Apr 4, 2020

Your Photo Of The Week

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

I am thrilled every time someone sends a photo of one of my recipes. My favorite this week is from Valerie, who staged a beautiful table to show off her quick & easy chocolate cake. Actually she made two, one with sugar and one with splenda and she noted that they, “seemed the same in texture and flavor.” Good to know. Thank you, Valerie.

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8 Comments on "Your Photo Of The Week"

  1. maureen mccullough

    Ps. My yeast was fresh, the water was very hot as you said…
    But i really wish you would have said room temperature..i find i have way better luck when i let the yeast sit and make sure its working…

    • Jenny Can Cook

      For the Faster No Knead Bread, it’s hot water (up to 130F) for the faster method and cool water for the overnight method. I tried my best to make it all clear. I hope you’ll try again.

  2. maureen mccullough

    Your bread does not rise, i wasted all my flour !
    I did exactly what you said,
    Flour is very difficult to get …not to mention my whole day!

  3. MarshaCoots

    I just discovered you on You Tube. I enjoy watching you and love your recipes. Thank you so very much.

  4. Julie Mastropasqua Pasquale

    Making your Polish Doughnuts do they need to be filled right away ? If I bake in am can I fill in late afternoon? Thinking of going custard with chocolate ganache frosting?
    Thank you

  5. Dalila G.

    Definitely a lovely setting, WTG Valerie!!
    I would really enjoy eating a slice of Valerie’s cake, maybe two slices. ?

  6. winwin

    this looks amazing!! missing your youtube videos by the way!!

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