May 30, 2018

Why You Should Aerate Your Flour

Why Do You Aerate FlourBread dough too dry? Cookie dough too heavy? You probably didn’t aerate your flour.

The two cups in this photo are exactly the same size. The left (red) one contains flour that I aerated, scooped into the cup, and leveled off with the back of a knife. The right (blue) one I did NOT aerate, just scooped it into the cup, and leveled it off with the back of a knife. Then I weighed the flour from both cups.

You can see that the flour that was aerated (red) weighs less than the NOT aerated flour (blue) and that’s because flour settles in the bag or container and if you measure it without aerating, you will probably be using too much flour. This can cause baking problems, especially if you consider that 3 cups of flour, that should weigh 13 1/2 ounces might weigh 15 3/4 ounces if not aerated before measuring. That’s exactly 1/2 cup more flour than you need!

Oh… one more thing. Aerating is not sifting. To aerate flour, you simply stir it around in the container with a spoon or spatula to incorporate some air. You can see how I aerate flour in my Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake video at the one minute mark: Click here to see it. I hope this is helpful and you have great results with all your baking. ? – Jenny Jones

4 Comments on "Why You Should Aerate Your Flour"

  1. mmctec

    You never mentioned the difference between aerating flour and sifting flour. What is it?

  2. Steve B.

    Hi Jenny!

    I’ve been a fan since I first saw you on TV however many years ago! Found and subscribed to your Youtube vids (I read that you have retired 🙁 ). Check in your blog site from time to time and will be making (trying to) some of your recipes. I saw the vid of the Cinnamon Tunnel Bread (forgot the real name) and want to try that–looking it up on the blog and also d/loaded your cookbook which is a joy to read–I love your joy! All the best to you and yours. God bless you.

  3. Shawn from nebraska

    I love watching your you tube videos!!!! When will can we see more of you?

  4. Anonymous

    Jenny I love you!! just found your youtube videos!! you are amazing and so funny, much love <333

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