Jul 23, 2014

Faster No Knead Bread

Even if you’ve never baked before, you can make this amazing bakery-style crusty bread at home. It has a beautiful golden crust and it’s soft inside with lots of nice holes. In the video I used all-purpose flour but I also make the same loaf with 100% whole wheat flour and it’s fantastic.

No-knead bread isn’t new. The idea was invented by a baker named Jim Lahey and it originally was a much longer process than mine. You would mix up the dough the night before using cold water, let it rest overnight for up to 18 hours, and bake it the next day. The whole process took more than 20 hours. I know. I did it many times.

Sometimes, though, I didn’t think to start it the night before and I wanted homemade bread the next day. Now I can make it the same day and the only difference is instead of cold water, you use very warm water. It speeds up the process and you can have this amazing artisan bread any time you want without having to start it the day before.

This easy recipe is foolproof. All you need is a Dutch oven and about five minutes of hands-on time. There is no kneading. A pair of oven gloves is helpful because the pot gets very hot and an oven thermometer is also helpful because you need a very hot oven.

I used to buy bread from a bakery but not any more, not when I can have it fresh and hot right out of the oven. And it’s the only bread I use for my delicious garlic bread too. Anyone I have served this no-knead bread to says, “Wow! This is the best bread I have ever had. Where did you get it?” They can’t believe I made it myself. And you can too. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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9 Comments on "Faster No Knead Bread"

  1. S Graham

    We love the bread, it’s always a big hit. I’m just wondering why my crust is never crunchy like yours was in the video, I t’s soft. I’ve made about 6 loaves and they have all had the softer crust. It’s still good eating and crisps up well in the toaster! We love it Thank you! I’ve also made your chocolate quarantine cake and that was really a great cake! It never lasted very long. Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  2. Fran from New Jersey

    I just made the Fast No Knead bread. Looks great, it’s
    cooling, can’t wait to taste it. My question Is “How should I store it?” I don’t want crust to get soggy!


  3. Adele

    Jenny, this bread is truly FANTASTIC!! I have been experimenting with bread for many years… The crispy crust has (until now) eluded me!! This is truly wonderful I made it yesterday and my family cannot stop talking about it! Of course it is long gone!

    Your video is great (and hilarious!!) I love your enthusiasm! You are adorable! I am going to try it with whole wheat flour… Then some jalapenos – olives – assiago… The possibilities are endless!

    Do you have a pizza crust recipe?

    I remember, very well, the Jenny Jones Show. You were GREAT… I loved that show. Whatever you do – turns to gold!!

    Thank you, so much, for this wonderful and easy no knead bread!
    Adele! ..

  4. Anna

    If I do not have a Dutch oven can a covered Morningstar be used or an iron Dutch oven?

  5. ri i?ta dicienzo

    i love the recepe but my do not bubble like yours do in the video what am i doing wrong?

  6. Laura

    Can you give me the temperture of the “hot water” ? I think I used too hot water as it did not rise well. I love the slow bread but takes too much time! Would it help to use more yeast?

    Thank you for the help

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