Oct 8, 2015

Simple Meat Sauce

Any time I can make a complete meal in thirty minutes that’s a good day. A delicious meat sauce doesn’t have to take all day, or a whole bunch of ingredients. I used to make one that took three hours but not any more. My new recipe uses simple, basic ingredients that everyone can get, or might already have.

All you need is canned tomatoes, lean ground beef, onions, garlic, and tomato paste and you’re on your way. This recipe is so easy, you’ll even have time to make a salad and cook the spaghetti, all in thirty minutes or less.

This is the perfect family supper that will satisfy kids and grownups and if they think you cooked all day to make this meal, how is that a bad thing? Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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9 Comments on "Simple Meat Sauce"

  1. Linda

    Made this was delicious and so easy. My husband said best spaghetti ever! Thank you Jenny. Linda

  2. Ewa

    Jenny, great recipe. Thank you for your simply ,fast and delicious cooking. Love it?

  3. Jim

    Jenny, I’ve used every kind of ground meat in my recipes – including yours-and it always turn out pebbly. Is there a reason that happens? I must be doing something wrong. I’ve made several of your recipes and they are all now family favs. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny

      I hope the pebbles are soft and if so, that sounds kind of normal. If you mean there are little pieces of meat, well the meat will never cook into a paste. If you look at my photo, it’s full of little pieces of meat. If they are like hard pebbles, I agree you must be doing something wrong. If you like, give me your exact process & exact ingredients and maybe we can figure it out.

  4. Rhonda

    Great video. Loved it….Yum!…btw, thank you for adding humor to your video…lol…

  5. Marilyn


    I make the same meat sauce but I add a little oregano & basil (dried).

    Love love love this. I have a question, the pots you cooked the sauce and

    pasta in are they cast iron? If so, where did you buy them? I would love to

    get some.

    Look forward to you answer.



    • Jenny

      Those pots are not cast iron, they are Berndes brand.

  6. Dorna

    Hi Jenny I finally made the chicken pot pie it was delicious .thanks?

  7. Diane Gagnon

    Funny you should mention goat meat. I live in Windsor, Ontario and just returned from the Real Canadian Superstore and guess what they had right beside the poultry section……you guessed it Goat Meat. Must admit, I was quite surprised! Our city is becoming quite diversified and I guess some culture must eat goat meat.. Just a meaniningless thought to pass along.

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