Feb 6, 2017

Easy Homemade Ciabatta Bread

No Knead Ciabatta Bread RecipeLook what I made! It was just an experiment but it turned out to be amazing! Anyone can make no knead bread without a Dutch oven. It helps to create steam inside the oven just like it’s created inside a Dutch oven. Steam is what makes a crispy crust and it’s really easy. What you do is put a small pan in the oven before you preheat it and then when the oven is hot and you put in the bread to bake, you also pour some hot water into the small pan and it creates steam. Then you quickly close the oven door to keep the steam inside and after 30 minutes, you will have an fantastic loaf of ciabatta bread with a soft interior and a beautiful golden crispy crust.

No Knead Ciabatta Bread

You can use a variety of pans to create the steam (do a google search for ideas if you like) but that process is not easy on the pan. I have used a small flat pan as pictures as well as a small 6-cup  disposable foil pan. But if it does not fit on the same rack as your baking pan, just place it on a rack below. You may have to remove a rack to make room but whether beside the bread or on a rack below, keep it off to the side and don’t put it directly under the bread. And be sure to keep it close to the front for easy access. Here is how I place mine and how you can place it below if your oven is smaller.

I pour about 3/4 cup of hot or boiling water into 3 or 4 of the muffin cups or into the small pan. It’s good to use an oven glove when you pour the hot water because it creates steam right away and be sure to close the oven door immediately so the steam can’t escape. You can re-use the muffin pan, although it will turn dark. So there it is. I hope my photos help and now everyone who does not have a Dutch oven will be able to make this fabulous no knead, easy, homemade ciabatta bread. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Mary Tamasiunas

    I’m having problems with my Ciabatta bread not rising when I use the 4-hr version. My yeast is fresh, I double-check measurements. The only time it’s worked, has been the overnight method. Any other tips?

  2. sydney roussel

    I seemed to have lost your comment on substituting a pre made starter for the yeast in your ciabatta bread recipe.
    I would like to have your suggested proportions.
    Many thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have no experience with sourdough so it must have been someone else’s comment below one of the recipes. Sorry I can’t help.

  3. No

    Where is the actual recipe? Nelli

  4. Anna

    Can I place my oven rack in the middle of the oven? Thx for sharing, I can’t wait to try it….

  5. Rosie

    Can’t seem to find directions for making the no knead ciabatta bread using cool water and letting it sit overnight . Help. I love watching you!

  6. DAVID


  7. Stormy Weather

    I thought Chabata bread had 2 kinds of olives in it Please comment Jenny. Thanks

  8. Roger

    Jenny, I typically make the ciabatta bread that requires an 18 hour rest and an additional 2 hour rise after you have formed the loaf and put it on a cookie sheet covered with yellow corn meal. It turns out great.
    But last week I found your recipe for the no knead ciabatta. I made it and it turned out perfect as all of your other recipes I have made. I now make two loaves a week. I also make your crusty ciabatta rolls twice a month but I make a batch and a half to make bigger rolls. Everything I have made with any of your recipes has turned out awesome. Thank you for being here for us. You are fun to watch on your videos and you are the bomb

    • Elsie Ann

      I love making the no knead artisan bread, the only thing I add to the mixture is
      1 tsp of olive oil, which makes it like ciabatta bread, crusty outside and soft on the inside. Makes wonderful toast. My family loves it hot from the oven.

  9. Rena

    When I make this bread it seems to burn at the bottom a bit.
    Love it but why does it burn at the bottom? I do use parchment paper as you indicate

  10. Dawn

    I made the ciabatta bread with the Dutch oven but increased the water ratio and overnight rise. It came out great. A lot of pocket holes in the bread.

  11. Mary Ann from Virginia

    Jenny, during my quarantine I happened to come to your site and have made many of your bread and pizza recipes. Best of all I was child sitting for a friend who has a nine year old. She likes to cook with me so we made a school project out of your ciabatta bread recipe. I took photos and this child made the entire recipe by herself with my just watching and talking her through it. My oven is not the easiest to reach into so that was the only part she did not do. I took photos and then she wrote a report with using each photo and giving a description of what what she had done. The last page included your recipe for which you were given credit. I was blown away with her results. Needless to say her parents and teacher were as well. Thanks for this experience for both of us.

  12. annette

    I made a few of your recipes and they were great
    I loved the ciabatta the most .also the pizza dough.made a few of the chicken recipes . love watching you .

  13. Corlan

    I read that ciabatta has olive oil. Was that wrong?

  14. Evan Fisher

    Jenny, it’s Evan from the Ice house! I’ve been making the no knead bread for a couple of months, and that’s the only bread we eat now. Great show, regards from brother Bob.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Wow! It’s so great to hear from you! Hugs and kisses to you both! ❤️xoxo❤️

  15. Frank Charles

    Can I use wax paper instead of parchment paper?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No. Wax paper is not meant for heat and it will melt in the oven.

  16. Amanda

    I made this recipe today, and I should mention that this is the first time I have ever attempted to make bread. I followed the recipe exactly (weighing the flour). On first glance, when taking it out of the oven, it looked perfect, except the bottom looked like it was just about to start to burn, and it did not look quite as puffy as your loaf in the picture. Cutting into it revealed a nice crunchy and flaky golden crust however, it seemed to clump together a bit when cut and did not have as much of an even texture as yours does in the picture. Could I have undercooked it? I feel like if I baked it longer, then the bottom definitely would have started to burn. I live at around 6,000 ft, so not sure how this affects bread baking. I was told not to worry about it. Regardless of whether it was undercooked, we still managed to eat half of the loaf in 10 minutes because it was still that tasty! One more question. The parchment paper directions say to not bake above 300 something degrees and this bread bakes at 450 so is that okay?
    Thank you!!!

  17. June

    Dear Jenny,
    You are so clever and funny, I love to have you in my life by watching your Videos. I have not been able to have success making the no knead bread but I keep trying.

  18. patricia cavanaugh

    Jenny, you are a doll. Love your videos, especially the no-knead bread. Have you tried using arrowroot flour, coconut flour and almond flour mixed together? I am going to try it, but before I do, I would like to know if it would be okay for your recipe. My family has a problem with wheat flour. It must be genetic. I have a granddaughter with irritable bowel syndrome and a daughter, Jennifer, with celiac, which makes it impossible for her to eat anything with flour in it. Her 11-year-old son is autistic and has dietary limitations also. He can only have arrowroot or coconut flour. My whole family has gone gluten free, except for me. I am too stubborn!! Maybe it’s because I’m 81. It’s hard to change at this late date. Love your adorable personality, you are fun and so helpful, Jenny.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry to say that this recipe needs gluten. You may have to look for another type of bread recipe.

      • June

        Dear Jenny, I am not gluten free but have a recipe for a no knead gluten-free bread. I would be happy to share it.

        • Lue

          Please share your recipe for gluten free bread.
          Thank you

        • Francoise

          Hi June.Is it possible to have your recipe of this no knead bread but gluten free.
          I love Jenny’s bread but cannot have it often because I am Gluten free .
          Thank you. Francoise

        • Sunder

          Can you please share the receipe for Gluten Free Bread. Thanks

    • Jenny

      I tried gluten free. Please use the red Questions link below the recipe & video to see how it turned out. https://www.jennycancook.com/recipes/faster-no-knead-bread/

    • Joey Nyne

      America’s Test Kitichen has a Gluten-Free all purpose flour recipe on their site (great for making pizza).

      If you have trouble finding it contact and I will forward the information to you.

    • Carola

      After you let the dough rise on the counter overnight, the wheat is more digestible. I often do this with the breads I make, as it develops a better flavour. Make sure to cover the dough and allow for rising.

  19. Sigrid K Shafer

    I will try the bread recipe tomorrow….having company.

  20. Peter MacManus

    Thanks so much for this awesome breadmaking recipe and method. Our partners now request rolls when we come to their house. Thanks again.

  21. Carol

    I have read that some people had trouble with the oven glass cracking with this technique. I used this twice a few years ago with no issues.FYI

  22. Jules

    Do you have plans to make any more cooking videos? I love them!

  23. Colleen

    Hi Jenny! I was wondering if this dough would allow for add in’s like raisins and walnuts, perhaps? If so, at which point does one add them into the dough? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      I make no knead fruit & nut bread (you can see the recipe in “Breads”) and I add the fruit & nuts in at the beginning when I put the flour/water mixture together.

  24. Dalila G.

    So nice to see another post from you in my inbox! ?
    Your Easy Homemade Ciabatta Bread recipe is going to be another wonderful bread for me to make…. **happy dance** !!
    Thank you for posting your pictures on the steaming process, they’re very helpful.
    Have a nice evening Jenny!

  25. CaryKK

    I am so glad you are back in my life again. This wonderful video popped up on YouTube. I kept saying to myself, “I know that voice.” The recipe is delightful. I also watched your cabbage roll video. One day, try coring and freezing in a zip bag a head of cabbage. Thaw slowly in the fridge. The leaves will be fresh and limp and ready to roll. The expansion of water during freezing burst the cells and make the leaves limp.

    • Rhonda

      Fabulous tip! Thank you for sharing. Love cabbage rolls. This tip will be put to use soon.

  26. Jeanne

    I love every one of your recipes. Thanks for sending this one too me!

    Jenny you rock!

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