No Knead Ciabatta Bread

No Knead Ciabatta Bread

No Knead Ciabatta Bread

No Dutch oven needed. You can start this dough the night before by switching to COOL water and let the dough rest overnight on the counter top for 8 to 24 hours. Aerate your flour before measuring! - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours, 10 minutes

Makes: One loaf

No Knead Ciabatta Bread


  • 3 cups all-purpose or bread flour (390 gms)
  • 1/4 teaspoon yeast (active dry or instant)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups hot water, not boiling (354 mL) - about 125-130° F
  • (about 2 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping)


  1. Combine flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. Stir in water until it’s well combined.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 3 hours.
  3. After 3 hours dough will become puffy and dotted with bubbles. Transfer it to a well-floured surface and sprinkle dough with a little flour. Using a scraper fold dough over 10-12 times & shape or stretch into a rough 12-inch loaf.
  4. Place on a parchment paper-lined baking pan (not wax paper) and cover with a towel. Let stand on counter top for 35 minutes.
  5. Meantime place a disposable 6-cup muffin pan or other small pan in the oven, making sure there is room for your bread pan - if not, place the small pan on a lower rack. Preheat oven to 450° F.
  6. After a 35-minute rest, the dough will puff up a little. Place it in the oven and carefully pour about 3/4 cup of hot or boiling water into 3 or 4 muffin cups or small pan. Close oven door immediately and bake for 30 minutes.

Note: There's lots more on this recipe in my blog. Click here..

216 Comments on "No Knead Ciabatta Bread"

  1. Char

    I make this ciabatta bread quite often and it always turns out perfect. Last night I decided to make the overnight version. Mixed the dough at 11:30 p.m and the next morning ing at around 10 I went to turn it out and there was liquid pooled everywhere! Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That might have happened if you used hot water…

  2. Crystal

    Girl, how the heck did mine not rise?! I followed recipe exactly-aerated, measured, temped the water, I have a proof setting on my oven that makes it the perfect place to rise… I did use all purpose flour? I made sure my yeast wasn’t expired… I’m so sad. I wanted to make Italian subs 😭

  3. Char

    Made this recipe today and i used about 25 extra grams of flour. also i used a combination of bread and all purpose flour. Turned out great. i baked it on a heated inverted pan for 25 minutes and it was perfect! It rose quite well and has all the characteristic holes. Thanks jenny!

    • Char

      Also I forgot to say that after the first day I sliced the remaining half loaf and stored it in a ziploc bag for 2 or 3 days and it made perfect toast and grilled cheese sandwiches! I’m off to make another loaf right now while the kids are in school!

    • Stella

      You made a different recipe

      • Char

        No, i made Jenny’s recipe. If you’ve been baking long enough, and well enough for a period of time you would know that varying amounts of flour in a bread recipe is quite normal. So unless you have something constructive to say….keep it to yourself.

  4. Kristin

    I shaped the dough into 4 logs and baked into hoagie rolls. Worked great. I didn’t want the rolls too crunchy, so put into a freezer bag after cooling. While the calorie count is high (4 servings per loaf), they worked great and stood up to the spicy Italian sub filling.

  5. Jamie

    This recipe turned out so well for me! I’m already making another loaf two days after the first! Thank you so much, Jenny! 😄😄😄

  6. Mark

    Can this recipe be doubled?

  7. cath

    Hi Jenny,
    Just had to write to let you know that I really appreciate you posting your bread recipes. Your no knead recipes are my go to. I always used to think that the overnight method of allowing the bread to rise would be the best but recently I have switched to your 3 hour method for making my breads and I find they are actually better than the overnight method-for some reason I get more air bubbles in my bread which is exactly what I want for my morning toast with peanut butter .Thanks again .

  8. Dorene Tomasello

    I first made this Ciabatta recipe about 6 months ago, it came out so delicious that I literally make 2 loaves every other day! My family cannot get enough of this Ciabatta bread. This has a crispy crust on the outside with a beautiful soft airy inside that make it the most delicious ciabatta bread I have ever had. It’s so easy to make! This is just the best Ciabatta bread ever!

  9. Connie M Davis

    I haven’t made this in a while. OMG……delicious as usual. Total perfection.

  10. Amanda

    Hello I have been making this recipe for the last several years at the elevation of 6,600 ft and it has worked out great. I have recently moved to 8000 feet and have tried making it twice now and each time the dough seems to be more wet which is strange because I read at high elevations you want to add more water sometimes but that’s definitely not the case in this recipe. I basically just followed it to a T like I usually do and the outer shell is perfect but it seems very moist inside and like it’s not cooking the whole way through at the 30 minutes. The rise seems fine and it’s not collapsing. Do you have any tips with this particular recipe in cooking at this elevation? Thanks so much.

    • Roxanne @ 8,800 elevation

      I just made this recipe from Jim Lahey’s cookbook. It’s the same ingredients (he calls for bread flour) but he makes two loaves from the recipe. I used a cast iron skillet with a lid and baked covered for 20 minutes. Bake uncovered for an additional 10 to 20 minutes until the top is nicely browned.

      I’m still experimenting and use bread flour. Recipes with very little yeast and long rise times seem to work best.

    • Roxanne at 8,800 ft

      I forgot to mention I use a scale. Higher elevation is drier so the amount of flour you scoop may have changed from lower elevations. My dough was very sticky. Good luck and keep experimenting.

  11. Nina

    I made the bread today followed instruction correctly I did not like the texture inside the bread

  12. Simbatia

    Fabulous loaf.. making it again tomorrow.. used the overnight method. Just fantastic. I prefer to use a baking pan though.. gives a little more structure.

  13. Simbatia

    Fabulous loaf.. making it again tomorrow.. used they overnight method. Just fantastic.

  14. Monica

    I’ve made this bread recipe many times and it’s recently no longer working for me. I’m not doing ANYTHING differently!! It’s not rising. I’ve replaced my flour, my yeast, using the same water from the tap, same temp. Someone suggested trying it with no salt. Seems crazy to left out one of 4 ingredients….but I’m trying it now. Any other suggestions?

    • Vicki

      If your yeast is even 2 or 3 degrees too warm it will kill the yeast. That might be happening. I get nervous if my water is over 110 degrees.

    • Simbatia

      Try bottled or filtered water.

  15. Jennifer

    I’d made Jenny’s regular (round) no-knead bread many times during covid and finally tried this one. Wow- sooo good. It makes THE BEST toast. Highly recommend. Thanks, Jenny!

  16. Barbara Romick

    I would like to try using a pizza stone instead of a baking pan or sheet for the ciabatta bread. Any ideas about whether/how I would need to adjust the temperature or time?

    • Susanne

      Since a pizza stone browns the crust of pizza dough so beautifully, I would think it would bake your. Read beautifully. I plan to try it sometime soon.

      • Susanne

        Whatever temp you use to bake pizza dough should work fine. Try to check the bottom of bread to see how it is browning up.

  17. Lynn

    Your gloves – I too use gloves when I cook, not always, but mine are disposable. What kind of gloves are you using? Do you use gloves with raw meat and if so, how do you disinfect after raw meat is used?

  18. Carla

    I’ve made this bread many times and the 1st time was the only one that turned out beautiful. Do you sift your flour, fluff it, or nothing? I think this might be part of my problem. It comes out so dense.
    I love your channel, and think you do a great job. Thank you for putting the water temp on your site.

    • Dena

      Jenny says to aerate your flour (give it a couple stirs with a spoon before measuring) and then gently scoop the flour into your measuring cup and level it off. Do NOT pack the flour by tapping the cup to settle the flour. You’ll end up with too much flour causing the recipe to turn out too dense.

  19. Bill K

    If you WEIGH your ingredients, there’s no need to aerate your flour.

    • Dena

      Not everyone has a scale in their kitchen to weigh their ingredients which is why it’s important to teach them what to do, in this case aerate, to get accurate measures.

    • Simbatia

      Only works when they give the recipe instructions with weights.. didn’t see any weights.

      • John

        Looks like there are weights there now.

        390gms for the flour
        354g for the water (1ml water=1g water)

        • Joe .c

          How about giving measurements by cups not everyone uses the metric thanks

  20. Liza

    Lovely recipe but it took so long. I prefer the quick bread recipes you have, less than 1/2 the time and they taste fantastic.

  21. Todd

    Thank you for posting all the great recipes. I made the bread today, it was great! She easy. I used the parchment paper in a 6 quart soup pot with a lid. It was just that easy. Who knew?

  22. AngieD

    I had never made bread b4 I tried this recipe! First time it came out perfect. Tonight I made it again with my granddaughter n it didn’t disappoint. Came out of the oven just in time for dinner. We had to control ourselves nit to eat it all n managed to save some for toast in the a.m.
    Unlike a lot of the comments, I’ve never seen ur show or watched any videos but u def r a STAR
    in this house!

  23. Mary Ann

    I haven’t tried your bread recipes. I do have a Dutch oven, my confusion is do I bake the bread at 450 or do I turn the oven down at some point.

    • J

      I follow exactly what she says & it comes out beautifully in every recipe.

    • Staggo Lee

      You bake it at 450° the whole time. That’s why you actually bake it a short time. I’ll give this a try for Xmas.

  24. Mary Ann

    I haven’t tried your bread recipes. I do have a Dutch oven, my confusion is do I bake the bread at 450 or do I turn the oven down at some point.
    Thank You

  25. Barb

    Thanks Jenny!

  26. Barb

    Could I add cheese and black olives to this before I bake it?

  27. Lori

    How is this bread different then the regular no-knead bread? The ingredients are the same.?
    I make both no-knead breads, fast one and the long rise one, love them both.
    Was looking for a different taste,, that s why Im wondering how this one is called “Ciabatta” bread recipe,

    • Susanne

      Sometimes the ingredients are the same, but technique and process are different

  28. Patti

    Delicious every time!

  29. Diana

    Hi Jenny all I can say is OMG I can finally make bread. When I read your recipe and watched your video I thought this sounds full proof. So I decided to make it and I made as many loaves as 1 packet of yeast would make which turned out to be 8. Each one of them was fabulous and they looked amazing. My sister who doesn’t even eat crust from any bread said she ate this crust. Absolutely amazing. I will give you 1 funny tip. After giving away some of the bread I had 1 loaf left so I decided to seal it with my food sealer machine and well now I have a pancake breads Lol so back to the drawing board on that one. But truly thanks so much for your great recipes.

  30. Donna S.

    I make this bread at least once a week. We love it. I haven’t bought bread at the store in months. I decided to change it up a bit. I make it with 2 cups bread flour and 1 cup white whole wheat flour. It’s delicious. I’ve tried many of your recipes and they’re all great. Thank you!

  31. Sara

    Hi Jenny, I made this bread tonight and it knocked my socks off 🙂 Sending it to my mother tomorrow. So delish!! Thank you for all you do!!! Hugs from NYC

  32. sandi domes

    Okay so made your no knead bread today, I am in bread heaven, my husband says it is the best bread I have ever made an I have won prizes for my breads. Thank you Jenny

  33. Mel Hertzig

    It’s hard to believe that you refused to post my comment that it is ill-advised to use hot water from the tap for cooking EVER. Unless your house was built using plastic pipes throughout, the lead solder used to connect the hot water pipes dissolves and the water should never be used in cooking. I’m sure this comment will not be posted, but it is so wrong not to correct the recipe and remove that instruction.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You made your previous comment on the FAQs page ( and it has been there since you posted it on May 12th.

    • Marilyn

      Oh my – never use hot water – you must be kidding. I think you had better dedicate years to sit down and correct every recipe calling for hot water in every recipe.
      Nice to share this – however, why make an unkind comment that you felt that you would not be published. Again, as I share – why be accusatory to someone who takes so much of her time to share her wonderful recipes. Go thru and read the appreciative comments to Jenny. She is not trying to “pull the wool over someone’s eyes”. Why are some people so quick to think that others have ulterior motives. Believe it or not- there are some really good and nice people in this world and Jenny is one of them.
      Jenny, keep ‘me coming

      • Betsy


        She is awesome, thanks Jenny for your time in doing all this recipes. You are like a dear sister.

      • razzkar

        Marilyn. I have made this bread with the hot water and it comes out perfect every time. When Jenny say’s hot water, she means hot…not boiling. For me personally, I use a thermometer and use water that is 110 to 115 degrees f. If you have been using water much hotter than this, you will kill the yeast and your bread will flop. Why are you talking bad of Jenny? It is not her fault you can not follow directions. I can say this because it has always worked for me. Also, make sure your yeast is within the expiration date.

    • Sally LaPorte

      Plus, hot water has been sitting in the hot water heater for a while….

      • Sheila

        Many people use a tankless hot water heater nowadays. But when cooking you don’t have to take it hot from the faucet. You can heat it in a pan on the stovetop, in the microwave, or in a hot pot that is used for the sole purpose of heating water.

    • Chuck

      Lead hasn’t been used in solder for a very long time, since the early 60’s if not before

      • Richard

        Really? since the 60s no lead in solder for house plumbing? What planet do you live on anyway? I caught my plumber using 50/50 — ah for your info that is 50% LEAD and 50% Tin — The year 2001 and the reason is because it flows so much better and saves labor costs — So off with you, go pretending you know something to kids in the first grade.

      • O. Barnett

        My home was built in1953 and I have been warned by plumbers to use bottled water for cooking, especially if it calls for hot tap water. I just microwave my water and ch the temp. Lead contamination is not rampant in my area, but I appreciate safety coming first with my service workers!

    • patricia

      It’s hard to believe that you can be so rude. it takes a person time and effort to do this for us on here. Which I greatly appreciate it. So if that’s the type of a person you are, which reminds me of a know it all bully, then do your own and leave us peasants alone. Wow

  34. Doreen


    I made this last night and I could have sat down and eaten the entire loaf. DELISH! Thanks for sharing. This by far is my favorite bread.


  35. Hanny

    Hi Jenny,

    Just wanted to thank you!! because of yours easy recipes and your funny simple videos:) I started baking!! cant thank you enough!

  36. K casano

    I let it sit for 3 hours but it is not firm. Is this the way it should be or should I add more flour. It did bubble and rise a bit

    • Jenny Can Cook

      No knead doughs are never firm, that’s why you need a scraper.

  37. Shirley J

    Hi, Jenny, I know you’re not answering questions, but as you are likely aware, there is NO yeast in the stores. I found a source for Fleischmann’s yeast on the Internet in 1 lb packages. However, it is INSTANT YEAST. The rep at Fleischmann’s told me that, as it is instant, there is no waiting for it to rise, so how do I handle the Ciabatta recipe, which I’ve made often, following your recipe? I need to be able to use this instant yeast, as I have two lbs of it and still there is no hope of getting my usual type of Fleischmann’s yeast in stores….

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe actually indicates that you can use either regular or instant yeast.

    • Cynde

      I gave up searching for yeast in stores for weeks so I ordered a package online from Amazon and it only took a week.

      • Shari

        I got two pounds at regular price at the Well Seasoned gourmet store. You should call you local gourmet store. Plus ordering online was also successful. It lasts up to 5 yrs in the freezer too.

    • Kathy

      hi try ebay!!! That’s where I get mine.?

  38. Angela

    Hi! I plan to make this ciabatta bread tomorrow but I plan to make it into rolls. Would the baking time change for rolls?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at my recipe for No Knead Crusty Rolls.

      • Angela

        I actually just used this recipe and shaped them into rolls and it came out great! So tender but still heals up to chicken parmigiana. Thank you so much for all you do.

  39. B

    As well as making this recipe the original way, I’ve made the dough using potato water (hate to waste anything) and it tastes great.

  40. Sandy

    Love your no knead recipes! I can’t figure out why my breads come out of the oven crusty but then soften up as they cool? I put on a rack after taking out of the oven. Help!

    • Luisa Butera

      That happened to me as well.

    • d4v1d

      I think many of us have vented ovens, to which i attribute this problem. my solution is to dial the oven to 275, remove the water pan, and give it 15 minutes to set the crust. Also, sprinkling a little salt on the crust before you put it in can also add a little crackle. (i use rock salt, ie, coarse, sometimes).

      • lucinda

        at what point do you turn the oven down to 275?
        also ,,,, can i double this recipe ??

  41. Katia

    Made this bread today and it was fabulous!! It was my first attempt at Ciabatta and it will not be my last. Thank you for a an easy and delicious recipe.

  42. Jeanne

    How long will the dough last once mixed? Can it be frozen? Refrigerated for a little while?


  43. Ann Hulett

    Hi Jenny

    I am looking forward to making the ciabatta bread. My question is – can this be made into rolls for sandwiches?

    I am thrilled to find you and all your recipes. I am eager to try as many of your recipes as possible.

    TA (Thanks Alot)

  44. Laura

    Love this bread and it always turns out perfect!
    I am going to try half and half whole wheat and white flours today!
    Thank you!

  45. Lynda

    Hi, what are the measurements of a properly baked loaf of ciabatta bread?
    Thank you

  46. T. Davis

    I made this recipe into rolls using 1/2 white whole wheat flour for more nutrition and it turned out well.

  47. Mary

    Just found you. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

    I would love to see a photo of the cut loaf so I can see what the texture is like inside after baking. – As with all your loaves.

    Some only show finished bread but I determine if I want to make some recipes (especially bread )by being able to see photos of the interior after slicing.

    Thank you!
    Love your web site.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Use the link at the bottom to see photos in my blog.

      • Janet

        Dear Jenny,
        Thank you soooo much for your no knead bread recipes. Your wonderful information has been an absolute life changer for me. Your recipes are so much better than conventional recipes I have tried all without success during my entire 81 years. Finally, thanks to you I am able to bake delicious loaves of bread. Many many thanks, Janet

  48. Sue

    Can you make Stromboli or sausage bread with this recipe?

  49. MA

    Can I add dried herbs to this? Calamata olives?

  50. JeanneL

    I am making this recipe now. My dough is very wet and barely rising after 3.5 hours. I don’t know what I did wrong – or is the way it is suppose to be? I am 99% sure I used the right amount of ingredients. Not sure if anyone will see this before I try and bake it but thought I would try. Never made Ciabatta before but have made many other Jenny recipes with great success.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The FAQs might help:

      • JeanneL

        Thanks for the link. Well the bread is baked and it is delicious. I think where I made my mistake is I let it rise in a my kitchen which was only 60 degrees. The countertop was probably colder. Although it was under 30 degrees outside I am comfortable at 60. Next time I will let it rise in a draft free place like the oven. It probably didn’t rise as much as the picture but still the taste is excellent and the crust is beautiful.

        • Babsaroo

          I keep my house cool too, especially in the winter. When I mix the bread to rise I do one of 2 things, I will turn the oven on to preheat for just a minute to give it a little blast of heat and then quickly shut it off. I put my thermometer in there and when it drops to 78 or so I put the bread in. Then I turn on the oven light. The light’s warmth will be just enough to keep the oven warm for a perfect rise…. Or I just turn on the light without “preheating” the oven. It works perfectly… and for making yogurt as well!

  51. Robert

    Made this today after seeing it recommended on a forum I frequent, with another endorsement after. Turned out great. Definitely need an oven thermometer, though. My oven said it was preheated after about five minutes, but according to my remote thermometer I use on my smoker it took more like a half hour.

  52. Maureen

    Made this bread last night and it turned out so good and the crust was so crusty, I’ll be making this often! Thanks Jenny.

  53. Georgina Dubois

    Since about 18 months ago when I found Jenny Can Cook TV show on No-Knead crusty bread rolls I don’t buy bread anymore of any kind. My bread is 5-Star – second to none I have ever eaten. EVER

    Thank you, Jenny

  54. Terry

    If you don’t have parchment paper what can you use instead

    • Sonshine

      You can lightly grease some aluminum foil. Parchment paper and/or aluminum foil make for a very easy clean-up.

    • Janet

      Discovering your no knead bread recipes was an eye opening life changer for me. Off and on my mother and I always experimented to find a way to bake a decent loaf of bread with absolutely no luck. Now I am 82 years old and have discovered your amazing bread making techniques. Because of you, I have made numerous no knead loaves of bread with beautiful results. It is totally amazing to pull out an artisan loaf of bread from the oven when one considers the very simple ingredients required. Bread making has become a miracle for me. Many many thanks dear Jenny.

  55. Diane Smith

    Jenny – Wish you were still on TV. I’m writing to thank you for this wonderful, quick recipe. I live at 3500′ elev. and added 1/2 tsp. OLD yeast to the 1/4 tsp. , not being sure it could carry the whole load. Bread rose beautifully. Next time will try baking 35 min. Am now going to search to see if you have a sourdough recipe as easy as this one.

    • SARAH JO


  56. Meg

    I have made this bread 3 times. Each time the bottom 1/8-1/4 inch of the loaf is gummy while the rest has risen nicely. I am following the recipe as far as I can tell. Any thoughts about what I may be doing incorrectly. Should I try increasing the second rise time from 35 min to 45 min? I love the taste, just wish the bottom layer would not be so dense.

  57. Jere

    Readers: Help. I have two loves in the oven and don’t know if I need to extend the baking time. Jere

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You should not have to increase the time but it’s good to rotate the pan(s) halfway through so they bake evenly.

  58. GloriaW

    Do you use table salt or kosher salt, Jenny. I think kosher salt is less “salty” than table salt. Thanks. I’m going to try this for the first time today!

  59. Dining frenzy

    Love this recipe and Jenny too. Thx for the great lessons. You teach quite well!!

  60. Laura

    This is a very tasty bread. Wish that I found this recipe for Thanksgiving. I added a little sugar to the recipe. Very easy to make and I’ve always wanted to make a crusty crust that you find in some restaurants. This will be my go to loaf when I have company from now on.

  61. Mile High Bread Baker Wannabe

    We live at almost 5,600 ft elevation and I know that it’s pretty common for ingredients to have to be adjusted for high altitude when baking. That said, would you have any idea how I would adjust this no-knead bread recipe for optimal results? Thanks!

    • Gean A Sanders

      Try putting it into google search Bar ..I have no Idea the time and I thank goodness do not have to worry about high altitude where we live <I am sorry couldn't help you

    • Amanda Ramsay

      I live at 6,000 ft and do not make any adjustments. Was recently at sea level and made a loaf and it puffed up just a tad more than at home but hardly worth adjusting the recipe! It is delicious and I always get compliments on the bread.

      • Annie

        I live at 3000 and made no adjustments, awesome bread Jenny! It was so easy that I sent it to my 82 yr old friend and she saw the video and is excited to try this out.

    • Joe in Colorado

      Sorry to see this so late, but I live very near Denver and have made this adjustment: I make this bread frequently using Jenny’s Dutch oven method and simply extend the initial baking time to 35 minutes and then bake the loaf another eight minutes uncovered after removing the parchment paper. Perfect every time! Hope this helps.

      • Jules

        What is her recipe for a Dutch oven ciabatta?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          There is no Dutch oven ciabatta recipe – only the Dutch oven round loaf or ciabatta on a baking pan.

  62. gail kohr


  63. Ltdia Douglas

    People. people. This is just a nice round crusty loaf bread. Nothing to do that it’s not a Ciabatta bread nor a sourdough starter. When commenting don]t comment on the ingredients. It’s annyoing to others who scroll down

  64. Much Thanks

    I’ve tried to make various kinds of bread over the years, with varying degrees of success. I wanted to say I just made this bread, and it came out perfect. Perfect like a baker, or a restaurant, or a place that comes with delicious, table bread before a meal. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe that let me achieve that!

  65. Jenny W.

    Could we use another type of flour, like Almond flour or Tapioca Flour or Rice Flour or a combination of?
    Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Unfortunately no, this recipe needs gluten.

      • Diane

        Could we use a nut flour and add some vital gluten?

    • Marcia

      If you are using a flour without gluten, you can purchase it at a bulk food store like the Bulk Barn or the Co-Op. Great recipe. Enjoy!

  66. Minda

    I’m on a low-salt/sodium diet, is all the salt necessary? I’ve just started making my own bread to cut down on the sodium, but this looks like a really nice loaf of bread if it is airy on the inside and crusty on the outside, my favorite way. Want to try it if I can reduce the sodium or leave out the salt.

    Thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Salt is the primary source of flavor in bread so you can reduce it a little but eliminating the salt will eliminate the flavor.

      • Dan

        Salt also controls the action of the yeast (slows it down) doesn’t it?

      • Annie

        I too am on a low salt diet and instead of salt, I use herbs to add flavor, such as rosemary. My last one I added garlic chunks to. I have been known to use liquid smoke even. One trick I use is to add honey or sugar to pump up the flavor. Not so much to make it sweet but to the edge, it brings out the flavor, it works well. No doubt, flavor is better with salt but we have to adjust sometimes.

    • Kitty

      I make salt free bread for my 91 year old Mom at least 2 times a month. She is also on a very limited sodium diet, 800 mg per day. She likes the bread salt free so she can add a bit of salted butter or low salt swiss cheese.

    • LittleFeetPrincess

      1 tsp. of salt for an entire loaf of bread is not going to kill you!

      • Gramma Kim

        LittleFeetPrincess — 1tsp/1 loaf “won’t kill you” IF that’s all the sodium you’re getting. Just use your “ka-noggin” — 1/4tsp. table salt has 590mg. That means the whole loaf has 2,360mg sodium. Say the loaf is cut into 10 slices, that’s 236mg sodium per slice. If it’s cut into 16 slices, that’s 147.5mg sodium per slice. Now add the milligrams of sodium in each of the other dishes at each meal, and keep it at 800mg or less. You’d be surprised at how fast it adds up! Enjoy your pre-aged life where you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing, but soon enough you’ll feel bad for all the times you mocked others over dietary issues.

  67. Lois

    I do not use any grain flours. Have you ever tried your no-knead breads with very fine almond flour or coconut flours?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This loaf needs gluten so these flours will not work.

  68. ricckky

    Wish you had your TV show–you are so funny-a very subtle mid-western type of humor—-:)==OH BTW-you’re also a great chef!!!-Thanks for everything!!!!

  69. Texas gal

    I increased yeast to 1/3 tsp. Worked much better.

  70. Lawrence Hemard

    The sour dough starter is what gives the loaf its characteristic flavor. To make it taste properly you would need to add a Tbl spon of lime or lemon juice to the mix.

  71. Lawrence Hemard

    Ciabatta bread is a sour dough bread, it is made with a sour dough starter not yeast.

    • psyamok

      LOL Lawrence, original Ciabatta is not sour dough base. Do some travels, or read up more oftenwill help you improve your knowledge about origins of recipes etc.

      • Cat


        • Carola

          Why the thumbs down with no comment? If you are unhappy with the way your bread turned out, take the time to give a constructive comment. This will not only help you, but others.

  72. niaz

    Hi Jenny, made your bread the first time( I mean never bake bread before) it was gone immediately, love your presentation very professional & friendly, I am sure the story of baseball bat is very interesting , also anything on cheese making? best wishes, Niaz.

  73. Mila

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  74. Brian Auger

    Ingredients seem to identical to your regular bread, most Ciabatta recipes seem to have olive oil in the mix is this an oversight?

    • Jenny

      My recipe is correct – there is no oil.

      • spence

        i always use an internal temperature probe to be safe – is there one for the ciabatta?

  75. Theresa Dailey

    When you use the “no dutch oven’ method & use a baking pan instead does the bread have to be covered while baking also? Or is that just when you use a dutch oven? I’ve never baked bread before because of all the kneading & preparation but your method looks/seems so easy I’d like to try it for myself1 Thank you for simplifying it … very grateful!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It does not have to be covered while baking for this recipe. Good luck!

    • Laurie

      Wish people would give credit where credit is due.
      This recipe came from Jim Lahey from NYC’s Sullivan Street Bakery.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I did.

      • Marilyn

        There is no need to make comments like that to a wonderful person who shares so many great recipes. LOOK – before you accuse someone, and please don’t refer to Jenny as “some” people. If you read the thousands of positive comments to Jenny, you will realize that Jenny has no need to try to “deceive” her readers concerning her recipes. She shares so many wonderful recipes try just to say Thank You, instead of making an unkind, accusatory comment.
        Try to be nicer; it feels so much better to render compliments.
        To Jenny – you know how much your millions of followers love u. Pay no mind
        To those that try to “outsmart” your kindness. ?

      • Marilyn

        Laurie- please read my comment following Jenny’s reply to your comment.It was meant for you.

  76. Nancy Revell

    I do not have a dutch oven; would you suggest a substitute?

    • Jenny

      Please see my FAQs.

    • Brenda "B"

      Any medium to large pyrex dish with cover will also work. Your dough will take shape to the dish/pan you cook it in. It also needs to be preheated; as Jenny’s wonderful “no knead” bread recipe. I hope this helps.

  77. Marths Schulmerich

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  78. LP

    My Dutch oven took a real beating. How do I protect it from getting brown and crusty on both the inside as well as outside. It is a Le Cruset and I would try this again but not at the risk of destroying the Dutch oven. Help!

    • Rhen

      I use my le creuset dutch oven for this bread all the time. The brown stain doesn’t hurt the pan but to get the brown stain out – use some liquid dishwashing detergent. Give the pan a thin coat and let it sit for a while. then wash as usual. Good as new! A Mr. Clean type sponge will get out any tough or stubborn spots.

  79. Ricky Pro

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  80. K.Lancaster

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    • Melany C

      Not needed. There is plenty of “food” for the yeast to produce gases in the flour.
      It’s a great recipe that Jenny has provided. Have fun!

  81. Patti Badolato

    can I use Kamut wheat flour instead of whole wheat or bread flour will it work the same. thanks

    • Melany C

      I’ve tried other flours… if you use a mixture it is best rather than all one of the whole wheat or other flours. You may also need to add a bit more water if you are using a “dryer” flour like you want.
      Experiment. Have fun! Jenny’s recipe is THE BEST that I have used so far. Love her energy and spunk in this video!

  82. Maria L.

    Can this ciabatta bread be baked in the Dutch Oven. Also can I add fresh Rosemary and kalamata olives to this bread. Would this change baking time? I made your 2 Hour bread today. It was outstanding.

    • Jenny

      Please see my other bread recipes.

    • Rose

      This bread is the best. Could not believe how easy it was to make. But next time think I will try to double the recipe for a larger loaf. Thank you so much for this recipe Love it. I have made it twice now and I have made bread where I have to spend hours kneading and this is no kneading. Cant believe it. Made a loaf today. Started it at 11 Am and had colled bread for dinner at 5:00. Fantastic crust. What can I say it is the best.

  83. Bruce

    Two batches and the broad seems heavy in the middle. I’m in Houston high humidity could that be the cause?

  84. kat

    Love your tubie vids! Is this bead covered in the oven like the Dutch oven recipe? Could you describe that part for Gramma please 🙂

  85. Dr.Kensington

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    I tried it and the dough came out nice and airy.
    PS The bread video was great!

    A beautiful loaf of crusty bread ( demonstrated by an even more beautiful woman!)

    Thanks. This I will use this recipe a lot.


  86. Sal

    Looks Great! Can you cook this in a toaster oven?
    Would probably have to put the water to one side or perhaps make the bread with a hole in the middle and stand a container of water in that hole.

    • Leota

      Hi Sal, I was wondering the same. Was thinking of using silicone cupcake holders, putting one, filled with boiling water, in each corner of my toaster oven. A lone hole in the center may work, too. Have you tried it yet? If so, would love to know how it turned out.

  87. joe

    I purchased a sourdough starter , got it going good ok , but when I mix it with my flour it doesn`t rise at all , is there something I`m doing wrong , I mix it in a kitchen aid mixer , almost seems like it kills the yeast , have you had this happen ?

    • Jenny

      I have never used sourdough starter so you may have to try to research this.

    • Kathy Starling

      I use my sour dough starter at least weekly. you still have to add additional yeast. sour dough starter gives the dough its taste. But to get the high rise we are use to I still add 1 tablespoons yeast. cake yeast works best but since i now love in the south i can’t find it. so i use just regular yeast.

    • Sheila

      Joe, I was a sourdough failure too. But after reading and following the instructions ion this article I’ve had success ever since. My kitchen is full of yeast and my starter is alive and thriving in my fridge. Hope this helps. :>

      • Peter

        Sarah .thank you so much for this article for sour bread starter.
        It is so easy to read and follow.
        I will need to try this.

  88. L Moore

    Well, you ruined the veil of mystery about bread baking I had so carefully cultivated over the years. As a Swiss/Austrian I built up this image of secrecy and myth and now … I guess I have to go back to Apfelstrudel, at least that has not yet been dashed away from me !
    Thank you for your wonderful videos, my husband never watched any Utube so I could keep my secrets until now, the children and grandchildren got wise !

  89. John Kirby

    when you say active yeast , does that include sourdough?

    • Jenny

      Active yeast is dry and I believe sourdough starter is a liquid.

    • Cindy French

      Sourdough is not yeast in the same sense. Sourdough gives you the tangy flavor, but reg yeast gives it the rise.

  90. Amy

    I am so excited to try this. I love ciabatta!

  91. Aleta

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    Happy Valentines Day! I heart your videos and even had my 91 year old mother watch them with you and we both laughed at your funnies! I make many of your recepies and wanted to thank you for your great work! You encourage the younger generation to feel proud of making food from scratch and reviving a somewhat lost art.

  93. Ron

    I use to own 3 bakeries & let’s just say you got this right.
    The steam is what makes the crust crunch & it has to be hot immediately while putting the bread in at the same time- so warming up the muffin pan in oven is critical before adding hot water to them. Make sure everyone realizes if you put above the bread it could boil over onto the bread, & you don’t want that. I want to try this recipe at home tonight to see how the gluten fibers come together. The only thing I would say is if you have a convection oven the bread will probably come out a little better due to proper circulation in oven. I will add this, if you want a more chewy bread, use bread flour instead, due to protein content.

  94. Dalila G.

    Hi Jenny! ??
    I plan on making this recipe, we loved crispy breads.
    I enjoy the sound of crispy bread being sliced, music to my ears!
    I especially like your “No-Knead Breads”, fantastic way to make bread.
    I will probably go with the overnight method of making the dough.
    This way I am not constantly checking the dough as it’s rising….LOL!
    Your bread recipes are so worth the wait.
    I like your easy-peasy method of steaming the bread as it bakes.
    Using the disposable 6-cup muffin pan is a wonderful idea, YAY YOU!! ?
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.
    Have a nice evening Jenny!

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    Please do some more videos as I love your sense of humor and it helps when making the recipes. Thanks from Canada!!!

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    especially your tapes. My ciabatta bread came out just right. I had to leave the kitchen, then the house to keep from eating it right out of the oven. So yum with butter and just about anything else. Depending on my mood, I bake one of your breads almost every day. Thank you!

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  110. Junea

    Whenever I try to print this recipe, it is just a blank page. I’ve tried several times. Can you correct this? I want to try it for sure, I’d like to add some kalamata olives as well, what do you think?

    • Jenny

      Please see the FAQs for printing issues.

      • Peter

        Hi lite the receipt .right click and hit copy.
        Open up a blank word document page hit paste and the recipe with down load onto the word document page and then you can print it.
        This method works great!

      • Anita

        Can this dough be used to make pizza thank
        Love your bread.

    • Trisha

      I found the same thing; a blank page showed up when I tried to print the recipe. I found that if I cancelled the print, the page I wanted showed up, so all I had to do was click on control and p and enter, and it printed out. Hope this helps

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