Jun 18, 2013

Polish Pierogi

Pierogi are one of the two best Polish food there are to eat (in my humble opinion) with the other one being cabbage rolls. I used to be anxious about making potato and cheese pierogi but now that I have a simple recipe and a technique that works, I make them all the time. And oh, yes… I eat them all the time. It’s one of the meals I grew up on and I remember helping my dad make Polish pierogi with a potato-cheese filling. That’s my favorite filling, although they are also good with a mushroom-sauerkraut filling, and a lot of people fill them with fruit. Once you make the easy dough, you can fill them with just about anything but I’m telling you, potato-cheese rocks!

There are two ways to serve pierogi and I like them both. One is just to boil and serve them right out of the water and they are super soft and you can cut them with a fork. The other is to boil and then brown them in a little olive oil, like in the picture. That’s a good way to have the pierogies that have been frozen. Yes, they freeze beautifully. Growing up, we always had pierogies with crisp bacon bits and sour cream but no more of that! I suggest no bacon bits and using reduced fat sour cream. A little side of sautéed onions also works well with these healthy pierogi.  By the way, pierogi is plural for more than one. One would be a pierog… but try eating just one! Click here for the recipe.
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4 Comments on "Polish Pierogi"

  1. Christine Kurtz

    Looking for pierogi recipe with sauerkraut and mushrooms.

  2. Teresa

    I made this recipe and the pierogi were awesome! Because it’s so time consuming I made several batches and froze them. I prefer them fried with butter and onions.

  3. Stephanie

    I made these last night, they were delicious!!! I added some shredded sharp cheddar cheese also to mine!!!!!!

  4. Sue

    We always have a few boxes of Mrs. T’s in the freezer. I am definitely making these. They look awesome!

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