Oct 26, 2019

Your Photos/My Recipes (Sept/Oct)

I never expected my recipes to become so popular all over the world so I appreciate your saying where you are from. You can send your photo to: YourPhotos@JennyCanCook.com


“Hello, My name is Daniela Lesova and I’m from Bulgaria. I made Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs and they turned out amazing! Best Regards ?”

~ How exciting! My ribs are being enjoyed in Bulgaria! ?? Thank you for the great photos! ~ jennyJenny Can Cook RecipesJenny Can Cook Ribs


“Hi Jenny! I just wanted you to know that last weekend I made my husband an all Polish meal. I had never made anything Polish in my life and since my husband is Polish, I thought it might be fun. (I have also never even tasted anything Polish) I am Italian and so that is my preferred menu. I “Googled” Polish food and your youtube came up. I can’t tell you how easy you made making stuffed cabbage rolls. I watched your vid about four times and then made then without a hitch. They were delicious. I also made Perogi, Dill Pickle soup and Paczki. Thank you for your great instruction and your delightful personality. I now have Polish foods added to my repertoire. Regards, Nancy Plotkin (Plotkin is Polish. I think it came form Plotka which means white fish???) I live in northern California.”

~ You just made my day, especially seeing those browned pierogi with sour cream! I have never made dill pickle soup but it’s on my to-do list. Thank you. ~ jennyCabbage Rolls Jenny Can Cook

Polish Paczki Jenny Can Cook

Jenny Can Cook Polish Recipes


“Hi Jenny!  Thank you for the delicious apple bars and the scrumptious chocolate cupcakes.  They were so easy to make and everyone loved them! ~ Eva from Alberta, Canada.”

~ Thank you so much – you’ve been busy! I’m making apple bars tonight. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny. I love all your recipes especially these delicious chocolate macaroons!! I hope I hope I will see this photo on Jenny Can Cook soon. I wait for new recipes. Thank you. ❤️ ~ Selenge from Santa Clara, California.”

~ These are my husband’s favorite. Thank you for the lovely photo. ~ jenny


“Oh my God!!! This is so easy and delicious – a hit with everyone. I make this over and over again. I’ve added sesame seeds on top on occasion as my favourite. I’ve even converted my 82 year old mum into making bread this way -vs- the traditional method. A WINNER.. thanks to you I’m no longer afraid of yeast recipes. Love you Jen. – Kathy from Sydney, Australia.”

~ Thank you so much for your photo and the sesame seeds look great – I may try that too. ~ jenny


“Hi Jenny! Thank you for your cooking tutorials! They’re the best!! I made these lemon brownies for the first time, and as you promised they were 1) Easy to make 2) Excellent tasting! Problem 1) My best friend is mad at me now, because when she came the next day, they were all gone. I blamed it on my husband. Was I wrong to lie about the lemon brownies? 2) Also, I shared the video and now she’s mad because it keeps popping up on her FB timeline and reminding her that she didn’t get any lemon brownies.  3) Now I’m out of lemons and we live on a farm in Elmwood Ontario Canada and we’re 15 kms from town!! Haaaha But seriously now, you are a pleasure to watch, I love your videos. The bread is next!! Warm (Get it?) Regards, Maryanne Holst – Elmwood Ontario Canada ??❤️?? P. S. Why did I bother to put them in airtight containers?!?.”

~ This is no problem. I blame everything on my husband and have been known to lie about missing brownies. ?~ jenny


“Hi Jenny  This is my first ever baking attempt. It tasted very good. Frosting tasted good but didn’t come out so smooth as I didn’t have a whisking beater. Had to use a spoon. I am enjoying your dishes as they are health conscious and very easy. My next try will be bread. Thank you for the lovely easy recipes. – Rajashree Imandi, From India.”

~ Thank you for your beautiful photo – I love the strawberries. Good luck with your bread! ~ jenny

4 Comments on "Your Photos/My Recipes (Sept/Oct)"

  1. Jeanne

    Hi Jenny
    I’m another fan of yours from Canada. I’ve made so many of your recipes which always turn out great. Every time I make something new, my husband says, “ is this Jennys recipe”? He also says he loves your “buns” when I make them. Lol
    I must say you look amazing for 73. It doesn’t look like you wear much makeup. Your a natural beauty. What’s your secret? I hope it doesn’t cost $300 a jar. Haha ! Oh, and your philanthropy work truly touches our hearts. Jeanne

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thanks for your note. I wear sunscreen every day, even the cloudy ones and I think my healthy diet has a lot to do with my skin. Besides cooking my own meals and desserts, I don’t drink soft drinks or eat any packaged or junk foods. On my skin I use some drug store products, some from the beauty supply, and an occasional expensive moisturizer. I use a scrub twice a week, and every morning and night I use a serum (always trying different ones) and moisturizer. (The older I get, the more I’m willing to spend on a good moisturizer!)

  2. Vilma Costie

    Hi Jenny. Saw your no butter, no eggs, one bowl chocolate cake recipe recently. Been trying to find a way to contact you to ask a question about that recipe. Wasn’t easy so hope you get this. Question is what size pan did you use for your recipe? Want to be able to know how to adjust recipe if I want to make a larger or taller cake. Thanks so much. Love everything you do and your recipes. God bless you.
    Vilma from Windsor, ON.

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