Aug 5, 2013

Make the best pizza dough ever!

Hey, pan pizza lovers! Foolproof pizza dough has never been easier. And my video is proof that anyone can make easy and healthy pan pizza at home. I was so excited about this recipe, I could hardly wait to make a video because once you actually see it done (or not done – because there is nothing to do) you’ll see how this easy pizza dough rises all by itself overnight so all you have to do is put the stuff in a bowl… and it’s no-kneading, no-working, no-kidding!

Healthy pan pizza is my new favorite pizza because I’m a bread person and I like it crispy. Wait until you see (and hear) the crispy crust you get with a cast iron pan. You’ll never find pan pizza as good as this in any store so I hope this easy recipe motivates you to make your own healthy pan pizza at home. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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4 Comments on "Make the best pizza dough ever!"

  1. Donna

    Hi Jenny, Made your easy pan pizza. CAN YOU SAY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Easiest dough recipe I ever made. My husband loves it. Keep bringing your wonderful recipes. I am also Polish and appreciate the polish recipes. Any recipes for sour cream and cucumbers? Or ducks blood soup? Thanks again!!!!

  2. Yani

    Awesome….love the recipe!!
    Anyway,i don’t have any oven..can i do this recipe on the stove?
    Thank you so much….

    • Jenny

      I don’t think you can get a pizza like this without an oven but I have seen some recipes online for pan pizza on the stove. You basically cook the dough on both sides in the pan, then add toppings, cover it with a lid, and cook until the toppings are done. I’ve seen pictures and it’s not the same but it’s still pizza. Try googling “stove top pan pizza.” Good luck!

  3. Sue

    OMG Jenny that looks awesome! I just saw this today. My computer was taken from home by the geek squad. I am at work and my eyes are bulging out of my head!! Ha Ha! A must try, can’t wait!

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