor. Everyone loved it!!


    I’ve bought bread machines AND returned them!
    In the last 10 days, I’ve made 3 Loaves, Your recipes
    Are JUST TOO DELICIOUS! The 2nd loaf we made,
    Husband parboiled a whole bulb of Garlic. I peeled the
    Skins after it cooled. Husband added all the Garlic & folded them
    In after the 1st rise. He shaped the dough into a ball, brushed the top w/EVOO and Freshly Grated Parmigiana.
    Better than Dessert! Jenny, You’re not only Our Hero but in a month
    Weight Watchers will be Thanking You Too! 🤷‍♀️👫

  87. Pat

    This is a fast and easy recipe. It is such a beautiful bread. While it was proofing I pickled our jalapenos and thought, experiment time. So, my next loaf will be a jalapeno loaf!
    Thank you Jenny!

  88. Fernbaker

    I am always game for testing new bread recipes. My go-to is the NYTimes no-kneads (one is overnight rise, the other is a 4-hr rise). Both have fantastic flavor. While this recipe turned out exactly as demonstrated in the video (fluffy, crusty) it is quite literally the blandest bread I’ve ever tasted. This is due to the excessive amount of yeast required to cut the proofing time. Flavor comes with time, and I’d only recommend this if you wanted to make bread bowls or something where the bread flavor is not important. I’ll stick to traditional and NYTimes no-kneads for now.

    • euda

      Remember when your mom told you “if you can’t say something nice……” – was it really necessary for you to totally demean this bread (which is actually good but perhaps not for the “NY Times” bread critic – a bit snobbish)…I think you need to demean things.

      • Rita

        “God made your left hand to hold bread” and the right to spread butter on it and place cheese on it and pour EVOO on it and place charcuterie on it….Who cares if its bland.

  89. Doug J

    I’ve tried bread recipes for awhile, including, a long time ago, a bread machine. The bread machine now sits unused. I’ve never been satisfied with the results and have almost gave up on trying to make fresh baked bread until using this recipe. My first attempt was a success and I can’t wait to bake more bread for guests. QUESTION: can wheat gluten, such as Hodgson Mill, be added, and if so at what amount? Thanks again for a great recipe!

  90. j

    Wonderful recipe. I am not an experienced baker but after having successfully baked one loaf, I altered my next a bit by replacing 1/4 c of the water with honey (melted into the warm water), added a bit more salt, and sprinkled salt flakes on the top after rubbing with milk. OMG so good my family couldn’t stop remarking on it. Next try will be to go 1/2 whole wheat and do as above to see how it turns out!

  91. Ann Lowe

    I will try this looks so easy.

  92. Stormy

    This was incredible!! My whole family absolutely loved it, even fought over it. I won’t be able to ever buy bread again!

  93. Aspen

    Holy cow! I made this with low expectations, thinking it would probably turn out dense and unflavored, but it was fantastic! When I first gave my husband a slice he thought for sure it was from the store. The only thing I would do different is add a little more salt. I also brushed it with the Chili & Onion Crunch from Trader Joes (a mix of olive oil, dried onion, red pepper flakes and dried garlic) and it was delish!

  94. Lizette Fornoni

    Can I add olive oil? If so how much? Would I need to change anything to the recipe? Love this recipe. I’ve made it twice already

    Thanks 😁

  95. Tara Stephens

    Thanks so much for this recipe I’ve made it several times , it is delicious and comes in handy when u don’t have money to buy bread.Tiday I’m making a loaf to go along with some homemade lentil soup.

  96. Jayne

    Turned out perfect! Had it along side homage chicken noodle soup. Will experiment with other flours as well as olives. Cheeses and fresh herbs

    • Hayzl

      What other flour have you experemented with? Going to try almond coconut and cassava because it’s all I have. Just didn’t know if I needed extra rising agent or an added egg?

  97. Dawn

    I cannot believe how easy this was! You have made a baker out of me yet, and this is my first loaf ever. I followed recipe exactly, used a 7 qt dutch oven, and added fresh rosemary and black ground pepper during “step 1”. Cannot wait to make it again!

  98. Liz

    This is the second time I make this recipe. The first time the yeast was expired and wasn’t fully cooked in the middle when I took it out of the oven. but still tasted good. Then I saw your blog and the second time turned out perfect! I don’t have a Dutch oven so I use a glass Pyrex one with a lid. This time I let it bake for 5 minutes longer and let it cool before cutting and turned out wonderful!

  99. Dana

    Followed the recipe as given. Yum! Yum! It didn’t last past dinner.

  100. Maxx

    I want to make your 2 hour bread. Only problem is that my Dutch Oven has a plastic knob. HELP.

    • Chef K

      If it’s a Le Creuset Dutch Oven, the plastic knob will be fine. I’ve used this recipe 3x now with no trouble at 450F. Check the manufacturer’s website if they have more info, good luck!

      • OnnaB

        I think foil would make decent replacement.

      • Heidi

        I have LeCreuset pot too… The lid cover should be good to 500f.

      • Judy

        I had the same issue so i plugged it as super tight as i could, no problem!!!

      • Ted M.

        Le creuset now makes a very good metal knob replacement just for this reason

    • Tara Stephens

      Maxx I had same problem…the second time I used a cover for my stock pot over a Pyrex glass dish …the first time I melted my plastic Hope this helps👍

    • Keith

      Go to your local hardware store and buy a metal drawer pull knob. Pick up some small washers just in case.
      Replace the plastic knob with the metal one using the smallest screw that is supplied. If it can’t tighten down all the way, add washers as needed.

      My Tramontina needed about 3 or 4 washers but it’s snug as a bug and can handle the heat.

      Make sure the knob you get is 100% metal and is chrome. You don’t want a panted one.

    • Courtney

      Many dutch ovens have a plastic knob 🙂 should be fine. Both mine do (le cruset and martha stewart) Just google the brand and check on their website if it is oven safe if you are nervous.

      • Paul

        I melted the plastic lid handle at 450 degrees and got in big trouble. It’s still usable, but now I unscrew it when making breads at high temps.

  101. Linda

    Bread flour is a must!

  102. Phil

    What temp is oven not in recipe.

    • Katherine Dunn

      She says it in Step 3 of the instructions.

  103. Phil

    Can you bake this in the new wave?

  104. Ann Marie

    I am so happy to find you again. always admired you and now more than ever. I am so excited to try this bread recipe. Cooking makes me happier than eating.

  105. Robert Sass

    Can this be made without salt. Family member is on a restricted sodium diet. Is there a substitute that can be used to replace the salt?

    • Chanin

      You can do it without salt. I’ve folded in all sorts of other things: garlic, rosemary, nuts, raisins etc. any spice you desire. It works great.

      • Candice

        Hi Chanin,
        When did you add the garlic, rosemary, nuts etc to your dough? was it before the first rise or after? I tried adding parmesan cheese during the first rise…not sure if that caused a problem and I should have waiting until the second rise to fold it in. Thank you!

  106. Mariette

    Well, this is just the best recipe, even if I had to modify it, based on ingredients on hand. I used organic spelt, organic cracked wheat and whole wheat (1 cup each) flour. Easiest process ever, I didn’t make a mess in my kitchen and my husband loved having fresh bread. Made a nice grainy, heavier bread. Just heavenly. I did drizzle a little olive oil and coarse salt before returning to the oven for the last ten minutes. Thanks for your videos and inspiration.

  107. Erin

    Has anyone had success making this with whole wheat flour? If so, did you follow the recipe as follows or make any tweaks?

    • Em

      Used all whole wheat, it didn’t work – rise was shallow and the bread could have been used as a doorstop.

    • Martha

      Wheat bread is denser so you have to use less than the called for bread flour. There is a ratio that you can google for replacing with wheat flour.

  108. Lina

    You are amazing Jenny! I was a bread baker in my 20’s and hardly eat bread now…I tried your fastest recipe and wow! it was delicious, easy and fast….I’ve also tried your meat sauce recipe, cabbage soup, turkey meatballs, and all have turned out fantastic thanks to you…trying the meatloaf this week for elderly sister that has trouble cooking…Thanks so much for your cheery videos and great recipes…

  109. Gayle

    I have been wanting to try bread and rolls can hardly wait to try with your recipes. Thank you So Much

  110. Dawn

    Just made this today. What a disaster!

    I followed the directions exactly, or so I believe I did.

    The bread did not rise at all. When it was baked, it wasn’t really done. It was like a bagel, no rise at all.

    Not fun.

    Felt really bad about putting my dutch oven through all that heat and wasting so much energy — at 450 F.

    I did taste it and did like the taste, the only redeeming quality.

    No idea what I could have done differently to make it come out right. 🙁

    • Jessica

      Is it possible that your yeast was expired or had gone bad? Or was left unrefrigerated?

      • Dawn

        Thank you for giving this thought.

        Yes, I wondered, as well. But I use the same yeast for my bread machine, and it’s been fine, but it’s possible, I guess.

        Though, given how difficult this whole process was . . . it’s really something to have a big dutch oven at 450F — where do you put the lid while you put the bread in? And it burned the parchment paper . . . . it’s just too difficult a process, so I won’t be doing it, again.

  111. Jim

    Jenny I love watching your cooking show, you make everything so fun! I went to the thrift store and bought a Dutch Oven, two hours later I have your Artisan bread coming out of oven, looks awesome! I can’t wait to taste! Thankyou!!!!

  112. Peggy

    I used this recipe for my first time making Dutch oven bread. I got distracted and left in the oven a little longer than the recipe indicated.but you would never know it. It was in the oven with lid on for 45 minutes, not the 30 minutes, then i took the lid off and put back in the over another 6 or 7 minutes before I realized my mistake. I took it out of the oven immediately. I couldn’t wait for it to cool. I had to try it. It was GBD – golden brown delicious. It tasted like an italian rustic bread. Crunchy on the outide, soft on the inside. My 85 yr old mother ate 2 pieces. Then my kids wanted some. It was over half gone before it cooled down. I used the rest to make garlic bread on the BBQ.
    I wish there was a place to leave a photo to show how well it turned out.

    I will definitely use this recipe again. In future I will use this recipe to try to make baguettes and smaller round loaves.

  113. April

    I was very excited to find this quick recipe, but was disappointed with the outcome. It looked beautiful and had a golden-brown crust, but the interior was fairly dense. It still had air pockets, but it was hard to eat more than a slice because of how heavy it was. Not a bad recipe, but I will stick to my 4 hour version.

  114. Starsa

    Hi Jenny, Thank you for this recipe. Last week I made your “Faster No Knead Bread” and I made dipping oil. It was fabulous!! My company also loved it. I saw that you make a lot of Polish dishes on YouTube. Growing up Polish, we had a bakery down the street and she baked the most amazing things. Paczki and some kind of yellowish braided roll with poppy seeds were my FAVES! I never tried to make Paczki because I don’t want to deal with a deep fryer. I can’t wait to try yours!!! Thanks for all you do Jenny. Best Wishes from a Fellow Polish Person!!

  115. Rebekah

    Could this be made with active dry yeast ? Would it change the proofing time and amount?

    • Crys

      I use active dry yeast, and it always works just fine. Hope this helps!

      • Rebekah

        Does it change proofing time at all or do I just need to bloom the yeast first?

        • GiarcO9187

          No Ma’am. It’s easier than that. The 1-1/2c warm/hot water does the job of activating the wee yeasties perfectly. Don’t over mix though.

          May your oven temps remain ever even. Giarc

  116. Carol

    Love this recipe and will stick to it as my go to bread recipe. First saw it on utube and made that recipe but this is even quicker!! 1/1/2 hours start to finish.

  117. Garry

    This is a great recipe and very forgiving especially for those who like to tweak a recipe. I have used garlic or tomato salt to replace regular salt plus some onion powder for a different taste. Diced cranberries add a delightful fresh look and a bit of sweetness.

    I typically finish or baste the top with some good quality olive oil with thin slices of tomato and or olives. Do not forget some coarse salt and fresh rosemary or basil with shredded Parmesan cheese. Add these 10 to 15 before it is done so it does not burn.

    Looks great, smells incredibl. Hundreds of combinations available to suit your specifc taste. Have Fun.

  118. Brian

    forgot bread at the grocery store, could not bear the thought of going back.
    This was good stuff, I cheated and mixed it in the food processor due to arthritis – came out great. surprising flavor. gonna try it again and do a slow rise overnight in the refrigerator.

  119. Janie B

    Wondering if this can be made into sourdough bread by adding sourdough starter? Would any of the other ingredients need to be adjusted? Not really a baker but looking forward to giving this bread a try and would love to make sourdough!

    • Suzanne

      I’ve made this before following the recipe but have a sourdough starter and came here just for this comment! I’m going to attempt using some of the starter and I’ll report back. Wish me luck!!

      • All Gaul

        Suzanne I am wondering exactly the same thing! Hope you report back with a good or evil result so we know! Thanks for being the bold explorer.

  120. Katrina

    I’ve made this recipe, as well as your Fastest No Knead While Wheat recipe. They both came out great. For my taste though the inside was pretty soft. It wasn’t sense enough to spread brie on without coming apart, for example, unless the cheese was extremely soft. I was wondering if any of your breads create a denser loaf – or are there any changes I could make that would make the texture more dense? Thanks!

  121. Shannon

    I just made the dough for this bread recipe and currently have it resting for the hour – One thing I do wish is that aerating the flour before measuring was mentioned WITHIN the recipe instructions itself, versus having to read the comments, see people mentioning it, scroll back up to find the FAQ link and then reading the FAQ.

    As someone completely new to making bread/generally a beginner at baking, I didn’t realise i needed to aerate the flour, and am now nervous my bread won’t turn out.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Aerating is mentioned at the top of the recipe. This is a very forgiving recipe and will still likely turn out. Please report back.

      • Shannon

        Thanks Jenny, looks like I completely missed it so that’s my bad – I read from the ingredients and below. Maybe it would be worth adding a *note to ensure that idiots like me don’t miss it (Reading a lot of recipes online has caused me to have a habit of scrolling straight down and only reading from the ingredients, to try and skip a lot of the extra reading that’s typically added in).

        The bread turned out amazing, so I don’t think that the fact that I missed aerating before measuring really caused any sort of negative effect, and if it did, it wasn’t anything noticeable at all.

        My loaf was delicious, and my husband was absolutely thrilled to have warm, fresh bread. I can definitely see myself turning this into a weekly recipe. I’d be curious about making additions without risking ruining the structure of the bread, so that there are more options in terms of ‘flavors’.

        My only gripe, which is very much a petty one, is that mine seemed a lot paler than the photo provided. It was a very very light golden at best, but the bottom was beautifully brown. It was deliciously crusty nonetheless, but I’d have loved it to be a little more brown.

        • Katy

          One of the best tips my mother ever passed down was brushing the top of your pastries, pies, breads, etc. with a little bit of milk before baking- the proteins in the milk will help it brown!

        • Janet

          To make a browner crust! Melt some butter and brush it on the dough all but the bottom do this before you bake it. Also when preheating oven place a empty bread pan on the rack below over to the side when you put your bread into bake dump a cup of water in the empty pan this will get the crunchy crust you desire. 😀

  122. Terry Ruedy

    Could I substitute Buttermilk,instead of water? Or as I call sour milk
    Milk and vinegar. Wonder if the acidity from the vinegar would affect the bread. I’m thinking for the taste.
    Always enjoy your post Jenny, and your colorfull kitchen.
    Terry Ruedy

  123. Helen

    I am staying in an Airbnb and couldn’t find a good bakery so I decided to bake a bread. I like whole grain bread, so I used your recipe as a jumping off place. Changes I made were using 1.5 cups bread flour, 2 cups white whole wheat, 1.75 cups water, and .25 cups mixed seeds and nuts (poppy, sesame, sunflower, almonds). The bread rose beautifully for a moist whole grain (not as airy as your recipe, but that’s not what whole grain is supposed to be), it got a good crust, baked through, sliced well…all the things you want in a bread…oh, and tasted wonderful.

    • Pix

      Helen – You Rock!
      What a great idea. I will definitely return to this recipe when travelling.

      The recipe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
      The idea ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  124. Tracey M

    Have made this bread multiple times and it always turns out fantastic. The only thing I changed ( because the 1st time I didn’t have parchment paper) was to spray the bowl and subsequently the Dutch oven with PAM. Works like a charm. This bread has been such a hit I’ve shared it with multiple friends and also my daughters!

  125. Rhonda

    How in the world do you areate the bread? I’ve heard of sifting. I’m new to bread baking. Please explain.
    Thank you!!

    • April

      You aerate the flour- meaning give it some good stirs before you scoop and measure. I use my big spoon, stir it up and then spoon into my measuring cup, level off with a knife.

      It’s the proper way to measure flour. 😊

    • ALLISON L.

      You aren’t aerating (introducing air) the bread you are aerating the flour. Fluff the flour with a fork and spoon it into the measuring cup, then level with the edge of a knife. If you scoop the flour directly from the bag or the container that it is in, you will not get an accurate measurement because the flour is too densely packed. This technique goes for any recipe that calls for exact amounts, especially in baking.

      • Constanze

        The real way to properly measure any baking ingredient, is to weight them. Get yourselves a good digital scale. You’ll thank yourself in the end for being so smart. Besides, no more guessing. Just do it! Cheers! :O)

    • PJ

      Oh my goodness, it’s the FLOUR not the BREAD that is aerated. The purpose is to get air into the flour so it’s lighter. Otherwise you’ll have too much flour in the recipe, and the bread will be dense.

      To do this, use a flour sifter which is a little handheld device kind of like a measuring cup with a screen on the bottom and a little crank or squeeze handle on the side. OR you can use a sieve instead.

      You put the sifter over a large bowl OR over your measuring cup which is sitting in a wide bowl or on a dinner plate, dump the flour into the sifter and turn the crank or squeeze the handle. That causes some wires inside the sifter to move the flour around and mix air into it, so the flour that comes out the bottom is lighter. When your measuring cup is heaping, take a FLAT knife and scrape off the excess flour. Then dump the contents of your cup into the mixing bowl for your recipe. OR, if you sifted into a bowl, then carefully and lightly spoon the sifted flour into your cup, and level off the cup with a knife. Do NOT shake, tap, or pat down the flour.

      It’s important to use a measuring cup made for DRY measuring – the 1 c or 1/2 c or whatever the measure is comes up to the very top of the measuring cup, so when you level off the top with the knife, you have an exact measurement. These cups are often metal and come in a nested set. Measuring cups made for WET ingredients are typically glass, so you can peer through them to see if your ingredient is level with the lines. But these are not good for dry ingredients which must be precisely measured, because you can’t scrape off the top.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I appreciate everyone jumping in to help Rhonda (I think she meant to write flour, not bread) but I have to disagree with sifting before measuring. From my experience sifting is not the same as aerating and you would likely use too little flour if you sift it before measuring. Only a few delicate recipes call for sifting first but generally, and always with my recipes, aerating the flour before measuring is what is recommended. You can see how to aerate flour in my chocolate cake video at the one minute mark:

        Thank you again to everyone for all the help and advice you provide for questions I am not always able to answer. ❤️

  126. Trish W.

    Dear Jenny,
    Luvluvluv your videos. You are freekin adorable! 😍
    I’ve made your fabulous no knead bread serval times since finding you on YouTube a few weeks ago. Yum!
    I have a few gluten free friends and wondering if anyone has tried making this bread recipe with gluten free flour? I was hoping it was doable and would like to gift them with some yummy GF bread and soup. 😘

  127. Shannon

    I have made this bread twice in the last few days. It turns out perfect each time and goes great with homemade soup. Definitely a keeper!

  128. Sue P

    Jenny…you crack me up in your videos, I love your colorful kitchen utensils.
    Anyhow, I made my first loaf 2 days ago, it did not puff up during the rest time….(it still turned out wonderful) BUT…
    After reading your hints I knew exactly what I did wrong. Sooo….I have another loaf proofing right now and it is puffing up.
    Your hints say to aerate (not sift) the flour…also your hints on measuring the flour in one cup increments, keeping the flour fluffy and leveled off with the back of a knife (or whatever)…..these are the changes I made today and it is poofing up right now. Your hints were spot on.
    I’m so glad I came across your videos…I’m hooked now and you make me laugh.
    “I said I was sorry…moving on…) 😆🤣😂

  129. Teri

    Jenny I tried many no knead bread recipes, this is the best. Your videos are so funny, just love them. Wanted to know if this recipe will work with wheat flour? I like dark wheat bread so that would be fabulous. Thanks Jenny for the many great recipes.

  130. John

    Just made my first bread and i can not bake or cook that good, but the bread came out great.
    Thank you,

  131. Carolina

    Can the no-knead/no Dutch oven and ciabatta breads be made with this recipe?

  132. Mikey

    I Absolutely LOVE this recipe! I have now made it a couple of times! It’s so easy and tastes amazing!

    When making the last loaf, My husband actually added some Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb to the dough and it ended up tasting excellent!

  133. Kay

    I tried this recipe today, following the instructions exactly with glorious results. I’m so impressed with how easy it is. Thank you, Jenny!

  134. Mary Caldwell

    Amazing…soft inside and crunchy out! So easy and delicious!! Thank you so much! This is a keeper for me.

  135. Lori

    This came out wonderful! I used all purpose flour, which I sifted and used 120 degree water and then followed directions as written. It was perfect and looked amazing! So easy and delicious! Thank you for the recipe

  136. Mar

    Love this recipe! Trying different variations. Such a versatile recipe. So pretty with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on top. Morel & leek cheese is heavenly in it with dehydrated onions. Jalapeño & cheddar. Going to try lemon zest and rosemary added in. Thank you so much for the recipe and wonderful video. Your videos are fun!

  137. Chuck

    Since my dutch oven is too large and I love
    the extra crisp crust, I bake it in a Pyrex bowl
    inside the dutch oven. That assures that it will
    be a much taller loaf than if I just let it spread
    out. And I added about a cup of hot water to
    the dutch oven while it pre-heated.

    I just load the dough, parchment and all, into
    the Pyrex, which is already pre-heated along
    with the dutch oven.

    This gave me a little more ‘gloss’ on the top of
    the loaf, which was nice and crunchy.

    I also find that the bottom doesn’t brown as
    quickly using the two pot method, which gives
    me time to bake the top uncovered for a bit
    longer. (more crunch? Yes, please!)

    Oh .. and I do this in a convection toaster oven.

  138. randy storm

    first time baker came out perfect

  139. Martha

    Thank you! I’ve been using my grandmother’s bread recipe for almost 40 years-takes about 4 1/2 hours and two risings. Could not believe this was possible, and was delighted to find your recipe worked exactly as written! Made two loaves for our family’s Christmas supper-everyone from the two year old to the seniors loved it! Great crust, soft inside and wonderful texture!

  140. DK

    This is the best bread recipe I have ever used and it is super easy!! I’ve had so many compliments from people who think I am a master baker and I just laugh – such great bread and so easy. Thank you!

  141. Willette B

    I tried this and it was absolutely the easiest creation ever! Thank you for your channel on YT and for sharing your love for baking. I’m about to do a repeat for this. Like the fact that it has no preservatives. Blessings! 🙂

  142. April T

    I’m going to try this with almond flour and coconut flour… Because you’re right, your bread video is definitely carb porn! LOL

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tried a gluten free version and it did not turn out. Please look at the No Knead Bread Solutions in the FAQs.

      • Rita

        I love this recipe Jenny!!! A crowd pleaser and makes me look really talented!!! I don’t eat gluten so experimented with Bob’s Red Mill 1to1 Baking flour and it worked! Important to sift the flour first. May try adding seeds next time to absorb some of the moisture.

        • Candice

          Hi Rita,

          I noticed your comment. You said you used Bobs Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten free flour and it worked. Seems no one else has had luck , including Jenny. I was hopeful and excited when I read that you got it to work and that it was a crowd pleaser. Did you follow Jenny’s recipe exactly and just substituted the flour?
          Thank you

    • Madonna

      Did you try the almond or coconut flour? Did it turn out?

    • Tina

      I’m curious if the bread turned out using the almond & coconut flours?

  143. Mike Loftus

    I have made this bread twice and so far it has not risen anything near what the pictures show. I have a brand new bottle of Yeast and my water is at 120 degrees. Does it matter what size my Dutch Oven is?
    I use a Le Creuset Dutch Oven #26 5.5 QT.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My Dutch oven is also 5 1/2 quart. Please look at the FAQs for some solutions.

    • Toadhull

      I have found that 120 degrees can be too hot for granulated yeast. I keep my water at around 85 and it always works

  144. Rachel Lewter

    I noticed you gave us time options on your bread recipe.
    Do you ever add Cinnamon and Raisins to the bread loaf?

  145. Kathy Reed

    Does this bread stay good for a day or two. No way my husband and I can eat it all in one day.

  146. Cheri

    I’ve never baked bread in my life, this recipe
    is just absolutely divine. The bread has turned out every single time I make it, which really makes me happy. I’ve had my share of bad baking 😵. Anyway I just love your channel on YouTube also, I am so glad I found it! Thanks Jenny! Now I bake my own fresh delicious bread and no more gummy store bread! Wahoo! 👍

  147. Louie

    I can do this by memory now, without a recipe in front of me. I’ve made versions with pumpkin seeds or dried rosemary in the dough, and sprinkled the top with Himalayan pink salt and coarse Atlantic sea salt. Before this I was intimidated by anything with yeast. Now I feel more comfortable and will try other baked goods with yeast.

  148. Walt

    Out come is inconsistent because measuring flower by cups is inconsistent – different flowers have different weight per volume, and weight per volume changes with the humidity and with how compact the flower is.

    • Leah G.

      Hey Walt, You would have an entirely different “outcome” (one word) if you weighed the flour yourself. Once you’ve determined the perfect weight for your tastes, that’s it, a consistent outcome!
      Besides, baking flowers would certainly have a horrible outcome as they are so delicate. 🙁
      I would recommend you stick with bread flour.

    • Sherry Katana

      As with any bread. You need to spoon the flour into the measuring cup and take a flat edge to level the top.

      • Tex (The Army Vet)

        Thank you Sherry! That’s fantastic information and was very useful for me. Much obliged. 🤠👍

  149. Holly Fortin

    Does this recipe require a sugar/sweetener for the yeast?? Excited to make this thanks for sharing this method!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      All my recipes work as written. No sugar is needed. Good luck!

      • Holly F

        I love to learn something new everyday! After I submitted my question I did go thru your website FAQ and IT was answered there as you recommended to check it out. I happened upon your channel so randomly and I am happy to see how successful you are!

        Jenny you are a lady of many hats it seems. Thank you for your super fast reply too!

  150. Casd

    How do you remove the parchment paper and return to Dutch oven?

    • Jeanette

      You don’t need to remove it. I have a loaf browning in the oven right now. Leave the parchment on. It’s made for the oven. It won’t hurt.

      • Jeanette

        OMG!! I did it!! This is my 4th try at a loaf of bread and it finally worked!! Thank you, Jenny! I used the fastest method and it still turned out.

        • Jeanette

          One more question and I promise I’ll stop. Can you add these ingredients without hurting the recipe??

          1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
          ¾ to 1 cup dried cranberries
          ¾ to 1 cup chopped raw walnuts

          • Michelle

            I make this bread often and my family loves it with 2T of dried rosemary. I’m sure you can add anything you listed. I’m going to try it with a cup or sharp cheddar. 🙂

            Good luck!

          • Jenny Can Cook

            This would be similar to my fruit and nut version so I’m sure it will work.

          • d4v1d

            I note that you are planning to use (by volume) a lot of cranberries and nuts. jim lahey adds a fourth cup of flour on his nut-and-berry breads, so I do this when i add olives to one of Jenny’s recipes. Using Jenny’s ratio, which I generally go by, that would add about a half cup of water.


      I make this bread almost weekly. It has become the staple in my house. That being said – you do NOT need to remove the parchment, just make sure there is not a large amount of overhang to catch fire. you DO need to remove the lid for the final browning/crisping, then you can use the parchment to remove the bread from your pot.

      BTW, Lodge has a “combo cooker” which is a deep pot and a shallow pan that fit together to become a PERFECT low cost dutch oven alternative to the French-named company. I VERY HIGHLY recommend it

  151. Beverley

    Works great!! I love this easy fast recipe…
    the instructions were fine… like any recipe you have to read it carefully

  152. Dee

    Ready to have your mind blown? You do not have to preheat the empty Dutch oven at all! Simply put your dough on parchment into the Dutch oven cover and place on center rack of your COLD oven. Turn oven on to 450 degrees, set timer for 30 minutes, uncover and bake for additional 30 minutes. I’ve been making these breads a couple years using this cold oven method, works great and no more burned fingers handling a hot iron pan. Try it!

    • Anita

      When you say just put your dough and all in a cold oven, do you mean after you;ve let it sit on the counter for an hour? TIA!

    • Cheri

      You’re so right Dee! I had so much going on the other day, I completely forgot to preheat the oven. I put the bread dough in my Lodge, baked as you just instructed. It turned out great! Matter of fact, I’m doing it that way from now on. I don’t want to risk cracking my dutch oven. I was so afraid that bread would flop, wasn’t about to toss it. Sure glad I didn’t!!! 🍞 Thnx for the tip. It worked for me! 😊

  153. BL

    Has anyone tried this in a Ninja foodi? If not why?

  154. JM

    I made this exactly as written and it was some of the best bread I have eaten. I will be making a loaf for Thanksgiving. The final product looked awesome and tasted better. Im glad to find another use for my Dutch oven. Thanks Jenny!

    • Jeanette

      I just got me a cast iron Dutch oven. I think it made a big difference!!

      • Candice

        Hi Jeanette,

        I just got a cast iron dutch oven and looking forward to trying this recipe! Did you do anything different – having a cast iron oven or did you just follow the recipe exactly?

        Thank you

  155. Jan

    My Dutch oven instructed not to heat empty what do you suggest?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I believe that means not to preheat on the stovetop. Just make sure it is rated for 450F in the oven.

    • Wm Scott Turrall

      As an 18th C re-enactor we cook in Dutch ovens for everything. Key is CAST IRON — skip the modern enamelled versions and learn to season the Iron.. Best way to cook everything…that said ditch teflon and get Cast Iron Frypans, pots everything — best food ever.

      • Robyn

        I agree about cast iron, but do not buy cast iron made in China!

        • Judy

          I agree- stick with Lodge brand, always made in the USA, the color you see is the finished result of firing, most other cast iron are produced in China for the same prices.
          Forget the “designer” appeal, better to be safe from unneeded chemicals.

  156. MJ

    AMAZING!!!! I can never remember to start my no-knead 18 hrs ahead of time. This takes less time than traditional bread….and it taste amazing! Perfect combination of crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. THANK YOU!

  157. Marcia

    Help…the directions say, …cover, let stand at room temp for 1 hour…then after 40 minutes. Huh – after 1 hour and 40 minutes? or is it place in the dutch oven during the 1 hour at room temp and leave for the remaining of the time? Sorry – I’m new to this… can someone clarify please.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I had the hardest time making this clear. It’s after 40 minutes into the hour that you place the Dutch oven in the oven to preheat, i.e., when there’s 20 minutes left to go in the hour that is stands at room temperature. I hope that helps.

    • CJ

      20 Minutes before the dough has rised turn on oven and put the Dutch oven in to warm up.

    • ELI

      Hi Marcia

      You rest the dough for 1 hour

      While the dough is resting you put the dutch oven into the oven to start heating so it will get really hot

      After the 1 hour rest is up you will fold the dough as instructed and then let it rest for an additional 15 minutes (i had to let it rest about 25 minutes and i think i could have let it rest probably 45 minutes as i did not get the big holes that i wanted and like – so next time i am going to rest for 45 minutes and see what happens)

      After the 15 minute rest is up you take the pan out of the oven and put your dough along with tbe parchment paper

      Hope that clarifies it

      Happy baking!

      • ELI

        Hi Marcia

        Had meant to say while the dough is resting for 1 hour after 40 minutes of that 1 hour rest you would then put your dutch oven in the oven to begin heating and while your dough is still resting for the additional 20 minutes of the 1 hour rest period (40 + 20 = 60 minutes)

        Hope that further clarifies the instructions

  158. Joanne

    Hi jenny. I posted last night about you cinnamon tunnel loaf. I made another one today and just used cinnamon and sugar. Tastes just like cinnamon rolls. Soo yummy. Also I am hearing the oven for this loaf now. Didnt rise that much but we will see. I’m choosing to brush it with garlic oil because where I live we have a store wegmans that makes garlic Tuscan bread. Fingers crossed.🤞

  159. Marguerite

    I aerated the flour and followed all other instructions, but the bread came out somewhat dense. Jenny, can you provide flour measurement by weight (grams or ounces), which I feel could help me get this great recipe right? Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My metric conversion chart may be helpful. Also, check the FAQs for lots of pointers.

    • Denise

      Mine was coming out that way because I couldn’t resist the urge to cut into it while it was still hot/warm. Let it cool completely…it’s still baking on the inside after you remove it from the oven.

      Hope that helps.

    • Renee B.

      One cup of bread flour weighs 127grams. One cup of AP flour weighs 120grams. You should always weigh your ingredients, when possible. Sift flour after weighing to aerate it.

  160. Robyn

    I just made this bread and it is delicious! Now I’m making another loaf to give to a friend. Thanks for your recipes! I was so surprised to find your videoes on youtube. I used to watch your talk show daily, and enjoyed it a lot. I miss you making new food videos. I’ve watched so many now I feel like we are friends! Best wishes always.

  161. Maryse

    Turned out great. I followed the recipe, including all your tips, almost exactly (I added a pinch of sugar.) Next time I’ll try some add-ins and a shower cap in place of plastic wrap. I will also compare an 18-hour rise loaf made with Active yeast to a quick rise loaf to see which is better. Thank you for great instructions and photos.

  162. Jill

    I also add sliced kalamata olives, chopped fresh rosemary and lots of sliced garlic

    • Candice

      Hi Jill,

      I wanted to add other ingredients to the bread as well but I wanted to know what time is best to add things like you did – Olives, Rosemary etc…before the first rise?

      Thank you

  163. Denise

    I found another recipe on pinterest that sounded so good…no knead cranberry, honey walnut artisan bread…except it was supposed to rise for 12-18 hrs, and I didn’t have any walnuts. I’ve been making this bread for a while now…so I improvised. Other recipe said to mix craisins (1 cup) and nuts (1/2 cup) with the flour…I used slivered almonds in place of the walnuts. It also said to add honey (1/4 cup) to the water, mix and add to the flour mixture. Followed this recipe for letting it rise and then baking. I forced myself to let it cool down…OH MY WORD!!! I will be making this again, and again and again. SO GOOD!!!!!

    • Veev

      You changed the whole recipe! Why bother following Jenny’s recipe if you’re going to make your own version of a totally different bread?
      Jenny’s recipes are flawless-why mess with a great thing!

      • JoJo

        Recipes are a guide for the cook to make, and change to how they would want it. They are not something that HAS to be followed exactly. Someone creating their own, with using someone else’s recipe as a base is a HUGE compliment.

      • baylady

        Maybe she would like to have ‘two’ great recipes to enjoy!

        • Denise

          I made both the plain and the almond/craisin/honey one and brought a half of each loaf into work today. Suffice to say, I only have 1 small piece left.

          I also brought in some honey nut cream cheese, plain goat cheese spread and pumpkin goat cheese spread for my co-workers to try with the bread.

          Pretty much everyone that’s tried it asks for the recipe. I always give them the website and give Jenny the credit for coming up with this delicious recipe.

      • Tapdancer

        As I was reading the comments, I was thinking as you do. Why does this person bother looking up Jenny’s recipe when she’s going to put a whole different spin on it! I certainly would not feel complimented if I authored a recipe that I was proud of and someone hacked into it like that.

        • Rebecca

          i totally agree with you

        • Ally

          I had to write as too many are commenting negatively on this person “messing with perfection”
          A) She has clearly been following Jenny’s recipe ‘I’ve been making this bread for a while now’
          B) wanted to make a fruited bread that she saw on Pinterest and decided to use the ‘fast’ formula with fruit added. ‘…so I improvised.’
          Nothing wrong with that. She didn’t start out to make chocolate cake and finish with a meatloaf as some do. She wanted her fruited bread a little quicker so adapted Jenny’s recipe( which the poster has made before and knew that it worked)to get her desired result. It’s what good cooks do.
          I understand what you are saying about taking an original recipe and tarting it up so it in no way resembles what it was meant to be…for truly breathtaking examples check out New York Times cooking page or really, most food blogs. Some bloggers won’t allow comments where sweeping changes to an original recipe really alter the outcome unless it makes the recipe better. Then they usually revise the recipe for their audience.
          That’s not the case here.

    • Caryn

      Thank you for posting this information, I wondered if this recipe would work with adding the cranberries and nuts. I will try it asap!!

    • Jeanette

      I, too, want to make the cranberry walnut bread. Which recipe did you use for the ingredients? This one or the cranberry one? I get you use this one for the proofing of the bread. I hate the thought of 12-18 hrs of proofing!

  164. Maureen

    I just made this bread and it turned out great!!
    I’m wondering if you would have to adjust the recipe if you wanted to add any spices etc to adjust the flavor? Ex: garlic or cinnamon, etc?

    • Peggy

      I made this onc adding cinnamon and once adding rosemary both came out great…no adjustment needed to original recipe.

      • Erika

        How much rosemary did you use? My favorite herb!

  165. B Peterson

    Hi! On the video you say to use a quarter tsp of yeast and no more but the recipe calls for 2 tsp I believe (???)
    Can’t wait to try it!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They are two different recipes and the faster version uses more yeast. This one does not have a video.

  166. Megan L

    Just finished making this recipe. This is amazingly simple and absolutely delicious! We love it! I will definitely make this again and often. Thank you

  167. Linda V

    I just made the two hour bread recipe and I have one question

    First of all it was delicious but it’s very heavy Is it supposed to be so dense?

  168. Carol B

    Made this yesterday and it came out exactly like the picture and it took exactly 3 hrs from start to finish. It is easy and delicious.

  169. Holly Garcia Held

    Jenny, I actually remember seeing you on the Whammy game show 🙂

    I have made this bread over and over with several variations which my kids love.

    Today, I made a Basil (from my garden) & tomato loaf. Also added garlic, onion, parmesan and italian spice. I used the tomato sauce for a cup worth of the liquid, and reduced the liquid about 1/4 cup because I added diced tomatoes with liquid pressed out. I still had to add a little more flour in the end.

    I make Rosemary (dried spice) and dried onion (I put them in the hot water out of the microwave to reconstitute a minute.)

    I also make a dill weed (2 tbsp) and onion (dried again – 2 tbsp.)

    My daughter wanted to make one with Serranos, so we did chopped serranoes, grated colby jack cheese (on second rest), dried onion and cilantro. Excellent.

    Love this, so glad you came up with it. I admit I use a little more salt and a teensy bit more yeast.

    Thanks again, great recipes, love watching you cook with ease.

    • CP

      Holly do you have to do anything other than folding in the cheese when you add before the second rest? Also, do you just put raw serranos in?

  170. Andy

    Used 2 1/4 tsp yeast and added 1/2-1 tsp sugar to the dry ingredients. Came out fabulously! Thanks!

  171. Carolyn Pevey

    OMG!!! I can now make bread!!!

    • Twana

      I said the same thing! I did a happy dance when I pulled it out if the oven! Yay!

  172. Stephanie

    Have you ever tried freezing this dough before baking it? I’ve read that if you’re going to do that, you should add more yeast to account for the yeast that will die in the freezing process, and freeze it after the first rise. Then defrost in refrigerator overnight and allow second rise before baking. How much extra yeast would you suggest? Thanks!

  173. Kelly

    This recipe is foolproof. My family loves it. If I take a dish to any sort of event, I always I take this bread, as well. It’s now my go-to hostess gift. I absolutely love it. My goal this year was to master bread making. If I’d started with this recipe, I’d have been done after the first loaf. Amazing! Thank you!

  174. Janice

    OMG I just baked my first loaf of bread with your fabulous and super easy. So yummy, thank you. Next, olive bread. 🥰

  175. GC

    I thought I’d let you know I used this for 100% WW pizza crust (home ground, hard, white, winter wheat). I added 1/3 c more water and a full 1 T yeast. Instead of the last rise, I smashed it onto a parchment lined pizza pan, let it rise the final amount, baked it at 450F for 10 min, added my toppings, and baked it for 10 more minutes. Amazingly delicious!!! Thanks.

  176. Kristie

    This was my first time baking bread, and though I had reservations on how it would turn out (so many other recipes required 12+ hours of rise time) I am so happy to say that the bread came out perfectly, it was chewy on the outside and soft on the inside- I followed the recipe exactly, with the exception of adding additional salt- I will definitely be making this again!
    Thank you so much for this recipe, Jenny!

  177. Kathy

    Just had a slice… it only beautiful, yummy beyond belief. Thanks for the recipe Jenny!

  178. Lali

    Has anyone made this with Einkorn flour?

    • Maxiwood

      Yes, and the Einkorn flour worked beautifully. My family have gluten sensitivity and they can eat Einkorn breads. I also discovered a white flour from Italy, Caputo, chef’s OO flour and can make white flour Italian breads or actually any bread or pizza with it for my family. Sense it’s not American wheat.

      • Lali

        Thank you, sorry I haven’t made bread for awhile. I took a chance and tried it and it made wonderful bread. Appreciate the tip on the white flour too!

      • Sam

        Did you use 1:1 substituting the einkorn? Same amount of water, salt and yeast?

      • Steve

        Did you use the 2 to 1 ratio using einkorn? Thanks Steve

  179. RC

    Tried making your bread – using 3 cups
    of flour with 1 1/2 cups of water – found
    the ingredients dry – should I put more
    water. Also can I substitute whole wheat
    flour for regular flour.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please read the FAQs about the dryness and also see my other No Knead variations using whole wheat flour.

    • Gina

      I’ve tried using wholewheat flour ( 2cups whole wheat and 1 cup AP,) it was heavy and not enjoyable however I have baked Jenny’s wholewheat bread loaves multiple times and they are fantabulous, the best!

    • CP

      RC I live in a dry climate and high altitude and find I must add more water and more yeast. I have researched this and experts say to use LESS yeast at high altitudes so I am a little confused overall. But 3/4 tsp yeast and 1 3/4 cups hot water are working for me

  180. stevek

    I have had the worst luck baking bread! I don’t know why that was but even my bread machine bread came out like a door-stop brick every darn time. I was resigning myself to the sad fact that I would never bake good bread Until one day I stumbled upon your U Tube no-knead bread video. I decided that another few cups of wasted flour wouldn’t kill me so I gave it a shot… Holy smokes, it worked perfectly!

    Thank you dear lady.

    Now, what do I do about my recent “toast addiction?” (big smile)

  181. Lisa

    Hello Jenny, this bread is wonderful. I was wondering if it is possible to double the recipe and what would be the raising and cooking times? Or even one and half time the recipe. Have you done it? Thank you very much. Happy Easter!

    • Huggy

      If you have a large enough oven and vessel to cook it in (unless you intend to let it free-stand) you’ll probably want to ensure the dough isn’t too thick as the center might not cook thoroughly before the outer crust started to burn.
      That said, it sounds like you are cooking for a bigger crowd so you might want to consider making TWO loaves in the hopes the recipe and cooking methods aren’t skewed somehow.
      Which brings up a final point.
      IF you are cooking in two Cast Iron Dutch Oven, you’ll need to allow for the oven heat as well as the Dutch Ovens to come to the proper temperature.
      More metal and materials WILL mess with overall heating absorption and, thus, cooking times so you’ll definitely want to keep enclose eye to prevent burning or undercooking.
      Good Luck and let us know how it turns out and which method you used (one BIG loaf or several, separate loaves but cooked at the same time.).
      God Bless and have a great day!

      • Nancy Curtis

        I freequently make two loaves but stagger them mixing times so they do not have to be baked at the same time. I make one loaf and put it on to rise…wait about an hour or so and make the second loaf. Finish the first loaf bake it and take it out of my cast iron Dutch oven then by that time the second loaf is just about ready to put on for the second rise in a parchment lined mixing bowl…stick my Dutch oven back in the hot oven to reheat and after the 30 min. rise, put the risen dough in the hot Dutch oven inside the parchment and bake it. I also use both yeast and sourdough to make this bread. I usually use 1/2 and 1/2 hard WHITE whole wheat flour and bread flour, add the salt and yeast and then add 1 1/2 cups of sourdough sponge that has been working all night, nice and bubbly, and after that is combined in my Bosch mixer, I add as much VERY hot water as it takes to make a nice dough…knead it just long enough to well mixed, then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and a clean dish towel and put it on for the first rise…then just complete the recipe. It comes out WONDERFUL!! I have been baking with one of my sourdough starters for almost 45 yrs. and adapting this recipe has been so much fun AND it is so much faster than most sourdough recipes. Thanks, Jenny…..I love your breads and your other recipes too!! YUM!

  182. Liz

    Can always count on this recipe for really tasty bread.
    It goes into my “keeper “ file.

    • Janet Disharoon

      Making bread now! Kitchen smell delightful!! Love the reciepes from this site! Thank you Jenny!

  183. Jay

    HI Jenny, I’ve made this several times, and it always turns out perfectly. I’ve made it with cheese, jalapenos, herbs. Today’s venture, bacon bread! I added 12oz of cooked crumbled bacon to the dry ingredients. It turned out even better than I expected. Thank you again for such a great and customizable recipe!

  184. Peggy

    Totally disappointed. Not a good recipe at highl elevation. I am above 8000 ft. Had to throw it out. Didn’t rise and was doughy. Yuck

    • Vivi

      Too bad, but at that altitude you probably have had to adjust your baking
      recipes in the past. Try try again!

    • Diana

      Becky, I live at 5000 feet. I’m sorry the recipe didn’t turn out right. I would try again. I have made this recipe many many times and it always turns out great. You might add just a little bit more flour. Then it won’t turn out gooey. This is the Only bread recipe that I have tried and it turned out perfect the first time. Good Luck 🙂

    • Wes

      Peggy, I live at 8500′ and this recipe always turns out perfect. Maybe your yeast was not active. Also, a heavy pot or dutch oven with a lid is a must with this recipe. The steam in the beginning stages of baking is a must.

    • Janice

      I live at 8500 ft elevation and have made this at least 50 times. Always rises and comes out perfect. Perhaps your yeast is old.

  185. Don

    Would like larger loaf…can recipe be increased? according to proportions..

    • Vivi

      I have doubled the recipe with good results
      This recipe is foolproof .
      Thanks again Jenny

      • Lisa

        HI, how much time did you let it rise? and what was your cooking time? I’m looking to double it myself. Thank you.

  186. Marcy

    Does it matter what kind of salt you use

  187. Theresa a Rinaldi

    Im Bummed. My Bread attempt turned out like a hockey puck.

    • Nancy

      Theresa, I find it is CRUCIAL to aerate the flour before measuring, either with a whisk, lightly, or by stirring it lightly with a spoon. Only then, using a soup spoon, gently spoon the flour into the measuring cup. Do not let the flour drop into the cup or shake the cup which will pack the flour down and mean you use much more than the recipe calls for. Packing it makes the bread heavy and dry, I think.
      This works for me and my 12 year old every time and the texture is beautiful: moist and lovely. I have to watch he doesn’t plop the flour into the measuring cup.
      GOOD LUCK.

      Jenny recommends this, I know, and I confirm this totally.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

  188. Maritza

    This turned out amazing – even better than some of the breads I made that took 12-16 hours! I put some olive oil and fresh rosemary in it! Only problem is that we ate half the loaf in one sitting! 😉

    • Veronica

      Hi there can you please share how much oil and how much rosemary. Thank you

    • CT

      I cannot thank you enough for sharing your recipe. We have not purchased a loaf of bread since I found your website. I’m still a little scared to add things to it such a dried herbs so if anyone has any tips on how much to add and when, I’d love to hear them!

      Thank you again and happy baking everyone!

      • Bobbi Sue Salafie

        Just experiment… I substituted one cup oatmeal flour for all purpose and added 1/2 cup flax seed. For herbs…just mince up a tablespoon spoon of thyme or rosemary first time…can’t go wrong.

  189. Pat


    • Kelly

      It IS forgiving. I’ve let it rise far longer than instructed and it turned out fine. I let a child help mix and thought the dough didn’t look right, didn’t matter. It was great. I’ve forgotten to heat up the Dutch oven, didn’t matter. I’m so happy I stumbled on this site.

  190. Pat


  191. Gonzalo Perez

    Made your Bread Jenny and is was awesome sauce. Deli-shes , made from your youtube video. Came out a little small ,Maybe 4 cups of flour next time. Thanks a bunch. Keep up the great cookin

  192. Kathleen M Leggio

    Made this the other day… what can I say…delish!!! My husband loved it. Not a crumb went to waste! Fast, easy, wonderful bread!!! Thank you, Jenny!!!

  193. Kara

    LOVE the fastest no knead bread, 2 hours and Boom! Gorgeous, delicious bread out of my groovy new deep red Dutch oven. Have made the bread 4 times now, tomorrow will be 5. Thanks a bunch for making me a bread maker!

  194. Connie

    Made this bread a couple of times and we LOVE it!! It’s what we eat everyday now. Shared with my son and his family, they are also hooked on it!

  195. Just a comment:

    I made this bread the other day, right at 30 min. in the oven the power went out.
    So I couldn’t brown it for the 19 min. I left it in the powerless oven for another 15 min. with the lid on and it came out perfect!
    My tweek would be, add a little course salt to the top before baking. It needed a little something more.
    Today I’m adding rosemary and olive oil with salt on top.

  196. Kathy

    I made your bread yesterday! I didn’t have bread flour so used regular white flour, but substituted one cup for whole wheat flour. My first time of making bread in a dutch oven. Oh my gosh! Fabulous, delicious! I will be making this again VERY soon! It was delicious with butter and honey from a friend’s own bee hives! Thank you for this recipe!

    • Agi

      Hi Cathy
      I used my La Creuset beautiful red Dutch oven for the bread, put it in the oven to heat it up, it ruined the look of my pot it is full of black spots / outside/ I tried to clean it w/ so many things, I wrote to a Jenny waiting for her respond the 450 degree was way to high for the empty pot, it bothers me because I kept it on the stove top always and it is not so nice to look it now.i just wonder your pot came out ok?
      The bread is delicious next time I use a little more salt also, I used her Faster No Knead Bread
      Please if anyone have a suggestion how to clean my pot I would greatly appreciate

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I have no idea why this would happen with Le Creuset. That is the brand I use and it is rated oven safe to 500 degrees. I wonder if there was some splatter that occurred in your oven that got baked onto the outside. I suggest contacting the manufacturer for advice about cleaning it and if it can’t be cleaned, ask if they would replace it. If you buy a cheaper Dutch oven, please make sure it is rated oven safe to 450 degrees because not all Dutch ovens are the same.

      • BeckyW

        I also use a Le Creuset cast iron enamelled pot. I have no issues with this recipe, have made it many times and no spots or discolouration when pre-heating to 450F. 🙂

      • Kelly

        You might try Bar Keepers Friend. It’s great. I use it on my Dutch oven. The oven shouldn’t have been too hot for a cast iron piece but you can look on the bottom of your Dutch oven and it should tell you the maximum temp.

        • Rodney from Portland

          I made the mistake of using Bar Keepers Friend on my Dutch Oven pot. I too had spots and discoloring. It only made it worse.
          Works great on stainless steel and glass but not enameled cast iron pots

      • Library Lynn

        I keep my Dutch ovens on the stove, too. When I first baked this bread my pot looked pretty miserable from oil and other stuff not readily visible. Don’t scream, but I used a steel wire pot scrubber on the red outside as gently as I could and it worked wonderfully. I wouldn’t want to use it every day or even every week on my pot…only in desperate circumstances. Doesn’t seem to have hurt it.

      • Beth B

        My Dutch oven was old and neglected when I acquired it. After many different cleaning attempts it still looked nasty so as a last resort I tried a Chlorox cleaning wipe and it was beautiful! Of course I did wash it before using.

  197. Janet Disharoon

    Do you have reciepe for 2 hour bread on cookie sheet? I just finished making my first loaf of 2hr bread in my dutch oven!! Absolutely delicious! My husband and I have eaten more than half!! Gotta get on the treadmill!!😊Thank you in advance!

  198. Beth B

    Hi Jenny! Just wanted to tell you that I am thrilled with your quick bread recipe. I have tried many others for the Dutch oven but yours is the best! I have been brushing with butter and topping with dried garlic, onion and poppy seeds before baking. It’s a huge hit! Thanks for sharing!

  199. Roni Filla

    OH Thank you so much for this Quick Fast Delicious Bread. I made it today and we just sampled it. My Hubby went nuts over it. Because I have tried other No Knead breads, in the Cast Iron Dutch Oven I knew that I had to change up the cooking a bit. We can’t do the Hard Crust. Crunchy is one thing but Hard is not for us at all. So I heated my Dutch Oven for a good 20 min at 400 deg. I already had the Dough on the Parchment ready to go into the pot. Set the Dough into the Dutch Oven, got the lid on and back into the Oven at 375 deg for 30 min. Pulled it out when my timer went off, removed the lightly browned loaf, placed it on a cookie sheet without the parchment paper and backed it for 10 more min at 350. I already know the internal temp of bread is done at 200 degrees. My loaf was 210 deg. BINGO the Bread is Done. Removed it Buttered the top and bottom which by the way was a nice golden brown. I then covered the loaf with a large soup pot to steam the hard parts of the crust. Butter helps, but steam works wonders. After it is cooler, but still hot I slip it into a bag to finish fixing the crust to what we like. This bread is so good, great crumb, with holes. OH I Also, removed some of the hot water (130 deg) about a 1/3 cup, and mixed in really well my Sourdough Starter. Mixed that with the remaining hot water and dumped it in to the dough, and continued with your instructions. My Hubby is already asking me to add Rye Seeds next time for a Rye Flavored Bread. My actual Rye Bread Recipe is a all day thing. Your recipe is great.

  200. Jay

    Wow, just wow!!! Just made this, my first time making bread in a dutch oven, or at all, for that matter. Followed the recipe to a T. Dough got bubbly just as you described. Turned it out of the bowl, and folded as directed. Quick dust of flour, and into the pot it went. It’s absolutely delicious!! I can’t believe how simple and cheap it is to make, just takes an hour and 45 minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to start adding garlic and herbs. You’ve definitely given me confidence to venture into baking more!

  201. Ron Fredericks

    Jenny, you’re just super. This is the best bread I’ve ever had and so easy to make. I like to add chunks of cheddar cheese; it’s almost a meal in itself. Thanks so much. You’re way to hot in the kitchen- wink wink ; )

  202. Jack Parker

    I’ve tried every version of this bread recipe, all with great success and never a complaint. In fact, it’s 2:45am and I can’t sleep so I’m going to make a loaf with Kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, and fresh basil.

    Jenny, thank you, whole-heartedly, for the years of joy that you’ve given. I rarely laugh out loud anymore and you’re one of the few people that can still make me do that. (I’ve watched Jenny Can Cook so many times that I’ve memorized most of the recipes!) Lastly, I still remember you from Press Your Luck (I’m 53) and I think YOUR answer was correct when you were asked what the appropriate cut off hour is for calling someone: between 9 and ? You said 5pm but the “right” answer was 9pm. (Who listens to Cosmo anyway?!) If I get a call at 9pm, it better be an emergency or free food! That question/moment from the show has stuck in my mind all these years. I’m so grateful to still enjoy your work and, especially, this website!

    • Kathy

      Hi! Your version of this bread, which i haven’t made yet, sounds right up my alley with the kalamata olives etc!! At what point are you putting these in?? Thanks in advance!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        You could try my no knead greek olive bread recipe.

  203. Robert

    I have made the original, then the faster and now this one (about 15 times) and have never had a problem, I don’t get the complaints. I found it is almost impossible to mess up if you just get the ingredients correct and don’t use water that is to hot.

    Dump all dry ingredients in bowl.
    Add hot tap water (less then 130 degrees) and mix.
    Cover (cling wrap) and let sit 60min to ops I forgot,now this looks weird.
    Scrap out of bowl onto cutting board with some flour.
    Fold over until looks like a ball (pastry cutter).
    Place in bowl on parchment paper and cover.
    Preheat oven with dutch oven covered inside.
    When oven beeps (never checked temp). Put dough and parchment paper into dutch oven, cover and cook 30 min.
    CAUTION…. This is the really hard part remove cover and parchment paper without burning fingers.
    Cook 10-15 min more uncovered.

    Eat hot, Eat cold. Watch the dog, because he like fresh bead too, (he gives it a 5 paw rating).

    Other than one stolen loaf we have enjoyed this every time I have made it.

    • Cindy

      You are right, water that is hotter than 110° will kill the yeast. It Hass to be under that. I have a digital candy thermometer I stick in my water. I get it around 105°.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        If you look at the packages of Fleischmann’s yeast, they indicate that for active yeast the temperature should be between 110 to 120°F and for RapidRise (instant) yeast they call for 120 to 130°F. Today’s yeast is a higher quality than yeast from years ago, which could not tolerate water over 110 degrees. I regularly use instant yeast with water between 125 and 130 with no problems.

        • Kathy

          I used water at about 125 degrees for my first attempt at making this bread. It turned out wonderful !!!

      • Cynthia

        My water was at 127 degrees and my bread was perfect, it didn’t kill the yeast.

  204. Bill B.

    I have tried this recipe twice now. Both times the bread just comes out too moist & doughy. Taste is good, crust is good. My oven is very accurate at 450 deg. First batch I did as you said & cooked it 30 min. The second batch today I extended the time by 5 min. I am using a cast iron dutch oven with parchment paper & the lid. All the ingredients are as you specify. Any idea what might be going on? I really, really want this recipe to work for me, but there obviously needs to be some adjustment.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Did you look at the FAQs?

      • Bill B.

        Sorry Jenny, my question should have been under the Faster No-Knead Bread instead of under the Fastest 2-hour No-Knead Bread. Regardless, my question still stands. All ingredients were measured exactly. The oven & dutch oven were heated a full 30 minutes or a little more & the bake time was 30 minutes. I did wait about 20 minutes or more before slicing. Just can’t imagine what is going on.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I’m not sure how I can help if it’s not in the FAQs. This recipe has worked for so many people. What kind and brand of flour did you use and was the yeast a newly opened package? Did you use a thermometer for the water?

        • maria

          Hi I think you left out step #7. ” After 30 minutes, remove lid and parchment paper. Return, uncovered, to oven and bake 10 – 15 more minutes. Let it cool at least 15 minutes before slicing.” 😊

    • Robert

      You didn’t say, but did you do the finishing bake? The 10-15 min without the cover and parchment paper.

      • Roni Filla

        Robert, I made this the first time today, and it came out fantastic. I do use a Thermometer to check the water, and the loaf in the oven. Internal temp should be 200 deg for done. Today mine with the added 10 min cook time was 210 deg. Yes after the 30 min remove the bread from the Dutch Oven with the Parchment. Put the bread back into the pot and without the lid go 10 min more then poke with the thermometer. I took my bread out of the dutch oven and placed it on a cookie sheet for the added time. We don’t do the Hard Crust so I made temp adjustments. That is just us, and Yes I have made a few No Knead Breads and the Crusts and Bottoms are always so dang hard I have to cut off the bottom and most of the crusts. I have learned some tricks that work well for us.
        400 deg to heat the dutch oven was plenty hot
        375 deg for 30 min was just perfect
        350 deg for 10 min was the final touch.
        Bread is lightly golden brown, as is the crust.
        Internal Temp 200 -210 means Bread is Done.

        • Jeanette

          Roni – going to give your method a try. Last time we almost broke our teeth on the hard crust!! 😉

    • Cindy

      I have absolutely no idea what you were having trouble. I also make this exactly like it is stated. Make sure your water is not hotter than 110°. But also make sure that it’s not too cold or the used won’t set up. If you are above or below sea level, you have to adjust for that also. I’ve made it about 20 times now it’s perfect every time.

    • Chuey

      Something I do when heating/crisping a baguette loaf from the grocery store bakery, is to poke a few small holes into the loaf with a small blade knife when it comes out of the oven (pre-heated oven, 400° for about 4 min; loaf placed directly on the rack) A couple holes in the top, a couple in the bottom, and maybe one into each end of the baguette. This allows steam to escape, and the holes don’t ruin the appearance of a rustic loaf. Another issue could be our impatience! The warmer that bread is when first cut, the more likely the texture will be gummy.

      Another idea to experiment with is to lower the oven temp about 25° and cook it about 5-10 min longer. This bread is so good, it’s worth experimenting with cook times/temps. If it is already at the darkness you want when you decide to cook longer, put a sheet of aluminum foil LOOSLEY over the cast iron baker, shiny-side-up, with a 1/2″ “chimney” hole in the center, which lets excess trapped heat– and moisture — out of the baker. Again, experimenting is all good in this process, if it brings us to the place where “perfect” bread resides. (PS: nothing is perfect!)

    • Denise

      Did you let it cool down before cutting into the bread. I usually can’t wait and mine turned out somewhat like you mentioned. Still good. I made a batch tonight and let it cool down before I cut into it. It made a big difference.

  205. Bill J

    I’ve made this four times now and it’s great. And, my wife loves it. But, there is one confusion. The packets of yeast I buy have a bit morel than 2 teaspoons of yeast in them. For the first two loaves I made, I just discarded the extra yeast. For the last two, I just dumped the whole packet’s contents in. That made them lighter and fluffier without any negative consequences, so I’ve changed my version of the recipe to one packet of yeast.

    • Cindy

      We rarely use store-bought bread anymore. Have you thought of purchasing a jar of yeast? It’s only about $4.50 at the grocery store. You can store it in the refrigerator.

  206. Kimbertangleknot

    I have made this twice this week (first time making it), and my second version turned out much better. I weighed the flour but then just used measuring vessels for the rest of the ingredients. Three things ended up changing for me; I added 1 tablespoon of sugar, I had to use about 2-4 tablespoons more of hot water (thank you Wisconsin winters and the epic polar vortex), I also only pre-heated my pot (lid in the oven as well, but separate) for about 20 mins because I spaced on setting my secondary timer. And the bread turned out much better tasting and floofyer (techincal term) than my first one. I have an electric convection oven, so I will need to add about 5 mins to the lid off cooking for my preference of a slightly thicker crust (convection off for this recipe though). My house smelled amazing and super easy clean up. A simple tip if you lack counter space like I do, use a baking sheet (clean, no baked on old crud) for the small flour/scrape part. All you have to do is a quick dump into the trash and a quick wipe down. No dirty counters.

  207. Di

    Chocolate cake…Successful…..!!! 3 Hour bread… Successful….!!!❤️ Thanks Jenny.

  208. Stephanie

    This bread beats every similar kind I’ve baked using longer rise times. You’re a genius, Jenny!

  209. Vivi

    Jenny and Everyone,
    I have tried for years to bake crusty bread and rolls.
    My breads always came out good, but this recipe is outstanding!
    I follow your instructions exactly and I never go wrong.
    I have been putting sesame seeds on top before putting it in the oven.
    I used an egg wash then sprinkle the seeds while still in the bowl. Then I
    transfer the parchment and dough into the HOT cast iron pot (using oven gloves) I put it in oven covered and then remove lid after 30 min. I like the bread crispy so I leave it in and extra 10 min.
    Absolutely Delicious! Thanks Jenny

  210. Terry

    Oops! In a hurry, wanted bread for lunch today. Hubby works 2nd, I’ve already made 40 minute buns this am, thought I’d make this to go with our lunch. Like I said, I’m in a hurry! I didn’t fully read the recipe, until just now, when I popped the dough in the cast iron pot….shape in rough ball and let sit for 15 minutes….I did not do this step. Fingers crossed that it still comes out delicious! I also added a little sugar, because my hubby is the sweetest ❤

    • Terry

      For anyone reading….I’ve made a lot of no-knead breads, missing the 2nd 15 minute rising didn’t seem to affect it, at all. The addition of sugar was very nice in this bread also! I will make again!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Thank you for sharing this. I will try it myself and report back.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I tried it and YOU ARE RIGHT! My loaf came out perfectly. I will add this to the recipe so now the bread will only take 1 3/4 hours. I’m so grateful you shared this and it shows that sometimes a “mistake” turns out to be a good thing. Thank you!!

  211. Bill J

    I just made this bread for the first time and it was amazing! The only complaint is that the crust seems rather thick. Is there a way to make it a bit thinner? I saw someone added garlic power. What other “flavorings” have people tried?

  212. Bill

    I ran out of parchment paper can I use non stick aluminum foil or can I just put it in the dutch oven without anything

  213. Sophie

    I don’t have a dutch oven. Can I still make this? And how?

    • Stephanie

      No Dutch oven, no problem. You can put the dough into an 8″ cake pan, place the pan on a baking sheet, and cover the pan with a large bowl so the bowl rests on the baking sheet and encloses the pan completely… I use a metal bowl but Pyrex might work.

  214. Yolanda Stanford

    All I have to say is DELICIOUS! I did use 2 cups of all-purpose flour and one cup whole wheat flour, and 1-1/2 tsp salt instead of a tsp of salt. The bread came out crusty on the outside and super soft on the inside-YUMMY! Jenny thanks again for sharing!!!

  215. Eduardo El Maginifico

    I’ve been making this bread since Bittermans article on Lahey version a few years ago and this fastest version is great. I double the ingredients, use a larger Dutch , bake 30% longer. I cut the loaf in half and cut half slices off those , refrigerating one half till needed. My suggestion is to make sure it’s fully baked even burnt a little on top crust or it will seem to doughy. Use Jenny’s photo as a guide what it should look like .My oven needs 45 minutes with top 20 off ymmvary

    Great stuff! Buon appetite !

  216. Dr. Trudy

    Today I tried the bread recipe and it turned out GREAT. I only change the flour ingredient to 1 cup whole wheat, 1 cup mixed seed flour and 1 cup white flour. I have not tasted it yet, but it looks exactly like the picture in the recipe.
    Thank you.

  217. Cyn

    LOL… I just watched your YouTube video, even though we eat Keto.

    CarboPorn… SOOOO funny! However, there are times when we take a wee break (usually just a snack here or there) and I am saving this video link for just such a time!

    I am thankful that your metabolism does not require a low carb lifestyle because then we wouldn’t have awesome videos like this! or… maybe you would bring this creativity to KetoLife!

    Either way, you made me literally laugh out loud and that doesn’t happen often.

    LOVE it! THX!!!

  218. Thomas

    After the first 30 minutes of baking, you remove the bread, discard the parchment paper and then return the loaf to the pan to put in the oven, right?
    But if you can handle the loaf , why not just return it to the oven on the shelf by itself, and not in the dutch oven?

    • Michele

      I put mine back in for the second cooking on the parchment paper only and directly on the oven rack NO POT. Returning it to the pot over cooks the bottom of the bread.

    • Dr. Trudy

      I have been baking our own bread for some 30 years and I am nearly sure that what you suggested/requested that the “loaf” will not be able to stand on its own. It may slightly collapse, since the loaf is not firm enough inside to do what you suggest.
      Keep baking,
      Dr Trudy

  219. MIDGE

    The recipe is so great!! I am wondering if I could add some cheese, some jalapeño or…just for flavor. Will this mess up the recipe?

    • John

      Midge, I’ve made this bread with parmesan and garlic cloves a few times and it came out great!
      I also sometimes wet the surface slightly with water and sprinkles with sesame seeds and\or whole Oates for flavor.

  220. Cindy

    The instructions seem to be backwards. Can you re-read them and correct?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You asked me this on January 2nd and I replied asking you to tell me how it should be corrected because I posted it the best way I could. Please send me the corrections it needs and I will try to make it more clear.

    • Cyn

      The instructions read correctly to me. That is, they reflect the video exactly.

      Cindy, have your forced a refresh of your web page or flushed your browser cache? Web browsers store as much of a page as it can to help the page load more quickly the next time we return to the page. While helpful, this browser-controlled shortcut can create problems when a webpage has changed since the last “snapshot”.

      We can force the browser to actually PROCESS the contents of the code by surfing to the page we want to see, then tap the F5 key. If that doesn’t work, you can refresh your cache by CTRL+F5 (hold the CTRL key down, tap the F5 key, then release the CTRL key). That should do it!

      If the above methods does not refresh a web page, you will have to flush your cache, following the directions for whichever browser you use.


  221. Nick

    Cooked this today; my first loaf of bread ever baked.
    Fantastically easy, clear directions, and for the time invested, a seriously good loaf of bread!

    A couple notes – I wasn’t sure about whether, when the dutch oven was being preheated in the oven, it should have the lid on. I believe the answer is “yes”, and that might be important.

    I left mine in for more like 15 minutes uncovered at the end, because I like a dark finish. YMMV.

    Tasting the bread, I might add a bit more salt, but I’m a baking novice so don’t know if that would throw off the chemistry in some way?

    All in all, extremely easy, quick, and tasty – thanks for publishing this recipe!

    • Nick

      If I’d read closely, I see that the recipe indicated putting the oven “with lid” in the oven, so guess that’s clear….

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Adjusting the salt will not change the chemistry at all.

  222. Cinque

    Hi Jenny! Loved your video! What can you substitute for a Dutch Oven? I haven’t purchased one yet ( been meaning to though). Could I possibly use a soup pot that has an oven friendly lid??? Or maybe a cast iron skillet?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Chuey

      No need to run straight to the Chi-Chi kitchen stores! I’m not even kidding: “Wally World” is where I bought my first one, the brand is Tramontina (think that spelling is right), it was around $45 and it is as good as your MIL’s spendy Le Creuset ones. I made the original no knead bread (NOT fast!!) and it came out great. Homegoods also had a ton of them — can’t remember the brand, but ones you’d know. They are worth checking from time to time to see if they have any in. Cheaper is better! Worth noting, getting it shipped free is a plus cos they weigh a TON, WalMart will ship free as long as over a certain $ amt.

  223. Old Texan

    I made this yesterday. I followed the recipe exactly., except I must leave out the salt. But regardless of what the “master bakers” tell you, bread bakes just fine without salt. As Jenny said, it’s for flavor.The technique with the Dutch oven is perfect for what I like.
    I got a cheap cast iron Dutch oven from Amazon.

    A note to folks who have failures with this bread. Bread has been baked like this for at least 10,000 years. It’s the original bread recipe, less the salt. Flour, water,yeast, bake. Bread.

    The flour. Try different brands. Just don’t use self-rising, that has baking powder and baking soda in it for quick breads.
    The moisture content of your flour may make a difference. Older flour will be dried out more than fresh. I don’t know that for sure, just my experience.
    Then water. I use filtered or distilled water. My tap water is extremely hard (dissolved limestone) and chlorinated. Good drinking water. But my tap water inhibits the growth of my yeast. I’ve tested it.

    Try a different brand of yeast. I use Fleishmans and LeSafre. There is no difference in the strain of yeast, just the different way companies process it. No, for you older folks you won’t get that wonderful yeasty smell of your Mom’s bread. That is an old strain of yeast not used anymore. Moderns didn’t like it, they wanted store bought tasting yeast bread. I’m not making that up, Google it.

    Check the temperature of your oven. Even new ovens may be off several degrees.

    Don’t be afraid of tweaking your water, flour,dough or technique.
    When you are folding the dough, it should push back a bit. Pick it up, a ball of correct dough can be handled easily, without falling apart

    .Leave a tail of parchment paper when you put the dough in the Dutch oven in the oven. Then when removing the parchment paper from the hot oven, grasp it, give it a quick jerk and it slides out from under the bread. No need to remove the hot Dutch oven. Hold the Dutch oven to be sure it doesn’t move, though. My loaf stayed up-right, but as hard as the crust is, no need to worry if it is upside down.

    Fleischmanns invented instant yeast for the military in World War II.
    To maintain the purity of their yeasts, the yeast companies grow the yeast in the lab and then look at it under microscopes and gently pick out the most vigorous plants.

    The main thing is “Don’t be afraid”. So, you ruin a loaf or two. It won’t be the first loaf of ruined bread. Just try again.

    I hope this helps.

    • Cindy

      Perfect!!! Thank you for the information. I did not know some of it. I am new ad to baking bread and I have not had this recipe fail.

    • Teresa

      Tippin my “Baker’s Hat” to you, OLD TEXAN.
      Outstanding tip you shared, for grasping the parchment paper while in my hot oven, giving it a yank, allowing the bread to slide into my Dutch Oven for the last 15-20 minutes uncovered. A REAL BACK SAVER 😀
      Thank You Thank you 🙂

  224. Maria

    Is ok if you use gluten free flour?

  225. Magda

    Your recipes are wonderful and I enjoy watching your videos . You have a great sense of humor. I am of Hungarian descent so a lot of your recipes are very familiar. Thank you for the great information and the great entertainment

    • Agi

      Here is an other Hungarian, I like Jenny’s recipe a lot, her bread recipe is great!
      Good cooking and baking

  226. Robert Trenker

    If making the bread with all whole wheat are the ratios the same?

    • Old Texan

      You will probably need to add a bit more water, as the whole wheat soaks up more liquid. I bake whole wheat nearly all the time.
      The secret to bread making is to have a dough of the right “feel”. When you are folding your loaf, it should feel a lot like a jell-cushion seat cushion.
      Springy, it should push back at you a bit. It’s hard to explain, but when you get it down, you will make better bread.

      • Heather (Mtl)

        I was taught to use my earlobe as the right feel for bread. When it has that soft, sponge back yet firm-ish feel, I knew to stop kneading. Of course, with this recipe we don’t knead, but the “feel” is the same when ready.
        Try it – it tickles at times, but always works!

  227. Arthur Hoyle

    This my second time doing this, 1st time it was not completely done in the middle, should I bake it longer?

  228. Amy

    It’s a cold sunny day & I’m trying this for the first time. Going to risk my pot lid handle at 450 degrees because specs for it are ling gone & I don’t know max temp. I’ll report back – but thanks so much for this info & your great videos! I’m inspired!

    • Amy

      WOW! Success! My loaf wasn’t as pretty as Jenny’s, but the taste is YUM! I’ll keep making this. My dough ball was looser than Jenny’s but I turned it a number of times in the bowl before removing it to roll. That did it. So glad I tried it!

  229. JoyceJ

    My second loaf was even better than the 1st one, thank you, easy directions!!

  230. Marie

    I made this today and it may quite possibly be the best bread anyone on this planet has ever eaten. Now I am ruined for mediocre bread forever. Made this exactly as written. Thanks!

  231. Cindy

    Directions are not in order

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I do the best I can. Please send me a corrected version.

      • Dawn W

        Directions looked perfect to me. Followed it in your order and the bread came out beautifully. Was also terrific with cheddar and olives.

      • MaryLou D

        You do just fine! I am making the bread today and appreciate you sharing!!

      • Colleen

        The recipe is in perfect order. Thanks so much for sharing this perfectly in order recipe🦋👏🏻🦋

      • Agi

        Your direction it’s perfect, very clear, thank you Jenny

    • Terri

      Directions look perfect to me. Possibly they weren’t read carefully and the preheating of the pot was confusing to complainer?

    • Old Texan

      Methinks the trolls are out from under the bridge.

  232. Karen

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve made bread. This looked easy enough, so I gave it a try! I just pulled it out of the oven and if it tastes as good as it looks, it’s going to be delicious!

  233. Steve

    I have been backing bread for years and you always have to think out the mistakes you make and keep plugging away. This recipe has always turned out perfect. I have made it several times and i have even increased the recipe to 4 cups of flour and not quite 2 cups of water. The dough is a little moist but not to much. It is perfect for when you need somthing fast. This is the first recipe that i don’t check the tempture on before removing it from the oven, it just is perfect every time by the recipe times. Thank You Jenny!

  234. Lili

    Hi there,

    Just a quick question. I bought a dutch oven for Christmas but the max safe temp it reaches is 400F. I know a lot of recipes call for 450F. What is the major difference that 50 degrees would make? Not quite a crispy crust?

    Thank you!

    • Old Texan

      If your Dutch oven is cast iron, it’s good to 1200 degrees F. That’s where it begins to turn red and vaporizes the food.

      I don’t know where that 400 deg thing came from, but it’s on a lot of cast iron cookware instructions on the internet.

      Just make sure your lid and handle are oven proof, not plastic.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I think it’s the enameled cast iron dutch ovens where the enamel might get damaged from high heat unless they specify as safe to 450 or 500, Mine is LeCreuset, which is oven safe up to 500 degrees F.

        • Robert

          Some of the “safe until 400 degrees” comes from the handles on the sides and the top–what are they made of. If they’re metal, crank that oven. If they are some kind of heat-resistant poly-something-or-other, I’d keep it in line with the recommendations. When possible, I prefer to keep it metal, less to worry about.

        • Teresa

          Hi Jenny,
          Thought I would chime in with my Dutch Oven stats for those that might have the same brand and honestly, to boast that I recieved my gorgeous turquoise dutch oven from my son and daughter in law 2018 Christmas. Such a lovely gift Im so blessed 🙂
          Ok, stepping off my soap box now 😉
          My Dutch Oven is made by Food Network, and can be in an oven up to 500°.
          I think you’re an amazing woman Jenny!!!
          Your passion and humor tickle me so.
          Thank You for your very generous heart in sharing your treasured recipes
          Yummmmmmy 😀

        • Agi

          I have the La Creuset Dutch oven the handle is not metal, so I covered well w/ foil, 450 didn’t do any damage to the handle, but the outside of my red beautiful pot is full of dark spots I can’t get rid of them, I tried so many cleaners, no change unfortunately,
          The bread came out amazing!!! Thank u Jenny👍🏻
          I will buy a less expensive pots for making your wonderful breads
          Any suggestion for cleaning the pot would be welcomed.thanks

          • Jenny Can Cook

            Agi, I have no idea why this would happen with Le Creuset. That is the brand I use and it is rated oven safe to 500 degrees. I wonder if there was some splatter that occurred in your oven that got baked onto the outside. I suggest contacting the manufacturer for advice about cleaning it and if it can’t be cleaned, ask if they would replace it. If you buy a cheaper Dutch oven, please make sure it is rated oven safe to 450 degrees because not all Dutch ovens are the same.

            • Agi

              Thank you so much for your quick respond, I always tried to clean the pot well after using,i have even a liner on my rack, it happened, but at least I have a great recipe from a great teacher
              I’m Hungarian who loves to bake and cook, but I was always hesitant to make bread especially w/ a starter,now I don’t even consider to do it that way. My bread looked beautiful and tasted great
              Thank you so much!

  235. AL

    tried this. not impressed. did it to the letter. hard to work with the initial ‘ball’. too loose, too sticky. did not form a ‘sticky ball’ to put onto parchment for next rise. had to add a goodly amount of flour just to ‘dry it out’. did the whole dutch oven idea. came out light just like the video. did the second ‘without cover’ for 10 minutes. again, exactly brown like the video. let it cool, cut it open. decent but not exceptional crumb, and actually slightly undercooked. the ‘worst’ part was that the bottom crust was too thick and hard to cut through and chew.
    what i don’t get is this recipe vs the other no knead, the only difference is the amount of yeast (1/4 tsp vs 2 tsp) and the rise/bake times. this ‘boule’ just came out way too small. wonder why.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You might find some answers in the FAQs.

    • Gord

      Response to AL- YOU DONE WRONG. I have never made bread in my entire life except for this recipe. Absolutely a
      Great way to begin to make bread. Simple with amazing results. The only issue I have is that family wants it everyday now.

    • Cindy

      There are so many variables when making bread. I have found over the years sometimes flower can be adjusted up to one cup in a bread recipe. I have done verious “No knead’ Bread recipes. I have also found the amount of yeast varies quite a bit from Loaf to loaf.

      The nice thing about it, you can basically tweak the recipe until it works for you, your environment, the moisture content of your flower, etc. Once you get that perfect recipe. Do it that way from here forward.

      And be sure to share your results.

      This past week I have made multiple loaves of this type bread. This recipe is the only when I have made three times and come out with a consistent results. My 13-year-old granddaughter was here and also made two loaves all by herself and they came out good.

      • Ms. Ruth

        Tell your granddaughter Good Job! It’s so nice when children want to learn new old things!

  236. May May

    I just took mine out of the oven and OH-MY-GOODNESS does it ever look and smell delicious! I’ve made the recipe where you let it sit overnight or longer, but this is just so much easier and I don’t have to plan way in advance. I love the use of parchment paper. It sure makes for an easy cleanup. Thank you, thank you!

  237. Don

    Made it with 4 year old yeast and it turned out great! Looked just like 6our photos

  238. James Torres

    Made it for the first time tonight. Looks fabulous. Letting it cool now.

  239. A. Cleary

    This makes a great loaf of bread…my second favorite after the original no-knead bread! Thanks! But I’d like to pass on a safety tip. When you pre-heat the dutch oven, take the lid off. If it’s heated with the lid on, the air inside can become “superheated” and when you take off the lid to put the dough in, the air can actually catch fire. Courtesy of my fire chief brother!

    • May May

      Although I left my lid off during preheating, I did not do it for the reason you shared. Frankly, I just forgot. Great advice and much appreciated from the mother of a career firefighter. Thanks!

  240. Deb

    I didn’t use instant yeast and it turned out perfect anyway. Somehow I missed that detail and have only regular yeast on hand.

  241. Dave in Florida

    Made this bread a couple days ago. It was my very first baked bread loaf. We added cheddar, japeleno and garlic from an idea we got on facebook and it turned out perfect. I could have increased the cheese and jalapeno slightly and I think I didnt use enough salt (used kosher instead of sea/table salt) but it was delicious and beautiful! Thank you!

  242. Jessica

    Hi..what size is your le creuset Dutch oven? Thanks!!

  243. Helen

    Hi, can I use a thick ceramic bowl with a glass lid instead of the dutch bowl? Because I don’t have one. If so, at what temperature should I bake it and for how long?

  244. Jill C

    Jenny, you make it look so easy! And it WAS!! I tried both the fast and the faster breads, both were wonderful! I was wondering if you could add raisins and nuts?
    Glad I found your video’s, can’t wait to try and make some of your holiday treats.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my other no knead variations.

      • Nina Altschiller

        Quick and easy. Almost indistinguishable from the 18-hour version, but not quite. When I’m in a hurry, this will be my go to. It’s not as crusty and doesn’t have the sourdough taste, but it’s a lovely loaf.

  245. Leslie

    I unfortunately cannot have wheat gluten. What other flours could I use with this and what measurements should they be? I have found that potato and quinoa and millet flours are quite tasty. But the measurements are different…

  246. Mary Ellerd

    I have a cast aluminum Dutch Oven, can it be heated to 450 degrees?

  247. Bill

    I tried making my loaf with 100% whole wheat and I even added wheat gluten. The bread didn’t really rise when baked. Wonder what happened? The loaf made with bread flour turned out fine.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This 2-hour version is not intended for whole wheat flour. I suggest you stick with my proven recipes for multi-grain breads and make sure your yeast is fresh. My FAQs deal with a lot of baking issues. I hope this helps.

      • DHR

        Unfortunately I didn’t read this thread till after I used whole wheat flour in the recipe. What should I expect? Any description of how the whole wheat loaf will come out?

  248. TERRY H-H

    I really enjoyed making this bread. I used 1 cup AP, 1 1/4 cup Bread flour, 1/2 cup rye, and 1/4 cup Spelt (aerated flours) and 1 tsp sea salt, then mixed 1 tsp instant yeast in 120° purified water and 1/2 cup sourdough starter to measure a total of 1 1/2 cup liquid.

    I will wait for breakfast and have my Avocado toast on my fresh baked loaf of sourdough bread, made in 2 hours.

    • April

      Do you happen to live in a high altitude area? I do, and was wondering how to incorporate my sourdough into this recipe.

  249. Yani

    Super easy work and fast tank I will send a picture if I can but I don’t know how wander full

  250. Ya I

    Thank for this recipe it work superb easy and tastes good 😋😋

  251. Lark

    I did enjoy the bread but didn’t find it as light and airy as the overnight recipe. I think I will stick with that one

  252. Amanda

    Wow! This was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I’m a decent sweets baker but always always failed at bread. Until today. I can officially check this off my life list!

  253. Mitchell

    Jenny do you or anyone know if you can substitute gluten free flour for the regular flour?

  254. Tina

    I made this one today and it came out so delicious. Quicker than the overnight one and tastier too.

  255. Tina

    Can you add less water and add olive oil along with rosemary ?

  256. Clinton

    This was the first time I’ve ever made bread, and it turned out amazing! I only have a 2qt glass baking dish, so I halved the recipe, and everything stilll turned out great! As a poor starving college kid who can eat bread like it’s nobody’s business, baking my own bread with this recipe is going to save me so much money! I had to stop myself from eating the whole loaf!

    • Nana Pennypockets

      You have to be very careful using glass pans for this at that heat level. 425º is usually the hottest oven for glass pans. You run the risk of the glass exploding.

    • Nana Pennypockets

      Glass pans are not safe to use over 425º in the oven. You run the risk of the glass exploding.

    • Old Texan

      Please get a small Amazon Basics cast iron Dutch oven, the 2 qt may fit you fine.
      They are cheap, but heavy.

  257. Steinstra Jordan

    In the video you said 1/4 tea spoon of yeast and this recipe ask for 2 tea spoons of yeast. I’m praying my bread still come out fine.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The video is for a different Faster 4 1/2 hour loaf with 1/4 tsp. yeast. This recipe is for a new Fastest 2-hour loaf and it needs 2 tsp. yeast. If you followed the recipe as written it will turn out.

  258. Jane Goulet

    An you use rapid rise yeast for this recipe?

  259. ERIC

    can you do half whole wheat and half bread flour?

  260. Gary

    Had a crush on you since I first saw one of your videos!

    That’s all Jenny.

  261. Nicole

    Has anyone tried using whey instead of water? I am thinking it might make it more sourdough-ish. I have a lot of whey on the fridge from making and straining yogurt.

  262. Denis

    Made this recipe as directed. Bread seemed a bit doughy. Used bread flour.

  263. Doug


  264. Maggie

    I made this delightful recipe today. I watched the video on YouTube 2 times and told my husband not to talk to me while I was trying to make bread……I do not have a Dutch Oven, so I used my 3 qt. Cuisinart stainless steel saucepan with the glass lid that has a metal handle. I looked up my set online it can withstand 500 degrees so I thought I give it a try.
    I did everything else exactly like you said Jenny, I even checked the water with a thermometer to make sure it wasn’t over 130 degrees.
    Well, after I finished baking it, my husband asked me 3 times, “Can I have some now”? LOL. So finally after cooling a bout 30 minutes he ate some with butter.
    He moaned and said, “Why haven’t you been making this if you knew how?
    He continued and said, “Weve been married 28 years and you’ve been holding out on me that you could make bread like THIS!
    Well, this recipe is certainly a keeper and so is my Husband!! 🙂 Thanks Jenny!! 🙂

    • Tess

      This is such a sweet post. Congrats on your enduring marriage and your successful bread!

  265. DANIEL

    I’ve been making this for a month now and I realized that there is no need to use the “dutch” oven thing, just slide it into the oven and it will.turn out the same. Also I put less water, enough to make the dough easy to mold.

    • Patricia

      You just put it in the oven? On what did you put it? It’s too soft to just put on the racks. Did you use a cookie sheet , a pie pan or what?

    • Bob

      How was the crust? I understand without steam the crust is just a dull brown, or at least when I tried just dough on a cookie sheet it was a thin dull brown crust. Nothing like using a dutch oven or putting a pan of water on the rack below the cookie sheet. Let us know about the crust.

  266. Andrea from NJ

    Made this for the second time today and it was even better than before! I used king Arthur bread flour,and I do believe it makes a difference vs regular ap flour. Made in my 5 qt cast iron durch oven.

  267. Julie-FNP

    Turned out fantastic! Used scale and grams.

  268. Liam Maclarnan

    Hey Jenny,

    Lots of love from Britain. We tried your bread recipes unfortunately we weren’t very successful then we found out that USA and U.K. cup measures are different . Would you mind tgiving recipe in grams and mls? I would be grateful. Thanks ever so much . Liam

  269. Courtney

    Hi i would love to know if i can use active dry yeast instead of instant as i don’t keep instant on hand.thank you.

    • Nissa

      Yes you can! I did and the bread turned out beautifully. Follow the (package) instructions for activating the yeast and when it comes time to combine the bread ingredients (as per Jenny’s recipe), just subtract the water amount used to activate the yeast from the water listed in the recipe. Easy peasy!

  270. Dawna

    I made this bread and added 4 oz of extra sharp white cheddar, one jalapeno and one tsp of garlic powder. Everyone loved it. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Jonathan

      Yup ,that…..
      I have adulterated this recipe so many ways.
      Fave is 1/2 cup chopped Vidalia onion and a 1/2 cup chopped Italian parsley.

    • Tess

      I’ve made it adding roasted garlic cloves and chopped fresh herbs… O. M. G. Fantastic served with either Olive oil or goat cheese.

  271. Vicki

    This bread was delicious! Made it just as directed and it came out beautiful and my husband loved it. Thanks so much for the recipe, its a keeper!!!

  272. Judy Mutter

    Love this recipe! Jenny you have hit a home run, my family and friends love the bread. They cannot believe how easy and quick it is.

  273. Amy

    Can this be done in bread pans? Please advise. I love all your recipes you need to be back on TV maybe food network I miss you. Glad I found you on you tube.

  274. Linda

    I have been making his bread at least 3-4 times per week. Always great. My friends think I’m amazing. (ssshhhh)
    I just realize that I have been using the regular yeast and not the fast yeast.
    Am I missing something by not using the fast yeast? Still comes out great but just wondering what is the difference.

  275. Larkin

    Can I double the recipe and if so, how long should I cook it?

  276. Jan

    Thanks so very much for this recipe & all the FAQ’s & your blog Jenny! I tried the rolls first (no dutch oven), this recipe yesterday. It was perfect! I can’t believe I baked bread, which I’ve never done. All the tips, especially aerating flour are so helpful & all the comments as well. And your videos, OMGosh, so fun & helpful for someone who is clueless about baking. There was a comment from someone who mentioned they used a baking sheet covered with one of those large throwaway lasagna pans. I don’t have a dutch oven, so I tried this, it worked PERFECTLY! Sorry I can’t find the comment now to give credit, but big thanks to that person for sharing. I followed Jenny’s recipe exactly, used a square stainless looking brownie pan I have from who knows where, with the tin lasagna pan on top. Since some commenters mentioned hard bottoms, I put one of those brown silicone liners on the bottom. It usually browns the bottom of cookies/biscuits, but totally not necessary for this bread & it did not brown the bottom at all, boo! I will not use it next time. Also, I’m using a large toaster oven (will take 1/4 sheet pan 9×13). Hope that helps those using toaster ovens & not sure if this recipe will work. It does, do it! Sometimes toaster oven temps need to be adjusted down because they are so small – I usually go down 25° F. I followed the recipe exactly the first time & it seems no temp adjustments are necessary for this bread. I still can’t believe this clueless non-baker is here talking about baking bread, lol! Thanks again Jenny for your recipes, you are my hero! And thanks to all the comments from everyone sharing tips, so helpful.

  277. Jill

    I’m really interested in trying variations of this bread, because I love the basic recipe so much! Do you have any suggestions? My first instinct is to throw in a handful of grated cheese and some garlic powder. Have you made it with mix-ins?

  278. sabrina

    so actually the pot heating up in the oven would be a total of 35 minutes? preheating 20 minutes of the last time the dough sits for the hour. then still heating in the oven while the dough is in the bowl with parchment paper? total of 35 minutes.

  279. Island Kate

    I just made this recipe for the first time using organic sprouted whole grain spelt flour. I made no substitutions other than using regular active yeast instead of instant. It turned out delicious! Beautiful bread. This is a game changer for me. Thank you Jenny 🙂

  280. Tamara Kuykendall

    Best bread and super easy!!! My husband that really isn’t a bread eater can’t stop eating 😂

  281. Jill

    This bread is AMAZING! I’m a novice bread maker and very nervous about working with yeast. The very first time I used this recipe, followed to a T using bread flour, it was so very foolproof and OMG…the end result?! Delicious! Great flavor and texture. I will make this again and again. Thank you!!

  282. BL

    I have tried several fast-no knead bread recipes but this one is by far the best of them all. I used the baking tips for the black cast iron dutch oven, raised the rack to the middle of the oven, reduced the heat to 425 for baking and followed the recipe to the letter. The bread was not gummy or damp. I let it rest for 2 hours which made cutting easy. This is definitely a keeper.

  283. CJ

    Can this recipe be used in a 2 qt dutch oven? It looks delicious! Thanks

    • Jan

      I am looking at the Lodge 2 qt cast iron dutch oven for this bread too. Several reviews on Amazon say this pot works perfectly for the recipe. Hope this helps!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I believe 2-quart would be too small for this recipe. You need room inside the pot for steam to circulate.

  284. CJ

    Can I use a 2 qt capacity dutch oven for this recipe?

  285. Theresa

    Beside using a dutch oven have you ever used a glazed clay pot or a copper pot to bake the bread? I have 2 copper pots that are the perfect size.

  286. Jasmine

    This recipe is excellent. I don’t like making bread, or baking really, I never turns out. But this is so good. And easy. Only downside is that it’s so difficult to not eat the whole loaf right away.
    I’ve subbed 1/2 cup whole wheat flour and that was nice, and I just made a loaf today with a few handfuls of cubed Gouda and some garlic powder. It’s fantadtic.
    I proof it in my instant pot and use yogurt whey (when I have it) instead of water.
    Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Crazy Cat Lady =^••^=

      What setting do you use to proof dough in your Instant Pot? Thanks!

  287. Omar

    Hi Jenny! Just stumbled onto your YouTube vid this morning by accident…so good to see you “back on the air” again. I’m an old geezer, living in a cabin in the woods, and I don’t have an oven, and it’s not too warm (for dough rising)…for xmas I bought myself a One Pot pressure cooking thingy…wondering if you, or someone, have ever made this bread in a One Pot? Blessings to you!

  288. Pamela

    Who knew I could produce a bread so delicious and beautiful?!?! I went out and purchased a dutch oven just to make this bread and it was worth every penny

  289. Rick Cosgrave

    I use some sourdough starter and1/2 tsp. yeast.
    Dissolve the yeast in the warm water.
    Turn the loaf on to parchment paper.
    Set it into the baking pan and cover.
    Place the pan in a sink of hot water.
    Once risen it goes into the hot oven.
    I’ve made this a lot and this provides the BEST rise!

  290. Shirley

    How do you get that beautiful split on top of the loaf?

    • Konnie

      Run a knife along the top and create about a half inch slit 🙂

      • Shirley

        Thank you. I tried that but I think my knife was too dull. I’ll try again with a sharp knife. Many thanks, and happy bread baking..

        • Jenny Can Cook

          The split usually happens naturally but you can also use scissors or a razor blade.

        • Kiwicottage

          I use my Joyce Chen very sharp scissors to cut into the bread about 1/2″. It keeps the lovely pattern.

  291. LEIGH

    I tried this bread today after having tried may other bread recipes from multiple other sources- 10x easier, and 100x better. Thank you so much Jenny- a complete success, look forward to making it again and trying your other recipes!

  292. Barbo

    I made this bread today and it is a perfect crunchy crust and soft insides.
    We love it. So easy to make. I used my idea of a 9×13″ Pyrex pan of
    water on bottom shelf. Big baking bowl with lid and used spritzer with
    water in beginning of baking. Everything I ever wanted in French or
    Sourdough is in this bread. You make the difficult so EZ. Thanks so
    much Ms Jenny. You saved me 10 minutes of kneading time and I got
    the bread I love. Oh my gosh, the toast is divine.

  293. Lillie

    How could I use this recipe to make several fist-sized loaves at a time? Could I use a cake pan?

  294. D. "Lynn" Carmichael (Ms.)

    Thanks, Jenny! My ‘rapido’ no-knead loaf looks just like the one in your photo: looks good, tastes great. And it’s got a finely textured ‘crumb’ … who knew, on such an easy-to-make loaf? It makes a bit of a mockery of all those old-school home-made breads that took 36+ hours of professional-boxer kneading and rising …
    Added freshly minced rosemary from the pot on my patio, so aromatic and tasty.
    Why buy pricey artisanal bread when you can whip up a customized loaf based on this outstanding template?
    Dziękuję Ci bardzo!
    (Silicon Valley via S.Ontario, Canada)

  295. Jackie

    My dutch oven is only safe to 400 degrees. Can I bake bread at 400? How much longer would it take? It also says never to heat when empty. Do I need to add oil or something when heating it?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I can’t advise that you go over the temperature limit but I believe they mean not to heat it empty on the stove top (assuming it’s enameled cast iron).

    • Lisa

      It’s a good idea to buy a metal knob on top and replace yours if it is the black kind. I hear the black knobs eventually breaks or explodes while baking.

  296. Shirley

    this bread is so incredibly delicious, and the easiest recipe ever!! I am still stunned that I can now have fresh baked bread on the table in 2 hours. Thank you so much. I’m now going to try baking your rolls.

  297. Kelly B

    I’m making this for the 2nd time in a week! It was gone in about 20 minutes last week. I’m making it again to have with some bean soup to warm up the house on this cold, cold day. Love that I can decide to make this on the spur of the moment. Thanks!

  298. Kelly C

    I can’t believe I did it! So glad I found your recipe. A big turkey dinner for New Year’s day, and everyone on a diet, I was not going to have dinner rolls. In the last minute, I couldn’t go through with no bread on the table… I found this recipe, tried it….. To my amazement it was wonderful! Up until we cut into the loaf , I didn’t think it would turn out. Everyone loved it, and recipe was shared 🙂

  299. alex

    125 g per cup of aerated flour in case you dont have time to aerate but have a scale!

  300. Angie

    If I were to double the recipe would the cooking/rising times change? I want to make this but it needs to feed 7 people.

  301. Diane

    Can I use bread flour in this recipe?

  302. Karen can cook

    I bless the day I found your site. I have always wanted to make an awesome artisan bread but sadly I never found the right recipe until I found you! You are a Godsend & within a few days I made several loaves of 2 hr fast bread. One thing that was missing was taste. The crust, crumb, the ease has been amazing. I always have my Irish Kerry Gold butter ready to use. I was wondering if I can use 2+ tsp of salt. I’ve using Hawaiian pink salt or Kosher. I am planning on making several loaves of bread for my friends who has no idea I’m making bread. So my question is will it throw off the science of the bread? It’s soooo delicious & want to up the taste of the crumb. Please advise me on want to do. Christmas is right around the corner 😬😬😬😬 Thanks Jenny! BTW I know you discovered Destiny’s Child with you know who! I was watching that day

    • Jenny

      It’s fine to use more salt with this recipe without disturbing the science. (I forgot about Destiny’s Child)

      • Carla

        I was wondering if you could add grated cheese to this recipe. Would love a cheese bread!

        • Kate from Ottawa

          Hi Carla, after doing the dry ingredients, I add Asiago cheese, halved black olives…make sure the olives are somewhat dry. Stir the ingredients, then add the water. I have taken this to parties and people dip pieces into olive oil. Asiago cheese is my go to cheese ☺

      • Karen can cook

        Jenny! How could you forget introducing Beyoncé for the first time on national tv?!! That’s so funny! I remember it like it was yesterday & I never forgot it. Thank you Jenny for many years of good times as well as many year of good cooking & Artisan bread! Ahhead of me! 👏👏👏

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    li made this recipe for your 3 hour rise. It was hands down the best I ever made. Today I will make this 2 hour recipe. By the reviews, this will be even better.
    Thanks for your wonderful recipes. Love your videos.

  304. Gail

    Can this be made in a gluten free way? Suggestions?

  305. Sarah

    Would it change anything to use other kinds of flour? Whole wheat for example?

    • Jenny

      Please see my other variations.

      • Vickilynn


        I’ve been looking for your “other variations” to see if 100% whole wheat flour could be used in your 2-hour no-knead bread, but I cannot find either.

        I know you said you used 100% whole wheat flour in your 4 hour one, so can I safely assume that it works for this one as well? Do you add anything else, such as vital gluten to the 100% whole wheat versions? Thank you!

  306. Karen can cook

    I’ve made 5 of these beautiful breads over the past 3 days. Absolutely perfect! I will NEVER EVER eat any other bread again! Now my daughter who doesn’t cook wants to make bread with me!!! Thanks Jenny!

    • Donna

      Mines baking now I have never done breD before it’s smells so goood can’t wait to pull it .

  307. Christine

    Came out perfect! Lots of crust and lots of bubbles inside. This recipe is a keeper…thank you.

  308. Alecia

    Not sure if the photo will post. Just made this and it came out perfectly!! 53248916245__E194153F-2838-4D7D-888D-4ABD79976CB0.JPG

    • Jenny

      To send a photo please use the link provided in “Your Photos.”

  309. mari

    Love your energy, makes for enjoyable viewing. I noticed you use a Lodge dutch oven for no knead bread. The instruction for the Lodge says never heat empty. Do you add oil or water when heating yours? I’m afraid I’ll ruin mine after reading that a poster on other site said hers exploded.

    • Jenny

      Mine is not a Lodge, it’s by Le Creuset.

    • Wendy

      I use a lodge for this recipe all the time and mine has never exploded. Sounds like maybe hers might have had a defect.

    • Andrea from NJ

      Per lodge, that was an error in the instructions booklet. You can hest it empty.

  310. Cheryl D. Clayton

    Just made it. Turned out wonderful!!!

  311. AMY

    Jenny you’re wonderful! Thank you!!
    Any tips on freezing dough to bake later?
    Could any of your bread recipes be frozen in dough form. My Hubby is a farmer and I have tons of wheat to go through lol.
    Thank you for your time😊

    • Amy

      I haven’t frozen dough yet but I have frozen the whole loaf of bread and brought it to room temp and baked it in oven for 10 to 15 minutes and it turned out great.

  312. Jane

    Love your recipes. You are a fabulous cook, but most of all you re a great instructor. The great instructions you provide make us better cooks.
    Whenever I am looking for a recipe I check your website.
    Keep publishing!!!


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    Wow!! amazing bread. I just made this recipe. I did not have time to take a picture of it. Just had to sink my teeth into it. Best ever!!! No more running out for bread 😉

  314. TC Burnett

    I have tried all of Jenny’s crusty bread and roll recipes. They all come out wonderfully!

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    Jenny, I love, love, love your recipes. I have made your other breads and they were all excellent but I have to admit this one (so far) is my favorite. For anyone that is afraid to make your own bread, Jenny’s recipes are SOOO easy to make. Just follow the directions, you won’t be sorry!

    Thanks Jenny 🙂

    Oh and the pizza dough is to die for!

  316. Mary White

    I have made 3 of your bread recipes and they have all been a hit. But I must admit this one is my favorite! I was always intimidated with making bread because it always failed for whatever reason. But these recipes are easy to follow and we had bread in 2 hours. I added ground rosemary and garlic when it was rising and garlic powder on top before I put in the oven. It was delicious!
    Thank you.

  317. BECKY

    WOW!!! Now I make my own bread all the time. I was always running out at odd hours for bread, milk and eggs. At least it solved one problem. They won’t allow
    chickens and cows in this apartment building.

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