Polish Pierogi

Polish Pierogi

Polish Pierogi

I grew up making potato-cheese pierogi with my dad and we always had them with bacon bits and sour cream. Serve them boiled, or boil and pan fry. To save time you can make the filling in advance. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Makes: 24 - 30

Polish Pierogi


  • 1 1/2 pounds potatoes (2 large russets)
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1/2 cup finely diced onion
  • 1 small clove of garlic, crushed
  • 3 ounces reduced fat cream cheese (1/3 cup)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • pepper to taste
  • Dough:
  • 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup reduced fat sour cream
  • 1 egg
  • 2/3 cup water


  1. Place peeled, quartered potatoes in a pot of cold salted water. Bring to a boil and cook until tender.
  2. Meantime, brown onions & garlic in oil on med-low for 10 min.
  3. Drain and mash the potatoes, adding onion & garlic, cream cheese, salt & pepper. Set aside to cool. Shape into 1-tablespoon size mounds if desired.
  4. Dough:
  5. Combine flour & salt in a bowl. Make a well and add sour cream, egg & water, combining with a spoon.
  6. Place on a well-floured board and knead for 50 turns (using a scraper if needed) until smooth. Cover with a towel or inverted bowl & let rest at least 10 minutes.
  7. Divide dough into thirds. Keeping extra dough covered, roll each section 1/8” thick, adding flour as needed. Cut 3-inch circles, saving leftover scraps of dough.
  8. Fill each circle with about one tablespoon of potatoes, fold into a half circle, and pinch edges tightly. Place apart on a towel sprinkled with flour.
  9. Place pierogis in boiling salted water, stirring at first to keep them separated, and cook about 3 minutes until they rise to the top, then another 30 seconds to a minute. Remove to an oiled baking sheet.

Note: To freeze, boil pierogi first and place in a lightly oiled freezer bag, spreading them out so they don’t touch. To serve, thaw overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, lightly brown pierogi in a pan on the stove in a little oil or butter.

Polish Pierogi

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  1. Lindsey

    How come you need to cook the pierogi before freezing? The store bought frozen ones seemed to be uncooked. Thanks. My good friend is from Poland so I want to learn to cook more Polish food. I love your recipes!

  2. DianainPebble

    Wow, just made the recipe for the pierogi and for the first time my dough came out perfect!! My Mom was from a time by village in Poland and made these for special occasions, thanks! (Only has whole milk products and used the cheddar, but ooh la la !)

  3. Altie

    Hi Jenny! Love your videos.

    Do you ever use a pasta roller to roll the pierogi dough?

    • Charlie

      I use the pasta roller. I go to a #2 or #3. It’s a soft dough so you cannot have a longe stream of it.

  4. Poleesa

    I have made SEVERAL of your dishes! The pierogis are the best I’ve ever had ! I am polish American and have grown up on polish food and this is THE best! It’s the sour cream in dough! I also make your bread ALL THE TIME! My 13 yr old loves this food and I’m passing on these recipes to her! Thank you!

  5. Jeanne

    My sister simmers (about 8 at a time) directly from the freezer until done. She removes them with a slotted spoon, lets them drain a little into the pot, and places them in a rectangular aluminum pan that contains melted butter. As she puts them into a row, she moves each one around in the pan butter to coat it. Then very slightly overlaps them (shingling in the pan. Then she tops with buttery fried onions. She lets them cool off a little and then covers the pan with foil, and places in the fridge overnight.
    The next day she removes/keeps the foil, and sprinkles a little bit of water over some of them. Puts foil back on and bakes them. They come out great, but they usually don’t brown.
    This is what she does when making them for a crowd.

  6. Theresa

    I grew up with the sauerkraut version of pierogi. Would really appreciate recipe for that filling. I was just a little girl when my grandmother tried to teach me. Of course there was no measuring with her instructions. Love this dish.

    • Molly

      I actually prepared sauerkraut filling for pierogi tonight! I fry onions and garlic just like you do for this potato filling. I then add sauerkraut to the pan. No real measurement. I use between 1/2 and 2/3 of a 24 ounce jar or kraut.

      I let this “fry off” in the pan until the moisture is absorbed/evaporated. Then I use a dollop or two of sour cream to bring it all together. This helps it stay together a bit.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy!

      • Karina M.

        My mother made the most delicious sauerkraut filling! I remember that she also sauteed chopped mushroom pieces along with the butter, onions, and garlic. I don’t recall her using any sour cream to hold it all together, however. I don’t remember what else she may have used in the sauerkraut filling recipe, if anything. I would love it if Jenny published her authentic sauerkraut filling recipe and others, if she has them!

  7. Mary

    Hi, Jenny. I’m part Polish and Lithuanian, but was never taught how to make Polish dishes, so I can’t wait to try your recipe. I have a question regarding the ingredients for the dough. My husband was recently diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. Can I make the dough using gluten-free flour in lieu of all purpose flour or do I have to make other tweaks as well for the dough to work? Gluten-free cooking is brand new to me, so I’m unfamiliar with what I have to do. Thank you so much!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry I have no experience with gluten free flour in these kinds of recipes.

  8. Melinda

    This most certainly is a Polish dish however the potato pierogies are not traditional. They do more sauerkraut pierogies than they do potato potato pierogies are actually an American dish switched up by the Americans.

    • Mary

      Potatoes seem much more like German

    • Rebecca

      My Babcia was born in Poland in 1925 and made pierogi for decades – both before and after she immigrated to the States. I can assure you that potato pierogi are, in fact, very Polish, although her recipe uses a dry curd farmers cheese instead of the sour cream in the filling.

      • Karina M.

        Hi! I’d like to add that my mother also made a potato and cheese filling with the same kind of special kind of farmers cheese that she called “pot cheese.” I remember her saying it was more expensive and harder to find here in America. Potatoes were a staple food for poor Polish people so I cannot imagine them NOT having an authentic Polish filling for pierogies! She’d also make potato pancakes and something called “Kopitke” using potatoes which I loved. Pardon my spelling, please! She didn’t drive so she’d walk (miles!) to the Polish butcher shop clear on the other side of town pulling a large cart on wheels; she stock up for the month with every Polish food imaginable, including candies, dried mushrooms, poppy seed rolled pastry-like sweet bread that I won’t even attempt to try spelling! Jenny has the recipe for it, though. It was out of this world delicious with a cup of coffee! Anyway, my mother never did become “americanized” so you can believe her potato-cheese Pierogies filling was authentically Polish.. 😁

    • Cheryl S

      Potato pierogi were common in my Slovak immigrant family ♥️

  9. Stephanie Niagara Ontario

    Hi Jenny,
    First wrote a comment to you in 2019..my how the years fly by! Just wanted to let you know that our family so loves your recipes ,videos and website.
    This year we all got together in Woodstock, Ontario (home of both my kids and grandchildren) for Christmas and a perogy making marathon. I must have made 10 batches of your perogy dough, in the food processor. What fun we had making them and of coarse, taste testing along the way! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes, especially for me, the rice pudding!

  10. Basia

    Thank you Jennie. When I was younger I would make pierogis all the time but as time goes…got lazy. Tried your recipe and my family told me they were the BEST!!!! Will have to start making pierogis again since my family loves them. I gave one daughter your recipe but I got a feeling they will be waiting for me to make them. (ha ha) I have 12 grandchildren and surely they will help me when I make a big batch. Dzienkuje Jennie.. Dzienkujie bardzo??????

  11. Rachael

    Can the dough be mixed in a stand mixer? I’m pregnant and my belly hits the counter and I can’t knead very well right now but I’d like to make a big batch for the freezer for when we bring the baby home 🙂

    • Debbie C

      Yes you can use a mixer as long as it has a dough hook. You will want to run it on a slow to med slow setting for a few minutes (3) Mine were perfect.

    • Karina M

      Hi Rachel, where there’s a will— or a belly, there’s a way to may make Pierogies dough! ❤️😁

  12. Joanne

    I will definitely try this recipe. Looks very easy and tasty. Much better than the frozen product.

  13. Dawn

    Thank you for this recipe! They were delicious!
    I made a giant batch for my fathers memorial
    His favorite foods from his childhood,I also made your stuffed cabbage and even my son who is a picky eater loved it!
    Thank you!

  14. Judy Schell

    I haven’t made the perogi dough but I need to make butternut squash ravioli in butter. I just had surgery on my dominant left hand so I can’t make pasta dough. Would this dough roll thin enough to sub?

  15. Roseann

    Regarding not overplaying the dough by rerolling it, my mom didn’t use anything round to cut circles of dough. She rolled the dough into a large thin rectangle & cut squares out of it with a pastry cutter. After placing the filling she would stretch the dough to enclose it and seal it with a fluted sort of edge. The pierogi looked like a crescent/rectangle cross, but they were thin and tender with no heavy doughy edges. This way all the dough was used with no scraps left to reroll.


    • Jenny Can Cook

      This sounds like a great idea. Who says pierogi have to be round? I plan to try it so thank you.

  16. Doris Dybowski

    I am driving to Wisconsin (from MI) in a couple of weeks to see my friends and will surprize the with my homemade pierogi’s..your way!
    Can’t wait to make them.
    Thank you for the recipe and video.

  17. FarahH.

    Hi Jenny,
    Your recipes are always wonderful! I hav a Q. what I can substitute for sour cream which u asked to add to the dough? Plz do let me know. I would luv to try your recipe. As always thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Liz

    Thank you for sharing. I grew up in the US and have never made this before, I make these for my boyfriend who grew up in Ukraine and he loves them. I’ve made them probably like 10
    times so far using your recipe. Thanks for sharing. I do use Farmers cheese instead of the cream cheese- you can buy it in Eastern European stores, or some health food stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme Market.

  19. Berta murphy

    I also grew up on pierogi…potato and cheese. We always used cheddar cheese but today I am making two batches one cream cheese and one cheddar. I love the way you set up and your process. prepping spoonfuls of filling is genius.
    I love pierogies..it reminds me of my childhood yet the process can be daunting. I used to make my filling one day and then the next day make my dough and finish them up.

    I decided to try it your way…and I was actually done in under 2 hours. Shocking! Normally I used to make dozens at a time though. That might have been the problem as well. Haha

  20. Judy

    I have been looking for a good recipe for perogies but was never really satisfied. These are the best I have tasted. The dough is nice a smooth easy to seal and no lumps. I love them

  21. Bill

    Loved your recipe. Our dough was a little too sticky, added more flour as we went along, probably too much sour cream….eyeball measure. Cooked the potatoes in my I pot with sauerkraut juice and some broth…added sauerkraut, no mushrooms, and cheddar cheese to potatoes. Very good taste. Will do the same again.

  22. Celeste

    Love the recipe. I use Farmers cheese tho’ the dough has always been a bit of a toss up for me.Glad to have found yours!

    • Rosalie

      My mother always used farmers cheese. I use it too, nothing else like it.

  23. Celeste halack

    Love all your recipes

  24. Nika

    I am trying this next time! I’m reading your recipe after working with very springy dough that I made with milk and an additional cup of flour! I felt as though I’d never try to make it again until now…I will make your recipe next weekend and report back because I’m worn out after cooking for 3 hours! I’ve made your Cinnamon Rolls and your version of Stuffed Cabbage, both amazing. I’m kicking myself for not thinking to check your recipe against the one I had found for Ukrainian perogi. Thank you Jenny as always! I grew up watching your show with my mother and you’re a fabulous person all around who can most definitely cook!

  25. Susan

    This is a delicious recipe. Thank you for posting. My DD and I have made them and my family has eaten them right away after sautéing in butter and more onions. However, if I want to freeze these for later use, how do I go about doing this? Do you freeze them from the “raw” state (ie, after you stuff the filling into the dough and seal) or do you boil them first and then freeze? Since they stick together (both in the “raw” state and after boiling), do you add melted butter to the storage container to keep from sticking? Thank you, in advance, for your help.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the Note in the recipe.

    • Drog

      I always put the raw perogie on cookie sheet lined with parchment and “fast freeze” in freezer- By the time I am finished making another tray the ones in the freezer are frozen, bag them and put them back in freezer- never had a problem with cooking- I dont defrost – just cook them in boiling water- perfecto!!! Drizzle with fried onions and butter and savour

    • marie

      Since finding this recipe I use it religiously. This is now my recipe for the dough each and every time I make them. As others asks I freeze them basically after I make them I put them on a floured baking sheet and while I am finishing off the rest of the dough they dry a bit then I flip them over and shake the pan. They get a thin dusting of flour then into the freezer they go. Once they are solid frozen then I bagged them and they are ready whenever I want. Just boil water with salt drop in frozen and let them cook till the come to the top. I take them out with a giant slotted spoon and put them in a pan I have been melting butter and then let them get coated and we eat them just lightly butter of I brown them up further. Sometimes I will fry them up in bacon fat super delicious. Thanks again for sharing your recipe Jenny since I have been making perogies for well over 30 years this is by far the best and easiest recipe for dough. Very forgiving and I can roll it super thin so there is lots of filling and very little dough and that is what I call making it the old school way.

  26. Judy Edwards

    I am a southern girl who loves pirego Yours recipe is wonderful. You now have a new viewer.. Do you have a recipe for cabbage and pasta?

  27. Teni

    I love your simple recipes, encouraged me to make everything what I see. I become professional home made bread maker 🙂 at list that is what I think. However, I have one issue, I am following your measurement, but comparing your video the outcome looks smaller when I made it. for example when I made Cinnamon rolls.

  28. Dave R

    Do you have a recipe for Sauerkraut and mushrooms?

    • mjo

      loved your recipe for meatloaf, cannot wait to make it, however the true recipe for Pierogi is to use Farmers cheese which my mum used all the time, also cabbage for a change. thank you so much for sharing.

    • Judy

      Can you please show a recipe for sweet cabbage filling. And maybe cabbage and mushrooms in the pierogi. And how to make dough for at least 48 pierogi.

    • Drog

      Polish Your Kitchen

  29. Gosia

    Went blueberry picking this morning at Hazen farm’s in Michigan. 13 pounds of berries. Made a batch of pierogi using your recipe for the dough. I have been using your recipe for many years and they always come out great.

  30. Barbara Rawlins

    Trying to print recipe and unable to

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Did you click the “print” button the top right?

  31. Mila

    Just made these and they are amazing! I’ve never tried Polish food so I was so impressed with how well and yummy they turned out ? So glad I stumbled upon your YouTube page! I used to watch you all the time in middle school, your show was my favorite ?

  32. Cynthia

    I tried these and they were absolutely delicious! I come from a long line of Polish people, and my family gave me the greatest compliments! My mom said it tastes like her mom’s cooking, and my sister said it tastes like Poland!

    Dziękuję from California

  33. John Manor

    I’m making these for dinner and serving them with a cucumber salad and your recipe for cabbage rolls, which I made yesterday. I’m an avid home cook and I enjoy the way you loving share your Polish heritage through your cooking. I only wish you had found your calling with this format many years earlier. It’s so much more personable than many celebrities on FN. Even if you forget to mention or explain something, you immediately pick up on it and follow through. So honest, because we all do that. You really know your stuff and I rank you with another of my favorite cooks, Maryanne Esposito of Ciao Italia. Thanks for bringing the fresh simplicity of home cooking to the rest of us.

  34. Rhonda

    Hi Jenny, I love your channel. I was wondering if the perogis can be made gluten free. Would it still come out okay? I would love to make these this evening.

  35. LJR

    Love your videos and recipes but wonder why you use low fat dairy products, especially when so little is used in recipe. The fat in dairy is not harmful, especially if organic (as we were led to believe) and helps with digestion. Sugar and flour does more damage than the fats as proven by keto diet. Everything improves on that diet, which is all types of fats, but mostly should be healthy fats, of course. Also heard Canola oil is not healthy, but maybe ok using organic or good oils, like olive, but also some are like trans fats when heated. Cholesterol is not raised by eating fats unless oxidized from sugar making it sticky and causing problems. What are your thoughts on this…
    Anyway I am part polish and we did make perogies almost the same way but used drained/dry cottage cheese with potato and small amount of crumbled bacon in mix with green onions that were not cooked first, just added to mix. I will try your way later (not eating grains now) .
    Great fast easy recipes. Thank you.

  36. Rosie M

    Thanks for this and other Polish recipies.. My Mom use to make these and stuffed cabbage.

  37. Trish S.

    Try them with sour cream, bacon bits (real kind!) and fried onions. Delicious!

  38. Donna from Toronto Ont.Canada

    Wow! Really great dough, I stuffed mine with shredded chicken…..delicious
    Question, can I use chicken broth instead of water in the dough recipes?

  39. Clay

    Loved making this recipe! The sour cream in the dough is a great touch. I used a sweet potato for the filling and turned out great!

    Cheers and thanks again!

  40. Tom

    My family and I live near Pittsburgh and they love their pierogies here. Not being from here we couldn’t understand all the fuss. I decided to give your recipe a try and they came out beautifully! I also mix them with kielbasa and sauerkraut. I am so glad I found your site and wanted to thank you for being so generous and sharing your wonderful recipes.

  41. Donna Vojo

    I made these last year for Christmas. They were so good and easy. I cheated and used instant potatoes. They came out perfect. Looking forward to making them again this weekend.

    • Mr. Poop

      Donna what the F***. loljk love you ??????????????

      • Donna

        My son just figured it out this weekend when he walked in while I was making them. He had no clue and always thought they were real! LOL

  42. Kooms

    On date night, my wife and I of 30 yrs made this recipe. It was easy, fun to make and they’re are scrumptious!!! Delish. Will def make again with different filings. Thanks for the recipe.


  43. Barb

    Hi, I use your Pierogi dough recipe all the time and get compliments on it! It it very stretchy and takes a while to roll out as it is so stretchy and keeps shrinking back but the dough is almost paper thin and we like it that way. Is there a fix for this or ??

    • Shan

      Let the dough rest a little longer before you start rolling it out.

  44. Patricia Pickul

    Your recipe is like my mother-in-law except I have since added sour cream. Also I have been making them in my food processor. They come out so tender. Just don’t over work. Don’t even have to knead we make about 250 at a time. Sauerkraut, cheddar cheese and farmer cheese are our favorite.

    • Liz Lawless

      I have no idea what farmes cheese is? As a little old lady I should know but, alas! I don’t!.

      Is there any way I can make the font larger? I can hardly read it so small.

      I am glad to have found you?

      Sincerely, Liz

      • Barbara Elster

        Hello Liz,
        I hope this will help with the font size. When you hit print, you will see the instruction box on the right side. Go to SCALE, and it is automatically set at 80. Click the up arrow to the size you want, up to 200. This increases the font size and increases the number of pages it will print out. Good Luck.

      • Rose

        I think cottage cheese is similar or the same as the farmer cheese in this recipe.

        • Judith

          I agree, I use dry cottage cheese as my filling

        • Ania

          Farmer’s cheese is dry. You can put any kind of cottage in a sieve and drain all the liquid. Let cottage cheese sit in sieve a while then be sure to stir and press out fluid. I like to fork my potatoes really well instead is mashing. I like the texture with the dry cheese.

    • Liz Lawless

      I have no idea what farmes cheese is? As a little old lady I should know but, alas! I don’t!.

      Is there any way I can make the font larger? I can hardly read it so small.

      I am glad to have found you?

      Sincerely, Liz

  45. Lynn W

    Thank you for this video and recipe! Just made them and they are so delicious, can’t wait for kids to come over and eat some too! Love this ❤️❤️

  46. Theresa Dressler

    My ex- mother in law was polish. Her amazing pierogies filling was cooked sauerkraut and onions, cottage cheese with egg, and mashed potatoes and sauteed onions. She would put a bit of each in the pierogie before boiling them, then frying in butter and onion until golden brown. They are intensely delicious. I like your pierogie dough better than hers, it’s much easier to work with. Hers was just flour, salt and water.

  47. M.H.

    I loves this recipe! So easy and filling had a great flavor
    Thank you for posting this.

  48. Anita Hartgerink

    I have never made these but I am definitely going to! My grandmother was from Its now Croatia and we always made homemade dumplings! Also cabbage rolls! Do you serve these with as a side or are they a main dish?

  49. Joanna

    I watched your video and decided it has been years since I made home made Pierogi or Vareniki does it matter what they are called. My recipe I used for many years I lost and since then it was by memory and I do know I did not use sour cream and my recipe I doubled and it would make like 50 or more pierogies … well what can I say I followed your dough recipe and let it rest and I also did your 50 turns lord knows I don’t recall it resting but it also didn’t have sour cream. I made them with some leftover mashed potatoes and your little mounds well I made them and I freeze them so they are easier to fill the dough and will tell you this dough is very forgiving and that is my testimony to your absoloutely wonderful video now on to more pierogies and some various fillings. Dziękuję Ci bardzo Jenny

  50. Virginia

    I have two questions. If I choose to use Cheddar or Colby cheese in my filling instead of cream cheese, would you recommend still adding the onions and garlic? Also, can I successfully double this recipe?

    • Karen WB

      I’ve used sharp cheddar or colby in the mashed potatoes with a little onion and garlic and it is delicious.

  51. Love To Bake

    This was my my first time making them and my whole family loved them. I love watching your videos, you make it look so easy.

    Love you

    Joanne S from Manitoba

  52. Mary Jane

    Jenny always loved your talk show. I’m wondering if can give us the recipes for the other types of filling Thank you. Mary Jane

    • Joanne from Manitoba

      I have used taco filling and left over turkey stuffing my family loved it.

  53. Stephanie-Niagara Ontario, Canada

    I just spent this morning making your great pierogi recipe and I have to say that in all my years, this is the best dough I have ever made. They absolutely melt in your mouth and are a breeze to roll out.

    Thank you so much!

  54. Barry

    Want to try but also do you have a recipe for polish sauerkraut to put in the pierog

    • GER

      I just shred some cabbage and chop some onion and sauté the onions and add finely julienned cabbage and onion in bacon fat till translucent and tender. Red cabbage is great to do this with. Otherwise making sauerkraut takes almost three months within a crock. But I do this too.

  55. jen

    omg. i’m loving your website.
    i’m the jen from a few hrs ago asking about rye bread. i’m putting in the oven in about an 1 1/2 hrs and i can’t wait to see it come out of the oven. so far it has been life changing. i didn’t even get my hands dirty.

    i just spotted this recipe and i’m so excited. dough again, but i’m going to try because i love these so much. my mother used to make these but we called them “varenik”. i’m crimean, so i’m guessing it’s the russian name for them. i haven’t had them in 8 yrs since she passed away. we had it with melted butter and topped with garlicky yogurt and black pepper. she never mixed cheese in the potatoes but i’m going to try your way since i love cheese.

    i don’t remember how i found your website this morning but i’m so happy i did

  56. Joan

    I accidentally used Pillsbury Bread Flour instead of all purpose flour ?. The dough rolled out beautifully, but now I’m concerned about the taste and texture of the dumpling dough. Your comments on this issue would be very much appreciated.

  57. Pat

    My family is always yelling at me not to change things that aren’t broke, but this time they’re really glad I did. I can’t thank you enough.

  58. Pat

    Had a good recipe, have a great recipe now. My family is always yelling at me not to change things that aren’t broke, but this time they were really glad I did. Thank you so much, I live paycheck to paycheck and cook all my meals from scratch. This one will be handed down to my children.

  59. Sylvia Rodriguez

    Hi. I’m not a fan of sour cream. Can I eliminate it or can it b substituted for something else?


    • David

      My grandma used milk. I think back in her day sour cream was a luxury so she used what she had available. I’ve used both.

    • Lore

      I used shredded cheddar cheese.

    • Laurie

      Actually you won’t even taste the sour cream. It takes only a small amount to make the dough pliable. The ancient way was to use some mashed potato for the same purpose. We never used potato filling…starch filled with starch. Often cabbage with onions and mushrooms. Fruit in season. Or leftover meat.

    • JazzyCleveland

      A close friend gave me her Grandmother’s Polish pierogi dough recipe:
      2 Lrg. Eggs (*at room temperature, beaten).
      1/2 tsp. Salt
      1/3 Cup Lukewarm Water(*More as-needed).
      2 Cups All Purpose Flour(*More as needed).
      I hope this helps-? ?

  60. Nora

    After Pierogis are boiled can they be browned before serving?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes. That is indicated twice in the recipe.

      • George

        My wife and I made them this year with mincemeat filling…..very tasty…..I love your site

        • Jack Fritz

          I lived in a very polish area of Clifton NJ and rented the upper part of a two family from a very nice couple that were right off the boat so to speak. (One didn’t speak English at all) But they made the most delicious meat Pierogi’s. I think the meat was lamb and maybe a pork combo. But let me tell you they were great. Shame I haven’t been able to find a recipe for them to this day. I am going to try and play with this one to see if I can get close to what they made.

          • Frank Stepuchin

            Do you have a recipe for meat pieroggis? My mom made them with pork and ham or beef with some bacon bits. After boiling them she would fry them in bacon fat which was delicious. I never did get her recipe and would like one if
            you have one.

            • Barbara

              I use cooked pot roast. I chopped cooked onions Cook just till soft. Add salt and pepper and egg to hold it together. I Chop the meat in my quisinart. Normally would make pot roast for dinner and use leftovers for the pierogi. These are so delicious that my family dreams about them.
              Jenny’s recipe for the dough is outstanding and easy to make.

    • Linda Weston

      Yes I brown them all the time
      So did my mom

  61. Duane Luzejko

    my Grandmother would always use different fillings in her Perogies ..while the potato filling was her stand by she would also fill them with things like Sauerkraut , Prunes , and my all time favorite was Apricots .. (the fruit ones actually being whole chunks of the fruit ) unfortunately being a kid I never learned how she made those fillings.. I just remember eating them …Yummy yummy !!

    • debby

      My grandmother, mom, and aunts also filled their perogies with everything from ricotta cheese, served with warm berries on top or potatoes, cheese, and sauteed onions, or ground beef. I still make them. Sometimes for a more delicate dish, I’ll use wonton wraps.

  62. diane

    can you make the dough and fillings the day before if making large number of pierogies, I remember my mom doing that but dont know to store overnight

    • Joyce Penney Schroeder

      Certainly! What we do is make the dough, flatten into a disk, and wrap in plastic wrap before putting into the refrigerator overnight (much as you might do with cookie dough or pie crust). I usually take the dough out about 1/2 hour before I want to work with it. Good luck!

    • Miss J

      I make10-12 dozen at time then put them on a floured baking sheet, then cover them and pop them in the freezer. Once they are frozen, I divide them into Ziplocs and they stay good in the freezer for a long time. If you need them for the next day, it would probably still freeze overnight as I would be worried about them drying out if not sealed properly.

  63. Dani Bryndza

    I was caught off guard by the 1 1/2lbs of potatos this recipe called for until I saw the yield. I don’t think I have ever in my life made less than 12 dozen at a time. I’m going to try your recipe tomorrow because I cannot find my grandmother’s recipe!

  64. Veev

    Hello Jenny
    OMG! OMG! Your site is absolutely incredible.
    I have been searching for a recipe for bread with a crunchy crust for YEARS
    Your site not only made it happen but made it easy at the same time.
    I also tried your recipe for granola and bread buns and all were amazing!
    Thanks Jenny!
    I am now a true fan.
    Dr. V

  65. Dee

    Made these the other day and they turned out awesome! Just like the home made ones I would buy at a local corner store (but cheaper). The only thing different was I used cheddar cheese. Thanks Jenny – because of your step by step video I was able to make these without a problem!

  66. Keith

    Absolutely the best Pierogi dough I have ever made. It is so much easier to roll thin (due to the Sour Cream) than any other recipe I have tried. I use a Honki Bill Perogie maker to make 18 at a time & make two batches. I use a Zip-Loc bag with a corner cut off to pipe the filling into it. Wet the edges and seal. Baking your No-Knead Dutch Oven bread recipe tomorrow morning.
    THANK YOU Greatly for all your excellent recipes!

  67. Belle

    After about 4 failed dinners within 2 weeks, My poor husband said nothing and just ate it. I felt awful so I prayed the next meal was good. I knew one of his childhood favorites were pierogi, so I started making these as soon as he went to work in hopes I can at least make a plate full of decent looking ones. I used sharp cheddar (his fav). I couldnt wait til he got home to show him these. He was so excited but I can see it in his eyes, a glimpse of worry. As I’m preparing his plate, I turn around and he’s looking at me with such a sweet smile. Before he took his first bite, he thanked me for making them.I guess he thought it took all day to make lol. It didn’t. He absolutely loved it and even asked for more. Thank you so much Ms. Jones..You may have saved my marriage lol.

  68. ercillor

    They were easy to prepare and even easier to eat.
    I have found you to be an excellent teacher and, after reading your replies to some of these comments, a very patient one.
    Please keep up the good work.

  69. Meileah

    These are beauuuuutiful! I made them for my birthday for my family (I’m a little backward, I like to cook for my fam on my birthday lol) and these were absolute perfection!

    To top them off I added in a nice sage butter sauce and topped with a small dollop of sour cream and bacon pieces and chives. Was absolutely delish!

  70. MEEMEE

    Never once used egg in dough. My polish background uses flour,salt and sour cream.
    Potatoes have shredded white or yellow sharp cheddar cheese then mashed. Onion can be used but well dried as not to cause dough to rip. Flour,roll cut fill. Perogi slowly droppef into light rolling boiling water wait for them to float…serve with butter or sauerkraut. Yummy

    • Bill


    • Kat Antonini

      Funny how there are so many variations of pierogies out there. My Dad was polish and I always remember the day dedicated to making pierogies. He got his dough started the night before to give it time to rise, punch down, repeat. Strictly flour, salt, egg & water. Filling was potatoes, American cheese, buttered onions. That’s it. He would stand there making them and lay them out on paper towels and boil them in batches of 12. Then serve them right out of the pot with more buttered onions and sour cream. YUMMM!! I had to be shoed out of the kitchen dozens of times because I for some reason loved to eat the pierogies raw, right before they went into the pot of boiling water. Why it mattered if I ate them cooked or not I could never figure out, but now that I make them myself, I have no one kicking me out. ?. I’ve never made dough with sour cream before but I hear it makes it easier to roll so I’m going to give it a whirl. Also, I have taken the lazy way of preparing my dough in batches in my bread maker. So much easier!

  71. Atsuko Lachance

    Hi Jenny,

    This is a wonderful recipe! Thank you for sharing with us. I like your video too. You are so generous and happy person .

    Thank you again. You made my day ?

  72. Salena

    I made these and they were out of this world delicious

  73. Barb

    Do you have a recipe for dessert pierogi,not prunes. Example like strawberries,cherries and apricots.

    • Deborah B

      We always had a filling of cottage cheese (or similar), stewed pitted prunes (or other fruit), eggs, salt and sugar. The recipe was in Mom’s head and we thought she would live forever. I plan to experiment until I get it.

  74. Jenni (mom2two)

    My gramma made them, hundreds at a time! Literally threw some flour, some water an egg (maybe two) on the counter and used a water glass as a circle cutter! I only watched her as a little girl, not as an adult who could pay attention and figure it out. She’s been gone for 11 years now and I think I’m ready to give your recipe a try! Not a potato filling fan….sauerkraut is what she made and I grew up with! Here’s to nothing and maybe passing them onto the next generation! My kids have never had them!

  75. Lisa Kotke

    Watching your videos always makes me smile! You are a wonderful teacher and your recipes are simple and delicious. My Polish mother didn’t know how to cook, but because of you I am able to teach my little granddaughter how to enjoy her heritage by learning to make Polish food. Thank you!

  76. Eddie Kay

    Jenny! I have been wanting to make this recipe for a while and finally had the time to do so. So delicious and fun to make. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    Beer and pierogis! Perfect weekend.

  77. Lilibeth

    Thank you for the Polish Pierogies recipe, sound delicious, can’t wait to try it.

  78. Michael O

    So delicious. Best pierogi recipe out there

  79. Kimberly

    Jen: You are an absolute delight! Love your recipe and the simplicity! Going to make these this weekend. I love the old world recipes and their deliciousness.

    Thank you!

    Happy New Year!

    • Colleen

      This recipe is wonderful. Never buy store bought again?

  80. Paul Czerniejewski

    Can you skip the egg in dough mixture?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have only made it with the egg so I don’t know. I suggest looking at some other recipes for ideas.

    • zosia

      YES u can omit egg-tradionally in Poland-no egg is used but they do use buttermilk n or sour cream to lighten dough(flour) i do like 1 egg or yolk also sour cream/buttermilk…rest dough 20 min tho i make dayahead rest in frig o/n whatever ur choice make & enjoy !

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Thank you for helping out.

      • Sylvia Rodriguez

        Hi I was asking about substituting the sour cream with something else. I see u listed buttermilk. Would I use the same amount? Thx.

    • Diana

      Many health food stores carry a powdered egg replacer that is safe for those with egg allergies. You stir the powder into lukewarm water and let it sit for a minute or so and it substitutes well in recipes calling for egg.

  81. Joanne

    Back for a second comment. The dough was so silky and easy to handle. It made me wonder why I took so long to try and make these! Been buying store bought for years. Never again!!

  82. Joanne

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Perfect ,best
    shell and filling I remember.

  83. Rodney

    Dziękuję bardzo. We are making these for Christmas.

  84. JuliaAnn Harris

    I like this page.It was very helpful.
    Good job!:)

  85. lulu

    First attempt and they were amazing !! husband loved them Thank you !

  86. bigbadbabs

    Our mother always used farmers cheese and chives. Could you tell me how to use such a dry cheese and not have too dry a filling? What would I add?

    • Jenny

      Sorry but I only make my recipes that way I make them so I can’t help with this. You could try looking at other recipes as I’m sure some of them use farmer’s cheese. Good luck.

    • Dawn Syring

      I do dry curd cottage cheese mixed with finely chopped onions, one egg yolk, and salt and pepper =)

    • lorraine schwartz

      I make farmers cheese add 1 egg some sugar and because the cheese is a little pricey to make it go further I add mashed potatoes. Ratio 2 to 1. Because I make so many. For example 1lb cheese 1/2 lb mashed potatoes with nothing added. Those are cheese pierogi.
      Jenny is making the potato pierogi.

      • Kim

        Wgat is farmers cheese? Is it same as cottage cheese?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          If you google “What is farmer’s cheese” you will get more information than I would be able to provide.

    • Ania

      Farmers cheese is great to use because it is a dry cheese and does not increase the chances of your pierogi’s coming open as a wet mixture would. Use 2-3 packages and egg to hold the mixture together and some sugar to whatever your taste preference is. Make certain you combine all ingredients well and then fill as you would with the potato mixture.

  87. Bobboynton fl

    Wonderful recipe this is second time making. Reminds me of Polish cooking of my Grandmother.
    Wish my Dad was here to enjoy these with me. Everytime I eat them remind me of him.
    Thank you
    Great recipes very simple to make.

  88. Bobbi

    Your excellent video gave me the courage to try to make homemade pierogi for the first time. Thank you so much…. they came out great. My husband is raving about them. I may be brave enough to make these for my husband’s family traditional Polish Catholic Christmas Eve dinner — they are all 100% Polish ancestry. I am the token one with Lutheran Norwegian/German background and love the Polish food.

  89. Mike

    Quick question, Jen.
    Do I leave the egg whole or slightly scrambled when adding to the flour?

  90. Florida Granny

    I made some perogis yesterday – they looked great but after cooking the dough was like rubber. I followed the recipe to a “t”. Let the dough rest an hour, and rolled it out as to 1/8 “. Please tell me what I might have done wrong.
    Thanks for any help you may have. A sad Polish Florida Granny.

    • Jenny

      Based on your other comment, it looks like you used a KitchenAid pasta attachment to roll the dough. I think if you follow the recipe exactly you will be satisfied. My dough only rests for 10 minutes and I roll the dough by hand. I hope that helps.

  91. Martine

    Will try these definately…looks soooo yummy…we love pergiogies

  92. zosia

    PS: LOVED YOUR SHOW& u as well on tv but LOVE UR SITE & recipe even more !! will look for your other Polish recipes cuz u do it so ez GOD bless you

  93. zosis

    LOVED YOUR penterest SITE-BEST ONE YET! EZ pulled up & bam theres the recipe posted ez to follow NO need to keep looking clicking from 1 to another (hate that so usually i just exit put frustrated) but yours was GRT ! not to mention grttasting too NOW yours IS part of my steadfast RECIPES4ever THX WELL DONE !!!!!

    • zosia

      oh was good too but then i went back to: i dont do “fat free” anything if i truly want authentic BUT I LOVE UR SITE SET UP wish others would make getting recipes that ez as u did

  94. Mander

    WOOHOO! Just made tonight to surprise the hubby. He’s always made them before, but didn’t fare too well. He passed the baton to me after tasting these! Shared pics to our friend from Poland and he’s ready for a visit!

  95. T NEPA

    I just made and ate these pierogies. They were delicious. I now have so much respect an appreciation for all the old polish ladies that made these for the local churches to sell in my youth. These pani’s worked their dupes off. I loved them but they are too much work for this old guy. I had trouble with the dough but that was probably on me. I will say how good they were, you cannot get anything close to this in the supermarket or even most restaurants unless you go to an ethnic little Neighborhood Place. The only thing I had close to this recently was from a Ukrainian Church near where my daughter lives. Try them they’re delicious.

  96. T NEPA

    Has anyone tried frying up the leftover filling into a potato cake.

  97. Bo

    Do you have nutritional info for pierogies? Calories? Carbs? Fat? Weight Watcher points? Etc.

    • Jenny

      Sorry, no.

    • SARAH JO

      Pierogis don’t have calories! They are that good❣️

    • zosia

      making eating pierogi IS NO time to count cal etc just enjoy ! but eat fewer (if u can). n this recipe already has cut cal n tastes grt doing it

      • D. Lynn Carmichael

        Exactly my thinking. Bardzo dziękuję, Zosia!

  98. Keith

    To seal the edges, I wet, my finger, a bit further than half way around the edge with water, then seal. Looking forward to trying your dough, as the dough I make is very hard to roll out thin. I have one of those perogie makers that make 18 at a time. I usually make 36 and freeze 3/4 of them. Also we use many different fillings including sauerkraut, cottage cheese, potato, pepperoni.

    • zosia

      where can i get that 18 maker? suggestion: add alittle buttermilk or ^sourcream to dough n will roll out grt

    • Linda

      Keith, please tell me how you make your sauerkraut filling. My mother in law made them and I can’t find a recipe for that filling

  99. Ceejai

    Is it possible to use a pasta maker to roll out the dough, you may have answered this already but there is a lot of comments to read through? Also thank you for the video and all the tips, I love it

    • Florida Granny

      I do have the KA mixer pasta attachment. Rolled out the dough till I reached 5 and my dough was like rubber. What did I do wrong.

  100. Ela from Ohio

    Jenny, looks wonderful, but I need to know how many grams are in 2.5 cups of flour. I think that maybe about 300 grams?

    You could have 2.5 light cups or heavy cups. I pound my flour down and that is why I prefer flour in grams, not cups.

    Please, please weigh your flour and let me know.

    I also put Baltic Farmer Cheese from Michigan in my pierogi, but I always have a problem with my dough.

    Dziekuje bardzo!

    • Jenny

      Please refer to my Metric Conversion Chart at the top.

      • Miss

        I love ur perogis they r amaizing they ust as i have planed keep that fab.job good job 100%????❤???

  101. Phyllis Smith

    Thank you for sharing your recipe❤️
    First time I ate this was in Abu Dhabi in the UAE! We were posted there in ’75 and my Canadian girl friend made this once a month. Your recipe is exactly the same as hers. I miss this so much, esp with s little ketchup!! ?

    • zosia

      “to each his own” but catsup? yuk try sautéed carmelized onions & sourcream best way to eat em

  102. tucsonjon

    Hi. When you brown garlic. Doesn’t it get bitter?

  103. Jan Smith

    Weren’t you a talk show host on TV at one time? Jan

  104. Larry

    OMG, Jenny these were AMAZING, and your recipe was simple, easy and the flavors were over-the-top! Like yourself, I could not help but eat more than one, then put the remaining ones in a bag for later. This morning, I fried them in butter for breakfast! Thank you, I’m watching for more wonderful Polish recipes from you!

    • Miss

      Yea u rigth that wz amaizing keep the good work janny ?????

  105. Bozena Godzwon

    You can make pierogi with different cheeses and potatoes, but I always use dry cottage cheese and that how my family like it and best warm up on frying pan. For the dough I use only egg yolk and it’s not tough at all.Hello fromAlberta.

    • Kathy Smith

      I’m Polish from Milwaukee WI. We live just outside Wash D.C. Have never been able to find dry cottage cheese outside of Wisconsin. I’ve asked & no one knows what it is — not even farmers cheese. My family only had cheese pierogis…browned in butter then sprinkled w/sugar. Can you help me find this cheese? I would probably order on-line. I no longer have family in WI, so no one to ask. Would you be willing to share Brand or company name that you use? You have no idea how much this would mean to me. I’ll be 70 yrs old @ end of May. I still stand a chance of passing this recipe down to my grown daughters. It was such a special treat for them growing up as I would usually bring back several dozen whenever I went home and make them last as long as we could. Even with “freezer burn”, they never went to waste. I can get any other kind of pierogi in super markets but NEVER just cheese pierogi. I would appreciate any info you or other readers can provide. I’m terrible at searching on the internet–too old. That’s why I came to you. Thank you sooo much!
      (P.S. My maiden name was “SZCZYGIELSKI” but I only know how to curse in “the native tongue”.)

      • Jenny

        The farmer’s cheese I use for my cheese blintzes is “Friendship” brand. My grocery store in Los Angeles sometimes has it but it is hard to find. Here’s a link to their website: http://www.friendshipdairies.com/our-products/farmer-cheese If you click the “Find Us” link at the top they show a list of stores that sell their products and they also have a number to contact them: 800-854-3243. I hope this helps.

      • Annette

        Friendship is good. Another dry farmer cheese is made in Fountain Michigan called Andrulis Farmer cheese and is found in Walmart and Meijer in West Michigan.

      • Dolores Cox

        Go online:

        Andrus Farmers Cheese, you can order from them . Also listed is their phone # 231-462-3301

        I ordered from them and was satisfied, just be careful as to the lbs you want as it was expensive as I ordered the incorrect amount that I needed. Hope this helps.

        • zosia

          thank u for that info !!! living outside of Buffalo im fortunate to get farmers cheese but its gettting harder & i hate long drive into city so now i’ll order for Christmas thx

      • jouet

        For dry cottage cheese you buy regular cottage cheese, put it in a ckean kitchen towel in a strainer over a bowl, and drain the liquid part. It takes an hour or two, depending how much of it you are draining.

        • zosia

          GREAT IDEA & it works i drain it over night it works in a pinch

      • Christine

        If by chance you live in Canada, MC Dairy produce dry/pressed cottage cheese.
        They are located in Etobicoke Ontario, which is a suburb of Toronto, however, their products are available all over Canada in many grocery stores and European delis and even in Walmart. I don’t know if their products are available in the USA.

        • Jenny

          Thank you for sharing this information. (I grew up in London, Ontario)

  106. Karen B

    I made these for the first time. I did the onions and garlic but I added flavored cream cheese. It was the one with chives. I am second gen, polish and first gen.Czechoslovakian. If I can figure out how to send you a picture I will. The pierogi turned out beautiful. I took pictures of them on my counter, they were so pretty and they taste like home to me. Why or why did it take 30 years to do this??

  107. Kathie B.

    Made these today, and they were perfect!! First time I’ve made homemade pierogies and can tell you this will be my go-to recipe. The only thing I did differently was to add 1/4 cup of sharp cheddar to the filling and a splash of milk in turn to keep it from being too thick. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe?

    • zosia

      TRY adding BUTTERMILK low cal healthy & when i took trip to Poland all the fine cooks/relative USE BUTTERMILK in everything (their desserts cakes were out of this world moist delicious!!

  108. Lynne

    Excellent. Dough was so easy to work with. I sautéed them in evoo and butter with onion and garlic and served with a plain yogurt herb sauce. Thank you

  109. Scooter

    We used to only get pierogies once a year when we would drive 9 hours to visit grandma. We had a family of 8 counting mom and dad (6 boys 2 girls). She would spend all day in the kitchen making about 120 of them. She would boil them then toss them in butter and serve with sour cream. We would eat almost all of them in one setting. Nothing was served at dinner except the pierogies. I never learned to make them because my mom never learned how to make the dough so they would stay sealed shut when boiled. Made yours tonight and not one popped open. Thanx these were great.

  110. Brett

    Can you use a stand mixer for this?

    • Larry

      Why? The dough is very easy, as Jenny said, it only takes 50 turns of kneading. Allow the dough to rest for 20-30 minutes while you prepare
      the filling, and it is perfect! If anything, you could do the dough in a food
      processor, and as soon as it goes into a “Ball” form, stop, remove it and
      knead into a ball (about 3-4 turns) and then allow it to rest. A stand mixer
      is an overkill for this recipe!

    • zosia

      u Sure can: i do cuz i make so many now n i add alittle buttermilk to lighten dough n resting dough (gluten) is important ! i even mix whip pota in it w sautéed onions n ched cheese then frying i put pinch of sugar to melt in my half xvoo&butter my mouth is watering will make tomorrow

  111. Natalie from Pittsburgh

    So far I have tried many of your dough recipes. Love them all. Going to make these Pirogi for 1-1-17. I am sure they will be excellent!!! Who knew you could cook.. Keep them coming! Love ya

  112. lulu

    Thanks for your great dough recipe. You saved Christmas for me. I made two types of pierogi and your dough recipe was great. Happy New Year!

  113. Nancy

    I have never attempted to make homemade pierogi but these look amazing so I’m definitely gonna try. Thanks for sharing.

  114. Walter&Frannie

    We folllowed the recipe exactly the way you made them. They were just excellent.
    I do not know how to spell thank you in polish. So here we go in English
    THANK YOU It was the team work of Walter and Frannie .plus your excellent
    instructions that made it such a pleasure.

  115. Bimmergirl10

    I make these every Christmas for our Hold Supper. They taste amazing and recipe is super simple! Do you have a prune filling or saurkraut filling recipe?

    • Djdan48

      I drain a bag of sauerkraut and rinse it well in a colander. Dice a large sweet onion. Add the onion and rinsed sauerkraut in a large frypan on medium heat, mix in olive oil to coat the mixture well. Cook until the onions are translucent.

      • Andy L

        Thanks! This is my family’s Christmas Eve tradition and I’m not home to enjoy it!

      • Kelly

        Thank you. Ive been looking for a sauerkraut filling.

        • Cecelia Rieker

          If you like mushrooms, add them while sauteeing the onions. A little of garlic wouldn’t hurt either and a little caraway seeds.

  116. Mary

    Love your recipes! May I use all purpose flour for the pierogis?

    • Jenny

      All of my flour is all purpose unless otherwise stated.

  117. Nancy

    Jenny, I forgot to let you know how much I enjoy your web site!
    Most websites, you need to go down a few pages before you can read the recipe. Like to read the ingredient list, then decide if I’m going to make and save recipe. For great web site, Thank You!

  118. Nancy

    Dear Jenny,
    Thank-you for all of your recipes. I’ve made your white bread and Multi-grain bread. Now on to perogies.
    My mother was Polish. She never made perogies, but I had a childhood friend who’s mom use to make perogies like you said, make a well in the flour on top of table. Watching her mother, I now understand the work that goes into making perogies, and why my friends mom only gave me One perogie! They are a lot of work, with Love. The dish my mom use to make was stuffed cabbage an mashed potatoes with fried cubed salt pork mix in potatoes. Yummy!!!

  119. Deborah

    Jenny..I am enjoying all your polish recipes and saving them all. I can’t wait to try the Chrusciki recipe. I always enjoyed watching your talk show…now I’m enjoying your cooking videos. Keep them coming!

  120. Dustin

    Growing up in a Ukrainian family, both my grandmothers made these often but especially for the holidays and they were a must-have for Christmas Eve. I still make them from time to time. My grandmothers would make them, and then freeze them to be boiled later. Then it’s easy to boil them when you want them.

    When you make them, have several cookie sheets or shallow pans ready, lined with waxed paper. Line them up in rows (not touching) and then pop the whole sheets in the freezer uncovered. When they’re frozen solid (about an hour), pop them into plastic bags and put them back in the freezer quickly.

    The frozen ones take a bit longer to cook, but this way you can do a whole bunch when you’re in the mood and then have them on hand when you don’t feel like cooking.

    I’ve very much enjoyed all your recipes, Jenny – and I love your videos! Please keep them coming.

  121. Nara

    My kids love it! Always asks me to cook this. Thank you so much Jenny!

  122. Sandra

    Looks delicious and so easy to make. I will be trying your recipe very soon. Nice to see you’re doing well. Still sweet as pie. Have a great day!

  123. Marta August 2016

    dzień dobry! I have just seen your recipe. Your video and explanations are the most clear, detailed and well done I have seen in these days that I am looking for pierogi recipies for made at home. My partner is from Poland I this year for the first time I wish and would love to prepare some Polish recipies because I consider that are fantastic.

    Thank so much for all the explanations¡¡

  124. Kar

    Making them today. This will be the third time in a year. Recipe is almost as good as my mom’s recipe.
    I have also frozen then and I never had any issues with any turning black.

  125. connie

    I made pierogi’s and froze them ,then took they out of the freezer and they had turned black . what went wrong

    • Jenny

      Did you follow my recipe exactly?

      • connie

        Yes we made 560 dozen and 19 dozen had black spots what went wrong

        • Jenny

          560 dozen is 6,720 pierogi. Maybe you mean you made 560 but that’s still a lot so I don’t know how you could follow any recipe with that much food. I’ve been making pierogi all my life and have never seen them turn black so I’m sorry I’m not able to help. The problem may have been improper wrapping for the freezer but you may have to do some internet searches for an explanation.

          • Bo Bochan

            My mom always made more than a 100 at a time. The number thru the years would be a staggering amount . She would put them on a oiled wax papered cookie sheet and freeze them. She would then put them in a plastic bag and freeze.They would stay great for at least 6 months. Maybe longer but the only reason I know they would be good for months because I found a package that was dated six months old and they were wonderful. Never a black one in all those years. Thank you for showing me a recipe that I can only make 30 . The recipe was so easy for this old 76 year guy to make. Thank you so very much.

          • Marie

            I have been making and freezing uncooked pierogi for 45 yrs. never have any turned black. Maybe leaving them too long in the freezer uncovered. My recipe is very much like yours except I’m not so fat conscious. I use butter to sautéed the onion, no garlic and American cheese( lots of it) and regular sour cream in the dough. I like to watch you cause I cook like you. Thank you. My grandma used to make with cabbage filling, not sauerkraut and not sweet. Can you advise?

          • Irene Smerek

            check what kind of pan you used to place your pierogies on. Did you use wax paper to place them on or a cloth to freeze them on or direct on it. What you used in the filling may have counter acted with the sheet. This
            may have caused your spotting on your peirogies. Always check in an hour and place them in plastic bags, when using metal sheets. or make sure you don,t directly place them on your sheet.
            Love your recipe Jenny!!!!

  126. J R

    Jenny, I made your wonderful Pirogi recipe for the first time… they turned out great, my Polish sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law were very impressed.,especially since I am a full blooded Italian… I watched your tutorial and it was most helpful. Easy recipe to follow, and I love the healthier way. I am going to make them for Easter for my family, already have some in freezer. Can I fry them the day before and then just heat them in the oven?
    I am making them for 30 people, so if I can do this it will be most helpful

    Thanks for a great recipe, I would have never attempted them, until I saw your tutorial……Keep up the great work….

    • Jenny

      I wish I could say for sure but I have never made that many. My instinct tells me that frying, chilling, and reheating in the oven may not give the best results but maybe you can research some information on this.

    • Mary Jane

      Sue B:

      Is that you cuz???

      Anyway, I have made large batches before for holidays. What I do is sauté them in butter and sweet onions in several batches, and then add them to a couple crock pots set on ‘warm’ not ‘low’. It is enough to keep them warm without them cooking further. Melt a little butter first in them! Enjoy!!! MJ

      • J R

        Thank you MaryJane, Did you make fry them the day before? I have
        120 to do, and it would be great if I could do them the day before and just heat them. your crock pot suggestion is good. Could I just warm them in the crock pot?

    • Glyn

      Hi Jenny: I have tried several of your recipes, and they are amazing. Thank you so much for publishing them.

      Do you happen to have a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie? I sure hope so as the ones I have used turn out quite dry.

      Please, please, please, if you have a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie, please do let me, and your faithful and grateful followers, have it.

      Thank you so much,


      • Jenny

        Sorry, I have never made shepherd’s pie.

      • Ele

        Hi glyn, best recipe for shepherds pie is from delia smith, second to that try nigella Lawson or Mary berry.

  127. Sue B

    I want to make pierogi a for Easter ahead of time. How can I reheat them on Easter? I am having a large family group over, I will not be able to cook them all on Easter. If I fry them a day ahead how can I reheat all of them. Thank you for your help.

    • Jenny

      I wish I could tell you how but I’m not sure how I would do that. Pierogi don’t have to be fried so if you boil them the day before, you could probably reheat them on a greased sheet in the oven. Otherwise, you might try researching some better information online.

    • Deborah

      I have fried them in advance in butter with onions and placed them in a tray and reheated them in the oven til warmed through. They aren’t crunchy anymore, but the flavor is still there. They are still delicious!

    • Cecelia Rieker

      I boil my pierogi first then fry them in butter. Let them cool. Refrigerate them and warm them covered in the oven, low temperature. Or, microwave them in small batches.

  128. Ef

    Thank you for another gr8 recipe!
    We really enjoy your website.

  129. Rosbin

    Hey Jenny, this is the first time i have tried cooking and sampling Polish food, gotta say my lovely i thoroughly enjoyed these dumplings.
    I will now experiment with the different fillings.
    Thanks from me and my family in the new forest.

  130. Jeannine

    Jenny….wow! Great recipe! First time for me and it went well. This dough was fool proof… used cheddar cheese instead cause I had no cream cheese. Worked just as good. I also added hot Hungarian paprika to half the recipe to try it. That was a hit too. Again thanks for the great recipe! I will use it every time!

  131. Hikaru

    Hello Jenny
    Pierogi always reminds me of the time I stayed in Vancouver.

    How much dose your measuring cup have for 1 cup?
    In Japan, 1 cup is equal to 200ml or 200cc

  132. Susan

    These look great, however I am looking for recipe for meat or fruit fillled pizzi -(not pizza.) Family has made plain boiled dough pizzI served with fresh ham gravy, (when broken apart very light like bread roll.) A friend mentioned her family made them filled…Have you made these or know of recipe? Thank you

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry, I have no such recipe.

    • Karen Kijek

      2 cups peeled& grated (in blender)potatoes
      2 cups ground bouled potatoes
      1 egg salt. 3/4 cup flour
      3 slices bacon diced
      1 onion diced
      Drain and squeeze the raw potatoes well combined with boiled ones, egg and salt. Form small balls. Roll each in flour. Drop the dumpling into a large kettles with boiling, salted water. Cover, bring to a boil. Cook uncovered onhigh until they float. Transfer to a warm plate. Fry bacon with the onions intil golden. Pour over the dumplings and serve. Serves 4.
      Recipe from The Art Of Polish Cooking by Alina Zeranska page 343.

    • Annieb

      My mother in law used to make them with chop meat – 2 lbs. pork chop meat and 1 lb. beef chop meat. She used 3 slices of stale white bread mixed with enough milk to make the bread soft – add 3 eggs, then the chop meat, salt, pepper, parsley chopped (about 1/4 of a bunch). She also added 2 diced onions sautéed to the mixture. Then, of course, you stuff them and boil them (a little longer than the potato mixture)………..My family can’t get enough!!!

  133. Laura W(ojkiewicz) Taylor

    Thank you for sharing your traditional Pierogi recipe. I learned how to make these from my Grandma. She made all types including some with her homemade farmer’s cheese, but all us cousins liked the fruit filled ones the best, especially the blueberry! Now it is a tradition in my family to make them on Christmas eve (living in Montana, we use wild gathered Huckleberries). Then Christmas morning, we fry them up to eat while we open our stocking presents. I never got the mushroom filling recipe from Grandma because I could never remember which were the right mushrooms to pick and did not want to make a mistake! Jenny, keep cooking!

  134. Diane Z

    I just bought your book. So far very impressed and glad I purchased it. I want to start eating healthier and lose about 30 lbs. I bought some clothes the other day and didn’t feel like trying them on. When I got home due to gaining weight they didn’t fit and I got a real side view of my body. It scared me!!! lol

    I am going to try your Pierogi recipe and hope its close to what my Grandma made when I was little. I remember her making her pierogis from scratch, my brother and sister couldn’t wait for dinner. We used to sneak the pierogis out of the boling water when she wasn’t looking, lol..(I’m sure she knew)..After she boiled them she would fry them up at dinner time. They were the best. She passed away many years ago and never left her recipe, she made them every time without looking at a recipe.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing back such wonderful memories…..The store bought are not the same as home made….

    • Gayla

      I grew up in SD and never had these. I moved to AZ much later and met the “aunties” next door. They taught me and my kids to make these. There was no recipe and I have forgotten how. But reading the recipe brought a lot back. Thank you so much for posting it. Oh…the grocery store ones are not even close.

  135. Rick

    Hi ya Jenny I made these perogies twice now man they are very yummy and easy to make thank for the recipe is there away using sourkraut and send me a link in my email I just made some sourkraut this year would like to try in these perogies

    • Jenny

      Sauerkraut makes a great filling for pierogi but make sure it’s not too liquid or it could seep out when you boil them. I am working on a sauerkraut-mushroom filling, which I will be posting soon.

      • Angeleone

        I love the sauerkraut pierogies, with just a hint of cooked bacon mixed in with the sauerkraut…which I believe is the Ukrainian version. I know, the bacon adds fat, but I have to tell you that my Vegan friend told me that these pierogies are worth breaking a few rules.

    • Peggy

      I make them with sauerkraut and onions. Cut the sauerkraut into small pieces, add the finely chopped onion and fry in butter until lightly browned and dry. Fill making sure that nothing is hanging out anpress closed and d continue with boiling

  136. Kasia

    Well im polish and we use quark instead of cream cheese, we add nut meg and instead of olive oil diced and fried pork fat ( pork bellies r good or raw not smoked bacon), no sour cream . Dough we make it out of 3 cups of lower little bot of salt and cup of really warm water.if dough is too leaky add more flower, eggs makes dough tuff, you can add one egg to it but its not needed 🙂

  137. Rick

    Hi ya I never made these yet but can I use grated cheese for the filing same amount 1/3 cup

    • Jenny

      Pierogies can be made with a number of fillings from potato/cheese to meat to sauerkraut/mushroom to blueberry and other fruit. Traditionally, a white cheese like farmer’s cheese is used but some people use shredded cheddar or parmesan. As long as the filling tastes good in the bowl, you can make it your own.

  138. Eva

    Hi Jenny. Dough is the bane of my life with pierogi. This came very close but still was a bit tough around the edges once cooked. They also floated immediately (cue nervousness) !! Once gently pan fried with atad of butter they were good…I am still doing something wrong…maybe pinching too many times??? What is your suggestion please?

    • Jenny

      Pierogi are not easy to make and it sounds to me like you just need a little more practice. If they floated immediately, it sounds like you may have done something differently than I do because I have never seen that. I’ve been making pierogi for years and if you follow my recipe exactly, they will not float until they are cooked.

    • Rose

      I found that the more you “play” with the dough, the tougher it gets. Try not to keep rerolling the dough.

  139. Zira

    Bom dia Jenny! Acabei de fazer sua receita de pierogi…. hummmm… ficou maravilhoso, amei! Obrigado…grande abraço! Zira,

  140. Zira

    Boa noite Jenny! Deixei de fazer peerogi porque dava muito trabalho, mas vendo sua receita e modo de preparar…. adorei e vou fazer como você. Sou Brazileira e fiquei muito feliz com seu retorno. Obrigado pelo carinho e atenção! Bjs

  141. Genia

    Jenny, Dzienkuje Bardzo! I’ve been making Pierogies for years and I’ve always used Farmers cheese and milk in my potatoes. I haven’t had any complaints and the recipe I use is because I was never able to get my Mom’s recipes since we weren’t allowed in the kitchen while she was cooking. Thru trial and error I finally perfected the pierogi recipe. I will definitely try yours with the cream cheese and water. I love that you have a video to show step by step on how to make this wonderful dish. Use to watch your show for years and so happy to connect thru Pinterest. I will send this to all my friends and family. Again Dzienkuje Bardzo! Smacznego!

  142. shirola

    I love Love your recipes! everything I make from here its always a big hit with my friends and family. But I have one problem…I tried making the dough for the Pierogi but it came out too sticky 🙁 and I wasn’t able to roll it out. is it because its too much sour cream, water and not enough flour? help me please.. I love all your recipes!

    I’m dying to make some Pierogi but its all in the dough.

    • Jenny

      A sticky dough usually means too much liquid or not enough flour. If it’s just a little sticky you can usually add a little more flour. If it’s super sticky, I have to wonder if you did something different. Did you follow the recipe exactly or make any changes? Is it possible you accidentally measured too much water by mistake? This recipe, without any changes, should work for everybody every time. Please let me know if you try again.

  143. Dave

    I cheat on my fillings I will add lipton onion soup mix to the potatoes to taste with the cream cheese

    I also use the cheese packets from the kids macaroni and cheese boxes to the potatoes with bacon to make bacon and cheese Pierogie filling. I aso have added chicken and rice right outta the soup can mixed with the cheese and potatoes and they were pretty good too.

  144. Shirola


    I love all your recipes! very easy,fun and tasty. I just want to stop and tell you that you have the best pierogi recipe out there. I’ve tried another one and it failed. The Dough was too sticky and I wasn’t able to roll out. I tried your.. All I can say is Jenny Can Cook!! I trust you!

    Thank you for all the great meals.

  145. elzbieta z Łodzi

    Dziękuję Jenny,
    J live in Poland and J learn from You polskie pierogi !
    That nice

  146. Linda

    Hi Jenny

    Recently tried cabbage perogies – they were delicious! Any chance you know how to make them, and can teach the rest of us? I love all kinds of perogies, but these are my new favorite. I think maybe the filling also included caramelized onions (?).

    • Jenny

      I have had sauerkraut & mushroom pierogi, which were great, but I don’t have a recipe for the filling, or for a cabbage filling – not yet anyway.

      • Linda

        Sauerkraut & mushroom sounds like another delicious idea. Might give those a try as well. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      • BRENDA

        Cabbage/Sauerkraut Filling with Mushrooms.

        Buy dry mushrooms. Place them in cold water for 5 mins, drain, and pour boiling water on them and let them stand for 10 min. Drain (now they are ready). Chop them if they are are big.

        Sauerkraut – 2 – 4# cans of Sauerkraut. Rince sauerkraut in a strainer under cold water. SQUEEZE out all water (as best you can to make it as dry as you can). Put Sauerkraut in pot of water and boil for 30-45 min (this takes the sour taste out). Drain and SQUEEZE out again. Try to make it as dry as possible or it will be too wet and ruin your dough.

        NOW…put 1-1/2 sticks of butter in a frying pan, Dice up one large onion and fry slightly. Mix your squeezed/drained sauerkraut and mushrooms together, add to pan with butter and onion and fry until browned slightly. Season well with Salt and Pepper. This will take about 1-1/2 hours.

        Now just fill your dough. Good Luck!

    • Ronnie Legutko

      I sauté onion, garlic & chopped mushrooms. Chop cooked, drained cabbage to onion mushroom mixture, season with salt & pepper. I cook this mixture until it tastes just right, always have to make a little extra for this. I also use butter for the frying, makes the filling richer. Let mixture cool, then make pierogi. I also do a mashed potato-cheddar cheese filling. I make the fillings the day before I assemble the pierogi. My dough is 2 cups flour, 1tsp salt & 1 egg, mixing my food processor, add cold water thru feed tube til dough comes together, then u r ready to assemble. Hope this helps.

      • Jenny

        Thank you for taking time to share this. It sounds like a great filling.

      • Linda

        Hi Ronnie

        Thanks so much for sharing. Sounds delicious! Never made perogies before, but want to give it a try.

    • Sandie

      To make a cabbage filling for your pierogies, you simply sauté finely shredded cabbage in butter, and season to taste with salt and pepper. You can also mix in some well drained sauerkraut if you choose.

  147. insPolnische

    I just love pierogi – it’s so Polish. Love it in various forms.

  148. KC

    This video was very informative!! The pierogis are so easy to make and a great idea to go along with supper! Thank you Jenny 🙂 I love watching your YouTube videos.

  149. Mary Ellen

    Jenny – I love your Polish cooking YouTube videos. I am also Polish, the daughter of Polish immigrants. Growing up, my Grandma and her sister would come visit us for 2 weeks every summer. We would make pierogis for hours together, filling up our freezer. The way we did it was to fill the pierogis with a mixture of sauerkraut, minced onion and caraway seeds that were fried in butter. We would then boil the pierogis, cool them down and freeze them by the dozen. When they were ready to cook, we would thaw them and then fry them in butter to heat them through. Now I’m hungry for some good, old-fashioned pierogis!!!

  150. Jc

    Hi, Jenny! I love watching your videos on Youtube. You are so entertaining! I have tried pierogi for the first time when my husband bought some home a long time ago. After seeing your tutorial, I decided to make it for dinner last night. My 2-yr old daughter enjoyed helping me roll out the dough. And my husband was so amazed and loved your pierogi recipe that he said I could put up a Polish restaurant! Lol. He is happy to know that there are more peirogi in the freezer for next time. My picky eater also liked eating the pierogi. It was worth making them. As my LO puts it..Thank you SOOOOOOO much (dziękuję bardzo) for your cooking tips and easy tutorials. Keep it going! From Makati, Philippines

  151. Shana

    Hi Jenny,

    I have two question for you.

    1) I have children who are lactose intolerant what can I use instead of sour cream to keep the dough moist?

    2) Is the pierogi dough supposed to double after it rests?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Jenny

      There are recipes online for making your own dairy-free sour cream (with cashews) and you should be able to find lactose-free sour cream at the market. Whole Foods sells it if there’s one in your area. Pierogi dough does not double when it rests since there it no yeast. Resting just makes it easier to work with.

  152. Trish

    yum my grandmother made pierogi with cabbage and onion. can,t wait to try it thanks

  153. Amy

    OMG! Jenny, your pierogi recipe is to die for! I told my husband today, he’ll never have to eat hard, store bought pierogi again.

    I’ve also made your Lemon and Black Forest Brownies; an absolute hit!
    What can I say? Who knew that baking was this easy, eh?

    I can wait to try your other recipes, especially “Makowiec,” my favourite cake from my childhood. Dziekuje bardzo; jestem naprawde zachwycona. 🙂

  154. Barbara

    Hi Jenny, I really enjoyed your video, I have a question; can I boil the pierogies in the potatoe water since it is already hot after cooking the potatoes, also to save washing more pots. Thanks again, you know what you are doing I like watching to get pointers on cooking polish food.

    • Jenny

      I think the pierogies are best cooked in fresh water but I do use the same pot from the potatoes. I just rinse it out and fill it with fresh water so there’s only one pot to wash.

      • Angeleone

        I remember watching my MIL use potato water to make the dough. Made sense to me since I always use pasta water as an emulsifier when cooking Shrimp Scampi in butter/olive oil.

  155. Elizabeth

    Hi Jenny! I LOVE your recipes so much! I am very interested in making these. What would I serve these with? I am really stumped,

    • Jenny

      When I was growing up we had pierogi as our main dish alone served with crisp bacon bits and sour cream. Today I would use them any place you would use potatoes, especially mashed potatoes. Serve them with meat or chicken or at the very least serve them with a vegetable. Being Polish, I enjoy them with sauerkraut and a little kielbasa. The way I see it, kraut is made from cabbage and cabbage is a vegetable! 🙂

    • SARAH JO


  156. Lubna

    I made these and I just want everyone to know they turned out absoloutly incredible, so so yummy and so easy thank you so much!

  157. Bridget


    I am living overseas in a country that doesn’t have sour cream readily available. What could I replace the sour cream with for the dough?


    • Jenny

      You could try yogurt or possibly a little heavy cream. You could also eliminate the sour cream and add an extra egg. If you look for other recipes online without sour cream you can use their dough recipe with my filling and technique.

  158. M

    Hi Jenny,
    I just made these perogies this weekend, but I cheated a little and used wonton wrappers instead of making the dough. They still turned out great! I served them with homemade soup and an orange cake with cream cheese frosting. I’m looking forward to trying some of your other recipes, especially the lemon brownies.

  159. Stephanie

    Hi Jenny!

    I still can’t believe that I watched your talk show for years and now I have found you on Utube making UNBELIEVABLY delicious easy recipes! I made your polish pierogi’s tonight and OMG they were DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your recipes with us!!!!

  160. Lauren

    Is there a different method to cooking them besides boiling them? Could they be pan-fried or cooked in an oven?

    • Jenny

      They are essentially raw dumplings and need to be boiled.

  161. Kathie Pipczynski

    I made these pierogis for my Polish-American husband-first attempt at making pierogis in our almost 35 years of marriage. They came out great! The recipe was so easy to follow and my husband loves them! I also made sauerkraut and mushroom ones for me and he likes the potato and onion. I will definitely make this recipe again. All in all, I made four dozen-two of each kind. Thanks for a great recipe. I plan on making some of your other recipes too.

    • Valerie Hurbis

      Kathie I would love your recipe for the cabbage-mushroom pierogis!

    • Mandi Shere

      I would love your recipe for Polish Pierogi filled with “sauerkraut and mushroom”. i would be so appreciative. 🙂

  162. Halina

    I came across your videos by chance and simply love watching you in the kitchen. You are so relaxed and make everything seem so easy-peasy as opposed to my uptight attitude towards cooking. I remember you from your days on TV and even then, found watching you was enjoyable! Thank you for showing us how uncomplicated Polish cooking can be. I have printed up quite a few of your recipes but am looking forward to making the “Angel Wings” or “faworki” as I know them for my daughter’s birthday as an extra treat. Thanks again!!!

  163. Sarenka

    Can sweet potatoes be substituted for the white potatoes in the filling? I would imagine some moisture needs to added.

    • Jenny

      There are several different fillings traditionally used in pierogi so you can certainly make them your own. However, too much moisture might make the filling too soft and it could seep out when you boil the pierogi so I would not add extra moisture.

  164. cindy

    I am part polish. My mom was 100 percent. Grandparents came to us from poland. Learned how to make these, but we used cottage cheese as a filling. My children will not eat cold cottage cheese, but these they can never get enough

  165. Matthew Fillip

    Hey Jenny im a Big Fan of yours. I made your Pierogi’s. Wow what a Great dish! I took a few dozen into my work and they were gone in minutes lol. Thank you for your very easy and simple steps in your recipes. Hope to see more new ones out.

    Cheers Matthew From Calgary Canada

  166. Liz

    Hi Jenny! I’m a young, budding amateur cook who’s been reacquainting herself with her Polish and Hungarian heritage of late and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your recipes! Pierogi dough has always been my biggest challenge when it came to getting it right, but you’re recipe made it so easy to work with. I mixed white and whole wheat flour and the dough came out beautiful. And the filling! Yum! I used the traditional farmer’s cheese and added chopped kale for some greenery. I, along with my fiance, were eating spoonfuls in between! Thank you for your wonderful video as well!

  167. Andrea

    The pierogi’s were delicious 🙂 This was the second recipe (video too) that I followed and was very happy with the end result! I made the cabbage rolls on Saturday and they were a huge hit.
    I’m Hungarian decent and have always avoided European dishes because they’ve always seemed so intimidating.
    Thank you for simplifying the process with your easy to follow instructions, both through video and the printable version. Looking forward to trying my hand at many more recipes!

  168. Barbara

    Dear Jennie:
    I am hoping you can help me. I am 74 years old and have been making pierogi most of my married life. I make about 250 for a family pierogi party. I usually ,make them all in one day. I boil them, rinse them, brush them with melted butter & put them in aluminum foil pans. The day of the party, I add a little water to the pan & put them in a 325 degree oven for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Now at my age, I cannot make that many all at one time anymore, so I thought if I could make small batches and freeze them, it would be easier. I know how to freeze them individually and them bag them, but how do I defrost them without ending up with a big blobby mess? I am afraid that if I put them in the pans frozen and just put them in the oven, they might all stick together. I tried reboiling and then putting them in the oven but the fillings turned out watery and flat. Pan frying 250 of them just before sitting down to dinner, seems impossible. My family is very disappointed that there won’t be a pierogi party this year. Any ideas?

    By the way, thank you very much for your video. I have never made small batches. I learned from my mom and she always made large amounts of everything. your video has simplified the process and made it so much easier to explain to my daughters and granddaughters.
    Thank you!!

    • Jenny

      It humbles me to give a suggestion to a cook who is much more experienced than I am. But from what I know, the key is that the pierogies do not touch each other. It seems to me you could rub the frozen ones with oil or melted butter first, then put them on the foil pans and put them in the oven at 325 to heat. If they are well greased, even if they touch while baking, I think they would be okay. I should have been more clear in my video about freezing. I freeze them so they are not touching in the bags, all in one layer, oiled, and separated. That takes time and more bags but they are all individually frozen. If they are frozen separated, you can just oil each one again and place them separately in the foil pan. I hope this has helped just a little. If not, feel free to write back.

      • Deloris

        hello…I am 72yrs young and have been making pierogi with my mother (just passed at age 93) for 60+ years. We always placed pierogi on a well floured cookie sheet in single rows… Heavily floured again over top of them. Placed cookie sheet uncovered in freezer for approx 1-2hrs till frozen to the touch. Then removed from cookie sheet ( they pop right off) and place in plastic freezer bags in amount of 50 to a bag…leaving as much flour as able to on each pierogi. place in boiling water to cook(no pre cooking necessary) will keep in freezer for 6 months. We always made 250 to 300 at a time. As you place in boiling water shake off all the extra flour. Works like a charm and allows you to make large amounts at once .

        • Jenny

          Three hundred pierogi?! OMG!! That’s the way to do it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. One question: Do you place them in the boiling water still frozen? Thank you.

          • Mandi Shere

            I am from a strong French Ojibwa heritage (northern Ontario Canada) but pierogies are a tradition in our family for several generations, although we have a different name.

            I loved your filling recipe (so close to ours but yours has way less fat in it. (thanks for that 😉 )

            We also make them in large batches but do not precook them. We flour them in a large bowl of flour, freeze on a floured cookie sheet and then in a zip-loc bag in lg quantities until needed.

            When we desire pierogies for a meal (breakfast, lunch, supper, after school snack for the kids, or even just for a treat) we simply boil water and add the pierogies “straight from the freezer” (no need to defrost or thaw). They actually only take a min at the most more than cooking them fresh made and taste just as they would if the were cooked when first made. Once they float on top of the water for about 1 min, we remove straight to a plate and either drizzle melted homemade garlic butter or sometimes a dollop of light sour cream and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

            I have also made them with a mixture of sweet potato, onion & brown sugar. They are a wonderful holiday treat with a “dark maple sugar, butter walnut drizzle” over top. Yummy!

            BTW – Have you done a tutorial on making homemade butter? that would be so wonderful. It is so easy too! 🙂 …… and economical as well as tastier and healthier than store bought.

            I am looking forward to reviewing other recipes on your site; especially after reading recipe accolades by your followers in the comments.

            I also wish to extend my appreciation and thank you for sharing your video tutorials… they are very helpful as well as enjoyable. Please continue to warm our kitchens with your warm and friendly help. 🙂

            • Jenny

              Thank you for sharing your information on boiling frozen pierogies. It sounds like a good alternative to my way and I will try it next time. I’m from Ontario myself and have been as far north as Kapuskasing!

    • Ellen

      i wish I had the patience to make so many pierogies at one time! I usually just do a few dozen at a time, and the way I freeze them works well, I’ve been doing this for over30 years. After I make the pierogi, I boil 3-4 at a time, about 45 seconds. I take them out of the water witha slotted spoon, and lay them on baking/ cookie racks to cool. I save and clean every foam plate or meat tray I can, and I put a generous sized piece of waxed paper on them. I lay the pierogi over the surface, but not touching, and separate each layer with wax paper. I never put more than two layers stacked as they are delicate. I wrap the whole thing with Press and Seal plastic wrap. Place in a zip lock bag, and place in the freezer. When I want to defrost, I just put them in the refrigerator to thaw, and brown them in a pan with butter. They easily last 6 months this way. I don’t know if this will work for you with the large number you make, but it is very manageable for me.

    • Grace

      Barbara I’m polish pierogi runs in my blood, I have less years experience in making them but my mom and my mother in laws advice.
      You can freeze them uncooked just make sure you dust all of them in flour freeze them in ziploc bags just one layer and lay flat.
      When you ready for your party do not difreeze it. Boil water add little bit of oil and when water is boiling put frozen pierogies one at the time, boil
      Later you reduce heat and cook until they state to float on top.
      Second method is freeze them cooked no need for sprinkling them with flour then unfreeze them and fry it on the pan until golden if you don’t like it fryed cook them frozen. Btw we do not put sour cream to the dough it will make it harder and use very warm water fought will be very elastic. Hope that will help feel free to write your opinion to me:)

    • Charlotte

      Wow! You are amazing! You could have the Perogy party and teach the others how to make them. Then next year they can get together and make it and you can show up and relax and enjoy yourself or help where you like.

  169. Soph

    Your pierogi recipe is so forgiving, still delicious, even when I’ve taken many liberties. No onion or garlic just the potatoes and cheese but quadrupled the recipe using low fat cottage cheese (drained the liquid) and added reduced fat feta; it’s all the cheese I usually have on hand. Freeze the pierogi’s according to your gnocchi freezing advice–on a baking sheet after I’ve boiled, dried, and cooled them. Store them in the freezer for nearly 3 months and they keep well. My family love them ‘fresh’, so when they get a pierogi craving, I simply take out a bag of frozen pierogis and put them straight into a pot of boiling salted water for a few minutes until the water returns to a boil and all the pierogis have risen to the top. I give them a stir now and then to keep them from sticking to each other but they seldom do and voila, pierogis! I used to serve bacon or butter with them, but now I caramelize some onion in grapeseed oil, sometimes onion and mushrooms. Would you believe the family doesn’t miss the bacon or butter?! Some even eat them plain and naked! You exhibit such joy and comfort in the kitchen. If it weren’t for the confidence and ease that you demonstrate in your videos, I’d never have the guts to experiment or try some of the lesser known dishes you’re exposing us to. Thank you Jenny.

  170. Alexander S. Bauhart

    Dear Jenny! I am amazed. I did pierogis since I lived in Poland (in the trouble times of the 1980-81 Solidarność situation…). I always took the complicated way. I tried yours today. OH MY GOD, they vanished here. I must confess, I ran out of cream cheese, had only half, so I completed with some of my home made cottage cheese. I delight !!! It cheered me up so much to see what you’ve become and I adore your website and blog. Way to go, honey!!!

    See you one day in Rhode Island? Let me know !
    Cheers, truthfully, Alexander

  171. Empriss

    I made these today. I used cheddar cheese instead of cream cheese ( that’s all I had) these were the best pierogi I have ever eaten:) thanks so much for this recipe

  172. Ewa

    As a Polish I can not imagine my life without “pierogi”. I love all of them: with cabbage, ” ruskie”, with meat, and also sweet ones: with blueberries, with strawberries or with sweet cheese. Ruskie pierogi are my favorites. I use farmer cheese and I use usually more cheese then in your recipe. I also use more onion. I make dough without sour cream and it works perfect. I use 3 glasses of flour, 1 glass of hot water, 1 teaspoon of oil,and 1/2- 3/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 egg.( of note polish glass has 250 ml).From this amount of ingredients I received 60 pierogi ( 3 inches). I use the same technique for freezing them but I do not cook them before freezing. Thanks again for all you healthy recipes. I cook most of my meals according to your recipes 🙂

  173. Claudia

    Dear Jenny, Wow, Just watched you make pierogi and have to tell you how wonderful your video is. Thanks for explaining about using either flour on you fingers to keep the dough from sticking or water to help pinch / seal. You have a very good method of explaining and showing. I don’t have a You Tube, Facebook or Twitter Account so I’m glad I could contact you on your fabulous website to thank you for sharing both the recipe and your expertise. Take care & God bless you. 🙂

  174. Barb

    I grew up watching my mom making the best pierogi ever. I was always intimidated by the process. Your recipe and video made it simple and manageable. Made my first batch today and it was a huge success. Next time I will be doubling the recipe and freezing them. Thank you so much. Cannot wait to try potato pancakes and the doughnuts!

  175. Cashmere

    Amazing!! I tried these and they were perfect and so very yummy!

  176. Leelee from OZ

    Gidday from Down Under Jenny – I find it quite ironic. I started out a Jones and ended up a Czyszek!!
    I made the cabbage rolls as well as the pierogi for my Polish MIL and after 13 years she now considers me a cook – to the point I make the pierogi better than she does. Mind you she is 88 years old. She said she can now die in peace as she knows her son will be looked after (Her exact words).
    I love all your recipes – but the Polish ones are fantastic as Mum finds it hard to do what she used to do years ago, so I took up the challenge and try to find yummy Polish recipes that are good for us. Before your site that was a challenge.
    I made potato and cheese AND cabbage and mushroom pierogi on the weekend for my adult children and even the meatasaurus son loved them, as well as fussy 3 year old granddaughter. My vego daughter has fallen in love with them and asked for your recipe.
    Thanks so much, I am extremely grateful I stumbled onto your site – next up the baked doughnuts -love the flavour buy not the deep frying of the Polish way of cooking them. Warm regards from an Aussie adopted Polish wife.

    • Jenny

      It was so nice of you to take time to write all this and what a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much.

      • Marisa

        Jenny I made these last night!!! What a keeper I can’t thank you enough xo

  177. bogeysbaby

    Made these. So good. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  178. Johanna

    I also grew up outside Hamtramck! It’s near impossible to find even frozen pierogies here in UT. (And frozen just doesn’t cut it when you’ve grown up with the real thing!). I’ve always been too intimidated to try making these on my own but your video made it seem so easy. The way I was taught did not include the sour cream in the dough…wow is your way better! The dough is fantastic and I couldn’t believe how easy they were seal. I made a double batch and only one came undone in the boiling process. I froze some and also made and froze your cabbage rolls. I’m planning a huge Polish feast on Divine Mercy Sunday in honor of the canonization of Pope John Paul II. Thank you SO much for sharing your recipes and videos! These are helping me share the Polish food and traditions with my girls that I grew up with!

  179. Debbie

    Just made a batch of the pierogi with your recipe. I agree the cream cheese is great in the potatoes…….I did also sneak in some shredded cheddar cheese and wow….these are a keeper. Thanks for the video…….I am a visual learner and you did a great job!

  180. Vicky

    Great video! How do you reheat if they’ve been frozen? Also, if you freeze them on a baking sheet before bagging, they will not stick together. That is what I do when I make egg rolls. I can pull out as many as I want with no problem. Great sight. I want to make these.


    • Jenny

      That’s a good about freezing on a baking sheet. I didn’t think of it but that’s the way I freeze my gnocchi and they never stick. I put them, not touching, on a baking sheet and once they are frozen solid, I transfer them to a freezer bag. So that should work with pierogi as well. By the way, I thaw my frozen pierogi in the refrigerator overnight and then brown them in a little olive oil.

  181. JB

    These were so super easy to make. This would not have been possible nor would I have made them until I saw your video. I made them Friday for dinner I got 30 of them and they were pretty much gone that same night. My 5 yr old insisted we do them again because he loved the first batch so much. We made a second batch Sat. the next day. We will have to go walk a mile or two very soon. Absolutely love these. We will try your pepperoni pizza next. I wanted to add one more thing. Your site makes planning dinner very easy, takes all the guessing as to what should we eat today. Thank you.

  182. Susan

    I would love to make these perogi, can the be made with gluten free flour

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I have no experience with gluten-free flour but I did a little research online and I suspect it’s not as simple as swapping wheat flour with gluten-free. I’m sorry this is a question I really can’t answer – maybe you can try some online resources.

  183. Adriana

    Oh, Jenquia!! I wish I could call u, but il just tell u that i made these babies today & they are SO luscious! I think tommorow il make them in a parmesan sauce (lighter one)Our new favorite! Thank u for sharing!!

  184. ijojoi159

    I made these perogies for dinner and we LOVED them!! Thank you for sharing your recipe!! I will be freezing the other half as it was a lot for just two people but we plan on eating them for dinner next week again! I really love your range! I’ve been looking for my dream range for a few months now as we are renovating our kitchen soon! Thank you for sharing!! Xoxo from Canada!

  185. Chantelle

    Hi from australia. I made your potato pierogi last night. Was sooooo good!

  186. vdos13

    I made this for my family today and it turned out to be a success (:

  187. Lisa

    I don’t know how I came across your pierogi recipe, but these are THE BEST I’ve ever made! Thank you so much!

  188. Juli

    Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe! My Busia used to make these, never used a recipe, and I am excited to try my hand at them…you explained everything so perfectly!
    Blessings and much appreciation!

  189. Janice

    These were soooo delicious. Jenny you made it look so easy, like the rest of the videos you made. I watched them all and I’m going to try them all! Thank for sharing them 🙂

  190. Nicole McLaughlin

    Loved your video on pierogi as well as your cabbage rolls…. your pierogi video was so well done and detail info you give is so helpful…. the best I’ve seen yet…. thanks again

  191. Brett

    Hi jenny I tried your recipe, just like your cabbage rolls and the perogies turned out great. I used whole wheat flour instead and that took a little bit of experimenting, but worked out in the end. Thanks for all your great recipes! Brett from London ON (egerton and Hamilton road to be exact)

  192. Patryk

    They look perfectly! Więcej polskich potraw, proszę 🙂 Pozdrawiam

  193. Rhonda

    I watched the video and it looks so easy. I think I can do this. I will have to if I want Polish Pierogi because those look so yummy. I do love your Cabbage Rolls and I’m sure these I would love too 🙂

  194. brooszkaa

    pierogi ruskie <3

  195. Rhoda

    Fried in Butter and onions! Yum

  196. THB79

    Looks like Saturday’s snack has been solved. Think I’ll use my pot sticker wrappers as opposed to the fresh dough. Slightly brown in oil then add water and steam until water is gone. Sorta like yours, in reverse.

  197. Lorri

    Growing up in Hamtramck Mi we had these at least once a week – were not polish we just adopted the delicious foods – my mom always did the potato and onion filing and also the cabbage, corned beef and carrot – YUM! To make them healthier for my family we top with a little sour cream and some toasted pecans – my boys are 19 & 20 now and still ask for these lil gems alot for special suppers, and parties! TY for showing how u make them I always love to watch your videos!

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