2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread

2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread

2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread

This recipe uses MORE YEAST than my Faster No Knead Bread. The rest of the ingredients are the same. Be sure to aerate (not sift) your flour before measuring. PLEASE SEE MY METRIC CHART ABOUT THE FLOUR. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Makes: One loaf

2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread


  • 3 cups (360-390g /12 3/4 ounces) bread flour or all purpose flour (AERATE FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING - See How)
  • 2 TEASPOONS instant or RapidRise yeast (1 packet/7 g)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups hot water (up to 130° F)
  • (about 2 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping)


  1. Combine flour, 2 teaspoons yeast, and salt in a large bowl. Stir in water until it’s well combined.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour.
  3. After 40 minutes, place a 3 to 6-quart Dutch oven with lid in a cold oven and preheat to 450° F.
  4. After the dough has rested for the hour, place it on a well-floured surface and sprinkle with a little flour. Using a scraper fold dough over 10-12 times & shape into a rough ball.
  5. Place in a parchment paper-lined bowl (not wax paper) and cover with a towel or another bowl. Let stand on counter top for 15 minutes.
  6. After 15 minutes, carefully, using oven gloves, lift the parchment paper with the dough and transfer gently into the hot pot. (the dough sits inside a parchment "basket" inside the pot). Cover and bake for 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, remove lid and parchment paper. Return, uncovered, to oven and bake 10 - 15 more minutes. Let it cool at least 15 minutes before slicing.

METRIC: The standard for weighing flour is 1 cup = 120 grams. But when I weigh one cup I get 125-130 grams. Please decide what works for you.

MAKE IT EVEN FASTER! See how to make it in 1 3/4 hours in my blog. Click here.

No Dutch Oven? Didn't Turn Out? Other Questions? Click here.

1,684 Comments on "2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread"

  1. Claudia

    How to I modify to put it in the oven? I don’t have a Dutch Oven.

  2. Becca

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?!?!?
    I’ve used this bread recipe twice with bread flour, no issues, it was wonderful!!!
    I am using all purpose flour this time, and I’m ending up with a batter instead of a formed dough!!! What am I doing wrong????

  3. AV

    This is my go-to dutch oven loaf recipe!! So delightfully crisp on the outside and bouncy on the inside.

  4. Briana

    I love this recipe and share it often! Being able to whip up delicious bread so easily and quickly has brightened my busy days immensely. 10/10!

  5. Jennifer

    Love this recipe, but for some reason the paper gets stuck to the bottom of the bread. What can I do? Please help. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Assuming you’re not using wax paper, which would melt onto your food, then it’s probably inferior parchment paper. Try Reynolds brand – it won’t stick.

      • Mary

        Make this often. Always a hit. Out of parchment paper. Can I make it without? Thanks.

    • Jimmy

      Apply some flour to paper before the bread placed onto . Enjoy !

  6. Sara

    Hi Jenny, how can I incorporate EVOO, basil or garlic.?
    Thank you.

  7. Ann

    Can you somehow adapt it to make cinnamon rolls? Or do you have a recipe for those?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I do have a recipe for cinnamon rolls here.

  8. Ann Schroll

    I made the recipe but I divided it and made two small loaves. I am giving one to my best friend and share the remaining loaf with my neighbor. I can’t wait to try it 😂

  9. Jack

    I baked this bread last evening and it was gone before we went to bed. So one more loaf is rising now.
    This is the best and easiest bread I have ever made. Five stars, Jenny!

  10. Amanda

    When I make this for a single person or a couple, I split the recipe in half (I am usually taking them soup or something else with it). I bake it at the same temperature but for 15 minutes covered and then 10 minutes uncovered. It comes out perfectly, and they always comment how much they love it! Thanks, Jenny!

  11. Kathy

    This bread comes out amazing every time I make a loaf weekly with this recipe. Today I made 2 so I could gift one to my neighbor. Thank you

  12. Marsha

    Can you add dried fruit or nuts to this recipe?

  13. Judy

    I have a standing order from my mother in law every 4 weeks! It’s our favourite bread! Thank you for the recipe! 😁❤️

  14. Jenny Baker

    Is it the Dutch oven treatment that makes the crust so crunchy? Will this method work for a loaf of sourdough also ( hubby wants to know).

    • Maddy

      Yes, it works great with sourdough bread. I bake all my breads in the durch oven

  15. Amy

    Can you double the recipe?

  16. Judy Bradford

    1st & foremost, this bread is outstanding! Thank you! I like that when I get home from work I can whip up a batch of homemade soup and at the same time I can make this fabulous loaf of crusty bread to have with it! Recipe is laminated and on my fridge!
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It’s perfect every time 🙂

  17. Kay

    If you add rosemary, when would you add it?
    Do you brush the top with anything before baking?

    • Brenda

      Kay, you’d add the rosemary to the dry ingredients and no you don’t brush the top with anything. I tried to reply to you earlier but it came up as a comment I think. lol. Idk how this stuff works because I never answer questions. Hope your bread comes out great. ❤️

      Brenda from Connecticut.

    • Julie

      I would add the rosemary when you are mixing the dough.

      If you want to brush the top of the loaf do it after removing the loaf from the dutch oven. Don’t get burned 🤕

  18. Donna Reed

    I was really tired and wanted to make this tonight. I did steps 1 and 2, then after the hour, I dumped it into a 4×9 pan and baked with salt, pepper, and herbs on top. Baked for 45 minutes with aluminum foil on it until the last 20 minutes. Very good bread and seems like it’s pretty flexible!

  19. Hira

    I used bread flour and the dough did not rise. I tried to fix it by looking up rising fixes and it didn’t work.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Sharon

      I expect it was the yeast being dead (outdated) or your water too hot.
      Try again. I’ve made this recipe many times with no failure and my family loves it. Sometimes I add cheese or olives and it’s great! Good luck!

      • Emily

        Is 130 too hot water for yeast? That seems high. I usually do 110 at most.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Today’s yeast is more sturdy and accommodating than years ago and can tolerate water or liquid up to 130 degrees F. The killing point for yeast is 140 degrees F.

          • Magnus


            Just to correct you here coming from another long-time baker. The ideal temperature is 115F, not 130F. You’re correct in that 140F will kill all of the yeast, but once even reaching 120F will slowly start to kill them off. The only reason hotter water is required is to dissolve the outer shell. Yeast actually multiplies best at 95F, but due to the preservation it requires warmer temperatures to first become active (warmer water being 115F, not 130F which will cause some of the yeast to start dying).

            Hope this helps with any future baking! Enjoy your day.

            • Barbara K.

              Thank you for this info! Saving it until I memorize it! lol

  20. Vic

    First time making bread myself and it turned out great! My whole family loved it. I will definitely be making this often!

  21. Claudette Snow

    This recipe is my go to for sure !! All other recipes take 24 hours ..this one I. Only 2 and it’s easy and delicious!! I tell all my friends about this recipe

    • Genie Tanksley

      Thank you Claudette for sending me the link to the recipe. My first time baking bread and I think it came out great!!

  22. Rachel Bordeaux

    Dear Jenny, thank you for this wonderful recipe. Your’s is the best of all no-knead recipes I’ve tried. The flavor, the ease and speed, the gorgeous texture and aroma… I make this several times a week for our family and to share.
    All the Best!

  23. Guy Cesario

    I’ve made this recipe many times and it is always delicious. Very easy and quick. I like to change it up. I made it today and added sesame seeds – delicious 😋.

  24. Kathy

    This is fabulous bread. Can you make the dough ahead of time and bake it the next day?

  25. Patsy

    I have read that preheating empty Dutch ovens is bad for them. Have you had any issues?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That means not to preheat on the stove top, directly on a burner.

  26. Carol Ann

    Worked out great. I left it for three hours to proof and I had added oregano and rosemary. Absolutely great bread Thank you for this quick recipe

  27. Sunnie

    I used 1/4c honey and cut the water to 1&1/4c water
    Turned out fabulous

    I also use this recipe for pizza dough!

    • Barbara

      Hi Sunny.
      When using for pizza dough, do you use Jenny’s original recipe?

  28. Alaina a

    It appears I might be the only person who had issues with this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly….and it was extremely wet. I also remembered to aerate my flour. I had to add close to a other cup of flour to get it to form some semblance of a ball…or at least to bring the ingredients together, otherwise it was as wet as a cake batter.

    What exactly went wrong here?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you sifted the flour before measuring, that would cause a wet dough. Sifting is not the same as aerating. That’s all I can think of.

      • claudette

        i added jalapenos to this recipe. my friends dont like cheese . came out perfect

    • Dave

      Exact issue. Added some flour to get to appropriate consistency. I’m sure it’s my fault for not aerating

      • Pamilla

        Without aerating I use a scale. Three cups of Flour would be 360 Grams.

  29. Ceejay Young

    I had never made bread before Covid hit (when any kind of yeast and flour were in short supply, as it seems many people were baking bread at that time, too). I’ve made this recipe dozens of times and it ALWAYS is successful and delicious. I’ve added herbs, or olives, or roasted garlic or all three to the dough and it bakes wonderfully. I love that I can space out, until that “uh oh, I need bread to go with the soup” moment, and it comes together so fast and easy. Thank you so much for banishing my bread making fears forever!

  30. Lynda

    This recipe is so awesome. Because I find the 2 hour bread not to be as flavorful as the 4 hour bread recipe, when I make this I often add flavoring and make it into a cheese bread. The following is what I changed thanks to ideas from other commenters that I followed.

    I don’t put in the 1 tsp salt per recipe. Instead I mix with the 3 cups flour and 2 tsp yeast, 2 TBS Montreal Steak Seasoning, 1 tsp fine garlic granules and 1/2 tsp garlic salt. In addition I add 2 cups Sharp cheddar cheese and 1-2 tsp Italian Seasoning.

    Then after mixing all above with a pair of chopsticks (I cook with chopsticks all the time) I add the 1.5 cups hot water (120 degrees or so) and mix until no dry flour shows up as the recipe says. I weigh my flour to 380 grams and find I often have to add an additional tablespoon water but it may be because I have all the additions in there.

    Enjoy this recipe, it’s such a fun one to play with. Thank you Jenny, it’s so fun to see you on YouTube after seeing you on TV back in the day!

    • Lynda

      Sorry, wanted to make a correction to my comment above. Only put in a sprinkle of garlic salt. Two TBS Montreal Steak Seasoning and a tiny sprinkle of garlic salt is plenty for the recipe. Don’t put half a tsp of garlic salt in addition to the Montreal Steak Seasoning, that was a typo and would cause your bread to be too salty and may even inhibit rising. Anyway, I just made a loaf of cheese bread doing what I said and it is delicious with crunchy cheesy top and tender cheesy loaf inside. Yum!

  31. Dusty Bopp

    Miss your videos, anything coming up

  32. Anita

    Hi Jenny! How can I bake this bread in a loaf pan?
    Let ve your recipes 💕

    • Peggie

      Yes you can make this bread in loaf pans…just put a pan of hot water below the loaves to add steam which makes a crispy crust. Two smaller loaves may require less time in the oven at 450 degrees.

  33. Paul

    Can you double the recipe?

    • Tina

      I double the recipe and bake two loaves. They fit just right in my large Dutch oven.

  34. Erica

    Are there any adjustments that need to be made for high altitude? Thanks!

  35. LuAnn

    Jenny Jenny Jenny…..this bread recipe is absolutely perfect and comes and just right every time! So simple to make and so yummy to eat. Many thanks for sharing your time and talents.
    All The Best,
    LuAnn in Western Oregon

  36. Patricia

    Hi made this bread for the first time very easy to make, but unfortunately it has a very crusty top and very hard on the bottom. Had to to cut the top and bottom off as it was far to hard to eat, can you help me as I would like to make it again. 🇨🇦

    • John the Renegade Baker

      Reduce heat to 400. Bake to final internal temperature of 205f. After the bread cools put in a paper or plastic bag and it will soften overnight

    • Anita

      I read that to soften your top crust to put a damp cloth or even a big bowl over your bread as soon as you take it out of the oven. This will trap the moisture and your crust will dry “soft”! Let it cool completely. I tried this and it worked!

  37. Karen S

    Just made this bread for the first time. It is fabulous! Except… My parchment stuck to the bottom of the bread and I can’t get it off at all. I’ve used parchment paper many times and not had any problems whatsoever so I’m wondering if I might’ve done something wrong.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Assuming it’s not wax paper, which is not suitable for the oven, it’s likely an inferior brand of parchment. I use Reynolds and it never sticks.

      • Karen S

        Thanks for the reply. I “inherited” a bunch of parchment from someone so perhaps it is inferior as you mentioned. I will try a different brand next time. But I cut off the crust with all the parchments stuck to it, and I am very much enjoying my bread!

      • Stacie Peterson

        I would love for you to do more of these videos and recipes. I have made a lot of your recipes and my family loves them!!

        Thank you 🙂

    • Ceejay Young

      Hi Karen, I usually wad the parchment paper up in a tight ball, un-wad it and put it in a bowl before transferring the dough to the bowl for the second rise. I’ve never had a sticking problem with this method. Hope this helps.

  38. Paula

    Hi, I love making this bread. I have been experimenting with different variations (garlic, seeded etc). I am now preparing a Sour Dough started. How do I incorporate this into the process. Can it be done/adapted with this methode?

  39. Mike

    Recipe is solid, but it needs more information on how to scale it into 2x or 3x batches

    • Jerry

      Get calculator and multiply it times 2 or 3….🙄

  40. LindaK

    Such a great recipe and so easy too. I add 1 cup of diced Kalamata olives to the dough. I started making this bread for a variety of holidays, and now I get requests to bring it every time! Highly recommend. It’s divine.

  41. Cate

    I just tried this and for some reason my dough was very sticky and when proceeded to roll in a ball (with more flour) it did not hold shape and kept spreading flat. Not sure what I did wrong. I am baking it now, we’ll see how it comes out.

  42. Clare

    I love your recipe, I have made it and give it for gifts, now that’s its Christmas season, that’s what friends are getting..Best recipe and so easy.

  43. JAMES

    I make this bread all the time now. It turns out perfect EVERY time.

    Thank you for the recipe Jenny. x

  44. Roy

    I made as per your recipe, but I left the parchment paper on after removing the lid. Turned out perfect.

  45. Tina

    I’m hosting a gathering, and have time in the morning to do the prep, but not the time later in the day to let it rise, etc. as I have an afternoon commitment. Can I prep it but have it rise for a lot longer, so I can bake it fresh for evening supper?

    • Jet

      hey, I have prepped then put it in the fridge until later. It worked out very well. Just make sure you put in a warm place with plenty of time to rise before you baked it.

    • Vicky

      Did you ever get a reply about prepping early and baking much later?

      • Denise

        I’ve let it sit all day, it rises, but I just punch it back down and do the final step of the recipe/ prepping it while the Dutch oven is heating up in the oven. It has been the best no fail bread for me.

  46. Veronica

    Does this recipe work in the bread machine? I knowni need to put water first, fix the flour with the salt andnpour on top, then finally the yeast. But wonder which programe would be more appropriate. They all have 2 knead and 3 rising cycles… maybe better to use just the dough setting, leave it there for 2 hours then use the bake setting?!

  47. Barbara Reed

    I added garlic, grated cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon!!! OMG…. awesome flavor and tasted great toasted with butter. I also cut an X in the top with scissors and misted it with water before putting the cast iron lid on. SO GOOD! THANK YOU

    • Emily


      When did you add the garlic, cheese etc…?

  48. Kasia

    So glad my mom told me about your recipes a few years ago. All of them are a hit. Your bread recipes are so adaptable, today I substituted 1 cup flour for rye flour, added 2 teaspoins gluten to help the rye. Then, instead of parchment paper and a duch iven, I used horseradish leaves. I removed the horseradish completely after the suggested bake time and allowed to brown. Perfect!

    P.S. Watched you with my mom back in the day and mom always loved telling me how proud she was you were Polish!

    • Kasia

      I also used a stone to support the horseradish leaf “Dutch oven” I made.

  49. Gani

    Thank you, Jenny.
    How I have mistreated this recipe, which I call 3-2-1 bread (3c flour, 2t yeast, 1t salt). I save the flour from the counter, add it to the bit of dough that sticks to the bowl with a bit of water in a jar, let it stand for an hour or 2, and refrigerate till I put it in the next loaf. I’ve added cheese, oats, onions raw or roasted, prunes, grated apple and cinnamon, and today leftover mashed potatoes and pumpkin seeds. No dutch oven, I put it on a stone, pour boiling water in a pan on the floor of the oven, reduce the heat after 10 minutes and cook 40-50 more. I always use convection. It doesn’t fail. Once or twice I have slightly undercooked it, but that was my fault. 🙂

    • Vicky

      How long do you refridgrate dough? Do you let it come to room temp before baking?
      When adding other ingredients when do you add them?
      What do you preheat oven to? Do you
      pre-heat the stone too? After how many minutes do you turn the temp down and to what for how long?

    • Vicky

      How much water in your recipe?

  50. PattiAnn

    I made 1/2 recipe. Second rise in a mini 5 ” banneton. Baked in CI pot. Wonderful bread & perfect size for two.
    Thanks Jenny.

  51. DomesticDiva

    Made your 2-hour No Knead loaf, which I’ve made several times, but decided to experiment today. Added a large handful of Gerbs Super 5 Dried Fruit Mix, another handful of Anthony’s Organic Pumpkin Seeds and approximately 1 1/2 TBLS organic honey. After the 1 hour rest, followed directions, but formed into a loaf and rested on parchment paper in an oblong tinfoil pan. I then baked it in my clay loaf baker with lid (amazon.com). My husband and I agreed it’s the best “breakfast” loaf ever! It rose and baked so beautifully that I took a picture and sent it to you.Thanks for this incredible, versatile, forgiving recipe!

  52. Nancy

    What temperature do you bake it on??

  53. Bonnie

    There’s absolutely no reason to make any other Dutch oven recipe! Hands down the easiest and best! I make it at least once a week!!!

  54. MJ

    My dough is very wet, can’t shape, I know I followed the measurements, but I did 3 flours..1 1/2 Cup white, half a cup whole wheat, 1 cup of soft white wheat…🤷🏻‍♀️in oven now with fingers crossed☺️

  55. Phyllis

    What a gorgeous loaf of bread I made today! And so easy. It tastes like heaven. That chewy crust is to die for. Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe

  56. Jeff

    I love how you can play around with this recipe! Today I used 1 cup all purpose, 1 cup dark rye and 1 cup whole wheat. From another recipe I learned to add 3 tablespoons molasses and a 1/4 cup cocoa powder – for a loaf of dark rye bread.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You just made pumpernickel bread – it sounds delicious!

  57. Briguy

    I place loaf back on Dutch oven once it has cooled down on Wax Paper cutting is much easier crusty top bottom cut able .

    • Jindabyne

      Hi. I read your comment. It is not Wax paper you use for baking …it is Parchment paper only. Big Difference. Take care

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That is correct. Wax paper should never be used in an oven or with heat – it will melt into the food. Parchment paper is the only one to use.

  58. Brigitte Foellmi

    Hi Jenny made your 2hour no knead bread this morning for the 2nd time and it came out again wonderful. I do put some Beagle Seasonlng on top and we love the taste very much. Thanks for sharing this great Bread Recipe.

  59. Bo

    Love this recipe! Made many times! Today, I experimented by adding 1 cup rolled oats, three tbs honey, and bumped water to 14 oz. Just came out of oven, smelling amazing!

  60. Sharon

    Why on earth is the bottom of my baked 2 hr recipe hards as h…?
    I’m actually cutting into my good bread board I’m sawing through the bottom.
    I’ve tried wetting my parchment paper that sits in the bottom of a cast iron pot.
    I’ve taken to wrapping my lof in plastic wrap to keep it soft. HELP

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

      • Carol

        I spray my hot baked loaf with a butter flavored baking spray when it first comes out of the oven. Let it continue to cool on a baking rack until ever so slightly warm. Then wrap in saran wrap. Prevents the hard crusty exterior.

    • Brigitte Foellmi

      I have a bread cuter and it work wonderful never can cut it with a knife.

  61. Angie

    Just made this tonight, not for the first time either. I added garlic and fresh rosemary. It was wonderful. Thanks for the recipe!

  62. Gina

    I’ve made this bread and it’s great. Thanks so much for the recipe. Have a question about room temperature. What exactly is room temperature. I use my proofing oven but if one didn’t have that, what temperature would you recommend for the rising? Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe does not call for rising in a warm spot. Room temperature essentially means not warm. (most rooms are probably in the 68-76F range)

      • Mary

        I am in the middle of making the bread. Just plain though. Will experiment later. I am very glad I stumbled on your website! Your recipe for the bread is much easier than the one I first used. I will be following you for more of your recipes and videos

  63. PATTY

    Jenny, I have made this bread 4 times now and its awesome! Never thought little ol’ me would ever be a bread maker but I’ve got you to thank for that!! I’ve shared with all the ladies on Facebook so there will be a whole lot of bread making going on ala Jenny Can Cook! Thanks.

  64. MC1

    Hi, I made this bread the other day and it turned out great. I was a bit worried though because it was wetter than what I had expected and had a hard time shaping it. In this case, would I add more flour until it’s shaggy?

  65. MC

    Hi, I made this bread the other day and it turned out great. I was a bit worried though because it was wetter than what I had expected and had a hard time shaping it. In this case, would I add more flour until it’s shaggy?

    • MJ

      Hi, mines in the oven now with fingers crossed ..mine too was very wet…couldn’t really shape..

  66. Deb

    Ahhh Jenny, been following you for some time now.
    Just want you to know that this is my favorite bread recipe. We really my only one. I have added dried cranberries a nd walnuts sometimes and love it.
    We live on a boat in the Caribbean and to get a piece of this home made or boat made bread is wonderful. My oven is small but the Dutch oven just fits and I might have to jury rig it so the bottom doesn’t burn but never lost a loaf yet.
    Thanks for the advice and recipe

  67. John

    I make this frequently, and we all love it. Only recurring issue I have is that mine never seems to rise as nicely as what’s seen here. I follow the measurements as described, and the only variation is that I commonly add several tablespoons of diced jalapenos (picked; drained) Water temp is ~125F when added. Cooking in a cast iron dutch oven following described procedures.

    Any advice on what I may need to do differently? Tweak to a bit more (or less) of something?

    • Chtis

      You should try adding sugar. This will feed the yeast and make it work better. I also think it makes it taste better. Start out by adding 1 teaspoon. You could go up to 1 tablespoon but of course the more you add the sweeter it will taste.

  68. Sarita

    This became my favorite bread recipe on my first attempt. The step by step instructions are very easy to follow. Only 4 ingredients including the water. The flavor is amazing. I will be making this bread two or three times a week.

    Thank you so very much for posting this recipe and will follow for more…!

  69. jamahv

    Question: Do you slash the top of the bread before baking?

    • Maggie

      I always slash the bread before baking. (it looks more like the professional ones in bakeries! 😊) Love love love this recipe. I have a loaf in the oven as I type.

      • Denise

        Me too!!!! I’m trying it this time not using a kitchen aid because it hasn’t come out as I wanted. It ended up being a little bit raw in the middle and too hard on the outside. This time I mixed everything by hand and I already noticed a little bit of a difference, so I think I just ended up beating the heck out of the dough lol.

        • Vicky

          Yes my re pie for no knead bread stresses not to over mix but just until flour is mixed in for a shaggy dough.

    • Laura

      A friend of ours who owns a bread bakery told us that slashing helps release the moisture as the bread bakes thus allowing for a better rise and cook through the middle. So, yes, slash away. Use something sharp. Slash with the blad at an angle and go about 1/2” deep. Hope that helps.

  70. Quinn

    I am not a confident bread maker but I have made this many many times and it is my favorite no fail recipe. Thank you for posting this, I get compliments every time and it has built my confidence as a baker.

  71. Carlisle

    I have made this delicious loaf numerous times, it always turns out great! I have added fresh garlic and other herbs and I also like to bake it “plain”. I am wondering if I can double the recipe in order to get a larger loaf?

    • Hafsah

      I’ve doubled this before and baked in a 6 qt dutch oven, and it turned out great!

      • Karen

        Could you please give me the double recipe for no knead bread (doubled bread)

      • Vicky

        Doubleing the recipe do you bake it longer?

  72. Yolanda

    When preparing the dough it was sticky is it supposed to feel a little sticky? I didn’t see anything about sticking to hands a little in recipe.

    • Bruce

      Yes, it is quite sticky. That’s why the recipe suggests that you use a pastry scraper. To fold over on a floured countertop a few times.

  73. Leslie

    Hi – What’s the conversion if you’re using Traditional Yeast, not fast rising?

    • Vicky

      Using regukk k at yeast instead of quick it won’t rise as much and be as light.

  74. SheRocS

    This is my absolute fav bread recipe to make. Super easy and best of all quick! I’m a chef by trade and this just makes day to bread making an ease and I always look forward to it! Thank you!

  75. Patty Finch

    Hi Jenny,

    I tried this recipe for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I’m on my 4th batch as I write this. It’s delicious. I have been using Bob’s Red Mill, unbleached Artisan Bread Flour and it’s delicious! My husband keeps asking me, are you going to make more of that bread today? He thinks I should make it every day! And it’s just the right amount for the two of us for several days. Thanks for sharing your good recipes with us!!

  76. Phyllis

    I love this bread but every time I make it, I’m peeling the parchment paper out from under and in the bread. I’ve watched the video and I’m not doing anything different. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It might be inferior paper. Try Reynolds brand.

      • Phyllis

        I will try that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks

  77. Sherrie

    I have 4 friends that want me to make this for them. It is THAT good.
    Can I double the recipe??

    • Debra

      Hi Sherrie,

      YES, you can double the recipe but I wouldn’t go any further than that. It works out just fine when I did it. Just make sure that if you’re going to cook it as one big loaf, you can but I would suggest strengthening your parchment underneath as the dough gets quite heavy. I cooked it in the same pot and lid and gave it about an extra 10 minutes before removing the lid and parchment. Then you go ahead and brown if you want to, or don’t, doesn’t matter.

      Good luck!

  78. Amanda S

    This recipe is phenomenal and so easy! I make a loaf 2-3x a week. I add a few teaspoons of water to my crock while baking for a nice soft crust, perfect every time!

    • Vicky

      So you add the extra water right in with the dough in the pan you bake it in? How much water did you say?
      Would LOVE a softer crust!

  79. Jeff

    Love this recipe! So glad I found it. The video for the slower rising one is very helpful. I have tried both all white flour, and 2 cups whole wheat and one cup white. So easy, so delicious. Making a load today for a friend who need a hug; nothing better than warm bread!!!! Thank you so much.

  80. Mindy

    I use this as my basic bread receipe and also often alter it a bit to make rolls and flatbreads as well.

    To make basic rolls relatively quick, I preheat my oven to 400, turned it off and crack the door before mixing dough to let it cool, mixed the receipe as described, mixing in a tsp of honey. Then I turn it onto a silicone mat, and use my floured dough scraper to cut into 12 sections. Next, I slightly rolled the sections loosely into balls, place on a pan close together, cover with a dishcloth, and let rise in my slightly warmed oven (making sure it’s not too hot) for about an hour and a half. Then after the dough had risen, I simply turn my oven and bake as normal until done

    • Vicky

      Are the rolls as hard as the bread? Do you cook them as long as the bread?

    • Vicky

      Is there any space between the rolls or do you place them right next to each other?

  81. I’ve REALLY pushed the limits!

    My husband LOVES sourdough! So I altered the recipe and put 1/3 cup of sourdough discard in place of 1/3 cup of the water and it comes out amazing! He actually prefers this to an actual “real” sourdough bread that takes so much longer and sometimes overnight to make.
    I just lightly toss the sourdough starter in with the flour misfire in the bowl before I add the rest of the water so I don’t end up cooking the discard with the hot water. Flawless!!!

    • Jen P

      Sorry about the name before… I got confused. And I don’t mix the discard with misfire – I add it to the flour mixture – Oops!

    • Bruce

      Trying out your sourdough idea as I type this….I had to add 1/4 cup more water to get all of the flour mixed in. Now it’s just a wait and see situation. Thanks for the idea.

    • Bev

      Do you use the yeast also with the starter?

      • Vicky

        Yes I’d like to know do you use yeast with the starter also?

    • Vicky

      What is sourdough discard? Do you have to keep the starter on hand all the time? I only make my bread for company.

  82. Tanya

    I see in this recipe it states to use Instant/Fast Rise yeast but in the other longer recipes it says Instant OR Active Dry Yeast, can you not use regular Active yeast in this faster recipe?

    • Beth Goodwin

      I used 2 tsp tradional Yeast and mixed with the water before adding to flour mixture. Warmed up microwave by heating a cup of water for 25 seconds and put mixture in warm microwave for 2.5 hrs .
      Formed ball and let sit in bowl while pot heated in stove.

  83. Lola C

    I made this bread for our wood fire oven. It was perfect – light crust and just enough chewiness inside! We loved how it turned out.

  84. DON

    I just put the finished dough in a 3-qt ceramic lined pot and baked it for 35 min then baked for another 10 min on a cookie pan tll browned good

  85. Kris

    Wow! I am rarely this impressed. Just made this for the 1st time. So simple, it looks like a gorgeous sourdough boule that I would gladly buy at a bakery, and tastes wonderful with a texture I can’t even believe that I made without all the rising, kneading, dough hook and stand mixer (that I don’t have). I followed the recipe to a tee, this will remain in my back pocket from now on. For clarity, I know many of us would love a video following this specific recipe, as having watched the video for the other recipe, I had to mentally check myself to not default to the video’s instructions when I was really making this one… That said, I love this bread – thank you for sharing!!!

    • Daphne

      Stand mixers are such a waste of money and space. Most people probably have them for “prestige” reasons. They take up a shit ton of space on the countertop and they’re not even attractive. People were baking bread and other baked goods long before stand mixers were around. I just wouldn’t want something so clunky and ugly taking up counter space in my kitchen. I like 100% completely clear countertops when I’m not using my kitchen.

  86. PETER

    Thanks Jenny! I’ve been making my own bread, croissant, pastry, etc. etc. my whole life. You’ve just changed my go to loaf!

    This is an incredible recipe! So far I’ve been adding wild rosemary and I’m thinking about caramelized onions next. I’m also really interested to see what happens if I let it sit for multiple hours or use different types of flour. It just seems so easy to experiment with! Thanks again!

    • Ken Romero

      Peter, I sometimes add a tablespoon of Everything Bagel seasoning and let the dough rest, covered overnight. Incredible bread!

  87. Deb

    This is an awesome recipe but my question is whether I can substitute all purpose Almond flour?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No, it will not work. This recipe needs gluten.

  88. jewel

    I finally got to try out my Danish dough whisk, my ‘real oven’ quit about the time I got it. That’s as amazing tool. I had to bake my bread in my (large) toaster oven using one of the trays from the oven and a metal square cake pan for the cover. For the second rest, I placed the dough on a cornmeal covered piece of parchment and put a bowl over the top of it. I heated the tray and the cake pan in the oven while dough was resting. When that was done I slid the parchment with cornmeal off onto the hot sheet, sprinkled with some everything bagel seasoning, topped it off with the hot cake pan and baked as the recipe called for. It was the best loaf of no knead I have ever made. I wasn’t sure how well a whole batch would bake in a toaster oven so I halved the recipe. It turned out to be just the right size and shape for making muffaletta. I always add a dash of vinegar to my no knead recipe just to give it a tiny bit of tang. I have made dozens and dozens of loaves of this type of bread and trust me when I say it ain’t brain surgery, it’s kinda hard to mess up and even if it isn’t perfect it is still good.

    • Peggy

      I am intrigued by the addition of vinegar… at what point do you add it?

      • Vicky

        I would like to know about adding vinegar too? How much and when you mix the dough? Does it make it taste like sourdough?

  89. Bruce

    I’ve been making Jenny’s breads for quite a while now and have a couple of observations.
    #1. No knead bread. All are good, however the 18 hour loaf is, I think, the better loaf.
    #2. Again, no knead bread….I’m clumsy when it comes to cling-wrap and will NOT use it. I cover the bread dough with a damp kitchen towel AND a 2nd towel and this seems to work just fine for all the no kneads be it the fast, faster, fastest or over night loaves.

    • Chris

      I love this. People made bread for eons before plastic wrap came along. I’m a bit amazed that people use it for 10 minutes, a couple of hours, etc., and then it lives in a landfill for 1000 years. Towels forever!

  90. Gerri

    So easy to make and so delicious!

  91. Kay

    I love this bread!!
    I ran out of parchment. Can I use a silpat or bake without parchment? Thank you.

    • Dani

      You can sprinkle some cornmeal on the bottom. Buying some parchment at the $1 store is pretty easy and inexpensive if you prefer parchment.

  92. LiluK

    Is there any difference in the final product between using bread flour or all-purpose flour?

    • CJ

      Not much, really. I’ve used both, and the AP seems to make a lighter loaf. The bread flour was more dense, in my opinion.

      • Jim

        I use bread flour. Just add a 1/4 teaspoon more yeast also has anyone tried adding any type of cheese

  93. Dale

    Hi–Can you clarify these directions:
    After 30 minutes, remove lid and parchment paper. Return, uncovered, to oven and bake 10 – 15 more minutes.

    Do you mean, lift the bread out of the dutch oven, and remove the loaf from the parchment paper …then return the bread w/o the parchment paper, to the dutch oven, uncovered, and bake it for 10-15 more mins?


    • Peggy

      Yes, put the bread back in the Dutch oven without lid or parchment paper. Watch carefully, I can’t go over 8 mins

      • Vicky

        Why remove the parchment paper? I’ve made no knead bread for years and not removed the paper, but haven’t tried this recipe yet. Why would it be different for those last 10 min of browning?

    • John


      I’ve made this bread plenty of times. I no longer remove the parchment paper when removing the lid, with no negative impact on the end product.

    • Amy

      Good catch! Somehow I missed the parchment paper part, and kept it in the whole time! It came out good that way, but I’m assuming she meant to take it out when you take out the lid. Usually recipes like this, I have always kept the paper in

    • CJ

      I usually take the lid off, grab a corner of the parchment paper and give it a yank-it comes right out. Then, finish the last 10-15 minutes without the lid, without the paper.

    • Dani

      There’s zero reason to take the parchment paper out and a good reason to keep it in; you’re able to pull the loaf out with the paper.

  94. Mag

    I have a food ninja that makes bread, do you know if I need to do anything different with the recipe to use the ninja

  95. Maria B Rugolo

    This recipe never disappoints! A beautiful loaf every time that tastes amazing!

  96. Jeanne Rodriguez

    I don’t have a scraper, what else is good to use for the fold over?

    • Kit

      Just use a wide, firm spatula in place of a bench scraper.

    • George Wright

      I use a large spatula. It’s called a pancake turner, but the edge is sorta sharp, and it’s about 4-5″ wide. Works great as a scraper, I use it to clean the countertop after working dough.

    • Melanie

      Honestly, I used to use the dough scraper and fold it like the recipe says, but I got tired of the mess on my counter. Now, I just fold/mix it in the bowl it was resting in with a spatula and sprinkle in a little more flour because the original recipe adds a little more flour into it when you’re folding (and you need that extra bit of flour to get the dough a little firmer for shaping). It works just as good, and there’s less mess.

    • Vicky

      Use a very large metal spoon- larger than a serving spoon, although I do use this for serving for dishes like chicken with rice or vegetables.

  97. Maria

    I love this recipe. It is quick and I don’t have to think about it too far in advance.
    I play with the recipe and add pumpkin seeds and either cherries or cranberries and sometimes I substitute a cup of whole wheat in the recipe. It comes out great. I also used oats in the recipe on occasion, sometimes just rosemary or olives. It works out great. Nice and crusty. I know you have other bread recipes for these, but sometimes I think of it too late and they take a little longer.
    Love your recipes.

  98. Melinda

    I’ve made this so many many times and it always turns out perfect.. these are some of the items I’ve added to it… black and white sesame seeds, basil, chopped black olives, rosemary…
    The day old bread makes the best French toast ever!!!

  99. Amber

    Love this recipe! It’s my go-to for quick, fresh bread now. I use a 5qt dutch oven (because it’s what I have) and while the loaf size is always consistent, I wish it made a taller loaf.

    I want to try doubling the recipe, but not sure if I should also double the yeast. That seems like a massive amount of yeast!

    • Vicky

      I’d like to know if you double the yeast when you double recioe too? What about baking tine?

  100. KAT

    Just took mine out of the oven it’s the best loaf ive made and i have used this recipe over 30 times! GREAT tip to put a baking tray in the lower shelf, usually the bottom starts burning, today it was beautiful golden. Thank you Jenny for this wonderful recipe, its my go to!!
    Note: I have a hot oven, i baked mine 425-450 and when i took the lid off i went the full 15 min instead of 10.

    • Ken Romero

      Kat, I place aluminum foil at the bottom of my pot. Fold a couple of layers and you won’t have a scorching issue.

  101. Jen

    Absolutely love this recipe, thank you. I put a cookie sheet on the lowest rack in the oven and it prevented the bottom from burning (which happened the first time).

  102. triple B

    This is a very forgiving recipe. I’ve been making it twice a week now for more than a month and it always turns out good. I’ve used AP flour alone, I’ve mixed AP and whole wheat, and I’ve done all whole wheat. Today I’m using 1 Cup of AP, 1 and 1/2 Cup of whole wheat, and 1/2 Cup of milled Flax seed. I also put in some hemp hearts (about 1 Tablespoon). Anything seem to go with this recipe, and so far it has. Looking forward to this loaf.

  103. Liz

    From .tied .cove, Newfoundland, canada,….made your bread this morning….turned out fabulous…I,m so pleased…followed exactly…thank you so very much…I can,t use my hands at much any more and this was excellent.

  104. Tj

    I don’t understand the instructions about leaving sitting for an hour and after 40 minutes. So do I let it sit and hour and forty minutes while assuming my oven will be preheated at the right temperature by the original 2 hour mark on the original recipe?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The dough rests for one hour. During that hour, you preheat the oven (do that when it’s rested for 40 minutes and there’s 20 minutes to go)

      • Tj

        Thank you for your fast response! 😊
        This is my very first attempt at an Artisan bread recipe. I was going back and forth with this recipe and the other one and mostly scared to try . Not because of your recipes bit, from my general anxiety!
        I went with this one and I think it may have turned out okay for my first. Thank you!!

  105. Diane

    I’m making this no knead bread for my husbands spaghetti dinner ( tomorrow night during Super Bowl) if I made the dough tonite and put plastic wrap, is it ok to let it rise overnight and bake tomorrow?

    • Antonia

      No problem but refrigerate overnight, bring out let sit @ room temps for an hour or two. Now proceed with regular directions.

      • JC

        I let mine sit on the counter overnight as the directions stated…is that ok

        • Joan

          I do the same and it comes out great, first recipe I used said to leave it on the counter overnight.

  106. JoAnn

    I have made this recipe several time since early Jan 2023. I followed the recipe to a T the first time with great results. The second time I added 1/4 cup sour dough starter and decreased the amount of water the recipe called for by the same amount. It turned out great but not as high. The 3rd time I made this I substituted 1/4 cup Spelt flour and decreased the amount of flour by the same amount. Turned out great; just not as high! I let it rise in my oven with the light on and this works really great! I bake mine in a cast iron Dutch oven according to directions in recipe! I am going to experiment with spices next time!

  107. Nancy

    How can I use some sourdough starter with this recipe? I use both starter and yeast in another recipe I use, but this recipe is easier and turns out better. Maybe use it as some of the liquid? Anyone who has done this?

    • JoAan

      See my comment above using 1/4 cup sour dough started for part of the liquid required.

  108. Englan Sanchez

    This recipe says you proof for 1 hour but the video says 3 hours. So bummed as I planned our dinner around this bread. Making potato soup to go along with this 😩

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They are two different recipes. This recipe does not have a video.

    • Friend

      This is the faster version of the recipe you are thinking of. This one used an entire 7g packet of yeast. The original recipe only used 1/4 tsp of yeast which means the bread needs 3 hours to process. 🙂

  109. Cynthia

    I want to try a variation with herbs. Any ideas? What have you tried? Thanks for your feedback.

    • Juliette

      I folded fresh rosemary and roasted garlic cloves during the folding process! It was absolutely divine and extremely simple

      • Katerina Anne

        I just did the same tonight! Roasted garlic & 2 tbsp of Italian seasoning. Perfect!

      • Tony Burchill

        I actually added a teaspoon of parsley one teaspoon of oregano and about a half to three quarters of a teaspoon of chives to my mix and it came out absolutely delicious my friends think I buy this bread at a bakery and pay a lot of money for it LOL

  110. Karen

    Is it possible to make this into a free form loaf and bake it on parchment paper covered cookie sheet?

    • Fawn

      There’s a link right at the bottom of the recipe that takes you to the method for baking without a Dutch oven.

    • Mona

      The dough will spread out some but you won’t be disappointed at all with the bread and it’s shape Good Luck !!!

      Easiest baking I have EVER done!!!!

  111. Aimelah

    I tried your recipe as my work day was winding down. It was super easy to make and saves so much time. Do you have a tip to make it taller? Although it is fabulous, there wasn’t quite a high of a dome. Perhaps I proofed it a tad too long or possibly over worked the first mix? I did use a dough hook for about 1.5 to 2 mins. So so pleased, though. I can’t wait to make it again

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you follow the recipe exactly (there is no kneading or vigorous mixing) and make sure your oven is hot enough, it will likely turn out better.

    • Laura

      I do this with 1 1/2 recipe for a taller loaf in my Dutch oven. I also, increased the salt a little. Will try with herbs next time.

  112. Alexis (NJ)


    In response to whether or not I double the TIME on the FASTEST NO KNEAD RECIPE, ( when doubling the recipe), the answer in NO. I USE THE ORIGINAL TIME. I also leave the parchment paper on the whole time, bc the bottom tends to burn a bit. Also, I use “3” layers of parchment paper.

    Amazon sells a LODGE CAST IRON TRIVET that you can put on the bottom of the Dutch Oven, so your bread doesn’t scorch. MAKE SURE the trivet says made for DUTCH OVENS. I believe it’s for DUTCH ovens 4qt or larger. I’m going to order one soon.

    Good luck.
    Alexis- NJ

    • Aleksandra

      I use fresh yeast and wanted to know how much of it do you put when you double the recipe. Thanks!

    • Anne

      I put a cold pizza stone one shelf down from the shelf my bread is on in the oven and now the bread doesn’t burn on the bottom. Gas stoves suck!

  113. Gisele

    I’m just wondering, I’ve made this bread a few times and just watched your video. In the recipe it say 2 tsp of yeast and in your video you say 1/4 tsp. Which is it?

    • Nana

      Two teaspoons. This is great bread. I have a loaf in now!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They are two different recipes.

    • Juanita

      There are 2 different recipes. The first video says 1/4 teaspoon and let rise for 3 hrs. The 2nd recipe does not have a video that I could find, but it says 2 teaspoons of rapid yeast, but I used instant yeast. Maybe writing down the recipes will help keep them straight. That is what I have to do. I bid you joyful baking.

  114. Cindy

    Happy New Year, Jenny! Thank you for all the fun recipes. The meatloaf is the best ever, and the 2-hour no-knead bread is fantastic, nevermind the cabbage roles!
    All the best to you in 2023.

  115. Alexis

    Hi everyone,

    This is a follow up to my question that was answered by KITTY, (thank you), on January 1, 2023. I wanted to know if I could double the FASTEST NO KNEAD BREAD RECIPE and bake it in a 5qt DUTCH oven. The answer is YES!! I made it yesterday and it came out great!

    I will be doubling it from now on. I used King Arthur Bread Flour, but I have made the single recipe with KA All Purpose Flour and do not see much difference from the bread flour. There is, however, a HUGE difference between Pillsbury and Gold Medal flour. The bread does not rise as much, so I stick to KA.

    I hope these tips help anyone starting out with bread baking.

    Alexis (from NJ)

    PS…… I have a triple recipe of Jenny’s 2 hour crusty rolls in the oven now. Make these all the time-fabulous!

  116. Benjamin

    Baked this with the addition of a little rosemary, black garlic and walnuts. Worked wonderfully.

  117. Lisa

    I love this recipe and ALL of Jenny’s recipes! You are a gift!

  118. Noni

    I miss the taste of sour dough. Today I am making the recipe with half buttermilk and half warm water. Will let y’all know how it turns out. Made my first loaf by the book earlier in the week. Oh my! So good! Anybody have any ideas to get a more sour dough type flavor in this yummy bread?

    • Cass

      I’d love to know how it turned out with the buttermilk and if you found a way to make it take a bit more like sourdough!

      • Barbara Hughes

        Hello. I wonder if you have tried redstar platinum brand superior baking yeast. The instant sourdough- it’s great for her recipes, in my experience.

    • Benjamin

      How did the bread turn out?

    • Glor

      I make the rye bread recipe as well and remove a tablespoon of water replacing it with a tablespoon of applecider vinegar and it adds just sufficient sour taste to the bread so maybe try the same with the white.

    • Donna

      Hi, how did the bread turn out using buttermilk?

  119. Alexis


    A question: I have a 5qt LeCruset Dutch Oven. I’ve been making the FASTER NO KNEAD DUTCH OVEN BREAD SINCE THE PANDEMIC BEGAN. Can I DOUBLE the recipe and make 1 LARGER LOAF in the 5qt? Has anyone done this? Although delicious, I find it small. I either use bread or all purpose KING ARTHUR FLOUR.
    The size is consistent, but I would prefer a larger loaf.

    SECOND QUESTION: I was thinking of buying a “3” qt Dutch oven to make a nice size loaf, as mentioned by another reader. So, a 3qt or, doubling the recipe and using my 5 qt?????

    Thank you Jenny for all your recipes. I have tried at least “10” of them……. Sheer perfection!!!

    • Kitty

      I doubled recipe to make one large loaf. Also I used my 8 quart Dutch oven and followed everything else in the recipe. It worked beautifully! This is my go-to for making bread fast! But we prefer a large loaf for my family of 10!

  120. Candy

    Could I use rye flour in place of all purpose flour or bread flour with the same results?

    • Deborah M

      Rye flour is heavy. You could substitute some, but I’d be worried about using rye for more than a quarter of the flour per loaf. You just won’t be able to get a good rise with more than that, especially with this quick-rise recipe.

  121. Nancy M

    Do I preheat the Dutch Oven with the lid on or off? Does it matter?

  122. Kim

    I have made this with great results almost every time..I added minced garlic a little olive oil and fresh grated Parmesan when doing the folding over today. Just took the cover off the Dutch oven after 27 minutes in a gas oven at 450 and is gorgeous!! Looks like I got from an expensive bakery! Can’t wait for dinner!! Just have to wait for the rest of the time😊 I have 2 more ready to bake for gifts!

    • kelly

      Hi Kim. I just roasted a head of garlic and am going to add it in with some rosemary. The basic loaf always works for me, so I thought I’d add some more ingredients.

  123. kim

    my dough didn’t rise enough I think? it came out great but is doughy in the middle. I followed the instructions to a T. I even used her microwave trick maybe I should have let it rise for longer. any information is appreciated

    • isaac

      did you use instant yeast?

    • Nancy

      Regarding rise time… I found in my home, warm spot, I did need to let it rise 15 to 30 minutes longer than Jenny’s. Sometimes more depending on the day and the humidity.
      Also, I had been making my dough over moist, and when I watched the video, I saw the dough was a ball, not as shaggy as mine.
      I also tended to not cook it quite long enough, especially when I had too moist a dough to start with. I kept practicing and making notes as to what times worked for me, how long to bake it, and eventually I got a recipe that works well every time.
      Now I’m trying variations so still experimenting, LOL.
      I also tried various Dutch oven types. My favorite is two 8” aluminum dog bowls clipped together. Got that idea from someone here! Because they heat fast, no need to preheat in the oven, makes it easier.
      This is such a great recipe, thank you Jenny!

  124. Mia

    The bread was great the first time but I was rushing to make it again and I put room temp water, I hope it turns out ok.

  125. Tab

    My first time making bread and it turned out great! I’m making these for Christmas gifts and I know they will be a hit!

  126. Shawna

    Has anyone ever tried to cook this (or any of the no knead breads) in an air fryer? If so, did you have to make any alterations to the recipe, cook time, etc?

  127. Buck

    My dough did not rise, but I didn’t have plastic wrap, and covered it with aluminum foil. Could that be my problem? I’ve made it in the past with no issues.

    • CJ

      Your yeast could be old, the water too cold,
      the ambient temperature you used on the rise might be too cool? I usually make this recipe in a huge measuring cup, and rise the dough in a (turned off) microwave over the stove-the light on the bottom of the microwave is enough to provide a good rising temp

  128. Melinda

    This is the easiest and most delish bread to make.. never failed me…

  129. ASV

    So good every time! Easy and Uncomplicated. It’s Just the best. Not looking to be a professional baker—just want a fresh delicious loaf that doesn’t take a degree to make. Yum!

  130. Michelle J

    Love, Love, LOVE this recipe!!!

  131. Molly

    Instructions need work and honestly a thumb’s down. So sorry, but happy holidays!

    • Donna

      Instructions couldn’t be more clear. I have made this recipe dozens of time with great results. Perhaps you need the work to learn how to follow an easy recipe. Sorry not sorry.

      • Karen

        Hi Donna I agree totally I just started making bread and this is the one recipe I started with and it is come out perfect every time I love it and so is my family!

    • Wanda

      You must be doing something wrong. Have made this recipe dozens of times and each time, it’s perfect. Your yeast must be fresh and water temperature corresponding with instructions on package and flour must be aerated before measuring. I’ve added caraway seeds, herbs dried and fresh .. each time I get a gorgeous loaf of artisan bread for pennies that would cost about 6 bucks at the bakery!

    • Annie

      This is so easy! Where did you get confused?

    • Anthony

      I’ve made this a few times and it seems pretty straight forward to me. Just follow the instructions exactly and ask any questions where you need clarification. One edit I would make is definitely to make this in a 3q Dutch oven…not a 6q. The extra space in the larger pot yields a loaf that’s just too short and crusty IMO.

    • Kitten219

      I can’t figure out how the instructions could BE any easier. How strange. The only thing that I can even think of is that you might be using extremely hard water or, conversely, water that is overly salty (processed through your water softener) if you had trouble with a recipe this simple.

    • SavySam

      Hi Molly! I never had much luck baking items when Yeast was involved. My problem was the temperature of the water. Too hot and I killed my yeast. I tried a recipe that involved less yeast, cool water, and being left overnight and baked the next morning. It was a great success…and I discovered the mistake I made when using yeast in previous recipes. I bought a ThermapenMk4 Thermometer by Thermoworks. I have no more problems with too cool or too hot liquid. It’s also great when grilling meat to a the perfect temperature. Good luck when you try Jenny’s bread recipes again! It’s great to have the perfect “tool” when doing just about any job, right?

  132. Gene

    The shape of the bread.
    I have used other recipes and the loaf Is symmetrical.
    I am attempting this recipe for the 3rd time. The previous 2 times the loaf was rather flat. I’m trying to keep it as dry as possible so it holds its shape. If it doesn’t come out this time a little more round, do you have any suggestions?

    • Bells

      Try using a smaller bowl when u put the dough in the parchment paper to rest for 15 mins while the Dutch oven is heating up. If u use a big bowl I think it spreads more.

      • Kitten210

        That’s a good idea! I’ve always disliked how Artesian comes out so “flattisher” than hoped for. I’m going to try that with the batch I’m processing right now. 🙂

    • Glor

      I wet and squeeze the parchment paper and wipe water off it then place it in an 18cm cake tin which makes it easier to hold the shape. It makes a small tall loaf ideal for two of us. The best bread ever .

    • Nancy

      I use a 3 qt. Dutch oven and it’s perfect. The 5 qt. Is just too large for a bread recipe with only 3 cups of flour in it. You can kinda tell it’s going to be flatter, being a small batch of dough.

  133. Kay

    So good!!! I followed the recipe exactly and used all purpose flour and I can’t believe how good it is. My family loved it! Will definitely be making this again!! I watched the video for the other fast no-knead bread first and found it very helpful. I cook a lot but baking is not my specialty:-)

  134. Cynthia

    Hi Jenny,
    Yesterday, I was looking for a bread recipe that would be quick enough to be served with my homemade beef and barley vegetable soup that I was cooking. I regularly make homemade sourdough but of course that is an overnight task. I stumbled upon your video for your “Faster No Knead” bread which was a delight to watch, as your love for cooking shone through! Still wasn’t fast enough (and boy, was I asking for a lot, as know full well the importance of long rising times, but a girl can hope!) but then found this recipe of yours on your site! I went for it with a few tweaks, as I love to tinker with recipes. I subbed a ½ cup of my sourdough starter for a portion of the water and flour as I’ve found that even a small portion can add that tang to my breads and pancakes, etc. and a T. of vital wheat gluten for a boost to my AP flour. I’ve got to say that it made a lovely boule, with a beautiful caramelized crackled crust in a very short period and went perfectly with my soup! Most fast rise breads are tasteless but not this one. Definitely a keeper! Thank you, thank you. I look forward to checking out more of your recipes, especially the Polish ones, as my husband’s family is part Polish and my heritage includes a Hungarian side to it.

    • Nancy

      Thank you, Cynthia! I was wondering how to get some sourdough starter in there, and I always use some vital wheat gluten for rising insurance!

  135. Vermont Farm Girl

    Day before Thanksgiving making bread.
    I like to activate the yeast in 1/4 c of the warm water & 1/4 tsp sugar beforehand then combine that with the flour, salt, remaining warm water mix. (i used AP).
    The crumb was as good as it gets and it baked to bread perfection. It’s going to make fantastic leftover Turkey sandwiches. Ty.

  136. April

    I have this recipe several times over the last year and today I tried my electric mixer with a dough hook. The bread came out even bigger than past times of baking this recipe. Another thing I noticed was to mix all the dry ingredients for awhile before adding the hot water. I cannot wait to eat this bread for our thanksgiving meal. Thank you Jenny for sharing this recipe.

  137. Shelly LW

    Hi Jenny. I have wowed so many people, myself included, with this easy recipe….so THANK YOU! My doctor wants me to follow the Blood Type Diet (which is really working very well), so I need to use either spelt flour or sprouted wheat flour. Do you know if either of these will work? Thank you!

    • John

      I have used sprouted wheat flour in similar no knead recipes and it worked just fine. I am sure it would work with Jenny’s recipe. I used 50% white flour and 50% sprouted wheat flour. I have never tried 100% sprouted wheat.

  138. Jill

    Thank you! Wonderful everytime!! Always a family favorite!

  139. Tez

    Dang! What did I do wrong? My crust looks great, but it’s dense as heck and the inside is very gluey?

    • Jennifer

      Mine also came out super dense! Im a little disappointed and not sure why: the outside is fantastic though. I sliced a piece but it might have been too soon. Im going to let it cool completely then slice with a little tiny bit of butter and see how it is

    • Jody

      Cutting bread too soon (before it’s COMPLETELY cooled) can cause a gummy texture.

    • Nancy

      I had this problem, and…
      1. I needed to let it rise 15 to 30 minutes longer depending on the day and humidity, and
      2. I needed to cook it a bit longer. Not quite done will give that gooey center. Try an extra 5 minutes at a time until you find the timing that works with your oven. I even used a thermometer but that gave me a false reading. I just needed to experiment to find the right timing.

  140. Terry

    Jenny I’ve been doing this no knead bread for a couple year. Started adding extras, jalapenos and cheddar, feta and olives , cinnamon and raisins the list is endless. Thanks for all your videos 😃😃

    • Christine

      At what point did you add the jalapeños and cheddar?

  141. Karen

    Hello Jenny. Delicious recipe. Entire family loves it. Can I use rye flour instead of APF?

  142. Bee

    Haven’t made bread in years so i was worried when I ended up with a very wet dough after the first rise. I followed the spoon measuring method of spooning flour into the measuring cup rather than scooping. Either my AP flour wasn’t as heavy or measuring cup isn’t accurate. Ended up using probably another 1/2 cup to get a formed dough. It seems to have turned okay, smells delicious in my kitchen. I especially wanted to say thanks for having a site that isn’t so bogged down with ads that no one can find the recipe or directions. Will make this again.

  143. Gail

    Can I make this recipe, and divide the dough in half, put each half in separate bowls for 15 rise, and bake in separate 3 1/2 qt Dutch ovens? How would I adjust baking times? I made this recipe as is and it was delicious! However, a smaller loaf would work better for me at times.

  144. Mary K

    I make this bread a few times a month. I typically double the recipe and it disappears fast in my house! I often make as the recipe as written and it’s become my go to bread! During the summer I added fresh herbs like thyme and rosemary, fresh oregano even basil. I’ve also tried everything bagel mix just on the crust. It’s amazingly simple and delicious! Thanks for sharing! ☆☆☆☆☆

    • Krysta

      Everything seasoning sounds delicious! Do you add an egg wash or water or anything to make it stick? You sprinkle it on before baking?

      • Mary K

        Krista, I added 2 Tablespoons right to the dough. I made it today with rosemary and thyme. My house smells amazing!

  145. Pamela

    This is always my go to bread! I added Cheese & Carmalized Onions to the flour mix stir then add the water mix again! Oooh So Darn Gooood! Does not last long ”Poof”…Gone! Also some times I mix rasains & cinnamon again SOooo Good. Thanks Jenny!

  146. Julie

    I just happened to see you on YouTube the other night so I saved the video
    Just wanted to say thank you!!
    Came out perfectly 😊

  147. Betty

    I used 1.5 cups of but my dough appears dry, not the wet sponge type dough. Is it ok to use more water??

    • Leanne

      Flours absorb water at different rates, so depending on whether you’re using all purpose flour, wheat, bread flour, rye, etc., you may have to adjust the water amounts. Even different brands of the same type of flour react differently. Jenny’s dough shoukd be shaggy and sticky to the touch so just add a little more water until you get the right consistency.

  148. Arturo

    My Dutch oven is graded only to 400 degrees. Can I bake at that temp and if so for how long?

    • steve

      I have made this in a preheated dutch oven at 400 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes with the cover then 10-15 minutes uncovered comes out great…

  149. donna holcomb

    I only have a large cast iron skillet, will this work?

    • Arlene

      I use two cast iron skillets. A deep Dutch oven that it doesn’t have a lid and another cast iron frying pan that I use for the lid. Turns out every time. But do be careful with the “lid”. Mine slides around. I have a loaf in the oven right now!

  150. Lauren

    Can you cut this recipe in half for a smaller loaf? Or would it throw off the balance of the ingredients?

  151. Linda

    This bread sounds soooo good, but I only have a 2 quart dutch oven, does any one have a recipe to make a small loaf? There’s only the two of us, so don’t need a big loaf! TIA

    • Mary Ann

      Linda – just divide all the ingredients in half.

    • Lena

      I bake mine in a spring form pan since I don’t have a Dutch oven and use a round , flat , pizza baking sheet as a lid. Any cookie sheet would work too.

  152. Mrs Durnford

    In the past I have tried a no knead recipe this was my second attempt and my whole family agreed that it is by far my best effort!! I always make a double batch and sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on one loaf. We prefer it toasted. I love mine buttered with jam. Crunchy goodness and so quick and easy. I start out with less water. 11/4 cups. And add more very lightly as needed. And my cook time was about 26 mins at 450

  153. Sam.O

    Hello, I doubled the recipe and was wondering if I have to let it sit longer than 1hr and what would be the cooking time adjustment? This is my 2nd time baking this bread, 1rst time was yesterday and it came out so good there’s none left. Awesome recipe!

    • Mrs durnford

      Lovely isn’t it!! So easy!! And tasty!!

    • Dee

      I only have s 9 quart dutch oven, so I double the recipe every time and it comes out perfect! Experimenting today with some sesame seeds and olive oil!

  154. Pablo

    Can I leave it rising for 2 or 3 hours and come back to finish and bake?

    • E Jespersen

      I have often left it rise all day while I am at work and it comes out just the same.YUMMY!!

    • Ken Romero

      I have left it on the cabinet counter overnight and it came out great. I think this recipe and method are bullet proof!

  155. A.

    I want to double the recipe to make one large loaf (not 2 smaller ones). I plan to bake it in a 14-qt. Dutch oven.

    I understand that the bake time needs to increase.
    -What does it increase to?
    -Does that time increase happen when the lid is on or off?


  156. Vickie in CT

    I keep read a bit where someone says their dough is runny. After mixing exactly the ingredients listed ( and aerating, NOT sifting) my dough is sticky and so far I’ve made this 3 times and it seems to come out right. Should the dough be sticky before you cover for that hour?

    • Courtney

      I’ve made this a few times. Not sure the difference, but the first time it was perfect, came together in a ball with just a few folds like in her video. Ever since, I’ve not been able to replicate that. The dough is so wet it takes a lot more flour and folding forever until I barely scrape it up and plop it onto the parchment. It still turns out yummy somehow, though! I’m going to try increasing the flour next time.

    • Annmarie

      Watch the video for the 3 -hour loaf, it shows how she folds over the sticky dough on a floured board. You do not knead, so its no mess at all.

  157. Betsy

    I made wonderful rye bread with caraway seeds using this recipe. I used one cup of dark rye flour and two cups of bread flour. I added a big handful of caraway seeds because I am crazy about them. I accidentally overproofed the bread on the second rise so I just punched it down and reshaped my loaf and let it sit for 15 minutes and it turned out good. I am so happy with this recipe. I am new at this no need bread. I baked my first loaf yesterday and made raisin nut bread with it. That’s my husband’s favorite bread but he hates cinnamon and we cannot find raisin nut bread anymore in the stores without cinnamon. I am excited to try more variations.

  158. Annie

    I only have active dry yeast in a jar. Can I use that and how much?

    • Byron

      Active yeast and instant yeast are interchangeable, use the amount called for in the recipe.

  159. Janie

    A friend passed this recipe to me and it’s fabulous. I add 2 tbs of vital wheat gluten flour to the dry ingredients for a higher rise and I add chopped sun-dried tomatoes, chopped fresh basil and at times chopped pitted kalamata olives. Rave reviews from everyone who eats this bread!

  160. Barbara

    The bread turned out great. Someone’s idea of cooking it inside a pan if your dutch oven is to big was a good idea. I rolled up some aluminum foil and put that in the dutch oven and then was able to just put the dough in on the parchment paper. Worked great.

  161. Linda French

    Can I make this with all whole wheat flour???

    • Wanda

      Yes. You can use 3 cups of whole wheat or 3 cups of white or half and half. I do half and half and it’s great!

  162. Ashley L

    This is by far the best bread recipe hands down. This is my go to, and my family is ALWAYS requesting I make it!

  163. Kristen

    So so good. This is by far the best artisan bread recipe I’ve found. I made it as is. I only had a 12 quart Dutch oven so I was worried it would spread flat, but it worked perfectly. I should have taken it out at 30 min as it was a little over done after I let it cook another 10 min. Yum!

    • Barbara

      Everyone’s oven is different. I take my lid off after 30 min. and brown the crust for 7 min. Find what’s right for you.

  164. T.O.

    I used this as a base for the “breakfast bread” I make for my husband. I added a few chopped walnuts, some cinnamon, some brown sugar and a couple of handfuls of dried cranberries. I didn’t measure the add-ins…I just put in what looked right. It was delicious!
    This recipe is also fantastic as written. So easy and super fast. Yum!
    Jenny Jones is awesome!

  165. Debbie

    Hi Jenny I love the bread! Can you tell me how many calories per slice. I realize that it depends on how thick you cut it.

    Thx Deb

  166. Lynn

    I have had so much fun with this forgiving recipe. I added 3 tablespoons of everything bagel blend, 2 tablespoons of hemp hearts, 2 tablespoons of olive oil. It turned out awesome.

    I also experimented with rolled oats. I added 2.5 cups of bread flour, 1 cup of old fashioned rolled oats, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1/2 cup of plant based coconut almond milk, 1/2 cup of water. After rise, added rolled oats on dough top. The oat flour bread came out beautiful.

  167. Margaret

    Amazing. Loved the slight crunchy texture of the crust and the chewy moist center.

  168. ellen

    this bread was AMAZING. easy. fast. insanely good flavor. perfect
    crumb and crust.

  169. Rand

    Mine came out soupy but I added more flour then it was super sticky after an hour so I added more flour I used a table spoon to measure and did one spoon at a time… I refuse to give up on making this bread it’s my first time and I know usually first time recipes require me to test what to add more of next time… I have to tweak it a little bit it’s what works it’s annoying but fun at the same time… Currently waiting on the 15 min portion of the recipe… Lol thank you for sharing

    • Margaret

      Hi Randy,
      It starts out pretty soupy after mixing. Just trust the process and cover with Satan wrap it a flour sack dish towels and set timer. At the end of the hour most of the liquid will be absorbed. You will get the part of bread making and absolutely love it. When I first attempted to teach myself how to make bread, I had many failed attempts, even buttied some failed dough in my back yard once so my husband wouldn’t see I had ruined bread AGAIN. I thought I had killed the yeast…… turnd out, It was just fine because it rose two days later (outside temp went up to 90 °)& my husband found it. Lol
      After that I would trust the process no matter what I thought an have been able to make good bread happily for 30 years now.

  170. Berta

    I just ran out of parchment paper what else can I use? I need to know soon as the dough is rising right now.

    Thank you,


    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can use a well-floured dish towel to transfer and drop the dough into the bare pot. Do not leave the towel in the pot.

    • Margaret

      hi. Berta I used a Silicone Baking Mat like you used to bake cookies. Turned out Amazing. I am going to use it from now on when a recipe calls for Parchment Paper save some $.

      • Annmarie

        How did you fit the mat into the pot? Or did you not use the pot?

    • steve

      I dont use parchment paper ..I just sprinkle some corn meal in the bottom of the dutch oven…

  171. Sue

    By far the best recipe I have ever made for bread!!! And all that I bring a loaf to (family and Friends) absolutely love it.
    Thank you for sharing this outstanding bread recipe.

  172. Mat

    I don’t get it. I’m over the pond where we weigh stuff.

    1.5 cups of water is 360g?
    With 360g of flour?

    My dough is like soup, not like your video.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’ve tried my best to indicate weights. I suggested 360 to 390g so maybe try more flour. Also, you might find more help in my FAQs.

    • David

      The water should be 50% of the volume of the flour.

    • Sharon Joyce

      1 1/2 cps water is equal to 350 mls or 12fluid ounces hope this helps

  173. Guppy bakes grandkids eat

    Is the plastic wrap just a cover or is it to make it airtight while rising. How long can it rise if you have more than one loaf to make. thank you very much

  174. Sheryll $ Critters.

    I’m about to put this together & no parchment paper…. HELP?


    • Irene

      I usually don’t use any parchment paper.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can use a well-floured towel to lift and drop the dough into the pot.

    • Margaret

      Silicone Baking Mat. This answer is to late for you but someone else may need this

  175. stella

    Jenny can I double the recipe I have a large pot?

  176. Debbie

    Why is the dough so flat after the rise

    • Amanda

      Mine wasn’t flat all. Perhaps an issue with your yeast? I keep mine in the freezer so it doesn’t go bad.

  177. Rima

    Hi Jenny,
    thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.
    I have made this bread from all purpose flour. It came out real nice. I tried whole wheat flour a couple of times and after mixing the flour, the dough is too dry. Should I add more water? How much do you do you think?
    Thank you!

  178. Jackie

    I also add a pinch, and I do mean a pinch of sugar. Yeast likes sugar. I think it helps with the bread rising. You can’t taste it, but I think the yeast enjoys it.

  179. Melva

    We love this bread. I make it all the time, but with only two of us (married 60 years!) I often lose part of it to mold. Oh, I know, people say to put it in the fridge or freeze it but it changes it somehow. So . . .I tried adding a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with the water. Problem solved and it doesn’t affect the taste at all.
    We love the crisp crust for salads and pastas but for sandwiches sometimes it’s a battle with the crust. Maybe it’s our mid 80’s age! So I discovered that by laying a SLIGHTLY damp cloth napkin over the bread as soon as it comes out of the oven and let it cool that way, it’s still nice and crisp but more tender and better texture for sandwiches.
    What a joy to always have such good bread AND it makes a lovely gift wrapped in clear cellophane.

    • Mabel

      Hi Melva! Congratulations on 60 years with your husband! Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to try the lemon and slightly damp towel tricks with my next loaf.

    • Joyce

      I always butter the top of my bread when it first comes out of the over, we don’t like a hard bread!

  180. marina

    Hi Jen i love this bread and so does my whole family. This sunday Im making a fall of the bone greek leg of lamb so its going to take 4 hours in the oven, i wont have time to make bread, Can I make it on Sarurday night? DO I leave it and then put it in the oven to warm up after the lamb ? I know the bread is nice just after you bake it but idont have enough time as its foor lunch. What should I do.? Just leave it uncovered or do I cover it? I have no clue

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can bake it the day before and store it wrapped in foil or in a paper bag (no plastic). To re-crisp the loaf, place it in a preheated 325°F oven, directly on the oven rack, for 7-10 minutes and it will crisp right back up.

  181. Bonita

    I followed the recipe exactly and used King Arthur flour. The flavor is great, outside is crispy and wonderful. But the inside is doughy and hard to cut. Any suggestions? I’ll certainly try it again but glad I didn’t give it to the neighbors.

    • Ratherbebaking

      Bonita, I have made this bread many of times and I did learn you MUST let it cool awhile before slicing. It makes a world of difference. I hope this helps.

    • Donna

      Bonita, same happened to me the first time i made it. I figured out that the water temperature needed to be at least 110-115. I used an instant read thermomiter It made the bread rise as it should. Turned out beautifully!

  182. Elizabeth

    Good bread fast! Thanks Jenny! Made this yesterday afternoon after realizing that we were down to the heel of the last bread I made and it was nearing support time! and no bread with spaghetti and meatballs?! I did a quick search and found Jenny, game saver! Delicious, crackling crust and soft inside… Yum 😋

  183. Abbey S

    I’ve made this bread a couple times, always with great results. This time I forgot to let it rest after folding. Will it come out ok?

  184. Gigi

    For the 2 hour fastest no knead bread what can be used if don’t have an enamel 3-6 quart Dutch oven?

  185. Loretta

    Hot outta the oven right now.
    Thank you Jennie!
    Saved by your wonderful recipes, tips and tricks once again!

    I will admit to adding a bit of gluten for insurance.

  186. Andrea

    Do I have to spend the big bucks on a Le Creuset cast iron enameled Dutch oven? I’ve tried a couple more affordable ones only for the enamel to crack and flake, luckily within return windows so I could exchange, but I want to be able to not only make this bread all the time but other dishes in the Dutch oven. Any suggestions?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I got one at Kohl’s (Food Network brand) and it’s just as good, oven safe to 500°F. It costs $80.

      • John

        I have the Kohl’s “Food Network” Dutch Oven in blue. Best $80 I ever spent.

    • Carla

      You might also try Lodge – their enameled cast iron 4.5 q is $70. It has a metal knob, so makes it easier than if you buy a pot with a plastic/non-oven safe one!

    • Lisa

      You can get a cast iron dutch oven without any enamel. That is what I use.

      • Alma

        Lisa, that’s what I use. Got it at Walmart for about 40 bucks. No enamel, just cast iron. Bread baking is all I use it for and nothing has ever stuck.

    • Evelyn

      You can buy cast iron Dutch ovens with lid quite cheap at Meijer if you have one.

    • Kara

      I bought a lodge cast iron skillet at Kroger for 50 bucks it works but is a bit small. Then I bought a bigger Staub from Costco for 89 bucks. It is the perfect size and it cooks a lit better.

    • Chris

      I use a granite ware covered casserole/pot. Just the right size. Got it at an old style hardware store-also saw it online.

  187. Teryl

    I have made this bread several times since I first saw the recipe in January. I have added fresh chopped rosemary to it and kalamata olives in another. I also brush the top with olive oil and add coarse salt to the top before baking. My family loves this bread , thank you for such a delicious and easy recipe !

  188. Pat

    I don’t have a dutch oven. Can I just bake it on a pizza stone or cookie sheet?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Shelley

      I bake this bread in a 9” x 5” loaf pan. I preheat the oven to 400 degrees. I transfer the dough to the cool loaf pan, letting it rise for about another 1/2 hour in the pan with a dish towel covering the loaf. When the oven reaches temperature in goes the loaf for 30 minutes uncovered. It comes out great and slices up nicely for toast or sandwiches! So delicious. Thanks Jenny!

  189. Melva

    We love, love, love this bread but since there’s only two of us it develops mold within a couple of days. I’m wondering if there is something I can add to it to prolong it’s shelf life.

    • Jay

      Hi Melva! You should slice and freeze your fresh bread to retain freshness and prevent mold. Fresh homemade bread has no additives and therefore does not have a long shelf life.

    • Linda

      I have made this once a week for months . I live alone so I cut slices and take them from the freezer as needed.

    • Chantal

      I keep mine in the parchment I baked it in; put it into a zip-seal plastic bag; toss in a paper towel. Keeps fresh for 4 days on counter.
      If there’s anything left of it, I toss it into the fridge to use in soups and salads.
      I bake a loaf every Saturday.
      There are only 2 of us.

    • Nancy

      I live alone and just use half of the ingredients. It works very well.

  190. Cindy O

    I made this back when the pandemic started and I have such fond memories of making it. You kept me sane. I’ve tried it with olive oil. I’ve tried it with fresh grated parmesan cheese and fresh black pepper. No matter which way I made it, I loved it…and I thank you so much for the fond memories during the most stressful time of my life. Jenny you are the best!!!!

  191. Becca


    At Step 4, how sticky should the dough be? Mine is still so sticky, it sticks to my scraper. How much extra flour would be needed at this step.
    Thank you

    • Teresa

      Becca, mine was also very sticky at stage 4. It stuck to my scraper and my fingers. I scraped it out onto the VERY well floured surface, coated the scraper with flour as well as my hands and the upper surface of the dough. Then using the scraper I folded it as suggested then floured my hands again and formed the ball. It was not as sticky by that point. I was able to put it into the parchment and did not loose much dough to my hands. It baked up just fine without adding any further flour than to my hands and the floured folding surface. I would imagine adding more flour would change the light airy consistency of the finished loaf. I hope you ended up with a loaf to your liking!

      • Teresa

        To better answer your question I used about 3 Tbsp of flour on hands and folding surface and cleaned about 1.5 Tbsp off the surface and hands after putting bread in oven.

      • Nancy

        Regarding stickiness… I highly recommend watching Jennys video and try to get it the way she has it. Pay attention to the texture of her dough in each step. I found I was not putting quite enough flour in, and it was way too moist, then had to add a lot in the second step.
        Once I watched her video a couple of times, I adjusted the flour to get the first step to be more dough like, not so liquid, and it turned out much better.

  192. Laura

    I was in a pinch for time and used this recipe to pair with seafood crepes.
    It was so delicious I’m making a loaf to take to my work buddies!

  193. Bess

    I made this bread once before and it was great! My question is can I use half or so wheat flour with the AP flour?

  194. Not THAT Karen

    I’ve made your “Faster no knead bread” quite a few times, and it is an amazing recipe! Tonight I made the 2-Hour Fastest version, and all I can say is WOW! I got the most amazing oven spring! That loaf just came to life and kept rising like crazy. Admittedly, I did put a teaspoon of sugar in the dough just in case it needed a boost; I was worried it might not rise well since it’s FREEZING cold tonight. But I don’t think it was needed; your 2-Hour recipe is positively fabulous. Now I get to have fresh bread even when I forget to start it early! Yay! Thank you!

    • Norma Beck

      Do you know of a no knead bread recipe that makes 2 loaves of bread

      • Jeanette

        I’ve doubled this recipe twice now and it works just great. All you have to do is to increase the cook time about 10-15 min. Also, you can check the inside temperature of the bread loaf to be about 160*-165* F. Residual cooking will help bring it right up to the proper temperature. Works like a charm. Good luck!

        • Terry

          Hi jeanette, would I add 10-15 minutes of baking time with the lid on the pots as I am baking 2 loaves at once? Or with the lids off?

  195. Sylvia

    Just made this bread. I added some herbs to it. It came out FABULOUS ! I use to make breads all the time for my mother [ before she passed away ]. She loved home made bread, especially Rustic and Artisan. My grandson has a favorite I make for him. The loaf never last for a day when I make it for him. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe !

  196. Ellen

    Hi, i just made this bread with spelt flour but is very flat. What do I need to add to make it rise more?

    • Monica

      Spelt gluten composition is different than its wheat cousin, weaker gluten and its ability to rise like other flours is weak as well. Often the ‘rise volume’ is 35% to 38% lower giving you a much more compressed loaf. I wish I had an answer for how to overcome the problem, other than using it in combination with another flour.

    • Not THAT Karen

      Ellen, spelt has gluten, but it’s actually more soluble than wheat gluten, which makes the strands kind of brittle. So it’s not “stretchy”, which is what helps bread puff up and rise nicely. If you want to use alternative flours, do some research on the gluten strength first. You can always supplement it with a dose of vital wheat gluten (I often use Bob’s Red Mill for breads that need high strength flour). Hope that helps!

    • Shortcut58

      You might try adding Vital Wheat Gluten. Bob’s Red Mill vital gluten is in most grocery stores. It helps retain the steam and give a better airy rise. I usually add 1 Tbs to each cup of all- purpose; not sure if it would work for your spelt substitution

  197. Elaine

    My husband and I love spinach bread…. Anybody try that variation? Can I use frozen spinach? Thanks for your help…and thanks Jenny… you’re adorable (loved the story about washing that old baseball that somebody had signed!)

  198. Donna O'Brien

    I need help! I made this bread today and I do believe I followed the directions very carefully…..except for not using instant yeast. I Googled substitutions and it wasn’t in my cabinet: I used what I have. We are in the middle of a blizzard in Boston and popping out to the grocery isn’t an option. So: my bread looks like an overgrown mushroom cap. Thanks for any help you can give me. BTW: I want to shout out Jenny for this wonderful site. I remember when she was on ttv and she was a rock star. TXXXX!

  199. Dee

    Any one tried this with sprouted spelt flour?

  200. Juan

    Have had every issue you can but now sifting flour and bottled water this bread is a true success. One batch that I had water over 140 I just left on counter 2 days later the yeast came back to life and the bread was wonderful. Thanks so much for your assistance.

  201. Danny

    When I don’t have the time or energy (which is often, haha) this recipe never fails. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  202. Ella W

    I have loved this recipe for the past 6 months. I’ve made it almost every Sunday and my husband and I love it. He was recently diagnosed this past week with Type 1 Diabetes so I’m looking for a lower carb option. Does anybody know if this recipe works the same with almond flour or would I need to change something?

    • Melissa

      Almond flour would not work in a yeast bread. Maybe look at gluten free flour products.

      • Janonthemtn

        Check out you tube videos of ketogenic woman. Her special bread recipes are a much better alternative for someone with blood sugar issues.

  203. Carlie

    I am a 70 year old woman who after a lifetime of preparing meals from scratch does not want to spend any minute longer in the kitchen than I have to, and with everything becoming so much more costly I remembered this fabulous recipe and made it again tonight. I used the super-fast method and it again turned out fabulous! I am out of many key items so I just accompanied this wonderful bread with a cheese omelet and some home-grown bacon, It was delicious! Demonstrating once again that you don’t need fancy stuff to make a delicious meal…

  204. David

    This is the best recipe I have used for white bread. It’s so easy. I live in a high altitude city and I added 5 minutes to each of the bakings (3) for a total of 15 minutes more and baked at 410 degrees. It’s delicious. Thank You Jenny.

  205. Jay Marchand

    One of the best, make it often. Thanks

  206. Tanya

    I discovered this recipe during the 1st covid lockdown spring 2020. I was looking to learn how to make bread and came across your website. I have made this so many times, making different variations and it’s always a hit. We particularly love jalapeño cheddar and today for Christmas I added rosemary and garlic to go with our prime rib. Thank you for a delicious and easy recipe.

    • Tabitha

      Yay! I was wondering if I could add rosemary and butter to the bread. Glad you commented!

  207. Nina

    I have forgotten to warm the vessel first before putting it in the oven! Can’t believe I missed that step! Did I just waste the dough? Enjoying your YT, thanks for the recipes!

    • JOANNE

      I think it would be fine unheated. Heating causes the bottom of the bread to get really crusty. If you don’t mind that, don’t worry.

      • Bettie Hammock

        Thanks for this comment. I was just trying to figure out how to make it less
        dense on the bottom. I will try it on today’s bake.

    • Susan C

      Preheating the pot also produces a burst of steam when the dough does in, which makes for a hearty crust. I think you’ll get a perfectly acceptable loaf without it. This is a pretty robust recipe.

  208. OC

    This is my go-to bread when I want a quick, yeast bread. I love the crusty crust and the texture of the crumb. It’s also a beautiful looking bread. Thank you for this easy recipe that works every time!

  209. Michael

    Thank you for this recipe. I just tried 1 cup each rye, bread and unbleached flours. Also added 1 T of Goya perfect seasoning with pepper plus 1 T salt. The texture is exactly what I was looking for – not too dense. I have no reason really to ever buy bread again as this is so easy plus I kinda know exactly what went in. Cheers and happy holidays to you and yours.

  210. April

    Can this bread be reheated for a later time? Thinking about making several loaves at one time and either vacuum sealed to put them in the fridge or freezer. Or vacuum sealed the individual loaves of bread and placing them in my pantry. What are your thoughts? Thank you for the recipe.

    • Michael

      I do know that this bread makes great toast.

    • Leah loves loaves

      I think If you defrost the bread completely, then sprinkle water or spray with water bottle then reheat in oven at 300 for about 8 -10 minutes the crust will be crunch again. Heaven!

    • Chris

      Do not try to vacuum seal fresh bread. I tried and it turned into the size of a softball. Ha, ha. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Wasted a loaf of bread. Maybe freeze the loaf first?

  211. Denise Oberfoell

    I bring this bread in to work all the time. My husband told one person that I pick it up at Panera and pawn it off as my own. The gal now doesn’t know who to believe…lol. I’ve started making this and taking a couple of loaves each week into church to give away. Had a lot of requests for the recipe.

  212. Blade

    Dear Jenny,
    I have been making this no knead bread for over 2 years, about once a week. It comes out perfect EVERY time! Once it didn’t rise as high, but was still edible 🙂 I just threw out that yeast and never had a problem since. I have used white AP flour, half whole wheat and half white, sometimes bread flour, upon occation I add seeds and nuts. The point is…this recipe is so baking friendly, tasty and easy, anyone that fails must be over thinking it!!

    Many of your other recipes are just as tasty and eazy. THANK YOU JENNY.

    Over 50 sucessful boules/loaves

  213. JP

    Hy Jenny I tried your recipe but I must have done something wrong when it came out of the oven it looked great Maybe a little smaller than yours. Didn’t taste bad but was very heavy and dense. Like a brick. What do you think I did wrong. Thanks John first attempt at making bread.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please start with the FAQs You should find a solution there.

    • Shell

      Key is to aerate flour. Just take a large spoon and mix flour about. Then carefully pour spoon by spoon into measuring cup. Also one key step. Use a thermometer to check water temp. Ideal at 125F.

    • NAOMI

      I use a liquid measuring cup for the water and dry cup for the flour. They are not interchangeable in baking.

  214. Linda G

    This is the best recipe. I followed the recipe and I did not take long too make. I love this bread. Thanks so much.

  215. Maria B Rugolo

    How many times until this recipe comes out perfect! The first and EVERY time. Jenny, your recipes are amazing, your videos helpful and so sweet. You give such confidence and encouragement! I’ve made this recipe and shared it more times than I can count and every time SUCCESS! You are dearly loved and appreciated. ❤

  216. Pat Warwick

    I’m baking mine now as well to serve with chilli. I added a couple of tablespoons of pickled jalapeños and a half cup of shredded cheddar in the last stage.. Fabulous recipe – thank you!

  217. Cheryl W

    I love this recipe !!! My husband and I moved south from New England and finding a good loaf of bread to go with soups and salads has been a challenge for us … not any more !!!!! This is a go to for me

  218. Susan Hissam

    I made this yesterday and I really wasn’t expecting much from a no-knead, 2 hour recipe for a French boule but, boy, was I wrong! This bread is fabulous! Crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, and just delicious. I’ll be making this a lot – I’m making a boule now for a friend. Thank you for a great and inventive recipe. 🥖

  219. Jan

    I was busy so let it rise two hours. After baking, it felt hard so I covered bread with damp towel. Bread was perfect and got raves! Very easy too,

  220. Olivia

    I’ve made this many times and it is delicious. Currently, have a loaf baking. I incorporated Everything Bagel herbs into hread!

  221. Englan Sanchez

    Has anyone ever added everything bagel to this bread?

    • Cody

      I have not specifically used everything bagel seasoning but I have used all kinds of different seeds and chopped herbs such as amaranth and flax and rosemary…maybe a couple tablespoons of the bagel seasoning?

      • DeNelle


        At what point did you incorporate your seasonings? I would like to make other types of bread with this but wasn’t sure when to add extras. Thanks!

  222. Starsa

    Wow!! This bread was amazing. It made me wonder why we all bother with the long way of doing it. I love homemade bread, but my joints have never been a fan of kneading. This is so easy!

    I let the bread rest for 30 minutes for the second rise because I had time. Fantastic bread. Thank you Jenny!

  223. Lavona

    I like to use my 14″ dutch oven and make a ridiculously huge loaf of bread. Makes me feel powerful.

  224. Diane

    Easiest, best quick bread recipe! Easier than biscuits! This and a pot of homemade soup makes for a great family supper

  225. Amy

    After the first rise, can I put it in the fridge until I’m ready to bake?

  226. Christine

    Not sure what went wrong. At 68, I consider myself an experienced bread baker. I’ve baked all kinds of bread, from quick breads to foccacia to whole wheat to sour dough and have never had any problems. After the 1st resting period with this dough, it was like a thick liquid. I literally poured it onto the floured counter. Added more flour and more flour and more flour and it remained in an almost liquid state. I poured it into the 2nd bowl. and when I lifted it with the parchment paper from the bowl to Dutch oven it was still almost liquid.
    I’ve tried this recipe 3 times, measuring AND weighing the flour, using fresh yeast and I give up. The same thing happens every time.

    • Denise

      You definitely have the wrong consistency. Watch the video on the no knead bread to see what the texture should look like after you mix it. If after you mix it doesn’t look like the video, something is definitely off with measurements. It should not have extra liquid after the mix.

      I would check the measuring cup that you are using for the water to make sure you didn’t add 2.5 c of water vs 1.5 c.

      Not sure if you measure the flour using cups vs grams….if you weigh it, maybe you are choosing the wrong measurement of weight…ounces vs grams. If you are using cups, maybe you chose the wrong size cup and are not adding enough flour.

      I’ve made this multiple (probably close to 100 times) and I’ve tried wrecking the recipe with adding different ingredients…I haven’t succeeded at failing.

    • Christine

      I made this bread again today ~ hoping for a different result. I bought an oven thermometer last night just to make sure my oven was, indeed, 450 degrees. Yup.
      Same result as yesterday. I will say yesterday’s bread was edible. But I don’t get why this recipe is not working for me.
      I’ll try the overnight method next time.

      • Lynda

        Christine it’s not your oven. It’s your ratio of water to flour. When you first mix it should be wet dough not liquid. As someone else said, watch the video.

    • Deb

      Christine, did you check the temp of your water so it was 130 degrees?

  227. Matthew Zimmerman

    So I followed this recipe to the T. Unfortunately my last attempt was a fail. I’ve made this recipe at least 15 times. Could weather affect it?

  228. Carolyn

    Can I double the recipe for a larger loaf?

    • JOANNE

      I don’t know why not. However, the baking time will increase quite a bit and I have no idea how long that would be. Knock on it and if it sounds hollow, it’s done.

    • Debra

      Hi Carolyn,

      I’ve doubled this recipe twice now and it works just great. All you have to do is to increase the cook time about 10-15 min. Also, you can check the inside temperature of the bread loaf to be about 160*-165* F. Residual cooking will help bring it right up to the proper temperature. Works like a charm. Good luck!

  229. Blissful1

    Wow, this came out perfect. I actually made another one right after because one would not have been enough for 3 people. I made some roasted garlic, parmesan cheese butter that took this off the top! I made the other loaf with chopped sun dried tomatoes, Lawry’s Garlic Salt-(2-tsp), parmesan cheese, crumbled rosemary and a bit of chopped fresh thyme for an Italian dinner. I made a big goof on the second loaf…I want to share this so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. I took it out of the oven and left it covered and forgot about it. Wrong move! The moisture of the lid with the heat just shrunk my loaf to 2 inches all around, and removed the crust like outer layer. Still tasted good, but in truth, the first loaf, as is, was my favorite. Would have loved a crunchier outer crackle…(wondered if leaving it more time in the oven would have done the trick) but honestly, it was really quite good as is. Thank you Jenny! I’ll be doubling this recipe next time and making 2 loafs!

  230. Sandi S

    I love this recipe! I’ve made it at least a dozen times and it is great every time.

  231. Nancy

    I made this recipe the extra short way and it was delicious. Will this recipe work with wheat flour? Thank you.

  232. Leigh

    I made this in a cast iron with a makeshift foil lid. Still came out great ! I also used 386g of flour.
    The middle was such a good consistency I couldn’t believe it was so easy ! I have never made bread before .

  233. Jane

    This is the BEST bread recipe ever!!! I love so many of your videos and recipes Jenny. Keep up the great work!! 👍

  234. Trish

    Do you have a gluten free version of the Faster No Knead Bread recipe?

    • Danielle

      Will be trying this with King Arthur GF Bread & pizza flour and will post the results here. My fam loves this recipe but I can’t eat it.

  235. Caroline

    Wow…this turned out fabulous. Glad I decided to try your recipe and I thank you. It’s the second time I’ve ever made bread and the first time I tried to do a sourdough and it came out too yeasty and dense. Absolutely loved yours!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry but the photo you sent was not able to be downloaded – I’m not sure why, saying I did not have authority to use it.

  236. Ann

    We love this recipe. We would like to double the recipe. I saw a comment that the recipe has been doubled, however there was no baking time listed. Is it the same baking time or a longer baking time? Thank you. Jenny really can cook anything.💕💕💕

    • Renae

      I double this recipe all the time. I use two Dutch ovens and give one loaf away to family. I have not noticed a difference in cooking time, only in the different Dutch ovens. Also I have a large oven so they easily fit side by side. Hope this helps.

    • JOANNE

      In my opinion, more dough is going to take more baking time. But who knows how much…

  237. Stacy

    Great bread, thank you for the recipe. This is now my go to no knead recipe. I’ve made many loaves of this bread with different add-ins and all turn out great. Some of my favorite flavors: jalapeno and sharp cheddar, cinnamon and raisin, everything but the bagel, sun dried tomato and olives. I look forward to autumn to make more (too hot in summer to bake).

  238. Cathy

    Jenny, you are the best. This bread is fantastic can I also make a sourdough from this recipe.
    Or do you have a sourdough recipe you could share? Hope we hear some more from you soon love you thank you for all the great recipes you have shown us. Cathy

  239. Sleepless

    This recipe is so great my kids don’t want store bought bread anymore. My oldest asked why I couldn’t have found these recipes when she was a child! (lol poor baby). Awesome w/almost all meals. Our fav is w/broccoli cheese soup!

  240. Carmen the noob bread maker

    Thank you so much for this quick bread recipe. It was easy to make. The only thing I changed was that I added 2 teaspoons of salt instead of one. A friend mentioned that she did a recipe (not this one) and it used 1 teaspoon of salt and it came out bland. So I decided to add the extra salt and all I can say is YUMMY. Thanks again!

  241. Barry

    Great recipe Jenny. I added 1 1/2 Tbsp of crushed dry rosemary to the mix for an awesome rosemary bread. PS… it won’t last long.

  242. Logan C

    Hi, I had a hankering for a thick crust no-knead bread, one that my late Wife used to make for us, although that one took over 36 hours.. I am not that patient. So first place I look for an alternate – right here on Jennycancook… never disappointed with any of the bread recipes I have tried. Sure enough found the quickest no knead recipe. Came out perfect… Thanks Jenny.


  243. Memeforsyth

    Used Rye flour and sub’ed milk for the water….Awesome…hubby not a huge bread fan…but he could not stop eating this…yummy yummy…thanks for the recipe.

  244. Bread loving Mom

    Always a joy to make your bread. It always works out, always tastes Delicious.
    First time bread makers will be trilled with their creation. Thanks Jenny

  245. MommyKat

    Hi, I tried the 2hr No Knead bread, and it turned out amazing! Now I am wondering if I could add things in, like jalapenos and cheese, or cranberries and walnuts, that sort of thing. If I did, when would be the best time to incorporate the added ingredients? And would I need to add extra flour if adding wet ingredients like canned chilies or jalapenos?

    • Ashley

      I have used various add-in, both wet and dry. I found the putting them in during the folding process is best. For wet things (ie green chilies, tapenade) I add a little flour before folding in. And I have found that dried herbs need to be fully on the inside to avoid burning. I also brush with a little olive oil too. I’ve done sweet (like cinnamon and sugar) and savory (like rosemary and olive) and been pleased. Enjoy!

      • MommyKat

        Thanks Ashley! I’ve made this many times now, with consistent results. So now I think I’ll have to branch out and try some add ins. Thanks a bunch for the help!

    • Jennifer

      I have only added dry ingredients (dried cranberries, cherries, apricots, nuts) and spices. I added them to the dry ingredients before adding water. The added ingredients have been evenly distributed every time. But, like others have pointed out, it doesn’t last long. You do have to remember that there are no preservatives so it doesn’t take long to mold.

  246. Gretchen

    This is my go to loaf recipe. I started getting to bread making when COVID-19 hit and have made this at least 15 times since. I always like to try to alter it a little by adding different ingredients. I’ve done a cheddar loaf, a Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs, and a i balls honey butter. This is a good easy bread for people just starting. I have found more challenging recipes with longer prep times and I still go back to this! Thanks!

  247. Eric

    Just used this recipe to make the first loaf of bread I’ve made in my life, and apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks (I’m 60). It turned out amazingly well.

    Objectively speaking the crust was perhaps a teensy bit chewy, and the interior a bit too moist/chewy/dense — but we’re talking fractions of degree from perfection. (My wife agreed with my critique but she did not leave any crumbs on her plate.) These were possibly caused by not waiting until the loaf was completely cooled to room temperature, but hey, warm bread and butter. Maybe next time I’ll control myself better. Maybe. There was a slight amount of scorching on a couple places on the bottom, so next time I think I’ll pull it from the oven just a bit sooner.

    I like crusty crunchy tasty bread crusts, and in this regard the loaf was magnificent. It had a terrific nutty flavor. The crust alone made the project worthwhile.

    Procedural Deviations: I had neither parchment paper nor Dutch oven.

    Instead I floured a flexible silicone baking sheet to fold the dough on and to carry it to the baking container. I just dumped the dough ball on the bare metal, scraped off the remnants from the silicone, and patted them on top of the loaf.

    To bake in I used a cast iron Griswold chicken fryer/skillet set which I have taken care to season thoroughly. It worked perfectly. The loaf did not stick AT ALL. Clean up was a snap. (In fact since the oven was fired up, I took the opportunity to rub on another coat of oil on the fryer and skillet, crank the stove another 75 degrees, and put the iron back inside.)

    All in all this went far better than I expected for a first effort, and as our British cousins say, I’m chuffed. 🙂

    • Annie

      Like you I was amazed that I made bread. Haven’t done soo since culinary school an funny how I always felt a bit intimidated but I have not stopped since trying Jenny’s recipe an now have made them all. The fast rolls are amazing an freeze well so I make big batches. All her recipes are great try the potato pierogi they are awesome

  248. Christine

    Hi Jenny do you ever age?? As still funny, gorgeous how knew you could cook and bake thriple threat i see !! Jenny i just made the dough 3 cups of flour?? I’m italian that wouldn’t be enough for lunches HA!HA! I TRIPLE THAT BUT I WANT TO ONLY MAKE ONE LOAF TODAY i followed your recipe after it rises i was going to grab ENOUGH for one LOAF and then can i store the rest in the frige knead it let it rise and pop it in the dutch oven 🤔🙄😮 if i am right it will prove to my family i really am a genius well more then they normally agree when i let them know whos. The friggen boss around here who hasnt gone to bed yet because i want to plse Jenny do you think you could get back to me in the next half hour thnxs.babe

  249. Beth

    Once again, you have helped me astound my family with these delicious recipes! They’re so flawless and well-detailed (your BBQ ribs, the yellow cake…). I’ve made your no-knead rolls recipe several times (awesome) and tonight needed a super quick loaf – it’s heavenly and will go perfectly with my roast chicken. (In terms of “flavorings” a la other cooks, I added a couple of teaspoons of Italian seasonings and doubled the salt (to our taste). Also: although this didn’t have one, your videos are super informative, cheerful, and well-edited. Thank you!

  250. Nana L

    Do the ingredients need to be changed a little to use in a bread machine for the dough portion?

  251. Jess

    Hello! This bread is so good! Is there a way to make it less crunchy on the bottom? The top is perfect but the bottom is a very dark brown and hard. Maybe bring out of the oven sooner?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Wendy

      I have solved that for me at least. I always keep a sheet of parchment paper that I have folded in half twice so that it is a square on the bottom of the dutch oven. I put the dough into another piece of parchment per the instructions and put that in the dutch oven when it is hot per the instructions. When the bread is done I take it out and put on a wire cooling rack while it remains in the parchment while cooling. The bottom crust turns out softer for me.

    • Kerry

      I put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack of my oven. And I have no more dark bottoms on my bread.

  252. Pat

    Jenny, love your 2 hour dutch oven bread. My husband and I have made it several times with no fails. Always easy, super delicious and a hit in the house. Today I thought I would add some things I replaced the water with tomato juice from tomatoes we canned last year with basil,. I also added fresh rosemary, (about three tablespoons), a half cup of sun dried tomatoes diced and patted dry, and, a half cup of kalamata olives drained and diced as well. After the first rise, I flattened the bread, spread on the toppings and folded it into itself to make a ball. I let it rise again for 45 minutes and then followed your recipe. Soooo good! Savoury and tasty! Eat on its own, add butter or dip in olive oil. Yum! Thanks for your recipes. You are the bomb!

  253. Miley K

    I’ve been cooking my loaf on a large pizza stone ( with parchment paper) covered by a metal Dutch oven lid. Great success with the crust on the pizza stone, recommended!

  254. Jane Roth

    Hi Jenny!! So my best friend passed on your bread recipe so I made it last night, using AP Flour & Active Dry Yeast & today I made another loaf, using AP Flour, Quick Rise Instant Yeast, & 1 1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt…both turned out awesome, hubby was especially happy since he loves bread. I can’t wait to make more loaves of bread, trying bread flour instead & see how I like it!!!
    BTW, I used to watch Jenny Jones Show back in the day. Thank You for sharing your passion of food with us…much appreciated 👩🏽‍🍳👨🏻

  255. Nasrim

    Perfect and easy

  256. Sharon

    This bread recipe is amazing. I also put a cup of shredded old cheese, garlic and sea salt than melted butter with a sprinkle of parsnip amazing

  257. Anna

    Can you freeze the dough ball to bake it later? Or is it best to bake it & freeze it?

    • sheesh

      10/10 definitely reccomend. ya man just make it how it says to its right dont add no sugar or less salt like ur fine follow the recipe. so ya 10/10 doing it again.

  258. Jomick

    Amazing as always! This is our go-to bread and it turns our perfect every time! Thank you so much for the recipe!!

  259. Christine

    Easy peasy! I’ve made this several times and it turns out excellent everytime! Thanks for sharing!

  260. Mila

    Thank you for the recipe!
    I always add one tablespoon of molassis. And I put the whole package of instant sourdough.
    So.. the taste just amazing!

    • Miz Jeanne

      I was wondering about that yeast. I got some a while back, but haven’t used it. So, the packet is all the yeast you put in? 🍞👑

  261. Allie K

    Loved this recipe! The loaf was soft, light and airy, with a nice crust on the outside. The only things I did different from the recipe were:
    -add a half tsp of sugar to the dry ingredients for the yeast to activate quicker
    -added chopped rosemary to tye dry ingredients
    -I did not remove the parchment from the loaf for the last 10min of baking
    -added a little olive oil drizzle on the top for the last 15min of baking

    Will definitely make again!

  262. LuLu

    I Would like to add black sesame seeds, chia seeds, and some rosemary into this wonderful recipe. Can you share the amount in teaspoons and tablespoons that in can incorporate to this and make it work. I’ll be making your recipe tomorrow and cannot wait. I’m new at bread baking so I’m really excited to get started. Thanx in advance for your help, LuLu.

  263. Ed

    Loved this! I knew I was having soup for lunch today and definitely wanted fresh bread to go with it.
    1 tsp of salt, though, is too much. The taste dominates the bread and I would cut it to 1/2 tsp next time.

  264. Sylvia

    I’ve made this several times now, with great success. I read that someone was having trouble with the bottom getting too hard. I put a piece of aluminum foil, folded into quarters so there are four thicknesses, into the bottom of the baking pan. That seems to help with the bottom of the loaf.

    • Claudia

      Thank you. I’ll try it.

    • Wendy

      I also found that when the bread is done I leave it in the parchment on a cooling rack and the bottom stays softer.

  265. Claudia

    I love this recipe but always get a hard bottom crust. It is so hard I can hardly cut through the bread. Any suggestions to avoid this problem.

    • Wendy

      Someone farther down the comments suggested taking a sheet of parchment paper and folding it in half then half again and put in bottom of the pot. Also raising the oven rack up one level. I have done that and my bottom crust is now easy to cut and still crisp. you can leave the parchment paper in the pot and use it over and over again.

    • Miz Jeanne

      Try raising the oven rack one notch up. Or, put a black skillet on rack below your rack. That would diffuse some of the heat. I’ve heard of people using a Bakers Stone, that basically “lives” in the oven. 🍞👑

    • Nancy

      I put two layers of aluminum foil in the bottom of my pot… fixed the problem for me.

  266. JC

    Phenomenal! You are the best! This bread is so easy, so crusty & good! I made & served it with clam chowder tonight.

    I’m so grateful for your recipes & spirit, the way you bring such joy to cooking. Thank you for sharing with joy your excellent recipes that make people happy! You are making dinner special.

  267. Jen

    Your bread recipe came through again Jenny! I have made the other dutch oven bread a few times and my family loves it! I didn’t leave enough time today to make that version so I tried this version and once again it came out great! Perfect addition to our St. Patty’s Day corned beef dinner. Thanks!

  268. Sherin

    This was so lovely and delicious. Guess the recipe is as lovely as the chef! You have such a sweet way about you Jenny. You genuinely want to make it as easy as possible to make something delicious and quick.
    I have made this bread 3 times now. Comes out perfectly every time. Thank you.
    For my 4th attempt, I added 4 teaspoons of Stevia in powder form and 4 Tbl spoons of Vital Wheat Gluten. Otherwise I followed all instructions and quantities. The family liked the small changes, especially my 93 year old Mum!

    I just have 1 question. If I want to make 2 or 3 loaves together, can I do it on a parchment lined tray without the Dutch Oven? If I MUST use a covered pan, could I use my turkey roasting pan instead of the cast iron Dutch oven?

    TIA for your response.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs for “I Don’t Have a Dutch Oven” suggestions.

  269. Lisa

    I also forgot to mention that I didn’t remove the parchment paper either – as this is a step the NYT recipe also omits. The paper doesn’t catch on fire and it’s just one less step. I turned my oven down to 350 for the last 15 minutes, and left it in the oven for 5 beyond that with it turned off. It was perfect.

  270. Lisa

    Made tonight to go with Damn Delicious’ Creamy Tortellini Soup with sausage and kale. It was perfection! I wish I could post a picture of how pretty it was. Sundays are now ‘cook with mom’ days for our 11 YO son – and he’s loving it. We made lemon icebox pie, this bread, and the soup 🙂

    • JC

      I made it with Damn Delicious Clam Chowder. Delicious together.

  271. Terry

    My question is, do I need to double the recipe for a 7 quart Dutch oven?

  272. Richard

    Every time I make this it comes out flat, only about 3 inches high. I’ve made it the original kind, I’ve made it the fast way, I’ve let it rise over night, I’ve tried both regular yeast and quick rise yeast – – flat flat flat.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Did you look at the FAQs?

    • Wendy

      Hi Richard,
      I have the same problem. I decided to double the recipe and left it in the oven for 15 minutes when I took the lid off. The loaf is thicker but still not great. I have been using a 5 quart Dutch Oven. I am going to try a 2 quart with the original recipe directions to see if that makes a nicer loaf.

    • Nancy

      Regarding the rise. I too seem to have low rising bread, and I’m going to try some fresh yeast next. One thing that did help a bit was to let the dough rise longer than the 15 minutes called for (Second rise or rest). Also put it closer to the warming up oven to rise. I think my kitchen is too cool. It rose more over time, 45 min, and baked beautifully, but still was not a puffed up loaf.

  273. Laura Sisco

    Just came out of the oven. Looks and smells good, can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the easy recipe.

  274. Terry

    I left the parchment in and it turned out great! It was nice and brown and crunchy all over

  275. Terry

    How do I remove the parchment paper when I take the lid off without disturbing the bread

    • Robin

      After 30 min the bread is basically done, removing the lid and parchment is to help brown and get a crisp crust. Don’t be afraid to take it out of the Dutch oven to remove the parchment and put the bread back. Sometimes I just pull the parchment out and the bread flips over when that happens I just put it right again with my oven mitts on.

    • Barb Shamy

      I use two spatulas: one to slide under the bread and another to keep the bread from sliding away. Then I gently use the two to place the loaf back in the pot. The ‘stabilizing’ spatula is not a metal one.
      Good luck.

    • Svea

      I do not remove the parchment paper at this step, never had any issues.

    • Leon S.

      I just slid the parchment paper out from under the loaf.

  276. joe

    I substitute a packet of Instant sourdough yeast.

  277. Jenni with an i

    My mom discovered this recipe and we have both made it several times. It comes out perfect every time. Sometimes we change it up by adding chopped up Kalamata olives, or pepperoni or even both. Trying dried cranberries and walnuts this time.

    • CGW

      . . this is my “go to” for Cranberry Walnut Bread. . I add 2 Tbsp turbinado sugar for a little added sweetness.

  278. Kristal P

    Could this be done in the Dutch oven, over open flame pit? We are without power, and would love to have some warm bread tonight!

    • Chance

      As a mechanical engineer, my answer is go for it. A dutch oven in a fire will act a lot like one in an oven, it’s actually designed to do so.

    • Breakingaway

      I just made this in an 8” deep camp Dutch oven last night. Is was absolutely wonderful. I had just a slight bit of burn on the top at 30 minutes, so I’m going to try again at 25 minutes. Can’t wait to try it with other flours like white whole wheat.

  279. Beth

    I’ve never made no knead bread before this but this will be the only recipe I’ll use! I’ve done the different bread machine breads and never got the texture or crust I like but this is perfect and so quick and easy! I don’t have a Dutch oven but I got a silicone bread bowl/maker for Christmas that tops out at 428 degrees so I lowered the temp to 425 and baked 30 min closed and 15 more open and got a crunchy, chewy crust with a fluffy interior….hasn’t lasted more than 30 minutes out of the oven yet

    • Cristi

      I don’t have a Dutch Oven either. I have a huge old Correlle backing dish with lid and I think it does OK. Everyone eats the bread so it must not be bad!

    • Laura Sisco

      I used a Corelli dish and my bread turned out fabulous, crusty top and soft inside.

  280. Jocelynn B

    New to baking here👋can this recipe be doubled?

    • Cmyll

      I usually make twice the recipe in 2 different bowls. I add different types of cheese to the second one, so good!!!

  281. Jane

    Awesome bread Jenny!! We love it!
    Excellent taste used in a grilled cheese sandwich too! Second one going in the oven within a couple of days…that’s how yummy 🙂
    Thank you.

  282. John T

    I haven’t made no-knead bread in a couple of months. This morning I decided to make it and the house smells great. Can’t wait to slice it!

  283. Peggi

    I have Wolf (combo) Convection ovens. Would I use the convection setting or the conventional setting? No one EVER speaks to convection ovens! The Wolf rep told me that my ovens are really made to use convection, not the conventional settings 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I also have a convection oven but never use it. All of my recipes use a conventional oven and I think most recipes do unless otherwise stated.

    • Judy

      You drop the temp to 425
      And bake 10 minutes less.

  284. Michael

    I skipped the pot heating step and it worked out great too!!! I have done both and they seem to be the same. I would like to get more lift for a fluffy bread with this recipe. Do you have any suggestions Jenny?
    Thanks so much!

    • Michael

      PS Jenny, this is now my GoTo bread recipe. I have never failed! This bread tastes so good. I made combinations with rosemary, cheese, garlic, sesame seeds, chili sauce, wasabi and kosher salt. I even let it sit for 24 hours and it STILL turned out amazing!! The only thing I need to watch is the wetness of the dough. Sometimes it needs more flour and sometimes it ‘kneads’ a lot more flour:) Regardless, your recipe is AWESOME and THANK YOU for sharing. I went from knowing nothing about this recipe to mastering it immediately so you were right…even a monkey can do this LOL!!!

      • Dena

        At which point do you add the rosemary, or other ingredients?

  285. Maria V

    I make this bread all the time and the family loves it. Thank you so much Jenny. Also, I’ve been making your baby back ribs for a few years now and it is another family favorite! Wish you would put out more videos on YouTube. I’ve always been a fan of yours!

  286. Brad&Tammi

    If you like a light fluffy loaf ,one must take days, if at 2 o’clock you decide to make fettuccini and want a damm good loaf of fresh bread this is your huckleberry. Made this a bunch makes a great pan fried sandwich. Smoking French toast.

  287. Lorraine

    Jenny, do you leave the oven temperature at 450′ while baking the bread? RSVP. Thank you. Lorraine.

  288. Charlotte

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much for posting this.

  289. Ari

    This recipe was a delight! I didn’t have a Dutch oven Or parchment paper so I just put it on an iron skillet With foil as a “lid” as is. Turned out amazing! Thanks so much for the recipe! This might turn out to be my regular everyday bread

    • Kay

      I was wondering about no parchment. I am making this now and just realized I have no parchment. Would you think about using a silpat ? Do you think it would work or would you just not use it? Did you oil the bottom of your pan? Thank you.

  290. Lola P

    I absolutely love, love, love this recipe. I have made this bread several times and it always turns out perfectly.
    Thanks Jenny 😊

  291. Naomi B

    Awesome bread! I was SO happy to get your 2 hour, no-knead, Dutch oven bread recipe. I had wanted to try no Knead bread but the recipe my daughter used required raising overnight. I was not up for that! After watching your video and making my first loaf 🍞 was hooked. I have been making 2-3 loaves per week since! I made one alteration to the recipe, I added 1 tbsp of white sugar to the dry mix. Just a matter of flavour for me. Thank you very much for you recipe! I am submitting a picture also.

    • Lola P

      I also add sugar (raw) and I add some parmesan cheese in the dough. When it is time to Christ it I sprinkle some cheese on top.

  292. saltcitysailor

    Excellent recipe. Thanks for your work on this.

    As a variation, I added about 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 tsp of cinnamon, and 3/4 cup of raisins to make cinnamon raisin bread. I stuck with the 130 grams of flour per cup. The sugar made the dough sticky, but I went with it and added a little flour when I worked with it to form a ball. The crust did not harden over like the regular recipe, but That was not a bad thing for me.

    It is outstanding toasted.

    Again, thanks for your work on this recipe. Each Sunday I bake a couple of regular recipe loaves to give away to neighbors who need a little lift. It is always a hit and much appreciated by them, and it doesn’t take a ton of time out of my day to lift the spirits of my neighbors.

  293. Shirley

    Love all of your bread recipes. They never fail!
    For those ecologically minded folks, try this instead of a new piece of plastic wrap for each loaf (I make a new one every few days and began to feel guilty about the waste.)
    Dollar stores sell plastic shower caps in packages of 3 or more. These fit nicely over a bowl and are easily hand washed. I have been using the same one for months!

  294. dw

    I don’t often comment on recipes, but this was GREAT! At 4pm I decided I wanted bread, and looked for the fastest recipe, and this was it. The only alterations I made were to press the loaf into some cornmeal before putting it on the parchment (I love that crunch on the crust), and after the 30 minutes of baking I took the whole loaf out of the dutch oven and put the naked loaf back in for the last 15 minutes, because I like a nice dark crusty loaf. It was amazing! Thanks!

  295. Vicky

    I made this today, I used my LC sauteuse, it is nice and crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. This recipe is a keeper. I don’t have the patience to wait for hours and hours before I can eat a piece of bread. Thanks, Jenny for a fabulous recipe.

  296. JOHN

    can you use wheat flour instead

    • Renee

      I used whole wheat (hard red winter wheat) and it is great.

  297. karen

    I just put the shaped loaf and parchment paper in my cold DutchOven put in cold oven set temperature to 450. After 40 minutes I remove the lid and bake another 15 to 20 minutes or until internal temperature is 2OO degrees. No burns this way.

  298. Liezel May

    This was my first time ever making bread and this was so easy and turned out fantastic!!! Wish I could post a photo. My entire family gobbled it up while it was still warm. Next time I’ll have to make more.

  299. Judy

    Love the bread! Any way to make it into a long loaf instead of round?

    • Tilda

      After it set for the first hour I shaped rolls and let them rise in my romertopf. Came out perfectly! I’m trying cinnamon rolls next.
      I imagine you could shape it into loaves, braids, Jenny has instructors on how to cook bread in 2 loaf pans.

  300. Janet

    This was my very first time making bread and it worked! I had my worries as I don’t have a real dutch oven and I didn’t have any parchment paper either.

    I used my Lagostina pot and lid which are stainless steel and happen to say dutch oven on the bottom.I used a floured tea towel to transfer the dough to the pot and it worked well with no sticking. I also put some flour in the bottom of the pot and tin foil over the pot then the lid to seal it better.

    Thanks for this recipe. It was absolutely delicious.

  301. Kathy

    Can you help me calculate the nutritional value, specifically the carbs? Thank you

    • Rich

      Hi Kathy

      The analysis for one loaf of bread is as floows. Since nutritional information is based upon serving size, take the number of servings you get out of a loaf and divide the total calories and other information by the number of servings. The nutritional information will not be exact as loaves are not uniform in shape and slices vary a bit. But this should be a guide for you. I used 390 Grams of flour for the calculations.

      1 Loaf of bread

      Fat….3.6 Grams
      Saturated Fat..0.6 Grams
      Sodium…2344 mg
      Carbohydrates….276.1 Grams
      Fiber…10 Grams
      Sugars….1 Gram
      Protein…37.1 Grams

      • Jenny Can Cook

        On the fiber, I don’t think there are 10 grams of fiber in this loaf if using bread flour.

        • Rich

          Good Morning

          Bread flour (white) has 3.6 Grams of fiber per cup. This recipe, 390 Grams of flour, is 2.89 cups. A loaf made with white bread flour will have 10.404 Grams per loaf, slightly more than all purpose. Following is a breakdown for most common flour for breads.

          Whole wheat flour has 12.8 Gram of fiber per cup
          All purpose white bleached flour has 3.4 Grams of fiber per cup

          I like mixing Whole wheat and bread flour for this recipe.

      • Not THAT Karen

        Mmmmm… serves one!

  302. RealtorChrisNelson

    I’ve been making bread regularly for years and a couple years ago started playing with no knead recipes. Your video was what convinced me to start. Thank you!
    This is a very forgiving recipe and here are my findings on substitutions and variations:
    1. The extra yeast definitely shortens the process and I’ve already been doing that for a couple years.
    2. I never buy the more costly bread flour any more, AP always works great.
    3. You can substitute whole wheat and/or rye flour up to about 1/3 of the total, and have no problems with rising or texture.
    4. To adjust loaf sizes, just keep the flour to water ratio at 2 to 1.
    5. You can substitute 1/2 cup of milk for the same amount of water.
    6. You can substitute an egg for 1/4 cup of the water, just don’t heat it.
    7: Finally, sourdough! I keep a 50/50 hydration sourdough starter in my fridge in a 1/2 full, quart Mason jar that I feed weekly. When I’m ready to use it, I feed it with a cup of water and a cup of flour and leave it on the counter for about 1/2 a day. For the loaf recipe, I substitute 1 cup water and 1 cup flour for 2 cups of the starter. It isn’t as “sour” as a traditional 2-3 day loaf, but it’s ready in 2 hours!

    By the way, I just had a toasted slice of sourdough whole wheat rye with my breakfast. Delicious, thanks again for the inspiration!

    • Francis D

      Try a little beer sometime! I used 1/2 cup and it rose a bit more and was a little sweeter. Cooling a loaf now and will sub a little whole wheat next time. Thanks

      • Angie

        Curios if you substituted the beer for the hot water?

  303. Linda L

    This recipe is magic! Love it, but your suggestion for the oven thermometer was the best. My stove is relatively new so I figured it was accurate.
    Boy was I wrong. That thermometer has changed everything.
    Thank you.

    • Honeybun41132

      Would you share as to the brand of thermometer ,please, I have tried many and having no success with any so far, I have been told also to have my oven calibrated, but cannot find anyone to help in my town!!!

  304. Jo

    How come my dough is not sticky like yours?

  305. Wendy

    I just made this bread came out fantastic! Thank you

  306. Break Baker - NJ

    This worked perfectly! I made mistakes on the first 2 attempts by not following instructions exactly, but recovered with my third!
    The best part of this is that you don’t have to wait a long time to check results and tweak your actions.
    Just ate it with Goat Cheese and Grilled Asparagus and Zucchini
    Thank you Jenny, you are a genius!

  307. Sylvie

    Easier bread recipe I’ve ever tried. I have tried out several spices and cheeses. Our new favourite is fresh Rosemary and fresh parmesan cheese. I add these ingredients as I form the ball and place it on the parchemin paper. Gave some breads as Christmas gifts to neighbours… I just love this recipe so thank you!

  308. Alf

    My goodness, this was incredible and incredibly easy. I didn’t have a large enough Dutch oven so read the FAQs and used a roasting pan. It came out perfectly…crisp and toasty on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. It was great for sandwiches but also with just a bit of olive oil.

    • Alf

      Oh, and I might add that if you have silicone lids then you don’t need to bother with plastic wrap to cover the dough.

  309. Jim McWilliams

    Just made it again for the 20th time. So simple and so very delicious. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit so we can have a warm slice with my wife’s home-churned butter. Beyond yum.

  310. Wendy

    Has anyone tried doubling the recipe to make a larger loaf? Would the baking time need to be increased? If so, by how much?

    thanks for any feedback

    • Mercedes L Garcia

      I have doubled and split the dough in half and used another dutch oven. My family enjoyed both breads.

      • Wendy

        I was hoping to make a larger loaf. I guess I will have to experiment.

        • Jenn

          Did you try a larger loaf? I’m wondering if I can double it for a larger loaf as well. Let me know! Thanks!

          • Wendy

            I have not yet. A little bit unsure of baking time. Will do it sometime lol

          • Wendy

            I found this recipe for the standard “no knead” bread that is doubled. I think that I will try it but exchange the fastest method for the prep time. This one bakes for 40 minutes covered and then 10 – 15 minutes uncovered at the end.
            here is the link:

          • Wendy

            Today I doubled the recipe. I also increased the bake time by 10 minutes. will have to wait until it cools to see if that was adequate. Makes a much nicer loaf.

            • Chuck

              Wendy, you posted that you doubled the recipe and increased the baking time by 10 minutes. I can’t find where you posted the end result. Was the 10-minute increase enough? I’d like to try doubling the recipe myself and am wondering about the baking time.

  311. Raine

    Has anyone tried this in an airfryer? If so what temperature and cook time would you suggest?

  312. Rick

    Came across this by accident. What’s funny is when she says it doesn’t matter how it looks it doesn’t matter if you think you messed it up just go ahead and bake it anyway oh my god it’s amazing My friend and I barely left any for the next day I’m getting ready to make my second now. This time going to try raisins cinnamon and walnuts thank you thank you thank you

  313. Ann M Wilkening

    Wow, I have been baking bread for over 35/years. This is simple, delicious and easy. Thank you.

  314. Francis D

    Anyone try making two smaller loves vs one large? Want to share with a neighbor. Thanks

    • Francis D.

      Well I split the dough for the last rise and ended up with two wonderful smaller loaves! My single neighbor loved it!

      • Jennifer

        Was the bake time the same for two smaller loaves?

  315. Rich

    Hi Jenny

    Thank you for your hard work and generosity. I am Polish, parents came from Poland. I bake and give away bread to neighbors. One tip, if you add 1/4 teaspoon of “Fruit Fresh” to the dry ingredients, the bread rises higher and the ascorbic acid helps it have longer shelf life. If you cannot find “Fruit Fresh,” grind up a 500mg vitamin C tablet and add to the dry ingredients, as this works just as well.

  316. Sheikadawn

    This is the fourth time I have made this bread. It’s the easiest, tastiest he made bread that I have ever made!

  317. Wreatha

    Can you bake without using Dutch oven?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Lovieruttman

      I’ve made a few similar versions of this recipe, all came out good but last night I made this recipe and doubled it to make 2 loaves and its AMAZING!! I am currently making 3 more loaves my friends and family went nuts over this bread!!! I don’t have a Dutch oven sadly so I put a boiling pot of water in the bottom of the oven and the bread loaves on the middle rack and they came out PERFECTLY!! I also took the bread out about 5-8 minutes before it was done and rubbed some stick butter all over the tops and put it back in to finish cooking and both loaves were gone in 20 minutes everyone loved it so much!! Tomorrow I am going to try cheddar jalapeno bread using this recipe

    • Dorothy Perreault

      I made this without a Dutch Oven and put a pan of water in my oven but I went out and bought a Dutch Oven and glad I did. The difference is amazing!! Bought another D.O. here in our Florida home so I can make Artisan Bread. Thank you Jenny for this fabulous recipe. Started making this through Covid. I have a loaf ready to go in the oven any minute…..yummy!!

  318. Jimdus

    Uuugh, this is sooo good! I’d stop buying bread from the grocery store if you can tell me how to store it. I cover the open end with plastic and put it in a brown paper bag, but by the next day the crust has lost its magnificence.

    Is there a way to store the baked product and maintain the crust integrity?

    Is there a way to bake only half (third) and save the rest for another day?

    May the Force be with you,

  319. Karla T

    I’ve done at least 7 loaves so far in this pandemic! My family loves this bread! 😊

  320. Jude

    Jenny, you are wonderful.

  321. Racquel

    When baking on convect, is the temp still 450 or should I go down to 425? Thank you for any help!

    • Ashley

      I use 450 in my convection oven, and it works. I have a 5 quart traditional (not enameled) Lodge Dutch oven that I use.

  322. Neesh

    This bread was delicious! Finished it all with dinner tonight. Only thing that went wrong was the bottom was very hard, like had to cut it off hard. Anything i can do to fix that?

    • Jill Van Arsdale

      The same thing happened to me the first time!!

      So the next time, I put 3 sheets of parchment paper underneath the bread and brushed a little olive oil on the bottom and that seemed to help!

      • Wendy

        Do you mean that you brushed olive oil on the bottom layer of parchment or on the bottom of the pot? I made my first loaf today and the bread was wonderful and the crust too hard to cut through easily.

        thank you

    • Tyler

      You can also put a cookie tray on the bottom rack of your oven so you don’t get a burnt or too hard crust! It works for me every time!

  323. Laura

    Sadly this was a flop. I make Dutch oven bread once a week usually but wanted to try a faster version. I had to almost double the flour in this and it still poured out of the mixing bowl almost a liquid. Will have to stick to the tried and true longer version I usually use.

    • Maggie

      Just chiming in to say, maybe it’s worth another try? Following the recipe exactly (aerating the flour is a must), this recipe has never failed me. It’s odd it would be so liquid as to “pour” out of the bowl. I bake this bread twice a week, and we love it! Good luck!

    • Char

      I used bread flour and a rough 1/2 C scoop of Turkey Red whole grain totaling 390g weight. The dough was light and sticky but sprinkling a Tbsp. of flour on the board made it handleable with the bench scraper. Try weighing the flour.

    • Cherie

      I make this bread all the time. Sometimes I do the faster version. I don’t deviate at all and it always comes out perfect. I don’t know why yours was such a flop. You should try it again. It really is worth it. Good luck…

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Here are some solutions: https://www.jennycancook.com/no-knead-bread-solutions/

  324. Lenore

    LOVED this simple and delicious bread. Now why on earth would I pay 4.99 at Whole Foods when I can make this just as easily??? Love you Jenny!

  325. Prachi Chahil

    I’ve made this bread twice and it is just fantastic! Both times I’ve added cheddar cheese, jalapeños and garlic. Huge hit! The reason I decided to make the bread is because of your YouTube video. Love your personality!

  326. Patricia Dove

    Made this yesterday awesome, the only thing was when I went to knead it after sitting for an hour it was very very sticky I am sure I used the right amount of water, also any tips for not getting it so crusty on the bottom, can’t raise the rack any higher don’t have a big stove as I live in an apartment.

    • Patricia Dove

      Made this again not sticky it was very good. Made a whole wheat yesterday I used 1 1/2 cups of bread flour and 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat turned out very good. Had a few attempts at your different bread recipes this one for me is the best. Thank you Jenny. ??

  327. Brad Daquila

    When I first discovered this recipe there where a handful of comments on this site, since the virus I see there are thousands good job everyone for getting back to what’s important. My greatest joy has been my time in the kitchen cooking and baking wonderful food for family and friends.

  328. Nancy P

    Easy peasy and very good even after freezing left over fresh . Sprinkled “everything but the bagel” seasoning over top upon oven removal, next time will add a bit more sea salt to top too. Thank you! i sifted the flour before reading how to airate but it turned out just fine

  329. Marianne L

    I’ve made over a dozen loaves of this amazing bread during the COVID-19
    Pandemic. I have added garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill weed,
    Dried basil, grated Parmesan & every loaf is delicious. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap or foil & keep refrigerated because it spoils quickly!

    • Cammi

      Could you please tell me how much garlic and parm you used? TIA

  330. Mitch

    Can I adapt this much quicker recipe to a fruit and nut type of loaf?

    • Julie

      I made this exact recipe with dried apricots and white chocolate chips and it was so good! You can really add just about any dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips.

  331. Sharon Juarez

    Well, I did make the bread with AP flour today and just took it out of the oven. I baked both breads for the same time…30 minutes the first time, 10 minutes without the top and paper. The AP bread got more done and stuck to the bottom of my Dutch oven. Next time I’ll just cut back on the cooking time.

    I also am attempting to make the crusty rolls. These, I used 1/4 tsp yeast and cool water. I’m going to let them sit overnight and finish them off tomorrow. I’m looking for my third winner!!!

    • Wendy K

      The crusty rollls are delicious. I cut down on the cooking time. I must have a hot oven!

  332. Sharon Juarez

    This is the easiest and BEST TASTING bread I ever made! Thank you. I made a loaf yesterday using bread flour (it’s all gone). I am right now making another loaf using AP flour so I can see the difference.
    I also bragged so much about it that two of my friends have asked for your recipe!

  333. Sue G

    Loved the idea about the parchment paper basket, but I added olives and cheese to my bead and it stuck to the paper on the bottom?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That may not be from your additions. It’s more likely an inferior parchment paper. Try Reynolds brand.

    • Jeanne

      Sprinkling a bit of corn meal on parchment before putting the dough on it will keep it from sticking

      • Ilona

        My Dutch oven, due to neglect, is very…very dark. I cut a circle of folded parchment..4 circles and then the sheet for the bread. I tried the cornmeal “trick” first and the extra parchment did better. Keep baking and sharing.

        • Iris

          I soak my white enamel (Le Creuset) pots with bleach and or mix of bleach and water to the brim for several hours or overnight and they remain white and clean. Removes all stains. Pots look amazing after 40 years! Works on my china casseroles too.

      • Ilona

        My Dutch oven, due to neglect, is very…very dark. I cut a circle of folded parchment..4 circles and then the sheet for the bread. I tried the cornmeal “trick” first and the extra parchment did better. Keep baking and sharing.

        Anyone know how, when and where to add cheese ?.

    • Julie

      I agree it must have been your parchment paper as I add olives and cheese and it’s never happened to me. Try again. I use that brand she mentioned as well as the Kroger pre cut sheets.

  334. Jim wright

    I made this bread several times awesome
    Have even customized it to make cheddar jalapeno love love this bread

  335. Patricia

    I just made this again. Fabulous recipe. So easy. This can be rising and baking while making a dinner. Everyone loves it and I can use some of the inside for putting into my homemade meatballs. I do use 00 Flour. It can be found in supermarkets and specialty Italian stores. It has more protein in it than white flour. I did try it with “bread flour” found in the supermarket, however, it did not come out as good as when I use the 00 Flour.

  336. Helen

    This recipe is fantastic!!! Love it! I added caraway seeds for a rye bread, and another batch I added roasted garlic. Your recipe is soft and chewy, and I absolutely love it! Thank you! Will be looking for other recipes from you!

  337. Maria from Montreal

    I’ve made this bread so many times and it always turns out perfect! I use the microwave proofing method. It’s fail proof. I heat a small bowl of water in the microwave on high for 120 seconds. Once the water is heated, I place the covered bowl of dough into the microwave, leaving the bowl of water and close the door. Let it proof for 1 hour and then follow the rest of the directions in the recipe.

    Another change I make is I use the convection oven at 450F and bake for a total of 30 mins with the lid on. That’s it. I take it out after the 30 mins and the bread is perfect.

    • Charlene

      What do you mean by you “proof” the bread in the ? What does that do and why do it?

      • Sandy

        Proofing means the same as rising.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        The word “proofing” can have two different meanings in baking. In this case, she means proofing (resting) the dough but you can also test your yeast for viability by “proofing” the yeast in warm water and sugar. (in case anyone isn’t sure)

  338. Barb

    Easy, tasty, fast. My family thinks I am amazing. (But I think YOU are!)

  339. Bette

    Hi Jenny
    On you video use say 1/4 yeast.
    On your written receipt you have 2 teaspoons of yeast!
    Which is correct???
    Thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      These are two different recipes. There is no video for the 2-hour recipe.

  340. MS

    Thank you SO much for this! It’s a perfect version for my warm kitchen here in Arizona. I had really been struggling w/ the original No-Knead recipe, as it fermented too quickly. Now I’m a happy baker again!

  341. Connie

    Thank you, Jenny!
    My awesome friend, Lisa, shared your bread with me. I started to make your (aka Lisa’s bread) and sharing with my friends/family. Everyone loves IT!!! Thank you to you, your team and my friend, Lisa, for creating and sharing so much joy during this different time. I NEVER made bread before; there is not going back, now. I am trying out more your recipes; so exciting!!!

    Stay healthy and Safe; Keep making with us.

  342. Maria B Rugolo

    First bread recipe using a dutch oven. What a difference it makes. Fantastic bread. Couldn’t be easier or quicker to turn out such a tasty and crispy bread.

  343. Karin

    Could I substitute the bread flour for whole wheat or 1/2 and 1/2? Would that change the yeast amount or anything else? Also, could I add some grains? Newbie bread maker here. I’ve made whole wheat a few times and each time it just doesn’t rise well. Thanks, Karin

    • Linda

      Yes you can substitute whole wheat flour for some of the white. You will need more water. Add a sprinkle at a time to the ball until it isn’t dry.

      I use 1/3 whole wheat and 2/3 bread flour.

      Yes, you can certainly add grains!

  344. Kelly

    Hi jenny. I love the bread recipes and I’ve made the 2 hour bread and the other one hat is just less yeast. I’ve made these multiple times and it’s a hit! My only issue is the bottom is so crunchy it goes hard/touch and I cut it off before I eat the bread. It makes it very difficult to slice. Does anyone have any tips? I follow the recipe to the T!

    • Patricia

      Yes, mine does too. It is hard to cut but I can do it, and I love it!

    • Michelle

      Hi, I raise the rack. Bake it a little higher and the crust for us is perfect.

    • Cheri

      I had that exact problem also.
      When the 2nd rest is covered, I preheat my oven at 450F then. By the time the 2nd rest is ready for the oven to bake,I fold a sheet of aluminum foil only on the bottom of my Dutch oven and then I put folded parchment paper on top of the foil in my Dutch oven. I don’t preheat my Dutch oven empty, afraid of damage.
      Works great and no hard bottom.

    • Kelly P

      I have a trivet that goes inside my Dutch oven. I put that in the pot with a piece of 2ply heavy duty aluminum foil. Bread bakes on top. I also move the oven rack up, so the pot is higher up.

    • Jodi

      Thanks for all the tips ladies. I’m going to try them for a less crusty bottom!

    • Joanne Jonell

      We love the crunchy bottom of the bread. We sometimes use an electric knife to slice the bread and it works very well. We often toast the bread for breakfast. I have started to make walnut cherry bread from the recipe. I add 1 c. walnut halves ( or chopped) and 2/3 c. tart Montmercy dried cherries. Just try to make sure the cherries are buried in the dough before you bake it or they will burn. I don’t cut them up but you can. I add into the flour/yeast/ salt before I add the water. Friends rave about it! In fact, many are getting a loaf for Christmas. $7.99 at Costco. Costs next to nothing to make!

  345. Carrie

    I have officially stopped buying bread thanks to you. Thanks for this recipe. I make a loaf every week now. Money saving and delicious!

  346. Dorett~

    Love. Love. Love.

  347. Trixie VA

    I made your 2-hour No Knead Bread last night for the first time, and it was absolutely incredible! It made my homemade butternut squash soup even better. You mention in the video for the Faster No Knead Bread that you can add things to the bread like olives. When in the process would you do that? Thank you!

    • Trixie VA

      Oops-should have checked the FAQs…
      “Can I add extras to the dough and when should I add them?
      You can add a lot of extras to your dough at the very beginning when you first mix it up. I have added nuts, raisins, sugar, caraway seeds, 10-grain cereal, oats, and olives. You can see all my variations in the Breads category.
      Other commenters say they have added: cheese, rosemary, Italian herbs, crushed garlic, garlic powder, blueberries, cranberries, honey, cinnamon, molasses, jalapeno peppers, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and maple sugar.”

  348. Candy

    Can I make this dough into rolls? If so, how long would I bake them?

    • Cindy A.

      Jenny has a recipe for no knead rolls on this website. I have made the rolls and the loaf of bread. They are pretty much the same–crispy, chewy, and delicious!

  349. Janet

    Do you have a recipe for Brioche Bread using the no knead, quick method

  350. Glor

    Made this delicious bread using gem clips to hold the pleats together ,which form in the parchment paper, when placed in a round bowl. The bread then remains that shape and rises beautifully. I also only removed the lid of the pot after 30 min leaving the bread in the base for about 15 min then turned the oven off leaving it another 15-20 min. Result is a really nice crispy crust which remains crispy even when cold. Would love to hear something concrete about sour dough of which I know nothing. Jenny the Genius, I am eternally grateful, thanks a million!

    • Linda

      I found that in most uses of parchment paper that if I bunch it up by crunching it into a ball and then straighten it out it conforms better to most shapes and with this bread recipe it doesn’t inhibit the loaf from making it’s own rounded shape. I use my small antique speckled roasting pan and lid, makes for a more oval loaf. I love love love this recipe and have made it numerous times! Tonight I added oatmeal at the beginning, about 3/4 of a cup and now while it is rising I come and read the comments and will definitely add some oats on top. Jenny’ you sure can cook – blessings for sharing. Linda

  351. Karen K

    I’ve made this bread twice following the ingredients and all instructions and both times the bread is not rising very high. It’s a consistent 2 1/2 inch high loaf all around and not rounding taller in middle like recipe pic. The only thing I can think is maybe I’m not mixing long enough at the start when combining ingredients? The rise happens..just doesn’t puff high as I thought.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for a solution.

      • Kay

        This happened to me too and I realized that my cast iron pot was so large the dough sort of spread to fill it out resulting in a flat loaf. I doubled the recipe and have since gotten nothing but beautiful round loaves, just like in the picture. Hopefully this helps!

  352. Ellen

    l love Jenny’s no knead bread and make 2 loaves (in 2 pans) at the same time. l add at least a 1/2 cup of a mixture of flax meal, chia seeds, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds and use a 2 tip of instant yeast plus 2 T of vital gluten and 2 t or a little more of honey to each loaf. Delicious!

  353. Adoreen

    Tried making this today after watching the video and reviewing the comments. I followed the recipe but decided to add 2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese, which I had plenty of; a cup of sun dried tomatoes cut into strips; then sprinkled oats on top of the dough before baking. I followed someone’s suggestions of putting foil in the bottom of the Dutch oven. It came out a huge success & my husband loved it! Thanks so much for this recipe!

  354. Rod

    I have made this bread many times and never have a problem. I love it with garlic and rosemary mixed in as a dinner bread. I also love it plain, makes great toast and sliced thin is a good sandwich bread. Small thin slices heated in the microwave substitute for hot dog buns. I tried making it with four cups of flour and upped the other ingredients as well. I like a bigger loaf and four cups work well. I add a little more water and I knead it about twice as much as Jenny suggests. The added water makes a slightly chewier loaf which I like. I’m looking forward to more different additives to make some more interesting tastes. This is a great recipe to learn how to make bread as you will not get discouraged using it.

  355. Ben

    I just baked this as my first time ever baking bread. It turned out picture perfect, seriously a completely perfect loaf of bread. Tastes great and looks fantastic too, I will definitely be making this again.

    Next time I won’t forget and try to hold the Dutch oven with my hand when getting the loaf out though, that seriously hurt and blistered still hurts as I type this! Ah well, still getting used to using a Dutch oven and this would seem to be a key lesson.

    Wish I could share a photo of my bread on here, it’s amazing. Thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can easily share photos – just click on the “Your Photos” link at the top.


      Hello Ben what kind pf parchment paper did you use? I have the white kind and it says up to 420 degrees. I checked on the unbleached parchment paper and it says up to 425 degrees oven. The recipe calls for baking at 450 degrees. I’m afraid my paper will burn? What brand of parchment paper did you use?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I can tell you that I use Reynolds brand parchment paper and it may turn brown but it will not burn.

      • Wilma

        I use the cheap parchment from dollar store and just like Reynolds brand, the paper darkens but does not burn. Hope this helps

  356. Jessi

    I love love love this bread. Super quick and easy especially for breakfast. I add everything but the bagel seasoning and a little sugar to mine… i also have never been able to leave it in the oven for the full 10-15 minute browning period. If i did it would BURN. Just a heads up incase someone else’s oven is similar to mine (happens with or without the seasoning) but definitely recommend. Its delicious

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I suspect it burns because of the added sugar. You could try reducing the temperature during the last 10-15 minutes to 400F.

    • Mary Hardy Tamasiunas

      I had trouble the 1st time I made and after heating oven & empty Dutch Oven I decrease temp to 425. After 30 min, I remove parchment paper and return to oven. Turn off the heat and set timer for 10 min, perfect ??!

  357. Laree

    Delicious except parchment paper stuck to bottom of loaf. Should parchment paper be greased.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Wilma

      I had this happen……lightly sprayed pan with canola oil in aerosol spray bottle, problem solved

  358. H. Miller

    This is now a go to for me! I use a full packet of the yeast, so 2 and 1/4 teaspoons. I use 14 ounces of AP flour. The best thing is that this is so versatile. I’ve added in cheddar cheese, roasted garlic and italian spice, flax seed, and even half a jar of pesto I had in my fridge. All turned out great!

  359. Ilona

    I double foolded the parchment, and decided to add Another Full parchment sheet..so had parchment, folded sheet then parchment. My Dutch oven is very old and dark…now it was easier to lift the dough…
    Question, I read to remove the bread from the Dutch oven with the paper, discard paper return it to the Dutch oven and leave uncovered for 10-15 minutes…that was hard to do when I only used one sheet of parchment and easy with the two.
    My bread came out excellent, I did score it before putting it into the oven…my crumb (learning the baking vocabulary, LOL)

  360. Debora

    I loved the bread, it was very light and had a great crust, will definitely make this again…

  361. Laura Schoch

    I made this with the 2 tsp yeast. Much better. Nice rise. I used to make it with 1/4 tsp as in the old directions. It was ok but dense .

  362. Lee

    I make this all the time to impress my friends and family. I never tell them how easy it is. The only time it was wonky was when I forgot to mix the dry before I added the water. I just re-made it using the 2 hour recipe and all was fine. Both good recipes.

  363. Patricia

    Well my bread was a mess! The recipe seemed very strange and the results certainly were. Flat, wet. I added piles more flour before I baked it and it was still a sloppy mess. Tasty but wet inside and shapeless. What gives?

    I read the recipe several times in the hours after my tasty failure. Finally the penny dropped.

    1 1/2 cups water. Not 1 1/2 pints. I post this mostly to remind myself that if something seems wrong… read the recipe again.

    • BD

      This is the real trick to baking! = REREAD! Thanks for the help.

  364. Ronnie

    Can I use some of my sourdough levain in this no-knead bread recipe? Has anyone done this & had good results?

    • Ronnie

      I found my own answer, below in fan comments. What a great bunch of people on here! I love your videos & all the amusement you provide, Jenny. I’ve always been a big fan of yours. I sometimes watch you for hours. Thank you, sooo much, for being a bright light in the kitchen. I get a big kick out of watching you!!!! Love You!!! Hugs!

  365. Joanne B

    I just purchased New product, Red Star Platinum Instant Sourdough Yeast, and am going to try with this recipe. It’s yeast plus sourdough culture. You just substitute the 7 gram packet of yeast with a pkg of this new product and proceed. Hope it’s tasty!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I also tried this sourdough yeast and was very disappointed. Not only did it not taste like sourdough, I found it had an odd taste and I won’t be using it again. Please let me know how yours turns out.

  366. Anna

    LOVE this recipe! I am not a baker and I was able to make it easily. I measured the flour by weight. I also added another small sheet of parchment (folded in half) under the ‘basket’ layer of parchment so that the bottom didn’t burn. Thank you for this recipe! It was super quick and easy!

    • Laura

      I’m gonna try the parchment paper tip. My loaf does burn.Thanks Anna

  367. Ria0751

    I love this recipe!!! The first time I baked the bread it wasn’t quite done inside. Since my first attempt in April I tweak the recipe by using 2 cups of All Purpose Flour and 1 cup of Wheat Flour. I bake for 40 minutes and I put Aluminum Foil in the bottom of the Dutch Oven to keep the bottom of the bread from getting too brown. It delicious and friends and family love it. I will never buy a loaf of bread again.

    • Rita Gagliano

      I like the tip with the aluminum foil, will give it a try! Thanks

  368. Joyce J W Jackson

    Thank you, Thank you, Thanks you…..
    what a treat, brings back memories of my grandmother, so I made it with my grandchildren…. we ate some (too much) and gave some as gifts….. EASY AS 1,2,3

  369. Margie

    I’m baking this bread now..
    In step 4, when I put the dough In the parchment into the hot pot, should they dough still be sticky?
    Also, should it have fixed a little? Mine looks the same as an hour before….
    Thank you,

    • Julia

      Yes, in step 4 the dough will still be sticky and not formed into a perfect ball. It will still come out great! I add some chopped green chile, cheese and garlic to mine before adding the water.. my family loves this bread! I always have to make 3 batches at a time lol

      • Cee

        Thank you! I’ve always wondered when to add other ingredients, before or after the water. I did after the water several times and results were great, but it’s easier to mix before adding liquid. I’ve always avoided adding cold ingredients thinking it might affect the temperature for the yeast to work. Am actually baking one now. ?

  370. Carolyn

    I’ve made this bread about 8 times since March and “stay at home.” While easy and delicious, the bottom of the bread is always ROCK hard. It’s really hard to cut all the way through. No one else mentions this. Why does this happen?

    • Christy

      It’s likely due to the pot you’re using. The pot’s bottom gets too hot in comparison with the rest of the pot so it makes sense that the bread’s bottom will overcook and become hard. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Avey

      In order to prevent the bottom from getting too hard, you can put a sturdy baking tray on the lower shelf and also place ceramic beads (the kind you use in blind baking of pastry cases) directly into your Dutch oven. Hope this helps!

    • Maria

      Crunch up some aluminum foul, making sure it is the dull side, make it flat and put in the bottom of your Dutch Oven. This will keep the heat away from the bottom and it will not be as hard.

    • Nolson

      I know it’s supposed to be really crusty, but when mine comes out, while still in the Dutch oven, I drop a half stick of butter — real butter — into the pot, where it will melt and sizzle, but it’s only a few seconds while sitting on the counter. I turn the bread over and around the pot, with big tons to sop up the butter, then set it on a foil with edges turned up. Then I pour any remaining butter in the Dutch oven over the loaf until it’s covered in it and sitting on butter. I loosely cover with foil for about 20 minutes, then usual move it to the bread slicer board with slats because we’re ready for a slice. After it’s cooled, I put it in a bag specifically made for storing bread. It remains crusty, but will be softened enough that it’s easier to cut and chew. I have difficulty chewing, so this makes it easier on me. I do not touch it with any butter before or during baking, that will make it even crustier and too dark. We like buttery bread, so this works for us.

  371. Gayle

    This recipe is fool proof. I have made it a few times now that I have a cast iron Dutch oven. I use half bread flour and half whole wheat. If I remember, I mix in about a quarter cup of flax seeds, then sprinkle oats on top before baking.
    No matter what I do to it, it is delicious every single time.
    Thanks so much Jenny!

  372. Nancy

    Hello Jenny,

    Can kyrol flour be used in the 2 hour Dutch oven bread recipe? If so, is it mixed with other flours or can it be used 100% by itself?

  373. Shirley K

    Jenny I have tried so many recipes for bread .!Your by far is the best and sooo easy to make and taste great. Thank you .?

  374. Brad Daquila

    Finally a Dutch oven bread that kicks a** and does not take 3 days to make. Good job jenny.

  375. Roz Bieber

    I have not used your recipe yet. I have been using the N.Y Times no-knead bread recipe for many years . I substitute 1/3 rye flour for extra flavor and use black cumin seeds (nigella) in place of caraway. Try it. I think you would love it I am 92 years old and because of the covid I have been getting flour on line. would you believe from Walmart. It was the only place that had it. I asked for 10 lbs. and they sent me 20.!!( I get the seeds on line)
    I love reading all the comments and I am going to try your recipe. Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Ninety-two? Roz, you’re my new role model for the days I say I’m too tired to cook! Keep on keepin’ on!! ❤️

  376. GregP

    good, fast and quite forgiving recipe, so don’t be afraid to make change to your own needs and circumstances (like oven, type of floue etc);, thanks!
    for those using wieght (reommended) :1 cup of a flour (depending on type) can be anything between 100 and 130 gram (3.6 – 4.75oz). i.e. 1cup of AP flour will be about 125g; rye=100g; whole wheat=120g and so on – and this will still depend on few other factors… anyway, if you’re confused about volume/weight conversion here is a tool:

  377. Susan Bickta

    I just made this bread!! It’s WONDERFUL!!! I added about 2/3 cup of my sourdough starter to it ….. what a delicious loaf!!

    • Sandy

      Hi Susan,
      I want to add sourdough starter and am wondering if you made this recipe the same but just added the starter. Did you add the same amount of yeast as the recipe calls for? Thanks for the help, Sandy

      • Tarey

        Yes, I have the same question – usually with sourdough starter you have to go through this total slowwww rise thing. I guess if you use yeast, and add this anyway you’d get a a bit lighter, definitely very tasty loaf. Has anyone else tried this?

        • Kristin

          I add 2/3 cup sourdough starter every time I make it. My starter only takes about 2-3 hours to be ready to go in this hot weather, so it’s not too bad! I also add in the yeast. It gives it a great flavor. I dial back the amount of water to around 1 and 1/4 cups, since the starter adds a bit to it. Such a great, versatile, simple recipe. Thanks!

  378. CP

    HI Jenny,
    Would I be able to make these in baguettes? If so then what would be the oven Temp and baking time?

  379. CP

    HI Jenny,
    Would I be able to make these in baguettes? If so then what would be the oven Temp and baking time?

    • Joann

      I made Baguettes and they were perfect!
      Didnt change anything except before I put in parchment I devided with a knife in two ..put flour on the bowl and rolled in elongated baguette shaped dough. Towel on top for same amount of time. Put in seperate parchment and in baguette pans baked the same amount of time.

  380. Candice

    Hi there,

    I noticed that this recipe and the recipe you say on the youtube video for this bread are different. On this page/recipe you call for 2 teaspoons of instant yeast but in your video you said to use 1/4 teaspoon of yeast. Why is that and which one is correct?

    • candice

      nevermind, I was watching the wrong bread video of yours. LOL

  381. ydelle

    Jenny I would like t make this for over right do you have a recipe for that also when I used the 1/4 teaspoon of yeast it did’t work can you use more yeast for a hardy bread( like 3/4t).also can you use room to lukewarm water to make it over night.

    • Lora

      Hi there. I’ve increased the yeast to 1/2 !Tsp and kept it in the fridge overnight. It worked perfectly. Jenny’s original Artisan bread recipe has the ingredients and at the end of the recipe talks about leaving it overnight.
      I like the overnight version better, I feel it has much more flavor.

  382. Rick C.

    This is absolutely the best recipe I have ever used to make bread. I put three cuts on the top of the dough ball before second rise to allow the loaf to expand and the result is amazing!

  383. Brooklyn

    Am going to try this now with 2 c. AP and 1 c. whole wheat flour. Has anyone else had luck with WW flour and what proportions did you use?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Here is my whole wheat version of the “Faster” loaf. https://www.jennycancook.com/recipes/whole-wheat-no-knead-bread/

    • Susan Bickta

      I used AP flour that I aerated …… and the sourdough starter I added was fed with rye flour …….. gave it that “nutty” flavor that’s so distinctive in European bread … and the texture was “spongy” and chewy with a wonderful crust….. also, I used a whole envelope of Rapid Rise yeast ….excellent recipe!

      • Tarey

        I’ve been trying to make a good sourdough starter. I did really get it for awhile, but I didn’t refrigerate and at one point it started to smell weird so I tossed. My neighbor gave me a home made starter in his family for a long time. Traded for a bunch of extra flour. Anyway, Question is, can I start feeding this starter with Rye to get the flavor more nutty you speak about, down the line? (I think he uses white flour with his.)

    • Judy

      I always use 2 cups bread flour, 1 cup whole wheat always good. Not know about all purpose flour.

  384. HG

    This recipe for 2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread was fantastic. My question is: the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons yeast and refers to 1 packet,7 grams of yeast. I did use the 2t, but I know the packet of yeast has more than 2 1/4t yeast in it. Which is the preferred amount? Thank you.

    • Maddy Butler

      I use the whole package of yeast and it turns out perfect every single time.

      • HG

        Thanks Maddy. No more tiny amounts of yeast left in packets.

  385. Cathy

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I decided to try self rising flour and used less yeast(1 1/2 teasp.). It came out great. I was surprised.
    Now I’m just waiting to taste. Thank you again for all your wonderful recipes.

  386. Lorraine

    This is the best bread that I made. It was crusty and the inside melted in your mouth. I also added cheddar cheese and salami and italia n seasoning.

    • Mags

      Cheddar cheese! Great idea, Lorraine. I’ve successfully halved this recipe (with flour I also had to buy online— King Arthur sells 3 lb. bags of AP Unbleached). Now I can make it even more rich and delicious. ?

  387. Sicilia

    This recipe is absolutely amazing. The finished bread is better than the bread we have in southern Italy. It is sooo easy and the explanation is perfect. It is crusty, the inside is dense, which is the way we like our bread. It slices easily and can be toasted. I do use 00 bread flour from Italy. To me, this is the only flour that should be used for making Italian bread. During the Covid19 pandemic, flour was getting harder to get, and I was out of the 00. I purchased a popular brand of “bread flour”, but it wasn’t good. It might be good for an American bread recipe. Most supermarkets and speciality Italian stores sell the 00 flour. You can also order it online. 00 flour has more protein in it. I finally was able to get some more of 00 and I am back to making this recipe. One thing that I do….I let the bread rest and rise the first time for one full hour, and then start heating up the oven. Then proceed with the instructions. It has never failed once. Thank you sooo much Jenny for this super fabulous recipe!!!

  388. maria

    while in the oven bread was “high”, when cooking was done bread was half the size in height, HELP!
    Thank you, Maria

  389. Marty

    How do you remove the parchment paper?

    • Sicilia

      Marty…there is no trick, just pull carefully and it comes out, however, my bread always flips over when I do this, so with a spatula, I just flip it back around. Next time, maybe I will hold onto the bread and pull on the paper harder and see if that keeps it from flipping over. Good luck!

    • Brooklyn

      Hi Marty,
      Sicilia is right, there’s no real trick to it. I pull out the oven rack, take off the lid, pick the paper up by both sides and place it on the counter, bread and all, then with my spatula or towel, pick up the bread and put it back in the pot to finish.

  390. Rebecca Peele Russo

    My friend, Kimmie, gave me this recipe and I cannot even count how many times I have made it or have given the recipe to friends! It is easy and delicious. I often add rosemary and it is my go to when I make homemade chicken salad sandwiches. I have a Lodge dutch oven, so nothing fancy is required to make it and I work at Williams Sonoma and have text the link to countless customers who are new to baking bread. Thank you!

  391. Viva Tomlin

    This worked wonderfully! I did the cool water 8 hours over night version. I didn’t have parchment so i just oiled a flat baking tin but otherwise did exactly as told. Apart from the over night rising it is so quick and so easy and crunchy on top and soft inside. It feels like I have been to the bakery in the South of Spain or France! Thank you so much!

  392. Alisanne

    This is by far the household favorite bread recipe! It’s so easy and most importantly…. the directions are incredibly clear and descriptive (appreciated but us non-bakers). I share this with everyone who asks. It’s perfect as-is but I usually add some rosemary and garlic salt to the top for some extra love!! Thank you Jenny Can Cook for this recipe!!

  393. Suzie

    I tried using FAQs. Did not answer my question. I have tried 3as to make the dough. The problem I’m having is the dough is soft and wet. I followed your direction to no avail. Get to g frustrated. Ready to throw In the towe!l. I also changed to a different method, it’s better, still too soft and wet. Couldn’t shape the dough into a ball. What went wrong?

    • Julie

      I’ve made this bread about 12 times and it’s perfect everytime. Are you testing the temperature of your water and are you aerating the flour before you use it? Make sure the water temp isn’t too hot or the yeast won’t work right. Hope that helps or watch her video if you haven’t.

      • Linda

        What do you mean aerate the bread. Can this bread be made gluten free with Bob Mills all purpose 1-1 flour?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Please see the FAQs for No Knead Solutions and Flour Basics.

    • JULIE

      What is your question? I’ve made it over 12 times so maybe I can help.

    • Miyuki

      I know exactly what you are saying. So I changed kind of flour. Then problem solved . I bought a few different kind of flour ( bleached) because of this lock down, I mean I didn’t have choice ! My flour are nothing special got them from local grocery store. But what I learned was you can add more flour till righ consistency when you shape on counter , then knead little bit, and bake it .( follow recipe ) It came out with more cracks exterior but taste was actually not but so my husband and I are still enjoy them. I usually sliced them and freeze them same day I baked . Some flour just doesn’t work some recipe .
      Hope this helps!

    • Denis.

      I am a male and decided to try this a few months ago now my wife asks me to make a loaf every week as it’s so much better than store bought bread. The instructions couldn’t be any clearer and I never had a failure yet also have sliced and added kalmata olives for a fantastic olive bread.

    • Viva Tomlin

      Dear Suzie, did you continue no matter what? Because it is meant to be wet when you first mix it. Also just in case this applies . . . i checked my measuring scoop cups because mine was too dry judging by the instructions and sure enough they were innacurate by 1/4 cup of water. Also the airating the flour is really important. Try doing it over night for 8 hrs with cool water!

    • Viva Tomlin

      Dear Suzie, did you continue no matter what? Because it is meant to be wet when you first mix it. Also just in case this applies . . . i checked my measuring scoop cups because mine was too dry judging by the instructions and sure enough they were inacurate by 1/4 cup of water. Also the airating the flour is really important. Try doing it over night for 8 hrs with cool water!

    • Kat

      The dough will be pretty soft and wet until you get to the part where you put flour on the counter (and your hands if you’re not using a pastry scraper) and fold it in on itself 10-12 times. Perhaps try using a little extra flour on the counter? After this step, the dough will be a little drier and your ball will be firmer.

  394. Keith G.

    To avoid the confusion on the weights vs cups, ALWAYS use weight and use the info given on the side to determine how many grams per cup. Some flours are 120, some are 130 or more. So always use the amount on the side of YOUR flour and you won’t go wrong.

  395. Brenda

    Thanks so much for this recipe. It was delicious and easy to make. I do, however, wonder why the top was not the golden color as many pictures show? Believe me it didn’t stop my husband and I from having several slices.

    • Annie

      After original 30 minutes covered baking time, uncover your pot and let bread brown anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t over brown.

    • Maggie

      After original 30 minutes baking time, when you remove the cover, drizzle/spread a little olive oil over the top before putting it back in the oven for the last 10-15 minutes. This will help with that golden color you’re looking for.

  396. JamieB

    I’m baking my second loaf and have a question regarding the size. My loaves seem to be smallish. I don’t know how big they’re supposed to be so not sure if mine are “right” or not. Can someone give me an idea please.

  397. Debbie H

    I have made this bread several times and it comes out perfect every time! I also braided it and made Italian bread! It was fabulous!! Thank you for the recipe, Jenny!! ??

  398. Maryann

    Hi Jenny!
    I just want to say that I am not a baker but thanks to you today I am!! I love love this bread! I get so excited and proud of myself every single time I pull a loaf of bread from the oven. Thank you for sharing this and so many of your recipes with everyone. You make it look like fun.


    Dough was waaaay too gooey to work with, even though I followed the recipe, and tried to “aerate” the flour. I just kept tossing more flour at it while I tried to fold it over.
    ALSO … no parchment paper. I googled that question and the answer was to use a little oil or spray in the pot. I have olive oil and as the oven heated up the place started to get smokey. It’s in the oven now and I hope it will be OK and not burn the house down. Sigh…


      OK… I just took it out of the oven and let it cool.
      I LIKE IT!
      Still don’t know why it was so gooey at first. I will try this again!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I’m glad to hear it ?

      • Todd

        If you don’t have parchment paper, corn meal works to keep bread from sticking to pot while cooking.

      • SarahB

        I had a little problem with the bread dough getting stuck on the parchment paper. I solved it by spraying the paper with water before I put it in the pot, making sure the paper is wet all the way to the edges. After I got the bread in the pot I lightly sprayed the loaf also. Then I put the lid on and I had no problem at all with it. Also, the added humidity was good for the crust development.
        Another issue I had was the bottom crust being a bit too browned so it was really tough to slice. Using a folded up (In fourths) square of parchment paper in the bottom of the pot helps a bit. It just “lives” in the bread pot all the time; no need cutting a new piece every time.

  400. Ed

    Was wondering whether you could add extra water into the Dutch oven to improve the crust even more? I can imagine the dough on a small rack inside the Dutch oven with a certain amount of water underneath producing steam. Anyone ever try this?

    • Linda

      Ed, why would you unless out of boredom? Not all things need improving. The D. O. already makes steam, plenty of it as you will find if you are ever careless as you lift the lid off.

    • Rhonda

      I add 2 ice cubes to my Dutch oven and have my dough resting with parchment paper on a metal rack when baking for first 30 minutes. Keeps the bottom crust pliable. Found this tip in another person’s comments. Hope it works for you as well as it did for me.

  401. Maryann Esposito Wagner

    All I can say Jenny is I’m hooked.Your no-knead bread is amazing.I started baking this bread two weeks ago and now I’m doing several per week.There were a few issues in the beginning then I realized the water temperature was not hot enough.My hot tap water is only 106 degrees.I started heating water to 125 degrees ‘and it made a big difference in the consistency of the dough.Thank you.

  402. Nicole Montillano

    Hi Jenny
    First off I wanna say I love your recipes. They’re simple and easy to follow with delicious results. But for this bread recipe I have a question. I doubled the recipe because I want bigger bread but the finished bread was a bit gooey. Is there anyway to fix that? Thank you.


      What am I doing wrong? The dough is waaaayy too gooey to form into a ball.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Please start with the FAQs. https://www.jennycancook.com/no-knead-bread-solutions/

        • MIKE CAN'T COOK

          I did. But did I aerate the flour too much so that there wasn’t enough? I threw flour at it repeatedly while trying to work it. It finally got some kind of shape, but it’s in the oven now and we’ll have to wait.
          OH, and no parchment. I found online that it’s OK if you lightly grease the surface of the pan. I probably used too much oil –olive oil– and it started to smoke up the place. Too late I saw on the FAQ that you recommend NOT greasing the pot. Shaking my head.

          • Cindy B

            I strongly suggest measuring your ingredients by weight, not cups. You would be surprised at the variation otherwise. I also use an instant read thermometer to determine when the loaf is done, baking to 195 ° internal temperature.

  403. Mary

    Best bread ever!! Many thanks!!

  404. Dawn

    Thanks for helping all of us home bakers feel confident that great bread is attainable.

    All my supermarket had right now was instant sourdough yeast (Instant yeast plus acidophilus cultures to make it sour), so I modified slightly to the brand’s ratio of 1.75 cups water and 4.5 cups flour, because the yeast packet is more substantial. Then I followed your recipe exactly for baking and timing and it turned out perfectly- twice! I’ll never go back to overnight rises. Thank you for sharing! I now have delicious perfect sourdough in only 2 hours!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have never heard of such a yeast. Can you please share the brand name and where you found it? A lot of people are asking how to make no knead sourdough bread and this would be great to try – I know I would! ❤️ Thank you.

  405. Barbara

    I only have a 2 quart Dutch oven with lid. How can I get a recipe for the smaller amount?

    • Angel Ortiz

      since this is for a 4/5 quart dutch oven You could probably just divde the recipe in half.

    • Russ

      I bake this in a 3-quart dutch oven with excellent results, and before I got that dutch oven, I made it in a 2 1/2 quart heavy stainless steel saucepan with lid. I think you should give it a try in your 2-quart dutch oven. It will appear to rise higher, and it probably won’t crest the top of the pan. Watch it and see. I would.

  406. Mariana

    BEST bread i have ever made…got the whole extended family buying dutch ovens to make it.
    Has anyone tried to use this recipe to bake individual sized breads with the 2Q and smaller dutch ovens?
    If so my question is… if I were to buy mini dutch ovens ( 2Q or under) to make individual sized breads would I make the recipe in whole and then cut the dough into 4 pieces and place in 4 bowl to sit for 15 mins before baking or would I split the recipe into 4 and let them rise in separate bowls?
    also cooking time..how much would i reduce the time since the bread is smaller?
    thank you

  407. Lori R

    I am not a baker by any means,,,,but this is the easiest no fool recipe to bake a loaf of delicious bread!. Thank you!

  408. Susan

    Hi Jenny,
    I want to thank you for a fabulous, easy recipe! Since finding this and watching your utube video, I have made 11 loaves of bread…I have 3 more on my counter ready to go. The only downside is the addiction that it creates…it only takes one try to be hooked! I had such a hard time finding yeast with this pandemic that I finally resorted to eBay…and likely paid 4 times what it was actually worth! That 1/4 teaspoon is a godsend! When yeast is more available, I will try the shorter version. Thank you again!

  409. Suzette

    Thank you Jenny! Just made it this afternoon! Very good & the directions were easy to follow. Delicious!

  410. Laurel W.

    Jenny, Just wanted to join the crowd in thanking you for the bread recipe. I didn’t know it was possible to make bread so fast and taste so good too! Husband loved it, as I did, and look forward to making more and sharing bread and recipe with friends and family.

  411. Craig J

    Thank you, thank you! This recipe has changed my bread making life!
    Would it be ok to add a little sugar to ‘feed’ the yeast a bit more, do you think?
    Thanks Jenny!

  412. Craig J

    Thank you, thank you! This recipe has changed my bread making life!
    Would it be ok to add a little sugar to ‘feed’ the yeast a bit more, do you think?
    Thanks Jen.

  413. Jodie

    OMGOSH Jenny I am so mad at you…..This bread is so damn good all I need is a stick of butter and I’m good! Geee it’s fabulous…but wish I had never tried it?
    I think I have solved the problem….since all my neighbors are home I’m making a loaf for each of them. That way they can have the calories!
    And I get to enjoy the baking part.
    Thanks Jen

  414. Denise S

    Hi Jenny,

    I’ve looked at the FAQs (lots of great information!) but I’m wondering if you can perfect a GLUTEN FREE version of this wonderful bread? I’ve discovered that gluten makes my inflammation worse. Thank you in advance.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s addressed in the FAQs.

    • Sue

      I use heritage wheat bread flour and my daughter, who has gluten issues, and friend with celiac disease enjoy the bread with no issues. It has something to do with the gluten structure in wheat that hasn’t been messed with by well-meaning scientists. I get my flour online from Sunrise Flour Mills.

  415. Cheri

    I absolutely love this recipe. ❤ This bread is easy and tasty, recipe has never failed me. I added some fresh rosemary to a loaf I am making today. You don’t knead it, after I remove the bread out of the bowl I flour my cutting board and shape it with my chop and scoop scraper like Jenny. It makes shaping of the dough simple before moving it to the 2nd bowl. My dutch oven cooks this bread perfectly. Voila! Delicious bread!

  416. Mel

    WHAT A STICKY MESS!!!! Do not attempt this you will regret it! I wish I had used a different recipe! After you let the dough rise it becomes so sticky and matted to your hands even if you’ve floured you’re surface and hands. Not to mention her steps don’t make much sense. “Place in cold oven in preheated oven at 450” I won’t be making this again my bread was flat and strange tasting.

    • Scott

      Mel, Sorry to hear it didn’t turn out as expected. I just followed this recipe and my bread turned out great. In regards to the comment about preheat cold oven, the author wanted you to put the baking dish in the oven and then preheat it, as you would a pizza stone. I’d also like to add that dough is very sticky. It helps to oil a bowl when it sits for proofing and to make sure your workspace has flour along with your hands. It can mitigate it sticking to your fingers. I used a spatula to get the dough out of my proofing bowl. You have to be careful transferring the dough. You don’t want it to lose what it’s gained in size. That maybe the problem with your bread being flat. As far as taste goes, I would make sure that all your ingredients are still within their dates, using purified water, and sifting your flour before mixing. At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with starting over. I recommend looking at Basics with Babish on YouTube, he has helped our household immensely! I hope you can take it as a learning experience and stay positive for the next bread bake you try.

      • Lori

        I am a newbie to baking bread and I have made this twice now perfectly. It’s not difficult if you follow the directions. The dough is sticky. If its combined properly and you have flour on your hands, its manageable.

    • TvS

      Not to sticky at all. If you use the bench scraper as she demonstrates in the video, along with a little flour, it works perfectly. Follow instructions!!

      • Denise S

        I totally agree. I’ve made this recipe MANY times (and I’m excited to try the 2 hr version!) and it’s BEAUTIFUL every single time and tastes great!

    • Catharine Reed

      Hi Mel, sorry your first attempt didn’t work out. Jenny has a YouTube viendo here that takes you through it step by step. It’s a great resource and believe me its worth trying again!!! It’s the BEST bread ever?

      Faster No Knead Bread – So Easy ANYONE can make (but NO BOILING WATER!!) – YouTube

    • jackie

      Please try again and use common sense – if kneaded properly this dough should not be sticky, so try a longer machine knead, a drop more flour before kneading, weighing your ingredients..Dutch oven should be preheated to 450 degrees along with oven preheat. I think I have made more than 1 dozen loaves since finding this recipe, no failures. Will next try adding small amounts of other flours to experiment..because this bread takes no real effort it is worth baking again and again until you get it.

      • Justin

        Use common sense…it’s a no knead dough that you are saying should be kneaded?

    • RL

      It will not work if you do not read the instructions properly. Place Dutch oven in a cool oven and preheat to 450F. Is easy to understand. For the sticky dough, don’t play with it too much, flour board and hand and even add a bit of flour so you can make a ball after you work your dough with the scraper. Good luck, it is very easy

  417. Elizabeth

    Will substituting some all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour (2c white, 1c whole wheat) mess up the texture?

    • Lalia

      My sister and I each have made it with 1 c wwheat and 2 c white flour. Everyone loved it.
      I sprinkled Trader Joe’s “Everything Bu the Bagel” seasoning over the top crust about 15-20 before bread was done. Sooo good, looked professional!

  418. Kristin

    Just made this. It’s fantastic. Easy. And very good. Thank you

  419. Babs

    I have made this bread 3 times in the last week. It has turned out beautiful and everyone loves it. I give to my friends and family. I have one in the making as we speak.. Definitely comfort food!!!

  420. josephine

    I tried to make this bread a couple of weeks ago (4/25/2020) because the video showed just how simple and quick this bread can be. Well, seeing how this was my very first time in making any plain bread (not cake or fruit bread), I knew I had to start with a very simple bread recipe. My finished dough was nowhere near the consistency of the dough that I saw on the video. My dough was so wet and runny, I had to use the scraper the entire time to knead it. I thought I had only put in 2 cups of flour (so I added one more cup, I’m sure that was a mistake). No matter how much flour I put on the top and bottom, it stuck to my hand when I tried to knead it. I ended up using my scraper just to transfer the dough to the parchment paper. The end product, however, had a good consistency (very similar to like what Jenny’s bread looked) with a nice crust. It even tasted better than I expected (considering my experience with the very wet dough).

    Could someone tell me what I did wrong???

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please start with the FAQs.

    • Raquel

      The dough is very sticky at first, and only requires mixing well then letting rest. I use a rubber spatula to mix to help reduce how much gets on my hands. After it rests the first hour, I generously flour my board, and dust the dough on top as well. You don’t knead this dough- you fold it. I kinda slap mine down on my floured counter and the fold over. Turn 180 degrees and repeat. I do a total of 12-16 folds depending on how nice and smooth the dough looks. Then I place it on parchment to rest.

    • Babs

      The trick is to weigh the flour NOT measure. I used to always measure and my bread recipes were horrible. I made a different bread recipe 2 weeks ago and I could have used it as a weapon!! Could hardly stick a knife it. It looked like a giant hockey puck..

  421. Kathryn

    I made vegetable soup for dinner tonight and decided that your bread would be good to serve with it. Oh my, it came out of the oven about an hour ago and my husband and I decided to split one slice. Delicious!! He now doesn’t care if we have soup or not so long as we can have bread. However, I do have one question that I have not seen answered any place. I do not want a new Dutch oven but I would like to know what I can do differently next time because the inside of my Dutch oven turned black like Barbara’s did. I’m soaking it now and I will probably be able to scrub it clean so not too concerned but would love to prevent that if possible. I haven’t seen anyone else say they’d had this problem. Suggestions?

    • SarahB

      I too have made way too many doorstops before buying a kitchen scale. Now is not a problem and this bread comes out perfectly. My Dutch oven is very discolored also (even before making this bread). I think that’s what they all do over time. I don’t think it ruins the pot however.
      I saw a Pinterest tip for cleaning enameled pots that looked really good. My other suggestions would be to use a stainless steel pot with lid that can be used in the oven. Or, buy a cast iron Dutch oven without enamel. I have an old one that has a Pyrex lid that I’m debating about trying in the oven with aluminum foil for lid. This bread is too good NOT to try and make it work, imho.

  422. Catie

    Despite following the directions to a T (didn’t sift, aerated, measured liquids properly), I ended up with batter instead of dough. Luckily, I went a read some other blogs and recipes before adding more flour and it’s maybe supposed to look like that? This recipe isn’t very detailed on the consistency of the dough, nor are there any pictures of it, so I’m really only guessing. Here’s a good article from King Arthur Flour https://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2017/06/19/kneading-wet-dough-by-hand

    • Angela

      Hi Catie. Jenny has a video that you can watch on YouTube called ‘Faster No Knead Bread’. You can see what it is supposed to look like on there.

      • Angela

        Actually, you can watch it in her section called videos in the menu.

  423. Nancy

    My bread came out beautiful…but the bottom is real hard… I put a stone pan under the pot to help with the browning of the bottom…..Any suggestions?


    • Sueb

      Maybe try raising the oven rack so it can be placed as high as possible in the oven.

    • Cheri

      I put aluminum foil on the bottom of my dutch oven and top it with parchment paper to keep the bottom from getting too hard. Works for me. I fold the foil several times and do the same with the parchment paper. I do not hang the parchment paper over the sides. After baking 30 min. and uncovering for an additional 15 min. or when you feel bread is done I just tilt my dutch oven placed on a towel and remove the finished bread with my oven mit. Bread falls right out and crust isn’t so hard on the bottom.

    • Joy

      I took mine out at 10 minutes rather than 15 and I put a pan underneath the Dutch oven, which is as high as it can go in my oven.

      If you have a convection oven, you might want to lower the temperature a bit.

  424. Kelly

    I was wondering to make this a “stuffed” bread like making it into a pepperoni bread. would i have to do anything different?

    • JANET

      I made a loaf with fruit and nuts. So delicious toasted. I used some dried mixed fruit rehydrated in a little hot water until they’re softened. I used walnuts, but pecans, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds sound good too.

      • Sharon

        Did you toast the nuts or seeds before adding them to the dough?

  425. Megan

    Folks, read the FAQs … sooooo many of the questions posted here are answered there. Also watching the video for the similar recipe gives you a visual for both the texture of the dough, the process of folding in the flour, and using the parchment. Happy baking all!.

    Jenny … thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love this bread. Making two loaves a week without a single failure. I’ve used sel-rising, regular baking, and bread flour. All awesome. I may get brave with adding things to flavor it …. but hate to mess up a Good thing!

    To some folks in questions above:
    My Dutch oven and lid are cast tired and yes mine smoked a bit the first time, but all is well.

    Because I used the cast iron pan, I’ve noticed that my lidless part of the bake does best for just about five minutes.

  426. Brian

    Hi Jenny when you say parchment what kind do you use I separated from my wife and when she left. She left me some parchment paper I think however I have Ben using it to bake your bread and love it but it is almost like a heavy cloth an I cannot find it anywhere on line I bought unbleached paper but don’t like it can you guild me somewhere thank you very much and bye the way I tweeted your 2 hour bread recipe to 4and1/2 cups flour and two cups water and am addicted to your bread now

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use Reynolds brand parchment paper. It’s really good if you can find it.

  427. Katie

    This recipe is seriously no fail. It’s delicious and amazing! So easy.

  428. Vilma

    Hi, I am new to making bread and l saw your quick bread video and I am dying to make it. I came to your page here to see what other recipes you have and I noticed you have two bread recipes – one using 1/4 teaspoon of yeast and the other one 2 teaspoons of yeast. What is the difference in bread texture? I am looking for a bread recipe that is crispy on the outside and airy with holes in the inside. Also, can I make the bread on a hot pizza stone with the same results as in the dutch oven? I did not see answers to these questions in the FAQs page. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us. I can’t wait to try them.

    • Aunt Char

      When I looked through the YouTube for bread recipes, she has the one with the 2 teas. Of yeast listed as “if you want your bread quicker” so it seems from her explanation that the extra yeast cuts down the time you would let it rise.

  429. Linda

    Your written recipe for the bread says 2 teaspoons of yeast but watching your video you say to use only a 1/4 teaspoon of yeast, not sure which is correct?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They are two different recipes. Only the “Faster No Knead Bread” has a video.

  430. Ellie

    Absolutely amazing. ! Ive made it 6 times already. Follow directions and you should have a perfect bread! Preheated oven and hot pot with lid is the key. Also after it rests an hour put flour on counter get dough out put flour in your hands and fold in 10 times. Not sure why some have runny dough. Too much water probably. Never had any issues. Crispy and perfect!

  431. ledris

    When making this bread, is it ok to add cranberries and orange rind, a little sugar, and cinnamon?

  432. Bonnie

    I did everything according to the recipe, but after the initial rise, the dough was really sticky, almost a bit gooey or oozy. It would not hold its shape. I tried adding more flour while kneading, but so much was sticking to my fingers that that didn’t help.

    I mixed it initially with my dough hook on my Kitchen Aid rather than mixing by hand. Think this had something to do with creating this mess? 🙁

    Hoping to try again, but this is the second time I had this happen. It still baked and tasted delicious. Although it didn’t get the crisp crust.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you follow the recipe exactly (no dough hook) and stir it gently by hand it should be better. Also, check the FAQs as well for more tips.

    • Sandy

      Hi Bonnie,

      I’m having the same issue and followed the directions to a tee. Perhaps my hot tap water wasn’t hot enough??

      In any case, I am still going to back the sticky dough in 15min and pray. Will report back LOL

  433. sherri c

    Best bread ever!!easy to make no mess and its incredibly delish!!! thx jenny i love your recipes

  434. miremba

    This is the hardest step: “Let it cool at least 15 minutes before slicing.”

    Just no, Can not be done.

    • miremba

      I thought I should also mention this bread is so very very good. It reminded me of bread I’ve received at upscale restaurants during brunch or lunch. I’m definitely a fan and will be making again soon.

  435. Picky Nicci

    My husband had been trying to make a whole wheat multigrain bread. First batch was heavy, dense and dry. Since then each batch has gotten better. After his first two attempts I found this recipe. I substituted whole wheat flour for 2 cups of the white. (I also snuck in a bit of sugar) Everything went as directed. It rose a little faster than stated and was done earlier too. He loved it!
    It was so, so good. I totally showed him up! hehehe
    He got his whole eat bread in less time with a delicious tender crumb and crispy chewy crust! The downside to gloating is that now he wants me to make it for him as an alternative to his course seedy bread. (which is actually good if you like that texture and want more fiber).
    ***** 5 stars

    • Picky Nicci

      PS. It took until his 5 batch to get his recipe right. He wasn’t patient enough and didn’t knead it properly.

  436. Rachel

    I LOVE this recipe. I’ve made it two times and the only thing was I needed a little bit extra water to get all of it combined. This will be a staple in my house now. I have a toddler and it’s so much easier to start and finish in 2 hours than do it overnight.

  437. Weefordin

    Help! First step went great, batch raised up nicely. Then I put flour on my cutting board to make dough ball while oven preheated. Dough preceded to ooze of of board , down my cupboard doors and unto floor! I tried to stop, the slow , sticky goo with floured fingers and hand, and managed to scoop about 3/4 of mixture into a bowl. It’s now sitting there daring to go further. Making a ball out of this seems improbable.
    Olympus I erred somewhere, my measurements where accuratevi believe. How gooey is dough supposed to be. Lol. Not giving up, but would like suggestions.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Well that’s definitely not supposed to happen. Please look at the FAQs for a solution because this has worked for almost everyone.

    • Library Lynn

      Are you sure you used 1 and 1/2 c. of water to 3 c. flour? That is the only thing I can think of. I just made the loaf and it was fine. It is a loose dough but not watery and not eager to move around like the blob. Good lucki.

  438. Lori BoylN

    Just made this yesterday, Great recipe! Simple, quick, and tastes great. What more could you want? Thanks Jenny!

  439. Dennis and Deb

    We just made this bread love love love . Thank you Jen what a blessing

  440. Sharon

    I used bread flour, and aerated it as suggest I then put it in my digital scale and weighed the flour in grams 364 as stated. My dough was extremely wet and I wondered if the gram conversion was correct. Every conversion site I’ve looked at for bread flour cups to grams says 1 cup of bread flour = 127grams making a total for 3 cups = 381grams, granted that isn’t a lot of difference but it could account for my dough being overly wet. Not sure the loaf will turn out as it’s in the oven, u do luve at a higher altitude 5,500′ maybe I need to add more flour any thought or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Michelle

      Mine too! I just put mine in the oven and sat down and looked at the reviews and saw yours. How did yours end up coming out?

  441. Lynda

    Just made this bread today. I did not use a Dutch oven. I cut a piece of parchment to fit the bottom of a 2.5 liter Corning Ware. Put the dough ball in and covered while oven preheated. Baked for 30 min. Took cover off and baked for 15 min. Turned out perfect!

  442. Susan

    I made bread!!! First time ever and now i’ve made this bread 4 times. Every loaf was perfect. And everyone loved it. I added fresh rosemary to some. So easy. And now i’ve sent this to all my friends to try. Thank you. Ciabatta bread next.

  443. Rita

    You can buy Fleishman’s yeast on amazon or ebay. It ships from the USA but is made in Canada. I paid $20 for a pound of yeast which is a lot. If kept air tight in freezer, should last 6 months. Wonderful yeast! Makes great bread. ( I am not affiliated with the maker or seller. )

  444. Aimee B

    If I have sourdough starter, would I replace the yeast with that?I looked in FAQ & in your website before asking this
    Thanks in advance

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have no experience with sourdough starter but there are quite a few comments from users who have made it with sourdough. Check this recipe and the “Faster No Knead Bread” recipe.

  445. Chamnan

    My bread is actually in the oven right now!! I’m so excited!! I hope it will turn out great!


  446. Debbydoo

    I ordered a Dutch oven on amazon. I made this bread and it came out wonderful. I just love the crunchy crust. Outstanding. Thank you, Jenny, I totally enjoy your videos and you truly can cook!!!! ?

  447. Joan E Currie

    I just made artisan bread ( Dutch oven ) and it is amazing ! Watched Jenny,s easy to follow U tube video once and I can’t stop smiling . I did it I made a picture perfect bread ! Thanks Jenny !

  448. Eliz

    I have trouble with my dough rising enough, since the only packets of yeast I have are an expiration of 1 yr ago. Can’t find any at the store either (all sold out). So…could I add a little sugar to jumpstart the sluggish yeast or a tiny bit of baking powder to help it rise? Any ideas anyone 😀 ?

    • eliz

      Thanks, I figured it out by reading your FAQ page. Great info. Bread came out excellent!!?

  449. Nfonca

    Great bread!

    About the flour: Different flours have different protein % on the label. Usually, 3%, 5-6%, 8% or 12%. I find bread made with 8% and 12% are best. Seems to rise more with the higher protein. That would make sense since gluten is a protein! (I find the 12% more dense and yummy)

    I used to butter the top immediately upon removing from the oven, to soften the top crust. For us, the bottom was still a too much for our tastes.

    Now, when I pull it out of the oven to remove the cover for the last 10 minutes of cooking, I check the internal temperature. If it’s 195-200F, it’s cooked and I leave it out. This makes top & bottom crust exactly what we like.

    Decades of baking recipes have all improved since reading your brilliant instructions to aerate the flour. Thank you soooo much!

    • Isabelle

      Have you baked bread with 12% protein content using flour that is not from wheat?
      What is successful, if you did. Also, what flours did you use. And would you share your recipe?

      Thank you,

  450. Annie

    Super easy & delicious! This will be a go to in my home!! Thank you for the recipe and support.

  451. Fay

    I made your fastest no knead bread and added chopped walnuts and dried cranberries. My family loved it. Was so easy. Then I thought I would add spinach and feta cheese to the recipe and I didn’t like that. NOW, for my questions. the fastest no knead recipe calls for 1 packet of yeast but your olive bread recipe calls for 1/4 tsp of yeast. Whats the difference? Could I use 2 cups of wheat flour and 1 cup of regular flour with the other ingredients of your fastest no knead recipe? And if so, would it have to sit longer? I’m just looking for a simple recipe that I can switch up and add a few spices and/or olives, apples, etc. I enjoy your videos very much and love your dry and unexpected humor.

    from Louisiana

  452. Dawna

    Hello Jenny.
    I’m new to bread making and baking. I would love to try your recipe. I don’t have a Dutch oven, may I use my Emile Henry cloche baker? It’s two pieces, the base and the cloche.
    I love your recipes and videos, of course it goes without saying-love you!
    Thank you for shating.


    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for what others have used.

  453. Carol D

    Love It!! so easy and came out perfect – Keep them coming Jenny! I love your recipes and especially your videos…

  454. Andrea Jaek

    The best bread I ever made. I can’t believe how easy and it produced such a lovely loaf. A definite keeper in my repertoire.

  455. Michelle

    Absolutely amazing! Made again today – definitely is a staple in our house! You cannot go wrong – quick, easy and flavorful!! Thank you Jenny!!

  456. Me

    Your video for this same recipe, says 1/4 tsp yeast.
    Can you please confirm which one is correct?
    Thanks ?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe does not have a video. Only the “Faster No Knead Bread” has a video. This recipe is correct as written.

  457. Madeline

    Gorgeous! I love baking but this was my first bread attempt…as with all baking, just be careful and read instructions more than once and everything usually turns out great! Definitely a winner

  458. Dana

    Can I leave my Dutch oven in the oven longer than the recipe calls for? And, does it have to start out in a cold oven? Thank You. Love your site!!

    • SarahB

      It won’t hurt to leave the Dutch oven heating for a longer period of time, especially if it isn’t enameled. Dutch ovens were make to cook right in a fire with adding hot coals on the lid (with the rimmed kind of lid).
      As far as heating it in a cold oven, this is important I think to not shock the metal. I’m no expert tho, just mho!

  459. Reni

    How do I remove the parchment before baking the last 15 miin. It seemed like I have to upend the bread to get it out of the Dutch oven. Suggestions anybody?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You do not have to remove the paper. Just leave it in for the entire process.

      • Renée Louise

        How can a Le Creuset get ruined with stains, with parchment paper around bread??
        It’s wrong, abusive and subtle mention of all the people she knows.

      • Jay from Maine

        The directions say to remove it at the 30 minute mark… does seem a bit tricky. Otherwise, this technique/recipe is great!

  460. Tom

    First-time bread baker, used Lodge cast iron dutch oven. Made the whole house smell awesome. Once the loaf came out of the oven and cooled off for 15 minutes, it didn’t last 1/2 hour. Thank you for the recipe!

    • CaWiKy

      Thank you, Tom. I was wondering if this recipe would work well if I used my Lodge cast iron. Do you pre-heat the Dutch oven or put the dough in cold?

  461. Rusanne Hammond

    You have me hooked on making bread! Sooo easy! I made burger pockets with the dough and cinnamon rolls! But the bread!!!!! Yummmm! So crunchy on outside and soft and yummy on inside! Only thing missing is the tang of sourdough!!

  462. Lisa B

    love, love this artisan bread. I put in a teaspoon of Italian season and some onion powder. So good with shrimp scampi or spaghetti. My friend folds in caramelized onions!

  463. Marci g

    Jennie, this recipe couldn’t be easier, thank you! I used to use the New York Times recipe for no knead bread but this one is (obviously) way faster and i think it tastes better. I think the only difference is using the rapid rise yeast? I can’t believe some of the comments here – please don’t buy someone a new la cruesset – they are almost impossible to destroy! If the bread doesn’t rise the yeast could be bad or the water wasn’t hot enough. It is almost feel proof. Thanks for sharing – you’ve made my life much easier!

  464. Dr. Barbara von Schlegell

    Dear Jenny – We had a nice exchange about my Le Crueset dutch oven; after making the No-Knead bread in it, it was badly discolored. You asked me to send photos. I did send photos of the pot, inside and out, along with one of the loaf I did make. You offered to send me a replacement, asked for my address. This was at the end of February. Have you forgotten? We all are occupied with basic survival and taking care of our loved ones so some delay is understandable.

    I told my daughter how kind you were, and she was relieved. She had worked hard to afford to buy me that deluxe pot and I was devastated that it was damaged when I made the bread.

    Please reply as soon as you can. I have sent many people to your website and the videos; perhaps over a 100 people have enjoyed your recipes through me! (I am a retired college professor with lots of students who keep in touch)

    Thank you, Barbara

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Barbara, you first brought this up back in February. Since I did not hear back from you I assumed you changed your mind. Your last exchange was, “I do not see how to get rid of my frustrated comments on this site from earlier. Please remove them – if no one else has had this trouble it must just be the curse of my Swiss grandmother for trying to bake bread without kneading it! I have enjoyed watching your video clips! All the best.” I thought you changed your mind, based on the feedback, and were not blaming me for your discolored Dutch oven.

      I did not remove your comments as they were public and it might look like I delete negative comments, which I do not, but out of respect for the privacy I thought you wanted, I removed your name and inserted, “Name Withheld. ”My last two comments to you were, “I would like to get this resolved but need to hear from you as I am not clear. Please let me know if you still want me to replace your Dutch oven,” followed the next day by, “If I have not heard from you by tomorrow I will assume you no longer expect a replacement Dutch oven and I will consider this issue closed.”
      I never heard from you again and assumed you withdrew your request for a free Dutch oven. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are oven-safe to 500° F so yours could not have been damaged by my recipe, but I will honor my word and suggest you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for cleaning. Please send a link to the Dutch oven you want and the source.


      • Heather Sl

        The le Crueset Dutch oven discoloring can be resolved with a soak in bleach water.

      • Mama Christa

        I made the bread in my Le Creuset and unfortunately it had traces of grease on the outside, that I did not notice. After baking they were black and I cannot get them off anymore, I would not call that discolouring bc of the enamel it was just an overside on my side, maybe that happened to Barbara too?

        • Library Lynn

          I had the same problem with my Dutch oven a while back. I leave my ovens on the stove and they attract a certain amount of grease and dust that you don’t notice until it gets baked in the oven. I used (gently) a stainless steel scrubbing pad with soap and water and the stuff came right off. It did not seem to harm the red enamel finish and I have used it many times since then. I did not notice any problem with the white inside. I am about to make this loaf again today and don’t anticipate any problems.

      • Tina

        Jenny, for your own sanity don’t respond and better yet don’t even read any of these comments. There will always be nasty people like that who have the nerve to attack you when you’ve given them a completely free recipe and a free video to follow, and above all – your time. You don’t owe anybody anything. Fyi I’ve made the bread several times already and it comes out perfect every single time. Thank you!

      • Mike Schneider

        Good for you Jenny. Love your bread!

    • Lisa B

      was the discoloration due to the oven being hotter than the pot allowed? My Dutch oven is Staub, but my le crouset has lower heat limitations.

    • Avey

      I have owned a whole set of La Creuset kitchenware and also Lodge Dutch ovens. In my experience, all have discolored after use! In order to bring them back you can bleach them but honestly, the discoloration is purely aesthetical and doesn’t alter the function of the pots!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      “Please reply as soon as you can?” I did. Now I am still waiting to hear from you.


      • Renée Louise

        Jenny, I have been making the no knead bread in my Le Creuset Dutch oven without any problem or stains.
        You are being taken advantage of, a new one free? I would ask that the stained…one be sent to you, you can give it to a baker who will be in love.
        Love you

    • Dee

      Really! Staining happens on many of these products and to ask her to purchase you a new one to me is out of line! Jenny is awesome

    • Frankie D.

      This is one passive aggressive woman. No response to Jenny’s request? What’s up?? Jenny owes you nothing!

    • Jenny F.

      My Le Creuset also turned black after this bread, but it’s so old I didn’t worry too much and I’m betting with elbow grease I can clean it off.

    • Maya

      First of all, and this should go without saying, BAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

      You should be ashamed of yourself. Jenny kindly provided us a bread recipe and it is delicious!! My favorite actually.

      Pots are meant to be used. I have used my Le Creuset dutch oven for this recipe easily over 50 times with NO discoloration (from this recipe). Over time pots discolor and tarnish, so whatever happened with yours is not from a simple bread recipe.

      Asking a kind lady for an expensive replacement dutch oven is shocking. She provided the recipe, she is not responsible for your personal pots and pans.

      Unbelievable honestly…

    • Catherine

      Who expects an internet food blogger to buy them a new piece of kitchen equipment after making a recipe??! That’s just ridiculous. Either read the instructions to your pot, or contact LeCrueset, or adjust your expectations, but your own recipe results are certainly not the financial responsibility of a recipe writer (?) how could she possibly have any control over how you do what you do, in your own kitchen and oven and what ingredients you purchase and your techniques and so on?? That’s outrageous.

    • Mar

      The fact that your Dutch oven discolored is in no way Jenny’s fault.
      Have you not read the thousands of comments from all of us who have begun to love baking because of her tried and true recipes. The smart thing to do, would be to contact the manufacturer because there should be a warranty on the item. It is quite astonishing to me that if you are truly a doctor, that you would not just buy either another make or same one for your hard working daughter and for yourself. Your daughter I a. Sure worked so hard to get it for you and she must feel so badly that you are so upset. Just buy both of you another, and tell her how much you appreciate the thought. She will feel so much better knowing that you are not upset. Don’t blame anyone- it was no one’s fault?

  465. gloria d wesley

    tried twice, had 2 white had 2 white rocks , what did i do

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Carole

      My most two common problems when I’m baking:
      my yeast or other leavening is old. I had some that was not past the expiration date, but would not proof. Also if your hot water is too hot, it will kill the yeast and the bread won’t rise.

  466. Angela

    Jenny, you have outdone yourself. Fantastic, easy peasy bread. I was afraid of making bread, the time it takes, the kneading, the yeast, uurgh. This recipe is simple and it super good. To all of the non bread bakers like me. Try this! Its really good! Be sure to aerate that flour!

  467. Alice

    For the first baking with the lid, I reduced the time to 25 min. since I found the bread too damp for my taste. I increased the rest of the bake by 5 min. Turned out great.

  468. Julianne

    Very easy and no fuss. I used a cast iron skillet and foil as a lid and it worked great.

  469. Sandie Baking in WNC

    Hi. I am a darn good cook but until recently a terrible baker. My daughter gifted me with a Le Creuset for Christmas and your recipe for bread. I am loving it. I have added fresh herbs and it was wonderful. Yesterday, I swapped out one cup of flour for whole wheat flour and it was perfect, just a slightly denser texture and a wee bit healthier. I am wondering if you have ever added movie oil. I know that would change the recipe so I won’t experiment. thank you for sharing your secrets. Love the 2 hour time frame.

  470. Teresa

    Can I use regular active yeast and do I need to activate it first?

  471. Sam

    Can i substitute sour-dough starter? How much would i use? Love this recipe and have shared it far and wide. Blessings Jenny!

    • Monica

      Sam, did you try with starter, and if so, how did it come out?

  472. Kris

    Thanks Jenny for a lovely, simple recipe we can all bake and enjoy and share with others. I added thyme and cheese and it was perfect. My first jump into bread has spurred on other adventures into bread including cinnamon buns!

  473. Lammpatti

    Very easy and fast! It baked beautifully! Now to taste it!

  474. Cat in Calgary

    AMAZING BREAD! I made it two days ago and now I’m making it again. Beautiful recipe – thank you so much for helping me learn to make bread?☺

  475. Kathie

    Will this or the other no knead bread work with pumpernickel flour? Any advice for making pumpernickel?

  476. Cara Fitz

    I am wondering,is this a typo?

    -do you let the dough rise for 1 hour…but at 40 minutes and ..put the pot in the oven…then at 1 hour…you fold dough over and let it rise for another 29 min…

    Or…at 40 min, are you to put pot in Oven …let it heat to 450…at 49 min you fold over 10-12 times and let it rise another 20 min.

    The way this reads…you have the pot in the over die 40 min which seems excessive to preheat the oven & a waste of energy.

    • Patti

      Hi Cara,

      I read it twice too. No the bread rests only one hour…but at the 40 minute mark…(so twenty minutes left of the hour)…you preheat the oven with the Dutch oven going in to preheat Along with the oven. Does that help.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The dough rests for an hour, gets shaped, rests another 15 minutes and gets baked. In the meantime, preheat your oven so it reaches 450F. I hope that helps.

    • Patty

      I made this for the first time yesterday and it came out perfect. Im not sure if it matters if you let it rise longer. Most recipes I have used say to let it rise 12-18 hours and it came out the exact same as this bread and the ingredients were almost exact. So now I know I can start it in the morning and bake it when ever I feel like it. Makes my life easier. This recipe is a keeper. I added everything but the bagel seasoning on top prior to cooking..

    • That Girl

      I read, while the dough is rising at the 40min mark, preheat your pot in a 450 oven, which leaves only 20 more minutes to rise, then do your folding. She said in her video her oven takes 35min to reheat.

    • Caryn

      The pot must be at 450 when you put the dough on the parchment into it. It is this heat that creates the crust. Almost all no-knead recipes use this technique. I’ve made other no knead skillet breads but the bread has a slightly different texture. I’ve made this type yeast bread on multiple occasions and following the instructions is fairly simple. Making this bread on several occasions each month has not changed my electric bill.

  477. Robbie

    Jenny this bread is fantastic!! It turned out perfect and was so tasty. We made it to accompany our son’s 19th birthday dinner. Everyone loved it and we will definitely enjoy again. I used Fleischmann’s Bread machine yeast as that is all I had available and it came out perfect. Thank you so much for sharing you joy of cooking. It’s a pleasure to watch, learn and create with your instruction. Our self isolating has brought out our love for home cooking thanks to your leading.

    • BigAussie

      Thanks Robbie

      Thats the yeast I have on hand and will try it

  478. Lisa

    Made this today with my very last packet of yeast, for some reason since the quarantine I think everyone where I live became bakers, lol. I an an avid Baker, had my own cake company years ago, but have never made bread before…closest I’ve come is Sicilian pizza which I make once a week, but always wanted to try a bread. I will confess. i used my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer with a dough hook once i sort of combined the ingredients, just to make sure everything, including my copious amount of cheddar were all well combined…and OMG, it came out AMAZING. Nice, soft and airy on the inside and perfect crust on the outside. I also gave it a few extra minutes on each rise time. Thank you so much for this recipe, I will be making this often , you know, once I can find yeast again. ?

    • Patty

      Cheddar?? OMG how much? I was thinking of adding Asiago next time

  479. Glyn

    Love this bread Jenny. If I wanted to make a bigger loaf, say double the size, would I just double everything and if so, how long would the baking time be.

  480. Erika

    Love love love this recipe. Super simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes.

  481. Kat in LA

    I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about this bread! It came out perfect! I followed the directions exactly and voila! Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!

  482. MyRealNameIsNotMom

    I have dental issues and can’t eat extremely crusty bread – like the fastest no-knead bread loaf, which I started with and which tastes great, once I cut the crust off. How can I soften the crust – top, sides, and bottom – so that it’s edible for me? I checked the FAQ page, and read your original post, but couldn’t wade through the over 600 comments …

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I might suggest you try keeping the lid on for the entire baking time. Also, you might try brushing the loaf with butter once out of the oven. Yu could also try to google the question and see what comes up.

      • Sarah

        Another suggestion is to bake this bread and cut off the crust or shave most of it off with a Microplane.

    • Kathleen M Hoover

      MyRealNameIsNotMom, after it cools completely, just put the loaf in a gallon ziploc (you may have to cut it in half and use 2 ziploc bags) but by the next day, it will soften!

    • Robin

      After you bake it just put it in a Ziploc bag in the crust softens significantly. I like the hard crust and I put it in a Ziploc bag and found the crust softened so for me next time I will not do that. Hope you enjoy the bread.

    • bread maker

      Leave the lid on as it cools. It will soften right up!

    • Chris

      While the bread is still warm, right out of the oven, place it inside a plastic bag. Grocery bags work fine. The bread will steam itself and soften the crust. Check periodically to get to the texture you prefer.

    • Sue

      I brushed mine with EVO all around, gave a touch of flavor, made it just a little softer.

  483. Katie

    This recipe is amazing and have already made it 3 times! I want to make it for Easter but was wondering if It can be turned into dinner rolls inside the Dutch oven? Thanks!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can’t make rolls in a Dutch oven. It’s best to use my no knead crusty rolls recipe under “Breads.”

  484. Gary Walt

    I noticed similar recipes combine the water, salt and yeast BEFORE adding the flour, your recipe does not call for this and combines all the ingredients at once. Is there a difference?

    • MT

      With Instant yeast, you can skip this. You have to do that when using Active Dry Yeast.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Actually, either instant or dry active yeast can be added directly to the flour mixture.

      • Nata

        If I use regular yeast (adjusted to 2.5 t) in your 2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread, should I use the HOT water, or will it destroy the yeast?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I suggest using the temperature advised on the package of yeast. It’s usually up to 120F.

  485. Mem

    Can I add fresh rosemary to the dough before baking?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, you can. I have other variations of no knead bread and there are also many comments from other people on additions they have made.

      • Paulette

        Fabulous and easy recipe , thank you . Quick question how could you if possible make it sour dough? Thank you again

  486. Lorraine

    Hi, should this 2 hour bread rise and be bubbly as the one in the video? I used a package of quick rise yeast and all purpose flour, but the dough was more firm than your video and did not rise. ? thank you!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It should behave about the same. Please look at the FAQs.

      • Carl Clack

        Either your water too hot ( kills yeast ) or too cold ( yeast wont activate ) or gasp, your yeast is old or dead. You can always test yeast by putting a teaspoon of it warm water 115-125F and see if it forms a raft of bubbles and layer of it on the surface of the water after 10 minutes. If nothing then it’s dead yeast.

    • Emily Faulkenberry

      I had the same problem first time. I took off the plastic wrap and flipped and smooshed the dough with my hands a couple times. Put the plastic wrap back on, and placed by a window in the direct sunlight. Now i do this about and hour into the process. Works great.

      • Emily Faulkenberry

        Or donit with cold water and let it rise overnight!

  487. Zakia

    I don’t have Dutch pan or any pan without plastic handles, but I do have Corning wear with glass lid. Can I bake this bread in it? Thanks

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for what other people have used with success.

    • Naninthecity

      I made it in my corningware casserole with clear glass lid last night. Wonderful results.


  488. Zakia

    I don’t have Dutch pan or any pan without plastic handles, but I do have Corning wear with glass lid. Can I bake this bread in it? Thanks

    • Michaela

      I have a cast iron dutch oven. It has hard plastic that goes over the handle. Mine lasted pretty good and I believe was meant to go to 500 degrees F.

      Google was yours is and how high it can. It was first time using mine in the oven and it made some crack noises but was fine to use!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Cracking noises do not sound good. Please check the manufacturer’s use and care.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs for several options without a Dutch oven.

  489. JeannieD

    This bread and recipe is Fantastic! Super easy and soooo good… no more store bought for me!

  490. patti malatesta

    Hi Jenny
    Could I use this 2hr recipe for the no knead crusty rolls? Thanks

  491. BETTE

    WOW! Thank you Jenny.
    I love your No knead 2 hour bread.

    Now try this–‘ follow your original receipe for the 2 hour no knead bread except add these ingrediants: 1 extra teaspoon of the dry yeast , 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 Cup of room temperature mashed potatoes. Add the potatoes when you add the water.. PROCESS and BAKE as per your origional instructions.
    ( the results is a softer crust easier to slice for sandwiches etc.)

  492. Peter yanchyshyn

    Regarding the yeast, instructions said 2 teaspoons but your video has 1/4 teaspoon, confused.

    • Lisa

      She put a note before the recipe that it’s more yeast than her video. This one only takes 2 hours whereas the video one takes about 4 hours. I just finished making this version and it came out great! I think it was lacking a little flavor though, so I would add more salt or herbs/spices next time.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      There are two different recipes. The one with the video (Faster No Knead Bread) uses 1/4 teaspoon of yeast. The one without a video (2-HOUR Fastest No Knead Bread) uses 2 teaspoons of yeast.

  493. Kyndall

    This is such a fun and easy recipe! I’m quite the amateur baker, but following the recipe was super easy and enjoyable — a reward to myself for finishing another week of online learning, haha 🙂
    I did substitute a Pyrex bowl covered tight with foil for the Dutch oven, but it still turned out delish for my family. Thank you, Mrs. Jenny, for all the wonderful recipes and ideas! God bless you all!

  494. Angela

    Hi Jenny. I feel like you’re my new best friend. I have made so many of your recipes in the past week or so. They are all excellent! Today I made The Fastest No Knead Bread. It came out perfect! Nice and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and so delicious! It is literally easier than going to the store to buy it. I will make this over and over. Thank you so much for all of your recipes! God bless you and stay well.

  495. Susan Hoot....

    Made this last night and folded in sharp cheddar with diced jalapeños. The loaf became our dinner. My son-in-law is visiting and he couldn’t get enough. Am making two loaves this morning by request. I’m a regular bread maker and this is so easy.
    I worked in a bakery at a Costco in the early ‘90s and this is much like the cheese bread that is no longer produced. I won’t be missing any longer.

  496. RC

    What Altitude are you cooking at? I’m at about 4,500 and the bread is just not coming out. PLEASE help!

  497. Boo’s Bread

    In this quarantine time, I have been bored so I wanted to experiment. I took your 2 hour receipt an added a cup of shredded cheddar cheese and a 1/4 cup of olive oil. I also reduced water by 1/4 cup. Wasn’t sure how it would come out. Needless to say it is delicious. Would like to share picture but don’t know how. Thanks for the receipt. Boo

  498. Val

    Does the parchment paper just slide out from under the loaf whe you remove it at the same time you take lid off? Thanks

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You should be able to pull it out, or lift the whole loaf to remove the parchment and put the loaf back. However, you can just leave the parchment in during the final baking time with the lid off.

    • Andrew

      Yes. That is the glory of parchment paper.

  499. Kim

    This is my go to bread recipe! Comes out perfect every time. I never have a loaf last more than a few hours because my guys eat it up!

  500. M

    Can I use a regular Calphalon stock/soup pot? Thanks.

  501. Jossie

    How do you aerate the flour? I’m new to baking bread, this will be my first. Thank you

  502. Marianne

    This recipe is fantastic, delicious & easy! I have been intimidated by yeast for years but this has helped me conquer my fears! Thanks SO much for sharing it~I will be making bread often now.

  503. Sandie

    Can this be used to make hotdog and hamburger buns?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look under “Your Photos” and you’ll see someone made no knead hot dog buns.

  504. Lisa

    Hello! Tried your recipe because it looked easy and I have a fear of yeast?. Loved the crust and it’s beautiful… Soo thanks for that! Especially happy because it’s my first ever loaf of bread. Question:. My bread turned out airy and great holes on the bottom and dense and semi gummy on the top. Did I not let it bake long enough before letting it brown without the lid or is it too much water? Thanks

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s hard to say. It’s possible your oven was not hot enough and an oven thermometer is the only way to know for sure. It takes most ovens around 30 minutes to reach 450F. And you can bake it without the lid for up to 25-30 minutes.

  505. Michele Doss

    Just want to say THANK YOU!! I have been making bread off and on for years. This one is the fastest best tasting one I have ever made.

  506. Lynn B

    My go to recipe. This recipe is so easy and very forgiving, have tried other Artizan bread recipes but this one is the best. While we are self isolating the neighbours are getting a loaf fo bread as a special treat.

  507. Marion

    First time — came out amazing in 1:45, wonderful crust, major air holes, etc. — and i used a calphalon soup pot! But how can I get mine to come out as brown and pretty as yours in the picture above? do you do a wash at some point? sorry if you have answered this already2

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can just bake it longer with the lid off, maybe another 5-10 additional minutes.

    • Suzarooze

      Just a thought, soup pots generally have higher sides then the Dutch ovens, Le Cruset type which can block the heat needed for browning. Like how baking cookies on a flat no sided cookie sheet rather than a rectangular cake pan. Make any sense?

  508. Pat

    can I use fresh yeast?

  509. Beverly

    I just made this bread today it was delicious. Thanks for the recipe

  510. Robin

    Making it now. Will let you know how it goes.

  511. Jill G

    Sweet baby Jaysus! This bread was the bomb diggity. Made it this afternoon (to have with soup tonight). I *may* or may not have finished half of it before I even started the soup. Will be making more tomorrow. Thanks, Jenny!

  512. Maria

    Made this the other day. Best bread I have ever made. Trying it again today and I will be tutoring my adult son via Facebook Messenger? Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  513. Neen

    The most beautiful loaf of bread that I have ever seen.
    Thank you for this recipe. Could become a habit?

  514. Diane

    I only have “inactive dried yeast” from Trader Joe’s. Will this work? If so, do I need to modify the recipe?

  515. Chris Hurd

    My family is loving this crusty yeasty loaf. I’m making it everyday. It’s wonderful toasted

  516. Rose

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I finally made this today. So crusty and so delicious. All your recipes that I have tried turn out perfect!

  517. Mandy

    Just purchased my very first Dutch oven and have this bread baking. It is a thing of beauty seeing that beautiful loaf that I made. Thank you for sharing this recipe Jenny!

  518. Alice

    Delicious and easy. I followed directions to a T and turned out perfect. Sorry I ate some before taking a pic?

  519. Kayla

    I have been wanting to make home made bread for a while now. After going through all the recipes I landed on this one and am so happy I choose it! Super easy and the bread turned out great and delicious! Thank you so much!

  520. Kristin


    i wanted to try this but i dont have a dutch oven. any suggestions

  521. Sue Ellen

    Mine is in the oven now. My question is, it was very loose, when I lifted it from the bowl ( in parchment) it flattened out and was sticking to the parchment paper. Should I have put more flour on it when I was folding it? Hopefully it will come together in a round loaf! I’m excited!

    • Daryl

      Yes, you need to fold in some extra flour so that it’s not so sticky. It should still be a very soft dough.

  522. janice pet

    Just took it out of the oven, and am so happy! This is my first attempt to make bread without a bread machine, and i am as proud as a peacock! Thanks so much it was fun to make, due to the staying at home climate it was a great deterrent! I will try it again.

  523. Teresa

    Can you add cheese to this bread! Thanks

    • Jay

      Yes! I add cheese, jalapeños, garlic powder, and even cooked bacon. Just mix it in with everything else, and it’ll turn out great. Best recipe ever!

  524. Cynthia

    I just made this bread this morning. But it was way way to sticky. I either needed more flour or less water. Did anyone else have this issue? Any ideas?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Tara

      Mine was sticky too. I just added more flour and it turned out fine. I made it again today and I didn’t add as much water.

  525. Haley

    Can this be done without parchment paper – I have none and am not willing to go get some!

    • Alys

      You can do the same recipe and put a sprinkling of cornmeal on the bottom of the Dutch Oven. I
      do this all the time and it never sticks.

      • Valerie

        That’s a great idea. Most good pizza has Cornmeal under it 🙂

  526. Jaylene

    My first go at it I had my water way to hot!!! Hope this helps (;

    • Caran Colyer

      Using corn meal instead of parchment…thanks to all for the cornmeal idea

  527. Monica Dalberg

    Maybe a dumb question – parchment goes UNDER bread into pot? If under, do I remove whole bread from pot, separate bread from paper, then place bread into pot again without paper and lid?

    • erass

      That’s what I did!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That’s correct. The parchment goes under the bread into the pot for baking. When you remove the lid you can leave the parchment in and bake with the lid off or you can remove the parchment and put the bread back in the pot to finish. I remove it. You can watch the process on the video attached to the “Faster No Knead Bread.”

    • Juli

      Watch Jenny’s video on making this bread. It not only is instructional but entertaining as well. It will make everything clear.

  528. Sharon Dewitt

    Have you had a problem with the dutch oven smoking a bit while preheating? I think because I have a cast iron one and I oil it? Also when putting the parchment paper in, do you put it on the bottom of the pot or on top? Sorry for all the questions.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The smoking is likely from oiling the pot. The parchment paper goes in the bottom because you use the parchment to lift the bread to place in the pan, parchment and all. The dough sits in kind of a parchment basket. You can see the process on the video attached to my “Faster No Knead Bread.”

  529. BMags

    Just baking lidless for the last 10 minutes. My toddlers loved helping mom “cook”.

  530. Daedo

    Jenny, I’ve been baking bread for nearly 40 years. I’m not an expert, but have tried many different types of bread, from whole wheat to sourdough to biscuits and focaccia. This is by far the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever used AND it tastes great. Great for toast and grilled cheese sandwiches, just a great everyday bread.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  531. Debbie

    I had a few slices left over, so I cut them into cubes and sautéed them in olive oil. As they crisped up, I sprinkled sea salt on them.
    Best croutons ever!! Seriously they never made it to the salad. Hahahaha. We just ate them out of a bowl.

  532. Kolace2020

    Can you use beer instead of water? Can you blend 1-2-3 roasted garlic cloves (just the pulp mashed) into the dough mixture? If I use Asiago cheese how much can I use without weighing down the dough? Thanks!!

  533. STAVROS

    Thank you for the bread and many other of your great recipes.I would like to ask you if i can use self rising flour with out yeast. would that work for the bread?
    Thank you

  534. Jessi

    I love baking, but am new to the Dutch oven! Would you use the convection feature on the oven or just the traditional heat?

  535. Jacqueline

    Just made this and it is my first attempt at making bread. It looks amazing, however the inside was a little bit doughy. Not too much, bu Maybe I need to bake it a little longer??? Thoughts?

  536. rosa Mandeville

    What if I do not have rapid rise yeast.? I only have active dry yeast

  537. Blanca

    Jenny ,this is my favorite bread to bake. And in times like this ,its nice to bake an extra one to give to a friend ,who is not able to bake.

    • Ron

      Hi, it is great to hear that you are thinking about your neighbors!
      Kudos to you, I am doing the same for my tenant baking it right now.
      Also giving some of my home made bacon to try out.


  538. Laurie

    Can butter milk be used in place of the water? Would it work out the same?

    • Kay

      Not sure how it would work with yeast, but if you swap out yeast for 1 tsp of baking SODA, it becomes a quick bread. You can skip all the rising and follow the rest of the recipe and it’s a traditional Irish Soda bread. I just dust the dutch oven with flour and skip the parchment. BTW if you only have regular milk use baking powder instead.

  539. Jill

    I brushed mine with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt during the last part of baking when the lid comes off. I also added extra parchment paper underneath the bread in the Dutch oven to help reduce the bottom from getting too overcooked.

  540. Gaby Orr

    I am not happy at all. After 3+ hours is still looks as crumbly as it did after I mixed the ingredients.

  541. Jenn B

    I have made this recipe multiple times and it’s so easy.
    My family loves this bread with a good beef stew which is what I’ll do tonight!

  542. Marissa V

    Has anyone every doubled or tripled the recipe? Can you store dough in the refrigerator to bake at another date?

  543. Brian Harder

    Easy peasy. I missed the aerating part and simply weighed the first cup of flour and then did two more by weight only. Instead of 390 grams as you mention in the second (faster) recipe, I did 450 grams. I also did 1/3 of the flour as whole wheat. That said, it turned out great. I’ll do it again with less flour and see how that works out.



    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, the oven stays at 450 through the entire process, when it bakes with the lid on and the rest of the baking with the lid off. Good luck!

      • Kathy

        After the 30 min bake time, when you take off the lid AND the parchment paper off, do you return the bread in the Dutch oven? Or just on the rack? Or can I just take the lid off of the ditch oven and leave the bread in the Dutch oven and paper? Thanks!

        • Jenny Can Cook

          You can do any of the above. After 30 minutes, I remove the lid and the parchment paper and return the bread to the oven in the pot. You can remove the lid and leave the parchment paper and bread in the pot and return it to the oven. Some people remove the bread and put it directly on the oven rack (no pot) but I do not recommend that.

  545. Ca

    Mine didn’t rise 🙁
    I am not much of baker.
    I think I’ll try another one tomorrow.
    Maybe yeast goes bad, or maybe I used the wrong kind.

  546. Cindy Ganj

    Thank you so much for such an easy recipe. I was so excited when it came out and I actually made it!! So good

  547. KMP

    Just mixed this up, it’s in the resting/rising stage now! Will be perfect with our dinner and salads tonight, thank you Jenny! This is my go-to bread!

  548. Doc Kath Baker

    Thank you for this amazing receipe- came out just perfect!


    AMAZING! Made this for the first time last night – definitely won’t be the last! We (well, me) have to have bread with every meal, and this one fits the bill – so easy and tasty! Perfect balance of saltiness to the bread, which I think is key to any homemade bread! Thanks so much Jenny!!

  550. Val

    Thank you Jenny for your Faster and Fastest Bread recipes. I have made several times w great results. Being it is only my wife and I, we do have leftover bread. I was not able to keep the crust of the bread crispy when eating the very next day.

    Do you have any recommendations to maintain the crustiness of the bread if there are leftovers? It is so fabulous when first eating it. Perfect!

    Thank you for these two Bread recipes and other recipes you have blessed us with.

  551. Wendy K

    I have a fear of yeast! I made this Sat. morning and OMG – it was PERFECT!!! Can I add ingredients – like maybe cheese, or garlic or sun-dried tomatoes? If I can, when would I add them? Thank you…LOVE YOUR RECIPES!

  552. Lisa (Not a baker)

    Is the dough supposed to look dry?

    • Lisa

      I guess I’ll find out…

      • Raechel

        It will look dry! Don’t worry! As long as u give it a good mix when u add all the ingredients together your fine! As it sits it will completely change and look more moist. Also making the dough the night before with cold water truly will give u the same results as doing it day of! Hope everything turns out well enjoy!

  553. Stephanie M

    Just made mine this afternoon! Looks and smells awesome! How is the best way to store any leftovers (if) there are any once it’s cut?
    Thank you!!

    • Ken

      There is never any leftover! I put it in the microwave if it lasts overnight!

  554. Kathy Klein

    Can i use cake yeast if so how much? how would you measure it

  555. Branda

    I’m just about to put mine in the oven. I wish it said in the actual recipe to use 3 cups of aerated flour. My dough was so dry and tough to mix. I assumed I read the amounts wrong. After setting it aside to rest I realized that it says to aerate your flour at the top. It’s my own fault for not paying more attention to detail. Fingers crossed this all works out??

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Your comment is very helpful. I added that note to the recipe itself. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!? Thank you!! ❤️

  556. Kris Z

    Well I don’t bake. Apparently I don’t read well, either. I used Active Dry yeast instead of Rapid Rise. I did proof it. I used 2t salt instead of one. Pre-heated the oven instead of putting the Dutch oven in a cold oven. Let’s not forget regular instead of bread flour. Oven is cooling down now. Bread in bowl for first rise. If this works, it is truly a magic recipe.

    Good thing parchment paper is called for because my cast iron Dutch oven needs seasoning.

    Not Betty Crocker

    • Karen

      How did it turn out? Doing this today too!

      • Kris Z

        Looks EXACTLY like the picture. I am eating a hunk now. Maybe it is me but it seems to lack flavor. I will see what the mister says. I have never made bread without sugar and some type of fat.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Some people use more salt, or try the “Faster” version that takes a little longer.

  557. Amy

    Any suggestions as I do not have a Dutch oven yet. What else will work?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      See the FAQs.

    • Jeff A.

      I have used several different crusty bread or artisan bread recipes. Last year I was teaching a group of about 12 young women how to make it. We didn’t have enough Dutch ovens so we went ahead and used regular cookie sheets and the bread turned out great. I still use a Dutch oven when I am making my own for my family, but I have used cookie sheets in a pinch and the bread was still wonderful. Goes great with dipping oil too! If you need a recipe for a great dipping oil let me know.

      • Nurse Marge

        Hi Jeff – Can you please share the dipping bread recipe when you get the chance? Much appreciated!

      • Glenda

        Dipping oil recipe please!!

        Thank you…..stay safe!!

      • Becca

        Jeff, When you use cookie sheet, how do you make sure the bread steams the way its supposed to? Do you cover the bread with something on the cookie sheet? Thanks

  558. Jaclyn Gretz

    Looking to make but dont have a Dutch Oven… tips?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Jeff A.

      I have used several different crusty bread or artisan bread recipes. Last year I was teaching a group of about 12 young women how to make it. We didn’t have enough Dutch ovens so we went ahead and used regular cookie sheets and the bread turned out great. I still use a Dutch oven when I am making my own for my family, but I have used cookie sheets in a pinch and the bread was still wonderful. Goes great with dipping oil too! If you need a recipe for a great dipping oil let me know.

      • Rhonda

        Jeff, OF COURSE we all would like to to know more about your bread dipping sauce recipe! Tell us soon please.

  559. Jen

    I have a loaf in the oven as we speak, and this is my second time but not my last! I shared your link on Facebook since we’re all cooped up because of covid-19. It helps me pass the time.

  560. RMD

    I accidentally used a whole packet (1/4 oz) of yeast instead of 1/4 tsp. What can I expect? It’s only into a half-hour of the first 3 hr. rise?

    • Tam

      Hi. The recipe calls for an entire packet, no? Thats what I used and its resting now…

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This “Fastest” 2-Hour recipe uses 2 teaspoons of yeast. To other original “Faster” one that takes 4 1/2 hours and has a video, uses 1/4 teaspoon.

  561. Diane

    This is great bread. Sure would like to see the video back up so I can send to a friend. Thanks!

    • Rhonda

      Diane, I have watched Jenny’s video several times on YouTube. It presently up and ready for viewing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0t8ZAhb8lQ
      Best to you and your household during this COVID-19 pandemic and sheltering in place ordinances and laws.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Keep in mind that the video is for the “Faster” loaf, which uses less yeast, but the method is basically the same.

  562. Birdie

    This bread couldn’t have been any easier! just took it out of the oven…things to do while on lockdown and everyone is working from home..my space is the kitchen! Breda looks fab, now I must hide it for dinner!!!

    • Birdie

      Bread looks fab, posted a picture on Instagram! Don’t be afraid of using yeast, just make sure you have a thermometer for the water, so you don’t kill the yeast!

  563. Theresa

    First time I ever made bread and it turned out Awesome, only thing at the end I had to turn my oven up a little to get it to brown on top, but it’s awesome. Will be making this again, thank you ?

  564. Mars B

    I’m making soup and I wanted decadent bread to go along with it so I used the basics of this recipe and added chopped basil leaves, cheddar chunks and a tbs of tomate paste (dissolved it into my water) and it turned out super good! This so isnt the first time I’ve tried this recipe (and the basic no knead one) and added a bunch of stuff in and it always tastes perfect and has the best crust. Tried it with kale, bacon and white cheddar mixed in recently and it was amazing!

  565. Ann

    So I made this yesterday, the tutorial said 1/4 tsp rapid dry yeast, the written recipe said 2 tsp rapid yeast. So I put one packet of active dry yeast which is 21/2 tsp of yeast. I thought well this might not work because I know in baking measuring is important. Everything else I did exactly. Came out perfectly, super crispy crust. I let it rise the three hours but I baked an Irish bread so I didn’t waste a lot of time when I went to heat the Dutch oven. By the time that came out of the oven it only took maybe 30 min or so to get to the 450temp, Honestly don’t think you can mess this up. I bake but nver made bread.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The tutorial is for the “Faster” recipe, which only needs 1/4 teaspoon of yeast (the 2-HOUR Fastest uses 2 teaspoons) but it’s true, this bread is hard to mess up. I’m glad it turned out.

      • Sandyg8r

        OMG! You are so patient…I could not be.
        How many times are people going to ask the same question about the amount of yeast? You have repeatedly said it’s two different recipes, two different methods. I really can’t wait to try this bread

  566. Ann

    Has anyone used active dry yeast instead of quick rising?

    • AJ

      I’ve used “regular” yeast more often than not, and it works just fine. I tend to always proof my yeast even with the instant yeast instead of just adding it to the flour.

  567. Pauline

    I love your recipes,I made a loaf for my friend,without salt it was very dense.what did I do wrong.how can I correct this? thank you.

    • Debbie

      Homemade loaf bread is normally denser that what you find in the store. Store bought bread you can roll into a ball in your hand because of all the odd ingredients they’ve added to it. As a kid we grew up on homemade bread (born in 92) so the few times we had store bought bread we thought it was kind of icky.

  568. TZ

    This simple recipe has become our family’s favorite. It’s so easy to put together a nice hot loaf every time I make homemade soup. My brother in law makes it quite often for my sister and their grands. Always makes the house smell great, too! Thank you, Jenny- for the great recipe and your contagious enthusiasm!

  569. Meredith

    This bread is fantastic. To make it a little more palatable, I add a tablespoon of white sugar in the mixture. I also brush a little bit of olive oil on the top of the bread and sprinkle on some oregano or herbs to Provence before sticking into the oven. Love this recipe. I’ve made this bread a few times now.

    • Ann

      Is active dry yeast ok to use?

      • Babs

        hi ann
        yes you can…but dissolve the yeast into the water directly first. dissolve the yeast into the water that’s stated in the recipe. Wait five minutes for the yeast to activate/small bubbles on the surface.
        instant rise yeast is the one you can add directly to the flour…remember to always mix the flour with salt first before adding yeast. salt can kill yeast.

  570. Sailgurl

    I use non-stick aluminum foil for baking my bread. I love that product for everything from homemade pizza, bread and candy. Nothing sticks to it.

  571. Nancy H

    I was using my cast iron frying pan with the lid. But I found it too heavy and hard to handle without getting burned. So. I bought a small granite roasting pan with a lid (holds a 10 lb. turkey and costs only $10) It’s very light even with the bread in it. I put the empty roaster pan with the lid on in the oven while the oven was pre heating. I took the hot pan out and put 2 small loaves side by side in the roaster. Put the lid on and baked the bread. Turned out great and was much safer to handle.

  572. KMP

    Made this today and it’s cooking in my oven to accompany our 31st Wedding Anniversary dinner tonight! Will be just perfect with our salad and steak! Not my first or last time making this crusty bread!

    • Kelly

      Happy Anniversary! How awesome is 31 years! Congrats!

  573. Dawn

    Sooooo good!! Thanks for sharing this very simple recipe. Bet you can guess what I had for dinner!

  574. Amy

    Perfect. Super easy. Great bread. Made it in my Staub Dutch oven. Bring on the butter.

  575. Sandie Rhodes

    Hi. My daughter gave me a Le Creuset Dutch oven for Christmas and your recipe! It’s added a great component to many of the meals I cook. I have added rosemary and thyme to the basic bread recipe with great success but am wanting to try olive oil. I know this will change the proportions of wet ingredients and wondered if you’ve done this yourself? While I’m a pretty good cook, I’e not had a lot of success with baking since my style is to go with instincts and as you undoubtedly know, baking is more of a science. Thanks for any input you have. Love your site!

  576. steve nagelkerke

    This is the fourth time making your recipe. We love it. It’s so easy even a cave man can do it!

  577. Lynette

    Has anyone tried this with a gluten-free all purpose flour?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Laurie

      Yes- I used Bobs 1-1 gluten free flour – horrible ..turned out hard and tasted like caca…
      Regular bread flour was fabulous..

  578. Roger D.

    This came out fabulous. So easy , even a guy can make it.

  579. Beth R.

    I was amazed by how well this turned out! At 5 PM last night I told my husband I was going to make bread. He looked at me oddly and then said “now?”. I threw the ingredients together and covered with plastic wrap and went back upstairs to finish a show I was watching. He asked me where I was going, I answered: “to finish my show.” He said “I thought you were going to make bread”, I answered, “I am!” LOL I couldn’t have been more impressed with the results!!! It is more of a country-style bread in my opinion, with the softer texture inside, but delicious! We could have devoured the whole loaf with a stick of butter when it was warm! I am going to use bread flour next time to see what taste differences it makes. Thank your for this amazing recipe!!

  580. Louise

    Love this bread recipe. I’ve made it several times. Have a loaf in the oven right now to go with the homemade spicy bean soup cooking on the stove.

  581. Sara

    I have made this recipe more than 10 times and every time it turns out wonderful! We have even made this in a Dutch oven while camping. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!

  582. James Buchanan Just Jim!

    Jenney, have after folding the dough about 6 ok 8 times.
    how would it be to roll the air out little like a pie dough lightley.
    Have you ever done that for bread.?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I never have but it seems like you would want the air bubbles in there to help rise the bread.

  583. Tuula

    Well – Delicious !! I was a bit confused in reading comments on light and airy as mine was a little dense – although my hubby and I both loved the density- I had sprinkled a little garlic powder and onion powder over it at first rise – so I thought that’s why .
    Then I read about aeration lol !
    So I will do that the next time to see how that version is but I’m thinking since we both loved it the dense version I may end up making the “”wrong”” way lol
    Thanks for this awesome recipe !!,

  584. Nina

    OmygoshJennyyy!! Thanks so much for this recipe; super delish yumyumyum! My bread came out looking like a Panera loaf and tasting just as good! I almost missed the second rise, but backtracked just in time-scooped the dough out of the hot Dutch & back into the bowl (I actually missed the link to hour and half bread the first go around so next time I will be trying without the second rise) As for the prep- I have shied away from baking that requires things be rolled out, as my countertops are a circa 1960’s weird veiny laminate that traps every piece of dirt so even though I keep them clean, I’m still skeeved rolling food things out on them. I worked around that issue simply by flouring up my pizza stone and folding the dough on that. Also, I eschewed with the parchment paper because I had none. Instead, I put a bit of cornmeal in the bottom of the Dutch and it worked perfectly. ThankU again Jenny!! I felt preeeetty fancy pulling my bread out of the oven. You’re awesome! ?

    • Susan

      Nina, I use parchment paper to roll my dough onto so that clean up is super easy and you aren’t getting anything on your counters. You can also use a silpat mat for the same thing

  585. Lola

    I have yeast from your regular no-knead bread. It is active dry. Can I use in your super fast no knead bread, you call for rapid rise. Can I substitute. By the way, I always watch your videos over and over. I am in my 70s, but you are never too old to learn new things. You are great fun and a great cook
    Just made your potatoe latkes . They were great.

  586. Steph

    Absolutely amazing recipe. I usually do an 8-16 hour rise on my no knead bread but this is way better. Not only for time but the texture is much airier and lighter. The longer rise seems to be doughier. This is absolute perfection!
    I skipped the parchment paper for anyone looking to do that. Just put dough right in the hot Dutch oven.

  587. Nick

    I just made this recipe and it turned out fantastic. I don’t know what all these people are talking about, burning their dutch oven and butcher paper catching fire. I used cheap Walmart butcher paper and it didn’t catch on fire. I bought a pioneer woman dutch oven from Walmart and everything came out perfect. The folks using super expensive dutch ovens must have done something wrong. I paid $44.00 for my dutch oven. Bread is perfectly crusty on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. Can’t wait to tweak the recipe with some honey and oats or a more savory bread, onion powder and garlic. Thanks for this super simple and delicious recipe!

    • Mark W

      Absolutely agree Nick. I use an Amazon dutch oven that cost about 60.00 specifically to bake in and it and grocery store parchment paper work great. I’ve reduced the size of the bowl I use to let the dough rest and slash the loaf with a razor blade after it goes into the dutch oven just before I put it in the oven. I’ve also discovered Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning and LOVE it on (and in) my dough

      • O T.B.

        OH MY GOD, Mark!!!! My jaw DROPPED when I read what you were putting on top!! My dough is still in the first rise, so when I’m ready to put it in the oven, I’m going to sprinkle sesame seeds on top!! I already have the Mediterranean spice blend za’atar in the dough, and I think the sesame seeds on TOP will be amazing! Thanks for the idea!! ?

  588. Kari

    This was the easiest and best bread I’ve ever made. Perfect crunchy crust with chewy center!

  589. Chey

    “Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to…” : ) This bread made me break out in song! Today is the day I FINALLY made this recipe, which I have been wanting for a while. It came out beautifully!! My hubby and I ate 1/2 the loaf and reluctantly packed up the rest for later. Like maybe in about an hour later…..? hah, we’ll see! Thank you SO much for your practical recipes. I can always count on finding a delicious Anything on your site and your YouTube videos! I added a tsp of garlic powder and a Tbs of dried onion to give the bread a savory flavor. Dang! This was so delicious. I will bake the next loaf for maybe 5ms more to perhaps firm it up a bit – I had a little trouble slicing, but honestly… do I really need perfect slices? Maybe not. Thanks, again! Another winner and I’m not at all surprised!

    • Nick

      Excellent Tommy Tutone reference. I wonder how many people it was lost on? I too made this bread and it came out excellent! I had cheap stuff as well, cheap cast iron and cheap parchment paper. Rock on!

    • Andrea

      For people who have trouble slicing bread cleanly, may I suggest using a serrated (ragged-blade) knife, (ot a straight-bladed knife, and letting the bread cool just a bit before slicing? Also, do not press down firmly on the bread, either with your hand or the knife. Patience and gentleness are the keys in slicing bread, especially when it’s just-from-the-oven. Enjoy!

  590. Lisa Wint

    Hi… I am wondering if anyone has tried this recipe without the parchment paper and if it came out ok?

    • Just Me

      For a long time, I followed the No Knead bread recipe from the New York Times which does not use parchment paper. It always came out fine, but it was always a bit difficult to get the dough into the hot pot. I love the parchment paper method much better as it makes transferring the dough much easier. It’s worth keeping parchment on hand!

    • Steph

      I skipped that step. Just put the dough in an oiled bowl to rise then after flouring and turning put it back in the same bowl for the second rise. Once the Dutch oven was hot I plopped the dough straight in. It was perfect!!

    • Chey

      : ) Nick! I’m glad I’m not alone. Cheap Dutch oven and parchment used here, too. I think in the second rise, I’m going to try jalapeno and a bit of cheddar. This is such an easy-not-spending-my-whole-day-waiting kind of recipe that if it doesn’t work … no biggie. I’ll just do something else. Take care. … and Thanks, again, Jenny!

  591. Heather

    I’m here to say please dont replace anyones dutch ovens. I have cooked bread in my dutch ovens multiple times and with a little Bar Keepers Friend powder cleans them right up. I have also used many different recipes from all kinds of places etc.. websites and cookbooks. If anyone did their research they would see that baking a dry item (bread dough) in a Dutch oven may discolor it. Did anyone here read their manuals for their dutch oven before complaining to this poor womans site and upset her. It will state that in the paperwork. Plus Le Creuset has a warranty also. Plus if the recipe states it’s going to use the oven at 450 degree for a long time… it’s going to get HOT in the kitchen. Duh!!!!! JENNY.. your recipe came out great!! Even my 12 year old helped with the baking. It was super easy and worded great for him to understand each step of the process. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Mucho Love
    Heather and Nick

  592. Klaus

    Simple, quick, easy, and magnificent recipe! Just made 2 loafs with my 12yo son, one exactly as the recipe said, one with about 2Tbsp of honey added.
    No discoloration of the Dutch Ovens other than the outside darkening with the heat and returning to normal as they cool….no flaming parchment paper…
    …Not that EITHER of those could ever possibly be Jenny’s doing or fault! If your product fails to meet the advertised capabilities, please contact the manufacturer instead of trying to pawn it off on someone else for freebies!

  593. Vic

    Can this recipe be doubled? The first loaf I made came out great but it was gone in no time. It was great.

  594. Harry

    Very nice & very easy recipe. Testing is next.
    Thanks for sharing!

  595. Name Withheld

    What’s the matter with ten minutes of kneading? I tried the recipe here, and I watched Jenny on YouTube video. Nice loaf. Very sweet video presence. But please. All told, this was a 3 hour process. My electricity bill will be sky high for the long high temp oven. The edges of the parchment paper around the Le Creuset dutch oven caught fire, and the pot itself is charred: no amount of scrubbing will get it back to its original pale yellow color. So again, I ask, what’s wrong with ten minutes of kneading? It actually is therapeutic! Bake your loaves at a lower temp and give them a little love first.


      Please read this! I am quite serious. My pale yellow Le Crueset Dutch Oven is ruined. The high heat burned dark splotches all over the pot, but esp on the lid. It is not in warranty, and was a gift from my daughter. NOT WORTH IT! I used to have a brown Dutch Oven, same brand, and it would not show the burning but the enamel had cracked; I used it for over 35 years. If you have a dark colored pot, go ahead, but not any of the recent pastel colors by Le Crueset. Actually weeping.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I’m so sorry to hear this. I don’t know how this could happen because I also use a light colored Le Crueset but please send a picture of your DO and I will send you an exact replacement. Use the “Your Photos” link and I will keep an eye out for the photo. Include a note with your mailing address and it will not be published. I can order the same thing online and have it sent directly to you. ~ jenny

        • Andrea

          Perhaps note to folks that Cast Iron dutch ovens work great if they’ve been seasoned correctly, and they never need scrubbing. Although it’s getting more difficult for me to lift cast iron, it is great for baking and cooking.
          Thanks for a great recipe ’cause I really don’t like spending lots of time kneading and having the long double rise.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        This email should work: YourPhotos@JennyCanCook.com – From a camera or computer you should be able to drag & drop photos into this email. Let me know. Please send more than one photo. We need to see the logo on the lid, the inside of the lid where Le Creuset has some numbers, and something that clearly shows the color. Also please provide the size in case the numbers are not enough. Thank you.

        • Named Withheld

          Jenny and staff – I have now sent email with photos of the Dutch Oven that became splotched with baking the no-knead bread. I appreciate your kind offer to replace my pot – a treasured gift from a hard working daughter. I do not see how to get rid of my frustrated comments on this site from earlier. Please remove them – if no one else has had this trouble it must just be the curse of my Swiss grandmother for trying to bake bread without kneading it!

          I have enjoyed watching your video clips!

          All the best.

          • Jenny Can Cook

            Thanks for sending your photos. Your Dutch oven looks a bit like my own yellow one, which has scorch marks on it. It’s definitely hard to clean so I just let it go but yours does look like it could be cleaned. I offered to replace it for you and am willing to do so but I’m not clear that it’s what you want now since you acknowledge that no one else has had this problem.

            It’s a bit of a dilemma for me since replacing your Dutch oven would suggest that I think my recipe is not trustworthy but tens of thousands of people have made it with no complaints of any damage and I stand behind this and all of my recipes. Please let me know if you want the replacement and I will honor my commitment. If not, we can just move forward and I will remove your comments or name as requested. Thank you.

            • DinaBeDina


              I’m sure I ‘m not the only one who has thought this woman was ridiculous in her complaint about stains on her pot! You don’t owe her anything! I’m sure I am not alone in this opinion. I’ve never met a fabulous cook who’s pots are not stained and scratched tons of bumps and bruises. etc… Carry on Jenny! I have 3 adult autistic children who can easily follow your recipes and have success over and over and over again. Same with me. You are my # 1 go to chef and I refer you to everyone. In return they tell me how they love it too! You are very much appreciated in my world, all over this world and the world beyond, of this I am certain. To me , you are more than just a great cook Your the mom I never had, the Grandmama , the aunt, the sister, the best friend the great co worker I have always dreamed off in my head. Thank you for sharing your Sunshine with the rest of the world, for FREE! Bless you and yours, Enjoy In~joy ~ Sign me , a very satisfied student. Dina.

        • Heather

          I’m here to say please dont replace anyones dutch ovens. I have cooked bread in my dutch ovens multiple times and with a little Bar Keepers Friend powder cleans them right up. I have also used many different recipes from all kinds of places etc.. websites and cookbooks. If anyone did their research they would see that baking a dry item (bread dough) in a Dutch oven may discolor it. Did anyone here read their manuals for their dutch oven before complaining to this poor womans site and upset her. It will state that in the paperwork. Plus Le Creuset has a warranty also. Plus if the recipe states it’s going to use the oven at 450 degree for a long time… it’s going to get HOT in the kitchen. Duh!!!!! JENNY.. your recipe came out great!! Even my 12 year old helped with the baking. It was super easy and worked great for him to understand each step of the process. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

      • kk

        Why don’t you try cleaning it?
        Also the comment about your electricity bill..a bit over the top. Clean your pot. Contact the manufacturer about issues, not the person who wrote a recipe.

      • Learning Bread Making In Ohio

        To blame her for what happened to your pot is insane. I have tried the very same recipe and came out awesome.
        You bitched about the electricity, then about the Dutch oven. If you are so concerned about your electric bill, shouldn’t have baked.
        As far as the pot is concerned, yes it burned, but there’s this one thing is called cleaning.
        If you so cherished that pot, shouldn’t have used it. I can’t believe you got on here complaining on something that others can’t control. Isn’t like she pushed you to do it. The risk was on you lady. Be glad she was kind enough to send you one. Had it been me, will have given you a tissue.
        Posts like yours is what keeps people from posting good things…. I hope you are happy with the new Dutch oven ….

        • Paul

          I agree. Take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming someone who is kind enough to share her awesome recipe with the world.

        • Heather

          AMEN! 100% AGREED. That lady is ridiculous.. smh.

      • DinaBeDina

        Google how to clean it. ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz_-mWGtBRI
        . .. Now, please, go scrub and think of how immature and whinny you sounded over a stupid pot that gets stained sooner or later, no matter. Even if the stains do not come out. Your pot still works!!
        Time to grow up girl! Geesh. Jenny doesn’t owe you anything.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I would like to get this resolved but need to hear from you as I am not clear. Please let me know if you still want me to replace your Dutch oven. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If I have not heard from you by tomorrow I will assume you no longer expect a replacement Dutch oven and I will consider this issue closed. Your name and/or comments will be removed. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Case Closed. It looks like she realized I was not responsible so I will not be replacing her Dutch oven. My thanks to everyone for supporting me through this stressful event. ❤️

      • Corrine

        I love your recipes and you handled this well God bless you

      • Mark W

        Good Job Jenny; As a business owner I can say that it’s not about the complaints it’s about how you handle them, and your response was spot on…many people just need to be heard. By the way…I love my beat up and discolored dutch oven. It’s seen a lot of warm and wonderful times in my kitchen

      • M

        Just a thought…when I read the original comment, it sounded like the gal thought she needed to have to the oven on for 3 hours. Now that would ruin your pot, cause the paper to burn and jack your electric! 😉

        Anyhoo…I have a sour dough starter in the fridge and was wondering if I could use that as a liquid replacement. Thoughts?

      • CINDY

        I haven’t made bread since the 70’s. I watch your videos and when I saw you make this bread, I was inspired. I used my LeCreust Dutch oven and I was over the moon happy with how it turned out! Delish! And my family loved it. Your videos are the best, love your humor and enthusiasm! Thank you!

    • Italmamacita

      Wow who ever you are, your being ridiculous. Nobody twisted your arm to make the recipe. And no one has had any complaints about their Dutch oven pots.
      Jenny thank you for sharing your recipes and videos for free. Your an amazing cook. I love your humor on the videos also ☺️ Take care and be stay safe.

  596. Olivia

    I subbed a little bread flour for spelt — maybe ⅓ cup. The dough is having its one-hour rise time and it looks pretty wet. Is that normal? Is there a video for this one?

  597. DinaBeDina

    Jenny Jenny Jenny!! Speechless! ( because my mouth is so full of this aww~ so absolutely so easy,fun to make Orgasmically Deeeelicious bread! )

    P.S. Insane that you don’t self publish your own book! I would buy so many of them. Your the best teacher ever. Thank You so much for the love you put into all of you do !!
    Godspeed sweet lady. Mouah xox from New Brunswick Canada.

  598. Lara

    I LOVE this recipe! It looks pretty, tastes great, and so easy to adapt. The first loaf I made was devoured by my family. The second loaf I added 1/2 C of shredded cheddar cheese. It was even better! Most importantly – this recipe got my daughters to love the crust. :o)

  599. Martha

    Jenny I cant believe you have a food blog!!!! I just found this page today and I grew up watching your talk show.
    Anyways, this bread is great! Super easy and fast. Very delicious! A little denser than I’m used to but maybe I could let it rise a bit longer. Would be excellent with some added herbs as well. Definitely will make again (as it’s almost gone)!!

  600. Diane Uhlman

    I made this a week ago. It was great! I just put a loaf in the oven and I added garlic powder and Italian seasoning. I am waiting to see how it tastes.

  601. Jerry from Brooklyn

    Jenny, I had used your 2 hour “No Knead Bread” Recipe. I had increased it by 25 percent volume to all your ingredients. It came out great and boy did it taste good!

  602. Rayn

    My husband polished off all but TWO slices of the loaf in a day….. now I have to make three batches. One for his gran, and two for us so I can hopefully get more then just two slices!

  603. Rick C.

    Followed your recipe but decreased the instant yeast to 1/2 teaspoon and let the dough rise for about 2 1/2 hours. The final product looked just as you pictured. The bread was crusty and chewy and developed a really nice flavor. Everyone loved it!!


    I’ve bought bread machines AND returned them!
    In the last 10 days, I’ve made 3 Loaves, Your recipes
    Are JUST TOO DELICIOUS! The 2nd loaf we made,
    Husband parboiled a whole bulb of Garlic. I peeled the
    Skins after it cooled. Husband added all the Garlic & folded them
    In after the 1st rise. He shaped the dough into a ball, brushed the top w/EVOO and Freshly Grated Parmigiana.
    Better than Dessert! Jenny, You’re not only Our Hero but in a month
    Weight Watchers will be Thanking You Too! ?‍♀️?

  605. Pat

    This is a fast and easy recipe. It is such a beautiful bread. While it was proofing I pickled our jalapenos and thought, experiment time. So, my next loaf will be a jalapeno loaf!
    Thank you Jenny!

  606. Fernbaker

    I am always game for testing new bread recipes. My go-to is the NYTimes no-kneads (one is overnight rise, the other is a 4-hr rise). Both have fantastic flavor. While this recipe turned out exactly as demonstrated in the video (fluffy, crusty) it is quite literally the blandest bread I’ve ever tasted. This is due to the excessive amount of yeast required to cut the proofing time. Flavor comes with time, and I’d only recommend this if you wanted to make bread bowls or something where the bread flavor is not important. I’ll stick to traditional and NYTimes no-kneads for now.

    • euda

      Remember when your mom told you “if you can’t say something nice……” – was it really necessary for you to totally demean this bread (which is actually good but perhaps not for the “NY Times” bread critic – a bit snobbish)…I think you need to demean things.

      • Rita

        “God made your left hand to hold bread” and the right to spread butter on it and place cheese on it and pour EVOO on it and place charcuterie on it….Who cares if its bland.

  607. Doug J

    I’ve tried bread recipes for awhile, including, a long time ago, a bread machine. The bread machine now sits unused. I’ve never been satisfied with the results and have almost gave up on trying to make fresh baked bread until using this recipe. My first attempt was a success and I can’t wait to bake more bread for guests. QUESTION: can wheat gluten, such as Hodgson Mill, be added, and if so at what amount? Thanks again for a great recipe!

  608. j

    Wonderful recipe. I am not an experienced baker but after having successfully baked one loaf, I altered my next a bit by replacing 1/4 c of the water with honey (melted into the warm water), added a bit more salt, and sprinkled salt flakes on the top after rubbing with milk. OMG so good my family couldn’t stop remarking on it. Next try will be to go 1/2 whole wheat and do as above to see how it turns out!

  609. Ann Lowe

    I will try this looks so easy.

  610. Stormy

    This was incredible!! My whole family absolutely loved it, even fought over it. I won’t be able to ever buy bread again!

  611. Aspen

    Holy cow! I made this with low expectations, thinking it would probably turn out dense and unflavored, but it was fantastic! When I first gave my husband a slice he thought for sure it was from the store. The only thing I would do different is add a little more salt. I also brushed it with the Chili & Onion Crunch from Trader Joes (a mix of olive oil, dried onion, red pepper flakes and dried garlic) and it was delish!

  612. Lizette Fornoni