Baking Without Butter

Jun 29, 2013

Lemon Brownie News


I’m happy to report that my “Easiest Lemon Brownies” is one of the three most popular recipes on this website. The other two are my Pork Loin Dinner (I’m not surprised!) and Fresh Strawberry Cake (have you seen the picture!?). I’m always trying something new and baking is my favorite thing to do so today I tried making my lemon brownies with a different oil and they came out great. The original recipe called for canola oil but this time I used extra light olive oil and they were perfect. So if anyone wants to try it, you can make these brownies using olive oil with no olive taste whatsoever. But make sure it’s “extra light” which is very mild tasting and smelling. I use it in my healthy brownies, too. That’s just part of my news.

Someone asked about making my lemon brownies without the baking soda for a chewy brownie. I did that and it turned out okay but I would call it more dense than chewy. I still prefer the original recipe but they both still have a great lemon flavor. Click here for the original recipe.

IMG_1409Here’s a picture of the one I made today without the baking soda. – Jenny Jones

Jun 2, 2013

My Coffee Cake just got a Jenny Jones Makeover

Chocolate Chip Coffee CakeIf you know me, you know I am always trying to eliminate butter and it’s not always easy with baking. But my Streusel Coffee Cake just got a Jenny Jones Makeover! For starters, the chocolate chips used to be optional but now I’m calling it a Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake because that one tablespoon of mini chocolate chips needs to be there.

Now here’s the best part: no more butter. Well, there was only a tablespoon of butter in the old recipe so it wasn’t a lot but I always thought you needed butter to make a good streusel topping but not so, my health-seeking friends. I’ve discovered that my transfat-free spread (Canola Harvest) works beautifully in place of the butter so now there is no butter in this delicious healthy coffee cake with a crispy, nutty, chocolatey topping. But you can always stay with the butter if you like. Either way, it’s the best coffee cake I’ve ever had. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

May 23, 2013

Easy Chocolate Brownies

QuickandEasy Brownies_9875_600 copyYou don’t need butter to make delicious and healthy, chewy, fudgey brownies.  This is another one of my popular one-bowl quick & easy recipes and this is the only chocolate brownie I will ever make. It tastes like it’s bad for you but it’s not. This is by far one of my best dessert recipes… for being healthy and for being so easy to make! You only have to wash one bowl.  The baking pan is lined with foil so you can just put it away when you’re done.

There is no butter here. My healthy recipe uses extra light olive oil which has a very mild flavor and is perfect for baking with rich flavors like chocolate. Olive oil is proven to be heart-healthy. The nuts (toast them first!) add protein while dark chocolate chunks have benefits, too. Wait, there’s more: these easy brownies are 100% whole wheat – you gotta love that!

Here’s a time-saving trick when lining your plan with foil. Lay the foil flat and place the 9 x 9-inch baking pan on top of the foil. Press up around all four sides to create a “mold” which then fits nicely inside the pan. You’re welcome!

If you’re looking for an easy healthy brownie, try this recipe. You can call them whatever you want: Easy Brownies, Healthy Brownies, Olive Oil Brownies, Whole Wheat Brownies, or you can just call them what I do… The Best Brownies Ever!  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 22, 2013

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Homemade Blueberry Coffee Cake

Wait ’til you taste this moist, delicious blueberry streusel coffee cake. It’s an easy recipe made with whole grain flour and no butter. And blueberries are in season right now so you won’t need a loan application to buy them! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 15, 2013

Easiest Ever Lemon Brownies

Easy Lemon Brownies

I love love love this simple, easy recipe! One bowl. No butter. No cleanup. And you get moist, delicious, and very easy lemon brownies… Everything in one bowl, mix and bake.  And you can use either canola or extra light olive oil. Click here for my healthy recipe. – Jenny Jones

Feb 27, 2013

Meyer lemon brownies are almost ready

Easy Lemon Brownies

There is a meyer lemon tree in my back yard and I have more lemons than I can use, or at least I did. I decided to make lemon brownies and I’ve been through more than a dozen lemons already trying to get the brownies just right and I think they’re almost there. I’ll try one more adjustment and then I’ll post the recipe. And by the way, there’s no butter in the recipe and it’s all in one bowl. The recipe is super easy and they taste out of this world. UPDATE March 20, 2013: The recipe is ready. Click here.

Jun 24, 2011

My Apple Pie Bars

Apple Pie Bars Oil CrustWith ninety-one organic apples on my tree, I had to come up with a very special recipe and here it is. It’s a lot less work than making traditional apple pie and the best part is… it’s healthier… made without shortening or butter, only heart-healthy canola oil. I love that!

It tastes just as good as a pie, in fact, Denis keeps calling it pie but I say a piece of pie is pointed and this is square – it is NOT pie! Whatever you call it, this is one of my best recipes.

And try to eat just one piece of p….. uh…. I mean one bar. 🙂

Click here for the recipe.

June 25th

I made apple pie bars again. I had to. My apples were calling me from the tree: “We’re ready! Over here! Eat us! Bake us into one of those pie bars! We need a purpose! We like being snuggled in that delicious crust. Please Jenny, take us before the squirrels come!!”