Mar 17, 2019

Finally, A New Photo

I finally posted a new photo of myself on this website. I enjoy taking photos of my recipes but not so much of myself but I felt obligated to show my true and current self, un-retouched. The other photo was taken 5 years ago so it was time. I’ll soon be turning 73 and couldn’t put it off much longer. At least in this one I’m still only 72!

Photo Jenny JonesI wore my favorite apron and included the smiley spatula. My husband took the photo after I showed him which button to press. ? He always said he would do anything for me so I took him at his word. Thank you, my precious! ❤️ (He doesn’t know it yet but there’s an apple pie in his future ?) Happy cooking, everyone!

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  1. Cecelia

    You look fabulous! I’m going to be 75 and I don’t look as great as you look; therefore, I’d never take a photo next to you because you’d look 50 and I would look 80.

    Best to you and yours!

  2. Kiki Sornbutnark

    I just found this channel 3 months ago on YouTube & it’s changed my life! I was sad when I saw she hadn’t posted in 5 years. I was worried but it appears all is good & she looks amazing. I’m 52 and just learning how to cook after a long career in finance. Her super easy round bread in the Dutch oven is my favorite recipe so far but I’m doing pizza dough tonight so that could change. Thank you so much Jenny for making cooking not only do-able but delicious 😘

    • Cecelia

      After I read your comment, I searched on YouTube and found her channel and I subscribed so I could have her recipes on hand.

      Thank you for letting us know about her YouTube channel because I’ve been a fan for 45+ years and I’ve always thought she was/is a fabulous woman and has done a great deal money, supplies, support, “Helping Heros” for breast cancer awareness.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Thank you for the kind comment. Cecelia is my middle name – she is the patron saint of music.🎵


    You love great

  4. Art

    I thought she was a great Lady enjoyed her cooking skills

  5. Melody Neal

    Hello Jenny, Thank you SOOOO much for sharing your recipes. You are a first go to for me and so many others and I BEG you to make a cook book for purchase (or easily printable) as we will want and need to cherish and appreciate you your style and these delicious and healthy recipes long after we no longer have access to the internet. Also, many folks are without internet as we speak.

    Prayers and big time appreciation for you,

    • Montine

      Melody: I feel exactly as you stated in your note about Jenny. I love everything about her. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have ALL her Recipes for myself as well as to pass on to my son and only Granddaughter. I love her personality too!!!!

      Thank You Melody.

      • Cecelia

        I read somewhere that she wrote a cook book; therefore, you might research and find out who published and the name.

        I’ve been a fan of her’s for 45+ years and I really enjoy her YouTube, Jenny Can Cook, where she demonstrates lots of different baking ideas which work!

  6. Nidia

    Jenny, you looking amazing!

  7. Velva

    Jenny, you are still beautiful to me no matter what!❤️. I so enjoyed your show on YouTube! I miss tuning into your channel but all of a sudden, you were gone 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨! I miss how organized you always were, but I always watched most of all, not only for your sense of humor but your wit☺️☺️😉😉🥰🥰

  8. Doris

    I follow a lot of your recipes and love the outcome,especially the pierogi’s. My youngest son in AZ just recently asked me for the ingredients to make Kapusta. I live in MI. I smiled when I see that your ingredients are exactly like mine..nethertheless I just sent him your cabbage recipe and said..”any one of hers are very good”. Keep cooking Jenny!!
    Sincerely, Doris Dybowski 😉

  9. Karen

    Hi Jenny🎄 Ok. So this is the age of information. It’s obvious that you knew this before I did. I’m 71 and still much to learn. I’ve run into your recipe videos here and there when researching one (yours win) BUT (I swear 🤞🏻) I only noticed today 🙄 that these are 7+ yrs old!😲 I see you haven’t done any in a long time. I’m sorry to have missed you and know I can count on your humor (end of Tunnels of Cinammon bread😂) and most cheery disposition on rainy days. Stay safe, stay well and the same for your family!

  10. Johnny

    I wish you would post one or two new recipes a month. It’s quite obvious by all the wonderful comments you are so missed. I’m sure it would not take long for you to get over 1 million followers on YouTube again. The simple potato pancake recipe make my three kids so happy when mom’s not around to cook. Bless you Jenny

  11. Jan

    I may have been under a rock but I didn’t know who you were. I accidentally found you on YouTube and I am enjoying your humor as much as your recipes! Too cute! I’ve been binge watching your videos for three days now!! 🙂
    Thanks for a much needed smile.


  12. Maxxi

    Jenny , I hope you are well ! I’ve been watching & making your delicious recipes for sometime now I was so excited to have found your YouTube when I was going thru a rocky time with life & motherhood ( all the recipes I’ve made from you are kid approved by 5 kiddos ages 2-11 btw ) so I just wanted to say thank you & although we don’t know each other at all I’ve found a friend in you thru the screen 😊 peace be with you now & always I really hope to see you back posting soon !

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Posting my recipes is nothing compared to raising five children under 12!! I’m glad they like your cooking. 🙂

      • Debra L.

        HI Jenny,
        Please come back to YouTube! I miss you terribly!!!!!!
        Your fan from Massachusetts,

  13. Quelin Roberts

    Just found your videos on cooking Love your kitchen bright and colourful, went to see any recent ones and no luck, wish you all the best, Please create more cooking videos as they are amazing. Cheers Queline

  14. Janet

    Jenny,I have tried your breads, rolls and tortillas . I believe we all miss your videos 🥰. Please let us know when you decide to produce any more ! 🥳 Happy New Year !

    • Bess

      We absolutely miss your videos! Pray you are well.

  15. Angela

    Hi Jenny I miss your videos on YouTube. It’s been so long. Do you not do YouTube anymore.??

    • Stsrla

      I miss your lively videos, I’ve watched them all and made many of your recipes. Love this, ready for more so put on your apron and smile and let’s get cooking Jenny❣️

  16. Rini

    Jenny you are beautiful and so entertaining. I just found you on YouTube and fell in love with your cooking show Jenny can cook. You make cooking so much fun and you made me laugh so hard. Please make more videos. You are truly the best 💜

  17. Rah

    You are an old school pioneer, and you are still looking good! God bless you Jenny Jones!

  18. Linda

    Are you going to continue your videos? I just love them. You are a hoot and so informative to watch. My Mom was Polish, so learning ( even late in life ) from you is a joy. And may I add that you are so very beautiful. Please, Age gracefully not like most stars with tons of work done. Thank you for the joy and knowledge that you bring into our homes. “Thank you” and hugs from Linda on beautiful Vancouver Island BC, Canada.

    • Linda

      I forgot to add, please keep being safe in this mess. God bless and I’m saying safe keeping prayers for you and your family. Thank you for bringing joy into our homes. So very appreciated.

    • Linda

      I forgot to add, please keep being safe in this mess. God bless and I’m saying safe keeping prayers for you and your family. Thank you for bringing joy into our homes. So very appreciated. ?

  19. Bobbie Cotton

    I am always late finding things such as your cooking channel! But so glad I did! You have the best recipes & explain them so well. I can’t wait to try your Apple Pie recipe! Keep the videos coming…PLEASE! ❤

  20. Joanne

    Hi Jenny,
    I Love ur simple recipes n ur sense of humor it really made my day 🙂
    Keep it Up!
    Stay Safe n Heathy?

  21. Rickie B

    I love your you tube videos. It seems the last one is 2 years old. Please make more. They are so helpful.

  22. Terri

    You look amazing at 72 or 73!!! It’s all that healthy cooking….

  23. Shirley G.

    You look absolutely wonderful…wish I looked as good…I’ll be 71 in July. Many many thanks for all of your wonderful recipes…love them.

  24. Angela

    Jenny you are gorgeous and such an amazing lady! I am amazed at all you have done in your life so far. How can I be more like you? Also, love your recipes, quirky jokes, and colorful cookware 🙂
    Thank you for sharing so much goodness.

  25. Diane Angeli

    Hi Jenny, I am thrilled to have found information about you! I have watched all of your cooking videos multiple times and tried so many recipes, always hoping for a new one. I’m happy to learn that you are well and happy. Sincerely, Dee
    PS…you really shouldn’t have washed that baseball. !???❣️

  26. Roxanne Daily

    You look beautiful and healthy. Thank you soo much for your cooking!!

  27. Roxanne Daily

    You look beautiful and healthy. Thank you soo much for your cooking videos. You have such a sweet spirit. You have helped me so much by making cooking simple and saved my kids from eating fast food!?❤️

  28. Randi

    I recently stumbled upon your site/videos while staying home staying healthy and cooking a lot more. I must say, you’re so thorough in your instructions/videos and notes that I’m able to make delicious recipes I’ve not been able to make well before. For example, when you talk about aerating flour (no knead crispy rolls). These little tidbits are so important to the final outcome and most other food bloggers don’t mention stuff like that. So for you thoroughness, thank you so much! Also love that you keep things light and a little silly too! Thanks for the lessons and laughs-happy face—

  29. Jennifer Lauren C

    Hi Jenny. I had no idea that you can bake and cook, I strolled through youtube videos for chicken pot pie, cinnamon buns, and perogies (grew up with my grandmother recipe on the Ukrainian perogies) I’m a breast cancer thriver, and eating healthier more than ever is important (stage 3, grade 3, mastectomy) and will often compare my grandmother’s recipes to others’ preparing cinnamon buns and perogies. I was enticed by the small realistic kitchen (not at all intimidating or large like a studio) in your calm relaxed tone, I followed your chicken pot pie, it is soo savory & yummy, and yes, I would like to eat with you surrounded by those colourful kitchen-made bowls & utensils – in your cozy little nook. What matters the most is the ~ food. For the cinnamon buns I’m enlighten to make the icing without butter or cream cheese, but my grandmother’s perogies are still the best. Bring on – more homemade warm delicious dishes to Canada, Jenny! I’m sure the camera person gets a bite.

  30. Lori

    Your recipes are always my “go-to” family favorites. You look beautiful and keep everything so down to earth. Just wanted to say that I appreciate you.

  31. Shelley

    Thanks so much. Your shared recipes encourage & keep me cooking (after 50 yrs ….I had lost my Joy for cooking)
    Awesome recipes, plus funny, sweet and now I have time to try them ALL.
    So I cook with you, my hubby is loving it …. are dining “IN” is a blessing!
    Thank you Again for your wonderful spirit! God Bless!

  32. Marie D

    Hi Jenny,
    Recently I just found you on YouTube watching your chocolate cake. I cooked and baked a lot, but you made everything so easy and you gave all kinds of everyday and home tips in such a natural way. I love your personality and joyful to watch you. I’m going to try your tunnel cinnamon raisin bread and other receipes. Thank you for being such a delight person. Hope you continue to share more of your receipes.

  33. Nora

    I just found your channel and you are teaching in how to make crispy hash brown I’m always making hash browns so I’ll be trying your technique. Thank you and I love your picture.

  34. Angie Rosini

    I just found you on you tube! I’m obsessed! Lol. When is your most recent video. It showed 4 years ago. I hope you’re okay.


  35. Grace

    This was a great find during the coronavirus quarantine – your easy and fun videos. Especially since the store shelves are bare (not exaggerating) and now I can make my own bread. Way to go Jenny. Thank you & my hubby thanks you too!

  36. Michel J. Gaudet

    This here 69 years old guy sure does miss the ‘YouTube’ channel?. Any chance you will ‘come back’? It wouldn’t HAVE to always be YOU in the video. Do like Martha Stewart and just lend your name to the channel — hee hee.

    Michel_ long time “Old-fart” fan

  37. valentine1932

    73!!!!!?????? I thought you were about 35 —- what int he world do you eat?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I eat everything you see on my website, all homemade, no packaged foods, no fast food, no soft drinks or alcohol.

      • Nicholine

        Hi Jenny. I have made your 90 minute bread 90 times! I’ve shared the recipe a ton. Are you no longer posting on your YouTube? I plan to try a bunch of your recipes during this quarantine. Love your dry sense of humor. Be safe God bless you.

  38. Dolores K

    I absolutely adore your cooking and videos! You have shown me so many new tricks. Also, I remember rushing home after school to watch your show. It was always my favorite. You always seem like a very warm, genuine person. Thank you for everything

  39. Ann

    I ran into this lady in the library i didn’t even know till now who she was, she has great recipes and wished she would come back to have more fun making new recipes for us real cooks

  40. Cecelia Tkach

    Are you still sharing recipes on YouTube ?? I haven’t seen a new recipe in some time and I’m just wondering where you’ve been lately.

    • Sarah

      I’ve watched and re-watched your Utube vids so many times! I wish you’d make more! Your recipes are really good and not so expensive to make (in case I mess something up). I’m not a chef with unlimited talent and money. Your recipes are easy to follow and the results are always a hit. Of course you, Jenny, are really what makes everything a joy. Thank you.

  41. Pat

    So happy I found this pretty current picture of you looking just fine. Your recipes and style of cooking always inspired me. I felt like I visited a friend watching you. Thank you for your kind approach to life and sharing your thoughts with the public!

  42. A Fan of Jenny's

    Sorry this is so late Jenny but I just found you on youtube today!!!! I thought, “wow, she looks familiar to me somehow” and then reading all the comments after I watched how to bake artisan bread (I thank you for this!) made me realize, “oh! it’s Jenny Jones!!!!” so there you are! I tried to subscribe but it won’t let me, so pretty please, to the “” site! It just won’t allow me, perhaps others have the same problem! (link not working to subscibe on this site). So just wanted to say, after reading everything and all you’ve accomplished and still do, WOW, what an inspiration you are! You are the kind of womanhood we need, I am more inspired now to do the same. You are way ahead of me in terms of all you’ve done but I still have some things “cooking” that I want to accomplish in life 😉 and you are inspiring me to do it now, but with more light- heartedness, humor, kindness of heart and confidence. I swear I wish we were friends (and neighbors) so I could stay inspired by how kind and good you are. We absolutely need more women like the example you have set for us. God bless you and yours. *(and please add my email to – please!!!!). Thank you Jenny!!!!!

  43. Dave Haugen

    Hey there Jenny, miss seeing your youtube videos. Just came across your meatloaf one, and you had me laughing….I wish you the best…Peace

  44. Sandra

    Hi Jenny. I havent seen you in two decades. Just found tou on youtube. I enjoy your demos. I cant believe your 70. Whos your surgeon? Im 58 now.and showing

  45. Mazzie G

    Jenny, happy belated Birthday! Love all your cooking videos. Have made so many recipes. Hope to make more. Keep cooking and showing us the way!
    By the way, 73 is the 63, You are beautiful! I hope that helps?

  46. demetrius thomas

    she stil to this day the best i like to see her an so polite to every 1. the best episode were she would do other people jobs, she clean 7 sweeps with a broom in a movie theater an walk out. every 1 know you had it going on, gods b miss, j.j miss u ill load you on twitter after 5 pm, se you @startdenetrius

  47. TINA

    Precious; great to have a man that loves you and knows how to make you happy!

  48. Cindy-Minnetrista, MN

    Hi Jenny! When your videos started to populate to me, I knew your voice and somewhat recognized your appearance. I had to look your name up to confirm! I used to watch your show in the 80’s. I can’t believe the big hair we used to wear back then and some of the styles too! You look great today too! I absolutely love your down-home cooking videos! I love the unpretentious quality and the recipes you choose to share are great! Nice to see a former Hollywood person seem so nice! Thank you for sharing your videos!

  49. Marie

    You look great! Hope you are well. I only recently discovered your YouTube videos but enjoy them. I had my birthday #72 this weekend and love to cook. I owned my own corporate catering company for many years but have learned some tricks from your videos! Stay happy and have fun!

  50. JoyBubbles

    I love your sense of humor in your videos. You inspire me to cook and enjoy my kitchen. Thank you Jenny. ?

  51. Maureen Bunch

    You look marvelous!!

    Any new videos for YouTube planned or new recipes?

    Love your stuff!!!


  52. Lynn Morella

    You look amazing! Keep up with the amazing recipes!

  53. Linda Straczynski

    I have to tell you that you look fabulous, and I follow you and have made many recipes, especially the 2 hr no knead bread. I make it alot, as well as the basic white bread, and the raisin cinnamon bread.Also the Easter bread,etc..I enjoy baking.BTW? I wlll also turn 73, May 12th Mothers Day..So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY< AND a happy Birthday to you..We are the Boomers. Linda..

  54. Toots

    Hi Miss Jen, I’ve been a fan forever!! I’ve watched your talk show, geez I miss so and wish you could come back but hey rather watch you cook and you look peaceful and healthy and happy. Just watching you making everyone happy still is a great thing. God Bless you Jenny and thanks for all the great recipes!!! ❣️?


    Dear Mrs Jenny
    You are the most ,,inspiring down to earth ,,kind sweet ,,and not to mention has pretty has can be,,,you are aging like we all do,,very gracefully and still very pretty,,i like you re sense of humor,,your elegance,,and just plain simple way of being true to YOURSELF,,,please do not change ,,you are a true delight!!!…AND I LOVE HOW YOU NEVER LEAVE ANY LITTLE DETAILS,,you think about everything,,one smart cookie!!!God Bless.
    Sincerely Joanne Badaan Belanger.

  56. Susan in Florida

    WOW and wow! This, if nothing else, is one solid argument for the healthy eating you advocate.

  57. Jess

    Hi Jenny,

    I bumped into this while sending my brownie photo and … you just couldn’t imagine my surprise: 72?? I always thought you were probably in your early 40’s, but looked like 30’s! But now 72?? I think your amazingly youthful look should be largely due to the health guidelines you have been adhering to all along, and one of them should be healthy eating! “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”! I envy you!

    Here and now let me wish you with all my heart to stay healthy and young all your life! Btw, I want to thank you once more for your recipes which also help make our lives healthier and happier!

    ~ Jess

  58. Peter B.

    Hi Jenny, It’s just me and my wife and we enjoy your recipes! Really like your sandwich breads, just enough for us without getting stale.
    I was wondering if you had a recipe for potato bread/rolls?

  59. Bob Gartley

    Jenny Goddess,

    The 90 Minute, Whole Wheat bread is awesome!!! To add a blend of seeds to the dough, what liquid adjustments, if any, do I have to make? I am thinking a half cup of mixed pumpkin, sesame, flax and sunflower seeds.

    The videos are a total stitch!!!

    Best regards,

    Bob G.

  60. Kylene J

    Love the new pic! So many of your recipes are my “go to’s” . I made your beef stew tonight and it never disappoints. Your lemon brownies are one of my all time favorite desserts! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us. When I make something new my husband always asks “is this a Jenny recipe?” Lol

  61. Mary Ann

    All I can say is Thank you so much for all your wonderful, beautiful and healthy easy recipes. I have cooked just too many and I and my husband love them. It was so wonderful to see recipes for stuffed cabbage, pierogi, haluski,Paczki and of course chrusciki. We lapped those right up. We are of the same heritage Polish- Ukrainian And it is heart warming to have all those recipes. So thank you again, I was wondering if you had or are working on a recipe for Cheese Babka. I was thinking of surprising my husband for Easter.
    Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry, I don’t make a cheese babka, but thank you for the nice note.

  62. Joy

    Wow Jenny!
    You are still so lovely, I remember you from TV. You have such a beautiful smile, who knew you cooked too, I just discovered your recipes. I see that your health conscience way of cooking over the years has paid off with such sustained health and beauty. Thanks for sharing all your recipes. Really luv your spatulas and timers.


    You look amazing. I didn’t realize I was subscribed to you on YT, but glad I am. I’m going to making your meatloaf. Thank you!!!

  64. Bonnie

    I am glad you put up a more current pic. You look marvelous!

  65. Linda L

    I was “surfing” YouTube and just happened upon your cooking videos. I LOVE them! It is obvious you really cook and your instruction and comments are so helpful in the successful completion of your projects. You’re an inspiration to sensible, at home, cooking! Well done, Girl!


    Jenny, you are so FABULOUS at 72. I would not nearly have guessed that! I am a newbie baker (I am 66–better late than never!) I love your recipes and you are hilarious and adorable.

    Thanks for all your recipes!


  67. Barb

    Janina… ?. I came across your cooking videos and love them. Easy, popular, healthy. When I saw some of your more colorful aprons, I thought, ‘she’s Polish’. Your down to earth and those little humorous lines at the end of the vids crack me up.

  68. Jeannie Peurasaari

    You are what the Brits call “a stunner!” You are a timeless beauty, Jenny. Thank you for your cooking website and all your recipes. I’m so enjoying them all!

  69. Suzanne

    Hi, aren’t you Jenny Jones? The utube cook with the delicious and easy recipes?
    Let me tell you how wonderful you look! I can’t believe your in your 70s
    I have been a fan for years now, used to watch your talk show when I was home sick from work, or one of the kids was home sick.
    My son just set me up with Netflix and utube etc instead of cable and I noticed one of your wonderful cooking shows and I thought to myself. I know this person, I recognized your smile, the funny mannerisms. I racked my brain as to where I knew you from. I was sure you were an old childhood friend of mine until I saw your last name Jones and then I placed you as the friend on tv when my kids were growing up. My friend when I was sick from work and laying on the couch. I love watching your cooking show. Love your recipes, you simplify them and have inspired me to try baking bread for the first time in my retirement years. You inspire me to be healthy at 68 to be more active. Thank you my friend ??

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m so glad to bring you fond memories. I hope your bread baking turns out.

  70. Karen B

    YOU LOOK LOVELY MY DEAR. My son just got married and my husband and I looked at the pictures and didn’t recognize the old people in the picture (us). But his new bride was saying – but she said that people were saying that those are Brian’s parents.They look so young. She has an apple pie in her future too.

  71. Donna

    Do you have a cookbook?

  72. Donna

    Do you have a cookbook???

    • donna Garvin

      Sorry Jenny, I wanted to ask if you will have a new cookbook out anytime in the near future.

      Wow you look great. It must be all the healthy cooking you do.

  73. Dalila G.

    Hi Jenny! ?
    You look FABULOUS!!
    Age is just a number, so no worries, it’s how you feel that counts.
    And it’s obvious you feel FANTASTIC!!
    June is right around the corner, I hope you’re making special plans with your hubby. ?
    Have a lovely day! ?

  74. Barb Arden

    You look fantabulous, Jenny! Note: Even showing my husband which button to push will always result in blurry photos! Your hubby did great!

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