Sep 21, 2017

How To Store Granola Bars

Best way to store granola barsI make more granola bars than almost any other recipe and I always have them available to take along as a snack in my purse or in the car. The best way to store granola bars is to wrap each one in a separate snack size plastic bag with all the air removed. Then keep them refrigerated and they last for weeks. Whenever I leave the house, I put one in my purse, or I put a few in my purse to give as gifts. Everyone loves a homemade granola bar so if you make them, consider giving them as gifts. By the way, these little plastic bags can be re-used. If you want to make these delicious and easy homemade granola bars, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones


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  1. Sharon

    Wonderful, fun recipe! Thank you, Jenny. Made them with quick oats (all I had), ancient, too-thick honey, mini-chocolate chips, crushed peanuts and golden raisins … and they still were excellent. Plan to take them along on a mtn.-climbing hike next week.
    P.S. My Polish husband adores you! 🙂

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