Mar 15, 2020

Need To Bake Bread?

Wholw Wheat Sandwich Bread

Where’s all the bread? The shelves are empty these days and most of us can’t buy bread. That’s why I’m here! ? If you’ve never baked bread before, I’m here to say you can do it. My bread recipes are very popular because they’re easy. You’ll see a lot of comments like, “This is the first time I’ve ever baked bread and I’m never buying store bought again.”

To help first time bread makers, I’ve put together a list below of some of my easiest and most popular bread recipes. The silver lining in the bread shortage is that you might like your homemade bread so much, you may never go back! Everyone, take care and be well.

Simple Whole Wheat Bread (pictured above)

Simple White Bread

Faster No Knead Bread

2-Hour Fastest No Knead Bread

Easy Honey Wheat Bread

Easy White Bread

Faster No Knead Whole Wheat Bread

More Easy Breads

Kohl’s sells a Dutch oven from Food Network for around $60 (oven safe to 500°F). The ideal size, 5-quart, is on sale now (March 21) online for $48. THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT, JUST SHARING INFORMATION.

28 Comments on "Need To Bake Bread?"

  1. Joan

    I made the 10” crispy facaccia, it came out like a big Hamburg roll , what did I do wrong, I made it from your recipe help, Joan

    • Jenny Can Cook

      What kind of baking stone did you use and how long did you preheat your oven?

  2. Anna

    THANK YOU so much, Jenny! We’ve stumbled upon your recipes last year and LOVE them! Always delicious, quick and simple. Meets our families’ needs. We really appreciate your recipes and just being there to help us along especially during this critical time for everyone. Can’t thank you enough!

  3. Kate

    Hi, my son and I have been trying to make bread but each recipe we use I find the dough too sticky to knead. We do not have a mixer. I have to add lots more flour to make it less sticky.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Make sure you do not sift your flour before measuring since that would cause you to use too little flour. You don’t need a mixer. You can combine everything by hand. Not all flours are the same so add your liquid slowly and so it doesn’t become too liquid. You might not need all the liquid. Also, you might enjoy some of my no knead bread recipes.

  4. Kelly

    I’m an experienced baker of sweets, but never really ‘got good’ at bread. I’ve made three loaves during quarantine and they’ve all turned out great. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Karla

    Hi Jenny,
    Love your recipes! Since the C-Virus, yeast packets are not available in stores or online so I’ve been reading and experimenting with wild yeast. Do you have any proven recipes with the exchange of yeast amounts, rise time…with wild yeast for breads? Thanks and stay well,

  6. Julia

    I love your recipes but wondering if for the morning no knead bread recipe: can I use a wild yeast starter and if yes, what are the ratios of ingredients?

  7. Denise G.

    Hi Jenny. Did you a recipe for bagels? Thanks and stay well!

  8. Jack Cummings

    I stumbled onto your website awhile back, and love it!! I made your bread in a 5 qt dutch oven and it came out great. I made another one and took it to the office and they all went nuts about it. I am going to bake another one tomorrow — can’t wait to cut into it, put some butter on it and enjoy. Next I am going to make your cabbage rolls – they look great. I am a 87 widower and have cooked a lot while my wife was alive and now a lot since I am alone. A Korean war veteran – US Air Force.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s great to see a senior like yourself (and me) cooking and baking. But then didn’t we all learn back in the day? Take care. ❤️

  9. Maia Koz

    For those of you who can’t afford – or refuse to buy – a 60.00 pot, I’m with you! All I did was use my all-metal wok pan with a lid (without rubber holdings), and my bread is always fantastic! What better heat conductor, and I’m also seasoning it everytime I use it in the oven.
    We gotta be ready to cut corners, and right now, buying more kitchen equipment is not an option for me to explore!

  10. Maia Koz

    I love all your bread recipes, and they’re so simple that I can do it every three -four days and it only takes a few hours out of my day. Here’s my question:
    Is there a way to calculate using almond flour for the no-knead and wheat bread recipes? I’m Ketogenic, so using regular flour is not encouraged (P.S. Lost 50 pounds on Keto, and my immune system is strong as bull! 🙂

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tried making no knead bread with gluten free flour and it did not work. This recipe needs gluten. See my FAQs for other No Dutch Oven options as well.

  11. Southern Calif


    Thank you so much for your whole wheat bread recipe. It had a nice dome to it and baked up beautifully. I enjoy your videos and hope you make more. Your so much fun to watch!

  12. Connie

    Today I mixed 1-1/2 cups all purpose flour with 1-1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour. I thought I had regular whole wheat flour, but no. I’ll let you know how it turns out, but I’d like your opinion also about the 1:1 ratio as described. I do understand that whole wheat pastry flour is wonderful for various pastries, and I do hope this turns out.
    Love your recipes and videos!

  13. Carla

    We love your bread! Thank you so much for posting your recipe!

  14. Josie

    Can I double or triple your whole wheat bread recipe?

  15. Manfred

    Hey Jenny,

    Glad you’re blogging again. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the recipes and the great videos. Your videos got me baking!!!

    Stay well, stay safe.

  16. Irina

    I made it. It looks just like yours but inside it was raw not cooked enough. I put it in oven again to bake longer. Hopefully it will be better:((

  17. Irina

    I am making bread today according to your recipe. But when I poor one and half cups of hot water it was far from being enough. It was dry and did not form at all. So added lots more and now I am not sure what will happen to my bread. But for sure one and a half was not enough.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs for some helpful info.

      • Irina

        Thank you for answering me. Little too late. I already made perhaps those mistakes as you mentioned in FAQ. Your video is very good but you needed to mention about how precisely and very accurately all must be measured. I made a cup but did not level it with a knife.

  18. GLoria Cabeen

    Hi Jenny! There is apparently an upsurge in making bread at home. And have you heard that homemaking is the “new wellness”? Even being called “self care”. It’s about time that people realized how important domestic life is.

    C. S. Lewis called homemaking the most important career.

  19. melissa

    My seven year old daughter and I are making your faster no knead bread today and we can’t wait to have some for dinner!

  20. bridtget wood

    Ms. Jenny, thank you for helping me with my delema with bread! you make it so easy to make a loaf of bread, thank you for being there, I haven’t bought bread in a long time! and the folks that live around me, love when I’m sharing a loaf of bread, and they want to know how to make bread? I refer them to you! have a GREAT day, God bless.

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