Feb 14, 2014

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

I want everyone to see how easy it is to make baby back ribs with tender meat that falls off the bone. There’s no mystery to making those barbeque ribs we all love, the ones where you have to catch the meat as it falls away from the bone. It’s easy. But if you’re impatient, you will have to change your ways to make tender ribs because you really need to slow cook them first. But there’s nothing to do during all that time while you wait for the ribs to tenderize.

Oh wait… there is something to do. Call the neighbors over for a barbeque! Middle of winter? Snow on the roof? No problem. You can do it all in the oven. In fact, there is so little clean up if you do it all in the oven, that has become my favorite way to make ribs. By using a disposable foil pan, and working on foil or wax paper, the only thing to wash is your sticky fingers from my amazing sauce (yes, there’s a recipe here for that too), most of your face, and the white shirt you should never have worn on rib day.

So don’t wait for summer to enjoy my fall-off-the-bone ribs. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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16 Comments on "Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs"

  1. Tammye Johnson

    Can you use regular spare ribs and cut them once they are done

    • Barbara

      I have made these with spareribs, country ribs and beef ribs. Yes you can

      • Nicolas in Arizona

        Amen you were raised right! Happy cooking

  2. Joanna

    i made this on July 4th for myself and then had to share with friends because it was so delicious. One of my friends called just to tell me how delicious it was. Thank you so much!! FIRST RIBS EVER/ I feel confident with ribs now! You demonstrate the recipe so well and allow me to feel confident that I too will do it well. I used honey mustard BBQ sauce and it was divine. All the best. Keep making these recipes for us all.

  3. Millet

    I salute to this recipe. It’s so deliciously perfect and the whole family loves it.

    I would like to ask if a beef brisket can be a substitute to this recipe and would it have the same procedures, the rub and your delicious homemade bbq sauce? I am hoping you will give me an answer.


  4. Millet

    I salute to this recipe. It’s deliciously perfect and the whole family love it so much. Thank you so much of your generosity in sharing to all of us.

    I would like to ask if a beef brisket can be a substitute for this recipe. Would it have the same procedures like the rub and your delicious bbq sauce?

    Thanks again and God bless you and your family. Take care always.

  5. Rick

    Jenny –your great personality almost exceeds your recipes—-:)-I am 72 and love to cook–Why I like your videos so much=perfect example-The back membrane didn’t come off all at once–real life stuff–nice to know it happens to other people!!!!–Keep up the great work!!!–Tell your partner he is a lucky man!!!!

  6. ed brewer

    Jenny I love you,please forgive that comment, but I am an 84 year old who is cooking for himself and I love your simple recipe for the “Fall-Off-The-Bone” Ribs.They are easy to make and taste fantastic.Keep them coming.Regards, Ed

    • Jenny

      Ed, thanks for the compliment. Cooking for yourself, as I do, is the best way to live long and stay healthy.

  7. Jeanne

    This is my third time making the ribs since I found the recipe a month or so ago. They are absolutely delicious. Just what I always dreamed about.

    BTW where do you buy those oven gloves you wear. I might like to get a pair of them. They aren’t bulky like regular big oven gloves.

    Thank you for this great recipe. BTW I again made your Everyday Cookies yesterday and they are also delicious!

  8. Penelope

    I am following Jenny’s recipe and used rub on the ribs and they’re in the oven. I cannot locate her bbq SAUCE recipe! Can you please email me… I have been on the website last 15 min looking for it, thanks!

  9. David Parry

    I really like the look of this recipe and intend making the ribs shortly. However to what does a cup relate to. We use weights in the UK and I want to get it absolutely right. Thank you.

    • Jenny

      Please see the Metric Conversion Chart in my blog – that should be helpful.

      • Val

        Just made the ribs. They were fall off the bone tender. Definitely foolproof.

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