Sep 25, 2013

Homemade Bread Crumbs

Make your own bread crumbs! You’ll save money and with my easy fresh bread recipe, they will taste better too. It takes just a few minutes to make healthy bread crumbs at home and you can avoid all the additives they put into the packaged ones. But the biggest benefit is the taste. If you make breadcrumbs with fresh whole wheat bread, you’ll never want store-bought again. I don’t know why they say to use stale bread. Stale bread makes stale crumbs. So get a fresh loaf of 100% whole wheat bread (it should have 3 grams of fiber per slice) and follow my simple steps for dry and for fresh bread crumbs.

Dry crumbs, the kind you use for breading,  freeze for months, in fact I’ve had some in my freezer for over a year and they still taste great. I keep two bags in the freezer: one with plain dry whole wheat crumbs and another with seasoned dry crumbs. I usually add oregano, thyme, garlic salt, and pepper but you can add anything your heart desires as long as it’s a dry spice. How about cayenne pepper or paprika or basil or rosemary or cumin or… (your spice here).

Fresh crumbs take about one minute to make using a food processor and they are an awesome topping for mac & cheese. They are also what I use in my salmon patties. So why not use high fiber breadcrumbs and make mac & cheese, salmon patties, or other meals a little healthier. Once you have fresh crumbs, it takes just a few minutes to turn them into Panko crumbs. Yes, you can make homemade Panko bread crumbs, too. So make some healthy bread crumbs and amp up your fiber! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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2 Comments on "Homemade Bread Crumbs"

  1. Rhonda

    Wow, you can freeze dry bread crumbs? Who would’ve thunk it…lol…Fresh bread crumbs are really moist and soft. I’ve made your fresh bread crumbs before when I made your Mac & Cheese and it was so delicious. Need to make the dried bread crumbs and freeze them just to keep on hand. Never know when a recipe calls for it. Matter of fact my meatloaf I make is made with dry bread crumbs. Hey, maybe I should just make mine again and use your method of homemade dry bread crumbs… Keep doing what you do, Jenny. We know you love cooking. It shows 😉

  2. sodiumfree

    Great video! I’ll be sure to do this every time from now on. Thanks!! 🙂

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