Aug 4, 2017

How To Store Granola Bars

Best way to store granola barsI make more granola bars than almost any other recipe and I always have them available to take along as a snack in my purse or in the car. The best way to store granola bars is to wrap each one in a separate snack size plastic bag with all the air removed. Then keep them refrigerated and they last for weeks. Whenever I leave the house, I put one in my purse, or I put a few in my purse to give as gifts. Everyone loves a homemade granola bar so if you make them, consider giving them as gifts. By the way, these little plastic bags can be re-used. If you want to make these delicious and easy homemade granola bars, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones


9 Comments on "How To Store Granola Bars"

  1. Julie A

    Thanks Jenny, these are great. Thanks for the tip for gifts. I plan to do just that. Best to you always.

  2. marianne w holt

    I love all the recipies that you have .. enjoy all of your videos .. These Granola Bars are fantastic … I also add Pumpkin Seeds .. The nuttier the better .. Keep sending us great recipies .. I follow you like clockwork.

  3. Ying

    I am making the bars for the second time right now. My family really enjoyed what I made the first time. Jenny’s recipe always works!

  4. Mindy Lopez

    I used your recipe, but instead of rolled oats, I used 7-grain steel-cut oat with flaxseed and Avacado oil in place of canola oil, flavored with sunflower butter, coconut butter, peanuts, almonds, and raisins… These turned out SOOOOOO AMAZING, I cooked a Tripple batch the very next day. Kids couldn’t stop eating this. these are a perfect punch of protein and carbs for my young athletes! Thanks, Jenny

  5. how many calories are in one bar

    I am trying to gain healthy weight. Any addition to these bars would you recommend?

    • Tb

      The oats in granola already provide healthy calories. But you can add more calories with raisins and chocolate protein powder

    • ⚜Granmommy11

      I ran them through my WW app, made it into 12 servings and each serving equaled 6 Purple ? points

  6. johanna

    Dear Jenny :
    Now I have see so many ways to do them,but never had the feeling of following them to complicated,
    But your are so sweet and so easy to follow ,I am staying with you to learn a lot of delicious things to make I just retired from teaching kindergarten for 45 years,so now I will learn from you ,sincerely Johanna 🙂

  7. Sharon

    Wonderful, fun recipe! Thank you, Jenny. Made them with quick oats (all I had), ancient, too-thick honey, mini-chocolate chips, crushed peanuts and golden raisins … and they still were excellent. Plan to take them along on a mtn.-climbing hike next week.
    P.S. My Polish husband adores you! 🙂

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