Jan 1, 2015

I Never Expected This

I never expected that so many people would come to my website and watch my videos – over 40,000 people a day! And it’s wonderful. I am thrilled with all the feedback, but it’s becoming hard to keep up with the questions.  I’m doing my best but the numbers keep growing and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. I’m truly dumbfounded to see the thousands of people who visit here every day.

I never did this for money. I did it for my love of cooking and I just wanted to share my recipes. So please understand if I have not answered your question. I’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions in my new Questions category. You’ll also see a lot of helpful comments under each recipe from other cooks that might address your concern.

I wasn’t expecting this. I’m just a home cook sharing what I love as a hobby. I’m humbled and so very appreciative of your kindness and support but this is a one-woman operation and I’m doing the best I can. Before asking a question, please try to look for answers here or on the internet. I’ll try to keep up but seriously… 40,000 people a day from 190 countries! And 50,000 on the weekends!! This is crazy! For commonly asked questions click here.Jenny Jones

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Oct 22, 2014

My Cookbook is Free for Everyone

Cookbook_5306Thanks to my publisher, anyone can now download my cookbook for free. It was published in 2006 but since then I have evolved as a cook and have simplified and improved the way I cook. Most of the recipes from the book are posted here on this website, the way I make them today, so there is no need to purchase the book. To download a free copy of this book click here.

(*The download works best on a desktop computer. You can not download this book to a tablet but you should be able to view it there.)

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Sep 16, 2014

Thanks for your patience

Hi friends. Please note that I am away on vacation in Canada this week and next week. I usually try to answer your questions right away but I am not able to while I’m away. It’s great to get away, to see and do new things, but I am also forced to eat all my meals in restaurants! I miss my own cooking!!! I’ll be back soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Aug 22, 2014

Coming Soon…


I have so many recipes I’m anxious to post but it takes time for me to put each one together. That means writing up every detail so that everyone can understand and follow, even novice or international cooks. And then there’s the photo. Well that takes time because I’m not a food stylist and when I get a good photo, it’s usually a lucky shot. Not being a pro, I just hope the lighting is right and that I’ll get lucky. It usually takes about 200 shots to get one I like. But I enjoy every part of the process and I love what I’m doing.

All your comments mean so much to me, knowing that someone took time to write a note about a personal recipe I shared. These recipes are personal because I am not a “recipe developer.” I am a home cook sharing only the things I make for myself at home so I sincerely appreciate all your comments and compliments. Thank you so much. And here are some of my recipes I’ll be sharing soon….

No Knead Crusty Rolls (super easy, almost no work, perfect if you don’t have a Dutch oven for the Faster No Knead Bread – same recipe but it’s rolls made on a baking sheet)

Spaghetti & Meatballs from Scratch (sauce and meatballs from scratch ready in 40 minutes)

Butterscotch Pudding (healthier, low fat, so easy to make from scratch)

Light as a Cloud Cheesecake (Italian style ricotta cheesecake that melts in your mouth)

One-Pan Roasted Vegetables & Chicken (one of the healthiest meals I make – everything bakes in one pan)

Whole Grain Almond-Topped Waffles (100% whole grain healthy waffles baked with lots of sliced almonds on top)

Lemon Chicken Cutlets (pounded, breaded, pan fried in a little olive oil)

Homemade Apple Pie (no shortening, no butter, awesome apple pie with a flaky crust made with olive oil and three pounds of apples!)


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Feb 24, 2014

Thanks for All the Thumbs Ups


It means so much to me when anyone takes the time to post a comment about one of my recipes. So I just want to say “thank you” to all of you who let me know that by sharing my home cooking, I’m making a difference. I don’t allow ads on this site or accept any sponsors so the only reason I created this place was so I can share what I love. So thank you for your comments and please continue to send your feedback on my recipes. I appreciate it so much!

Now, a little trivia…

~My most popular recipe on Youtube is Pepperoni Pizza with over 190,000 views.

~My most popular recipe on Pinterest is Beef Stew with over 50,000 pins.

~The recipe that generated the most comments on this site is Cabbage Rolls.

~People from 143 countries have visited this site.

~The number of people who post,”You look so familiar. Have you ever been on TV?” – five. 🙂

I wish you all good health and happy cooking!


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Jul 22, 2013

How To Share My Recipes

Here’s how to share any of my recipes. Just above each recipe on the right side look for these buttons:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.08.52 PM

With the first two buttons, you can share a recipe on your facebook page or email it to anyone, even yourself. And when you click on the Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.43.00 PM you will see this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.54.37 PM

Now you can share on any of the apps that pop up. But wait, there’s more. When you click on the Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.46.36 PM look what else pops up:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.24.25 PM

How exciting! I’d be even more excited if I knew what they all were. 🙂 But if yours isn’t here, it probably doesn’t exist. So now you can share any of my recipes you like. The more people cooking at home, the better! – Jenny Jones

Jun 24, 2013

How many peas were in the pods?

IMG_0992I ate all the peas in the bowl and they were super sweet. Of course I counted along the way and there were 25 pods in the bowl for a total of 148 peas.

The closest guess was 144 peas by Jackie Kersten.

Jackie5Congratulations, Jackie! You just won a free cookbook by yours truly. (Jackie sent us her photo and says she’s from Citrus Heights, California and is a Rec Aide at an elementary school.)

Thanks, everyone, for playing… let’s do it again.

Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next contest. 🙂

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Jun 21, 2013

Another cookbook giveaway

Peas_0646_RevisedIt’s summer! There are so many reasons I like summer, especially for all the healthy fresh fruit that’s available, like peaches and watermelon and strawberries. It’s also a great time to get fresh vegetables, especially green peas, which are super sweet this time of year. Green peas are high in folic acid, iron, vitamin K for bones, and they have anti-inflammatory properties. My favorite way to eat them is raw, right out of the shell. And sometimes I wash them, eat the peas out of the shell and then peel away the inside membrane and then eat the shell! Is that a Polish thing or does anyone else do that? Oh, I almost forgot… my contest. Guess how many little round peas are inside the pods in this 6-inch bowl. Remember, it’s not how many pea-pods, but how many peas are INSIDE the pods (say that five times in a row!). Take a guess and whoever comes closest will win a free copy of my cookbook.


One guess per person ~ Winner will be posted Monday morning. Good luck!!

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Jun 7, 2013

My Pinterest Collection

Picture 7If you like trying new recipes like I do, check out my Pinterest page. I’ve been searching for healthy recipes there for some time and so far I have collected over 2,000  recipes that I want to try. It’s crazy! When will I find the time? If you’re not a user I can tell you that a lot of people say it’s addicting. I always thought it was just a collection of favorite photos but it turns out there are thousands of recipes there but you do have to search for the healthy ones. That’s what I’ve been doing so even though I want everyone to try my own healthy recipes, I’m also happy to give other food bloggers the credit for their own healthy foods and meals. But it has to be healthy. If anything starts off with a stick of butter, I pass. Wait ’til you see how many good ones I’ve found! I have 45 different  boards with over 2,000 recipes. Some of my favorite boards are: My Own Healthy Recipes (of course!), Baking Without Butter, Pizza, Spicy Hot Stuff, Polish Food, Great Salads, Healthier Mac & Cheese, Healthy Wraps & Tacos, and there’s even one called “Ten Foot Pole” and you know what that means – stay away! So except for that board, everything else is definitely worth a try. If you find a recipe you like and try it, let me know – my bucket list is too looooong!! – Jenny Jones

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May 7, 2013

And the winner is….

There were 14 strands of this beautiful pasta in the package and each strand was 16-inches long.

I multiplied 14 by 16 and got 224 inches.

Then I divided by 12 and got a total of 18.6 feet.

The closest guess was 19 feet.


…. LISA!

Congratulations, Lisa. You were only off by 4 inches! Your cookbook is on the way! (Lisa is from Henderson, Nevada)

Thanks, everyone, for playing. I have more books to give away so we’ll do this again soon.