8 Comments on "πŸŽ„ Merry Christmas, Everyone πŸŽ„"

  1. Sandy from Alberta

    Oh my gosh…you’re still here…so happy because I JUST found you on you tube and have been binge watching everything…recipes…games show appearances. Reading your backyard pieces (hilarious).. You noted that you’re not making any more videos…so disappointing because you get right to the point, you’re instructions are clear, the edits perfect to keep things moving along, and the food…well the food is so delicious. But I understand__it’s a lot of work and you’re retired. But my goodness, you are a breath of fresh air.❣️

  2. michelle

    Wow, since finding Jenny on the internet I have made several of her recipes!!!!! Her chicken pot pie is one of my favorites. And the intro very funny too!!!! I did add frozen peas and fresh mushrooms and followed all. The chocolate cupcakes were another hit with the addition of instant coffee granuoles. Now this no knead bread… outstanding, easy, and delicious. Thanks Jenny!!!

  3. Judy

    Love watching your videos and trying your recipes! You are an awesome cook…might I add humorous! You always throw in those cute little comments! I haven’t seen any new videos on tube and was wondering if had had stopped ..I tracked down your website and saw that your last post was this January 4th…so glad your still doing those videos, I look forward to trying more of your delicious recipes! Thank you, Judy

  4. Tabitha

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Jenny & a have a blessed 2020. Thanks again for your wonderful recipes, we love you!!

  5. Lydia Mclaughlin

    Hello Jenny! I just wanted to say- I hope you had a wonderful Christmas- have a blessed 2020!
    Greetings from Ontario Canada : )

  6. Julie S.

    Merry Christmas Jenny!! ?I really enjoy your videos!

  7. Dalila G.


  8. Barb A

    Merry Christmas, Jenny!

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