Faster No Knead Bread

Faster No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread

You’ll need a 4 or 5-quart Dutch oven with an oven-safe handle. I recommend an oven thermometer to make sure your oven is hot enough and a pair of oven gloves are advisable. (For the original overnight method, simply switch to COOL water and let the dough rest overnight on the counter top for 8 to 24 hours). ALWAYS AERATE (not sift) YOUR FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING! - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours, 25 minutes

Makes: One loaf

No Knead Bread


  • 3 cups (390 gms) all-purpose or bread flour (aerate flour before measuring)
  • 1/4 teaspoon yeast, active dry or instant (1 gm)
  • 1 teaspoon salt (6 gms)
  • 1 1/2 cups hot water, not boiling (354 mL) - I use hot tap water - about 125-130° F
  • (about 2 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping)


  1. Combine flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. Stir in water until it’s well combined.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 3 hours.
  3. After 3 hours dough will become puffy and dotted with bubbles. Transfer it to a well-floured surface and sprinkle dough with a little flour. Using a scraper fold dough over 10-12 times & shape into a rough ball.
  4. Place in a parchment paper-lined bowl (not wax paper) and cover with a towel. Let stand on counter top for about 35 minutes.
  5. Meantime place Dutch oven with lid in a cold oven and preheat to 450° F. My oven takes 35 minutes to reach 450°.
  6. When oven reaches 450° carefully, using oven gloves, lift the parchment paper and dough from the bowl and place gently into the hot pot. (parchment paper goes in the pot too) Cover and bake for 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, remove lid and parchment paper. Return, uncovered, to oven and bake 10 - 15 more minutes. Let it cool at least 15 minutes before slicing.

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Aerating and Sifting are Not The Same: Click here to learn more.

Faster No Knead Bread

Didn't Turn Out? Other Questions? Find Answers Here.

My dough didn’t rise.

  • No knead dough doesn’t rise like standard yeast breads, it only puffs up and gets bubbly. It will be a little bigger after the resting time but don’t look for a much larger volume.
  • Your yeast may not be fresh and should not be used past the expiration date. Even with a good expiration date, yeast has a short shelf life once a package is opened. Even with the small packets, once it’s opened, yeast should be tightly sealed and kept in the freezer, not refrigerated.
  • Your water may have been the wrong temperature. For the faster method, hot tap water is usually around 125 to 130°F. Anything hotter than that is too hot. And boiling water is definitely out. For the overnight method, cold to room temperature water works.
  • You changed the recipe. It’s best to follow the recipe exactly for the first time. That way you know it works. Don’t change the recipe the first time, paying attention to every detail. You can get creative later on.

My dough was too dry.

  • You did not aerate your flour before measuring. Flour always settles in the bag or container and must be aerated before measuring; otherwise, you will be using too much flour. To aerate flour, using a large spoon or spatula, stir the flour around to incorporate some air.
  • You measured the flour incorrectly. To measure flour, use a flat-topped measuring cup, gently spoon the aerated flour into the cup until it’s mounded above the rim and level off the excess with the back of a knife. Do not tap the cup or the container of flour.
  • You changed the recipe.

My dough was too runny.

  • You used too much liquid or not enough flour. Use a cup specific for measuring liquids, have it on a flat surface and view it at eye level to make sure your liquid is at the correct line.
  • You sifted the flour before measuring, which would cause you to use less flour than required.
  • You changed the recipe.

My bread wasn’t cooked inside.

  • Your oven (and pot) were not preheated long enough. Use an oven thermometer to make sure your oven has reached 450°F. It can take over half an hour.
  • You sliced it too soon. After bread is removed from the oven, it will continue to cook inside. It’s best to let it cool completely before slicing (I know it’s hard to wait!)

Can I make it with Gluten-Free flour?

  • Well…. you can make it with gluten free flour but you may not like it. I tried it and the loaf was smaller and more dense and chewy, without the traditional big holes and it didn’t taste anything like the original recipe. I tried it once but nobody wanted to eat it.

I don’t have a Dutch oven.

I have only made this bread in an enameled cast iron Dutch oven (Le Creuset) so I can not recommend something I have not tried.  By doing a little research and reading through the comments here, people say they have used:

  • a glass pyrex dish with a lid
  • a stainless steel pot with a lid
  • a clay baker
  • a springform pan with an aluminum foil top
  • a pizza stone with a stainless steel bowl cover
  • a black cast iron pot with a lid

Keep in mind that any lid must be tight fitting because you need to create steam inside the pot and the lid should have an oven-proof handle (not plastic). Your pot will need to hold at least 3 quarts but 5 to 6 quarts is most common.

Doesn’t hot water kill the yeast?

No. Hot water does not kill yeast. Today’s yeast is more sturdy and accommodating than years ago and can tolerate water or liquid up to 130°F. The killing point for yeast is 140°F. (average tap water comes out at about 120-125°F – my tap water is 127°F)

Parchment paper: Parchment stuck? Don't have parchment paper?

If your parchment paper stuck it’s from using an inferior brand. Reynolds brand will never stick. If you can not get Reynolds brand you need something to lift the dough and place it in the Dutch oven. You can try using a well floured kitchen towel to transfer the dough, letting the dough roll off the towel into the hot pot. Do not leave the towel in the pot, only use it as a means of lifting the dough. Do NOT use wax paper in a hot oven. It will melt onto the bread and it will be ruined. I don’t use a towel because my dough always sticks to the towel. Parchment paper makes the job super easy but inferior papers can stick. I always use Reynolds brand – it never sticks.

How Do You Aerate Flour?

Flour must be aerated before measuring because it often settles in the bag or container making it heavy  and compact, resulting in too much flour being measured. Aerating basically means fluffing it up and is not the same as sifting. Flour should not be sifted before measuring unless the recipe states to do so. Otherwise sifting will result in too little flour being measured.

If you dip into flour without aerating, you will be getting too much flour and your dough will be too dry. To aerate flour you simply stir it around with a spoon before measuring. To measure, be sure to use a flat-topped dry measuring cup. You can see how I aerate flour in my Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake video:

After aerating, there are two ways to measure the flour: 1) Scoop & Level – Gently scoop the flour up with a spoon and sprinkle it into your measuring cup until it’s mounded above the rim. Do not tap the cup or the container of flour. Finally, level off the excess flour with the back of a knife. 2) Dip & Level – Gently dip your measuring cup into the flour until it’s mounded above the rim and level off the excess flour with the back of a knife. A properly measured cup of flour weighs 4 1/4 ounces.

1,893 Comments on "Faster No Knead Bread"

  1. HollyRae

    Thank you for this marvelous recipe! my first attempt today and it is so good. I only had a 3 qt. Corning dish with a lid, but it seemed to do the trick. My loaf doesn’t look as gorgeous as yours (not as browned) but it still looks like it came right from a rustic bread bakery. Can’t wait to try a slice, toasted, with coffee tomorrow.

  2. Alex

    My first dough was made with self-rising flour because I grabbed the wrong bag. It was super wet and I thought it wouldn’t bake but whaddaya know……while it didn’t rise much it still turned out to be delish!! I’ll try my next loaf with all-purpose flour and a bit less salt.

  3. Valerie

    Hi Jenny, how could four ingredients make such fabulous bread? My first time and it came out perfect. Reminded me of East Coast Italian bread. I love the idea of finely chopped onion that will be my next loaf. I will also check your website for olive bread. Thank you so much.

  4. Trish bengualid

    I’ve made this twice now and it just doesn’t cook on the inside. My dough doesn’t rise either
    Not sure what could be wrong but it’s raw and sought in the inside. I have a professional new convection oven so it’s not the oven or temperature. Any ideas?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

    • Danny

      I had same issue and just used a bit less water and it came out more fluffy and dry.

  5. Gerry

    My 1st loaf turned out so great my wife and I decided to immediately do another one. However, since I can hardly ever leave a good recipe alone, I decided to add to the dry ingredients a medium onion finely chopped (my mother used to bake an onion bread which I can still taste to this day). The result was amazing! A great bread made even better. Thus encouraged, my next loaves will try rosemary, then garlic, then whatever else I can think of. Suggestions welcome.

    • Alex

      That sounds genius! Pretty soon I’ll have more bread than I can eat and my extended family will love me for it!

  6. Eric

    Dear Jenny.

    My dough always comes out a little runny and difficult to manage. I calculated the water to flour ratio and its a dough that’s 90% humidity. Isn’t that a little much? Should it not be more in the 77% to 80% range max?

    I ended up having to fold in a lot of flour once it proofed the first time in order to be able to manage it.

    What do you suggest I do.


    • Jenny Can Cook

      I can only tell you that it works for me and for most other cooks. Assuming you are not sifting the dough before measuring, which would result in too little flour, you could check out the FAQs for any other solutions.

  7. Debbie Z

    Can un use a regular pan with a lid if I don’t have a Dutch Oven?

  8. CN 4

    Amazingly great tasting and EASY to make recipe. Used 1/2 tsp of yeast instead of only 1/4 tsp. It rose a bit better with the added yeast.

  9. Sharon

    Wow! It came out great. Due to coronavirus, we ran out of bread. Thank you

  10. Francis D

    As always the bread from your recipe will be the highlight of or meal! Glad i bought flour before the shelves became pretty bare here in Wisconsin. Yeast is hard to find too. My goal while shut in is to try as many of your recipes as possible. Stay safe in Canada, hey.

  11. Neil

    Made with whole wheat flour and it came out dense & didn’t rise as much. Any suggestions?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my whole wheat version in the “Breads” category. Whole wheat will never rise as much as the white flour version. If you still have problems please see the FAQs.

  12. Gary M

    Thank you Jennie, awesome awesome recipe. I’ve tried so many recipes and not has been a fail. Thank you again

    • Judee

      did you aereate the flour before measuring? I tried the recipe yesterday and never got past step 1…………dough did not bubble etc after waiting 3 hours for it to rest….

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Please look at the FAQs for a possible solution.

  13. Elizabeth

    I used the paper bag because I didn’t have parchment paper and the bag cooked right into the bread. What did I do wrong?

    • Bob

      The answer lies inside the question – you used paper which burns unlike parchment paper that does not.

  14. Karrie

    It was so much fun with little effort. AND it turned out perfect❣️❣️❣️Thanks Jenny

  15. Veronica

    Hubba Hubba this bread is everything described. Super easy, no mess in the kitchen, delicious! I would have thought I had gone to a special bakery. I read where someone added Oil and Everything Bagel Seasoning on top, I might try that next time.

    Thank you!!


      Wow! Oil and Everything But the Bagel seasoning! Can you tell me what oil and how much? Does it replace any water? Sounds yummy!

  16. Veronica

    Hubba Hubba this bread is everything described. Super easy, no mess in the kitchen, delicious! I would have thought I had gone to a special bakery. I read where someone added Oil and Everything Bagel Seasoning on top, I might try that next time.

    Thank you!!

  17. T

    I cant believe it!! I’m a bread maker now!! My loaf came out beautifully. I didn’t have parchment paper so I see aluminum foil. Worked great!!

  18. Ginny

    This was the easiest bread recipe I have ever tried. I wish you could post pictures so I could share my perfect loaf! Love your videos and easy recipes!

    I used filtered water from the fridge and heated it in microwave for 2 mins. The dough rose perfectly and was full of bubbles. I forgot to slowly add the flour, just dumped it in. The first loaf I used old flour I have had forever. The bread was delicious but didn’t raise as much. My 2nd loaf I used a new bag of King Arthur flour and it turned out better than the bread you can buy at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco! Full of holes and so crunchy. My Facebook friends all wanted some!
    By the way, I bought the Artesian Bed Bath and Beyond 6 qt Dutch oven and just love it. Quick free shipping and if you sign up with your email you can get an additional $10 off.

  19. Sara B

    Can I add a little extra salt?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, some people prefer a little more salt.

    • judy

      can use season the flour for the “no Knead bread”? such as garlic, or dill, etc.
      loved, the bread. ( not good with whole wheat. taste too sour)…..

  20. Gina

    Jenny your bread was absolutely perfect and delicious!!!!!

    I have made many breads before and I’m always trying new recipes. I came across your youtube video and i started watching n had to try it!

    I could not believe how simple and PERFECT this came out. Gorgeous rustic crust and soft on the inside.
    Okay I admit I was skeptical b4 I tried it don’t be mad lol.

    Today I’m going to try ur healthier cinnamon buns. My current recipe takes so much longer and might I add uses so much more butter. Oyyyy the guilt! 🤭. That’s why I mk them only once a year.

    You are a wonderful cook and I thank you for sharing and making delicious and healthy recipes for us to enjoy…. I’m a fan forever ☺️🥰

    Take care and stay healthy ❤️

  21. Jim

    The bottom crust was extremely hard, does anyone know what might cause this? Thank for any suggestions.

  22. Paul

    I made this today to avoid going to the supermarket, it was amazing. Added some olive oil to the top and a little everything bagel seasoning. yum

    • Heather E

      I’m so glad I read the comments and saw this idea. I’m just getting ready to put it in the oven and I will definitely do this step.

  23. St Zotique

    I was excited to try this recipe as I do love making my own bread. But it didn’t bubble like you showed in the video and I just took it out of the oven( cooling off) it doesn’t look like it rose too much. I am wondering if my tap water isn’t hot enough? I tested my yeast and it is fine so maybe you have an idea. I love your apron salute👋

  24. Jessie J

    Food for thought! 🙂

    I made this today with a little splash of olive oil and some chopped black olives. Yum.

    I also don’t have a dutch oven so I used my slow cooker on high setting. It wasn’t bad… Seemed to cook it most of the way through and then I browned it up with the lid off in the oven. It was still good, but ended up slightly less fluffy looking than Jenny’s, a little flatter, slightly under-cooked in the middle. But I was also rushing by the end so I think more time in the slow cooker would have done the job. 🙂 Maybe more time rising on the counter too. Still super enjoyable though, and I hope some of my trial and error helps you all.

  25. Vanessa

    I don’t have parchment paper and I plan on cooking the bread in a clay/ceramic piece from pampered chef. I don’t own a Dutch oven and this was the only thing I had that was oven safe with a lid. Any suggestions on what I can do so the bread doesn’t stick when it’s rising in the bowl?

    • Janice

      I suggest that you use a brown paper bag. Open it up and place the non-glue side in the middle and cut to size.

  26. Sharon

    This was the easiest and most rewarding loaf of bread I have ever baked! I’m 72 y.o. and have baked thousands of loaves in my younger years, while raising a family, I baked 5-7 loaves every week. This is the first in over 25 years! And can’t thank you enough for the video and recipe. Admire you and all the giving you have done fro others. Blessings and stay well and safe. PS: I can’t lift cast iron dutch oven anymore, so used a 3&1/2 qt micaceous lidded clay pot and it worked beautifully.

  27. Isabel

    If I want to divide the dough into 2 smaller loaves or even into 4, do you know how I would adjust the baking times?

  28. Sara B

    I didn’t see the note about aerating vs. sifting flour until after my loaf was in the oven. It still came out great! Next time I’ll aerate, not sift…

    • Anna

      uh oh…what comment? I thought sifting was aerating….

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Please see the FAQs for Flour Basics.

      • Sara B

        LOL that was my reaction exactly! There is a note at the bottom of the recipe, with a link for more details. 🙂

  29. Billy

    I’ve made this no knead Dutch oven bread time after time . Now that we staying out of stores as much as possible ( due to Coronavirus ) it’s our go to recipe. Comes out perfect every time , cast iron Dutch .
    Might as well throw the bread maker out with the Tread Mill . Thanks Jenny

  30. dei

    Absolutely easy and delicious! My husband asked me to make it everyday. Thank you thank you!

  31. Ray

    Looks great. Can’t wait to try it.

  32. SPJW

    Came across this while searching easy bread recipes. I am so glad this is the one I chose. My first foray into bread making could not have been easier! Watched the video and followed Jenny’s instructions exactly and my bread came out beautifully. Cooked for 30, took off the lid and let brown for another 20. No need to look further this is it for me. Thanks again and good to hear and see a familiar voice Jenny!

  33. Michele

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I made this bread for the first time last night and it was PERFECT!! Very easy recipe for beginners! ❤️

  34. Mary Cokenour

    In the Southwest, this is called Sheepherder Bread aka Basque Bread.

    I, too, have a food blog; and I also have a food column in the local newspaper. This is delicious bread and I recommend trying it out!

  35. Ursula

    OMG amazing bread to pair with many great meals thank U 4 your delicious recipes

  36. Teresa

    I made this yesterday and it was so delicious! So easy. I will definitely be making it again. Thank you!

  37. Jill F.

    Hi-You don’t need to answer!

    I’m about to take the third loaf I’ve made out of the oven. Really a great recipe!

    I just want to say I’ve used Instant yeast that I keep in the fridge. Maybe that helps?

  38. Cindy R

    I have active sourdough starter. Is there anyway to substitute some or all of the yeast for this recipe

  39. Carolyn Hill

    I made this today. It’s delicious!!!! And so easy. I’ll be making it again.

  40. Crystal

    This recipe looks amazing and bread never really turns out well for me. Question: We are now in Covid 19 mode so I don’t want to go to the store unnecessarily the only years I have in the house is Pizza yeast expired Dec 2019. I am making pasta tonight and would love to have this with it. Would this yeast work? Thank you Love you videos!!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can test the yeast by “proofing” it first. It’s easy to do, just search “how to proof yeast” and lots of how to’s will pop up. (or scroll down a bit to Ken’s comment on 3/23 and Melissa’s reply)

  41. Linda

    Where could I get the gloves you used when handling the hot Dutch oven?

  42. melinda

    Help — Just baked my very first loaf. Of any bread. Ever!

    Taste is good but it’s too chewy in the middle.

    Cooked it a full 30 mins. and then 12 with the cover off.

    Didn’t look as browned as your photo.

    Any ideas?????

    • Paula Perry

      Have you checked the temperature of your oven? They can vary a great deal.

  43. Meg

    I’ve made this twice now and it’s come out great. I wonder if you could add anything to it to make it savory? Garlic etc. any suggestions?

    • Angel B

      Olive bread is amazing. Try pitted olives green ones with pimentos, Greek olives, anything that has no pits And a little bit of salt. Also you can add pepperoni, salami, prosciutto,And chunks of your favorite cheeses. I like mozzarella, provolone, or some shredded sharp cheddar cheese

  44. Christine

    I’m on my second try. Yesterday it didn’t rise. I used dry active yeast – 1/4 tsp (larger granules). Today I tried again first ‘proofing’ the dry active yeast as per the instructions on the package. After it proofed I used 1/4 tsp and added it. Still won’t rise!! what am I doing wrong???

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

    • Kathleen

      It could be that your house is too cold or there is a draft. Put your bowl in the microwave or oven to rise because those are sealed from drafts. (Just don’t turn on!).

    • Susan

      I find that it needs much more yeast. I used the whole pack of quick rise and in an hour and a half, it was ready for the oven! Give this a try!

  45. Maria C

    I have made this bread a few times now. Always soooooo good!! Love all your videos and your personality is very refreshing. No fuss recipes, very well presented and explained. Thanks a lot!!!!! You should be on Food Network!!! God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

  46. Ken

    So, the 2 tsp (yeast) didn’t work out either. The only conclusion I can draw is that the water I am using is too hot. I will use lukewarm water next time.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Look at the FAQs as it could be something else.

    • Kathleen

      It could be that your house is too cold or there is a draft. Put your bowl in the microwave or oven to rise because those are sealed from drafts. (Just don’t turn on!).

    • Melissa

      I would proof your yeast first. (Has it been open for more than 6 months?). There are some instructions that I found online:

      To make sure active dry yeast (not quick-rise yeast) is alive and active, you may first want to proof it. Here’s how:

      Dissolve the yeast and 1 teaspoon sugar in 1/4 cup warm water (110° to 115°). Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. If the mixture foams up, the yeast mixture can be used because the yeast is active. If it does not foam, the yeast should be discarded.

  47. Deborah

    I have made this bread a lot since Christmas – each time I understand the process better. Thanks for a great recipe and informative and funny video. The vids are soooo important! I’ve learned so much.

    Thanks, Jenny! You’ve made me a success!

  48. Daphne

    I’m running a little low on flour due to COVID-19 hoarding so I made a half loaf following the instructions and ingredient amounts, I cut the amounts in half. Came out great. Baked it on a quarter-sheet baking pan. Added raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon. I’m 60, so I can get more flour at the early opening for seniors tomorrow. Bon appetit!

    • Linda

      I am curious you said you added raisins, cinnamon to it the bread. At what point did you add it and how much?


  49. Ken

    I put together 2 batches at the same time each with the prescribed 1/4 tsp of yeast. After 3 hrs at room temp nothing had happened with the mixture. I discarded those two batches and now have put together 2 new batches, each with 2 tsp yeast. We’ll see how this works out!

    • LINDA

      So Ken, I’m curious. How did the bread turn out using 2 tsp of yeast.

  50. Linda

    This is a wonderful bread recipe. Perfect crust. I found that the flavor of the bread itself is improved by using the overnight version, if you have the time. And these days, I do.

  51. Karen

    If I wanted to add olives to this recipe. At what point would I add them in? Thank you!

  52. Cathleen

    I thought I messed it up because I forgot to let it sit after mixing the water in and instead kneaded it then let it sit. I then placed in a parchment lined bowl for 3 hours and followed the cooking instructions. It turned out amazing!!!

  53. Ann

    The bread came out perfect but since it’s only me eating eat I was wondering the best way to keep it fresh.

    • Jesse

      To store the bread, I place a piece of plastic wrap only on the cut surface of the loaf and store it face down in a paper grocery bag on the counter. This keeps the cut face fresh and the crust crunchy.

      • Linda

        Thank you, Jesse, for this tip on how to store bread. I have never known a good way to do it.

    • Ginger

      To keep bread really fresh and not freeze it, invest in a big piece of beeswax bread wrap. It might cost as much as $15 but it will save you a lot more than that in the long run.

  54. Pat

    I used a stainless steel bowl to mix my dough should I have used a glass one as the Saran wrap did not cling really tight to the rim of the bowl and there were a few droplets of water on the Saran Wrap.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t think the bowl was the problem. Please look at the FAQs for other reasons for dough not rising.

  55. Pat

    My dough did not rise there was droplets of water on the Saran Wrap I used a stainless steel should I have used a glass one instead.

  56. Laurel

    What size dutch oven

    • Jenny Can Cook

      See the recipe.

    • Texas lady

      I used 1 quart mini Dutch ovens today using this concept. I heated 3 mini pans with the lids set off to the side in the oven when I preheated to 450 degrees. Then dropped the little parchment paper lined babies into the pans and immediately place the lids on top. Baked for the entire 30 minutes, then removed lids and left for only 7 minutes so they could brown up a bit. They came out so perfect! Oh and I added 4 tablespoons of sunflower seeds to this recipe to the dry ingredients before adding the water. Wow…incredibly delicious!

  57. David

    I didn’t pay attention to the active dry yeast packet and just put in the ¼ tsp of yeast dry. The instructions on yeast say to activate it, mix with sugar water. Was your yeast activated with sugar? Worried it isn’t going to rise now.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t activate any yeast. I think it will turn out fine.

    • Jennie

      It’s been a long time since my home ec classes but it seems that I remember that when making bread, sugar feeds the yeast and makes it rise more, which also why bread dough needs to be Kneaded. I’m thinking this recipe is so fast the yeast apparently doesn’t need ‘feeding’ or kneading and I wouldn’t mess with the plan. Since we know Jenny didn’t include sugar and the loaf was beautiful I wouldn’t worry about it.

  58. Angel

    Has anyone tried this with coconut flour? I’d like to give it a shot for a low-carb option, but coconut water absorbs so much water, so I was wondering how much additional water I will need to add.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe needs gluten so I think you would be disappointed. See the FAQs about my gluten free version.

  59. gjudi

    First time EVER making yeast bread of any kind. SOOOO good and glad I had the good butter to go with it. Your video help me understand how to do it.
    Thank You….oh to bad about the ball!!!

  60. Angel Hankel

    What a great recipe, just made it this evening to have with our dinner. Easy and delicious!

  61. John

    I love bread but I’m not required to really cut back on carbs for health reasons.
    Can I use Almond flour instead for this receipe?

  62. Michelle

    I might’ve used too hot of water, The dough was not as sticky as yours but I combined all the flour will it still work?

  63. Elizabeth

    Where can I buy the oven gloves you are wearing in the video?

  64. Karen

    I live at 7000 feet elevation. Any ideas what the measurements would be?

  65. Jennifer

    Hi.. tried this last night.. first time ever making bread..turned out fantastic!!! My whole family loved it!!

  66. Kim

    Has anyone tried using Almond and/or coconut flour in this recipe?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tried a gluten-free flour and it didn’t work. See my FAQs.

  67. Kathe

    This is amazing! No sugar, no sugar substitutes, different, but so good.
    My husband is diabetic so this is a perfect bread for him.
    It was fun to make. It does take a little while but very very little work is involved.
    I made it today and had it with our left over corn beef and cabbage.
    Try it!

  68. Laura

    How much fun is this recipe? Stuck in the house for an unknown number of weeks, and figuring out what to cook with what we have. Found this wonderful recipe. No Le creuset? No problem, used my Pampered Chef bowl with lid. No regular yeast? Used Pizza crust yeast. It turned out great! Thanks Jenny – love this site and your clear, quick, and entertaining videos!

    • Tina

      Oh my gosh, we did the same thing (thanks to being stuck in the house for the next several weeks). We made this bread today and it was such a hit! My 5 year-old son basically made this bread as we watched Jenny’s video tutorial. What a fun project for our day – and he has pride in the fact that he baked “dinner bread” for our entire family tonight.

  69. Janie

    Have experimented with any other flour? I have Celiac Disease so can not eat wheat. This bread looks amazing!

    • Janie

      I found the answer to my question in your FAQs section.

  70. Jo

    I can’t believe how nice this bread came out! Thank you for this amazing and easy recipe!

  71. Sandy wood

    Any high altitude adjustment.. ? I live At 5500ft.

  72. Cara

    I love this recipe. By the 3rd time that I made it, it was superb The first 2 times it didn’t quite rise enough. The 3rd time it was a bit wetter & I had mixed the dry ingredients more. I think I had used slightly less thann3 c of flour because I was out. Make sure to mix the dry ingredients enough, pre heat the pot & Put the muffin tins in with water. Practice makes perfect! So economical to make also. .$ 0.68 per loaf to make vs $5.12 to buy in Canada. I have only make with white bread. It is so easy & I love eating bread that I have made!

  73. Connie

    Making this tonight to go with our homemade vegetable beef soup! THANK YOU!

  74. Howard

    I love you and I love you recipes. You are so passionate about your breads and stuff. Makes it easy to follow. Thank you so much….

  75. Alan Aldrich

    With whole wheat flour the times may need to be a little longer.
    Using the times in the recipe It came out a bit doughy or underdone.
    I put it back in for a few minutes and then it was fine

  76. JoAnn

    I have a stoneware, Cloche, domed baker that I haven’t used in years. Will this bread turn out well if I use it. I don’t have a dutch oven like yours. I do have a dutch oven from my Wearever steel cooking set.
    Which should I use? Thanks!!

    • Linda

      I use a clay cloche and it works perfectly. I have been making bread since college (in the 60s) and have never made bread with a better crust. Brown, tender, and slightly shattery.Thanks, Jenny

  77. Judith Giannetto

    00 flour ?

  78. Shirley

    What can I use instead of a dutch oven

    • Jenny Can Cook

      There is a link at the bottom of the recipe.

  79. Wannabe Baker

    I have nothing that can be used in the oven, so went to Amazon.

    The dutch oven I really like indicates, “Do not heat an empty Dutch oven.” Now I don’t know what to do. I thought they were all the same. I assume some CAN be heated empty.

    Also, what size can you seasoned bakers recommend for a Dutch oven?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I believe they mean not to heat it on a burner. Around 5-quart is a good size and last time I saw, Kohls had the Food Network brand, oven safe up to 500°F for around $60.

      • Wannabe Baker

        Thank you! (Serious about the “wannabe” part…) But I am learning, and it is the Jenny Can Cook recipes and videos that are helping me along.


    • Karen

      Hi Wannabe,

      You will need a 6 qt. dutch oven. Le Creuset makes one but it is $$$$$ and will go up to 500 degrees. After a lot of research I found a Marquette dutch oven pot 6 qt. dutch oven for $89.00 on Amazon. The pot will take temperatures up to 500 degrees. The company is out of Michigan, friendly service too.

      Hope this helps.

      • Ndee

        Lots of grocery stores carry the Dutch pots for lots less than that L.C brand

        • Darlene A. Verkamp

          I bought my Dutch Oven at Krogers. You dont have to buy a gourmet brand.

  80. Hillary

    I am a huge fan, Jenny! Miss you on TV, so I am so glad I found your channel. This bread is a gosh darn blessing for our household! Thank you so much. turned out perfectly! Keep doing what you are doing. You are helping people everywhere!

  81. Cheryl Sumner

    This bread has been a godsend. During this pandemonium because of the Corona virus the store shelves are empty. I am so very glad I stumbled on this recipe. At least I know how to make my own bread now, have a loaf rising as I write this.
    Everyone, I hope you all stay safe and well, this is a difficult time, many blessings to all of you.
    Jenny, this truly is a wonderful recipe.
    Many thanks. My bread turns out beautiful every time. 🌸

    • Jo-Ellen

      Cheryl & Jenny-
      I was just checking my the recipe for the “no knead” bread and couldn’t believe that you expressed EXACTLY my same feelings about knowing how to MAKE this delicious BREAD!
      There was no bread on shelves earlier this week, so this bread SAVED the DAY!
      I can’t thank you enough, Jenny.
      Cheryl, I agree that this recipe is terrific for all of us.👏👍❤️

  82. Tracy

    Love your videos! Help pls – I’ve made no knead bread 3 times following recipe exactly. Each time the crust is great. But the inside is doughy /kind of wet. I added 20 extra minutes to the 3rd try of this recipe with no better results. Oven temp is correct. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Have you looked at the FAQs? You might just be slicing it too soon.


    I made this a week ago as a Pre-virus bread test.
    Used whole wheat only, didn’t fluff my flower, bread came out a bit dense but it was all eaten.
    Second try today, will substitute 1 cup all purpose white and fluff the flower.
    If I add some honey should I cut the water, was thinking about 2 tablespoons of honey.

  84. John

    Made this and it was great. Never made bread in my life…. 60+ years old great cook but stink at baking. What would I need to do to get it more less dense more airy? longer time to set? warmer temp?

    • Dwight in Red Deer

      There are so many variables in bread making, including location and current humidity, rising temperature, etc. For a better rise you can try a longer seconds rise, and adding a tablespoon of vinegar encourages a higher rise too (without changing the taste). At low altitude you might need a wee bit more water too.

      • John

        Thanks Dwight. I will do a longer 2nd rise first! I REALLY appreciate your help!

      • Paul

        Vinegar is so interesting! I wonder why it rises better? Do the little yeasties like an acidic environment?

  85. Rick in Victoria, BC

    Fantastic and simple recipe. Saw it yesterday and made one loaf. Today is day two and making another!

    I’m out of parchment paper and don’t have a Dutch oven. So, I used a large pot (used to boil water etc), and pre heated it with lid to 450 and then used olive oil to grease the sides and bottom. Turned out just like Jenny’s.

    Thank you!

    • Chrissy

      Will this work with a larger pot? Or does it need to be this size to work well?

      • Daphne

        You don’t even need a pot. You can put it on a baking sheet or on a piece of foil right on your oven rails. Any pot will work. I’ve used baking sheets, foil, Le Creuset Dutch ovens, a frying pan, a cake pan, a glass pie plate, and a ceramic lasagna dish to bake bread. It doesn’t matter. Bon appetit!

  86. Daphne

    Just made a loaf in a deep dish ceramic pie pan. I added cinnamon and raisins to the dough before letting it set. 😀 It came out amazing. I also got busy and forgot about the dough and it sat for 8 hours instead of 3, and the loaf was so light and fluffy out of the oven.

    Use whatever pan or baking sheet you have around, you don’t need cast iron enamel for this recipe. Bon appetit!

    • Paul

      Daphne, I use a round pyrex cassarole dish with lid. It works perfectly! I had never made bread myself before, and now I feel so very awsome!
      Do you put a pan of water in the oven to humidify?

  87. Joellen Fry

    I hope you read this. I made the bread and it turned out perfectly. I’m a good cook but not much of a baker – everything has to be measured correctly. I have two questions: can parmesan or asiago cheese be added to the dough? Is it possible to make a bigger loaf?

    I’m trying your salmon patties next. If they’re as good as the bread, I’m hooked!! lol

  88. Ky - First Timer..!!

    Jenny –

    THANK YOU!! Yesterday was the first day of my bread baking. Growing up my mother (farmers) made 24 loaves of bread plus a pan of cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning breakfast every week. She was a mother of 12 children. I’ve always been a cook I’ve never been a baker but I decided yesterday that was all going to change. I used your recipe and I was completely blown away by how easy it was and how amazing this bread turned out!! I posted photos of the process & final product on Facebook and Instagram and share this recipe with many of my girlfriends and family! It was so perfect that my own son accused me of buying it!! Haha Crusty bread has always been my favorite and this recipe will be used frequently. Thanks again.

  89. Karen

    Hi Jenny love this recipe!!!!!! Can I add grated cheese? And if so when would you add it? Again love this thank so much for sharing!

  90. Mary

    I totally cheated on this. I borrowed the pot, bought my dough from my favorite pizza restaurant, followed the cooking instructions except I coated it with some olive oil, AND IT CAME OUT GREAT ! My 3 other sisters did it the hard way.

  91. Mallory

    Will adding sugar affect the dough?

  92. Tiffany

    Made this last night but used a regular Pyrex measuring cup (didn’t realize to use a different one). My dough was pretty runny where I couldn’t easily form a ball. I also forgot to cover the dough the second time. Despite these errors, THE BREAD CAME OUT AMAZING!!! Thank you for this brilliant recipe. My husband and I love it!!

  93. Judy

    How do you aerate the flour ?

    Have you tried adding few drops of red wine vinegar as per Jim Leahy and Mark Bitman. ?

    1st batch getting 1st rise.

  94. Althea in WY

    I live at high altitude, 4500 feet, and wanted to let others know that following the recipe, exactly, with no changes, the bread came out picture perfect and was delicious. Thanks Jenny for a wonderful recipe…it was just the recipe I was looking for.

    • Paul

      Althea, just to second your thoughts, I live at a very high altitude: 8,400 feet. I follow the recipe exactly and it’s always perfect, rising really well, and with a really crunchy crust! It’s amazing how altitude doesn’t change the results, no?

      • Kaye

        Thanks for this info, I live at 5300 feet and was wondering how long to cook. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks again.

  95. LeMoyne

    Are you sure about 1 1/2 c water? Doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe is correct. Be sure to aerate your flour before measuring.

  96. Deb on Long Island

    Covid -19 encroching , we are not shopping …So Jenny your bread is perfect for us to stay at hone and make tasty, easy bread which we have now call Jenniy Bread xoxoxoxoxo

  97. Lucille

    I have never made homemade bread until yesterday. This recipe was easy and my bread turned out perfect.
    One thing, when I printed the recipe it said the oven should go on 350……but your video said 450. So I put oven at 450……just perfect. Thank you for such a great recipe😊

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tested the print version and it is correct, showing 450. You may have misread my note about my oven taking 35 minutes. Please look again to make sure. (Congrats on your first homemade bread!)

  98. Patty V.

    Jenny, I am eating tender, crusty, artisan bread that was in the oven 15 minutes ago, and I’m in Seventh Heaven!! Followed the recipe and video instructions to a ‘T.” Easiest recipe to follow with outstanding results!! Better than any artisan bakery bread! Simply delicious! Wish I could send you a photo; looks just like yours!

  99. Aimee

    Just made this bread for the first time. Had the cast iron pan but no lid so I used a upside down ceramic cookie sheet over the top. Then used a disposable cake pan with some water on the bottom rack. Turned out beautifully!! Thanks Jenny!

  100. Ted

    Made this for the first time today, at altitude too! I’m at 7500 feet. I followed the recipe verbatim, and it came out wonderful! The only thing I would suggest for next time is to add a little more flour. The bread dough was really loose, and after it baked it was still a bit too moist in the middle to cut cleanly. This is consistent with other high altitude recipes, where they recommend you add a little extra flour to cakes, cookies, etc.
    Thanks Jenny!

  101. Theresa

    I made this bread today and it’s amazing! I can’t wait to try adding some ingredients for extra flavor.

  102. Debra Pingitore

    The best bread ever! So easy turned out beautifully. Will make again.

  103. Linda lou

    Jenny I watched your show all the time. I’m such a fan. Now I watch you cooking and I have to say, I hate baking. I’m a good cook but not a baker.
    I made your bread and it came out beautiful. Thank you because now I’m not afraid to try baking. Love love love when you joke around or say some thing
    Smart ass. Excuse my French. Till the next time I bake!!!!!!

  104. Cathyanne Nonini

    Hello Jenny – have been making this bread every other day! Would you share the brand and perhaps where you purchased your oven gloves? Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t know the brand but I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  105. Infidel

    Are there changes for high altitude? I made notes, not sure why, titch more water, a little lower temp and don’t uncover. Trying the overnight method tonight.

  106. Bill B.

    Jenny, I make a delicious rustic bread in the Dutch oven with the all-purpose flour. I would love to make the same bread but using whole wheat flour. Have you ever done this? What alterations would have to be made using the w.w. flour?

    • Emily

      I have made this with both all purpose flour, and straight up whole wheat flour. Both times they have turned out great. Just before the second rise I add any toppings or spices I want to flavour the dough. But it’s not necessary. It tastes wonderful on its own.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my whole wheat version under Breads.

  107. Dawn

    Jenny, I’ve made your wonderful bread twice now and LOVE it! I wonder if I may add a tablespoon of chopped herbs such as rosemary, thyme, etc. to the flour before mixing? I would like to try to “herb up” your marvellous recipe. What do you think?

    • Sharen

      I have made this recipe multiple times and added a number of different “flavor enhancing” ingredients. I stir the salt and yeast together with the flour (for even distribution), then stir in the flavor enhancing ingredients before adding the water. I’ve used the following ingredients (no more than 2 to 4 at a time):
      Roughly chopped roasted garlic, olives (any kind you prefer), sun dried tomatoes, rosemary, Thyme, crumbled feta cheese, asiago cheese – whatever you have on hand that pleases you. I tend to like the savory flavors but made one loaf with dried cranberries and nuts (it was also very good). Thanks, Jenny, for a wonderfully flexible recipe.

  108. Poppa

    I have made this for my family many times now since I discovered Jenny can cook on you tube. My daughter finally got around to making it since she is a working mom and being such an easy recipe finally made it a couple of weeks ago. She lives in the western USA at higher elevation while we live by the Great Lakes. She called and said the grandkids were so excited that mommy made “poppas bread.” Thanks Jenny. Great recipe and I have modified it a few times. Rosemary bread: rye flour: whole wheat. And just anticipating the different flours, the bread is ALWAYS DELICIOUS! Thank you!

  109. Jan Schuler

    The first time I made this the dough was soft and bubbly, but not since that first time. It still turns out but I would love to see that dough again. What am I doing wrong?

  110. Wendy

    AMAZING! Made the bread on a whim over the weekend. So easy and fun to make – and the big reveal when the bread came out of the oven was very impressive – the perfect loaf of delicious bread! We gobbled up most of it in one sitting!

    Can’t wait to make a whole wheat loaf and try some of your other recipes – Thanks Jenny

  111. Janene B

    Is it 1/4 teas yeast or 1/4 oz, which is size of one packet?

    • RobertM


      I just made the bread today and I used the 1/4 teaspoon. Turned out great.

    • Linda C

      1 “packet” of yeast is 1 Tbsp. You don’t need a lot of yeast for this recipe. I am a bread maker but my son is the one that found this recipe & has made about 6 loaves.. it is really good.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Actually, with the brand I use (Fleischmann’s) a packet of yeast is 2 teaspoons.

        • Lucille

          I bought the Rapid Fleishmans yeast. Is that the correct yeast. I saw in the store that there was also a package called “active yeast”. So Im confused as to which one I should be using. Please help!

          • Jenny Can Cook

            I usually use Fleischmann’s RapidRise but Active Dry yeast will work too.

  112. Cody

    Made this and it looked good- tasted ok, but was a little too dense. My dough was stick but not tooo sticky. Do I need super sticky dough?

  113. Cindy

    I made this with non-alcoholic beer instead of water…WOWZA!!

  114. Ruth Ann

    Just got done making this bread,came out perfect. Do you have suggestion to make gluten free bread this way?

  115. Steven Stimmel

    So this recipe took me 3 attempts before I got it. My problem in the beginning was that I used water that was too hot (from tea pot) . Resulting in dense, raw bread. Using hot tap water was the key. Once I did that , I got fluffy inside and crunchy crust, delicious bread.
    I will be using this recipe for a long time!

    • Ailyn

      Thank you for the tip!
      I used your suggestions with great results.
      Good eating!

    • Chef Tami

      Steve—if the water is too hot it will kill the yeast …bread will end up being a brick 😉

  116. Cindy

    I do not have a Dutch oven. Can I use something else ( which would be?) or do I need to buy a Dutch oven?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Just Me

      I have actually used an enamel roaster which has very thin walls. It worked out great!

  117. Malinda Jones

    I live outside of Houston where it is humid, today was kind of cool outside, so I am close to sea level and I had no problems with this bread. One difference I choose to do was during the 3 hours, I let it rise in a turned off oven with just the light on, and it rised perfectly. I toasted at end for only 10 min. I used a clay loaf pot with lid and MAN I wish I could show you a picture of how gorgeous this looks. I can’t get the kids to leave alone. Great recipe!

    • Linda

      If the only thing you did differently was setting it in your oven to rise, that may be your answer. The oven was maybe too warm causing yeast to rise quickly?

  118. Lady Di South Carolina

    Well….I know it’s my fault, BUT THIS BREAD DID NOT RISE NOR DID IT COOK AFTER 40 MINUTES IN THE OVEN..It looked pretty outside, but after cooling, I cut it with the bread knife and it came out full of sticky gooey dough….

    I bought a new bag of flour and aerated it; I bought a fresh dry active yeast, I temperature tested the hot water and the oven, even streamed Jenny’s video while making it. Both my good friend and I worked side by side and actually videoed our own process and double checked every measurement.

    We had failed another “no fail, no knead bread recipe” before. We had high hopes for this one because Jenny looked so good and happy. Our prior attempt turned into very hard “doorstoppers”. This batch was pretty but a total disaster. In SC where we are known as “the low country” does not have an altitude problem nor was it a humid day. So I am back go good ole beer bread if I want to make some bread or my favorite bread making store. If you have ANY IDEAS of what in the world happened, we would welcome them. By the way we really are pretty good cooks!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for solutions.

    • Mike Jahrig

      I have made this recipe many times and have never had a failure. My guess is that you don’t let it rise long enough or use too low a temperature. I let it rise up to 5 hours in a warm room. This means warm days for me in Texas, not cool winter days. 80 degrees is nice if you can get it. That’s the key. You have to allow the yeast to do its thing.

  119. Kim in central Illinois

    Best bread recipe ever! I learned quickly that my water has to be 125 degrees for the quickest lift and the best shape. Plus, I do not have a Le Creuset dutch oven. But I use my big All Clad lidded cassoulet. The bread is foolproof everytime and the house smells wonderful! Thanks, Jenny! Please make more videos!

  120. Jessica

    Hi! i was wondering if i could make this into a loaf instead? if so are there any different instructions? thanks! 🙂

    • RobertM

      Jessica, I’ve only made the bread in the shape off a loaf so far with no problems. I use an Emile Henry ceramic cookware that only bakes loaves.


      • RobertM

        Forgot to mention that i didn’t change anything in the recipe.

  121. Allyn Curry

    I made this bread last weekend for myself and my boyfriend. (his mom IS a BAKER the BAR IS VERY HIGH) I was so nervous. This came out amazing, easy to put together, crunchy, and tasted DELISH!! I was so pleased. He was so impressed, I sent a photo to his mom and she said it looked amazing and she wished she was her with us to eat it. (shes in OHIO we are in Fla) Thank you Jenny. I will be making this again.

  122. KMP

    Making this delicious bread again for our romantic Valentine dinner by candlelight ❤️🌹

    • Dorie

      I am also making this delicious bread for our valentines dinner! Thanks for the reminder about candles.

  123. G.A. Vaughn

    This is the quickest, easiest, and best bread recipe! Absutely delicious every time.

  124. Ingrid

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to have discovered you by sheer accident!😊
    My loaf ( a vision of beauty) just came out of the oven! I can’t believe this miracle of fast, no knead bread!
    You are a genius. However you will also be guilty of my expanding hips 😊
    Not sure how much of this beauty I want to share? Thanks tons. Who ever needed a bread machine? Are they still around?

  125. Barb

    This is terrific bread! I make it all the time!

  126. Siddha

    This bread is awesome! I’ve made it several times now. Thanks for such an amazing, simple and easy recipe. Is it possible to double the recipe to make a larger bread with the same success?

  127. Brenda, Ontario Canada

    Love this recipe. FYI, found that the enamel cast iron Dutch ovens can’t handle the 450 degrees….actually blister the enamel. So my husband, who loves your recipe by the way, bought me a cast iron, pre-seasoned black cast iron pot.
    Took him two days of searching the web to find only one that would take the heat (actually to 500f). Lagostina brand 6 quart casserole with lid. Go figure.
    Thank you again Jenny!

    • Terry Heisler

      I have a Lodge cast iron pot – also works perfectly.

  128. Bichon mom

    I live at altitude and made some tiny adjustments. About a tablespoon more water and 1/2 tsp yeast, although it works with 1/4 tsp. I start it about 2 hours before bedtime then refrigerate overnight. Also keep my water temp between 120-125. At 130, it didn’t rise. Baked 450 convection for 30 min then uncovered 15 min.

  129. Mark Miller

    If I’m using whole wheat flour, do I need to make any adjustments in the recipe?

  130. Shelly

    When I made this delicious bread, for some reason the bottom crust of the bread is super hard, the top and side are perfectly crunchy. My oven racks are in the middle of the oven. Does anyone know why that happens?

    • Angie

      Try putting the Dutch oven on a cookie sheet, will act as a heat buffer but shouldn’t affect the top crust.

  131. Jant Evers

    Didn’t work for me😭

  132. Liz Petito

    Help! It did not rise properly. Bought new yeast. Tested water with thermometer (128). Used regular flour. It wasn’t as shaggy which tells me my flour had moisture in it (kept in sealed jar on counter). Followed directions. It came out heavy and somewhat flat. Only about 3 in tall.
    I always have a problem with bread not rising. I am 50ft about sea level. Can not get bread to rise and I love to bake bread. Never had this problem till I moved down south. Help! Suggestions?

    • Sharon Kay

      Me too! I got a little rise but bread is heavy and dense not light.

  133. Jolene

    Has anyone tried this recipe with sprouted wheat? I’m a Trim Healthy Mama, and other than sourdough we only use sprouted wheat.

    • Jolene

      I was referring to sprouted wheat flour, sorry.

      • Nonni

        I’m not sure if you’ve found it yet or not, but Jenny has a recipe for a quick and easy Sprouted Wheat bread in loaf style. Just look under the “breads & muffins” to find it.

  134. JoanieART

    I have been making this bread non stop for a few weeks now. So far foolproof! Thank you Jenny x 1000!

    I use a 4 qt cast iron Dutch oven, perfect size. (Tues morning 19.99)

    So far have made all unbleached flour loaf. Perfection.

    Have made 1c whole wheat
    1/2 c alternate flour (oat, millet, will experiment with more flours)
    Then 1.5c unbleached.

    I tend to use a bit more hot water than 1.5c, maybe 2 T?

    On the counter I now have a garlic, fresh thyme, parmesan dough w 1c whole wheat, 2 c unbleached. Today I mixed the dough (without water) in my food processor to mix the garlic, herb and cheese bits around evenly. Smells divine. Wonder if that is like aerating the dough?

    Going to a potluck tonite, hope to impress! 😁

  135. Robin

    Has anybody made this recipe using the Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 cooker? Trying to find out if it can be done.

  136. Bruce Chambers

    Can you use almond flour or other non grain flour for this recipe?

    • JoanieART

      I am working my way thru diff variations. So far total success. I use 1c whole wheat
      1/2 c alternate flour (oat, millet, etc)
      Then 1.5c of unbleached or bread flour….

      Sooo good. I wouldn’t try more than 1/2 c alternate flours per loaf, gluten free is trickier.

      • Hayzl

        What happened with gluten free? I’m having to go gluten free and miss my breads found the insides don’t cook harder to rise and needs more egg is that your experience?
        Please help was spoiled with one good bread recipe and it won’t work gluten free thanks!!!

  137. Miriam

    Oh my gosh! I wish you could smell my kitchen right now!!!!
    It’s my first time making bread, I was really intimidated, but you made it looks so easy that I’ve overcome my fear. Thanks!!!

  138. Joe

    It came out really good. I used half whole wheat floor. I think next time I will only use white. It was my first ever try at bread (I’m 67 y/o male) so I was excited and pleased! Thanks.

  139. Julie

    The bread had a good flavor and texture, I brushed it with olive oil before baking for the last 15 min. The only issue I have is that the bottom if the bread burned. It was black on the bottom. I did not brush the bottom with oil, could my oven be too hot? I wonder what happened. I did let mine rise for a few extra hours.

    • ed redmond

      Hi Julie we have made this bread for 3 years now, it has NEVER burned..did you use the parchment?


    • Jean

      It depends on the actual temp of your oven. Just because the display reads 450, doesn’t mean it is IRL. My oven also is too hot so I bake them at 425. They come out perfect.

      Also, maybe your rack is too far down. Make sure it is centred in the oven. Try doing both.

  140. Amanda

    Can any other flours be used besides wheat? Same working/resting/cooking times for other flours and flour substitutes?

  141. Ron

    Can this same recipe be used to make rye bread.
    just making this bread today,thank you for this recipe.

  142. Judy W

    I’ve made this 6 times in the past 2 weeks. The first loaf got gobbled down by my son and daughter-in-law and their 3 yr old daughter at dinner the first time I made it. Mark said best bread ever! I’ve done the rise for 3 hours and 24 hours. Both great – the 24 hour a little better!. So happy to have this recipe.

  143. Christina Barnes

    Great recipe! Made it this weekend and it worked and was so delicious. I’ve tried making bread in the past with no luck. Thank you for such a great, easy to follow recipe! Next I want to try the buns!

  144. Kevin

    Have always enjoyed baking bread but was looking for something quicker. Saw this recipe on youtube and actually bought a dutch oven just for it. What I chose though is the 2qt Lodge cast iron. It was PERFECT! The bread was crispy on the outside, soft & chewy on the inside. Ate it with just some butter but also threw together some olive oil with italian seasonings. The dutch oven saved me a few bucks and it’s smaller size makes it easier to store. Great bread all around.

  145. Gregory Roman

    Can I add Raisins and Walnuts???
    I bet that would be wonderful 🙂

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, you can. I have also posted my own “Fruit & Nut” version here.

    • Jean

      Try cinnamon, raisin and cream cheese. That’s a good one or add yogurt for a mock sourdough.

  146. emmylyn

    If you’re making the WHOLE WHEAT version of this be sure to go to the whole wheat recipe; this one will not work, even though she says in this video that it will. There are several important differences. Also I wish she had SAID in the video that you should aerate the flour!

    • JanNan

      I knew nothing about aerating flour. Two lumpy dry batches tossed.

      • Patricia

        Approximately 60 Years I’ve been an Avid Baker, I weigh all dry ingredients. You need to google which flour, sugar etc. Bread flour is heavier than All Purpose. Baking is a Science, unlike Cooking, weighing ensures Your recipes (should) be Perfect.
        Digital Scares are inexpensive.

  147. New DO baker

    Call me crazy, I was excited to order a beautiful blue enamel DO from Amazon just to make this bread. It came in today! Upon reading the instruction booklet it says not to exceed oven temp of 400. Should I risk it?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I would not take the risk and return it. Kohls sells a 5 1/2 quart DO (Food Network brand), oven-safe to 500° in their store and online and it’s on sale for $51. (and it has a metal knob)

    • Bichon mama

      I use a lodge cast iron DO from Walmart. Works like a charm and reasonably priced.

    • Candice

      I have a Tramontina 6qt Dutch oven. It has a plastic lid handle and because of that they recommend the 400 degree max temperature. The plastic handle is screwed onto the top. I just unscrew the handle and remove the plastic piece and put the metal screw back in the the hole from thtop to make sure the steam can’t escape. I have great oven mitts up to 500 degrees and I can easily get the hot top off using those. I just made a loaf of this bread today and used the 450 degree setting with no issues. Hope this helps.

  148. Stan

    Jenny I made this bread tonight for my family. It was a huge hit! It was easy and looked just like the picture. Glad I found your site. Thanks

  149. DJ

    Loved this recipe….now, would like to try some variations. Anyone try some th that was good?

    • Stacie

      I added chopped kalamata olives and italian seasoning and it is AMAZING!

  150. Phil

    Bake at 450°

    Watch video

  151. Chris

    What a find! I’ve never baked bread before beyond using a bread making machine. The photo for this recipe and its simplicity caught my attention and moved me to try baking it. The results have been truly exceptional and I need to increase production to meet demand. The bread is visually appealing, chewy and crusty, just like a good french baguette. I notice that a loaf maintains those qualities for a good day or two after baking. I would love to hear what you do to preserve its freshness.
    Thanks very much,

    • Walter

      Store in a paper bag. The white smooth kind preferred. Let’s the loaf breath but not dry out too fast. Not that it lasts more than a day and can’t dry out.

  152. Hallie

    Made this yesterday for my husband on his day off. He was so excited to see and smell the process and the bread was fantastic! I have made the 18 hr no knead version years ago and this is as good as that is but way easier and quicker. Gonna make a loaf with 1/3 whole wheat flour today. All measurements worked well for me. My oven only takes 20 min to get to 450. Thanks Jenny❣️

  153. Janie

    Hi Jenny,
    I LOVE this bread! The first time I made it, it was perfect. Now I’m making
    2 loves to take to my son and his family tomorrow. I know they will love it!
    Janie. 😀

  154. Mike

    I use the all purpose flour and seams to me that 1.5 off water os too much is very very liquid if inadd more flour then the yeast amount change is bread flour better?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please check the FAQs for a possible explanation.

    • Jean

      I’ve experienced the same problem. My 4th try I used 1 1/4 cup water and baked at 425 F as my oven heats high. I use a Pyrex casserole with cover. Let it set after shaping for 40 minutes and baked for 40 minutes. Still too dense so next time I’ll use only one cup of water. All else as per recipe. I live in Vancouver, BC, Rey low altitude. Good luck. J

  155. LizK

    Thank you for a great recipe! This is truly the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever made. I made it over the weekend and I’m making another loaf to go along with some homemade soup tonight. In the future, I plan on adding some extra seasonings or things like cheese, pepperoni, etc.

  156. Sassyspuds

    I made 2 batches tonight. Got the idea to cut up some dates and add some whole pecans to one loaf. It should taste yummy! I’ve made savory ones in the past too with spicy spaghetti seasoning with roughly chopped herbs. It was wonderful dipped in garlic olive oil. Thx Jenny for all your inspirational videos. Hey, guess what!!! I found out my birth parents were Polish!! Now I need to learn all their famous dishes. Wishing you were my next door neighbor. 💞😋🍲🤗

  157. Grnprl

    It is a great bread!! Thanks so much for the simple recipe!!!

  158. Wendy

    I made this dough for the first time last night at 9:30pm. Let it rise on the counter overnight. Following all directions made it and served with breakfast this morning.. this is a fantastic recipe that I will be making again.. could be as soon as I finish typing this comment.

  159. Suzanne

    I don’t know what’s wrong. dough will not rise. I have made recipe three times and follow instructions. First two made in plastic bowl. Third in ceramic. Tried on counter, on stove top with oven on warm and finally in oven,warm with door open. I can’t believe I can’t master a four ingredient recipe.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

    • michelle

      check date on yeast! This is a fool proof recipe. I even omit heating pot. I just preheat oven to 450, put the dough on the parchment paper in the pot and cover , cook for 30 min exactly uncover don’t remove the parchment and its perfect every time. I LIGHTLY BRUSH MINE WITH A SEaSONED EVOO AND SALT TO TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF DELICIOUSNESS

      • Kimberly


        Do you brush on the EVOO and salt before or after baking? Thanks!

    • Maria

      It sounds as if your yeast is old. I have made this bread numerous times and it never fails.

  160. Mitch Harris

    About 8 am, I mix up the bread dough, set the time for the 3 hours or more and go to work. I come in about noon and fold the dough on the floured board, put it in the parchment paper lined bowl and cover with towel for 30 minutes. That’s when I turn on the oven to 450 degrees and put the cooking pot in to warm up.
    Thirty minutes, the oven is hot with hot pot and I lift the dough with parchment paper and drop it in the hot pot, put on the lid…use gloves or pot holder. Thirty minutes, I take out of oven. take off the hot lid and pull the bread out with the parchment paper handles, remove the paper and put bread back in the pot, no lid and I do about 10-15 minutes to brown it up.

    You guys, Jenny’s got this right, any guy can make this bread and it turns out perfect every time. Just remember, the lid and pot are hot…don’t touch it.! I have made it 4 times on a Saturday…it’s like sour dough, tough and hard crispy…a man’s and real woman’s bread…no offence.

  161. Cheryl

    Omg I make this bread all the time . Today I added 4 tsp of everything but the bagel spice into the dough. Before baking I sprayed the dough with water and sprinkled it with 2 tbls of the spice and baked as per the recipe . It was AMAZING. Such a versatile bread
    Thank you

  162. Johanna

    Today was the first time in 40 years I made bread. It turned out beautiful and lovely. I used a dutch oven. I’ll be trying more of Jenny’s recipes. I’m hooked now.

  163. ApacheUB

    I love your love for the bread and the way you explain the way on how to make it, you have the most beautiful attitude, love it, I did bake the bread with sesame on top of it, so very simple and delicious, thank you!!!

  164. Linda


    My bread didnt rise as much as yours. I just bought the yeast. I aerated the flour with a fork. I didn’t have a ceramic dutch pot but I had a metal one with a top that I used. Not sure what I did wrong. I also made the rolls. They too didnt rise like yours. The dough got bubbly. I thought I did everything right.

  165. Barb

    Hi Jenny,
    What to do when 400* is suppose to be highest temp with the parchment paper?

    Secondly, what do you mean about ‘aerating the flour? Sift it? I’m making a loaf now and I could see little flour bits throughout, or is that normal?

    Thirdly (last one, I promise 😉 don’t have an oven as I use my Breville conventual counter-top oven. The lid to my dutch oven pan won’t fit.. can I place aluminum foil on top instead?

    • john hughes

      KIng Arthurs brand paper is rated at 450 degrees

    • michelle

      aerating flour, flour compacts in bag. fluff it up with spoon/fork and don’t dip measure cup into it. spoon flour into your measuring cup, better yet use a gm scale if you want to be accurate. also you need the proper equip if you want this to turn out perfect. dutch oven with lid and parchment paper and you need an oven that will really heat up to 450 to get this chewy on outside and dense delicious bread on inside

  166. Romina

    Hi Jenny, I made this bread three times. It is very good but I can’t get it to crack on the top like yours. What am I doing wrong?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s possible your oven was not preheated long enough. An oven thermometer will confirm if the temperature is correct.

    • michelle ruggiero

      I run a sharp knife down the edge not deep just a smidge. Be sure to quickly remove lid after the 30 min and close door. You want the oven to stay hot hot hot for the remaining time 10-15 min . that crisps up crust

  167. Manuela Cavazos

    I Love how it was done and how easy I’m crazy for bread. Thanks so sweet of you to share your wonderful blessings Amen 🙏🤗😘🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀

  168. Tish

    Stellar recipe!!
    The bread turned out exactly as pictured-and that is more than I can say for most of the online recipes I have tried lately!!

    Thank you for the simplicity, and deliciousness of this recipe, and for sharing.

    I found the high heat to be crucial and the bread is super crispy. Thanks again!!

  169. Mary A

    I plan on baking this bread tomorrow, but I want to use my sourdough starter instead of yeast, and adjust the liquid and flour ratio as needed. Has anyone else tried this? Any observations or advice to share?

  170. Mike

    My wife requested a Dutch Oven for Christmas several years ago and rarely uses it. I found this recipe on YouTube and have since made this bread twice. I’ve made many breads over the years and this has become one of my favorites due to it`s ease and speed to table.

  171. Kristen

    Jenny, this bread is magical! I’ve never made bread in my life and I made this recipe THREE times this week for my family – they can’t get enough! I found your Youtube channel and, as someone who’s never much liked cooking, I’m suddenly cooking everything in sight! I also made your pizza, your meatloaf and your Quick & Easy Chocolate cake is in the oven as I type! Everything has been delicious and so easy! Needless to say, my family loves you – and so do I! Tomorrow night, your Salmon Patties are on the menu 😉.

  172. Peggie

    My first attempt did not turn out well….the inside was way undercooked and the outside was almost impossible to cut through. Idea?

  173. June Tsuda

    I loved this recipe my bread was delicious I made it in my big aluminum pot with a lid thankyou Jenny can cook this is a keeper

  174. Angela

    I just made this bread tonight, in my new Lodge 4.5 Dutch oven, and it came out perfect!! I’ll be serving it for dinner with Ziti with meat sauce. This will definitely be my “go to” crusty bread. Looking forward to trying the Rye bread version. I’ll still use my bread machine for some recipes, but this bread’s definitely a keeper!! Thanks for the great recipe and tips!!

  175. Margaret

    I have now made this bread at least a 1/2 dozen times. Love, love, love, love it! I have a bowl started now and with out of town foodie guests arriving this afternoon, I am debating if I’m brave enough to add some herbs to this loaf, or just keep it regular but mash up some seasoned butter.

    Highly recommend this recipe and have shared it with several friends who are equally as pleased. Thank you, Jenny!

  176. Chgogirl1960

    Perfect! As written, didn’t change a thing!

  177. Lindyloo

    Loved your talk show back in the day, Jenny.

    This bread is AMAZING! I mixed it up around 11 PM last night with cool water and let it ferment overnight. About 12 hours later I took it out for the second rise and then baked it. Husband and I agree that it is far better than other no-knead breads. I’ll even go so far as to say that it’s pretty close to the Italian bread that I make, which requires kneading, and takes 3 days with fermenting and cold rising!

    My flour must have a lot of moisture because my pantry is in our mud room and we’ve had snow for the past few days. My dough was too wet, but I simply added more flour before the second rise. Next time I’ll use less water.

  178. Alex

    I have a gigantic round Le Creuset lidded pot, but the rest of mine are oval. I put the dough, still in its parchment in my 5 qt oval Le Creuset and the loaf stayed round. Has anyone tryed baking a double recipe size loaf?

  179. Alex

    My whole life I wanted to make bread like this. Substantial & moist inner goodness, crunchy and beautiful rustica looking on the outside. Thank goodness I could care less about carb intake! You made me so happy!!!!! Can’t wait to make some surprise loaves for friends and for church. Woohoo!

  180. Anna

    Wow, first time making this bread and it was delicious! This recipe is very easy to follow and the results are fabulous. I sent my kids a photo of the bread and I had them drooling from afar. I used my mom’s old dutch oven, which made it extra special for me. Thank you Jenny!

  181. Traci D

    I’m out of parchment paper. Can I use aluminum foil instead?

    • Michael W

      You can just put it in the Dutch Oven without Parchment paper. It may be browner on the bottom.

  182. Angela

    I am shopping around for a new enamel on cast iron Dutch oven so that I will be able to make this bread. However, every Dutch oven I have researched states that it will withstand oven temperatures to 400 degrees, and this recipe calls for 450 degrees. Also, has anyone made this bread in a 5.5 size Dutch oven?

    • Mari Anne

      “Romertopf Clay Pot Oven”
      I have a Tramontina Dutch oven and I have the same problem, it recommends you not go any higher than 400°. Jenny has recommended using a clay pot for those who don’t have a Dutch oven, or in our case, one that can’t go up to 450° .
      30 years ago, someone gave me a clay pot oven, but I never used it – until tomorrow. It can go up to 475°.

      • Angela

        Thank you so much for your reply! I ended up finding a very nice forecourt lodge brand Dutch oven for a very reasonable price. I can’t wait to try making the spread, I will be sure to post pictures when I have done. Thanks again for your help and reply!

    • Mari Anne

      Here’s a link to an example of a Romertopf clay pot oven. However, the one on the link is only 4 quarts, and I think the one Jenny uses
      is 6 quarts. Anyway, they definitely sell larger ones:

    • Sue

      My Martha Stewart Dutch oven safe to 500 degrees F. I love it.

    • Mike K

      You can get a good cast iron dutch Oven at resale stores for $20 to $25 and they can be used at higher temperatures.

    • Susan

      Lodge Dutch Oven
      Can be heated starting in cold oven to 450*
      I bought one at Costco recently
      They are also on Amazon
      Make sure that whatever you buy has a lid/knob that is oven proof

    • HerbGardener

      The way I understand it, the heat limitation is not for the dutch oven, but for the knob on the lid. Make sure you purchase a DO with a metal knob. Jenny suggested the Food Network 3.5 qt model from Kohls. I have that and I can confirm that it works perfectly. I also have a Tramontina 7 qt with a metal knob. Same report.

  183. Ursula

    Best bread recipe ever!! I love it! Recipe has been shared with friends. Thanks again!

  184. Gloria

    Great recipe. I made it gluten free, added 2 3/4 cups of water using the King Arthur Flour. It rises and tastes great, for someone used to the gluten free recipes.

    • ellen

      Hi, Did you really mean you used 2 3/4 cups of water?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I wondered about that too. I think it was a typo.

        • Gloria

          Yes, because the flour didn’t get wet enough. I have used 2 2/3 or 2 1/2. I think the gluten flour absorbs more water, not sure but it works.

          • Gloria

            I added water to get the consistency of your dough.

            Also, like with other bread gluten free recipes, check the bottom, if it feels wet, cook it 30 minutes longer. Hope this helps.

            • Ruth Ann

              Could you give me hours you made gluten free. Please

  185. Ggr878

    Great recipe. I made it gluten free, added 2 3/4 cups of water using the King Arthur Flour. It rises and tastes great, for someone used to the gluten free recipes.

  186. Ggr878

    Great recipe. I made it gluten free, added 2 3/4 cups of water using the King Arthur Flour.

    • Cristi

      I am trying the Gluten Free version. You needed to add 3/4 cup more water to this version?

  187. Lumi

    Thank you so much . This was the easiest bread recipe. And my family loved it . Especially my little one who has so many allergies, this makes things a little more simple . Thank you again next is your bread rolls .

  188. Caroline

    I just made the no knead brand exactly what ‘s on the recipe, except I used cooled water as id did not to cook right away. OMG! it is super amazing, I am super proud that I made it. I love it a lot, even liked it too. From now on no more bakery bread. What’s not to like super easy to make, just make sure you follow the direction.
    Thanks Jenny for sharing this recipe, now I knew why everyone gave it 5 star.

  189. Clare

    When dough is transferred to Dutch oven does paper cover the top of the dough or line the bottom?

    • Steffie

      You simply lift the dough by the parchment and move it over to the Dutch oven. It acts like a cradle. It will be under the dough as it starts to bake.

    • Marilyn

      The parchment paper covers the bottom of the dough with enough paper on the side of the dough to assist in the transfer.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can see it clearly in the video if that helps.

      • Barb

        Bought a 5qt dutch oven today. Can go up to 450*…. looking at a roll of parchment paper on Amazon but says heat no higher than 425*.. can it still be done, Jenny?

        P.S. love your little humor bits on your vids… gotta laugh!

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Reynolds brand also indicates 425° but I use it all the time with no issues.

          • john hughes

            King Arthurs brand paper rated to 450 degrees

  190. Susan Berg

    I have always wanted to make bread but believed it would be much to time consuming. When I was a working Mom with a busy family, I just didn’t take the time to learn or even try! I wish i had this recipe When my kids were youngsters. Thank you for posting Jenny. This is one recipe I will definitely make!

  191. Marilyn

    I went to buy dry yeast and next to it was a packet of sourdough and was wondering if it can be used with yeast or instead of?????

    • Loreen

      This is an exert from Chuck’s comment below…hope this helps!

      December 24, 2019 at 11:14 am
      A few things I’ve learned

      … And I’ll sometimes use sourdough starter instead of yeast,
      so I don’t need a separate process.

      I also find this is a good start on making other loaves if
      I ‘cold ferment’ for a few days. It develops a lot more flavor,
      and then I can take it out, add a bit more flour and knead it
      into a stiffer dough (after warming at room temp) and can
      make french loaves, braided loaves, brush the tops with
      oil or an egg wash .. you can just do so much with it!

      How much sour dough starter did you use?

      December 29, 2019 at 7:12 am

      I just add a cup or so to an existing recipe.
      (leaving out the yeast)
      The starter is just flour and water, and it
      isn’t enough to seriously affect the hydration
      ratio in a no knead recipe.

  192. Harriet

    Can you use this dough to make sugar/cinnamon and apple loaves?

  193. Georgette

    Can you tell me how to adjust the recipe for high altitude?

  194. Barbara Schooley

    How would I make it into a sourdough bread. from this Recipe? Sounds and looks Great!

    • F. J. Talley

      I let the dough proof in the beginning not for 3 hours, but for 12-18. That allows some of the natural sourness of the dough to develop. While I wouldn’t say it’s officially “sourdough,” it has much the same flavor, and it doesn’t require you to develop or use a starter.

      • Sue

        I’m wondering what was the temperature of your kitchen?

        I made this recipe yesterday, January 12, with a combo of all purpose flour, 1/2 c oats and few tablespoons of flax meal and as Its winter here the kitchen is cool. It took 5 hours on the counter to double on the first rise, so overnight even in a cool kitchen I’m thinking it might overproof. Maybe that isn’t an issue on the first rise? Has anyone had this happen?

        I also make sourdough bread and do it overnight in the fridge on the second rise then a warmup time before baking the next day.

        • HerbGardener

          In winter I use my oven to rise bread dough. It’s an electric oven, so just the light bulb creates enough warmishness to keep the dough cozy. With a gas stove, the pilot light does the same job.

  195. Anna

    I made this bread for my daughter’s wedding , old Polish/Slavic tradition to greet the new couple with bread and salt! It turned out great!

  196. Luc

    If I want to 1/2 the recipe, how long should I cook it for? Thank you

  197. Patty

    First loaf today and I’m very happy with it.

  198. Shannan

    Help. I proofed my dough for 3 hours and tried to take it out of bowl to kneed, but it spread out like crazy. What did I do wrong? My first loaf came out beautiful, not sure what happened this time. Thank you, Shannan

  199. Loni

    I made this bread today. I took the lid off for 7 minutes after it baked for the 30 minutes. It was so crunchy on the outside (but not hard at all). It was soft and pillowy on the inside. Absolutely delightful and foolproof! I can’t wait to make this for my family and friends! Thanks Jenny Jones!

  200. Safemike1

    I am wondering if I can follow the same recipe except use Almond flour instead? My father can eat bread with Almond flower but not bread with white flour.

    Thank you

  201. Lisa Edmiston

    I just want to take a moment to say that I’ve been baking bread for 40 years and this is my favorite bread recipe ever. It has everything! Ease, convenience, and out of this world texture and flavor. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  202. Cettlb

    Made it last night. Was so easy and so good. Husband loved it. Can it be made into sour dough bread?

  203. Jamie

    Great recipe! I watched the tutorial on youtube; I was uncertain it would work out when I mixed everything up, but it did! My husband praised it as “a phenomenon,” and my kids said they were going to sneak out of their beds in the middle of the night to eat some more. So, yea … delicious bread! Thank you for the recipe and funny tutorials 🙂

  204. Maureen

    Sadly my turned out to be super dense.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

    • Godwin Joe

      Mine diid the same thing first three times. Not to give up just yet tho. Too many successful stories to give up. Maybe 4 is the best and right. Adjusted yeast content and didn’t seem to make a difference.

  205. Kathy

    If I wanted to add jalepenos and cheese to this-when would I do this

  206. Diana in Livermore

    I have a 6 quart dutch oven . . is that too large to make the bread?

    • Michael

      We literally just did this and it worked out just fine! It’s actually easier when removing the parchment paper and removing the bread when it’s done.

    • Maddy

      Can i malr the bread in a 6 quart durmtc oven?

    • Chuck

      If your Dutch oven is too large, you can always put
      a smaller Pyrex bowl in it. Put your parchment and
      dough right in the pre-heated bowl and Dutch oven.

  207. Jesse

    I loooooooooove this recipe! Truthfully, at first I did not believe it would rise, or bake correctly. As I put the pan in the oven I had a mini panic and sent DH out for “emergency bread” for dinner in case the loaf was a flop. All of that was silliness because it came out PERFECTLY. The crust was HEAVEN. This recipe is dangerous if you are watching your carbs.

  208. Rosalinde

    Your fast yeast bread looks great. I’ve been looking for a great hard crust pumpkin bread recipe with a wonderful pumpkin flavor. Whole Foods used to sell a great pumpkin bread in their bread section but that person quit making it about 7 years ago.
    Your bread looks perfect to make a pumpkin recipe. Would you know how to do this.
    Thanks for helping,

    • Janis Spell

      I would mix pumpkin and water to equal 1 and 1/2 cups (not so thick, more on the soupy stage) and mix with the dry ingredients.

  209. Jacob

    Is there a high-altitude version of this recipe? Thanks!

    • Dave

      No knead bread is so flexible and forgiving, I’d try it just as published. What have you got to lose?

      • tim smith

        someone asked about high-altitude baking: you could try increasing th structure, by adding an extra tablespooon of flour.

  210. Alisa, Santa Barbara,CA

    Perfection! This is by far the best I have made.. thank you Jenny!!

  211. Brenda

    I won a bread contest with this recipe at our church picnic last year.

  212. Anne Nowlin

    Jenny I am so excited to say the bread was amazing. You are amazing because of your enthusiasm made me make it. Now I know I never have to run out and buy bread again. Can’t wait to try variations and other recipes. Fantastic and the 1/2 and 1/2 butter is wonderful …..especially on warm bread coming right out of the oven. Yum…doesn’t get any better and so easy!!!

  213. angelina c tavares

    made the bread and it turn out great ! thank you easy recipe and my family loved it.

  214. Linda L

    Had many compliments about this bread! Don’t be afraid – try it!

  215. Cheryl

    I just made this bread. Not only does it taste great, it also looks really good. Definitely a bread I will make often. It was incredibly easy and only took a small amount of ingredients.

  216. Sherri V. Hennessy

    Jenny, the best bread ever. Thank you!

  217. Suzy R

    Confused about that water temp. My Fleischmann’s active dry yeast packets says not to go over 110 degrees or you’ll kill the yeast. What kind/brand did you use?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use Fleischmann’s yeast. Please see the FAQs about yeast.

  218. Lynda

    Dear Jenny:
    I just made the speedy version of your no-knead bread (the one in which you put the bread and the pot its in into a cold oven). The crust is absolutely to die for — I’ve never made nor even bought a bread with a comparably crusty a crust! I have one problem, however, and I love the bread so much that I desperately hope it can be solved. A major attraction of bread, to me, is its distinctly yeasty taste. Yeast (and salt) are the only ingredients in bread that DO taste. But this bread, as perfect as its crust is, has virtually no taste at all. The yeasty taste is gone. I badly want to fix this, and I thus hope you can help. Since it is the taste of yeast that is gone, the only solution I can think of is to increase the yeast — would doubling the yeast be possible without ruining the perfect crust? Please help!

    • Lindyloo

      I haven’t tried the quick version, but I suspect that is why the flavor is so mild.
      Use the Faster No Knead Bread recipe. Mix the ingredients and let them ferment, covered, on the counter for about 12 hours. The longer fermentation increases the flavor. Prep it before you go to bed and you can go straight to the second rise in the morning. You’ll have bread in less than 2 hours.

  219. Vonnie

    My bottom crust was really tough. I could hardly cut it with a bread knife and it was tough to chew. Should I not cook so long or what might cause the toughness???

  220. Carol Sparks

    Note to self. CHECK YOUR YEAST EXPIRY DATE! I’ll try this recipe again. lol Will update when I get it right with the yeast next time.

  221. Michelle W

    It’s a cold and dreary day so I wanted to make some bread to warm me up. Your recipe looks so easy. This is my first time making bread, hope it works. Thank you

  222. Erma

    I’ve cycled through so many no-knead recipes, each one a success, but I’ve come back to your recipe on multiple occasions. It’s just so easy! And here I am, having a relaxed and lazy Christmas and thought i’d make some of Jenny’s bread. Thank you again (and again) and enjoy your holiday!

  223. Chuck

    A few things I’ve learned

    First, I’ve made this bread for years and love it. It’s easy
    and inexpensive. And I already had an 8 qt dutch oven
    and didn’t want to buy another one just for bread.
    (they’re not cheap!)

    But I find that my 3 qt Pyrex bowl fit nicely inside the
    dutch oven. That was on sale for $5. That keeps the
    loaf taller, since it doesn’t spread out in a dutch oven
    that is too large. And it still allows me to use the lid to
    quickly bake. Just pre-heat with the bowl inside the
    dutch oven.

    It’s easy to add things like rosemary, garlic etc to the
    dough for a flavored bread.

    And I’ll sometimes use sourdough starter instead of yeast,
    so I don’t need a separate process.

    I also find this is a good start on making other loaves if
    I ‘cold ferment’ for a few days. It develops a lot more flavor,
    and then I can take it out, add a bit more flour and knead it
    into a stiffer dough (after warming at room temp) and can
    make french loaves, braided loaves, brush the tops with
    oil or an egg wash .. you can just do so much with it!

    • Floyd Austin Peek

      How much sour dough starter did you use?

      • Chuck

        I just add a cup or so to an existing recipe.
        (leaving out the yeast)
        The starter is just flour and water, and it
        isn’t enough to seriously affect the hydration
        ratio in a no knead recipe.

        Yesterday’s experiment was to add some
        garlic and Bell’s seasoning to the mix. I thought
        it would last for a day or two, but now I’m out
        of bread. And butter. I’m so ashamed.

        ok, I’m over it.

        • Laurie Levites

          hahaha.. I am hysterically laughing at your shame.. because I understand!

  224. Floyd Austin Peek

    Can sourdough starter be used with this recipe? Have you ever tried it?

  225. Dieter Dittrich, Mackenzie, BC

    You are a joy to watch! I made 5 of your loaves now in 2 weeks using 4 different flours always 1 cup of each and changing it around next loaf. 1st time was white all purpose flour, whole grain and multi grain. Now I also use Spelt and white bread flour and not using white bleached all purpose flour anymore, even though every loaf so far has been a perfect result in my new enameled cast iron Dutch oven. According to some of the posters I am doing it all wrong, using the same vessel for measuring flour and water. On top of that I use my favourite coffee mug which does not conform to some measuring sizes, so much blah, blah sometimes. Sooo delicious. It pays to just follow your instructions.

  226. Ursula

    I made this bread for the first time yesterday. It turned out perfect and was DELICIOUS!!!! I say was because it is all gone aleady. It was so easy and made the house smell wonderful. I used a 3 quart Dutch Oven and it was the perfect size. I am going to make another loaf today with whole wheat flour to see how that does. Thank you for this great and easy recipe!

  227. Royce

    Wanted to make a bread bowl for my “famous” cheese soup for Christmas eve for the In-Law Parents. Took this recipe and your roll recipe and morphed them. The roll recipe isn’t quite enough for 4 good sized bread bowls. BUT I absolutely love the recipe and how easy it is to make! Hint for others – the quantity you have in the bowl when you let it sit the first time is about the quantity you’ll end up with. It doesn’t rise much but has a great yeasty flavor!!
    These are dense enough to hold a thinner soup (think french onion) or a hearty soup (think chowder or chili!) I can promise you this will be on our table frequently!

    • Marilyn Joan Warren

      Thanks for the hint. I will be making French Onion Soup for 4 people this weekend and wanted to use a bread bowl but will be rushed. The idea you came up with will be just perfect. You are a jewel.

  228. Ian

    First off, you have great recipes. I just watched the vidéo and as someone who does keto, that was a great closing comment. I don’t eat the carbs, I just bake em for my wife and daughter.

  229. Mike is Right

    Dear Stupid People,

    Love u hate u, it’s the easiest and most reliable recipe on the planet. I have so many words yet I’m so flambastick over my dear friend Shoosh, Nancy the closet Catholic

  230. Grace

    I am a little confused, your breads say ‘easy- no knead’ and then require you to fold over 10-12 times. Isn’t that essentially kneading? I am new to bread making- I do have some recipes that you just put the dough in the bowl or on the baking sheet and gently shape. Would you please explain the difference to me?

    Thank you.

    • Lara

      No, the folding doesn’t count as “kneading”. Kneading is a much more involved process that creates a different type of bread. The folding/shaping of all of these “no-knead” bread are just shades of grey compared to bread which is kneaded.

  231. Susan

    Just made a loaf of whole wheat bread from your recipe and my husband is going crazy over it. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  232. Lynn

    Jenny, My bread just came out of the oven and it looks and tastes fabulous!

    OMG! You’re a genius!

    I used my grandmother’s 70+ year old aluminum dutch oven and it worked beautifully!

    Merry Christmas!

  233. Telegram Sam

    I’ve never baked anything except chocolate chip cookies off the back of the chip package, and those were terrible. But THIS turned out perfect. Amazing. Life-affirming After devouring half the loaf, my GF said it’s the best thing I’ve ever made (of which I have mixed feelings). I followed the recipe like I was defusing a bomb, to the letter, and now I’m looking forward to playing around with honey, rye seeds, what have you. I’m also looking forward to trying other recipes on this site. TBH I don’t even know how I wound up here but I’m glad I did. I’m never buying bread again.

    • Marci

      This is one of the most entertaining and helpful comments about a recipe that I’ve ever read! Thanks, T Sam, for making me laugh out loud this morning and want to make this bread right now!

  234. Homestead Girl

    Have you tried this with 1:1 Gluten Free flour? Or almond flour?


    Has anyone tried making this bread in a hard anodized dutch oven, such as Bialetti Arte Aluminum versus a heavy cast iron dutch oven?


      I did read the FAQ’s, I’m throwing this out to the community to see if they are happy with the results using an alternate pot.

      • Beth

        I recently made a similar no-knead bread and used a seasoned Lodge cast iron dutch oven (basically a deep pot with a frying pan on top) and used the parchment paper to lift it in/out of the pot. It worked out perfectly!

    • Lynn

      Linda, I just pulled my bread out of the oven, and it looks fabulous – very artisanal!

      I used a 70+ year old aluminum dutch oven that was owned by my grandmother! Thought I’d give it a try before I bought a new one – just save $60!

      Merry Christmas!

  236. Nancy Baumann

    Hi Jenny…love your video’s…can this recipe be modified to 2 cups flour and the same amount of other ingrediants or would you modify the amount of both yeast and salt…I have an outdoor dutch oven that is not as hiogh and the lid sits level with the top…so concerned about it being a bit too big/round a loaf for it…thank you for your imput!!! would so love making this bread successfully!!!

    • crackerssouth

      You can devide it however you want, water will always be 66% of the flour, salt and yeast can remain the same. ei: 2 cups flour would be 2 x .66 = 1.32 cups water.(11oz)

  237. Dave M

    Jenny, I have a question. As a diabetic, white flour and I do not get along at all. In saying that; this recipe looks amazing. Can I bake this using whole wheat flour? If so; what adjustments would it require?

    OH…and thank you for posting this from one Canuck to another.

    • Dave M

      OOPS…I should have watched the video first, apparently you can use whole wheat. Any suggestions on how to do up whole wheat? It has a different texture straight out of the bag, so I just wondered. Thanks again. Dave.

    • Dave

      OOPS…I should have watched the video first, apparently you can use whole wheat. Any suggestions on how to do up whole wheat? It has a different texture straight out of the bag, so I just wondered. Thanks again. Dave.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my whole wheat version.🇨🇦

      • Josh’s Mom

        My adult son is FINALLY interested in learning to cook and bake. Will this recipe work in a Romertopf clay pot ( 4.2 qts) ?
        I would so love to have him learn to bake his own bread. I used to bake bread, and he could make a fresh loaf of warm bread faster than anyone else I’ve ever met.

  238. Mark in USC

    “JennyJones, we have a problem”……this is WAAAY too good and WAAAY too easy! So much for swearing off bread!! Measured everything by weight using KA’s bread flour. Was probably a bit ‘heavy’ on the yeast, but no issue. Added 1+ tbsp of organic honey as last ingredient before it rested for 3 hours, then patted it out and sprinkled some cinnamon-butter-sugar-flour before the final roll-up. Will make wonderful French toast, but probably won’t last that long! Tomorrow ….another day…..another loaf.

  239. FELICIA

    I made this crusty read. I couldn’t believe how easy this was. I’m terrible at baking, but this was amazing and delicious.
    I’m obsessed with all of Jenny’s recipes.

  240. Guy Cesario

    I made this a few days ago and it was perfect. Although I do have a Dutch Oven which I often use to bake bread, this time I baked it in a small granite ware roasting pan. Same temperature, same time, just shaped the dough into a batard instead of a boule. I wish there was a way to send you a picture.

  241. Tony Neto

    Hi Jenny i really like your video the bread looks excellent , whate is Knead Bread???and i look forward for more videos thanks >>>

  242. Pam

    I weigh my flour for consistent results. Three cups is essentially one pound of flour. I learned this when I had my cookie business.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for your information but when I use my kitchen scale, one cup of flour weighs 4 1/2 ounces so 3 cups would only be 13 1/2 ounces. According to King Arthur Flour and other baking websites one cup weighs 4 1/4 ounces so their 3 cups = 12 3/4 ounces. I just measured at home again and 3 cups measured 13 ounces. It varies every time I measure but it always comes in just over or under 13 ounces. For home cooks I’m afraid one pound of flour would be far too much for this recipe.

      • Pam

        That is why I weigh the flour. Measuring flour in a cup is rarely the same each time. I made this recipe today and weighed out one pound of flour. Perfect results.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I’m glad to hear it. My hope is that my recipes work for everyone.

  243. Jennifer

    Thanks for this easy delicious bread recipe. However, I find that by stirring the yeast in the hot water which is between l05 – ll0 degrees F and then mixing it in with the flour and salt I get more bang for my buck! A bigger and lighter loaf. Also I use a 3 quart round pyrex casserole dish which works just fine.

    • David and Walter

      Yeast: adding yeast to water is how my mom always did it. Ours falls after coming out of oven. It doesn’t match Jenny’s loaf – only in height. How much yeast do you use??

      • George in Tennessee

        It sounds like you might be using a bit too much yeast and/or the environment is too warm during the 3 hour nap. By nature, no-knead dough lacks the strong gluten chains that literally support the internal structure of the bread while it is baking. As Jenny shows in the Video, you are looking for bubbles as “proof” the yeast is working as opposed to the dough rising during the rest period. You might want to follow the recipe exactly and adjust the water, plus or minus, a tablespoon per bake. If it is rising too much, less water. If it too dense, more water. I think you will hit the magic spot on or about the 4th attempt. Good luck.

    • Michael B.

      Cannot use water over 110f if you’re using active dry yeast. Bread comes out flat and dense. Instant or rapid rise yeast uses water between 120-130f. Says so right on the back of the Fleischmann’s package.

  244. Anne

    To others whose dough was too runny – You can’t ‘make do’ and try to use your liquid measuring cup for both wet and dry ingredients, like I did. A cup using the liquid measuring cup gives you less flour than when you use a dry-purpose cup. I’m trying again. It really does make a difference. I’m trying again!

    • Eric G

      Americans need to stop using volume for dry ingredients. 3 cups is 360g no questions asked. 360g no more no less. 360g. What are your packet or make it rain: it’s 360g. And I say this as an American who has been cooking for 45 years.

  245. Eric

    I just tried this tonight in Denver, didn’t rise great but still turned out okay! Very doughy in the middle. Any suggestions for cooking at altitude?

    • Beata

      Same happened with me. The bread was very heavy overall.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Altitude might not be the problem. Please look at the FAQs.

  246. Barb

    This is terrific bread!!! So easy and looks EXACTLY like the photo!!! Very pleased😊

  247. Dave C

    Just made this and I honestly had no hope but it turned out perfectly. An absolute treasure. I’ll try rosemary and garlic for the next one.

  248. David Carroll

    First of all the baseball story… made me laugh so hard I nearly fell out of my chair! I am not a huge sports fan but I have friends who are and…wow… LOL! Soooo funny! I am also a diabetic so the carb porn thing sent me into another fit of laughter. I did make this for my daughter who loves homemade bread. She was very happy. Of course, I couldn’t help but try a little piece, hot with salted butter, and mmmmmmmm! So good. I hope all is forgiven by now but …probably not forgotten, LOL. Thank you for the recipe and best wishes!

  249. jeanpf

    great bread recipe – turns out every time, and is sooooo good tasting1

  250. David R Campbell

    Hi Jenny.

    I’ve been making this bread for two years now. I don’t eat bread myself, but I’d taken up bread making as a hobby because my family and friends enjoy whatever I give them.

    I’m curious about what the final product should be. All my loaves come out of the “cast iron [Loge] Dutch oven” seemingly hard and crusty. After they cool, the crust softens like a loaf of sandwich bread.

    Everyone loves it, but should it be “crusty”? If it should be, why isn’t it. If it’s not supposed to be, so be it.

    It’s well received in any case. Thanks for your work. I’ve received compliments for several of your other recipes.


    • David R Campbell

      I meant “Lodge”

      • cheff

        did you left bread to cool down uncovered or covered ? covered will make crust s

        • David R Campbell


          I placed it on a well-elevated cooling rack, uncovered. It’s “hard” coming out of the oven, but when it cools to room temperature, it softens. It’s been a mystery. Thankfully the people I make it for like it as is. 🙂

          Thanks for replying. When you make it, does it turn out “crusty”? I do have to confess that I’ve never taken the lid off for longer than 5 minutes after the first 30 because it always appears “brown enough”. Think that’s the difference?

          • Galleylama

            Yes I bake it covered 30 minutes and uncovered 15 minutes then remove from the stove and leave it to cool in the dutch over for a long time before lifting it out because my parchement has become very brown and crumbly.

  251. @Pricklypearradio

    I’ve made this twice. First time whole wheat!! yummy warm and with lots of butter!
    This time I added a tablespoon of our homemade manzanita sugar. OMG! Jam honey butter makes a late night dessert. Don’t tell my family, I’ve rated 1/3 of it already! Wish you had more time for more videos!
    You make me laugh!

  252. Judy

    I made this recipe twice following exact measurements. No sifting level water and it is no where shaggy just like waffle batter. Did nothing wrong unless different flours have different weights

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

    • PattyFromTexas

      Hi, I was just wondering if you live at a high elevation? That makes a difference.

    • Diane

      My first two loaves also were very dry and not shaggy at all. I added another 1/3 cup of water and it made all the difference in the world. My raw batter after the 3 hour sit is always bubbly and jiggly like the video now.
      Also, I’m right at sea level, ok, maybe 10 feet at high tide 😁

  253. Joyce

    Just making your faster no knead bread for the first time. I followed your instructions exactly. I did cook this in the convection setting on my oven. After baking for 30 minutes in a covered Dutch oven on parchment paper, the bread was mostly white with a very light brown here and there. I then removed the cover and parchment paper and placed the bread uncovered in the Dutch oven for 15 minutes. The bread was very lightly browned. It is now cooking in the oven for another 15 minutes and I will check it again. I did use all purpose flour which your recipe said was fine. Why do you think it is taking so long to cook? I plan to cook it until it is nice and brown and hope it will be okay.

    • Nate

      Did you preheat the dutch oven, and bake at 450 instead of the typical 350 for bread? I forgot to preheat and used the lower temp and mine turned out similar and had to bake longer. I’m attempting a second loaf now and will try it with a well pre-heated oven. Regardless, it turned out delicious anyway.

  254. Mickey

    Hi! I made your version and the dough was very loose and I couldn’t understand why. I am baking it anyway. Other recipes only call for less water. I am cooking it and will advise on the outcome. Maybe the water amount required should change. Thankyou!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe is correct so it might help to look at the FAQs.

    • Vicki C

      I believe she said if the dough was loose, you should add a little more flour.

  255. Gerrie C

    I wanted to try this recipe with an Emile Henry long covered baker and it came out perfect. With just a little tweaking to get the shape. Great.

  256. Kathy

    Jenny, you are the best with this winning recipe! This is my second year making this delicious loaf for Sunday spaghetti nite. I have been trying to make a crispy crust Italian bread all my married life. Now my children and grandchildren are making it. Thank you for the even faster method when time is needed. I found I can slice this bread for sandwiches easier the next day if I place in the frig overnight.

  257. Mr. McGinnis

    I made this with Whole Grain-Whole Wheat flour. It came out OK, but very dense. Do i need to adjust the water or yeast content?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my other variations using whole grains.

  258. Lynda Johnston

    I was so worried that when I moved from a beach town to the high mountains ( California ski country ) that I wouldn’t be able to bake. This recipe worked so well and the bread is so amazing that I can stop buying it altogether! Plus, it makes the house smell wonderful and amazes my neighbors who have said they gave up baking.

  259. Heather H

    How would you suggest re-warming the bread? I cooked it last night, but I’m not planning on eating it until tonight. Thank you!

  260. Elynn

    I must admit before I continue on, although I am a pretty good cook and a decent baker, I am petrified when it comes to the bread thing. That said, I have decided to give it a go!
    I have a generic brand 4 qt. enameled cast iron Dutch oven, and a 9 1/4 Le Creuset. Can this recipe work in the 4 qt., as the Le Creuset is HUGE! BTW, Thanks for all of your videos and wonderful recipes Jenni. I’ve been a fan way before the cooking videos. 👩🏼‍🍳

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Four quart is the better size as long as the Dutch oven is rated for 450°F.

  261. Annette

    Can I use your recipe and instead of dry yeast use a tablespoon of my sourdough starter? For a sourdough loaf?

  262. Shannon

    Has anyone tried a gluten-free version for this? If you have what flour or flour combination worked best for you?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tried. See my No Knead Bread Solutions in the FAQs.

  263. JoAnn

    Love this recipe. Sometimes I add fresh rosemary and garlic to kick up the flavor. Tonight I am making it to serve with linguine with a basil alfredo sauce and grilled chicken. Thank you for the amazingly easy recipe for no fail to die for fresh baked bread!

  264. scarlett

    This was wonderful. My three Great Grandkids and myself really enjoyed making this together. Thank You Miss Jenny

  265. CMC

    My oven is already hot (from pies) and my bread is ready.What do I do?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You have to preheat the Dutch oven.

      • CMC

        Thanks Jenny.Just left the Dutch Oven a little longer.Now I have only one piece of bread left! Yummy.Love your videos and recipes.Have made all of them.

      • Anna. D

        Hello Jenny
        Please list all ingredients to exact measure for crusty no kneed bread & what other flour can be used like glutein flour & what are those measurements of that flour. People that don’t have Dutch oven but have standard stove’s what should the temperature be set at. Thz

  266. R J Hyden

    I tried the 3 hour loaf today and it turned out perfect. I will try some add ons and maybe a bit of sugar. It was a hoot. Thank you !

  267. Michael W

    Hi Jenny,
    Great recipe. Just wondering, can I score the loaf with my Lame knife? Just like the looks of scoring bread. Thx in advance.

    • Heather D.

      Yes u can score makes a beautiful design. Make sure top of dough has an even smear of flour.

  268. Denise Beuttell

    Can I use rye flour for this?

  269. Rose Pettersson

    Today I used your recipe again but added sugar. I’m dying to find out how it turned out.

  270. Judy C.

    So easy. Soooo easy on the eyes. More importantly, soooooooo delicious!
    Thank you for the share!

  271. Mike

    Thanks for this recipe! I made this bread exactly as written & the bread came out fantastic. I have a heavy enamel cast iron Dutch oven (the French one) but was not sure the lid knob was good for 450f so I used a heavy stainless steel soup pot w lid & it came out perfect. Didn’t have to change time or temp. Thanks again!

  272. Jay-Bird

    We loved it!!! The texture and flavor of this bread is amazing. Thanks

    • Jay-Bird

      I am still very disturbed over the baseball. Poor guy…

  273. Teresa

    Can this recipe be doubled? I want to take it to my mother’s house but need more. We are a big family.

    • Kris

      Yes. I’ve used this recipe for years only it was given to me doubled.

  274. April

    So bummed. I followed directions to the tee and the dough was too dry. Felt like it needed more water. 🙁

    • McKenzie

      I have the opposite problem I always have to add more flour because it always looks like pancake batter lol

  275. Tammy

    I’ve made this twice. Doing every step exactly – down to measuring my tap water temperature (right where it needed to be). And neither time did the dough rise, even just a little, nor did I get bubbles. It seemed like the mixture was way too dry..??? Second time I baked it anyway, and it came out beautiful on the outside, but heavy and dense and way under cooked on the inside…?? Help!!!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Gigi

      When salt and yeast come in contact it’ll retard or kill the yeast, after measuring the flour pour yeast on one side and salt on the other then combine with water.

      • Lynda Johnston

        Correct! What I do is add the yeast to the warm water in one bowl. In a second bowl add salt to aerated flour and mix. Then put the water and yeast liquid in the dry ingredients bowl and mix. This was suggested in an artisan bread recipe I used years ago for low elevation baking.

  276. Jeni

    First of all, I’d like to start by telling you I have the same name as you. At least my maiden name is Jones. :). I make this bread at least once a week but usually twice. I love your video and your personality. Not to mention how good you look! Must be all this wonderful cooking you do! Anyway, the bread comes out perfect every single time. I cook big Italian meals for my big family several times a week and this bread is always what I serve with it. So glad I found your YouTube channel. I’m trying your cinnamon bread recipe this week!
    Lots of love!

  277. Angie Delvenne Winnipeg, Canada

    Hi Jenny,
    Was wondering could I use a 5qt Pot Or do I need a Dutch oven pot?
    Also love all your recipes, tried more than half and I love them all they are the best 🥰
    Thank you, love your #1 fan

  278. David L

    My bread was heavy and the crust on the bottom was like leather.
    When I say heavy I mean that it was thick almost like it could have baked
    another 10 minutes.
    What did I do wrong?

  279. Tedshred

    Love your bread Jenny it’s so good omg 😲 love making toast with this bread. Told my dad about your bread he loves it too. So easy to make as well 😁. Keep doing your great on you tube 😍 it take care.

  280. Sandy

    Turns out just like the recipe states!!….crusty on the outside…soft on the inside…my new favorite!

  281. Mema

    I made this bread last night to have with dinner (stew), and it was a hit. Today my grandbabies had some topped with jelly…. they LOVED it ! I have just a bit left, so i will be making more this week. I am thinking of dividing the dough and baking in two small loaf pans to make a more kid sandwich friendly shape and size (slice up and keep for only that). BUT I prefer this cast iron / parchment paper method though, so good with apple butter, peanut butter, nutella, dip in soup, toasted and cut up in cubes and used as croutons for soups, dips or salads, OR rubbed with garlic and slathered in butter, or dipped in olive oil or to lap the sauce off dish after a saucey, creamy, or gravy dinner. Two things I MIGHT alter from time to time. Brush with butter durring 2nd half of baking and sprinkle with either cheese, salt, shucked pumpkin or sunflower seeds, minced onion, or garlic. Maybe add a bit more salt or a bit of sugar to recipe. OR add sausage and mozerella cheese to mixture to make a sausage bread. Or tomatoes to make a tomato bread ….or… ….. oh, i dont have to tell you anymore, i think you get it. Right now gonna butter up a slice, add a tiny pinch of salt and dunk in my hot coffee 😉 Mema 💛

    • Mema

      Funny side note. AFTER i made the bread and was cleaning around my garbage can, i realized the empty yeast packet missed the can when i went to throw it away, i picked it up and read it … Ha Ha Ha … i apparently had grabbed and used an EXTREMELY old packet of yeast that must have kept getting put to the bottom of my yeast packets. How old you ask …….. 2006, and believe it or not, my bread still rose and looked EXACTLY like Jenny’s when it was done. The “Yeast Fairies” were kind to me yesterday…..

      • Carol DOTTA

        I used an old yeast pack from 2015 and added a fresh one. We will c how it turns out

  282. Laura jane

    After mixing and letting the dough rise, I was sure it wasn’t going to work. No bubbles!

    I continued the process regardless (in for a penny…) and was delighted when I pulled a loaf out of my oven a short while later!

    Thank you for this recipe- it was exactly what I was looking for!

  283. thela

    can whole wheat flour or other grains be used?

  284. Charlie

    How do you keep the bottom from getting so hard and sometimes burn’t tasting?

  285. Charlie

    I have tried to make bread before, but it was never edible. I made this today and ate the WHOLE THING. Will make great poboys


  286. Linda Solomon

    Hello Jenny,
    Will this work with a ten grain flour or does it have to be white flour. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of difference in the way it turns out just wondered if you think it’ll work with the rest of the ingredients and that flour?
    Thank you

    • Bob

      I will use a half cup of multigrain flour and the balance bread flour for my bread and it turns out great.

  287. Vicki Thompson

    Could I bake this Recipe in my breadmaker?

    • Lindyloo

      You can probably bake these ingredients in your bread machine and get a decent loaf of bread, but it’s very unlikely that it will be the same as this bread. I’d be interested to know if you try it out.

      This is No Knead Bread. The bread machine will knead the dough. It’s unlikely that your bread machine will give you crusty outside and soft inside because it won’t bake at such a high temperature and the bread machine pan won’t be preheated before the dough is added.

  288. Jan

    You are so cute. I love watching and learning from you. Would you ever consider a tour of just part of your beautiful farmhouse.
    God Bless
    Jan Glendale AZ

  289. Money Saving Momma

    Can I cook this in a Instant Pot?

    • Susan

      Not to cook, but let it rise in the instant pot. Put it on yogurt setting for 3 hours and it is ready to cook in the oven.

  290. Darrell

    I add a little bit of water into the hot dutch oven before adding the dough so there’s a bit of a steam effect, which is what gives bakery breads a nice, crisp crust

  291. Debra Moore

    Tryed i tryed the recipe YESTERDAY my bread turned out GREAT thanks for the RECIPE I will diffently make this again.

  292. Jane

    I’ve never made bread. Found it intimidating. But gave it a try. Turned out wonderful. Now I want to make another loaf and add Italian seasoning, black olives , and sun dried tomato pieces. Will this work out as well so good?

    • Brittanie

      I add fresh Jalepeno and cheddar and it turns out great. So mix in work well.

  293. Laura

    I just made this with whole wheat flour, and it came out great. It was super simple, and delicious, and costs less than one dollar to make! My house smells heavenly. I may do this everyday. One question, does WW flour make a denser loaf than white flour would?

  294. Bob Hayden

    I know on the second rise and while oven is heating up you let the bread dough rest in a parchment lined bowl for 35 minutes. My question what is the longest you can let it rise on the second rise? Many thanks. I Havre made 24 hour bread many times but this is a little different.

    • RockchalkJayhawk

      I have let it sit as long as an hour and it turned out fine.

  295. Gigi

    Can I make the no knead bread using partly whole wheat flour?

    • rgtranslator

      I’ve made this bread with 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 2 cups of white flour. It needs a little more water (1-3/4 cup) and produces a slightly denser, richer bread with somewhat smaller bubbles. Perfect for sandwiches. I also tried adding seeds (sunflower, e.g.) which worked out quite well. Happy baking

      • BethM

        I love the idea of adding sunflower seeds to the bread !

  296. Tina Jen

    Hi there,

    How could we baking bread without oven? I have no oven.

  297. RUTH


  298. Mary G

    I cooked this fabulous bread and it is beautiful! When it cooled, I sliced it and it tasted very salty. The bottom was VERY tough to slice through. It has a great consistency, crunchy outside and chewy inside, just like I wanted. I cooked it in a 75 year old cast iron dutch oven but I didn’t preheat it. Was that my problem? I will definitely make this again because it’s so easy! Your help would be great! Thanks in advance?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Just folllow the recipe exactly, which includes preheating the Dutch oven and it will turn out.

    • BadCatBoo

      Greetings! Knowing your oven temperature is very important, so invest in an oven thermometer to ensure accuracy and adjust your oven dial accordingly. Make sure your Dutch oven is resting on the center rack so that it doesn’t get more heat on the bottom of the loaf, which will result in a thicker crust. The oven temp length of time you bake your loaf after removing the lid dictates how thick and crispy the top crust is, while the temperature and distance from the lower oven element dictates bottom crust thickness. You can always lower the oven temp about 25 degrees for the uncovered part and adjust your time. Bake often and take notes on any adjustments you make – such as the amount of salt, oven temp and bake time covered and uncovered – and you will come up with your own, unique version that suits your taste. Pre heating the dutch oven isn’t a necessity – here’s a helpful article to explain; make sure to read to the very end!
      Don’t worry, bake happy!

  299. Wander

    Hi there,

    Do you have to use parchment paper or is there a substitute you can use, i.e. foil? I would love to try making the bread. Looks fantastic.

    • Nana

      Trust me … you want parchment paper, it does’t stick to to the bread or the pot. You can get it at the dollar store.

  300. KatLady

    Hi jenny,

    Your dutch oven bread – I have a Lodge 8 dol cast iron dutch oven. It is not enameled. Can I make your dutch oven bread in this?

    Also, can an all cast iron dutch oven cook the same stuff as an enameled one, except for the acidic foods? Your expertise please.

    Thank you p.s. Costco has the red enameled one for $49.00.

    • Sal

      Love this bread .. made it several times So easy and delicious. Thanks

    • Jane Service

      I made mine in a cast iron Dutch oven. No enamel on it. Just 100 year old cast. Turned out beautiful

    • Charlie

      I have a Cajun Classic cast iron dutch oven made in Mamou, La. It works great. It is not enameled.

  301. Demitrice Mattin

    Ms. Jenny you’ve made me a divine bread baker. I can’t speak for other’s but your very easy bread recipe is perfect for me. I make a divine olive loaf. As a matter of fact I just finished making a olive loaf. I should say I use cannibis olive oil So good.
    I can say to you Ms. Jenny the ingredients measurement very easy instructions and basic baking tools are so simple you can make your own hand crafted bread. I no longer buy store bought bread or pastries.
    Ms. Jenny I’m a fan of your.
    Thank you Ms. Jenny

  302. Ellen Bernal

    I am making this Bread for years and it never last to the next day Its that good.

  303. John H

    I made it in a camp dutch oven in a fire pit and it worked great!

  304. Frederick Redmond III

    When doubling the recipe, how long should I put it in the oven for?

  305. jayess99

    this is the 8th loaf I’ve made using this no knead technique. This stuff turns out half-cooked in the middle. I checked your FAQs, no help there. I checked my oven with a Thermo thermometer, checked the temp of the cast-iron pan with a laser thermometer, let the bread rest for half an hour after baking, the temp of the bread was 208°, right where it’s supposed to be. This is driving me nuts. I hope someone has some suggestions. Thanks.

    • jayess99

      I forgot mention, I also weighed all my ingredients, even the water.

    • Brenda

      Check to see if your upper heating element is working. Sometimes it’s hard to catch a problem like that as the lower element will heat up the oven to the temp you need but the cooking outcome is compromised.

    • JB

      Are you using a meat thermometer to check the temp of the finished bread? Surface temp may read correctly with an infrared thermometer, but if it is not getting cooked all the way through I would agree that your oven may not be working correctly and you need to check internal temperature

    • Michele in Austin

      I wish I could help, but I am very curious why you are having this problem. I have never made bread with commercial yeast, (only with sourdough starter, that is, wild yeast), and the temperatures and cooking time, use of a dutch oven are the same for my bread. However, when I first started baking I did not know that it can make a huge difference how soon you cut the bread. If you cut it open too soon, the insides will be gummy. Nowadays I always wait a minimum of 12 hours before cutting into a newly baked loaf, and I find that the insides are much, much nicer. There is a whole thing that goes on inside the bread while it is cooling on the cooling rack which — at least for sourdough — is an essential part of the process.

      When you DO find out what the problem was I hope you will post it here as I am very curious as to what you will learn!

    • Nana

      I had this problem with my 1st loaf. Bake it the 35 mins then remove the lid and bake until it is DARK golden brown, and remove the parchment paper as soon as you take it out of the pot and place on cooling rack so moisture doesn’t stay trapped as the bread cools. Also do not cut right away, let cool at least 20 – 30 mins. I read the cooling info on another site and it made a lighter loaf that was done in the middle.

    • M

      My first one I made I used very hot almost boiling temp water. And it came out undone in center. Be sure to get water temp correct for the type of yeast u use. And don’t be tempted to add water to dough as I did 😒 It will come out perfect just the way Jenny makes it. 👍🏼

  306. Fawn Fulcher

    Jenny you are so adorable. I had to share this video with my mom and then make it together with her. We loved it and your cute apron. Does this recipe work with Rye flour mixed in to give it a little more flavor?

  307. Nancy B N

    Jenny, I have just discovered your baking videos. I have made 7 loaves of “no knead” bread in 2 days and my neighbors & husband are wanting more. You have made baking so easy and your approach to low fat and fresh real ingredients are very helpful. Thanks for doing the Homework for us. Nice to see you on TV again.
    Love your smile 😃.
    Thank you, NBN

  308. Birdie Rappoccio

    Hi Jenny
    I love your videos. I was wondering on bread making if I can reduce the salt as I am on a low sodium diet?
    Thank you

  309. Deb

    Do you have a recipe for bread or something close to it that doesn’t contain yeast?


  310. Gloria

    can this recipe be made using almond flour for those on a keto diet ?

  311. Anita Brisbin

    I make a lot of bread. I have made it by hand, or with a food processor and a kitchen aid stand mixer. Yes this bread had a great crust and the bread was good. But for me this was a lot a of work and a mess to clean up, It was fun to try but I will not be doing it again. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sue

      Momma always said “if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.”

    • Mimine

      Anita: I just use a rubber scraper (to scrape the sides of the bowl) as I pour the water into the bowl to make the shaggy dough; it keeps the bowl nice and clean. Just made this bread again today and there’s just one slightly soiled bowl and a scraper to wash. The best bread ever!

  312. Jennifer

    Hello. Is it correct as the recipe states that one quarter teaspoon of yeast equals 1 g? I feel like I put in much more than a quarter teaspoon and I still didn’t get a gram?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It is correct. You can confirm that with a google search.

    • Charlie

      I did not read the how much yeast is in a pack and use the whole thing (2 1/4 teaspoons) and it came out great.

  313. Joline

    It turned out great and tastes so good, i was low on yeast and to have this bread turn out perfectly with only 1/4 tsp of yeast is good. I love your videos!

  314. Linda

    I never made bread until a friend told me about this technique. Now I can’t stop! All types. Love this recipe the best! Thank you, Jenny.
    I do love seeds on my bread. Can Jenny, or anyone out there, please advise me whether the seeds would burn if I put them on at the start of baking? Have been adding them when I uncover the pot, but that requires an egg wash to keep the seeds in place. Would prefer to eliminate the egg wash if possible. Thank you, Experts.

    • Emma

      I always add wheat flakes, oatmeal or seeds of all kinds to the top of my bread. You can do it right after you put it into the parchment lined bowl or right before you put it into the pot. I leave my bread in fifteen minutes with the lid off and it comes out delicious every time. The seeds toast up perfectly. Do not use an egg wash-the seeds stick to the puffy dough fine.


    Great recipe. How do I make this a sough dough loaf?

    • Mimine

      Just use room temperature water (instead of very warm) and let it sit for 12-18 hours. It will have a nice sour, boozy smell. Bake as directed.

  316. Ashley

    Does anyone know if this will work with a 3.5 qt. dutch oven? I want to try it but that’s the size I’ve currently got.

    • Debby

      Yes! Great recipe..a keeper!!

    • Janice Thomas

      Did you get an answer as I have the same question ?
      Will a 3.5 quart pot work?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have made it in a 3 1/2 quart Dutch oven.

      • BoriSpider

        Can this recipe be cooked in one 9.6″x5.5″ 16oz loaf pan? Or would I need 2 loaf pans to cook this?

    • Emma

      A 3.5 pot should be great. I have a five quart and although my bread comes out delicious, I find the pot is too big.

      • Mimine

        Double the recipe for a five quart Dutch oven. After the 30 minutes are up and you uncover it, you will know how much longer to bake it based on the color.
        Just cut in half, slice and freeze a portion if you want less bread at a time.

    • Gloria

      I made it in a 2 quart Dutch oven & it was perfect. I was afraid it would be too small but it turned out great.

    • HerbGardener

      yes. that’s the perfect size

  317. Grandma Shaon

    This is my go-to bread recipe is perfect for same-day bread and is perfect for making oven baked French toast this is the best recipe ever

  318. Marjorie Mendez

    Can I use lager instead of water? For he overnight mix that is.
    I have a different sourdough recipe and it uses lager. Makes a huge taste difference but I don’t like how hard it gets after a day. So I wanted to try yours with lager.

  319. Barbara

    Thank you for this recipe. Love it.

    Dziekuje 🙂

  320. Curt

    I always weigh my ingredients in baking. Before I try your recipe the weights shown in grams comes out to 90% hydration (354g/390g=90%). Are you sure about these weights and have you ever baked this 90% dough and still got a light open crumb?

    • Curt

      I decreased the water to 300g (77% hydration), did 10 stretch & folds on first rise, 2 hours on second rise, scored the dough, decreased the time to 15 min with lid on, dumped the loaf onto the open rack for another 30 minutes and got crust ears and a perfect large hole light fluffy crumb loaf. I live at 7,800 feet elevation if this helps the high altitude bakers.

      • Keith

        I’m at 8000′ so similar issues with altitude. Haven’t tried this quicker method. Still using 16 – 18 hours bulk fermentation at room temperature. I thought the long fermentation times in the original recipe contributed to the flavor. How does this version taste? I weigh all my ingredients too and it’s a little difficult to figure out the hydration in Jim Lahey’s initial recipe. I’m keeping it around 80% and don’t feel comfortable going much above that. I get a nice texture and open crumb. But why do all those stretch and folds? The advantage of “no-knead” is to obviate all that. It’s heresy, I know, but I think my loaves taste better the less I fiddle with the dough. But my main reason for commenting is regarding the amount of yeast to use at this altitude. I’m trying 1/8th teaspoon today. 1/4 tsp seems too much and I’m more than tripling the dough volume overnight. Then my proofing is taking much longer. Two hours at room temp plus 1.5 hours in the fridge this morning and it still seemed underproofed when I popped it into my Dutch Oven. Turned out OK though. My options seems to be (1) shorten the fermentation time, (2) lower the fermentation temp. (3) lower the amount of yeast (or a combination of all three).

  321. Cyn

    Just made this. It is perfect. I ate a hot slice with butter. I will make it again and again.

    • Emma

      Don’t eat this type of bread hot or even warm from the oven! It continues to cook as it cools. If you cut it too soon, you’ll ruin it not to mention get a stomach ache.

  322. Susan

    Would this work ok in a stainless steel Dutch oven! Also, if using a cast iron skillet do I just leave the bread uncovered? Can’t wait to try this. Thanks

    • Florida Jim

      you absolutely need a pan with a relatively tight-fitting lid. The bread needs to steam and this will not happen without a lid.

  323. Mike I

    I have noticed that the inside of my bread is slightly gummy on the inside. I usually let it sit after cooking and don’t slice it until several hours later or the next day. I cook it on 450 for 35 minutes, take the lid off and let it cook for another 15-20 minutes. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Would just letting it cook for another 5 minutes help?

    • Grannies Kitchen

      Hi Mike: Get an oven thermometer and check your ovens temperature, if your ovens temperature is spot on try aerating your flour more.

  324. John

    Is it really only 1/4 tsp of yeast? That doesn’t seem like very much.

    • Andrea

      1/4 tsp works!! It’s enough to develop the glutenous strands while overnight in the fridge. I’ve left it for two days in the fridge and it still comes out amazing.
      Tip- listen to it when it comes from the oven- it will crackle and pop!! Sooo crisp and none of the hassles like kneading or adding pans of water to the oven.

      • Emma

        Jenny is spot on. You do not need more than 1/4 teaspoon of yeast. This recipe is absolutely amazing. I bake a loaf almost every day for friends, coworkers, people at church-everybody. It makes the best “Thank You” gift for the those who need to feel appreciated. They love it!

  325. Gina

    You should demand royalties from dutch oven companies, at least 10 family members and friends(some never cooks, probably the only cooking vessel in their kitchen) have purchased dutch ovens since being introduced to your recipe, who knows how many they’ve convinced others.
    Anyway, thanks to you I’ve been baking and enjoying fresh breads for years, I’ve been creative mixing in nuts and dried fruits, I feel so professional!

    • Emma

      Same here. A woman at work showed me Jenny’s video and I showed my son and another coworker, now we all make this bread!

    • Fawn Fulcher

      Absolutely true. I got one just for this bread technique.

      • Beautiful

        That is so funny to hear, I love my kitchen gadgets and had to buy a Dutch oven just for this bread. My other one only goes to 400: I did not want to risk buckling or a fire. Now I have to exercise – which I won’t . 😄

  326. Cher

    So bummed! The first time I made it the only pot I had with handles/knob that wouldn’t melt was a lobster pot. When the bread came out dense and kinda gummy I assumed because the pot was too thin and wouldn’t hold enough heat.

    I just completed the second loaf after buying an adequate pot/lid. It came out exactly the same!

    It’s got to be my hot water is too hot. Both times the dough didn’t puff much and no bubbles like the video. The only other thing was that I swapped out one cup of regular organic flour for oat flour I made by placing whole organic oats into a clean coffee grinder and pulverizing it to flour. But since the recipe isn’t calling for special flour that can’t be it. Right? *sigh*

    I guess I’d better find a thermometer to check the water temp and try again. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Sue Ewing

      When I use hot water with yeast I do the wrist test, where I put my wrist under the running water. If it is to hot for my wrist it is to hot for the yeast. This method has been used for years without problems.

    • Grannies Kitchen

      Try making it again using regular all purpose flour. I am betting it is your flour.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My recipe calls for a/p or bread flour. Oats or oat flour would make it gummy.

    • Emma

      This recipe is probably the only one I’ve ever seen that needs NO changes to improve it. Follow it exactly and it will be perfect every time. If you don’t have a Dutch oven or you substitute flour, add more yeast, etc. you will not get good results.

  327. Christopher


    I love making this bread and other recipes on your site. I cannot however get the bread to rise sufficiently. I have made this bread several times and only once did I get it right. I made a proofing box with a work light to make it warm and let it proof for 1 hour. I put a whole packet of yeast in but still no luck.

    The bread tastes good but I know it is not correct. My wife wants me to get it right as she is very demanding…Please help! Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Jenny Can Cook

      It might help to know that it should proof at room temperature and not in a warm spot, and this dough does not rise like traditional breads. Also, take a look at the FAQs.

    • Grannies Kitchen

      Try testing your yeast. It also can be the temperature of your water.

  328. Emilie

    Can I make this using Gluten Free flour called cup for cup multi-purpose flour ? I need to know thank you emilie

  329. Kathy

    Easiest bread recipe, ever! Perfect every time. Thank you!

  330. Dee

    Can I add 3/4 cup of Asiago cheese and 1/4 cup for top of bread?

    • Bonnie

      I tossed a handful of dices and shredded cheddar, some grated Parmesan, too. Turned out yummy.

    • Granny Dee

      Hi Jenny
      Love your cooking style, i’m 78 & don’t get out much but love to bake
      Bread.Your my kind of lady no nonsense & give great tips! This recipe is a hum dinger! Thanks 🙃😊🌻

  331. John loved this

    Turned out great, and I am not that great at baking. Definitely will make it again. It is great toasted with butter, of course!

  332. Holly

    I remember the first time I saw Jenny was on the Whammy game show.

    This has turned out every time for me, I have made it with white and wheat, and also added rosemary one time and dill weed and minced dried onion another (at the second folding) and this time (today) I added garlic powder, onion powder, used Celtic sea salt (it’s all I had) and am going to add Rosemary so we’ll see how that turns out.

    • Grannies Kitchen

      OMG, rosemary is so good in the bread. My husband loves it when I use garlic salt in place of regular salt, whoop, whoop.

  333. Evee

    i made this exactly what ingredients and instrucrions except I let it rise for 17 hrs , wow super yummy!! thank you Jenny

  334. Mike I

    If I wanted to add a topping to the bread such as caraway seeds or “Everything but the bagel” seasoning, at what point would I do that, and how would I do that?
    Thank you

    • Mel

      I have had good results by melting butter and making a slurry with the toppings. Then using a pastry brush to spread it on the bread.

    • Linda

      Hi, Mike. After the first 30 minutes, when I take the lid off the Dutch oven, I brush on an egg wash and sprinkle my seeds over the loaf for those final uncovered 15-20 minutes. Has worked well so far with sesame and poppy seeds.

  335. Barbara

    I found your videos and I love this bread! It always comes out perfect. I love your recipes and videos! Thank you for teaching me how to prepare delicious homemade meals. I finally have a beef stew I can be proud of serving.

  336. Mike

    Love the bread on my forth loaf. Just one question can this be doubled? Like can you double the mix then split the dough before you are going to bake?

    Thanks for an awesome recipe!


  337. Duffy

    I love Do you have recipes especially your bread recipes which I have always been so afraid to try but the videos are so much help as I am very visual I was wondering have you ever tried doing things with other types of flowers like almond flour I have people in my family that are gluten-free and Paleo I would love to be able to make some gluten-free bread

  338. Ron

    Jenny I have 2 dutch ovens One being the traditional cast iron round and the other (newer) oval French (dutch oven). Which one from your experience bakes the better bread? Thank you

    • Holly

      Hey, either one is fine, just adapt the shape a little. But she made it in a round one.

  339. Marjorie

    Hi there. I’ve been looking for a really good bread recipe until I found yours. I just got a Dutch oven and had to try your recipe. It came out almost perfect. A little undercooked at the bottom but nothing I can’t fix. I love it. Thank you.
    I have question; I would like to double the recipe for a bigger, wider bread (I have a 5 1/2qt pot). After doubling the recipe, I also double the time of the cooking right?
    Thanks again

    • Will

      Cooking time should be the same (30 minutes covered, 15 uncovered). Internal temperature of the bread should be 200F when done.

  340. Carmen

    hi jenny-

    i just recently found your videos on youtube and then found your website after watching a few bread videos. this bread looked soooooooo beautiful and yummy, and i had to try it. i have always been intimidated by bread baking and have never baked a savory loaf.

    but you pushed me over that big ole hump! i did it. i baked this loaf (except with whole wheat flour) and it was AMAZING! my daughter thought i had gone to the bakery for bread! ooh-la-la…..

    thank you so much jenny! i love to cook and am going to try some of your recipes, but the bread thing is a HUGE triumph for me. and i love your videos, they are informative, quirky and fun! and yum…

  341. Dawn

    I’m 63 and I’ve tried making bread all my life to no avail. And then I found Patrick and Patrick and I found Jennycancook and her no knead bread and we both have our life’s bucket list complete. We bypass the bread department in the grocery store now all our meals are perfection. Jenny, you rock! We have captured our own sourdough three years ago and we regularly add it to your recipe in the first phase of prep! I’m in heaven.

    • Alaskanana

      How much sourdough do you add?
      Do you just follow the rest of Jennys recipe?

  342. Debby

    Hey Jenny can cook. Loved the recipe for the no knead bread. I tried it and Awsome. So on that note you look so familiar. Are you in California. I am. I asked if you had a recipe for no knead sourdough bread. I looked and found a Russian Orthadox Christain man with a recipe. I bake my bread with your recipe in ny cast iron Dutch oven. And he cooked his in a cast iron frying pan. And I will have to try that forsure, just because of the cast iron. You got me hooked now My Mom always made home made bread. So I am back now because of my grandkids will more becaus of my husband. Thank you so much I think lololo you injoy yor retirement . But come back when you can. GOD BLESS YOU💖💖

  343. Angela

    I’ve just tried this with einkorn wholemeal flour, adding a couple of teaspoons of extra water, left for 4 hours on the counter top, plus my oven only goes up to 220° c, so left in oven with lid on for an extra 5 mins, then lid off for 10 mins, and it’s worked! Utterly gorgeous, real bread!! I usually sourdough to get the natural yeast eating up the gluten in the flour, being allergic to gluten, so I’ll leave overnight in the fridge next time to see how it goes, using your recipe. But your recipe, today, has worked and tastes amazing. I’ll use it. Thanks so much!!!

  344. jen

    Hi Jenny,
    Wow, here you are.
    I just discovered your youtube channel to my delight and I have to make this bread right away.

    I’m not really a baker, but I want to make Rye bread. Is this recipe compatible with rye flour?

    I’m probably not going to wait too long for an answer because I’m so anxious to start. I’ll let you know how it goes

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my rye bread recipe.

    • jen

      So after looking at other recipes I’m going with 2 cups white flour and 1 cup rye flour.

      I hope it works. I’m so excited!! I never bread before. I have never made dough. I have fear of dough…you made it look so easy that I’m going all in.

  345. Caitlin

    I’ve made this several times with great success. Today, for some reason the dough was really extra moist. It rose fine but was so sticky I could barely manage it. It’s in the oven now so fingers crossed. Any ideas?

    BTW, I just realized who you are! I used to watch your talk show all the time, back in the day. Loved you!!

  346. Deborah Bryan

    Hi Jenny: Well I am trying this No knead Bread today. Looks Awesome!! Its cool and rainy out, so no time as the present to try this out. I will have to check out your You tub for more like a sour dough no knead bread.
    Thank you .
    You all have a BLESS DAY.

  347. Sally

    Will this work at higher altitudes, 5000 ft?

  348. Daphne

    Does anybody know if we can half this recipe (make a smaller loaf) and use the same technique? I assume the proportions of ingredients would be the same?

    • ChrisH

      If it’s like most other bread recipes, you can half it and then keep the dough in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use. Then just proof on the counter. I haven’t done it with this one, but others I make a large batch, do the first rise, tear off what I want to use and put the rest in the fridge. Then when I’m ready another day, I tear off another piece and bake. You can do that once a week.

  349. dollbuggy

    wonderful. but: in my house, in my kitchen, I need more than l and 1/2 cups
    water. almost an extra quarter cup. doesn’t keep terribly well but makes great
    bread pudding. And bread crumbs for my “crummy” chicken.

    the baseball aside is hilarious!

  350. Richard

    Okay – – first time making this bread. Followed the recipe impeccably.
    2.5 hours later: nothing. Hasn’t move, bubbled nor risen.

    I’ll keep waiting. But – – I’m not hopeful.



    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • H.C.

      Check your yeast. Put a teaspoon in warm water (110 degrees). If it doesn’t foam in 10 minutes, toss it.

      • Geraldine Pierce

        Hi , mine didn’t bubble or rise either and yes I tested the yeast. Water was at 225 and used regular dry, not the instant rise.Also used bread flour 🙁

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I believe that was a typo and your water was 125 degrees F and that is the right temperature. Please look at the FAQs for answers. This bread works for almost everybody.

    • April Buttner

      Same thing happened to me, I almost threw out. I think I let it sit for about 4 hours thinking it was going to rise more. As it turned out, it was bubbly by then so I baked it and it was amazing!!! I was looking for a rise like other breads doughs. This bread does not double like that!! Just had to get used to that. Hope your worked out!!

    • Maryjomo

      Would guess old yeast.

  351. StarryNyte

    I stumbled upon your video by watching how to “dry saute”. Anyway, I saw your delicious looking bread on the side panel and when I watched the video, I was amazed at how simple and quick it was and NO SUGAR in the recipe!
    I have a favorite recipe for No Knead Bread that I used to make when my kids were growing up and they loved it! But yours is quick and simple, too. I will try it really soon! Thank you so much for making the video!

  352. GGO

    Recommend if using Italian pizza flour to make this – may need extra 1/2 cup hot water, to be sure to achieve a wet mixture in the 1st step. Made this Jenny’s super easy no knead bread > 3 times; comes out beautifully everytime. Brought to friends’ dinner party this past weekend and it was a hit. Jenny gets all the credit!!! Jenny is super awesome for figuring out this recipe and so lovingly sharring. I love her jokes so much; I’m watching other videos just to hear her clever and fun jokes.

  353. TK

    will a cast iron large skillet with a aluminum sheet for a cover be ok for this bread recipe? also have a small cast iron skillet. Thanks

  354. Rubies31

    I always add some oil and sweetener to my breads. Will this one handle that?

    • Grannies Kitchen

      try the recipe as written. I think you will find no oil or sugar is needed.

    • Lula

      I added 1 teaspoons of sugar to the yeast and dissolved them together and the result was amazing, perfect bread!

  355. donna fairchild

    Jenny this will be the first time I have ever tried to make bread I’ve bought 2 bread machine gave them away because it just sounded to complicated yours looks easy and I have a Dutch oven but you loste when you said that I need to arate the flour I don’t know what that means an do I do it before or after measureing the flour it looks delicious I can’t wait to bake it thanks for sharing

    • Hal

      Just get a digital scale and measure 120 grams per cup of flour and you’ll always be good. Flour can get compressed when you try to measure a cup by volume and you wind up putting too much in, which is why Jenny says aerate. Measure by weight and you never have to worry.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

  356. Skippy

    Can you make the no-knead bread as a sourdough bread? If so, how much sourdough starter would I use? My friend and I are starting a sourdough starter

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry I have no experience with sourdough starter.

    • Cara

      Hi! It will vary depending on the strength of your starter and the temperature of your kitchen during the rise. It’s definitely doable though! I used about 2.75c flour (instead of 3) and added 0.25c of my starter (which I’d fed earlier in the morning). Because my starter mostly lives in my fridge and I wanted this recipe to come out within it’s expected time frame, I still added that .25tsp of active dry yeast. You could do without the dry yeast, but it’ll need a longer proof.

      I’m a fairly imprecise baker and mostly just throw things in by sight and feel. With the starter added to Jenny’s recipe you’ll have a veryvery wet dough, but just let it sit and it’ll be fine. Sorry I can’t give more specific help!

  357. Joe G

    Jenny I have been making this bread for years except I have been using the 24 hour or so recipe. I tried this today. However for the liquid portion I used 1 Tbs of apple cider vinegar, 3 oz of Guinness dark beer and then filled the rest of the measuring cup with water until it reached 1 1/2 cups. I used 1 teaspoon of yeast vice 2 tsp. It had the full taste of the bread that used to take me 24 hours to make. I started this around 2pm and it was ready for dinner. Thank you!!

    • JON DOER

      I also do this, in my Zoji machine. I call it Faux (sour) Dough. It’s from a Cooks Illustrated article. I LOVE real sourdough, but the results are close enough for me!
      I have neither the patience of the desire to keep a starter alive.

  358. Jere

    Making the no knead bread baked in Dutch oven and substituted the white flour for whole wheat. Things are looking to good now and I am wondering if I should have combined white with the whole wheat and what proportion should I have used if that is a viable combination. Do any of you bread bakers have the answer?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at my other no knead variations.

  359. mj

    Oh i forgot to add my husband is a bread snob and only buys Bakery bread. He Thought it was Delicious!! I’m going to try olives and garlic next time…
    Wonderful recipe. Anxious to try your other ones…
    Thanks Jenny

  360. mj

    I saw your recipe online and have been anxious to try it. I started it last night and realized it would not be done for I left it rise overnight and made it this morning! I turned out perfect!! My first time making bread…Thank you

  361. KMP

    Hi Jenny! I just made another loaf of this bread. My Dutch oven is oval Shape 0 – so I made the bread into that shape to. Such a delicious bread!

  362. Carla E

    I watched the video and was so excited to try such a fast recipe that looked amazing. I make a lot of bread in my machine, but not much by hand. I think I’ll have to sift the flour and you said to use “very hot” water. I checked the temp of the water before I put it in and it was over 100. lt took the full 3 hours to kind of look like it’s supposed to. I went ahead and put it out on the board and worked it with my scraper like you. I put it in the bowl with parchment and put my cast iron dutch oven in the oven at 450. Have not used the pot for bread. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks for the demo.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you had any problems, the water may not have been hot enough. It should be in the 120 degree range. Also, it’s best not to sift the flour before measuring, only aerate it before measuring. I hope it turned out.

      • jess

        I used boiling water and my dough won’t double in size!

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Please check the recipe. It calls for water up to 130 degrees, never boiling.

  363. Frances A

    Dear Jenny,

    I made two of these breads and I sent you one from early in Feb with rosemary, dill, protein hemp powder. Today, I am making one with rosemary, garlic, black olives, and Parmesan cheese. As soon as it comes out of the oven, I will take a picture of it and send it to you.

    • Lenora L

      Hi Frances, How did the bread turn out adding herbs, olives, and cheese? Can you tell me when you added them and how you changed the recipe? Thanks!

    • Sbrady

      Did you add these herbs in the beginning or after it sat for 1 hour to rise. I want to add roasted garlic but don’t know when to add this.

  364. Leonabelle

    I have been making no knead bread quite successfully for some time now. Intrigued by this recipe I gave it a try this morning. Watched the video twice. Mixed up the ingredients as directed, including fresh dry yeast and water warmed as directed. Covered bowl as directed, left it on kitchen counter undisturbed for 3 hours. Not risen very much at all. Checked @ 6 hours, rise is better but not complete. I will have to let it rise the full 12 hours. I might try this again one day, but am a bit disappointed it did not turn out as expected. Not a big problem as it will be great at the full 12 hours of rising time, so nothing wasted.

  365. Andrea


    I just made this and it turned out amazing!! I can’t stop eating it! The loaf is pretty big. I would like to make several smaller loafs from the same quantity of dough. Can I bake 2 or three in the Dutch oven at the same time? (Each in their own sheet of parchment) how would that chance the cooking times? My Dutch oven is quite big (5.5 or 6 qts).


  366. Andrea


    I just made this and it turned out amazing!! I can’t stop eating it! The loaf is pretty big. I would like to make several smaller loafs from the same quantity of dough. Can I bake 2 or three in the Dutch oven at the same time? (Each in their own sheet of parchment) how would that chance the cooking times? My Dutch oven is quite big (5.5 or 6 qts)


    • J.P.

      I’ve been successful splitting them into 3 smaller loaves on separate pieces of parchment & baking in one these

      • Andrea

        Did you chance your bake time then you made 3 loafs instead?

        • Barbra

          Hi Andrea,

          If you’re baking all three smaller portions in the dutch oven at the same time, your baking time would be the same. If you choose to make 3 smaller loaves and bake them at different times in smaller pans, you can:
          a) use a smaller dutch oven
          b) use a smaller-sized corning dish with oven-safe lid
          c) bake it in a smaller baking pan and put an oven safe bowl of hot water in the oven when you start the oven on preheat. That’ll make your steam environment for your dough.

          For a smaller loaf baked by itself in a smaller pan, consider lowering your bake time to 20-25 minutes before removing the lid.

          For convenience, if you wish, you could also freeze the dough in smaller loaves in a quart-sized freezer baggie right after mixing and forming it into a dough. To rise, just put it in the freezer overnight, or on the counter for 3 hours. From there, continue on with the recipe as written.

          • Jenny Can Cook

            I think you mean “put it in the fridge overnight…” Please confirm.

  367. Jason


    I was wondering,

    I made one loaf with all white flour and turned out pretty good and made another loaf the next day using 2 parts white and 1 part whole and turn out good also but smaller. Should I add more yeast when using whole wheat flour?

    • Grannies Kitcchen

      Hi Jason that is a good question, the smallest change of a recipe can and usually does call for an adjustments. You are using two different flours that are produced to cook differently. Wheat can be known for come across tough or dense if yo are not careful. I would like to suggest that you increase the amount of yeast you are using as well as making you water temperature. You will find that these two changes will eliminate your problem.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      From my experience the whole wheat version never rises as much as the white flour loavf regardless of using more yeast.

      • Barb F

        The problem with whole wheat is that the gluten is not as a sizable (or there is less gluten?) Either way the addition of some gluten from Bob’s Red Mill per package instructions. I think it is a tablespoon of gluten per cup of whole wheat flour. Or, bread flour, which has more gluten might be the answer.

  368. Laurie

    I love this bread! The only problem is it’s not big enough! Could I increase the ingredients 1 1/2 times to make a bigger loaf? If I did do that, how would that affect the baking time?

    • Grannies Kitchen

      Hi Laurie; you can double the recipe however in order for you bread not to be dense or doughy in the center you will have to increase the size of our Dutch oven. You see this bread is design to go out not up.

  369. Emilie

    Yes I loved this recipe it was easy and my Organic Whole Wheat Bread turned out Beautiful. I would love to send you a photo I was so proud of myself… and I got many requests to make them one…thank you Jenny

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can use the “Your Photos” link at the top to send a photo.

  370. Ellen

    Hi Jenny ,
    Can I bake this bread in a regular baking form , too ?

    • Grannies Kitchen

      Hi Ellen; yes dear of course you can use a regular loaf pan but keep in mind that 1. This bread is design to spread out as it bakes not up.
      2. Not using the pot cover will take away that lovely crust Jenny has given us.
      3. Because this bread spreads it might become dense or doughy in the center.

      Just played around with Jenny’s recipe and tweak it to suit your taste buds.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have tried this is a loaf pan and it does not turn out well. It needs the steam that’s created inside the Dutch oven. You can look at the FAQs for what other pots, etc. people have used to make this loaf, but always in a covered container.

  371. Andrea

    Thank you sooo much for the recipe! Mine turned out amazing!! I hope you’re enjoying your retirement!!

  372. Farmer Deno

    GREAT bread. I have an issue that I hope anyone here can help resolve. The waxpaper….it is sticking to the bread. I tried to keep it wrinkled free when placing into the pan then to cast iron. Tried microwaving the wax paper to loosen it up. Nada. All suggestions would be appreciated from this CA farmer. Txs.

    • Farmer Deno

      O!! I just saw where I went wrong. I was leaving the paper in AFTER the 30 minute period 🙁 I’ll say once again…great bread…and don’t clean any more baseballs!!!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        IMPORTANT: It is NOT wax paper! It’s parchment paper. Wax paper is not for oven use and it will melt into your bread. Please let me know you saw this and know the difference. Thanks!
        p.s. You can either leave the parchment paper in for the final 10-15 minutes or remove it – either way is okay.

      • Bobbi Sue Salafie

        Make sure you’re using parchment paper not waxed paper. I agree, it’s fabulous bread.

    • donna powers

      use parchment paper

    • Grannies Kitchen

      Helloooo Farmer Deno: So sorry to hear of your wax paper issue; however the paper is just what it says WAX it is design when heated to melt and stick to whatever surface it is on,
      I hate to have to tell you, you only have two choices 1. Cut the bread away from the wax paper, 2. Eat the wax paper with the bread.
      Just so you know I have done both, which is why I do not buy it anymore. Listen save yourself some cuss words and get parchment paper.
      Sorry about the wax paper.

    • Loves to bake.

      Don’t use wax paper. Use parchment paper. It’s not the same thing.

  373. -=mh=-

    Hi Jenny, am doing better with the pyrex/glass dutch ovens. Reduced oven to 425F but bottom crust was very, very hard, thick and dry after uncovered bake. Actually had to slice bottom off with electric knife. Think it is because those materials probably tend to retain heat. Today’s variation will place loaf either on the parchment or on one of those copper mats for the final 10 minutes. If this does not work, I may find myself buying a better pot. The bread itself has been delicious. Also, I have found using two large serving spoons to initially mix the ingredients is a lot easier and can more easily reach under the dough to incorporate all the flour.

    What would substituting one cup of rye flour – aerating in first – in the original mixture do?


    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have a no knead rye bread version if you want to try that.

      • Pk

        Do you have a rye version of this recipe? Is it any different? Would like to try.

  374. Emily Palmer

    Jenny ! I love this bread. It turned out exactly like yours. My family loved it! I will be making this from now on.
    You are so smart and amazing. I loved your video. You have such a sweet personality.
    Thanks so much for Sharing 🙂

  375. Anna Roach

    Hi Jenny, Just pulled the bread out of the oven, love your recipes and you are so entertaining,, how do you store the bread it to keep it fresh I have company coming over on Saturday this is Thursday.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the How-To category in my blog.

  376. Donna Long

    Love, love, love your videos. Your cheery attitude and simplicity make it so easy to follow the recipes. My question is, if I want to add or can I add, olives, garlic, cheese or herbs to the basic no knead bread, at what point should I do that and have the bread come out with the same wonderful texture?

    • Elaine

      Add any addins to the dry ingredients then the water. I make this all the time, especially jalapeno and cheddar cheese. Also Kalamata olives and feta, spinach and feta, raisin and walnuts, cheddar and bacon, ham and cheese, pepperoni and cheese and any other combo you desire. They all turn out delicious. Our favorite is the jalapeno and cheese.

  377. -=mh=-

    Hi, mixed it up about noon, let it sit until about 5 pm. It really got large. (Kitchen is somewhat cool) then used an oval all pryex and turned oven down to 425F as per your suggestion and only did second bake uncovered for 10 minutes.

    Fantastic…waiting until morning to slice.

    how do I send a pix?


  378. Sherylin

    OMG Jenny, I had to stop eating to take a moment to tell you how good this bread is. I’m actually eating a grilled cheese made out of the bread I made following your recipe. I just happen to have all of of the ingredients and a Dutch oven so I said “why not.” And let me tell you it’s awesome!
    Eating your own homemade bread is just the Best. THANK YOU!

    p.s. so simple and easy to follow.

  379. Duffy

    I made my bread the other day and a black very old Dutch oven it was wonderful here’s my question can I make this bread in the morning before I go to work and let it sit all day long and then just do the final process before we have dinner at night

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes. Please see the note at the top of the recipe on the cool water method.

      • Duffy

        So if I want to make this During the week to have for dinner you’re just telling me to make it the night before with the cool water method

        Love this bread thanks so much

        • Jenny Can Cook

          You can start it in the morning with cool water and let it rest during the day for at least 8 hours, then finish when you get home starting at step #3. You will need an hour and 15 minutes from the time you get home until the loaf is done and then it should cool a little before you slice it.

          • Duffy

            As you can tell I am very new at making bread and my bread the other day came out wonderful I was so excited so I am going to make this bread tonight And cook it tomorrow after work when you say to use cool water what temperature should the water be

  380. Kim Marie Freeman

    Jenny, Thanks for this terrific and easy recipe. I used to like getting the warm attisan bread from Wegmanns grocer, now? I make this, and I like it even better! I put garlic and melted butter, and brish it over the top of the finished bread. I also used fresh,finely-minced in the bread dough. No more spending 8 dollars for a loaf of Wegmanns artisan bread! I don’t have a duth oven, so i used my roasting pan, and sealed the lid and pan edges the heavy duty tin foil. worked fine. We’re making your pizza recipe next!

    • Kim Marie Freeman

      please excuse my typos, I need more coffee!…

  381. Cindy

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this, it’s a game changer and a keeper! So easy and delicious. Do you think little kneading would make more holes?..I will experiment. I used a whole wheat pastry flour and ate most of the bread. But then again, I am a Starchivore!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      For more holes, I suggest using bread flour or all purpose flour; however, if you want whole wheat you should use whole wheat flour and not whole wheat pastry flour.

  382. Dee R

    Thank you for this recipe. I couldn’t find my Artisian Bread cook book and found your recipe. It worked. Fortunately, AFTER I made it I found my cook book.

  383. Traci

    My Dutch oven is only heat safe up to 400 degrees. 😐 Any idea how much longer I should bake it to – hopefully – achieve the same results?

    • Jennifer

      I did that by accident last weekend and it worked out okay, I probably needed to cook a little longer. I read that a 200 degree internal temp is what you are looking for with the bread.

  384. Karen Ann

    I don’t have an oven proof Dutch oven. Is there a substitute?

  385. Eduardo El Maginifico

    I’ve been making this bread since Bittermans article on Lahey version a few years ago and this quick version is great. I double the ingredients, use a larger Dutch , bake 30% longer. I cut the loaf in half and cut half slices off those , refrigerating one half till needed. My suggestion is to make sure it’s fully baked even burnt a little on top crust or it will seem to doughy.
    Great stuff! Buon appetite !

    • Lindyloo

      Eddie, you might be surprised to learn that keeping bread in the refrigerator actually dries it out and makes it go stale faster! Try freezing half of your loaf in a freezer bag–sliced or unsliced. I like slicing mine before freezing. I put 2 slices into a sandwich bag, then pack all he sandwich bags into a large freezer bag. That way I can take out 2 (or more) slices at a time. They thaw quickly on the kitchen counter and are just as fresh as they day I froze them.

  386. Callie

    I don’t know what I did wrong, but this did not work for me at all. I even went out and bought new yeast, to be safe. I used hot water from the tap. But near the end of the three hour rising time, and no change in the dough ball at all. Into the garbage it went, I’m afraid.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I wish I could help. Did you look at the FAQS?

    • Stephanie

      Callie Mine did the same thing. I tried again and purchased a temp gage for the water and let it rise closer to my stove. Worked like a charm. Don’t give up try again.

    • Lisa

      It doesn’t really rise in the three hours. It gets bubbly and squishy looking. Maybe you should have tried to bake it anyway.

      • Cindy

        I didn’t think mine was rising either, I even said that to hubby. But it was in a big bowl so I figured maybe it was growing width wise. I worked it any way and it came out great. Perhaps you gave up too soon. Try again.

    • Jane

      It sounds like your water maybe to hot. I’ve looked through a lot of recipes and all of them say lukewarm water so like 105 degrees at the highest and then 80 degrees at its lowest. You don’t want your water to be to to hot or boiling because then it will kill your yeast. Don’t give up. Just keep trying. That’s how we learn 🙂 I hope this helps. Good luck!

    • Lane

      Callie, if your water is fairly high in chlorine, it can kill or retard yeast. Here in Louisiana, we have to run higher chlorine in our water distribution systems because a child died several years ago from a brain eating amoeba, and the higher chlorine content has caused issues for bakers and home brewers.

      If you live close to a tower or a water treatment plant, try distilled water, in addition to the FAQ suggestions. On the rare occasions I bake with yeast, I use distilled and I get much better results.

    • DB

      I broke mine up (twice) and fed to my opposums. I so badly wanted this to work.
      My husband and I were very disappointed and feel so deflated. We need Jenny to come over and see what we’re doing wrong. She makes it look so easy.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        If you can share a list of your exact ingredients, including brand names, the brand of pot you are using, the steps you made, type of oven, and how long you are preheating the oven, I should be able to help.

  387. Gustav

    Have to say that skepticism almost got the better of me as the picture of the finished masterpiece of a loaf couldn’t possibly be baked into existence following these simple instructions could it ????………. Opted for the Quick method and whoah ! what a surprise.
    Only thing I strayed from was after the 3 hour rise time I rolled the Risen dough onto floured Parchment paper and folded it there and let it rest again before placing them together into the Dutch Oven. Also left the loaf in with Parchment paper after taking the lid off the cast iron Dutch Oven. This was done only due to the bottom of the loaf getting a bit dark. This is a great baseline recipe to build on and experiment from with different Flours and ingredients. Not a big proponent of overly processed flours so it will be interesting to see how far you can push the envelope with heavier less processed flours using this recipe.

    The first cooking phase with the lid on is the secret here as its as close you can get to a wood fired or commercial grade oven heat level in your average home kitchen. Not to mention the optimum humidity retention. Ive thrown in the towel with conventional loaf pans, bread machines etc but lusted for results like this at home so this is great.

  388. Gina

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe and use it often and it works great adding rosemary and herbs in the with the dry ingredients. Thanks SO much for posting this.
    I do have a question for you. I have a batch on the counter right now but our plans changed so I am wondering if the dough will keep until tomorrow? If so should I put it in the fridge?

  389. Nanoo

    I’m 72. Never made bread in my life! Jenny, your recipe was unbelievable. I’m munching on a piece right now. I love bread. Yours is fantastic. Thank you.

  390. Michele

    I put mine back in for the second cooking on the parchment paper only and directly on the oven rack NO POT. Returning it to the pot over cooks the bottom of the bread.

    • -=mh=-

      yes I found leaving it in the pot for the last 10 minutes makes the bottom crust very hard. I have a small rack that I put in the bottom of the pot then place the parchment/dough on it. Also I turn my oven off for that second bake and place the parchment directly on the oven rack. That way the crust is not too well done on the bottom. Guess, each oven will act differently.

  391. Susie

    Jenny, you are so darn cute!! My husband found you first looking for a good rib recipe. We both watch it a few times to get it right but giggled how sweet and down to earth you are. I just found you again watching your easy bread recipe. I can’t wait to try it. I love good balsamic vinegar with bread. Thanks for the great videos. You’re a gem.

  392. Fairbanks Moose Manor

    For me, I liked the overnight recipe. I mixed it with the cold water in the evening, then covered till morning. Then I let it rise again for 45 minutes in the baking pan, then stuck it in the oven and we had fresh home baked bread with breakfast:)

  393. Cindy LeBaron

    YUM……. Great bread. Very easy. My Dutch oven is large so I 1 1/2 times the recipe. Awesome. Would make 4 really good soup bowls if baked as such.

  394. Beth

    Wow! I was a tad skeptical but …. this bread is delicious and oh so easy. I followed the recipe exactly (well, I did add some garlic) and even though I thought it wasn’t “wet” enough, I followed Jenny’s advice and kept going. It was perfect!!! Thank you for the recipe!

  395. Ed Lewandowski

    Jenny, this bread is so easy, so natural, just AWE-SOME! ….marry me?

  396. Clay

    Jenny: I had never tried to bake bread until I saw your video on no knead bread. This is incredibly easy and tastes fantastic! It goes great with a homemade soup or stew. To paraphrase the great Canadian comedian Red Green, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least know you can cook.”

  397. Genna

    Such a great bread! Crusty and delicious! It’s now my favorite.

  398. PeggyD

    Just polished off the first slice from an amazing recipe. Although this is not a new recipe, the very best take-away is that you don’t have to leave it over night. In just a couple of hours, I can have fresh bread. THANK YOU JENNY!

  399. Margo

    Hi Jenny,
    I tried your no-knead artisan bread today, after I viewed your YouTube video. It was a success. It was crusty on the outside and tender on the inside. I smeared a slice with butter and I thought I was in heaven! I will make this more often because it is SOOOO simple and good!!

  400. Evelyn

    I made it today – terrific !!!!!

  401. Dic

    My first shot at making bread from scratch and not the pre-bake frozen kind. It came out great for an 85 year old guy! (Bottom crust was a little hard.) My wife and I enjoyed it last evening with some home made beef stew that I made too.
    PS- I’m not the main cook, just a dabbler!

  402. Steve Zaremba

    I watched your video of no knead bread and I baked it it came out really really good thank you so much

  403. Steve z

    I watched your video of no knead bread and I baked it it came out really really good thank you so much

  404. Karen

    Hey, Jenny

    Has anyone tried this with Gluten Free flour and Xanthan Gum? I have a sensitivity to wheat flour

  405. Julie's Experiments

    Making this recipe today for something different! I love baking breads. I followed directions….except 😉I used 1/2 tsp yeast and a 1 big Tbsp raw honey. I used my oblong corningware with the gass lid and a corningware round inside of it. It’s working perfect! It raised super nice. I just gave away my pretty enamal cast iron. It was too heavy on my oven racks and just heavy to use. Thanks for the recipe, easy and yummy.

  406. Frank

    This bread is awesome!! I have made it 4 times in the last two weeks and all my family raves about it. It is so easy to make and so good to eat!! Thanks Jenny for sharing your recipes!

    • Anne

      I’m not sure why this works for anyone.
      I tried it twice and found that there is not enough liquid for the flour. Did you follow exactly?

      • Ali

        Yes, I follow it exactly and the dough is plenty wet. The only thing I can think of is that maybe you need to stir your flour first to loosen it up. If the flour isn’t stirred up first, it packs tight, potentially adding a lot more flour than the recipe intended. Hope this helps!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Please look at the FAQs. It sounds like you did not aerate your flour.

        • Sue

          I weigh my flour. Just to be on the safe side. Turns out every time. Super yummy, easy bread. So happy I found your site

  407. gmahaf

    This is the first bread I have ever made and I’m
    60 years young.
    So Easy to make. So delicious. All you knead
    is butter. This recipe is a definite Do Over.
    Thank you

  408. Jenny B.

    OMG, I made this today. Did not rise like it was suppose to, but I read the trouble shooting section, turns out my water was way too hot. It was still amazing. Spread butter on a hot piece and I was in heaven.

  409. Jackie

    I made this today and it is delicious. Yeast intimidates me, but I will this was easy peasy. I will be making more of your recipes. Thanks

  410. Rosemary

    other speedy no knead bread recipes used a packet which is 2 1/4 teaspoon. you used 1/4 teaspoon yeast. that seems quiet a difference. Which works better?

    • KMP

      Just made this, and 1/4 teaspoon of yeast works. Looks and smells amazing!

  411. Billie

    Jenny, Just watched the fast bread recipe. I would like to know what the brand of Oven Gloves you are wearing that you dyed pink! They look like they fit well and are made with good quality. thank you so much. I love your shows.

  412. RJ

    Oops. Is it too late to fix dough that’s too dry because I didn’t aerate flour? Can I sprinkle some warm water on the dry/ish dough shreds in the bowl?

  413. Maria M.

    I thought aerate meant “sift.” How do you aerate flour? And, why is this necessary? I sifted my flour last time and it came out great!

  414. Maria M.

    What if I don’t have a Dutch oven pot and don’t wish to buy one? Can I use a pot without a lid? Or just put it on a baking sheet? Thank you!

    • Rick White

      If your pot is oven safe up to 450 ° people do substitute ,baking pans or pizza stones to cover the pot. I read one cook used a ceramic pot from a store cooker covered with a baking pan and had success.

  415. Bawby

    Would love to make sourdough rye bread using this recipe. Could you please tell me how to make it.
    Thanks in advance.

  416. Holly

    Thanks for the recipe! It was easy enough to get my kids interested in breadmaking! I’m wondering when you think is the best time to add in fresh rosemary or caramelized onions. Do you recommend doing it after the 3hr period? Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I add all my additions in the beginning when I first put the ingredients together.

  417. Devyani

    This is the second time I made this bread for a holiday party and it was spectacular! Thank you for this wonderful never-fail recipe!

  418. Christine

    Jenny Jenny Jenny! I have never made bread in my life (I’m a mature women). I made this recipe today exactly as you described and IT IS AMAZING. Just in time to pump out a few loaves for Christmas!!! Thanks for the recipe and the excellent video.

  419. MamaLori

    First time making this recipe — so good! Now trying to decide what to bake next since they all look so good and easy! Love your videos!

  420. Edward Burkhardt

    Thank you Jenny! Your recipe turned out perfectly. Exactly as described. This is on my top 10 list of bread recipes! Wonderful texture and taste. Very easy. Looks like an artisan loaf of bread that you purchased at the bakery!

  421. Diane S Toronto

    I obviously did not aerate the flour the right way as the dough was very dry
    How does one incorporate whole wheat flour? Measure the same? Can you use flax meal as part of the measured flour?

    • Lynn

      I have made this bread several times and did nothing to the flour. I don’t even know how aerate flour. It always turns out perfect!

      • Maria M.

        Hi Jenny! This recipe is flawless and so easy! I never tried baking bread until I saw this video! Bread making seemed dauting. Not anymore!

        In the video, a popup comes on that says to aerate the flower before measuring. Why? Aerate means to sift it. Since you don’t, I won’t bother.

        Can’t wait to try different variations! Much love and happy New Year!

    • Jason

      I used whole grain Spelt flour and added a tablespoon or flax meal and it required a little more water then what the recipe calls for. Flax meal will thicken up and absorb the water so just add a little more water at a time until the dough looks liken Jens consistency. When I made it before using white Spelt flour the recipe needed no adjustment. So there is a difference between Whole Grain and white flour and also if you add Flax meal.

  422. Chris

    Perfect and super easy! I whipped up the dough on my lunch break and baked some bread after work. So easy! It came out looking exactly like the picture!!

  423. Ken Duffield

    Jenny: I have made your “no knead” bread several times, added different herbs, aromatics etc, always a hit, people love it. I’m curious about adding another ingredient ( actually two). Plan on using the same trusted recipe and add sliced jalapeños and cheddar cheese. I assume this will work for the same 3 hour proof and 35 min second rise if you will. My oven heats up really fast, providing I leave the convection fan off. Just thought I’d try a twist, your input will be greatly appreciated.


    • Christy

      Jenny – I just did that yesterday! I added 2 cups cheddar cheese and 2 diced jalapenos and the bottom 1/2 inch was a little sticky! But the top was flavorful and awesome! Should I have decreased the water or increased the yeast or something else?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I’m not sure but I think you would decrease the water because you are adding moisture in the cheese and peppers. If that doesn’t work, I suggest using less cheese and peppers as they will weight down the dough.

  424. Max S

    First timer makng bread. Big flop. Did not rise. Yeast had a Dec 2019 date. MAybe water too hot. Not sure if I will try it again. Disappointed

  425. nachodon


    hot tap water isn’t always clean, so I always use filtered water slightly heated.


  426. Anna

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I have been trying for the last 5 years to make a decent loaf of artisan style bread, this recipe has not failed me. The bread is perfect and consistent. Forever grateful!


  427. Cyrwyn

    Yours and every similar recipe I see online uses too much salt. I used only a quarter teaspoon. Often, I use no salt in bread. But the amount of salt you use will curtail the action of the yeast and isn’t needed for flavor.

    • Maria M.

      So, why does this recipe come out great each and every time, with this amount of salt? I love it and it does not stop the yeast from rising.

      Have you tried making it?

  428. Joanna

    I couldn’t see how this would work with 1/4 tsp yeast but had to try once I saw it come out of your oven. Made it today & it was great! So easy too – easiest bread ever. I just bought my daughter a bread machine for Christmas but now I’ll have to tell her she doesn’t really need it!

  429. Patsy

    I made your wonderful bread recipe yesterday with all purpose flour and I ate the whole thing!! So today I tried the whole wheat but it looks so great. I love the crustyness and it does taste like sour dough.
    Thank you so much! I will be making your recipe for a long time.

  430. Nic Walker

    Good Afternoon ! Jenny ! ! I have no idea how that I came across this recipe and your site – I was just surfing. I am not a cook or baker, but I have made some good beer bread before sooo I thought I would watch you and the clip – recipe presentation. It was super great – the bread looks just fantastic (I really like crunchiness), and I am sure it was exceptional in taste. However what was just as or More Interesting, fun to listen to, and easy on the eyes was YOU !!!! You are exceptional Young Lady 🙂 ……………….

  431. Love bread

    Made this bread today (3 hour version), it is now on the counter cooling, and I’ve got my butter waiting….m

  432. Sarah

    Can I substitute sourdough starter for yeast and make this a sourdough bread?

    • Dawn

      Sarah – I don’t think it would work with sourdough starter for a couple of reasons. First, I would worry that water at 130F would kill the starter. Second, sourdough starter is very slow to rise, so 3 hours wouldn’t be nearly enough time to proof the dough using the sourdough starter. It might work ok for the overnight version. You could try adding the yeast as well as the sourdough starter, for some insurance, but be careful that the water temp isn’t over 110F or so.

    • nachodon


      I don’t know, but I think sourdough starter is a portion of flour and yeast. If you mix it with more flour it might not have enough yeast in it and you might have to add more’

      good luck


  433. Leslie

    Jenny, from the very 1st time I made this, it was a hit. I still make it on those days (few) that are cold and make a soup. It always comes out perfect. The crust is so hard and I just wish that could be a bit softer. The other recipes for bread that are good and have a softer crust always take much longer to rise. So that is the beauty in this… rise time minimal. Nothing like hot bread!

    • Rae

      The crust was a bit too hard for my taste as well, so I simply put the dutch oven lid back on for a few minutes after I took the bread out of the oven and the steam softened it a bit. I will continue to experiment to find that sweet spot of crunchy, but not too hard. Love the simplicity of this bread!

  434. Lynn

    Jenny, this is the first recipe of yours that I have tried….twice. Your video of this recipe was very appealing for obvious reasons. I am not a novice in the kitchen, but I have had miserable failures both times I have attempted this. I followed your recipe to a T, all ingredients fresh, watched the video several times, and still …a bomb.
    Sorry, but I have wasted enough time and ingredients. I won’t risk trying another of your recipes.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Don’t give up. Look at the FAQs and you will find a reason why it failed. (I suspect it’s either improperly stored yeast or too hot water.)

    • Linny

      I have read of your troubles making this bread…either. 1) your yeast didn’t take…
      Or 2) the water wasn’t hot enough to activate the yeast…or 3) you might have altitude issues where you are and need to adjust the recipe or 4) the dough wasn’t in a warm enough place to rise.i use water run through the coffeemaker to get the right temp and let it rise in the oven

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Agreed, except this recipe requires a cool or room temperature rise and not in a warm spot.

    • Jennifer Dunlop-Gierok

      If your yeast is old or the water is too hot it will not work. To find if the yeast is old add a little sprinkle to warm water with a sprinkle of sugar. If it activates it’s still fresh. If the waters too too hot,it’ll kill the yeast.

    • nachodon


      The temperature of the water should be lukewarm 110 to 115 This may be why it didn’t work. please try again with lukewarm water.


  435. Devyani

    This turned out incredible even though my husband started preheating the oven while the dough was rising inside! Some of it got cooked but I was able to rescue the rest and proofed it according to your recipe. I made 4 times the quantity and made two big loaves for thanksgiving. A big hit!

    (I used to use Jim Lahey’s recipe but forgot to start the night before so used this and it was as good if not better.)

  436. Kathy

    I just made this for our Thanksgiving dinner and it turned out perfectly! The only thing I did differently was to let it rise overnight. I was just too tired last night to stay up and finish the baking 😊

  437. Betty MacLean

    Jenny I love the quick crusted bread and it always comes out awesome. My children and I are gluten sensitive and I tried making this same recipe with Rob Red all purpose gluten free flour and I added chia seeds in warm water to gel and vinegar. It cooked flat. Could you try making this delicious bread gluten free then post?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tried. Please see the FAQs.

    • James R Florini

      Can I use measure for measure flour, as I am gluten senistive….I miss a good bread.

    • Lila w

      My family is gluten sensitive also. I use Einkorn all purpose flour and we make bread with it and have no digestive problems.

  438. Jerry from Texas

    Have you ever added some toasted sesame or sunflower seeds to this recipe and, if so, did you like the results?

  439. Erin

    I just checked the date and it has been a year since I started using this recipe. Verdict – ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I have even made up the dough in the morning before work and when I get home – pop it in the oven! Done – fresh, wonderful bread! Especially great on these colder days.

  440. Karsten Baron

    Hi Jenny,
    love your videos and personality:)
    I would like to bake bread – trying your recipe.
    My question is a 7qt, dutch oven pot to big or can I use it?
    Thanks from Canada

    • Rose of FLA

      I find that my breads tend to spread out & flatten in a larger pot, so I’m buying a 5 qt size which is what I believe Jenny is using.

      • Karsten Baron

        … that was exactly where my question was leading to…

  441. Sara

    Hi Jenny, I’ve been looking at this recipe for the better part of a year, watching the video over and over (and talking about wanting to make this bread). I consider myself a good cook but I’m absolutely terrified when it comes to baking. I have zero experience with any kind of dough. Having said that I bought King Arthur’s Artisan Bread Flour, Trader Joe’s Active Dry Yeast, tempted the warm water and started my dough roughly 4 hours ago (watching the video several more times). The dough sat well over 3 hours,on the (cool granite counter) house is at 68 degrees.
    My dough does not seem to have risen at all and is not as loose as yours when you shook the bowl. Do I let it sit longer? Turn it out and let it trt to rise a 2nd time? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This is addressed in my FAQs: “If you have followed my recipe exactly with no changes at all and it doesn’t look right before baking, don’t make adjustments to try to “fix” it. Trust the recipe, don’t change anything and continue as directed. You may be surprised that it turns out after all.” Good luck!

      • Sara

        I was surprised, it’s absolutely wonderful and the crust is amazing! Can’t wait to make more, thank you, thank you! Love your enthusiasm 🙂

  442. Laura C

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe! I’ve always wanted to try to bake bread, but was intimidated. This made it easy…and oh man it was GOOD. I can’t deny, I was pretty proud of myself. I have a couple of questions, to make the next try even better:

    The loaf was perfect 15 minutes out of the oven– crust was crispy and the inside was fluffy with perfect elasticity– but the next morning, when I used it for toast, it seemed dense and a bit grainy. Is there a way to make it lighter and airier? Per one of the comments here, I increased the instant yeast to 1 tsp and added 2 tsp of sugar. To store it, I wrapped the cooled loaf in a flour sack towel on the counter…maybe that was a mistake?

    Also: I think the flavor would improve with a bit more salt. Would adding more ruin the loaf?

  443. Amber

    Jenny making bread is my total favorite thing to do I’m sad to say I really never heard of this concept before but I’m loving I’m trying it tomorrow the question for you is do you think it will work with gluten free flour

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my FAQs.

      • Dean

        I made the recipe substituting half cup cooked brown rice for half cup of flour Thought it a flop–so liquid (like cool molasses); had to add about tree cups flour before i could handle it to get ,it in the oven. raised and baked it according to the recipe- IT TURNED OUT WONDERFUL, I note elsewhere questions about gluten. I often add two or tree Tbsp gluten flour to all purpose flour. Always worked beautifully. Didn’t do it with my faux failure rice bread tho’. I am wondering with three cups flour and two and a half cups water: HOW CAN ANYONE MAKE THE DOUGH “TOO STIFF”. An exclamation, NOT a question.

  444. Lorenzo

    My kid made this for his 3rd grade science project, using varying amounts of yeast (1/4, 1/2, & 1 tsp). All versions were delicious, but 1/2 tsp won the taste test. My kids love to make bread now, thanks!

  445. Allen

    I’ve made this bread a number of times and it’s always great

  446. Nannie

    I have not made bread since my 20’s and am curious as the recipe says to add the yeast to the dry ingredients. I always remember adding water to the yeast/sugar to get “foamy” before mixing up the dough to set. I just want to make sure I’m understanding the instructions before I start.
    Thanks (in advance)

  447. Pauline

    Hey,I made this with whole wheat and rye flour and it turned out just fine!It is more like a rustic country bread…very dense and tasty!

  448. Erin

    Made this for the first time today…followed your directions exactly as written. Absolutely delicious and so easy to make! This will forever be my go-to for fresh baked bread. I can’t wait to make it again 🙂

  449. Silvana

    I absolutely love this recipe! It looks just like your picture & tastes just like San Francisco’s bread ! I’ve made it several times and it turns out better every time ! Pop loved it. So glad I made it for him to taste. He passed away in January. He was my best taster. Thank you Jenny for sharing the love. Your natural beauty , humor & candidness is very refreshing.
    Blessings always ~Silvana

  450. Silvana Karim

    I absolutely love this recipe! It looks just like your picture & tastes just like San Francisco’s bread ! I’ve made it several times and it turns out better every time ! Pop loved it. So glad I made it for him to taste. He passed away in January. He was my best taster. Thank you Jenny for sharing the love. Your natural beauty , humor & candidness is very refreshing.
    Blessings always ~Silvana

  451. Clare

    I made this bread for my husband last night because it looked so good ! and it did not disappoint !! AT ALL!!! I was drooling !! HOWEVER I must have gluten free bread and I know that I cannot get the same loaf but I was wondering if anyone has been able to create a gluten free recipe concoction that is as simple as this recipe??? I thought i found something somewhere that it could be made gluten free but it just would be more flat which i would expect but I cannot find it now ! OMG this bread recipe is awesome ! Wish I found it years ago when I could eat gluten!

  452. Margie in Delaware

    Found this on utube a week ago. Have already made 2 loaves and have shared your simple, fantastic recipe with bread-baking friends. SO good! Crispy crust, dense & soft interior – just the way I like it. And it’s devine when toasted too. Have another loaf doing first rise now but added some of my sourdough starter to see what happens (why not experiment a little?). I have an Emile Henry bread pot which works wonderfully! Next will be trying whole wheat. Not too good for the waistline, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? No way l’ll be giving this up, Jenny!

  453. Brenda H Nelson

    P S
    I often make bread from white spelt flour. Next time I would increase the water by 1/3 C and increase the yeast to at least 1 tsp.

  454. Brenda H Nelson

    Dissappointing! I used white spelt flour, as you said other flours were ok and the recipe was forgiving…NOT! I have been sent to bread hell! First of all, following the video ( and not looking at the stuff below, I used “very hot water ” but not boiling…just off the boil. I used potato cooking water. And I mixed it up. It looked a lot stiffer than your dough, so I added 1/2 C more hot water. That looked about right. Then I followed the rest of the instructions exactly. Whoa! After 3 hrs there were NO bubbles like yours. But I soldiered on following orders to the letter. After 30 min. baking it looked like an anemic pancake. Now its in the oven for the last 10-20 min. My guests arrive in 30 min. Maybe I can slice it and rebake it as rusks. Or seaman’s biscuit? But it sure doesn’t look like yours or any bakery bread I ever saw. 🙁

    Also, I noticed that you cut the “hot” loaf…as you claimed…wearing only one mitt…and there was no steam. Not nice to fool the public.

    But your joke about forgiveness was funny. So I forgive you. 😀

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You shouldn’t blame me for your failed recipe when you did not follow the recipe. I screened the video and never said other flours were okay, only that all purpose and bread flour would work.

      The loaf I sliced was hot. Your suggestion that I am fooling the public is hurtful and not something I would ever do.

      I don’t need your forgiveness but an apology would be nice.

    • RickA

      Your guests arrive in 30 minutes and you have time to write this junk?
      Go find another site to post your rude comments.

    • Moon

      Your water was too hot and killed the yeast. I should should be no warmer than a baby’s formula.

      Also spelt has very little gluten on its own so a TB of vital wheat gluten per cup is needed (be sure to delete that TB from your flour measurement.

  455. RickA

    Made this bread yesterday and took it to a party last night…. it was a real crowd pleaser!!
    Thank you for the recipe.
    I love your “NO Advertisement” site and have been recommending your site to my friends.

  456. NMChristina

    I made this bread last night and was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to make. Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  457. Maryke Smith

    To your recipe I adjusted the ingredients. I used 1 packet yeast.2tsp sugar and 2 tsp powdered milk. . I then proceeded with you baking instructions. Turned out beautiful. Light and fluffy

  458. bigridgeboy

    I thought I followed directions. After 30 min, the bread looked just like your picture. I put it back in the dutch oven for 10 min and it browned up some but when I cut it the outside was crispy but the inside was pasty.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You may have just sliced it too soon. Please see the FAQs on this.

  459. Cheryl

    Hello Jenny!

    I made this today for hubby and son as I’ve been on the KETO way of eating since March 2018. I was a hardcore bread freak and while watching this video…the sound of that crust sold me on making this. I just happened to have a Kitchenaid Dutch Oven that I purchased from a Thrift shop and never used till today. OMG…not only is this recipe super easy, but this crust is to die for.

    As I said I have been on KETO for 7 months and doing very, very well. Dropped 20 lbs! I couldn’t resist to peel off the crust of a 1/2 piece of this bread and slather with the fattest butter I have. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did as I had to try this and see if this bread passed by flying colours. The most AMAZING (crust) Bread and Hubby and Son are also big supporters of this recipe.

    Thanks so much Jenny for sharing this recipe with the world!

    Now if you can only come up with a similar recipe (crunchy, crispy crust) Keto style bread…I would LOVE you to the Moon and Back. 🙂 LOL

    Thanks so much!

  460. Amy Coppens

    Hi,where can I find the recepy for whole wheat bread please?
    Thank you s much,Amy

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can use the recipe search box or just look in the “Breads/Muffins” category.

  461. Nancy Mills

    Hi Jenny
    I found this recipe about a month ago and make it every week. Everyone who I have served this to loves it. Just wondering if you have a recipe for sourdough bread that you can recommend?
    Or how I could incorporate my sourdough starter into this method?
    Thanks Jenny

  462. Susan

    Is it possible to add herbs or even cheese to this recipe? I was thinking fresh chopped rosemary and sun dried tomatoes might be nice.

    • Vicki

      I make a very similar recipe and I often add herbs to it, it comes out great. I haven’t done the cheese but I wonder if you wait to add it when you’re shaping the loaf for the second rise it may work fine. I’ve also added dried cranberries and orange zest in the first mix for a very nice loaf for breakfast.

  463. Rhonda Agan

    I made this bread, I didn’t have any parchment paper so I cut a circle using paper sack. Turned out wonderful. Absolutely will make again.

  464. Janine

    Hi Jenny,
    Could I use oat flour? I’ve recently had to start a gluten- free diet.


    • Jenny Can Cook

      Sorry, it won’t work – this recipe needs gluten. Maybe you could try part oat flour…

  465. Roy

    Hi Jenny, with all the things going on in the world I wish I could tell you I think you are gorgeous and funny but unfortunately I cannot since I would probably end up in court or jail. At any rate I love not only your recipes, but your presentations. I check your YouTube page all the time waiting for a new recipe and video. My Mother was Czech and having visited the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany etc. I loved the food and would really like to see more of your family recipes. Thanks so much for being you and for sharing.

  466. Tara

    When making this bread with whole wheat flour is it the same exact measurements.

  467. Sherry

    Did you score the bread?

    • DMark1

      She did not score the bread in the video and there is no mention of scoring the bread in the recipe either. I guess it’ll crack on top if it wants to, all by itself!

  468. Starr

    Baked in a 2 1/2 qt iron Dutch oven, and it’s beautiful!

  469. Maria

    Hi, This is how I make it for severall years now. I started out with the original Sullivan Street Bakery recipe, keeping the dough in cold didn’t do nothing for me. I started experimenting, and now I’m at the point where I mix it at 8-9 AM, 2-3 hrs later I fold it in the bowl several times over by lifting the dough from the bottom of the bowl and turning it over. Leave it for 1-1.5 hrs still in the bowl, and after that I put it on the floured parchment paper, and let it rise until the dutch oven is heating up. Every week I bake 3 loaves…….and my son eats 1/2 of one loaf in one sitting.

  470. Jerry

    You are the greatest. Love your videos.
    What size Dutch Oven would you recommend for two people my Wife and I.
    Thank You

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I cook for two as well and I find the standard size for Dutch ovens, 5 1/2 quart, works for everything, especially the no knead bread. My brand is Le Creuset so make sure yours is rated for 450°F.

      • ZEN

        Hi Jenny

        Thank you for the recipe. I watched this video on YouTube 2 years ago but never tried it because I had a bread machine. But it broke last week and I remembered I had seen an amazing video on YouTube but I could not imagine the result would be even much more amazing. Now, I am thinking about not even fixing the bread machine.

        Here are my questions:

        I have a red Kenmore Cast Iron Enameled 7-Qt. Dutch Oven (very heavy). The description says Oven safe up to 450°F. I used it only once with your recipe.

        1) Should I be worried about “up to 450°F” and not more than 450°F?
        2) It is red (scarlet), but when I take it out from the oven it is dark red (maroon). When it cools down, it goes back to scarlet. Is this normal?
        3) Should be worried about the max heat (450°F) and damaging the enamel?
        4) Should I get a non-enameled one?
        5) To have a softer crust, I skipped the step 7 and didn’t return it to oven for the extra 10 – 15 minutes. However, the crust is still thick. How can I get a softer crust?

        Sorry for the stupid questions… and again thank you for the videos. You are great.

        • Robert


          The way to get a soft crust, is to make an enriched dough (adding any combination of milk, oil, eggs per recipe). Breads that only have water, flour, salt, and yeast are called lean doughs, and they all have thick crusts.

      • Maryke Smith

        Just to make the bread a little lighter I add 1 packet of yeast 1 tsp sugar and 2 tsp milk powder. Bake then as directed. The bread will come out much lighter and you get that wonderful yeasty smell and taste.

        • DMark1

          So, you are adding a packet of yeast on top of what is in the original recipe, is that right? And how much yeast is in that packet?

  471. Madina Sabri

    Made the dough the night before, baked for breakfast! This was such a hit! Turned out really delicious! Can’t wait to try the whole wheat and the multigrain in the Dutch oven! Thank you for such an easy recipe! They always make it so complicated!

  472. Bob

    Do you think it would be ok to just use an old aluminum stock pot with a lid instead of a Dutch oven pot?

    • Barbara Funk

      Sure, why not. But it has to be HEAVY, not thin. So that would be “why not.”

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Look at the FAQs for other ways people have made this bread.

      • Dee

        I love your video dutch oven artisan bread. I tried several times but was somewhat turned out dense.

        I made a couple changes which I want to share with you. It truly turned out perfect and I am finally successful .
        I used:
        3 C all purpose flour
        1 Teaspoon of salt
        2 teaspoon of sugar
        1 teaspoon of instant yeast
        stir all dry ingredient.
        I added 1 1/2 C of warm water and allow the dough to proof about 2 hours in my oven with the light on. Not the heat.
        I shaped the dough same as in your video.
        I cooked it in my preheated covered dutch oven at 475F for 35 minutes then back in oven uncovered 5 minutes.
        i was so flaky inside and had nice holes and so so good.
        Thank you for sharing .
        Keep up the good work.

        • Tricia

          I was so glad to find your adaptation with instant yeast!
          Thank you.
          I made it and it was wonderful.
          I made it again today and added some of Costco’s Everything Bagel mix ( seeds and salt, etc) and it was outstanding!

  473. Bob Theoret

    How do we “aerate – not sift”?

  474. Christopher

    Love, love, love this recipe!! I make it exactly as it is written and I get amazing bread every time. The family goes nuts over fresh baked French bread.
    Thanks so much for creating this!

  475. Christine

    Can I use a cast-iron Dutch oven instead?

  476. sharon

    Can I bake this bread in a loaf pan? please answer, I would like to bake this in the morning.

    Thank you

    • Nana

      I would venture to say from my own experience and all that Jenny said in the video, that it MUST be cooked in an enclosed heavy pan with lid. It STEAMS. Then at the end, you take off the lid to crisp the top.

      Hope that’s helpful, even though a little late…

  477. Karl D

    This has become my go to bread recipe for those times I need it in one afternoon!
    Always a hit.

    Today I have some sitting in a bowl that has sliced green olives and shredded cheddar cheese mixed in.
    I will do my second rise in an oval banneton.

  478. Myrna

    I have made your bread many ,many, times , but always for dinner .iwant to make it for lunch and want to know if I can let the dough go as long as all night ,and bake it in the morning ? Please answer my e mail, my luncheon is in 3days

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can. This is addressed in the recipe description at the top.

  479. Oscar

    I am trying to help budget my family by seeing where I can save money in the kitchen.
    Would you be able to estimate how many ounces your No Knead recipe yields? I LOVE home baked bread and, if I can make the numbers work, I want to start making it for my family.

  480. Theresa

    Hi Jennie

    I had no problem making this Bread,Its great, Going to make again today.

  481. Mary

    tried the recipe not sure if oven, or the yeast which I keep in the fridge or the water – seemed 1-1/2c was too much but the crust was gorgeous the inside was way undercooked threw it all out.
    But I tried the no knead rolls and with a bottom rack pan filled with water I created some steam and kept them in for the full 35 minutes they came out perfect…a little chewy but cooked well.
    Thank you, I’m never again buying bread in the store, I can’t stand the nats or flies I see around them…I won’t mention where I saw it…tip WF.

  482. George A.

    Hi Jenny,
    This 86 year old English guy has made three attempts to make bread and all three loaves ended up as door stops.
    My wife is a three-time cancer survivor, making me the head cook and bottle washer, so I do all the cooking.
    A few days ago I discovered your wonderful site and on the spot decided to try your Faster No Knead Bread recipe.
    One of our daughters and grand-daughters arrived just as I took the loaf out of the oven and after it had cooled a while, the four of us each ate two slices, smothered with butter. It was wonderful
    Now, will this recipe work for light-rye bread, my favourite????
    Many, many thanks for your fantastic help. Incidentally, we live in Canada.

  483. Maureen

    I only have self-rising flour in the house right now. Is it okay to make this bread with this type of flour and omit the salt in the recipe, but still add the yeast, of course? Thanks!

  484. Jeff

    I LOVE this bread. It’s the only bread I eat now haha. Great!! Before I put it in the oven I sprinkle the top of the dough with sesame seeds..its soooooo good!

  485. Maryann

    I tried this recipe this morning and it came out great thank you

  486. A

    Has anyone made it? If so, how was it

    • Jes

      It’s amazing!

    • Mary

      I made it I will need to play around with the water because mine had liquid left over after the firs rise which I had to dump.
      The crust came out gorgeous but the inside was undercooked. I suggest to really need as long as she suggests in the video and to use the yeast she suggests and test the inside temperature of the oven with a thermostat to weed out all possible reason for failure. I find the “no knead rolls/buns are much easier.

    • Barb F

      Made twice so far. First time my yeast was old, so major flop. I was afraid it was old, so I wasn’t too freaked out.

      Second time pretty darn good! Iv e made a lot of bread, there is some art, some science, and some magic to it. My oven is usually a bit cool, so I made sure it was preheated all the way. Turns out it was a tad hot, so slightly over Brown and under Rosen and baked inside. But still good, I’m just looking to improve. Small adjustments to come.

      You do want to fold and pat enough to actually make a soft ball.
      Have fun with it!

    • Dan

      I have made it many times over and everyone loves it. Of course I do not share how easy it is.

  487. Deb

    I want to put pumpkin seeds on the top. Can they be put on without burning?

  488. Rebecca

    I’m glad to have found your recipe! I have made bread for years, but I am new to the no-knead method. The other recipes that I have tried were the 12-18hr versions. I like having my bread on the same day. Thank you!

  489. Karl D.

    I am trying this recipe today. I bake a lot of bread, but have never done the no knead type.
    Hoping for a great loaf!
    Wish me luck!

  490. Maribel76

    Hi. I have a question. Can i use Swans Down cake flour for this recipe. Thats the only flour I have. Thanks

  491. Jennifer

    This bread turned out wonderfully! I’ve never made crusty bread in a dutch oven before and this was super easy and quick.

    I’m sure the recipe would have turned out as it was written, but I tweaked it a bit – substituted 1 cup of rye flour as one of the cups of bread flour, added a tsp of caraway, 1 tsp of fiber, a Tbsp of ground flax seed, two pinches of sugar, and 1 Tbsp of butter. I also increased the yeast to 1 tsp. Plus, I left it to rise on the porch while it is 100 degrees outside.

    Thank you so much for this easy recipe. It is a nice break from making a knead and rise, punch down, wait, type of loaf. Or, waiting 18 hours for bread.

  492. Lou

    Hi Jenny
    Why is it that this bread requires only 1/4 tsp yeast while other bread recipies need much more (e.g., 2-1/2 tsp)?
    Thank you
    Please do not send me a lot of email.
    Much appreciated

    • Dee

      Yes Lou. I tried 1/4 teaspoon yeast and that did not work out for me.
      i changed the recipe lightly.
      It finally turned out the best I ever made. It was like a French Baguette.

      See my post. I used 1 Teaspoon of yeast and added 2 teaspoon of sugar ad 1 teaspoon of salt to my 3 C of all purpose flour.
      I cooked it on a preheated covered dutch oven at 475F for 35 minutes then removed the lid and cook it for 5 minutes. It is the best ever. I followed the direction from Jenny to shape it. 🙂

    • Claire

      Yeah I don’t get how this could possibly work… I make no-knead bread all the time and it turns out amazing. I followed the recipe exactly for this one, and 3.5 hours later I’m still seeing virtually no rise whatsoever in the dough. Nothing wrong with the yeast, I used it just a few days ago with my regular recipe.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        If you make no knead bread all the time, then stick with a recipe that works for you. That’s what I would do. This one works for me every time so I stick with it.

  493. John

    Hi Jenny I love your recipes and you’re Cooking segments are a lot of fun to watch my question is how to add black olives to your bread recipe I’m very fond of olives and other things in bread baked this way thank you

  494. Eddie Kay

    Can I use almond flour in place of the all purpose flour? Will that work?

  495. Mindy

    I intend to make this bread tomorrow and put Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning in it. I can hardly wait until morning.

  496. toby

    Can I use a mixer to mix

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s best to follow a recipe, especially when it’s this simple. I would not advise using as mixer.

  497. Linda

    I love this recipe. I make 4 loaves at a time in separate bowls, measure for four, add salt yeast and water one bowl at a time cover all 4 with plastic wrap let rise at same time then bake all at one time. My husband loves it. Sometimes I share a loaf with a neighbor. Jenny I love love love this bread!!!!! Thank you! bee well, linda

  498. William Jones

    As a man who loves to cook and be creative I made this bread numerous times .i brush top with melted butter last few minutes of cooking …today I decided to be different i add fresh mint and a smidge of fresh cilantro my taste buds exploded

  499. Cassie

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe. My bf loves crusty/soft bread and when I found rhis recipe I showed it to him and made it for him after we watched the video. We couldn’t believe it would be that easy. But it was! And more than that, my bf is kind of a bread snob and he LOVED it. He was so impressed with it and the small amount of work it takes. He was a very happy man. And we atr half of it in one sitting. Hard not to keep eating! Thank you so much. And the video is fun. I like you!

  500. Cookie46

    I have made this bread several times and it always turns out great. However, a member of my family has had it flop twice. I’m pretty sure she is getting the water too hot. She is heating the water in the microwave. What do you think? I thank you for an amazing bread recipe

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I suggest she either watch you make yours or use a thermometer for the water. Microwaving is fine but the temperature matters.

  501. Nana Brown

    I have adapted this a bit by adding a few secret ingredients and made it several times to raves by anyone quick enough to get a piece or two. . so .. thanks for the recipe and inspiration..

    The cooking vessel of choice? Remember those clay cookers for a whole chicken? Soak in water, put in a cold oven with cornmeal sprinkled on the bottom and bring to temp. Be sure bottom and top are separate in the oven.

    Being careful not to burn yourself bring out – cut bread dough in half (I make double loaves so I can share extra with the neighbors) drop dough in the hot cooker- put on lid and return quickly to the oven.

    The moist clay makes this crisp and moist inside. I broke down and bought another clay cooker for my neighbors bread.

    One more thought. After cooling (of course way after the first hot incredible taste) I cover with a slightly damp dishcloth. This keeps- well it keeps until it is all gone! Bread was always best the first day but this is worth fighting over stuff! Even the 3rd day.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for sharing all these details with everyone.

    • Jacqui

      I am so glad to see someone made this with a clay pot! That is what I wanted to do, too.

  502. Mary

    Thank you so much Jenny for sharing this recipe. I have made the bread a few times and I love it. It is so easy to make that any level cook/baker can make this fresh baked bread. Comes out perfect.

  503. Lori

    Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for this great recipe! I tried it yesterday and while it didn’t look as good as yours when it went into the oven it came out looking and tasting fantastic. I don’t have a dutch oven yet so I used a square high rimmed ceramic baking dish with a lid and it worked like a charm.

  504. Paul D'Agostino

    you must have a happy husband and family .I also come from a cooking and baking family BUT after I got out of the navy WW2 I took up refrig, and truck repaiors, I have when back to doing my own cooking and baking now.??
    lost my wife of 64 years But still help others out (NO labor just parts . It nice to know that there are people like you to help out .If you have a cook book can you let me know. IM OLD but not diwn Paul

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry for the loss of your wife of many lifetimes. It’s good to know you are helping your neighbors. I know the joy of doing for others – it’s almost as joyful as cooking! I published a cookbook years ago but there is no need to buy it. I have posted almost all the recipes from the book here on my site and they are simplified and improved because I am a better cook today. Good luck with all your cooking ventures!

    • Dee

      Thank you for your post Paul. I hope you are doing well and continue to enjoy cooking. I find it relaxing. Better than Valium. (lol)
      I made Jenny’s artisan bread. She has great video and it spend many hours watching her wonderful way of explaining her recipe.
      I made a couple changes to her artisan bread. It turned out wonderful.

      I tried 1/4 teaspoon yeast and that did not work out for me.
      i changed the recipe lightly.
      It finally turned out the best I ever made. It was like a French Baguette. I am french so I should know.

      See my post. I used 1 Teaspoon of yeast and added 2 teaspoons of sugar ad 1 teaspoon of salt to my 3 C of all purpose flour. Stir all dry ingredient and add 1 1/2 c warm water. Let it proof.

      I cooked it on a preheated covered dutch oven at 475F for 35 minutes then removed the lid and cook it for 5 minutes. It is the best ever. I followed the direction from Jenny to shape it. 🙂

  505. Andrea from NJ

    Fantastic versio of no knead bread! Used half AP flour and half bread flour.

  506. Ama HenHarr

    Thank you so much for the recipe! The bread turned out great! Also, loved your video!!

  507. Sarah

    1/4 tsp yeast? Surely that must be a typo.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s not a typo.

      • San

        Why is it that people question measurements on a recipe you have done 1 million times and have a video as well? I must’ve LOL for at least five minutes! And this is coming from a retired chef so I’m not surprised at the questions. I’m about to begin my first loaf and I’ll get back to you. I’m very excited!

        • Claire

          I make bread all the time and it turns out great, including no-knead recipes. EVERY recipe calls for more yeast. I’ve let this recipe rise for 3.5 hours now and there’s virtually no rise at all, as I expected with 1/4 teaspoon. Followed it to the letter.

          • Jenny Can Cook

            If you follow the recipe exactly it will turn out. It has for thousands of others so there may be a tiny step you’re missing.

  508. Mindy

    Love this recipe! I have done this in the three hour and overnight versions. Jenny said it is very forgiving and she is right. I do preheat the oven and pot and i use Reynolds parchment paper. This is so good and easy…i love being able to have crusty fresh warm bread …yum…

  509. Eileen Strom

    Can you substitute beer/ale (room temp or heated?) for some of the water to help give the bread some extra flavor?
    Otherwise I LOVE this recipe! I have made it several times and it always comes out wonderful. But I would also love to have some additional flavor without having to have the long proof time in order to achieve that end.
    Thanks so much!

  510. Harriet

    I wanted to tell you that I adore you and your recipes. I Remember your show. You are smart, lovely and humble. I recently came across your recipes and I am going to try them out. My sister will be viewing your website. Love you jennie

  511. Angela

    Hi Jenny! Enjoyed your YouTube video on the Dutch Oven no-knead bread! So I bought my little dutch oven….made the dough about 3 hours ago…measured exactly (using a scale to measure out 360 grams of flour)…and the dough is sitting, not rising/bubbling…nothing. Now what??? And it was very loose..not anywhere near able to “fold” 10-12 times…more like “spoon” it 10-12 times (which I just now did, hoping to get it to rise..??) HELP!!!

    • Angela

      I’ve read your Q&A…going to pop it into the oven anyway and let you know what happens. Yeast WAS fresh, used hot tap water (not too hot)…thought I did it all…we’ll see. Wish me luck! ; )

      • Jack Leeman

        I found your site awhile ago and love it. My wife passed and I have been trying to find things to eat that were a little different and also something interesting so I’m trying to cook. Also Dr. Fernow was my Dr. for 30 years and yesterday my daughter was talking to her and she asked about me and my daughter shared that I was watching you and following recipes to cook. Leslie shared that you had lived at Sebec and she knows you. I found that very interesting. Thank You so much for the recipes. Do you miss Sebec Lake?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I’m glad you’re enjoying my recipes but I never lived at Sebec Lake (Maine?) – I am from Canada.

    • Elizabeth

      It’s probably the yeast.

  512. Dominic

    Hi Jenny, I don’t have a dutch oven but I do have a stone to bake pizza. Can I just put the dough with parchment paper directly on the stone like I do with pizza?
    Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I make pizza on a stone using parchment paper (Reynolds brand never burns) so you can do that but it may not rise as much without the steam that’s created in a Dutch oven.

  513. Carmela

    Dear Jenny,
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I made the no knead bread, came out a little under cooked. I don’t have a Dutch oven therefore, I used my corningware to bake it in. I did follow the same instruction as you stated in your Video. What do you suggest? I really can’t afford to go out and buy a Dutch over. I live on a fixed income and I enjoy cooking and baking for my family and friends. They all really do enjoy my cooking/baking.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for Dutch oven substitute ideas.

    • Debra

      Don’t slice your bread while still warm. Wait at least an hour until it has really cooled off. Bread continues to bake for a few minutes after removed from oven and pan. Good luck!!!

    • Lindyloo

      Carmela, check your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. There might be a used Dutch oven for sale in one of those places for very little money. Another possibility is Craig’s List.

  514. Jeanne Jones

    Hi Jenny,
    Your recipes are so clear and fun that they make cooking enjoyable!!
    I have made this bread many many times and loved your video. Love your humor too!!
    I watched your Jenny show years ago and was sad to see you move on. But now look at you! Jenny is back!
    I shared your bread & crunchy roll recipe with my daughter, her husband and grandchildren and they devoured the bread and rolls in minutes!! Good thing I made three loves that day!! They inhaled two loaves quickly but I kept one for me:)
    My husband and I gifted our daughter with a Dutch oven and now she makes your bread with her little girl!
    Thank you for sharing your cooking skills(I’m buying your cook book)!!❤️

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for the nice note but there is no need to buy the book. It is outdated and I am a better cook today. Plus, all of the best recipes in the book are already here, improved and simplified.

  515. Larry F

    My recipe was really wet and hard to work with even tho I used 380 grams of bread flour. As U may know, its hard to add more flour after the 1st rise.
    I may try again with 425 grams. Comment?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I struggle with metric weights because with my digital scale, flour never measures the same twice. One cup measures from 125 to 140 so adjusted my metric conversion chart as well as the measurements in the recipes.

    • Lindyloo

      Larry F, the natural moisture/humidity in your kitchen can affect how much water you need for your dough. I had the same problem with very wet dough, even though I weighed my flour. You CAN add more flour after the first rise. I sprinkled flour onto the parchment and on the dough multiple times before the second rise, which eventually allowed me to fold the dough into a ball without it sticking to my hands. It was still very loose when I put the parchment and dough into the bowl for the second rise. It would never have held its shape without the bowl. I was amazed at how beautiful it was after it finished baking. The taste of this bread was every bit as good as the bread that I spend hours prepping and kneading. Next time I’ll start with 1-1/4 cups of water. I can always add more if that isn’t enough.

  516. Petronila

    I AM ALMOST 83 y.( jung!) BUT THIS RECEPY IS M U S T. ! to try!
    Sincerely, Petronila

  517. Josephine

    If I use 1.5 rye and 1.5 wheat flour, do I use more water? Thank you.

  518. Stephanie

    This bread looks amazing! I have a question
    I don’t have a dutch oven but I have a stone type dutch over from Pampered Chef. Do you think that would work just as well?
    Thank you!

    • Pauline

      If you’ve not found an answer, go to the Pampered Chef site, you will see you can’t preheat the stoneware which is essential in this type of baking. I have a perfect piece I’d love to use, but won’t as I don’t want it to crack. I’ve purchased a couple of great pieces of enameled cast iron on sale at Canadian Tire here in Alberta. (Cuisenart or Lagostina)

  519. jennifer

    Followed the recipe first time making bread and it says to combine all the
    ingredients in a bowl. That is not what you are suppose to do. So i had to start over once i realized my dough was not rising. Your suppose to combine the yeast and warm water first.

  520. jennifer

    Followed the recipe first time making bread and it says to combine all the
    ingredients in a bowl. That is not what you are suppose to do. So i had to start over once i realized my dough was not rising. Your suppose to combine the yeast and warm water first.

    This recipe is wrong.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe is correct. The yeast goes right into the bowl without proofing. You might find out what went wrong with yours here:

      • Heather davis

        I have made this bread many many times the 18-hour way exactly the same ingredients except with cold water …Jenny is right….you do not need to have the yeast rise you just throw it into the bowl I’m looking forward to trying the shortened method with hot water can’t wait delicious delicious

    • Kyle

      I followed the recipe and it turned out great. Although, I made whole wheat. But, the recipe and instructions were the same.

      Excellent bread.

      • Dan

        I’m making this today, but using white flour. What kind of rise did you get with whole wheat?

    • Dee

      What kind of yeast did you use? One type of yeast must be proof and the other can simply be added to the dry ingredient.

  521. Mary

    My 90-year-old father baked this bread, then sent the recipe to me. I made it today, and it’s amazing! I’d never baked bread in a Dutch oven, but everything about this recipe was easy, and the video was a big help. Thank you!

  522. Carol

    Do you have a recipe for a baguette?

    • Aw

      Artisan Bread in 10 min a Day is a book and it has a great recipe

  523. Lisa

    This is my favorite bread recipe. I make it a lot. I even tried it with all stone ground wheat flour, chia seeds, ground flax seed, hemp seed, sunflower seed & sesame seeds then topped it with flaked sea salt. It’s to die for and so healthy. I was skeptical at first that the stone ground whole wheat flour wouldn’t work but it came out perfectly.

  524. DianaLHH

    Thanks so much for this fabulous recipe. Absolutely loved how it came out! Now that I’ve mastered the basics I’d really like to start adding other ingredients such as cinnamon and raisins or cheese and jalapeño peppers. My question is when would I add these ingredients and does the recipe need to be modified in anyway when I do this?
    Thanks again!

  525. Mike in Saratoga, NY

    I make this at least once a month and have been doing so for over a year. It’s super easy and impossible to screw up.

    I had read about The NY Times no knead recipe and got a dutch oven specifically to try it out. I quickly found my way to this variation and have made only this since. I’ve experimented with different additions and toppings on the bread. I’ve since purchased a second dutch over so I can churn them out faster when I’m making them (two baked at once don’t require more time as long as the dutch ovens are pre heated).

    It comes out perfect. Every time. Crusty. Chewy. Delicious.

  526. Eva

    Just as I was donating my Dutch oven, my sister told me all about this recipe and made me go into our pickup truck and get it back in house.

    Well I tried your recipe and I have been hooked ever since! The recipe is so easy and our family loves them. They eat the whole loaf in one day and I have been making them non-stop. 😊

    Thanks for your videos, you’re a pleasure to cook with. I am now making your cinnamon buns! Can’t wait for those too. My Dutch oven is the star of the kitchen again. Keep up the recipes. Your new fan!

  527. Trisha Ann

    This will be my fourth time making the bread, so easy and just better than what I expected. I have also added fresh garlic and rosemary to copy the bread at Costco. Making another loaf today.

    • Dodie

      Hi Trisha,

      Were you successful in duplicating Costco’s bread? Care to share proportions of rosemary and garlic ? Thanks!

  528. Luann

    I just made this bread for the first time. I can’t believe how easy it is and it’s so pretty!! I watched the video first and I highly recommend watching it even if you’ve made lots of yeast bread in the past – this is a total game changer. Plus, I love Jenny’s sense of humor. Now I’m watching the flatbread video – I think that’s next on the list to tackle. I am now a Jenny fan!



  530. Steve Williams

    WOW.. Love the carbo porn… Got one in the oven right now. Thnx

  531. Bon

    Can I add cheese to your no need bread

  532. Diana

    Can I use a rectangular loaf pan. 8 1/2 x 4 1/2

    • Betty Horne

      Can I use a regular bread pan for this recipe?

      Thanks Betty

  533. Diana

    Jenny: Can I use a rectangular ceramic loaf pan to cook this. I have a lid for it 8 1/2 x 4 1/2
    Thank You

  534. Anna k

    I make this bread several times a week and it turns out great every time! My family loves it, couldn’t be easier.

  535. Lana

    Made your bread for the first time and it looks beautiful. I cut the first slice and noticed that the inside of the remainder is doughier than I think it should be. I followed your directions to a T and am a pretty experienced baker so am at a loss. I did not check the internal temp of the bread when I took it out of the oven. Perhaps if I had I would have left it in a bit longer. Your thoughts? Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Bobbie

      I had exactly the same experience. Doughy, underdone, heavy loaf looks good and my hubby will eat anything BUT I’m going to try again with more yeast, lower temp water and longer rising time. It does ha e a nice crust.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Please look at the FAQs because this recipe works for just about everyone, including me on a regular basis. You might find an easy fix. You also may be slicing it too soon. Good luck!

        • Bobbie

          Made. Next day with fresh yeast, 360 grams flour and it’s perfect. Should emphasize weighing flour. No way to be sure of amount otherwise.

      • Dee

        I made Jenny’s artisan bread. She has great video and it spend many hours watching her wonderful way of explaining her recipe.
        I made a couple changes to her artisan bread. It turned out wonderful.

        I tried 1/4 teaspoon yeast and that did not work out for me.
        i changed the recipe lightly.
        It finally turned out the best I ever made. It was like a French Baguette. I am french so I should know.

        See my post. I used 1 Teaspoon of yeast and added 2 teaspoons of sugar ad 1 teaspoon of salt to my 3 C of all purpose flour. Stir all dry ingredient and add 1 1/2 c warm water. Let it proof.

        I cooked it on a preheated covered dutch oven at 475F for 35 minutes then removed the lid and cook it for 5 minutes. It is the best ever. I followed the direction from Jenny to shape it. 🙂

  536. Wanda

    Is it 1/4 teaspoon of yeast or 1/4 oz.?

  537. Hairy

    I’ve made a few of these now and they’re great! My only problem is they tend to stick to the parchment paper. I’ve resorted to cooking spray to help with the removal.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That usually happens with inferior parchment paper. If you can get Reynolds brand, it never sticks.

  538. Kate the Painter

    Please oh please! Can you tell me how to adjust this recipe for whole wheat? Do you have a great no-knead whole wheat recipe? Love your videos and your sense of humor. Always delivering culinary education with a chuckle!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Did you look at my other bread recipes?

    • Agi

      You can just substitute all purpose flour with whole wheat flower. That what I do and bread is delish. I like it with seeds (pumpkin, sunflower,Fflax-1tbs each). I also ad more yeast 1 tsp and slightly more water. Otherwise follow the recipe. I don’t buy bread anymore. Thanks Jenny.

  539. Elizabeth

    I make this bread all the time – it’s easy and comes out just gorgeous every time I’ve made it. Thanks so much!!

  540. Michelle

    Jenny- absolutely love this bread recipie!!
    I have made 5 loaves already they come out so beautiful I love giving them to people I visit! Always get same reaction people grab their cameras to take a picture.
    Love You and the way you cook and your fabulous sense of humor. Thank you so much for making life simple, fun and delicious!!

  541. Koukla

    I love this bread my family loves it and it’s so easy I make it all the time
    Thank you

  542. Kim

    I made two batches of the no knead bread but didn’t get the chance to bake it the same day. Will the bread be okay, if I bake it the next day? I did not use cold water to make the dough, I used hot water thinking that I would be able to bake the bread in 3 hours. Thanks!

    • Jessica N

      I make no knead bread all the time. Usually I proof the bread for 12-18 hours not 3. I wanted something faster this time which is why I looked up this one. I I usual use the exact same measurements but the longer proof time.

  543. Carol

    I added a tsp each of Scarborough Fair (Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme) all dried and ground up with a mortar & pestal. Added at the beginning and it was delicious! Also, I subbed 1/2 cup whole wheat flour for extra texture. Best bread ever! Thanks Jenny!

  544. Ellen in Wis

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now your next assignment: experiment with making a bread this good using sourdough starter for the yeast.

    • Leyanne

      Agreed easy sourdough recipe would be fantastic Jenny ..PLEEEEASE…! 🍞🍞🍞

  545. Steph

    I have my first loaf in the oven right now. Haven’t made bread in ages so I’m excited to have some tonight with homemade chili for dinner.

    Will report back!

  546. Jean

    can I double the recipe for the bread and how do I change the measurements?
    By the way I’ve made this bread and my husband says it is the only bread he wants me to make. I love it!

    • Kate from Ottawa

      Hi Jean, I double this recipe…6 c flour, 3 c hot water, double the yeast, I put 1 tbsp honeyin well as salt.
      You need a BIG bowl. I use my soup pot. Do Jenny’s instructions. After it rises, I will cut off what I need to bake bread that day and refrigerate the rest in a good sealing large container. It will keep very well for 7 to 10 days in the fridge.
      You will have bread or pizza dough whenever you need it. Remember, though, to let the dough get to room temperature before baking. Happy New Year!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Kate, thanks so much for sharing these details with us.

      • Cheryl in Carolina

        Thanks Kate for idea about making enough for pizza dough with a double batch. Gotta try that! This is the best bread recipe and easiest by far

  547. Sharon Crawford

    Do you have any nutritional information on this bread?

  548. awesomechels

    Is this really meant to be a 1/4 tsp of yeast? I would have expected it to be closer to a packet 2 1/4 tsp.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe is correct.

      • Mary

        It took way longer than 3 hours to rise with only 1/4 teaspoon of yeast, more like the traditional 18+ hours of a traditional bread recipe. I read the recipe to my sister who is experienced at baking bread and she said it’s the same recipe as traditional slow rise breads. In fact, it’s almost the exact same recipe as this one (except a small difference in salt):

        How can your bread recipe rise in 3 hours and other recipes that require the same ingredients take over 18 hours?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I don’t proof the yeast and use hot water to speed up the process. It’s not supposed to rise like traditional bread. If you follow this recipe exactly it works every time. (I didn’t fake the video 🙂)

          • Claire

            I bake bread all the time and have for years, including no-knead breads, so I’m by no means new to this. But this absolutely did not work for me. I followed it to the letter, I’m certain of the correct measurements, and after 3.5 hours there’s virtually no rise at all. Same yeast I used for a loaf just days ago, so that’s not the problem. The water was 140 degrees (I used a thermometer). With only 1/4 teaspoon it’ll be tomorrow before this is sufficiently risen.

            • Jenny Can Cook

              You may have killed the yeast at 140 degrees. It shouldn’t be over 130.

              • Claire

                That’s probably it! I’ll try again at 130, thank you!

  549. Sue

    Can you use a bread machine to make the dough?

  550. Cheryl in Carolina

    Made my second today for Christmas Day and it’s just as beautiful as the first. Highly recommend this recipe for beginners or old timers like me, it’s the easiest bread ever!

  551. K Bradford

    Dutch Evan says it’s only good in the oven to 400° in your recipe says 450 agrees can I reduce the temperature

    • Mary Cargain

      I baked this at 450, and it was just great.But the next time I will not bake it as long, like 5 or 10 minutes less. It was sooooo good. Soft inside and chewy crust. Thank you for your recipes.

  552. david j fyffe

    i devided this recipe and made two baguettes with it,, it came out great! cooked it for 19 minutes though and temperature of 2005 will do it again. must remember to oil my pan …. thanks

  553. Cheryl in Carolina

    oh MY GOSH!! I just finished baking my first cast iron Dutch bucket bread (at nearly 70) and it looks just like yours! I’ve been using a bread maker for the past few years and Hubby and I are so excited to try this loaf tonight with homemade chili. Temps down to 9 tonight here in the mountains ! A little chili 🙂
    Love your recipes and your sense of humor. Thanks and God bless you.

  554. Kelly R

    I have this bread in the oven right now and I cant wait. My husband just bought me a dutch oven and I am in love with it!!! I used to watch your show and absolutely loved it. One of the best talk shows I think. Thanks for all of your recipes…

  555. Holly

    May I increase the ratio of ingredients for a 6 quart Dutch oven?

  556. Domino

    Love this bread!

    My tweaks:

    1 can PC non alcolized blonde beer + 1/2 cup water (microvaved til boiling)
    3 cups 12 grain flour mix
    1/2 cup ap flour
    1/2 tsp yeat
    1tsp sea salt
    1 tsp honey

    • Victoria C

      Thanks Domino,
      I have been using your recipe & then tweaked it to our flavor palate.

      1.5 c organic AP flour
      1.5 c spelt flour (Anita’s sprouted spelt/Costco)
      .5 c Red River cereal
      a 1/2 c sunflower seeds
      all other ingredients the same.
      Has turned out perfect every time & is a big hit in our house! Thanks for the tip on the non-alcohol beer!

  557. Stefnyi

    This is the BEST and easiest rustic bread recipe i have ever tried. I have to be honest I wasn’t hoping for much because I have tried these kinds of breads before but they never really turned out like i would have expected. THIS recipe was so easy , way quicker than the methods I’ve tried before and So absolutely scrumptious I can’t believe it. I try many online recipes and never have I once left a comment. I felt I had to leave a comment because this recipe was just that great! thank you!!

  558. Leyanne

    Hi Jenny..! 😀
    Can I incorporate my sourdough starter to this…! If so what increments do you recommend..! 🍞💖🍞💖🍞

  559. Jess

    Would it be possible to make rolls out of this dough in the Dutch oven? I love the bread, but want rolls for French dip sandwiches.

    • Leyanne

      I DID make rolls from this recipe… Just divide in 6 to 4 pieces.. Follow recipe… She has roll recipe as well…! 💞🙌😉

    • Jenny

      Please see my recipe for No Knead Crusty Rolls.

  560. Cathy

    Can I use a 4 quart Staub?

    • Len

      Yes. 4 qt is perfect size. Can use 5 qt but it gives a bit flatter loaf

    • Viv

      Yes, you can!..As I write, I have my bread baking in my gorgeous Grenadine 4 qt. Staub Cocotte…Perfect!

  561. Marg Barnes

    This bread is FABULOUS!
    I had some problems initially. But I was DETERMINED To get this right!
    U.S. AP flour would not work for me. Dough was too “soupy” and sticky. Canadian flour was OK, but I had great success with King Arthur Bread flour. Also used filtered water, and bought myself a beautiful porcelain enamelled 5 Qt. Dutch Oven. Now I make it as written all the time. I think I watched your video at least 10 times to see where I was going wrong! It was, for me, definitely the bread flour. Thank you for this recipe. Love the video! You are so funny!

    • Mariya M.

      I’ve made this recipe (or rather, a slight variation of it – I add a 1/4 tspn of vinegar as a preservative so the bread lasts longer) well over a hundred times, and the only times I’ve managed to not produce a satisfactory loaf was when I bought a low-quality flour. I typically use King Arthur Bread Flour, although King Arthur All-Purpose also works (..I like the texture the bread flour provides a little more). However, one time, I tried the Harris Teeter All-Purpose and it was an absolute disaster. Even knowing the recipe as well as I did, I couldn’t fix it. I tried again with that flour just to make sure I hadn’t mis-measured or some-such, but nope – it was the flour. King Arthur tends to make higher-protein flours and I think that for this recipe, it makes all the difference.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Thank you both for sharing this information. I also use King Arthur flours and I will add that note to the recipe.

  562. Fran

    Tried your No Knead recipe yesterday, however, it didn’t raise the first time. I can only think that it was maybe the melamine bowl I used. I switched the bowl to a metal bowl and it worked wonderful. Could that be the reason?

    • Len

      Bowl will not make a difference. Maybe your water was too warm (killed the yeast) or too cool (which is ok but just requires a longer initial rise time).

  563. Brian

    My tweaks:
    1 cup whole wheat flour
    2 cups Canadian all-purpose flour
    1/2 cup Red River cereal (Cracked Wheat; Cracked Rye; Cracked and whole brown Flaxseeds)
    1/2 tsp instant yeast
    2 cups water

    Baking instructions the same. I bake 6-7 minutes with lid off.

    Fabulous if you like a grainy bread with some texture.

    • Jenny

      Thanks for sharing this healthy variation. I plan to try it next time.

      • debbie shea

        hi jenny love your videos your sense of humour is like mine you make me laugh I used the teeth a couple times also on friends they think im nuts

        i am going to let the bread rise over night i am tired hope it works and i also put 1/2 cup of coconut flour in it so I’ll let you know how it works

  564. Solar Flare

    I am using this baking method for a sourdough bread . Love the crispiness that the bread gets. Miss your videos. Hope to see more soon

  565. ron

    Just made your Simple Whole Wheat Bread, and it was so easy. While it was cooling, I watched your video on Faster No Knead Bread and now I am about to make it. Love your videos (too bad about the baseball) You are awesome.

  566. Margie

    Turned out wonderfully!!
    My new go to “quick” bread for soups and such!

  567. Val

    I have been baking bread for many years and recently tried this recipe and am hooked! As another pinned said now I don’t need to go to the bakery for a good loaf of bread. I plan to make another loaf in the near future with roasted garlic and herbs…yum!! Thank you so much for this keeper of a recipe 😊

  568. Patty

    Can I bake at lower temp of 430 degrees instead?

    • Jenny

      I think it might still work.

    • Len

      But why would you (unless your oven won’t go that high). It will take minimally more time to bake but there is no need. I usually bake at 450 with a D.O. and it’s just fine.

      • cindy

        if i turn my oven on above 395 degreeyths smoke alarm goes off, every time, regardless of what’s on the oven. i’ve had other apartment ovens do this.

        i’m going to try this at my highest temp., but i would guess i’m not the only person with a not so hot oven.

        • DMark1

          Try taking the battery out of the smoke alarm or disconnecting it from the AC power (usually a simple snap-on connector) before baking. 😉 Don’t forget to put the re-enable the detector when you’re done!

        • DMark12

          Try taking the battery out of the smoke alarm or disconnecting it from the AC power (usually a simple snap-on connector) before baking. 😉 Don’t forget to put the re-enable the detector when you’re done!

  569. Regina kennedy

    Tell me about salt, some recipes call for kosher, but I want to use Himalayan pink salt. How much should I use so, it isn’t too salty?

    • Jenny

      I’m not an expert on different salts but I’m sure you can research this on the internet.

    • Len

      AFAIK, the only difference between kosher and “regular” salt is that regular has iodine added and kosher does not. Iodine will marginally affect the taste (and I stress “marginally”.

      You shouldn’t reduce salt as it helps to retard the yeast growth (so it doesn’t do it’s thing “in a blaze of glory” so to speak. You want it to last a little while (a good thing with these types of bread).

      • cindy

        the main difference between kosher and table salt is actually the grind. kosher salt is flaky and “fluffy,” so a teaspoon of kosher salt is equivalent to about a half teaspoon of table salt.

  570. Nellie

    Hi Jenny…..I made this bread today and added dry onion flakes and dry dill weed and if came out amazing……crusty on the outside and yummy dough on the inside. Thanks for your great recipes and videos.

  571. Chris

    What a great video and instructor. Can’t wait to try this. Thank you.

    • Chris

      I just made this bread today to go with my home made clam chowder soup. It’s to die for-really. My new go to bread. Thank you for this easy and delicious bread.

  572. Doug

    Works every time. I make 2 at a time, I just made a raisin bread (just raisins and cinnamon extra) and a Italian herb bread. Kids love it doesn’t last long.

  573. Mary T

    I love this recipe! My current batch is sitting in the kitchen in its three hour rest, and I am wondering… does the recipe lend itself to doubling? The bread never seems to last long, and I always wish I had made more!

    • Len

      Yes. You could also use the SAME amount of yeast but double the rising time (or until it’s seen to be ready). Just put it in a bigger container for the rise. I do an 8 hr rise with 1/8 teaspoon of yeast. More flavour from the flour/less flavour from the yeast (a good thing 🙂 )

  574. Alena

    I am another in line to say thank you for this great recipe. I finished baking too late and we tried it immediately so no picture this time.
    Today we will have potato pancakes for luch…yummy
    I love what you are doing on this website – you are a great lady.

  575. Lauraleaf

    Just made this bread and it looks delicious! Looks just like the picture! Im sure its going to taste just as delicious! Nice rainy day so made Butter nut soup to go along side this bread!

  576. TeeResa

    I’ve been making this bread for 2 years now. When you meausre accurately, it comes out perfect everytime!! And tastes soooo goooood… Trust me, I’m originally from NYC where there was either a bakery, pizzaria or bagel store on every corner. But since leaving the city, I now I live in the south and about an hour from the nearest supermarket. This recipe has been a huge blessing….my supermarkets bread can’t even compare to Jenny’s fresh no knead bread !!b Thank you so much 💗

  577. Lisa

    This bread is to die for. My husband could not stop eating it. I was trying to refrain from eating more than 2 pieces but with my homemade vegan butter it was really hard. I woke up dreaming about it toasted this am so we had it with our breakfast hash.

    • Clarissa

      Vegan butter sounds great. Can you share the recipe?

  578. Ellen, Sugarbaker

    Jenny you are so sassy and enterntaing! This bread is SUPPER DELICIOUS and EASY to make. Thanks so much! Cindy

  579. Christopher

    Great video Jenny and still as funny as I remember from your old show. Nice to see you again. Definitely going to make this recipe.

  580. Lynda

    I troed making bread once- and it was a disaster. This came out great! mine was a cross between french bread // sourdough taste. Will make again and again.

  581. Fred

    Thank you Jenny great recipe. I had a Artisan Rye Bread bread recipe that was kicking my butt. Could not get consistent results. So I applied your technique and now i have a great loaf of bread every time. Make great regular bread too.
    thank you

  582. Viki

    This recipe is the BOMB. Hard to believe artisan bread could be so yum AND so gorgeous in such a fast and easy recipe! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Do you have a sourdough equivalent?

    AND, I am drooling over you black/white apron!! Did you make it or do you have a source you can share?

  583. Gail

    This was THE best and easiest recipe I have ever found for artisan bread! Thank you!!!!

  584. Elizabeth

    Just made this and it turned out great! Really crusty with a soft, springy middle. I use a small convection oven and it hadn’t browned enough when I took the lid off. I let it bake after for about 20 minutes instead of 10-15 and that did the trick! Don’t skimp on the salt, that’s where the flavor comes from. Nonstick Reynolds foil also works great in place of parchment paper!

  585. Alida Howard

    Can’t believe how EASY

    Had to let my rise another hour more on 1st rise to get the bubbles

    Don’t have a Dutch oven still came out fantastic

    Thanks Jenny for the extra 10 pounds 🙂

    • Scorpio

      I’m sure you carry those extra pounds with style and grace….. you were a great teacher during my formative years…Thanks!

  586. Joyce Bogar

    i just baked the no kead bread. my huband and i did love the bread, we just pig out on the bread. will bake again, and can you freeze this bread. thanks

  587. V

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video and sense of humor. I was looking up Artisan bread because I just failed at an attempt but now am giving it another shot!

  588. Lesley

    A friend of my mother’s swears by this bread but I am sure she told me she makes it up and leaves it in the fridge for up to a week. She lives on her own and if she wants bread she just takes enough dough to make a bread roll.
    Is this safe to do ?

    • Jewell ( Nawnie)

      Hi, I to am a single loving grandma, can you really leave the bread dough in the fridge for a week, I guess like the dough , like pilsbury dough? don’t need a whole loaf at once, ok. Email me please, as soon as you can. Thanks.

      • Len

        Yes. Don’t even need to let the dough warm up. Just get your oven up to temps and get the dough in there.

    • Jenny

      I am not an expert on this but there is lots of information on how long you can refrigerate dough on the internet.

  589. April

    Definitely need parchment paper with this recipe. W/o the bread sticks to Dutch oven.

  590. Robin

    I love this recipe…make it several times a week. I follow all the directions until I come to heating Dutch oven pan, as I don’t have one. So, I bake my round loaf after letting it rise 30 minutes, in an 8″ black cast iron pan wth parchment paper, and no lid…it’s fabulous. I often prepare dough the night before, no need to heat water. And bake in the morning. Family says there is nothing like waking up to the scent of freshly baked bread.

    • Elise

      I don’t have a dutch oven. Could I use regular bread pans and cover them with foil?

  591. Michele

    Simple and stupid easy!!! Makes the best looking and tasting bread. I’ve done all white, all whole wheat, and half and half. Only bit of advice is I do wait overnight for the whole wheat. Can’t believe anybody makes bread any other way after discovering this. Pure and delicious.

  592. Southern Peachy

    I’ve made this recipe several times now and all I can say is THANK YOU! It’s perfect every time. My family loves this bread.

  593. Kristi D-S

    It got cold out this early this fall so I thought I would make some bread. This recipe turned out awesome!! And, so easy too!! It is going to be my “go-to”!
    A dutch oven with a cover really makes a difference. When you do the second rise put it in a smaller container to make the end loaf more “tall” as opposed to lower and skinnier like a ciabatta. I am going to try adding spices and flavorings, maybe try to make cinnamon rolls or pizza crust from this recipe too!

  594. Sue

    Followed the directions, everything went as planned per instructions, the only failure was it did not rise in the oven, it came out looking like a loaf of chibatta. Do you know what could of caused this?

    • Jenny

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Roxanne

      I find that if I use a steep-sided bowl for the second rise with the parchment paper it helps the shape of the loaf. If you use a wider bowl you get more of a ciabatta shape.

      • Kristi D-S

        I saw your comment before I baked so I used a Fiesta cereal bowl. It worked really, really well!!

    • Michele

      My guess is to check the yeast expiration date. If that’s ok, make sure water isn’t too hot and kills yeast. My tap water comes out at 140 and I have to wait until it’s below 130. I bet that’s it!

  595. Jody and Eddie

    Jenny, I was wondering how you would incorporate some sourdough starter into your recipe? Would the water amount be less? I’d like to try using the sourdough in your no knead roll recipe also.
    Thanks again, cheers… Love your videos and site.

    • Jenny

      Sorry, I have no experience with sourdough.

    • Leslie

      I’m guessing you could just add your sourdough starter. I’m thinking of doing the same. If I do I will try and update the results. She said you could let it rest overnight if you wanted to and often that will give a slight sourdough flavor as well. Anyway, I’ll try 🙂

    • Kay

      both water and flour amounts would be changed. consult and they will tell you the ratio. they provide lots of sour dough recipes and help.

  596. Mary T

    This is my new favorite bread recipe. ❤️

  597. Srivalli R.

    For the Dutch oven how many quart Dutch oven should it be?

    • Bill

      I have used two size dutch ovens. I prefer my four qt size for this size of a loaf of bread.

    • Roxanne

      I have a 5-quart and it works fine. If I had a 4-quart one I would use that. I imagined a smaller one would help the shape of the loaf be a bit higher.

  598. Miqella

    Jenny, we made the bread recipe twice and it did not get done in the middle. The crust was awesome but the middle… not so much.
    Could it be because we use an electric oven?

    • Jenny

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Bill

      I prefer to use an instant thermometer and make sure the center of the loaf is 200 F before removing from the oven. This seems to be perfect.

      • Roxanne

        Thank you for listing the internal temperature. This is exactly what I was looking for. The other thing that makes a big difference is to not cut into it until it is completely cool. It’s hard, but it makes a difference.



  600. Randy J

    I tried this twice, the bread came out very dense. What did i do wrong.

  601. Zita massie

    This is a great video and a yummy receipe

  602. Zita massie

    This is a great video and recipe so yummy

  603. E.

    I think your recipes are simple, easy, tasty & great! I suggest your website to everybody! Thanks! Keep putting up recipes plez!

  604. Adrienne

    Would I need to make an adjustment if using a Pullisbury blended flour?
    I have made this before with regular flour several times and everything was exactly as you say. Love this bread.

  605. Jamie Prater

    I tried the bread and it didn’t rise and barely got bigger. It didn’t puff up or double in size and didn’t change shape. What is aeriating flour? I understand about sifting but not aeriating. I’m blind and didn’t have anybody check my yeast. I got it at a food bank and haven’t bought any on my own. Also, I thought yeast was sold in cakes. What the difference in what yeast you can buy? Thanks and have a blessed day.

  606. Peter

    Hi Jenny
    I have made the No Knead Bread several times using the cold water ,over night method.
    Letting the dough rise in a covered bowl sealed with Press N Seal so that no air penetrate the bowl.
    Each time, at the end of letting the dough rise – 8-12 hours, and removing the dough from the bowl onto a flowered board, there is always liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Why isn’t all of the liquid (1 !/2 cups of water) absorbed into the dough mixture.?
    Also, I measure out 3 cups of flour into a separate bowl and aerate the flour as you suggest. When adding the aerated flour into a measuring cup, I am arriving with 3 cups of aerated flower, and by using my spatula as a shovel to add the flour to each cup for a total of 3 cups of flour,, I always have extra flour left over.
    You mention to use approx. 2 Table Spoons of Flour for the board and well floured hands, to use the dough spreader, to turn the dough 10 – 12 times. I am using at least 1/4 cup of flour because the dough is so moised.
    Any suggestions you can offer is appreciated.
    Thank you.

  607. MRSLLP143

    Made this last night, also added about a cup of shredded cheddar, Monterey jack, mozzarella & parm cheeses to sit in the dough while rising. I gave it 12 hours to rise, didn’t look ready after the three hours. Delicious, I have finally found a great bread recipe that is easy and yummy

  608. Metric is better

    Gal, learn metric 360 grams flour is not right maybe 460 grams.

    • Jenny

      I am doing the best I can to help people with this question and that is what it weighs on my scale.

      • Marcello

        I just used two different measuring scales and I come up with approx. 460gms as well for 3 cups of all purpose flour (Gold Medal All Purpose Flour). So should I be correcting by using more water? The first time I used this recipe my dough came out almost exactly like the video. Each time I had very different results. But in the end the bread is always good. Thanks Jenny

        • Marcello

          Just found the error in my ways, and perhaps this can help others. I initially measured the weight of the flour unsifted @ 460gms. I hadn’t noticed the note to sift the flour before. Sifted is weighed in at 360gms, with a lot less flour. The sifting is making the difference. So weight it shifted. I was amazed how much less flour I was left with in the bowl. 100gms!

          • Jenny

            Actually flour should be aerated, not sifted, before measuring. Aerating and sifting may seem similar but they are not the same. Please see my post on this:

          • Marcello

            Aerated Flour! You learn something new everyday! I’m guessing I was closer to the mark with the shifted but still not yet correct. It weighed in correct and the dough turned out as to be expected. The language of baking?!? I’m glad I replied – I hope to be much more consistent with my bread making, because I love this recipe. Thanks Jenny

            • Jenny

              Yeast recipes seem to never turn out the same way twice, even for me. Whatever works for you, just keep doing it your way.

    • Roxanne

      In the King Arthur flour conversion guide, one cup of flour equals 120 g. Therefore, for the three cups of flour in this recipe 360g is correct. If you’re getting 460 then your cups are probably not aerated properly.

    • Lindyloo

      Metric is Better,

      Jenny is correct. 1 cup of bread flour, all-purpose flour, and many other kinds of flour are 120 grams in weight. Whole wheat flour is 113 grams in weight per cup. This is according to the King Arthur flour website:

      Therefore, 3 cups of bread flour would be 360 grams in a perfect environment. What complicates things is that in more humid or dry environments, the weight of the flour can vary slightly. So, in Jenny’s kitchen 3 cups of flour is 390 grams.

      I used 390 grams of flour and my dough was too wet, so my flour must have extra moisture in it. That makes sense because my pantry is in my mud room, which tends to be damp.

      Next time I’ll use less water and I’ll make notes. Eventually, I’ll know exactly what works in my kitchen.

  609. patricia

    Just made fresh bread. The dough didn’t rise in 3 hrs. (It’s the yeast fault) left over night and Walla; I had great dough 14 hrs later. You’re right! Dough bread is very forgiving. I’m baking the no egg no butter chocolate cake Now….Can’t wait for the results. My kids will love it. A pre-birthday cake for my 5 yr old. Yippy!!

  610. Deb

    Tried the recipe today in FLORIDA with very high humidity. Added all the water as directed, and ended up with soup. I added extra flour until the dough looked like the consistency in the video. Any tricks for compensating for very humid conditions?

    • Melinda

      I live in Houston, not as humid as FL, but maybe cut back on the water. Try 1cup of warm water and see if that helps.

    • Mel

      I think the problem with this recipe, if it hasn’t already been mentioned is the water to flour ratio is 99% You need to shoot for 75% to 80%. Personally I go with the 75% So that being said flour = 360g, 360 x .75 = 270g, which is about
      9 1/2 ozs. If you go with 80% than 10 ozs of water.

      • Deborah Hanson Philip

        Thank you. I’m also going to weigh the flour rather than a cup measurement

      • Lana

        Absolutely. The hydration should be much closer to 75% or 80%. The stated measurements come to 99%. I usually bake out of Peter Reinhart’s book and NONE of his recipes are 99%. Neither are King Arthur’s Flour. And those are truly foolproof.

    • Jenny

      Humidity should not make that much difference. Is it possible you sifted the flour before measuring? If so, you would be using too little flour. Please check the FAQs.

      • Joseph

        I always need to compensate for the humidity during different seasons it can cause my ratios to vary greatly. How do you get around this? My indoor humidity stays fairly constant but the outdoor humidity seems to be the issue with most. Thanks!

    • Mike

      I cannot get good results w/ the original method for no-knead in Florida, I was wondering if this quick method would work. The yeast exhaust’s itself long before 12 hours & either not enough gluten develops or the dough is too wet & as a result, no oven “spring” so I get a flatter loaf. Today after a failed 2nd rise & an extra 1/2 cup of flour, I kneaded in another 1/4 tsp of yeast to save the loaf. I guess it’s back to conventional bread making for me.

  611. Ruth

    This was by far the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever made and super delicious too. Thank you Jenny for sharing with us your amazing and easy recipes with us, i cant wait to try your other recipes.

  612. Aunt J

    I made this swapping rye flour for some of the bread flour. I added caraway and some rye chops and it made a beautiful rye loaf. I also had the best smelling kitchen! It toasted deliciously the next morning. It made a yummy grilled swiss cheese sandwich as well. A great, flexible recipe!

    • RockinRobin

      I’m always bummed when people change the recipe, it turns our great, but that don’t give DETAILS, only use “some” rye four for bread flour and rye chops………..

  613. Aunt J

    Tried it making half recipe – success!

  614. DENNIS

    In the recipe it says 3 cups of flour equals 360gms. I have been using the conversion table from Artisan Pizza in Five Minutes by Jeff and Zoe and it list 1 cup flour at 140gms. 3 cups=420gms. Help

    • Jerry

      When in doubt always use your scale.

    • Jenny

      If you google “one cup of flour in grams” you will find it’s 120 grams.

  615. Mark

    Great Bread Thanks!

  616. Bre

    This is just the best, easiest recipe ever. I make this bread all the time, and it always turns out perfectly. I’ve also added a ton of different ingredients, and never had a problem. Wonderful recipe. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Amanda

      I’m regards to Jenny”s No Knead bread… can you add cheese??


  617. Shelbi

    I am so excited to try this for my dinner party! Everything seems to be rising perfectly. However, I went to line my bowl with parchment paper and I am out. Is it really needed in the baking process or can I get away without it?

  618. Cheryl

    This recipe says 1/4 teaspoon of yeast, is that correct or is it 1/4 ounce? Most recipes I saw say ounce or 1 packet, which is 2 1/4 teaspoon. Tried it with 1/4 teaspoon but it was a little heavy.


    • Jenny

      The recipe is correct.

    • Roxanne

      In Mark Bittman’s faster no knead bread recipe, he uses an entire packet of yeast. So if you find the quarter teaspoon insufficient to get a good rise to your bread, I imagine you could try more without damaging anything.

  619. Alma

    Wonderful!! thanks so much for this easy recipe. Next, I am trying the rolls. You are truly a great lady. Thanks again.

  620. Milena

    I use this recipe to make hamburger buns as well. I flatten 90-100 grams of the dough and sprinkle sesame seeds on them. I’m careful not to bake then too much so the crust doesn’t get too hard. They aren’t soft but that’s how we like them! I also make knot rolls with this recipe… It’s become a staple in my household. Thank you Jenny!

  621. Kim

    Can I use wheat flour for this and same measurement?

  622. Vero

    My bread dough is rising as I type this and I’m very excited I don’t have a scraper though. Will my dough be ok when I’m shaping it ?

    • Jenny

      A scraper just makes it easier when the dough sticks. You can do it by hand or use a wide knife, even a clean paint scraper, just to make the job easier. It does not affect the outcome of the recipes.

  623. Penney

    I really love that you sped up this recipe. Been using. It the long way for years. Mine sure doesn’t take as long Teo cook as you say but it’s fine. I it doesn’t rise on the second round d much at a. Any suggestions? Not dissappointed at al.

  624. RealFoodLiz

    Thanks SO MUCH for this recipe. It’s similar to the no-knead bread recipe I already use but definitely speeds up rising time. I got a beautiful crusty on the outside, tender on the inside result on the first try. The only challenging part is to get my husband to wait for it to cool enough to slice it!

  625. Linda S., Palmer Lake, CO

    I have just discovered your website and really love it (I remember your talk show, too). Would there be any changes to the ‘faster no-knead’ bread recipe if a person lives at 7400′ elevation? ‘Just tried your recipe and it turned out okay (I need to get an oven thermometer to check to make sure it is the right temp…baking it uncovered for 15 minutes in my new electric range was too long…a bit too brown). I did change a few things by adding one teaspoon vinegar and decided to use 1.5 teaspoons salt. ‘Waiting an hour to slice it. Thanks.

  626. Rita

    Thank you for this excellent recipe! I added a teaspoon of vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon salt as one of your other commenters suggested. So tasty and fast! Just like Panera bread but cheaper and fresher!

  627. Glenda

    Can I use this recipe in a pressure cooker?

  628. E Decker

    can I do this in a glass dish?

    • Jenny

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Jenny Hartman

      You can. I recommend getting a cast iron dutch oven. I use mine all of the time.

  629. Anon

    I’ve never made bread before, but I tried for the first time today using this recipe. I used 1.5 cups whole wheat flour and 1.5 cups all purpose unbleached flour. It was *amazing*. So easy — total active prep time was 5 minutes at the most. My resulting loaf was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.

    I’ve never actually commented on a cooking blog before, but I had to reach out and thank you for this recipe. I was so intimidated by the idea of baking bread, but this was a fantastic introduction to it. Thank you!

  630. Mary

    I’ve now made this recipe every couple of days for two months, and I’ve ended up modifying it slightly. At 1 tspn of salt, the bread is a tad bland so I’ve increased the amount to 1.5tspn, which made a big flavor difference without affecting the other characteristics of the bread. I also recommend adding a 1/4 tspn of white vinegar (although I bet any color would work), from the original no-knead bread recipe. It’s impossible to taste the vinegar, but it helps with yeast & gluten development, making a ‘munchier’ bread. More importantly for me, it’s a natural preservative, which can be super-important if you live in a high humidity area where bread grows mold quickly. Thank you for this recipe, I love how easy & delicious it is!

    • Roxanne

      I had no idea that vinegar would help inhibit mold growth. Yay! Thanks for that tidbit.

  631. Rich Bourdeau

    Baking bread 3 days a week for 45 plus years at home the old fashion way and why this method works much better is beyond me.Bread is as good if not better.👍

  632. Terry

    I made this bread and it was wonderful!

    I wasn’t able to do the fast rise, however. I did everything per the instructions, even checked the water temperature. I live near the Puget Sound. It’s cold here, and we usually keep the thermostat at 63 degrees. It took about 12 hours for it to get bubbly.
    Once it reached that stage, I followed the instructions and wound up with the most delicious bread ever! I used organic unbleached all purpose flour and baked it in a 6 quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven. I took your advice and removed the lid handle, filling the hole with the washer and screw. It worked perfectly.
    Thank you so much!

    • Kathy

      I speed up the rise by putting the dough inside my oven with the light on. The light bulb warms it enough to assist the rise without getting too hot.

  633. Christel Kiley

    Hello, Please tell me which Dutch Oven I need to buy, stainless steel, cast iron, what? I am stirred up to make this bread, your enthusiasm is wonderful. Please hurry! I need to make this wonderful bread!!

    • Shane

      I use an old-school cast iron dutch oven and love it. I prefer a non-enameled cast iron dutch oven, but any should work. I think cast iron holds heat a bit better than steel, so it’s the better option. But I’m just talking anecdotally & have always preferred my ancient cast iron so take this recommendation with a grain of salt.

      • Terry

        I love my cast iron pans too! But that enameled cast iron is just the right size for so many things. I bake corn bread in plain cast iron, though.

    • Jenny

      Mine is a Le Creuset enameled cast iron (5 1/2 qt).

    • Terry

      I got good results with a 6 quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven. I removed the round plastic knob on the lid and filled the hole with the metal screw while heating and baking, because the handle is only rated for 400 degrees.

      • Roxanne

        You can buy metal replacement knobs on Amazon for Le Creuset products if that’s what you have. It probably would work on any cast iron lid, I imagine. It was pretty inexpensive. I had to replace mine after I melted my plastic knob. This one’s held up for a decade now with no problems.

    • Melissa

      Use a cast iron Dutch or French Oven. I have made this style of bread for a few months now and use Le Creuset from their outlet store. And I have noticed if you add some fat to the Bitterman recipe, the bread lasts longer and won’t get so crumbly. So you could add some olive oil, or use Martha Stewart’s Olive Loaf Dutch Oven bread recipe. That recipe has cheese and the olives, which add the necessary fat to stabilize the bread and allow it to last longer, especially if you store the leftovers in the fridge. This Dutch Oven bread is a brilliant and delicious recipe with many variations!

  634. Ricknick

    Turned out very well. One problem was the parchment paper stuck like clue and I had to tear it off in pieces. The other parts of parchment were like burned and crinlkly. Any suggestions?

  635. Jane

    I just saw where it is recommended to use a 4-5 qt. dutch oven. I only have a 3 qt. dutch oven, which I did use. It seemed to work fine, but wondering what difference a 4-5 qt. one would make. Don’t want to invest in a larger one if I really don’t have to.

  636. Makaʻala

    I have made one loaf every other day for the last few weeks. I gave loaves to friends and family and everyone loves it. This is such an easy recipe.

    • Cheryl

      My husband has also. He could of written this same note word for word. That’s funny. It is awesome. He makes the wheat bread. Then he’s made/formed hotdog and hamburger buns. Dinner rolls also with the same recipe. Very good. So much better for you I think. Enjoy as much as we do. And PS, I wasn’t even a 🍞 eater.

  637. Jane

    I thought…no way can making bread be this simple!!!! BUT….it was!!!! I did have one question tho: the inside of the bread was damp and spongy. I took the lid off and left it in the oven for just shy of 10 more minutes. Would leaving it in the oven longer have “dried out” the bread more? We ate the entire loaf and it was delicious. Won’t be using that silly bread machine for much more than sticky bun dough anymore!!!

  638. Angie

    I LOVED the bread! HOWEVER, the heat just about destroyed my Dutch oven!! I just spent 45 minutes scouring off the burnt residue on the outside of the Dutch oven~~~YIKES!! Suggestions?

    • Jenny

      Not all Dutch ovens are rated for 450 degrees. Check with the manufacturer before using at 450.

  639. Lyn Buckley

    HI Jenny
    I don’t have a cast iron Dutch oven but I have a stainless steel one that has a nice weight to it, would that work OK?
    Thank you,

  640. Brian

    I’ve made this a few times, I made one with small pieces of parmesan cheese is very good.

  641. Tina Stalter

    Has anyone tried this gluten-free?

    • Jennifer

      I’m wondering the same thing. I might give it a go. For me it’d be worth it to have tastey homemade GF bread. 😊

      • Jenny

        This recipe needs gluten so I suggest doing some research to see if there is any way to make this gluten-free.

    • Cheryl

      Have to use gluten free recipes. It is different. But my husband used Jenny’s technique. If that means anything. Different amounts of other ingredients. He started making it on her wheat recipe and it wouldn’t rise. We had the Pillsbury gluten free flour, so we went on line to get the actual recipe. Hope this helps if you haven’t got anything yet.

  642. Catherine

    First time I don’t feel overwhelmed making bread! Thank you for the videos and recipe.


    Hi Jenny ~ I wish my mom was alive today to see how easy this is ~ he’d be amazed ~ My whole life I ate home-baked bread ~ My mom made it every day ~ I have never been able to shine in her footsteps … until now ~ ;^) ~ Thank you so much for doing these videos for us ~ They are so helpful !!! Monica Champagne >^..^<

  644. Rebekah

    I was a fan of your talk show and I’m now a fan of your food blog. My bread came out perfectly. Thank you for sharing!

  645. Terry

    Just made my first no knead in cast iron dutch oven. Used half white and half wheat and added sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Came out fantastic!

  646. Pat C.

    How is the steam produced you mention at about 5:15 minutes into your video? The finished bread is making my mouth water.

    • Jenny

      The moisture in the bread creates steam inside the closed pot.

      • Lyn Buckley

        HI Jenny
        Can this bread be made in a stainless steel Dutch Oven?

  647. Deb

    Help! Mine came out like soup, I followed directions all product was fresh , I’ve been waiting all day 😢 Can you help?

  648. Dana

    Hi Jenny! I was so excited to see you have a cooking website. I have made this bread a couple of times now and its SO good! Thank you for the recipe! Btw, I used to be a neighbor in Barrington Hills and went to a couple of your show tapings too. You were always my favorite! 😀

  649. ann marie

    Jenny, I am the worlds worse baker. My daughter puts me to shame. I excelled with this recipe. I saw how simple this was and gave it a try. It was so good that I cannot believe I made it. What a wonderful and tasty bread. Thank You for sharing

  650. Heidi

    Jenny I got all excited lol! I watched your youtube video making this and my taste buds had to have it. I have now made 5 loaves of this in the past week for my family and they adore it. I also make whipped butter to spread on thick warm slices. It’s just too easy! THANKS!

  651. Terri

    Read recipe right to the end, watched video and the recipe delivered. Thank you for sharing.

  652. Aug

    The bread comes out crispy but 3 hours later, the crispiness starts to disappear. I’ve left it in the oven without the cover to bake for 15 minutes because any longer, the bread is too crispy. Any suggestions?

  653. Kate

    Hi! Thank you for the amazing recipe! I added 1/2 table spoon of sugar and substituted 1 table spoon of flour for 1 table spoon of semolina. The bread turned out delicious!!! Thank you so much for this recipe! I stopped buying bread at the grocery store!! 🙂

  654. Franco

    Love this recipe. I have a Bed and Breakfast in Naples, Fl. Now whenever new guests are due to check in I have a loaf of this in the oven. The scent of baking bread warms them immediately and the bread itself is a picture. They love having it with their morning breakfast. Haven’t tried the rolls as yet but plan to soon. Thanks so very much.


    • Jenny

      What a nice thing to do for your guests. I know how good it smells when it’s fresh. The rolls should work well since they are already single servings.

  655. Rebekab

    Hi Jenny. Can you make this a sourdough recipe?

    • Jon

      It will taste much more like sourdough if left to rise 18 hours or so. No quick method to get that taste unless you have a sourdough starter pre-fermented

  656. mike


    • Jenny

      Did you follow the recipe exactly? If so, please provide more info on your ingredients, oven, and baking vessel.

    • Makaʻala

      Too much salt

  657. Shakhar

    Hi Jenny! I’m a great cook but not very good at baking bread or desserts. I saw this recipe and it looked so simple I had to try it. I want to learn to bake bread so bad. I measured everything per your directions and when i added the water the dough was very dry. Maybe the water was too hot? Or the wrong kind of yeast? Is it ok that I added a bit more water? It’s sitting on the counter covered in plastic wrap right now. I hope it turns out ok. I have about an hour and a half to go.

    • Jenny

      Look at the FAQs for No Knead Bread Questions – they should help.

  658. Anne

    Anne L
    Delish! I made it inow a 3 quart corning ware covered casserole. It was perfect. Thank you.

  659. Marie Booze

    Hi jenny..I found a similar bread at farm boy grocery store in London Ontario and this looks similar. I can’t wait to make your recipe. I was just wondering why you don’t use convection and I have staub pots with the black coating inside do you think that will be a problem? Thanks marie fron Windsor Ontario

    • Marie Booze

      Wow…this bread was amazing. The crust was crunchy and then inside lovely and soft. I will be making this my new and only rustic country bread. I did you my staub pot and the bottom was a little dark but still very tasty. This bread and a bowl of soup is a match made in baking heaven. Thank you Jenny for any great recipe.

    • Jenny

      I don’t use convection because many of my visitors are international and don’t have convection ovens. I want my recipes to work in every kitchen.

  660. Teraysa

    I am posting a pic on pinterest. This is an amazing recipe! Thank you 🙂

  661. Bill McK

    I am going to try this. All my other attempts at baking bread have not turned out very well.

    • 2tattered

      Bill, this is dead easy. It is excellent bread and almost fail-proof. Good luck! Let us know how it comes out.

  662. Bruce E

    I just took you’re no knead bread out of the oven. It’s still too hot to cut in to, but it looks exactly the same as the loaf in the video. I used a black cast-iron dutch-oven. Looking forward to the first bite.

    • Bruce E

      My first try at this bread was a big hit. Turned out just great. I’m planing on making another loaf tomorrow, but adding some cheese, onion and pepperoni. I’ll let you know how it turns out. If I don’t make it tomorrow, it will be within the next few days.

      • Bruce E

        Well, i added chopped onion, shredded cheese and diced pieces of pepperoni and just tried a piece of. Delicious. I did not measure any of these items, so cannot tell you how much Of each that I added…..just eyeballed what I thought would be enough. This is a very forgiving, delicious recipe.

  663. Jane Nowlin

    I’d like to say I love the bread and even more I love the gloves you dyed. JENNY please let me know where you got them I have looked and looked PLease say where we could get them.

    • Jenny

      I think I got them at Bed, Bath & Beyond. And it looks like your no knead breads are turning out well.

  664. Douglas Peck

    I’ve only recently discovered your website but have already become a fan. I made the beef stew last week and it was great. My son and I fought over the small amount we had left over when we had it for dinner the next night.

    I’ve also made the “no knead crusty rolls” and the “no knead bread” and am having the same problem with both. In both cases using your ingredients in the quantities recommended and hot tap water the dough failed to rise. I waited overnight before making the rolls and bread but still the dough did not rise nearly like shown in your videos. So the problem must be with the yeast or the flour. Not much could go wrong with the water or salt! Any ideas?

    I’m excited about trying other recipes and enjoy your videos. Only wish my kitchen was as well equipped as yours!

    • Jenny

      You could start by looking at the FAQs. Let me know if you find the answer there.

      • Laverne

        Could it be that his yeast is past the expiration date?

        • Jenny

          That is in the FAQs. Not everyone comes back for an answer.

  665. Ian Bryant

    Oh Jenny, life is full of disappointments and I have had another today. I made my first effort this morning and left it for three hours. When I checked it was just as you said it would be, puffed with bubbles on the surface. However, when I turned it out it was so soft that it just spread and would not hold a shape. I got it into the hot Dutch Oven but after 30 mins. it had not browned and was just flat. Where did I go wrong? Please help.

    • Jenny

      You could start by using the link at the bottom of the recipe for problems. Your answer will likely be there.

    • Ssc

      Bad or dead yeast

  666. Adrienne

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. This has become my go to weekend bread. I have tried it so many different ways and it is always perfect and looks beautiful! Just started another loaf rosemary garlic!
    Question if on day I run out of parchment paper what is an alternative?

  667. Sandy

    Wow, this is amazing! I’ve made the other recipe before, the one that you have to let sit for 8-18 hours and love that one..but this is really just as good! I’m glad I found your site Jenny. I am looking through the recipes and loving them. As a Polish girl I’m happy to find a few Polish recipes as well. 🙂

  668. Jackie

    The No Knead Bread is now a staple in our home. Comes out perfect every time. Thank you!
    I have a request. Can you please post soup recipes so we can enjoy dunking our crusty bread in.
    Thank you Jenny. You are truly a blessing

  669. Deb H

    You expressed such joy. You have inspired me to aspire to baking bread. Thank you.

  670. Susan

    I made this today and it came out fabulous….no more fear of making bread! It was so easy and hubby loved it too! Thank you! I just found you on youtube and glad I did. 🙂

  671. Julia

    I’ve made this twice now and it is delicious. My son consumes it quickly so I am going to teach him to make it on his own! My questions are:
    1) Can the recipe be doubled to make one larger loaf, or two at the size in the recipe? Do the proportions change ? (I use a cup measure)

    2) My loaves are a bit heavy and dense inside. I’m hoping for the more airy texture. I have noticed after the 3 hours under the saran wrap, the dough is slightly sticky but not bubbly. Could it be the regular active dry yeast I’m using? it is not old, but is not rapid rise. (I have aerated the flour)

    • Jenny

      Please look under the FAQs for No Knead questions.

    • barrywhy

      It sounds as though you may have to proof the yeast: get it started. If you would like to experiment first, try using very warm water. You can also keep the dough warm when you start by placing it inside the bowl, in hot water.

  672. Michelle

    To the loaf I made today I added 2T lemon zest, 2 T finely chopped fresh Rosemary, and 1 t Meyer Lemon infused oil…love this basic recipe, it is so versatile!

  673. Tammy

    My Dutch oven s 3 quart is there anyway to reduce the recipe so it fits in my DO, and if so what would the recipe be?

  674. Jane

    OK I know I’m not as strong as the kids making bread but it seems I can’t get the flour water mixture to go together fully. I had lumps of unincorporated flour in the dough after a 6 hr rise. I was careful to “try ” to aerate” my flour before measuring it and I was careful to measure water as well. ….same exact thing happened yesterday so I threw out the whole mess. I could see this happening if I wasn’t careful about all the measurements. But I currently have the dough rising for the second time and I picked out the hard lumps before I shifted it to the parchment. The heavy cast iron enamel pot is in the oven and I will await the results . My dough was not nearly as sticky as yours and it stuck to the bowl way more stubbornly than yours does. I think my water isn’t as wet as yours…any suggestions?

    • Jane

      may I add I stirred the mix as well as I could but the water soaked in really fast even though i put it in as I stirred the dough. Could there be some magic to the glass bowl I used . Too hard a surface or too porous or or too something? The loaf came out fine except the bottom crust is crunchier than the rest of the loaf,

      • Jenny

        It sounds like the loaf came out fine and the bottom usually is crunchier than the rest.

  675. Angela H

    I have been using another no knead recipe for some time, but it requires that the dough be refrigerated overnight. When I found my current loaf all moldy I decided that today was the day to try this one. I followed the recipe for making the bread except that I baked the loaf after a 1 hour rise on the counter after shaping the loaf, on my baking stone as I have done with the other recipe. I have a cast iron dutch oven, but it is heavy and I did not want to try to lift a heavy, very hot pot out of the oven. Instead, I placed the shaped loaf on parchment paper, set it on top of my stove while the oven was heating – about 35 minutes, then slashed a 1/4″ cross in the top of the loaf placed the parchment paper and loaf onto the stone. I poured about 2 cups of boiling water into a preheated cast iron skillet and set the timer for 25 minutes. I found that the slash was necessary for the other recipe I had been using so tried it here. The bread was perfect. I have used the other bread recipe for pizza crust and will do the same with this one. Thanks for this much quicker recipe. The only advantage I can see to the other recipe is that it makes a larger volume of bread dough that can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks so the second 2 loaves are already mixed up and can be made in about 2-1/2 hours – which really isn’t much of an advantage

  676. Nashville Sourdough Baker

    Goodness Jenny. I’ve been wanting to make this for a couple of weeks now after watching the video on youtube. Ha! Cool joke about the dirty baseball!

    I have a sourdough starter that I’ve been using for years off and on {dry the starter, reconstitute, and continue, usually over the winter months}. So, I added 1/2 c. of it to the process but forgot the salt. Oh well. Even I was amazed at the crunch of the crackling crust. Salt a slice, cover with soft butter, ate 3 slices! Improvised an OLD cast iron tall-ish pot with no lid so improvisation; {hmm, 4 qt. maybe, used crock pot glass lid}. Here it is 5 am the morning after and I’m starting a loaf to share with my son’s family!!!!!

  677. Linda

    This is sooooo good and sooooo easy!!

    Have made 3 loaves in 2 days =0)

    Our family will be rolling around the house soon =0)

    Looking to get another dutch oven to keep up with the demand!!

    Thank you!!

  678. Molly

    I make this bread all the time, using the cup measure, comes out perfect every time, such an easy recipe.

  679. Marina

    Hi there,

    I love this no kneed bread recipe and have made it several times. I have followed the recipe exactly and each time the bottom comes out burnt. I am wondering if anyone knows why this might be happening. I use a Creuset oval shaped container. Is it possible that it is oval rather then round could be why it is burning?? Any help is welcome. Thank you.

    • James Lacey

      Check your oven temperature. It might be getting too hot.

    • Angela H

      Check your oven temperature — mine runs 40 degrees too hot so I compensate by setting the temp 40 degrees lower.

      Make sure you are using the middle rack of your oven.

      Set your timer for 10 minutes earlier so you can check your bread.

    • Jean

      Raise your rack up one.

    • Tita

      2 key things to do…
      If your oven heats from the bottom, then as others have said, put the rack as high as possible.

      Also…what makes the biggest difference for me…I make a parchment paper pad…about 4 layers of parchment paper…that I put in the bottom of the pot, then I place the dough, with the parchment paper it rose in, right on top.
      That padding gives it enough insulation to keep the bottom of the loaf from scorching and getting tough.

      I just save the parchment that the dough rose in, and fold that up for use with the next loaf.

      Good luck!

  680. Michelle

    My husband and I love this bread! I add ~1 Tbs sesame oil to the mixture along with the water, then right before I put I put it in the oven I gently press toasted sesame seeds all over it…I make it once a week, it stays well in a plastic container, and reheats nice and crisp!

  681. Clair

    Hey Jenny!

    I have made this bread multiple times, once using measuring cups and all the rest of the times with weights. The weights you have listed created a very wet dough which did not rise appropriately and created a flat product. The volume measurements created a better dough, but the weights are not an accurate conversion (it is not 1:1 flour to water ratio) for this recipe. I found the recipe on Epicurious from Lahey’s book which recommended 400g flour/300g water and in the revision of the original NY times article weights are given as 430/360g and with those I have been successful.

    I’m just confused why you are posting those weights for your ingredients, given that in my experience they create a totally different product than the volume measurements. You are clearly making great bread using cups, it would save the scale-dependent cooks/bakers a lot of time if you were able to revisit the weights.

    Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      Thank you for taking time to send this. I just changed the water measurement into mg per my own scale. I was making this bread today anyway so I carefully weighed my own cups of flour and water. I’m just trying to help all those who ask for weights instead of cups.

      • Clair

        Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to clarify this.

    • gaaah

      Measuring by weight is more fool proof, consistent and accurate. Measuring by volume if anyone’s guess depending on how compacted or sifted the flour is. All the serious bakers measure by weight.

  682. Heidi

    This is my “go to” recipe. It couldn’t be easier. My husband and daughter (neither are big bread eaters) can’t get enough! It’s especially good dunked in olive oil.
    When plan ahead, I assemble the dry ingredients the night before & mix the water in just before I leave for church. When we get home I finish baking it & it’s good to go for supper.

  683. Sheryl Perry

    My husband and daughter agree with me; this is the best bread recipe!!! THANKS, Jenny!!!!!

  684. John

    I have never seen the, Dutch oven used before usually you spray or put a pan of water in oven ,making dough now, see how it comes out , thanks Jenny

  685. Kathleen

    Jenny, you are a genius!!! No more waiting two days to get fabulous artesian bread. It came out of the oven looking like picture and my husband did a long WOW!!! Naturally, we had to have a slice asap and it was delicious. Just as good day after warmed up a bit in toaster oven. Thank you for a great recipe.

  686. Tommie

    I am so making this!

  687. Michelle Rose

    Hi Jenny, love this, first time was an epic fail as I used ww flour. I wasn’t thinking of the dryness.
    This loaf turned out beautiful.
    It’s the go to in between my sourdough.
    Thank you
    You Rock!!

  688. Miss

    I am going to make this today and I’m so excited 😆

  689. Miss

    I am going to make this today i can’t wait 😆

  690. Toby K.

    Hey Jen, thanks for this easy recipe. It turns out great every time. Keep em coming!!

  691. laura

    i found and followed this video on youtube and it did not turn out as expected… did not rise, and it remained small and doughy for all the hours it took to prepare.

    i think it should be clarified that even though the video recipe calls for “very hot water” — which i boiled, because i thought i needed HOT and not WARM water, this is not the case. wish i had stumbled upon this page for this clarification sooner so that i didn’t kill the yeast. 🙁