Aug 7, 2018

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthier Chocolate Chip CookiesI always look for a healthier way to make all the favorite things we like to eat and chocolate chip cookies are at the top of my “favorite things to eat” list. I posted my recipe some time ago but when I baked them today, I made a couple of small improvements. I reduced the oil and salt a little and I prefer them the new way. (the changes are noted in the recipe).

Anyone looking to bake with whole grains can make my version that uses part whole wheat & part all purpose flour. But these healthier cookies can also be made using only all purpose flour but honestly, there’s not much difference so I say go with the whole wheat version.

While most chocolate chip cookie recipes start out with a stick of butter, my recipe uses only three tablespoons of butter. I’m still not convinced we should be eating lots of butter as some people believe but when I use butter, I’m going with the grass-fed kind.

I always put nuts in these cookies and whether you use walnuts or pecans, I highly recommend toasting the nuts first. Toasting intensifies the flavor and it will add a lot to these delicious cookies, especially pecans. For chocolate chips, the darker the better for some health benefits.

To try my whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies, just click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

2 Comments on "Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies"

  1. Carol McNeill

    I just wanted you to know. I am almost 80 I plan to retire this March 27th on my 80th Birthday,I am a welder.I came across you on You Tube. You make my day,every day. you are so cute, and happy. when I am retired I am going to start baking again. Love you .
    I have 5 Children,12 Grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

    God Bless you . and thank you for all you do. KEEP smiling.
    Carol McNeill

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Well, God bless you right back! You’re an inspiration for so many reasons, not to mention being a welder at 79!! I wish you a wonderful retirement and happy baking. ❤️

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