May 7, 2016

Weekend Baking

Weekends are my favorite time to bake. As soon as I get up and make my green tea, I start puttering around in the kitchen. With breakfast on my mind I remembered that I was out of my giant breakfast cookies so they were first on my list. This time I used a mixture of prunes and figs and added a few extras chocolate chips. I baked them for 14 minutes so they turned out more crispy than usual. I often have one of these yummy cookies after breakfast but I also have them for dessert. There are 4 grams of fiber in each cookie! Click here for my recipe.

High Fiber Breakfast CookiesNext, I started my sesame see breadsticks. I just ran out of those too and I hate to have my salad without those crunchy breadsticks. I make them so often that I got a breadstick pan with holes to help them bake from the bottom. There’s no place I know where you can buy fresh breadsticks like these so I make them at least twice a month. This picture was taken before I put them in my warming drawer to rise.  Click here for the recipe.

IMG_8772 copyWhile the breadsticks were rising and the oven was already hot, I saw that I was down to one granola bar so I made more of those too. It’s the easiest recipe – just mix everything in a bowl and bake. But you do have to press down really, really hard before baking to keep the bars together. I use a spatula that I press down onto the bars before baking and I press all over for about a minute so they set well while baking. Oh, I almost forgot – there’s another granola bar in my purse (I always carry one just in case). Click here for my easy recipe.

IMG_8774 copyWell, I just thought I would share what I cooked today. And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who cook, or just eat when someone else cooks – that’s how it should be on Mother’s Day. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Deb


    You haven’t done any videos in quite a while, but I notice you’re posting on your blog. I hope nothing is wrong preventing you from doing your videos. I miss your recipes….they’re always easy to make, they have very few ingredients, they take very little time to make, and as an added plus, your humor is always a good thing. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video without laughing at your actions, at your jokes, or both. Hurry back with the videos. We miss you!!!!

  2. Asl

    These look absolutely lovely Jenny! Guess what I made for my mom..peach cheesecake 😀 I’m so glad you are still posting your blogs even though you haven’t been active on your YouTube videos..Have a great day Jenny!

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