Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake

Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake

Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake

No eggs. No butter. No mixer. One bowl. My frosting has a little butter but you can omit the butter and use it as a glaze.. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Makes: 8 servings

Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake


  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (preferably Dutch-processed)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda (not baking powder)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1 cup cool water
  • 6 Tablespoons vegetable oil (I use avocado oil)
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice or distilled white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease a 9-inch round cake pan.
  2. Sift dry ingredients into a bowl and set aside.
  3. In a measuring cup combine water, oil, juice or vinegar, and vanilla.
  4. Add liquids to bowl & gently stir until there are no lumps (about 30 seconds).
  5. Pour into pan and bake for 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  6. Cool completely in the pan and frost, glaze, or dust with powdered sugar.

Notes: I usually frost just the top right in the pan with my 2-Minute Chocolate Frosting. For the recipe click here.

For more on this recipe in my blog click here.

Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake

331 Comments on "Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake"

  1. Blanca

    No eggs! No butter! No milk! My gosh!! The perfect cake to make while in quarantine, rationing food and still be able to enjoy an amazing piece of chocolate cake during this difficult time. Thank you Jenny. Your amazing recipes are providing us with special treats.

    • Blanca

      It’s me again! I need to add. I am disabled and yet, this cake is so, so easy to make. Once again, thank you❤

  2. Jan F.

    Hi Jenny, just stumbled over your site and I love it. Made the cake today and it came out perfect. Used your tip using parchment paper so thanks for that. Cake slipped out of the pan so easily. Hubs said he wished I had frosted it ( i just sprinkled icing sugar) so I am back so I can print off the frosting recipe.

  3. Ginny Williams

    Thank you, your amazing.
    My question I want to make your bread, but I don’t have a heavy pot to bake it in, what else could I do? Any suggestions at all might be helpful???? First time I have written.

  4. Ginny Williams

    Thank you, your amazing.
    My question I want to make your bread, but I don’t have a heavy pot to bake it in, what else could I do? Any suggestions at all might be helpful????

  5. Jshirey1958

    I made the cake this week and it was excellent! Moist and delicious!

  6. Susan Milne

    I used orange essence in the frosting and next time will add to the cake mix as well. Keen to try mint essence also. This cake was wonderful and wonderfully quick to make. Thanks Jenny!

  7. Tonya

    Can you use self rising flour in this recipe?

  8. Jillian Black

    so yummy – during corona virus we desperately needed a treat but running low on eggs, butter, etc. I was able to make this cake literally with what we had in the pantry (leftover from Christmas rum balls) — I used slightly less sugar and gf flour blend (Pamela’s pancake mix), batter was a little wet, recommend next time cutting water back to 3/4 with gf mix, it doesn’t absorb the same. Then I didn’t have enough 10x sugar to make the frosting, so I made a glaze with what was left (1/4 cup) vanilla, butter and a splash of rum when I turned off the heat. Served the cake with a bit of whipped cream – YUM. Thanks Jenny! stay safe everyone!

  9. Bill G

    Thank you from the bottom of my stomach!

    As mentioned in frosting post, I had erred on amount of milk and inadvertently doubled amount so it had almost an icing consistency but still taste great! Very moist cake too. I was a little hesitant at first when I had poured the batter since it looked a lil runny compared to other boxed cake batters I was used too but when taken out of oven it looked marvelous. I also used sunflower oil instead of olive oil since out of all the oils I’ve used in the past you do not detect any oil flavored aftertaste. Someone here was concerned about fat content and since most oils are 14 grams per tablespoon x 6 used in recipe that’s 84 grams for whole cake and when divided by 8 slices that’s only 10.5 grams fat per slice or about 94.5 calories from the fat portion alone.

  10. Ginger

    Oops sorry, there is milk in frosting

  11. Bea

    Just finished making and frosting this cake. Had to have the first piece before giving it to my neighbors. It is delicious!! I’m happy to share this yummy cake.

  12. Roberta

    I will be sure to do this soon. I did not receive a cake last year and will make this simple and easy cake. April 1 is my birthday and I will be smiling from ear-to ear. I cannot use milk but what about coconut cream instead? Also will use vegan butter.
    Thank you for caring I am vegan so appreciate you.
    Much Aloha,
    Roberta Crighton

    • Ginger

      There is no milk in this recipe.

    • Bill G.

      Vegan options for milk: soy, almond, rice or coconut “milks” now known as beverages

      Vegan options for butter: earth balance or smart balance

    • Susan Milne

      I used oat mil so cake is vegan. (used Becel not butter for frosting)

  13. Lindsay

    Made this cake with my four year old today, along with the 2 minute chocolate frosting. WOW is all I can say! We both are so pleased with how it turned out. Could not have been simpler!

  14. Nadia

    Love how easy this recipe looks. Could we use gluten free flour like Bob’s 1:1 baking flour.

    • Alice

      Nadia, I made it with Bon’s 1 to 1 and it turned out great. I did add 1 TBS of ground flaxseeds to ensure it holds together and it turned out great!

  15. Nana

    The BEST chocolate cake EVER! So easy to make and very moist. Everyone loved it. Now all want the recipe – thanks Jenny!

  16. Susan

    The cake was ok. I don’t know what went wrong, but it was super moist. Most people liked it, but a few people didn’t. I followed the recipe exactly, though. Please advise. Thanks

  17. Gwen

    Jenny, I have watched several of your videos and I have to ask – do you have any ‘fat-free’ dishes? my Dr says no oil, eggs (substitute ok),milk,butter,cheese,advocados etc i can have powdered cocao but not chocolate. This cake looks amazing, but am hesitant to try due to the amount of fat in the oil (about 11 to 18 grams per TBL). so I was wondering if i could use the egg substitute instead?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t cook fat free because our bodies need healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc. I don’t know your situation but I can’t imagine why a doctor would have you eliminate all fat because healthy fats are universally known to be beneficial, particulary for the heart. Please write back with more details. Thank you.

      • Sandi

        If a person eats a variety of fruits and vegetable and beans, you will get all the essential fats your body needs, without even adding milk,eggs, dairy or flesh.
        This is scientifically based on facts. See nutrition

  18. Crystal

    Made this yesterday. So good it doesn’t even need frosting! Don’t get me wrong, mine’s got frosting!!! Thanks Jenny!

  19. Judy

    It is an amazingly delicious tasting cake – and so easy to make. One question. On the video you said you use extra virgin olive oil but in the recipe I printed out it read “I use avocado oil” To be safe I used the vegetable oil but is it olive or avocado?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’ve switched to avocado oil for all my baking but you can use any vegetable oil as long as it’s flavorless. You just need oil. I hope it turned out.

  20. Mona

    I tried this recipe yesterday and it was delicious. It was easy as you say and just the right size for a family of 2. I will be making this again for sure, especially when my grandson comes for his visits. He loves chocolate cake and I have to make it from scratch as he has allergies to dyes that are usually in box mixes. Thank you so much. We love it!

  21. Lynda Brown

    I did not think you could make a scratch cake with this recipe. BOY was I wrong. It was so easy and so good. Grandkids love it so it is my ‘go to’ cake from now on. Will check your website for more of the same.

  22. Lee

    Excellent cake , fast, easy & Yummy. Thank you.

  23. Mil

    What more can be said but wow. So fast and easy and above all the taste is so yummy in the tummy. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Christine

    This is delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Candie

    The recipe calls for baking soda and I’m thinking you might have used baking powder.
    Baking soda (Arm & Hammer brand) and lemon juice (or white vinegar) mixed together creates a foam filled with bubbles, this makes the cake rise.
    Baking powder is a mix of baking soda and flour. The soda content is a lot lower and won’t have enough reaction with the lemon juice or vinegar to produce a lift in the cake.

  26. Karen Marie

    I’ve been baking for 35 years. This was the best cake ever! Perfect texture, flavor and was so easy! Thanks Jenny 🙂

  27. Lori

    I made your Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake and Two Minute Chocolate icing for my son’s birthday. It was delicious and I love that it is a smaller cake.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  28. Anna P.

    Jenny this cake was FABULOUS !! Made (and shared!) it about four times in 2.5 weeks !! Tried your other recipes as well; all turned out great!

  29. Johanne Louise

    Hi Jenny
    Fantastic reminds me of the Easy Bake Oven Cakes I made when I was a younger we call it crazy cake of easy bake oven when we added vinegar thankyou for all yr recipes I follow yr recipes yr a Great baker
    Johanne Louise 🇨🇦 Laval Canada 🇨🇦🍀✔

  30. Anna P., Plainfield, IL

    Absolutely amazing cake! Made it 3 or 4 times (I lost count LOL!) in the past two weeks! Thanks Jenny!

  31. jackiv

    Please tell me what I did wrong. Flat a s pancake and did not rise…
    It is about 1/2 inch tall.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Send an exact list of the ingredients you used and the size of the pan and I will try to help. Also, how long did you preheat your oven?

  32. Margaret Johnson

    I made this cake! SO so so super easy to make and so delicious! It’s great if you want to bake something for a get-together but you don’t have a lot of time. I easily baked this up in under 10 minutes to prepare. While it baked, I made the icing but I doubled the icing for a little thicker icing. It’s moist, soft, and delicious!

  33. Jean Genie

    Jenny, you’re recipe was heaven sent! I had such a craving for chocolate cake, marooned at home without a way to the store, no eggs, just started a diet. Saw your cake recipe and knew I had to try it and it turned out great! It was a pleasure to watch you, as always. So happy you’re showing us how it’s done, with style!

  34. lily

    Hello Jenny,
    During the Christmas holidays, I have done this three times and I had my last piece today which I frozen the leftover at Christmas. I had a nice cup of espresso coffee with my last piece. It was as if I just made it today. So good… For Easter, I have a list that I cannot wait to try like the Lemon Meringue Pie , Strawberry cake, and Dark chocolate Fudge brownies. I am sure I will make many happy during Easter. We are a big family. I will let you know how it all came out. Thanks for your simple recipes. So helpful !!

  35. Cheryl

    Can you break down nutrients in this recipe.. I am diabetic and trying KETO. Thank you!

  36. Chey

    Hi, Jenny! I have had this recipe saved for a while without an opportunity to need a small-quick cake. Finally, in a panic, made this recipe for my hubby’s birthday cake and topped with rich ganache. It was PERFECT! Followed the recipe exactly with the exception of the pan-size – I used an 8″ spring form pan. Also, I didn’t I “gently” stirred the mixture when wet met dry ingredients – was in a rush and mixed with a wisk quickly but not hard & probably left a few lumps 🙂 . It’s just the 2 of us at home these days and it was the perfect size for us. It came out light and cooked perfectly – maybe for 25ms, I don’t remember, but I always check cakes 5 minutes before the stated time and didn’t have to cook longer after the first toothpick check. Thank you for an easy, quick and delicious cake. I love your You Tube channel and recipes!

  37. Roberta

    I live Weight Watcher blue plan. I saw your recipe and switched the butter to I can’t believe iet’s not butter spray, and used unsweetened applesauce.
    It came up only3 points a serving at 8 servings! It’s delicious!Thank you SO much. Chocolate cake is my favorite!!

  38. Sue L

    I made this cake tonight after seeing your video on YouTube. It was Soooo good. The only thing I did different was use coconut oil in place of the olive oil. It’s the only oil I use …and I forgot to add the vanilla. I was worried the taste wouldn’t be as good but it still rated a 10. I’ll definitely make this again anytime I need a chocolate cake made. Both my young grandkids loved it too and the youngest is not a cake eater. So it had to be amazing for him to eat lol.

  39. john t

    Hi Jenny, Tried this recipe for the first time today, it came out fantastic! Also I only used a half cup of sugar and it was still perfect!!!

  40. Beth Dalton

    Jenny– Thank you for having so many simple recipes. I’ve shared some with some friends that recently had a diagnosis of alpha gal and they are now very, very allergic to dairy and mammal meat and by products— Your recipes are a perfect hit. Thank you so much– I’m thrilled to share this one with them especially. <3 Thank you for making them available to all of us.

  41. Joy

    This cake tastes so good. I can’t believe how moist it is esp without using any eggs or butter. I will be making this again and the frosting is wonderful. I have to splurge for the vanilla that Jenny referenced in her Youtube video.

    I’ll definitely try some of her other recipe.

  42. Grannyrsh

    I made this recipe and the frosting recipe last night for the first time. It turned out delicious and moist. Not too sweet. Wonderful super easy recipe. Perfect size for a small family and love that it doesn’t have eggs as my daughter just found out she’s allergic. Thanks Jenny! I noticed you’ve not done a you tube video in quite a while. Miss having those new videos.

  43. Joy

    I made this chocolate cake and OMG…the cake is super moist and absolutely delicious! I’m new to baking, the recipe was easy to follow for a beginner! I love Jenny’s recipes because they are healthier options and taste light… not overly sweet or too rich!

  44. Kendra

    Funny to think how many times I reached for a box mix, when homemade is so simple. I appreciate that I know exactly what I am eating and how it can be easy, quick, delicious AND vegan.

    There are some gross ingredients hidden in the box mixes.

    I love your videos……and my husband loves my cooking when I make your recipes. Shhhhh, our secret! Thanks for the help!!

  45. Laura Kruk

    Any chance of making this cake into cupcakes? I’m planning on making cupcakes for my Christmas party tonight but DO NOT have eggs! Can this be done? Please let me know ASAP!

  46. kerry farao

    Hi Jenny,
    Has anyone substituted the oil with applesauce to make it lower fat?

  47. Ginger

    just curious what your adversity is to BUTTER, eggs and whole milk?

    • Tena

      Fat 🤨

    • Chris

      I have the exact same question. I think eggs add nutritional value.

    • Karen

      My granddaughter is allergic to eggs, so this was a great cake to make for her 2nd birthday, she loved it and so did everyone else.

  48. indra Zavala

    I Jenny, this looks amazing.
    I have 2 questions.
    How can I make the frosting without a mixer? I don’t own one.
    And, can I use a glass mold instead?

    • Barbara

      The video shows that she is just mixing the frosting with a spatula. She also mentions. as she is mixing, that no mixer is required.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I mix the batter with a spatula but the frosting with an electric mixer. I’m not sure you can make this frosting recipe by hand.

        • websandy

          You can mix a frosting by hand, but it takes a bit of elbow grease. The key to not having a few small lumps when you mix it by hand, is to have less liquid when you first start mixing it. Then the frosting is firmer so that when you mix with a spoon, you can also push the back of the spoon down into the frosting and then drag it toward you, to smooth the lumps out. When you’ve smoothed them out, you can then start adding liquid to make it softer and fluffier.

          Jenny, you’re the kitchen queen – love your videos! :- )

    • Mari Anne

      Just use a wire whisk.

    • Kathleen

      I have made this frosting using a smaller stiffer whisk (a balloon whisk is too flexible). Make sure the butter has softened to (warm) room temp. You will burn some calories making it, but it works fine.

  49. Jo Zimny

    I made this yesterday and I used Spelt flour. I used coconut palm sugar in it and a combination of maple and vanilla essence. I love maple flavor. I also made my icing and added some caramel syrup to it that I had previously made. It was so yummy, thanks for this easy recipe.

  50. Beverly

    Thanks, for the wonderful chocolate cake! I used white vinegar and doubled the cake and frosting. Very nice results. Thanks again.

    • Cathy

      How did you double recipe? Do you double baking soda and everything? Ty

      • Shirley

        To double the recipe, I would double all of the ingredients, including the baking soda.🙂

  51. Alicia

    This cake is so easy and quick to make that I was a bit skeptical about the end result. But it was delicious! I used Hershey’s cocoa and apple cider vinegar which works just fine, and about a half cup of leftover black coffee for part of the liquid. I baked it the full 30 minutes, but tested the crumb at 25. It rose nicely with a bit of a mound. I used a parchment round inside the cake pan so that it would invert easily and frosted with a buttercream icing. The cake was moist with a rich chocolate flavor. and I think was even better the next day. A perfect cake for two or three people. Terrific recipe that will be my go to from now on. Thanks so much Jenny.

  52. Evelyn Soto

    Jenny your chocolate cake is to die for. Looks so delicious. Yet, I have notice you didn’t add sugar. Why? I can see the powder sugar for the toppings is already sugar. I am all for your cake no matter what. Since I love chocolate and have a sweet tooth.
    Thank you. Please keep giving your wonderful more of your ideas. God bless.

    • Colette

      Hello, Evelyn,
      The recipe shows 1 cup of sugar.

    • Grannyrsh

      Check your recipe again. It does have a cup of sugar in the cake.

  53. Louise

    My favorite cake recipe! Am making it again today for the birthday boy (hubby).

  54. Kathy

    Thank you Jenny for this absolutely yummy cake recipe and your very helpful video! I have made this easy moist cake several times, but the other night I was out of vanilla extract so substituted using almond extract for both the cake and the frosting. My family loved the results! Extra yummy now!

    • Grannyrsh

      Glad you posted this comment as I was wondering how almond extract would be in it. Thanks!

  55. Noobish Baker

    I’m not that great at baking or cooking or anything like that really but I know how to follow a recipe and get a more or less average result. Next time I ever need (or want) to make a cake, I will use this recipe! It has average ingredients, I don’t have to do any extra preparation, and it’s as good as any other recipe I can find. I sent it to myself via text so I can remember it. Thanks for posting this!

  56. Kay

    Thank you for this cake. I am now vegan. I will omit the real butter and use vegan butter and a plant milk for the frosting. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  57. cookncolor

    I made this and the 2-Minute chocolate frosting recipe can can attest that both recipes are AWESOME. Thank you Jenny!

  58. Therese

    One of the commenters suggested adding a tap of instant coffee!
    I love getting a Double Chocolate Cake donut from Dunkin Donuts and I can smell the Instant coffee or maybe espresso and it puts me in a dream world! LOL!

  59. Therese

    OM! I am from a long line of cooks who specialize in desserts ( my MIL called me the desert maker!)
    Made this recipe but went w/ self rising flour and omitted salt and baking soda ( I done that successfully before) and cake is awesome !!
    Thxs Jenny! Realized I didn’t have any powedered sugar but will be taking care of that tomorrow!
    My ears perked up when I heard instant coffee! Baking with chocolate and instant coffee is a marriage made in Heaven! ( I drink instant coffee ( Bustelo) q AM! That is one of the best times of my day!!!
    Love to All!!!

  60. Trish S

    Made this chocolate cake several times now & it’s consistently good.
    It’s my go-to dessert when I need something for my family, am tired & don’t want to fuss.
    Thanks Jenny for all of your healthy tasty recipes that even I can make:)

  61. Ursula

    I just made this and it’s a wonderful cake. My grandson has an egg allergy, so I’m eager to find egg free recipes. This one is a keeper!

  62. Marie

    This was so easy and so good! It felt heavy when I took it out of the oven but it wasn’t too dense when I bit into it. It had tons of flavor and was fluffy! I used some leftover buttercream that I had put in the freezer for the frosting. I will definitely make this cake again! I love that it’s only 1 layer. Very yummy cake!!!!

  63. Robert


    Re chocolate cake.

    Absolutely fabulous. Great video. Thanks for sharing.


  64. Vc

    This was the easiest and most tasty chocolate cake I’ve ever baked. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us.

  65. Marilyn

    This cake is written word for word like the King Arther no egg cake, I have the original one as it was cut from the flour bag, way back when.
    Shortly after I was married over married 64 years ago. It needs to be given credit where credit is due. It is a lovely vegan cake.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Someone named Regan has already suggested (below – 4/19/18) that I am using her recipe. This cake has a very long history, having been around since 1918 with several names like depression cake and wacky cake. There are only so many ways to make it so chances are some recipes will be identical. I assure you I did not copy anyone’s recipe and only wanted to share this easy cake, made my own way. Btw, the King Arthur version online is not that same as mine and it did not originate with them either.

      • MJ

        a little searching online and I found it … Frontier Settlers as they moved West, in the 1800’s, use to make no butter/egg cake over an open fire..they couldn’t afford the butter or eggs nor did they take chickens as they traveled … so Reagan make want to rethink her accusations…this recipe is all over the web

      • Tena

        You tell her Jenny !
        Of all the nerve accusing you of using somebody else’s recipe.
        If I were to guess I’d say King Arthur stole the recipe from Jenny Jones.

    • Clifton Small

      How dare someone accuse you of copying this recipe from another source!!

      In the good old days when eggs weren’t too plentiful people made cakes without them.
      You managed to cook and bake with what you had or could get back then.

      Thanks, Jenny for the wonderful recipe.

  66. Marsha Arakawa

    My grandma made this but used vinegar we also made 3 little wells and poured the ingredients in. The vinegar and baking soda fuzzed up lol. She called this one of her “war” cakes. Have you made a mayonnaise cake? We used Miracle Whip. I’ll try it with lemon to see if there’s a difference. Thank you!

  67. Linda Malyan Rickard

    Hi Jenny: Just came across your website and I must say I am so excited! Do you actually have a cookbook in hardcopy for sale? Just curious. I have
    Seven grown children and 25 grandchildren, and would love to give them a book for Christmas. Take care and have a blessed day!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My old cookbook is out of print and is also out-dated. I am a much better cook today. Almost all of the recipes from the book are here on this website and I have improved and simplified them for the way I make them myself today.

      • Katherine

        Jenny, I love all your recipes and wish you would incorporate them into a cookbook in print…….would buy it in a heart beat!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  68. Jeanne

    It’s delicious! I followed your recipe to a T!
    My daughter wants to improve her cooking skills and is watching your videos!
    Thank you so much!

  69. CD

    I cam across this recipe on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

  70. Brownnie

    Made it and nailed it on mothers day 2019.
    I was super skeptical, and was pleasantly surprised. It had the perfect smount of sweetness too. I added a tsp of expresso powder used cacao powder,.grapeseed oil and substituted spelt flour because my body responds better to it.
    People dont forget to sift all the dry ingredients.
    I make single serving cake loaves which produced 8 little beautiful cakes. They rose nicely too.
    I left off the icing as im normally not a.big fan.
    Day 1 30 mins later it was good but i found it to be a little drier than i am accustomed. I smeared s little coconut manna and was delighted.
    Day 2 i discovered the cake was a little more moist and tasted even better. I smeared a little homemade hazelnut butter
    Day 3 on this day, the cake was perfect. The cake was even more moist and tasted even better. Again, i smeared hazelnut butter on it.
    Thanks again!

  71. Diane

    DELICIOUS Cake. This is the best, easiest chocolate cake I’ve ever made and it tastes devine. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  72. Joe

    This recipe is awesome. Just made this yesterday and it turned out great! It’s just as good or even better the next day too! It’s almost unfair how simple this is. You can have a delicious home-made cake in under 1 hour, and with minimal ingredients. Very impressed.

  73. Lynn

    It doesn’t get any easier than this, and two days later it’s still as moist as day 1. Will make this for my Grandson’s Birthday as he’s allergic to eggs. And for the “grown-ups”, add a teaspoon of rum to your portion for added “kick”! I appreciate the simplicity and clarity of Jenny’s recipes.

  74. Dee

    I’m sure the chocolate cake is good do you have the nutritional valu

    • Lola

      Yeah No Chemicals added. Lol

    • Bobbie

      Hi, I think if you search online for nutritional calculators you will find what you want. I found one once, myfitness pal maybe that allows you to link the recipe for quick conversion.

  75. Terry

    Still making this cake once a week, still love it for simplicity and taste, I stapled the icing directions to cake recipe so I have it ready to make when cake Is cooled, I made this last last week using Bobs gluten free flour, kept everything the same, for a grandson who has developed a gluten sensetivity, made in a foil square 8×8 pan,:so he could take it home, he liked it very much,, will make it for Easter Dinner dessert for him, Love all your recipes,just made blueberry loaf,,delicious,even using frozen berries defrosted,,blotted dry and floured,

  76. Ghada

    Thank you so much, you are best cooker teacher…👍👍👍👍👍

  77. Terry

    I make this cake once a week, use Trader Joe’s unsweetened cocoa powder, works well, drostes is very costly where I shop,,use 8” round pan, even dark in color, for those worried about using a smaller pan, made chocolate icing sprinkle w unsweetened coconut, leave in pan, serve from that, gas oven 25 minute, greased pan well, no need to line it with parchment, great for 2 of us, have added a bit of express powder at times, I was in a hurry, once, forgot to sift dry ingredients, made a big difference, will never do that again, love this recipe, also love blueberry lemon muffins, also lemon squares, wish you had a recipe for scones, love them, but failed at making recipes I have found on other sites, thank you for explaining your recipes so well, I have passed your site to many friends who did not know of it, found it just by chance myself, bought donut pan, will be trying that next🌹

  78. Lori

    Jenny I cannot thank you enough for this great recipe. My children and I follow Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet. Although there were a couple of ingredients which are not on the food list I did replace a number of things…spelt flour 1-1, maple syrup 3/4 cup, lime instead of lemon and grape seed oil 1-1. The cake turned out perfect and I am not at all an experienced baker. I cooked it for 40mins at 350

  79. rani

    Hi jenny you are so cute and your recipes are easy and tasty,i made chocolate cake came out really tasty thank you so much for sharing wonderful recipes:)

  80. Alexandra

    this cake turned out to be absolutely delicious. i thought it was even yummier today than last night, when i first made it. it’s very moist and just 😋 yummy

  81. Alexandra

    Jenny, you are such a lovely lady.
    i’m 42 years old now and i remember seeing you years ago, when you had your talk show. i recently came across your cooking site and recognized your picture and realized you were the same lady and since then, i’ve read a lot about you and all that you’ve done ..and continue to do.
    you are just absolutely a beautiful lady, inside and out, it seems…such a wonderful human being. may you continue to be blessed in all of your endeavors. and i’m sorry for your loss on losing your sister, so suddenly.
    i love your cooking site, i think it’s wonderful, i’m getting ready to make the chocolate cake.
    thank you for all that you do and sharing your yummy recipes.

  82. Michelle Bustos

    Hello Jenny
    I used this recipe and made chocolate chip waffles
    And it was amazing. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
    Depending on your preference.

    • Pauline

      I love the easy choclate cake macaroni and cheese stew thank you for these recipes I really love them

  83. Sonja

    This recipe will not “print” so I wrote it out by hand.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs for any printing problems.

  84. Momy4kids

    No oil and no sugar, it came out awesome, so moist, everybody loved it. This is my kind of cake from now on. I would like to see if it could be done white cake, any suggestions.

  85. Ginny Scott

    When I was growing up I had a wonderful lady in my life that taught me how to bake . I’m so thankful for her! She has long gone but I know one thing she taught me was to drop the pan on the counter to get the air bubbles to rise so there wouldn’t be any voids. Have you found air bubbles in your cakes?

  86. Martha

    I baked your chocolate cake and enjoyed it.i love to bake however, the cake fell in the center and was very moist. How can I avoid it? I baked it for another 10 min. I would appreciate your advice

  87. Anne

    … I forgot to mention I also replaced the Canola oil with unrefined coconut oil. Cake was deeelicious.

  88. Anne

    I tried out this recipe because it seemed so good and was simple. I added 1 tsp of espresso powder to the cake’s dry ingredients. I made the frosting, also. It came out fantastic tasting and moist. So chocolatey! The frosting was delicious. I wasn’t holding out much hope as sometimes on- line recipes don’t come out like I expect. I’ve since printed Jenny’s cinnamon roll recipe and the platski (?) Polish filled baked donuts recipe to try. Thanks Jenny!

  89. Connie

    Oh my, this a delicious chocolate cake! It’s not to sweet and we love that. My husband ate most of and has asked for another one!! Thank you for sharing your recipes with all of us!!

  90. Belle

    This is the second time this month I bake this cake…ITS THAT GOOD!!

  91. Charlotte

    Hi Jenny

    Made this today for my husbands birthday. Just the 2 of us it was perfect. Cake was moist just way good. Jenny thanks for sharing with all of us. Think my hubby has a crush on you and you both have something in common your the same age

  92. Judy Spaun

    I used to watch your show years ago and really enjoyed it. I recently found your cookin videos on you tube, and am blown away at your recipes they are all winners. Thank you for how you make them so easy and fun.
    Judy Spaun

  93. Ad recipe to vegetarian sections


    All I can say is I searched and searched and experimented with a plethora of “vegan chocolate cake recipes” and……….

    Jenny’s one bowl vegetarian chocolate cake is so……. adaptable!
    I was able to incorporate a few ad-ons:

    *dash of ginger powder and *cinnamon,
    *fresh ground hazelnut,*clove, and *flax seed.

    Then I couldn’t resist I stirred in six fresh ground almonds to the 1-cup of milk.

    Oh my it smells so……… good in my home right now!
    I just took your cake out of the oven.

    I am going to let it cool a bit
    then put a dollop of plain yogurt on on top of
    my slice of PERFECTION!

    Complements to Jenny!

    A thousand salutations, Bess

    • Ad recipe to vegetarian sections

      Opps! Added 6-raw ground almonds to 1-cup of water

  94. Linda

    I made the chocolate cake today and it’s perfect,,I did not put cocoa in the icing I left it vanilla and 1 cup of confectioners sugar was just the right amount, the icing is sweet but not overpowering because it is not too thick on the cake. I left mine in the pan, I also put sprinkles on it.

  95. Wendy

    Hi if I substituted milk will it have a better taste? Just wondering since most cakes call for milk

  96. Belle

    This was perfect for a quick after dinner dessert. My husband will never know I forgot Valentine’s Day 😂

  97. CMWASC

    I made this cake today 2/12/19 and I followed the instructions. I used Pink Salt b/c that was all I had and I baked the cake in a square pan because I didn’t have a round one. The cake turned out perfectly. I’ve never made a cake from scratch but this recipe was so simple and easy I decided to give it a try. I frosted the cake with frosting from a tub which was fine. It’s an easy recipe and one I intend to keep.

  98. Katherine

    Love your YouTube channel…it brought me here. I made this cake for my daughter’s birthday and she loved it. I am making this again right now…for no reason other than it’s fast and delicious. I love that its vegan also…just a plus. Love your recipes. Thank you.

  99. John

    Ok, I wanted to make a scratch cake for my wife’s 52nd birthday, this was the winner. I wanted to make it special and give Jer favorite things, chocolate cake, and ice cream. I made an ICE CREAM CAKE! WOW it was so good.
    Made one cake, removed and place on cake plate, drizzled, no poured on scrath chocolate genash! Placed the other, pre made homemade ice cream. Which was pre formed into the other cake tin, and poured on more chocolate, and dipped some strawberries, in the chocolate of course, and froze.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Wow! Would you like me to forward the marriage proposals? ❤️

  100. Kim McCool

    I was desperate for chocolate cake and this recipe looked easy enough. I didn’t have lemon juice or vinegar…buuuut I did have Kroger brand lime juice from concentrate so I took a gamble and it came out a winner! Perfect, delicious, frosting was yummy, too. Raves all around.

    Honestly, if it came out as a chocolate pile of mush I would have still eaten it. Desperate!

  101. Laurna Calabrese-Coluni

    I made this cake this afternoon having friends over for dinner. I wanted to cut a piece, my husband said no. I will check back to let you know how mine tastes. I did notice my case was a little flatter then your? I love how easy it was to make. I love your sense of humor. It on posting you delicious recipes. I make your snow ball cookies for Christmas they were good.

  102. Janice

    This is easy and delicious.

  103. teresa

    mine didn’t rise in the middle. still tastes awesome, but just wondered what might cause this. i followed directions and used vinegar

  104. jabeve

    If the recipe was doubled, do you think it could be made in a bundt pan, increasing the baking time? Thanks for sharing

  105. Mary

    Hi Jenny
    Just found your videos the other day. Made this chocolate cake. It is perfect. Just enough for my hubby and myself to get a chocolate fix without having to eat cake all week. My husband asked where was the second layer. I told him to have a bigger piece. Loved it.

  106. Kristina

    I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with this easy recipe. I have made it several times and it’s perfect every time. None of your recipes have ever failed me, jenny. Luv you!

  107. sapa

    could this be made sugar free using something like stevia or is the sugar an important ingredient for success

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Sugar gives baked goods structure so you may want to look for recipes that are proven to work with stevia.

  108. Blue voilet

    Well this looked so simple and deliso that I fixed one rite away. I did it step by step. It was pretty bad really really chewy. I had greased my cake pan to and had to scrape a slice out, it wouldn’t just fall out like my normal cakes do. Oh well live an learn. I reckon eggs do alot. Lol. Can hardly wait to fix those cabbage rolls. Thanks 4 sharing. God bless. Love your shows

  109. Lydia

    I found your recipe and decided to give it a try. I’m not sure how you came to a 30 minute bake time. After 30 minutes it was still very liquid in the center. I added an extra 10 minutes. Tested with a toothpick and still moist. Added another 10 minutes and it appeared to be done. After it cooled I cut into it and I am still found a moist/liquidy area. My stove/oven is gas and fairly new. I can’t explain why my results did not come out as hoped.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you can list all the ingredients you used and the size of the pan, as well as your method, I will do my best to help.

      • Lydia

        I followed your recipe exactly as written. I aerated the flour as suggested. The pan was a 9 inch pan and I even used a pan liner.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Based on your result, something different had to take place. I am sure I can solve the problem but I would need some details on your exact ingredients (even brand names would help) and your method of putting it together. What was your pan made of and what is the pan liner?

          You can see that this recipe has worked for hundreds of cooks and I’m sure we can solve this with some details from you. It could just be that your oven was not hot enough. Do you have an oven thermometer? Let me know because I want my recipes to work for everyone. Thanks.

          • Laura Harrison

            For the people who followed the recipe exactly but it didn’t turn out or took longer… I was thinking altitude may play a role in the reason why.
            When I lived in Wyoming over 6000 ft above sea level, I learned to adjust measurements of ingredients, oven temps and baking time after many failed and frustrating baking fiascos.
            Just a thought.

            • Wanda

              Altitude really does make a difference. I wonder if Jenny is at sea level or higher up.

    • Blue voilet

      That’s funny I had to add an Xtra 12 min. To mine too the it came out with the top hard and the middle chewy as brownies. Lol. Could hardly get a slice out of the pan. Lol.

  110. Julie

    Thank you so much for the recipe for quick & easy chocolate cake. It was super easy, moist and delicious desert that I ever had.

    • Julie

      Your recipes are amazing and instructions are so easy to follow. You are very talented and love all of your baking good and getting so interesting of baking now

  111. Emily

    I love all of your recipes and I like your personality to. I also like the way you explain everything. Keep up the good work I’ve made so many different things I never thought I could make so kudos to you have a very great wonderful day thank you again


    this recipe is almost identical to one in the Fanny Farmer Cookbook called “Chocolate Buttermilk cake”. I made Jenny’s and made the one with buttermilk. The buttermilk really added something and the cake came out higher in the pan and just as delicious. The buttermilk makes all the difference in the taste. I love the fact that both use no eggs and no butter

  113. Shashi L.

    Thank you Jenny! I modified a bit – Used 3Tbs of Butter and 3Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Half a teaspoon of instant coffee powder! Fresh Baking Soda! Didn’t have lemon juice so used lime juice. I baked in bread loaf pan! (I don’t think the batter cares!) Mine required 45min of bake time for clean tooth pick! End result, Nice fluffy, double the volume, and moist!…..all disappeared in less than a day!

  114. Jeri

    This was so easy and DELISH
    moist did not even need Frosting.
    I did try the frosting but messed up
    but so far loving everything I am trying from Jenny
    Thank You Jenny

  115. Dianna

    We are diabetic. Could you make this with truvia? Thanks for answering, love the video!

  116. Lou Ann

    I am so glad I found this recipe. I have a cookbook with the exact same recipe, except one ingredient was left out; the water.

    I couldn’t decide if I needed an egg or not so I used 3/4 cup water and 2 eggs. I’m looking forward to making it with just the water the next time.

    Thank you.

  117. Dottie

    Jenny- you are amazing! Thank out for the clear instructions, no fail recipes that are delicious and healthy. Heard you have retired. Thank you or leaving a wealth of recipes and videos. Hope you are enjoying life!

  118. Simone

    Hi Jenny! I made this cake twice now it’s delicious😃 the 2nd one I turned into dark chocolate strawberry shortcake omg it’s sooo good

  119. Sisi

    I made this cake and Im in love with it. It could not be better! Thankssssss❤❤❤❤❤

  120. Peg

    So far I’ve made your No Knead Rolls, Chicken Pot Pie, and now this Chocolate cake. Everything is delicious and so easy to make. I’m having so much fun trying your recipes. Cant wait to try another recipe.

  121. Laurie

    My mom used to make this cake when I was a little girl, over 58 years ago. She called it a Wacky cake. Just as delicious today as it was back then. She use to make a white frosting to go with it. I miss my mom and her cake. Tomorrow she would’ve been 90 years old. ❤❤

    • andrea

      Dear Laurie. Sending gratitude to our moms and all the wonderful memories they left us. I miss mine too. But we are blessed that they left us with so much love. Blessings to you.

  122. ML

    Video for easy chocolate cake does not work

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thanks for letting me know. We are looking into it.

  123. Navjot

    Hi Jenny,

    I’m going to try this chocolate cake recipe tomorrow but I was wondering if you can make an eggless vanilla cake recipe please? I’m searching all over YouTube but I just can’t find one that is healthy and perfect like your chocolate cake recipe! Can you please make a simple eggless vanilla cake and upload it? Thank you so much!

    • Sandra

      Have you tried to use the flax seed egg replacer? Look it up online. Easy replacement for eggs 🙂

  124. Sarah

    Dear Jenny,
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I often get discouraged that most of my children are now vegan – no recipes to hand down. The cake looks delicious, and I already know that I can use vegan ‘butter’ and almond milk for frostings. My daughter and her family are coming from Europe for a month this summer and I am certain I’ll use this recipe several times. (A small victory for baking grandmothers, eh?)

    I couldn’t believe some of the hilarious comments this go round. As always, you handle them with apparent ease. I admire you so much.

  125. Tamale

    I tried the easy chocolate cake recipe, substituting all purpose flour with gluten-free all purpose flour and the sugar with a combo of monk fruit and Stevia—about 2/3 monk fruit and 1/3 Stevia. I also used coconut oil instead of if light olive oil. Lemon juice in place of vinegar. The texture is perfect, but the cake has a sorr of burnt sour taste. Wha’ hoppened? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      When baking, sometimes even a small change can bring a disappointing result. It’s hard to say which of your changes caused it but I do not think it was the lemon as I have made this cake using both vinegar and fresh lemon juice.

      • Rosalie

        Many years ago, I gave this recipe to a friend………..When I spoke with her a few days later, she said she had made the cake, but that they didnt like it! When I asked her if she followed the recipe, she replied that she didnt use the vinegar because she didnt think it belonged in there! ok, no wonder it wasnt good………it wasnt all there!

  126. Werner

    Hello Jenny, wow yet another winner, made your recipe because I needed something fast, turned out this wonderful cake was made into a Raspberry Chocolate Torte, definitely a keeper, moist, succulent (I added a sprinkle of Cinnamon and Espresso powder and good pinch of salt) simply delicious, the little bit of Bourbon that was sitting on my counter for the past 6 month mixed with a bit of simple syrup, added even more moisture to the already awesome cake. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, you can tell that you talk from experience and it shows in your wonderful products – good thing we can’t see all the kitchen faux-pas, I have my share of them for sure. Take care and Cheers, Bon Appetit

  127. Theresa Mauriello

    I love your blog, Jenny Can Cook. Thank you for all your simple recipes. Theresa

  128. Frankie

    jenny, i made this yummy cake for my daughter’s birthday, the kids devoured it – none left for me!!!

  129. Donna

    I make this delicious cake recipe often, yet, today, I goofed. Instead of adding 3 tsp of milk, I added 3 TBLS. As a result, I had to add more confectioners sugar, so it made a lot more frosting. What can I do with the remaining? Can I freeze it to use on the next cake? Or, just throw it out. I just don’t like to waste.

    Thank you, Jenny!

    • Momma J

      I save the extra icing on the fridge, my husband loves to have a little treat of Graham crackers and icing… Or he will use nilla wafers….

    • Verna H.

      Hi Donna,
      I frost graham crackers and make a sandwich out of it,one on top of the other. Very good smack.Don’t ever throw it out.Hope you try next time.

    • PCJ

      Hi Donna. I know you asked this question months ago but I thought I would still put in an answer just in case ;-). I have successfully put leftover icing in the freezer many times. I don’t recommend freezing for longer then 3 months. When you are ready to use it just simply let it sit at room temperature to thaw, and then give it a stir (either by hand or with a mixer). Hope this helps 🙂

  130. Regan Daley

    I see you’re a fan of the In the Sweet Kitchen cookbook. Page 407. All-in-the-Pan Chewy Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Icing. At least you changed the icing recipe a little bit.

    Can’t say that I blame you for using it. It’s a fantastic recipe.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I started making this cake years ago as the 3-hole cake that was popular back then and finally made it into a one bowl recipe. This cake recipe, with only the tiniest variations, seems to be everywhere. If mine is exactly the same as another one I was unaware but with the number of food blogs on the web, I would not be surprised. Please let me know if you would like me to change my recipe.

      • Also a Jenny fan!

        Please, don’t change your recipe. It is wonderful. You are a very gracious lady.

      • Ann

        Just an FYI for the lady who basically accused Jenny of copying a recipe out of another cookbook, which I’m assuming was hers…… There are actually several identical, or very similar recipes, that have been floating around for years. In fact, the recipe using vinegar, oil, and water rather than perishable dairy ingredients originated many years ago. Someone mentioned Depression Cake, which I have seen recipes for online. I have two different cookbooks that contain variations of these same recipes. The “Hershey’s Cocoa Cookbook”was published in 1979 and the recipe is titled ‘Wacky Cocoa Cake’. The other recipe appears in “Cooking In The South”, which was published by Southern Living in 1980. That recipe is named ‘Crazy Cake’. Both of these recipes utilize the same basic ingredients; one is adjusted for a 9-inch pan, and the other a 13 x 9 inch pan. I have made still another recipe variation that calls for cold, brewed coffee instead of water, and sprinkling the top with a cinnamon-sugar mixture before baking. The coffee just enhances the flavor of the chocolate.
        So, I guess the cookbook editors of these two major companies were fans of “your” recipe as well as countless other individuals. 😊
        By the way, it is a very good recipe, and always turns out moist and delicious! I have even used this cake as a base for an eggless version of a Rocky Road/Mississippi Mud cake; sprinkling with chopped pecans and miniature marshmallows and pouring a homemade chocolate icing over the top while the cake is still slightly warm. Yum!
        I will be trying this recipe with Jenny’s frosting next!

    • Jenny Fan

      Regan – Not sure if you realize it, but Jenny Jones has been in the spotlight for decades and is very reputable in her business and philanthropic efforts. Your post is presumptuous, rude, and narcissistic. Recipes have floated around for decades. Please don’t assume yours is the only original recipe and do not accuse others of lifting recioes from a book that, frankly, I’ve never even heard of. Jenny is a fantastic cook and a fine, upstanding lady.

    • Also a Jenny fan!

      You are extremely rude!

      • Jeri

        Regan you need to be banned from posting
        Rude person

    • Pam

      You say she plagiarized this simple cake mix from some cook book? Wonder where she got the other 200 plus recipes. Never seen her accused of this. You are so sure, you didn’t even ask. What a rude little ray of sunshine you are. It’s not like it is a complicated recipe…

    • Ann

      Agree with others. . . This was a tongue-in-cheek accusation! There are many recipes out there, and any mediocre cook might make changes or not to suit them. If this looks anything like the recipe that you reference, it may be coincidental. Be careful of accusations of plagiarisms! I have never heard of that book you referenced but I do think that this is a great Vegan recipe!

    • Ann

      Agree with others. . . This was a tongue-in-cheek accusation! There are many recipes out there, and any mediocre cook might make changes or not to suit them. If this looks anything like the recipe that you reference, it may be coincidental. Be careful of accusations of plagiarisms! I have never heard of that book you referenced but I do think that this is a great Vegan recipe! Who knows- maybe she created this recipe before the author (you???) did!

    • Peta-Hazel

      Regan Sweet Self Promotion lol! Have watched Jenny for years and wonder which rock you crawled out from under to accuse her. Nice try to promote your cookbook that’s unheard of by many and now a lot of us have but will never buy it.Quit trying to use Jenny’s blog to garner support for your useless product – sorry nobody is interested so try buying google ads next time.

    • Rita

      This cake has been around for decades! It was called Depression Cake and was commonly made during the great depression when ingredients like milk, butter and eggs were then either expensive or hard to obtain.That was in 1929! Look it up. So where did YOU get this recipe, Regan??

  131. Jennifer

    I wanted to surprise my hard working husband with a cake. When I came across this one, I had the ingredients in my pantry. Can’t wait to try it with him! It’s also what I’m craving for: MMM….CHOCOLATE! ❤😋 YUM!

  132. Mary Mance

    Thank you. I am having the cake for my birthday. It was very good

  133. Tammy lafon

    I made this cake and I fell in love with it ! Thanks for the reciepe Jenny!

  134. Izana

    May I know, how long this cake will last in the open air? Thank you

    • Werner

      Trust me, this cake won’t have a chance to sit around for long, its a fabulous easy cake recipe, tasty, moist, rich, delicious, scrumptious, yumm

  135. Nirmala

    Baked this cake today. It came out really really good.Thank you so much Jenny!

  136. Sharon

    Oh my goodness, Jenny you really can cook! This cake is amazing and my kids loved it! I didn’t have any vanilla on hand, so I used almond extract and it still turned out great. Will bake again, but with vanilla. I can’t wait to try your other recipes!

  137. Autumn

    I was looking for a egg free cake, came across yours & so happy I did! Made 4 layers for my daughters Peppa Pig cake. Tossed on two piggy characters & wah lah a very tall, chocolate muddy puddle. Thanks!

  138. Jeanne

    I should have looked…you have us covered. Thank you…my next bake!

    Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Jenny Can Cook!

  139. Jeanne

    Hi Jenny, Made this cake again and delicious.

    My question. Any chance this cake recipe can be made into a Carrot Cake or a Spice Cake? I think the Spice Cake would be pretty easy but the Carrot Cake puzzles me. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

  140. Mary Mance

    Winco has dutch process cocoa

  141. Mary Mance

    Can you use parchment paper

  142. Mary Mance

    I love your chocolate cake. Frosting is vanilla frosting

  143. JB

    Can you substitute honey for Sugar and use less of something? I’m trying to get away from real sugar.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know of any substitute that works without altering the structure of the dessert.

    • Nazz

      Cooking with honey is not healthy.. it gives off toxins

  144. Rena

    Thank you Jenny for this wonderful recipe. I made it in a deep dish pie pan and it rose almost to the top. The cake is moist and chocolatey and delicious. The frosting turned out wonderful as well. My husband wanted seconds, it was so good. This is a cake I will make again and again.

  145. Janet

    I love your chocolate cake recipe with no butter frosting. I was hoping that the frosting would be dairy free just like the cake. I could use dairy-free margarine to replace the butter, but what would you suggest to replace the milk. Almond milk or cashew milk is not an option as my granddaughter is allergic to all dairy and nuts. Can you help me?

    • Rena

      I have used soy milk in icing recipes; or since there’s a negligible amount of liquid you could probably just use water.

  146. Bella

    This is a delicious cake. So good I always want seconds!! A suggestion for the glaze is adding 1/4 teaspoon of instant coffee, it really brings out the flavor of the chocolate. So yummy and good. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

    • Dee

      In your comment you said you used “1/4 teaspoon of instant coffee“ is that instant coffee powder, or actual coffee after it is “brewed”?

  147. The first girl

    I love ur recipes, ur tips and the presentation. Everything is wonderful. Can u post some tasty recipes suitable for diabetic people. Thank you.

  148. SteveinEngland

    I made the cake which turned out well. The frosting was much less successful as it was too fluid and poured out of the mixing bowl. I used the exact measurements that are on the website. I tried increasing the sugar – diabetes alert! I increased the chocolate powder, to no avail. It must work because I saw you do it on the video. What chocolate alchemy do I need to learn please Jenny,

    • Jenny

      You have to add the milk VERY SLOWLY, like 1/2 teaspoon at a time. Once you add too much, it’s impossible to thicken it back. (I tried to make that clear in my video)

  149. Linda

    I have made this delicious cake so many times that I should remember the recipe😉 Thanks for sharing you recipes on the World Wide Web❣And I love your no nonsense responses to the comments. Happy Cooking😘

  150. Henna

    Hi Jenny,
    I just found you and this recipe. With one son allergic to eggs I always look for no-egg recipies and this was great! The cake disappeared into the mouths of teen boys in seconds. Served it with fresh rasberries. So yummy, thanks!

  151. Sehrish

    Hi Jenny, I tried this cake for my hubby’s birthday frosted with classic ganache and strawberries. This cake turned out a hit !! It melts in your mouth and so easy to make 🙂 thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipes 🙂

  152. KathyB

    I made this cake today and my husband and adult son who was visiting and they loved it. My son said it taste like something you’d order in an expensive restaurant. I just used a throw away aluminum round cake pan. The cake was easy to make and the frosting was a snap.

    I am so happy I found your YouTube videos and website. I just love your recipes! I’ve made many of them and they are all winners. When I first saw one I knew you looked familiar. I used to watch your talk show all the time.

    Note: I use organic Equal Exchange baking cocoa from in all my recipes calling for cocoa and it’s wonderful.

  153. Sandra

    Hi there jenny,
    I’ve followed the exact recipe you showed but i have no idea why my cake are so small than yours?its but thick too.i wonder why? Pls help..thanks alot!

    • Jenny

      Can you please list (exactly, by brand) all the ingredients you used, what you used to mix, and the size of your pan and I will try to help.

  154. Mady

    I made this cake , I didn’t care for it at all.

    • Lori

      Can you say ‘why’ you didn’t like it. That would be helpful.

  155. Betsy

    Lemon juice or distilled white vinegar: I’d have never imagined! I cook every day, but have rarely baked, especially for the last 20 years, so I haven’t read that many cake recipes to know. Is this unusual, adding a tart acid, even just one tablespoon? How did you come upon this as an ingredient to add? Does it have similar effect (rising or leavening, possibly) as adding baking powder?

    • Jenny

      I did not invent this method but you can get a more qualified explanation of how this works with an internet search.

    • Ann

      An acid is used to activate the baking soda. As well, 1 tsp of baking soda plus 1 tbsp of vinegar is often used to replace one egg in a recipe- so double whammy! Excellent recipe!! Added to my collection.

  156. Anna

    I made this tonight for an early Mother’s Day treat for Mom. She loved it! Everyone at the dinner table loved it! The richness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the cake is just right. This is now my go to cake for pot luck parties. Thanks So Much for sharing this recipe!

  157. Mady

    Hi Jenny, just wanted to know could you bake this in a bundt pan ? How long would I bake for? Ty

    • Jenny

      Sorry, I don’t know. You may have to research an answer.

    • koemari

      I baked this cake today in a bundt pan for 35 minutes.on 325 degrees came out grate

  158. Joyce

    I made your one bowl chocolate cake & instead of regular sugar I used unrefined coconut sugar which I understand is much better for you than regular white sugar &I it came out WONDERFUL u should try it & see what u think

  159. Ami

    I made the cake again this time without the choco chips.
    It turned out lighter and more moist and I’m sure by tonight it will be all gone.

  160. Ami

    oh and I also added chocolate chips will this make any difference(apart from the taste)?I also want to say how good this is already smelling cant wait to taste

    • Jenny

      I hope your cake turned out. Vanilla is important to include when baking with chocolate but I only use vanilla extract so I can’t advise on using pods. I suggest looking for any chocolate cake recipe that uses vanilla pods for the quantity and then you can try using them with my recipe, but vanilla extract is the more popular (and easier) form to use.

      • Ami

        thanks for your help jenny ,it did turn out good anyway.

  161. Ami

    oh and I also added chocolate chips will this make any difference(apart from the taste)?

  162. Ami

    Hi Jenny I just found this website and wanted to make this cake it is in the oven now. I love baking and I’m only 12 I cooked it without the vanilla though.
    Can you use vanilla pods instead?

  163. Rachie

    Hiya Jenny.

    I don’t have any vinegar or lemon juice! Could I leave it out or no?

  164. Judy

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m horrible when it comes to baking; cookies never spread in my oven and my cakes always taste doughy (like not cooked enough). I have a gas oven so maybe they heat differently than an electric oven. However I tried this one bowl chocolate cake and I had huge success!! I cooked it for 40mins instead of 30. And I followed the recipe exactly as it is, and it worked amazing! I’m a vegetarian so the fact that this recipe was eggless was pretty sweet. I’m officially a huge fan and I’d recommend this recipe to anyone who wants a healthy chocolate cake recipe. Thank you Jenny this recipe was a huge confidence booster for my baking skills!

  165. Sherri

    Tried this cake tonight and absolutely love it. It’s super easy to make and turns out nice and moist. I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9×13 airbake pan. It took longer to bake since it was doubled, but the toothpick test worked perfect for determining when it was done. Thanks for the recipe Jenny. I’ll be making this again, probably without the frosting next time – just because I tend to find all frostings too sweet for my taste. Jenny’s frosting is pretty good though, even to me.

  166. Cassie

    Hi Jenny. your video was chanced upon when I was doing my bed time recipe ‘read’. Love how detail the video is and how engaging you made the viewers feel like a close aunt sharing recipes.
    I’m can’t wait to try your easy no knead crusty bread really soon before this Christmas.
    But what I had earlier were perfect for this all-in-a-bowl chocolate cake. I loved how easy it is to prepare and bake since as a working mom in Singapore, time is always a constant battle to include baking after tending to the needs of my children.
    The texture was great, moist in the inside and a little firm springy exterior with excellent color.
    The sweetness level was just perfect (I omitted the frosting and only dusted some icing super over it) but the taste seems a little ‘rubber-soda’ and would probably need a richer chocolatey taste like a melted chocolate?
    I used Hershey coco powder and bicarbonate soda. I would love to hear your recommendation. Thanks in advance!

    • Jenny

      Try using Dutch process cocoa. It’s the only kind I use because it’s darker, richer, and never bitter.

  167. Frances

    Can I use apple cider vinegar instead? This great recipe for vegan people. Thank you so much for all great recipes.

    • Jenny

      Yes, I have seen recipes for this kind of cake using cider vinegar.

  168. Gitika

    Hi Jenny, I made this cake and its turned out moist and soft but slightly bitter. I am not sure what it could be. I used lemon juice.

    • Jenny

      I don’t think it’s the lemon juice but more likely the cocoa you are using that is bitter. I recommend Dutch process cocoa because it is never bitter. Assuming you followed the recipe EXACTLY, the cocoa is likely the problem. If you can’t find Dutch process, perhaps you can try a different brand.

  169. Brad

    I made this today for my spouse’s birthday. We don’t like to have a lot of sweets around the house for health reasons, but I thought this simple cake would be nice for a birthday treat. Wow! For a simple little cake it’s quite the delicious treat without the high fat and cholesterol. At first I was wondering if maybe I should make double the frosting and cover the whole thing. I discovered that the layer on top is plenty as the frosting tastes amazing! Both the cake and the frosting taste very rich. It was quite the treat and we both loved it. I made it in a spring-form cake pan which makes it easy to pop out. I’m having fun trying your recipes and so far they’ve been great! Thanks for doing this website and the YouTube videos.

  170. Debbie

    Jenny I tried your yellow cake and loved it we ate every bit of it in the two days. So I thought you were chocolate cake would be divine I made it and it was about a fourth of an inch tall. I don’t understand what went wrong so I made it again and again it turned out 1/4 inch tall and rubbery. I racked my brain trying to think what the difference would be in your two cakes and it finally hit me your yellow cake had no soda in it and your chocolate when did so I tested my soda and sure enough it was flat. My husband just came home with a new box and I tried it again for the third time. Wala! It turned out perfect! So you if you have any readers out there that there cake didn’t rise that could be the reason their soda was flat. Thanks again for such a delicious recipes I’ve copied almost every one of them

  171. Ally

    Dear Jenny!!! Thank you so much for this recipe! easy, really easy and delicious!! I have changed a bit the recipe sometimes depending on what I have in the kitchen: sometimes i used 2 tbs of coconut oil, 2 of sesame oil and 2 olive oil. Sometimes just all 6 spoons of regular veg oil. Sometimes, i added a banana into the mix and other nuts… it works great everytime!! I made my first cake using your recipe and im so thankful! now i just want to keep baking!

  172. Curla

    Im very tempted to try this recipe but i only have pressure pan.i dont have oven.can i make this with pressure pan only? Pls help…

    • Jenny

      I have never used a pressure pan but I suggest looking at the instructions that came with it (or find them online). See if they have any recipes for cake and you might be able to follow those instructions with my recipe. Secondly, try googling “How to bake a cake in a pressure cooker” and that may help. Third, since I believe you have a stove top, you could also try looking for “stove top cake.” I’m sorry I am not able to help more.

  173. Christeen

    Thank you so much Jenny!

    I was searching recipe for a cake which I can make with ingredients that I already have at home, without going to the store. And I found it!
    Cake is just perfect, it’s fluffy, light and of course so delicious.
    Keep it up! Looking forward for other great heaven food 🙂

  174. Fabio

    Could you use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose? Or at least substitute a portion of the all purpose?

    • Jenny

      I always use whole wheat flour when it works but for me, it does not work with this cake. I have other cakes where it (whole wheat PASTRY flour) works very well like my carrot cake, oatmeal snacking cake, lemon brownies, and most of my cookies.

  175. Valerie

    Instead of olive oil can i use any veg cooking oil?

  176. Aida

    Hi Jenny,

    Can I use honey instead of sugar for this recipe?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think so. You’d be better off with a different recipe that uses honey.

  177. Aasha

    Hi Jenny cool water is room temperature water or cold water???
    Planning to make this cake with your one bowl yellow cake for a Checkerboard Cake

  178. Vanessa

    Hey Jenny
    Just wanted to say how delish and popular the cake is. I was googling recipes for baking without butter, as I have not done the shopping yet, and came across u and this recipe. I followed it exact but used cheap cocoa (I live in NewZealand), it’s amazing. Thank u, you are a life saver.

  179. susan

    hi jenny,
    just made your recipe for one bowl choco cake for the second time…no frosting, just toasted almonds and a dusting of powdered sugar…oh and i did add a pinch of cinnamon and this time some instant expresso…we shall see…have a great day!

  180. LaChandra

    I’m allergic to eggs, so glad for this recipe. I’ve made this several times. 100% kid approved!

  181. Dorna .griffin

    Jenny is that the only type cocoa that will work.? Thanks

    • Jenny

      Any unsweetened cocoa powder will work but Dutch process cocoa makes a much better cake and it’s worth looking for if you can find it.

  182. Joyce

    Jenny, thank you with a grateful heart for sharing good recipes.
    I love, love this cake recipes!
    Just one question here. If I don’t do the icing because I can’t take butter. I like to dust it with more coco pwd. When should I dust it, before or after the cake is baked?

    • Jenny

      You would dust it after the cake is baked and cooled. You won’t really see cocoa powder on a brown cake and since the cocoa we use is unsweetened, you can use powdered sugar or a mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa.

  183. Abeer

    Do you think I can sub the baking soda for baking powder? Will it be the same amount? Would I need to add lemon/vinegar as well or omit?


    • Jenny

      No. Baking soda and baking powder are completely different. Since there are no eggs, this cake needs baking SODA, which is acidic, and the lemon/vinegar that it reacts with to make the cake rise.

  184. Mel

    What’s the purpose of the white distilled vinegar?

    • Jenny

      When not using eggs, the vinegar or lemon juice react with the baking soda to give the cake body and rise.

  185. Mel

    Can I use Hershey’s cocoa natural unsweetened

    • Jenny

      Yes, but it’s worth looking for Dutch process cocoa, which is less bitter and has a much better flavor.

  186. Nan

    Jenny, where do you get your colored gloves you use in your videos? Thanks

  187. Barb


    This recipe is fantastic! Thanks so much for posting these delicious and healthier versions of wonderful recipes!!

  188. Mel

    Can I use coconut oil for the batter, or will it taste like coconut.

    • Jenny

      Coconut oil does not taste like coconut and can be used in lots of baking.

  189. Nan

    Jenny, I have several chocolate cake recipes but I have to say this will be my “go to” recipe for chocolate cake if I’m baking just for the two of us. It’s amazing delicious. The icing is also very good and easy. I read where some were asking where to purchase the Dutch Processed Cocoa. I buy mine from Penzeys Spices and can be ordered or sold in the stores. Thank you for all you do. Have a smiling great day. 🙂

  190. Lara

    Hi jenny, I dont know if you remmeber but I tried your cinnamon sultana bread and it was a complete success. I had to try this easy one bowl cake- its in the oven right now, and I can’t wait. Thank you for all your delicious recipes, I’ll definitely be back for more! 🙂

  191. Bachu Elvie

    I tried it without the frost and my cousins love it, me too of course 😉 . It was delicious. Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes.

  192. Serge

    Jenny, I was wondering if you left the cocoa powder out can you make a simple white cake?

    • Jenny

      I think you could. I am planning to try that this week. I would increase the flour by 3 tablespoons and I would white vinegar rather than lemon juice.

    • Jenny

      I tried it without the cocoa to make a white cake and it does not work. The taste and texture were both off so it’s best to keep this as is – a delicious chocolate cake.

  193. Diana

    Hi Jenny! My sister and I have been watching your videos for a while, and while she is a great cook, I am unfortunately not gifted with that talent in the family. However, for Fourth of July, I was very motivated to make this chocolate cake. Everyone loved it so much, that they asked me to bake it the next day! So, this is the second day that I have been making this cake, and with the same result as yesterday. Thank you so much for your work that you put into your videos. It’s very appreciated!

  194. Francine

    Hi Jenny!i just try that chocolate cake of you and,i find it delicious,thank you so much.

  195. Marilyn

    Jenny, I use your site and many of your recipes….the chocolate cake….was such a hit with the children last night….Made it and put the icing recipe on ….then, put sprinkles and tiny M&Ms….just love your videos….so imformative….thanks!

  196. Julia

    Just finished baking your 1 bowl chocolate cake. DELICIOUS!!! So nice to make a dessert without a big fuss (or mess). Didn’t make the icing though, serving it with vanilla ice cream, yum!
    LOVE the videos ( along with the humor) and the simple, healthy, yummy recipes. DON’ T STOP JEN, LOVE EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING!

  197. Joyce

    Can u use pastery flour when baking cakes or muffins instead of all purpose flour?

    • Jenny

      I would not recommend pastry flour (I assume you mean the fine cake flour) unless a recipe specifically calls for it.

  198. Pauline

    I made your cake after watching the video and it was excellent! My husband said that was the best chocolate cake he’s had in a long while. Also like the smaller size, which still allowed me to freeze a few pieces for next week. Thanks Jenny, that’s another 5-star recipe!

  199. Bernadette

    I made this cake with vinegar. SO DELICIOUS!
    For the icing; if you like the taste of butter just use liquid butter to thin your icing. Wilton makes clear butter flavoring.

  200. Joyce

    Can u use pastery flour instead of all purpose the reason being I purchased pastery flor & I want to use it before it is to old. Thank u

    • Jenny

      I would not recommend pastry flour for this recipe – it may not have enough body for this cake. With baking it’s best to try to stick to the recipe exactly.

  201. Alice Fong

    I have made this cake, but it seem abit hard, isn’t the way it is? Or am I doing something wrong? I follow all the instructions , it’s very moist that’s true..

    • Jenny

      This cake should not be hard at all. If it’s soft in the middle and hard on the outside, it could be your oven was too hot or you baked it too long. That might also happen if you use a dark colored cake pan which absorbs more heat than a light colored pan. Also a glass pan might be the problem. When you bake in glass you should reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees F.

      • Alice Fong

        I was using the light color cake pan and follow your time 30mins, or isn’t my oven is smaller than yours, so isn’t have to reduce the timing?

        • Jenny

          Rather than reduce the cooking time, I would start checking at 20 minutes and again at 25 minutes. You can do this with a toothpick or a piece of spaghetti. Stick it in the middle of the cake and if it comes out clean, the cake is done.

          • Alice Fong

            Okay I’ll try it next time,Thanks for your help 🙂

  202. Cherry

    What would be a good distilled white vinegar substitute?

    • Jenny

      Fresh lemon juice works just as well. In fact, I just added it to the recipe since most people may not have distilled vinegar.

  203. joey

    hi are doing

  204. Cassie

    Would it be possible to make this cake in another type of pan?

  205. tricia

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes! I really appreciate it 🙂

  206. Debbie

    Jenny, first of all, I LOVE your recipes! This cake is the same recipe I learned many years ago as a child from my grandmother. We called it 3 Hole Cake. We doubled the ingredients, first putting all the dry ingredients in a ungreased 9 x 13 pan. Then, you put 3 “holes” in the mixture, and put the oil in one, the vinegar in another, and the vanilla in the last. Finally you pour the water over it all and mix. Bake, and voila! A very moist tasty cake. A super easy recipe to do with small children. Thanks so much for posting it. It brought back fond memories. I might even make this today!

  207. Fortunate

    Love you Jenny!!

  208. Fortunate

    I love your videos and your always pretty & very funny,Thank-You:) Keep it up!!!!

  209. sophia

    I will make this sometime soon, can’t wait. Thanks again for something yummy:-)

    • sophia

      I tried it, never using box mix again, super easy! Thanks jenny:-)

  210. Arlene

    This cake look’s yummy! I will be making this cake next week.
    Thank you Jenny.

  211. Jennie


    Where can I find Dutch Processed cocoa? I checked Walmart and Publix but didn’t see it. I am not sure if there is a certain aisle where they would keep it, I only saw Hersheys cocoa.

    • Jenny

      You might find it at World Market or Trader Joe’s or possibly a high end grocery store (it’s usually in the baking aisle). If not, you can probably find it online.

      • Jennie

        Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try the chocolate cake. I am sure it will taste as good as it looks.

        • Jenny

          I was at World Market today and they had it but it’s not in the baking section, only in the hot chocolate section. So if you go, please ask for it – each store may have it someplace different.

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