Oct 1, 2014

No Knead Crusty Rolls

Calling all bread people!! You can make the most amazing crusty rolls at home and it’s easier than you ever imagined. There is no kneading. There is almost no work. The hardest thing is to stop eating these delicious rolls, especially when they’re fresh and hot out of the oven.

Everyone loves no knead bread that bakes in a Dutch oven like magic and comes out with a beautiful golden crust. But if you don’t have a Dutch oven (and they are expensive) you can make no knead crusty rolls instead and all you need is a baking pan.

No knead bread usually requires that you start the dough the night before, using cold water, and let it rest overnight. With my hot water method, you can make the rolls the same day so it’s faster and any time I can make bread faster, I’m a happy baker. These are the best rolls I’ve ever had.

Anyone can make homemade bread or rolls using the no-knead method. If you’re anxious about baking with yeast, you don’t need to be with this easy recipe. Even amateur bakers can make these amazing crusty rolls. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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5 Comments on "No Knead Crusty Rolls"

  1. Karinna Sanchez

    Hi Jenny,

    Tried this recipe 3 times exactly as you did and my dough does not look like yours. The bread tasted fine and my family really liked them. Also the bottoms get a bit burned. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions?


    PS: love your videos

  2. Mary

    My family loves crusty bread made in a Dutch oven.
    These buns are over the top delicious!!! Taste just like the crusty loaf.
    I have made these buns 3 times now & they are AMAZING! Can’t say enough about them. Love love love
    Thank you so much

  3. Marie

    Thanks Jenny for an easy recipe you make my life much easy to make dinner rolls. Do you have recipe for Vegan no oil no eggs buns?

    Thank you!!•

  4. Barbo Gold

    Making these rolls in a few. Will report any good news!

  5. Mahin

    Dear Jenny, thank you very much for your generosity in sharing this great recipe with us.
    It was nice to see your lovely face and sweet smile once again.
    With regards,

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