Best Pan Pizza Recipe

Easy Pan Pizza

Easy Pan Pizza

This is the best pan pizza you will ever have! Using a cast iron skillet makes it crispy and golden brown. I always remove some of the moisture from mushrooms & veggie toppings and “degrease” the pepperoni for a never-soggy, crispy crust. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Makes: Makes one 10-inch pizza

Easy Pan Pizza


  • 1 1/2 cups (7 ounces) bread flour (all-purpose flour works too)
  • 1/4 teaspoon yeast - instant or active dry
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup water (cold or hot - see below)

  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil for greasing pan
  • 1/3 cup pizza sauce
  • 4 ounces part skim mozzarella cheese, hand shredded
  • toppings of your choice (I use reduced fat turkey pepperoni, peppers, onions, and mushrooms)


  1. ORIGINAL WAY (Overnight using cold water) Combine flour, yeast, and salt in a medium bowl. Add cold water and combine well. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and let stand on counter top 12 to 18 hours.
  2. FASTER WAY (Using hot water) Combine flour, yeast, and salt in a medium bowl. Add hot tap water (120 - 130° F) and combine well. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and let stand on counter top for 3 hours.
  3. After the resting time of either the overnight 12-18 hrs or faster 3 hrs, dough will be double in size, puffy & soft, and dotted with bubbles. Sprinkle the dough with a little flour and stir briefly until it forms a ball.
  4. Grease a 9 or 10-inch cast iron skillet.
  5. Place dough in skillet, spreading close to the edge with oiled fingers. Cover with a pot lid or plate and let rest at least an hour, preferably two. It will continue spreading as it rests.
  6. Preheat oven to highest temperature - 500/550° F.
  7. Add sauce, cheese, and toppings.
  8. Cook on a stove-top burner on medium-high heat for 3 minutes.
  9. Place in oven and bake about 15 minutes (start checking at 12).

Note: - Click here for more on making this easy pizza faster using hot water.

Note: To reduce moisture when adding sliced mushrooms, peppers, or onions, place them between double paper towels between 2 plates. Microwave 1 minute and press out excess moisture with paper towels. The same process (30 sec. in microwave) removes excess fat from pepperoni.

Easy Pan Pizza

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  1. Ted

    I am planning to make this pizza the ORIGINAL WAY (Overnight using cold water). What is the required temperature for the “cold water”?

    Thank you.

  2. kelly

    hi wondering if you can use all-purpose flour for your pan pizza

  3. kelly

    hi can you use all- purposeflour

    • Gary

      Her recipie states that you can use either AP or Bread flour. I have used both and really cannot tell that much of a difference. BF a bit stiffer probably due to more gluten.

  4. Siouxma

    I made the pizza exactly as instructed (for a change in my life), and it was perfect. The stovetop cooking for 3 minutes is brilliant! The pizza came out of the iron skillet with no problem, and I assume it is because of this initial step. The crust was perfect. Very happy that I finally found a pizza recipe that I look forward to using now. Thank you!

  5. Stacey

    Can you use home milled bean flour in place of the bread/white flour and get the same results?

  6. Loopster

    Jenny you truly are wonderful, a great cook and so many great ways of making food fun and delicious. Thank you Jenny.

  7. Mark B

    Has anyone worked out the nutritional value for this crust? I know toppings will vary but as for the crust in the same size skillet, does anyone know the calories, carbs, etc?

  8. SandyD

    Hello Jenny,
    New to your site and have made the polish doughnuts, the faster no-knead bread and the easy pan pizza. Each result has been perfect. Thank you for your time, your efforts and your skills in helping many create happiness for family and friends. Your videos are the best!

  9. Sue101

    Love, love, love your pizza dance!!!!

  10. Mark

    Made this for the 4th time 5/20/19. Nailed it! Best crust ever and this recipe has never failed. According to the ‘boss’ (wife) this was the best homemade pizza she has ever had. Only critique.. 2 TBSp oil in the skillet.

  11. Amber

    Can i use self rising flower and it still worj the Same? Where i live stores don’t carry yeast for some reason

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Self rising flour will not work for this recipe so you may have to order yeast online.

  12. Erin

    Total flop. Crust COMPLETELY stuck to the pan. Wasted time and effort; threw the whole thing out. Disgusted.

    • Tommie

      Disgusted? Really? You went there? Why not take responsibility for your own mistakes and not unload your frustration on someone whose recipes actually work! Jerk.

    • Mark

      Gently…You probably did not have enough oil in the pan. Two tablespoons works better. Plus you iron skillet needs to be well seasoned.

      • Loopster

        The skillet should be very well seasoned. I have my mom’s iron skillets, years of fried cooking in pans. Nothing sticks in these skillets. If you honestly want to use them, look it up on u-tube, how to season an iron skillet. The skillets are indestructible and will last a life time.

    • Veev

      Are you kidding me? Jenny’s recipes are so easy, if you follow her directions.
      I have never in my 60 years of cooking made bread/pizza/rolls that have turned out as delicious as Jenny’s recipes. How could you be so “disgusted”? A total misstatement ERIN! Look at the recipe and repeat.
      Do not blame Jenny!!!!
      We love her

  13. Holly

    What brand of cast iron pan is that?
    Thanks, Holly

  14. Valerie Texas

    Just wanted to say thank you best pizza ever. I did double the recipe I have a cast iron pizza pan from Walmart and it is large enough. I only use the 1/4 yeast and double everything else it’s perfect. I love left over pizza. So needed to make bigger batch. Again thank you for this.

  15. Krystyna Donati

    So, so easy and delicious. My Italian husband loved this pizza crust!

  16. Mike M.

    We love your pan pizza recipe. We have made this recipe twice now and each time have had an issue with the crust sticking to the cast iron pan. The second time not as bad as the first. I used 1 tbs. canola oil each time, as that is all I had on hand. Any suggestions, perhaps more oil?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, I would definitely try doubling the oil and make sure the entire surface gets oil.

      • Mike M.

        I will try your suggestion. Thank you very much for your timely response.

  17. Jesse

    Thanks Jenny for a great recipe!
    My boyfriend was watching an old episode of your cooking show and saw you make this recipe. He was intrigued by the overnight version. I looked it up and made it on February 17, 2019. I used the quicker hot water method. It was super easy! and the pizza was perfect!! Beautiful golden crust but soft and fluffy inside! This will be a go to recipe for us!

  18. Galleylama

    This pizza is so easy and amazing! Is there anyway that I could make the dough and freeze it after the initial rise and then thaw and let it do the second rise?

  19. Stacy

    I have prepared this recipe at least 3 times, and doing it again tonight! Take Out No More! You are quite a character, and I love watching you! Hugs & Kisses to you and your hubby!

  20. Jann

    I made this tonight for supper. The tip on drying out the veggies was full on brilliance. No more take away pizza in our house. Hubby LOVED it! Thanks, Jennie!

    Although I’m in Calgary (east coast transplant) I was in London only last week. Thanks for sharing your history in pics with us. Who knew, Richmond Street!

  21. Rick

    I just stumbled upon your recipe for easy pan pizza, and can’t wait to try it! Do you have any tips for adapting this to a large pizza stone? I read one entry here that suggested prebaking the dough for a few minutes before applying any sauce or toppings.

  22. Jan McGuire

    Iloved the video..Unfortunately I can’t make it because my Daughter has Lyme disease & affecting stomach she can’t have red sauces at all or gluten etc: but I just want to say thar I have watched many videos & yours is the best. You don’t waste time like some do and you have that cute since of humor that is great. Love the little dance at the end also your hair is nice & neat. Thank you

  23. Ryan

    I modified this by adding 1tbs white sugar and using hot water overnight. I added a few tablespoons of flour in the morning, then gently folded it. I split the dough into two and placed them in spray-oiled pie tins. When I got back from work, they were BEAUTIFUL and risen PERFECTLY!

    I pre-baked the crust a few minutes so it didn’t deflate when I added the sauce and toppings. I left a little bit of a crust on the edges so I could make it into garlic bread.

    Let me tell you… The crust is slightly sour, slightly sweet, crunchy on bottom, SUPER fluffy, and so tender! Virtually no effort and I’m absolutely in love! 😍

  24. wanda

    I followed the recipe and when I do the quick way you say it doubles in size and mine didn’t I used quick rise yeast so I don’t know what I may have done wrong. The pizza is very good I just feel it didn’t rise the way it should of. Can you give my any insight on this Thank You

    • Paul K.

      Hello Wanda:

      I would recommend that you use SAF Instant (red package) yeast. This is the yeast that King Arthur uses and recommends. I found this to work way better than any other – especially with this pizza crust recipe. We store the 1lb. yeast in a rubbermaid container in the freezer and it lasts well over a year.

      See my (modified recipe) note below for having the pizza crust ready when you get home from work!

      Blessings to you!

  25. Rosscoe

    Best pan pizza crust ev iner.

  26. Jan

    This is the best pizza ever, Jenny! Thanks so much. I will never have frozen or pizzaria ever again.

    I altered a bit for the equipment I have, so sharing to let others know you can still make this awesome recipe even if you need to fudge a bit on equipment. As an example, I don’t have an oven, using toaster oven (Breville smart oven air), 8″ cast iron skillet & no stove ( single induction burner).

    The full recipe barely fit in 8″ skillet once it puffed up, but was still delicious. I used the 3-hour quick method. The next time, I halved the dough after 3-hour rise & refrigerated 1/2 for 5 days. This was the perfect quantity of dough for 8″ skillet. I used setting 4 on induction burner for 3 minutes, then baked at 480° (highest temp for my toaster oven) , bottom rack position, skillet centered on rack for 12 minutes, turning skillet once halfway through. Perfection!

    After 5 days, I set the refrigerated dough on counter for 1 hour to reach room temperature, then spread in 8″ greased skillet, covered, for another 1 hour. Dough still felt cold to the touch, but I just proceeded anyway. Heated skillet on induction setting 4 for 3 minutes, baked as before. Perfection again!

    Jenny, you are right, dough tasted even better after refrigeration. I can’t wait to try freezing the dough after the 3-hour rise for further convenience!

    Jenny’s recipe is the absolutely the best pizza ever & it works perfectly in a toaster oven, on an induction burner & smaller skillet, also refrigerates beautifully. Where has this recipe been all my life 😂

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It was very kind of you to share all of this with us. Thank you.

    • Carol

      Pizza turned out just like yours, it is amazing, the crust is too good to be true.
      I used the quick time, and left it until time to eat.
      It was a #10, we loved it .
      Thank you… your recipes, have lots to try.

  27. Charlee

    I made this pizza last night. It looked like too much to eat, but my husband and I couldn’t get enough of it. I left it on the counter all day till dinnertime and the crust was fantastic. I will never buy store bought pizza again. I never use to eat the crust on pizzas. Now I can. So so good. Thank you Jenny.

  28. Paul K.

    Hello Everyone:

    I modified this recipe a bit and I think many people will REALLY want to know this! Please read! Before that… if you have not tried this recipe – you are missing out… Jenny’s recipe is amazing – try it!

    So… I wanted a way for the dough to be ready to cook right away when we get home from work, so I modified the “Original” (long) version of the recipe. I simply shortened the first dough rest, and increased the second rest. It worked perfectly!

    I make the dough with room temp. water at 9-pm. I spread it into the oiled skillet at 6-am. When we get home at 5-pm the pizza is ready for sauce and garnish (as soon as the oven preheats). No waiting 1-2 hours (two is better) before prepping the pizza. This works perfect!

    FYI… Walmart sells (camping section) Lodge 12″ cast-iron pans with two looped handles for $20. I bought 4 of them for our family, just for this recipe!

    I hope these tips help.

    Thank you Jenny for an AMAZING recipe. This is the only way we make pizza now!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s so kind of you to share this method (and pan information) with everyone. Thank you!

      • Ligia

        Jenny i have a quucj question….im making this recipe for my son birhday party tomorrow rvening ….im having a hard time drciding when should i start as i will have 3 other iron cast skillet coming at 3 pm tomorrow ….can i still make tonight and its ok to put the dough on the skillet only at 3 pm? Would it still taste great….they are all reliying on me for the best pizza ever….i need your help 😊

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I’m not sure I understand the question but I can say that you can start the dough today because it can rest up to 18 hours. Then tomorrow, you would need another hour or two before putting it in the oven. I hope that helps.

      • Al Corbett

        How many Carbs in your Pizza? Or by the serving?

    • Jan

      Thank you so much for sharing your tips. Very helpful preparing on weekday/work days.

  29. Isabelle

    I have made this pizza several times and each time it has turned out great.
    My husband loves the crust. I only make a veggie style pizza which is a preference. I have used a 9″” and a 12 “” cast iron pan. Both turned out very well. Thanks for your recipes. I love them. I will never buy pizza again.

  30. Old Bob

    I have 22″ Weber kettle BBQ that I converted to a pizza oven. It works great for the standard pizza dough cooked on a stone. Using indirect heat with wood, the chamber reaches over 700 degrees.I decided to try it with your Pan Pizza recipe using the cast iron skillets, which is my favorite pizza for my regular oven.

    For a group I prepared four batches of dough. I prepared 4 cast iron skillets with oil and the dough. At cooking time, I prepared one pan at a time per the recipe. After the 3 min stove top warming, I placed each pizza in the Weber, One by one, they turned out great. The only change from your recipe was adding several more minutes to the baking time and I had to rotate the pan as it baked. Thanks for your great recipes.
    (*To see photos click here.)

    • Jenny

      Thank you for sharing all this, especially your photos.

  31. Lorraine

    I followed these instructions but used your 20 minute pizza dough and it was delicious. My nieces said it was the best pizza they ever had.

    I am so excited to have stumbled upon your website!! I am no longer afraid of making dough and baking homemade bread and it is literally all because of your videos.

    oh, and I love your sense of humor 😉

    Thanks Jenny.

  32. Dan

    I followed the recipe verbatim though I used a 12 inch skillet (Lodge 10SK). It took a little bit of effort to stretch the dough and mend the little holes, but with that it grew to fill the pan. 12 minutes at 550 and it was excellent, though not quite as crispy through the center.

    Would definitely make this again. I made it only referencing the YouTube video and came here after. I see there’s a faster method.

    Thank You!

  33. Momma Mia

    We have an outdoor 50″ roman style pizza oven that churns out pizza after pizza. But when I want to make pizza in the house the veggies use to sog out the crust, now I use turkey pepperoni and cook some of the moisture out of my peppers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes and artichoke hearts while oven is preheating for about 10 minutes, thanks for the tip!

  34. CToth

    EXCELLENT!!! Absolutely delish.
    I used half white whole wheat flour for added nutrition and it was perfect. Thank you
    Loved your video!

  35. Hal

    Just used your recipe for fam from Oklahoma and the loved it. It was great and they now are going to make it in OK as they don’t have any good pizza joints there. Thank You Jenny

  36. Janice

    Jenny, I made the pan pizza today for dinner following your instructions to the t! It was perfect and looked beautiful. I have been using your tips for microwaving pepperoni and veggies for quite awhile along with shredding 4 ounces of cheese and 2/3 cup of sauce in making regular pizzas, valuable info…perfect amount of cheese and sauce. I discovered something today that worked great and thought I would share with you. I went to the deli counter today and ordered 4 ounces thinly sliced mozzarella cheese and four thinly sliced pepperoni slices. When I made the pizza, I stacked the cheese slices and cut them into three strips, each strip cut into four pieces. The pepperoni I stacked and cut in half and then half again. They both separated easily, and worked like a charm putting it on the pizza, so much easier than shredding the cheese and the pepperoni was thinner than what you get in the pkgs in the store.Anyway, wanted to share that the pan pizza was delicious! Thanks for recipe and the great tips

    • Jenny

      Thank you for sharing this – it’s definitely worth trying.

  37. Maria L.

    I made this today for dinner. It was awesome. My plan was to take a photo to send to you– but when I took it out of the oven it looked so beautiful and smelled so delicious that I immediately cut it (the sound of the crunch was loud) and gave my husband a slice and to me too. We couldn’t eat it fast enough and forgot to take a picture. Jenny, thank you for making this so easy. I will make this over and over again.

  38. Ipek

    This became our family recipe. I don’t order pizza anymore, this is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. The dough is easy to make and baking it in cast iron makes it delicious.
    Thank you

  39. Ipek

    This is our family recipe. I don’t order pizza anymore, this is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. The dough is easy to make and baked in cast iron makes it delicious.
    Thank you

  40. karen

    I have made this a dozen times since i first saw the video a year or so ago and it just comes out perfect everytime, i even bought a 2nd cast iron skillet so i could make two at a time

  41. Andre Outlaw

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made this several times. It is the easiest pizza (pan or otherwise) that I’ve made.
    No mess, comes out great every time.

  42. Mike

    Our favorite pie joint closed a while back, I’ve spent endless hours trying too make a good pizza. Well let me tell you what, you absolutely nailed the crust!’ So simple and easy. One I changed is the yeast, went to the store and saw pizza yeast. I bit and what the heck, I don’t have to wait a couple of hours. Followed recipe to a tee, guess what, turned out just awesome. Baked at 4000ft elevation at 525 degrees for 12 minutes, thanks Jenny, ever need any tips on smoking just contact me.

  43. Matt

    Great job and thanks for posting.

  44. Evelyn Mckeown

    The pizza is delicious, crunchy and everything I expected it to be. It was all gone right after I cut it! I would definitely make it again. Thank you for sharing!

  45. Gordy

    Love this recipe!

  46. Robin

    I made this in a 12″ skillet and it came out perfect! The initial dough used 180g bread flour and an extra 20g was added 14 hours later, right before putting it in the pan. I’d say 12 minutes at 550 is spot-on. It’s very similar to pizza hut.

  47. Teresa

    First off, thanks for the easy recipe! This was my first time making pizza from scratch. I loved how crunchy it came out. Only thing I had an issue was that the crust tasted quite salty to me. Did I do something wrong? Is it okay to reduce the amount of salt put into the dough? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      Yes, you can reduce the salt.

    • AJ

      What type of salt did you use? 3/4 tsp of table salt is not equal to 3/4 tsp of kosher salt (by weight). I’ve used kosher salt before in recipes and it came out way too salty as kosher is almost twice the weight of table salt, depending on brand.

      This article goes into way more detail:

      • Teresa

        I used table salt. But then I also think it was salty because it didn’t rise that high in the pan. The crust was like only 1/2 inch tall, not sure what happened there

        • Jenny

          Try again and follow the recipe exactly with no changes whatsoever. This recipe works for just about everyone.

          • Kris

            Jennie — I live in at 7,00 ft and I’m having a terrible time getting a good “Pizza Dough” when I follow typical recipes — I’ve “thrown out” a half dozen attempts, now. I’m going to try your ‘quick’ recipe ~ any changes I should make for the altitude?

            • Jenny

              I’m sorry, I have no experience with high altitude baking.

    • huchen

      yes, it is salty….. when i put 2/4 teaspoon i already felt that way. i think 1/4 teaspoon is enough for this small dough. besides that, it is a good recipe and very easy to follow.

  48. AJ

    Has anyone tried using this dough to make breadsticks? what cheeses (type and qty) did you use? garlic or no?

  49. Scarlett

    In my opinion, 1 1/2 C Flour makes too much dough for a 9 or 10″ skillet your recipe calls for. You could either use a much larger skillet …or, cut the dough recipe down to smaller proportions.

  50. Old Bob

    Second time around; Just cooked two of your pan pizzas at the same time in the same oven. I used 11 1 /2 ” and 9 1/2″ skillets. Made two batches of your hot water version and used about 1/4 less of the batter for the smaller skillet. Oven at 550′, did the top burner for 3 minutes at med. high, then in the oven. The 11 1/2″ skillet pizza was perfect. The small skillet was a problem. Pizza stuck to the pan and was obviously over-charred on the toppings and cheeses as well. Once I rescued the main part with a steel spatula, we ate that too and it was great. Now, our conclusions.

    My wife thinks I did the top burners too long. (Went and got a beer!) Although the time was the same, I am guessing the smaller skillet could have required less time. If that make sense, I am guessing the oven would also be less time for the smaller skillet. So, this weekend I’ll be doing the exact thing again and will adjust the timing and I’ll pay closer attention!!

    My goal is to cook up several pizzas at the same (I have a lot of skillets). I will keep trying and let you know how things work out. Later I will be trying your pan pizza in my pizza oven in my outdoor kitchen. It will crank up to 800+ degrees but is a different environment. I will still be using the skillets.

    I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all you do. I am having a good time.

    • Kimberley

      What did you figure out regarding cooking multiple pies at once? If we have company over, I’d like to make more than one.

  51. Cindy Shivers

    This was fantastic. I used the fast version and the crust is soooo good. So easy and the hint about microwaving the veggies before was spot on! Thank you for writing this recipe!!!

  52. Old Bob

    Thanks for your answers to my earlier comment/questions about your fabulous pan pizza. I am about to launch my own experimental ways of cooking your pan pizza. So far, I have done the 12 hour, cold water method and the 3 hour hot water method. Both perfect. No, better than perfect.

    I have a large outdoor kitchen with a variety of ways to cook. I will do your recipe exactly as written (both cold and hot water), but in different cooking environments/devices. Each time I do one or two, I will report the result’s with pictures of what I used and any comments. I hope I can contribute to what you offer. It may be helpful and will certainly fulfilling to me.

    Until later, my sincere thanks for what you do so graciously.

    Old Bob

  53. sweety

    Hi Jenny…can i used oven toaster for this pizza recipe ….thanks

    • Jenny

      I don’t think a toaster oven can get hot enough or have enough room for heat to circulate. But you can always try.

  54. Shweta

    Hey Jenny

    I found your videos while searching for recipes for homemade bread and then I couldn’t stop. I’m an academician and started cooking just a year ago. Your recipes sound easy and mouthwatering at the same time.

    Thank you so much for giving me hope that I too can cook such tasty foods.


  55. Dave S.

    Tried this recipe and loved it!!!! If I want to make two of theses at the same time, do you adjust cooking times?

    • Jenny

      I have never made two but as long as your oven is big enough for the heat to circulate, I don’t think you would have to adjust the time…. but you will be able to tell by checking them.

  56. Wendy

    I have made this wonderful pizza twice and my husband and I love it. I do use the rapid rise yeast let it sit covered in a bowl for 3 hrs. and of course use the warm water. It really does work to cut the vegetables up first and get the moisture out. So just wanted to say thanks for sharing.

  57. Ahmed kh

    Dear Jenny
    Thank u for all nice recipes I am from Kirkuk / Iraq
    And I’m one of your fans

  58. Linda

    The first time I tried making the pizza my husband was out of town and it turned out perfect and I practically ate the whole thing myself. I tried it again for my husband and after raving about it, it was a flop. The crust was really fat – not crisp (almost like bread). I’m going to try again. As well, I’m going to try the pan pizza (with holes). Any idea what happened? BTW – after stumbling upon your recipes online, decided to read your book while in Mexico recently. Fun read. What’s next? Linda in Toronto

    • Jenny

      If the pizza worked for you the first time, I’m not sure what to suggest. Maybe your oven was not hot enough the 2nd time…

  59. Sandy

    This was excellent, trying to eat healthy and your recipes are great to make.

  60. Kim

    Hi Jenny,

    I’m making your pizza crust for dinner tomorrow. My question is about the yeast…I’m a newbie when it comes to yeast breads. I only have rapid rise yeast. Will that work? Will it take less time to rise? Thanks for your help!

    • Jenny

      Rapid rise is the same as instant. It will work with no changes in the recipe.

  61. Susanmcq

    I hate the idea of heating my oven for an hour to make one small pizza. Do you think I can use my outdoors gas grill? If so, this would be great for the summer so I don’t have a hot kitchen.

    • Jenny

      I have only made this pizza in the oven so I can’t say. Maybe you can look online to see if anyone has done a pizza like this on the grill.

      • veronica

        hej jenny, i really like your recipes and general philosophy on cooking, nutrition etc. Pizza can be made on a grill, it is a quite popular way in Argentina, however the dough in this case is stiffer than for regular pizza (use less water for the dough). But this is a charcoal grill, which imparts a smokey flavor , I am not sure about gas grills. Saludos, v

        • Paul

          for the grill i trust bbq pit boys on youtube…they are grill masters …but this pizza is good for it also…just cook opposite side of the coals …bring it to at least 500 degrees and add a chunk of wood …pre cook the meats and bacon just a bid …i sometimes precook the dough for a good 5 minutes before i add ingredients so it wont absorb the water from vegies and the fat from the meat

  62. Paul Jr

    I’m not exactly sure what I am doing wrong. (I am a novice at making dough, so forgive me.) When I mix the cold water with the yeast, flour, and salt, it doesn’t really form a ball like in the video. It sort of breaks into small pieces. That looked wrong, but I tried anyway.

    No good. I let the dough sit for 18 hours (covered), and it looks exactly the same as I left it. No rising or anything.

    I am excited to make this for my two young daughters, but I can’t seem to get past step 2. (I tried once before using expired yeast, and had the same result. So I got new yeast, which didn’t help.)

    Any thoughts?


    • Paul Jr

      One thing to add — I stirred with a soft plastic spatula. Looks like you were using a hard plastic one in the video. Not sure if that would make a difference.

      • Jenny

        You can stir it with anything – it won’t make a difference. it sounds like you’re using too much flour. What kind of flour are you using and how are you measuring it? You have to aerate all flour before measuring. Look at this link: What brand/type of yeast? Are you changing anything in my recipe?

        • Paul Jr

          I didn’t aerate — I just measured straight out of the bread flour bag. I suspect that’s it. I’ll try again. (I am using Fleischmann’s ActiveDry yeast.)

          I’ll report back after attempt #3.

          Thanks for the quick reply!

        • Joanne

          Thank you so much for giving the web site to check how to aerate the flour. I tried the hot water and the cold water recipe for the pan pizza, I was still getting a dry crumbly dough. I did not know how to aerate my flour. Thank you, I will try it again.

    • Steph G

      Did you mix the ingredients in a metal dish? If so that is probably where you are having the problem. Metal can inactivate the yeast. At least that is what I’ve been taught.

      • Jennifer

        I call BS on steel deactivating yeast. Breweries use stainless steel fermenters without issue.

      • Kimberley

        It’s a myth that metal messes with the yeast. Even with those friendship bread recipes that always caution not to use metal bowls or spoons, it doesn’t make a lick off different. Trust me on this. 🙂

  63. Te Whitu

    Hi Jenny your pizza is mouth watering thank you for the video and tips impressive to say the least
    Im wondering if you have a vegetable recipe ie; broccoli, collie, tomatoes or asparagus ect…
    also do you have any suggestions on how to remove the moisture from these types of vegetables, especially tomatoes.

  64. Marla

    We LOVE this pizza. I do have a question though. I take turns cooking for some elderly and Ill friends. If I were to assemble these and then leave the instructions for their family member or friend to cook on the stovetop and then the oven would that work? The pizzas would likely be assembled before cooking/baking possibly up to an hour considering drive time. One family would be closer to 30 mins.. Would the pizza hold up for this and be just as delicious? I’m assuming you have never done this before but am hoping you or/and your readers will have an opinion or some suggestions. Thank you for your help and all your fabulous recipes.

    • Jenny

      My guess is that the cheese and toppings need to go on just before cooking but I really don’t know. Also, I’m not sure what a bumpy car ride might do to the dough. Maybe someone smarter than I can chime in…

  65. Jim

    This pizza was wonderful even my wife who normally is not a piza fan is raving about it . It was the first of your recipes I, ve tried but it wont be the last. Thanks

  66. ChrisH

    The photo looks so good!!! What a great idea to use a cast iron skillet. Wondering if the crust has the yeasty taste of a thin crust pizza or the mild taste of a pan pizza.


  67. Fitz55

    Will store bought pizza dough work? If so how much would you use?

    • Jenny

      That’s a different kind of dough so I don’t think so.

  68. Chyree

    Got this recipe from a good friend and I can’t wait to try it! Doesn’t seem hard at all to make and OMGoodness it look awesome!

  69. Molly

    Hi…I only have a 12″ cast iron pan…will this be ok?

    • Jenny

      I don’t know. Mine is around 10 inches so you can try and see how it turns out. Please let us know if you do.

      • Kyle

        I also only have a 12 inch skillet. I’ve made your recipe a few times and it comes out fine. Maybe not quite as deep but still has that crunchy fluffy crust. The last time I made it I just tried increasing the dough ingredients by about 25%. Filled the pan a little better and was more deep dish style, still crunchy on the outside and puffy on the inside, not too bready for me. But maybe I like bready crusts

    • Robert

      I have a 12inch cast-iron skillet and I have found that I need to reduce the amounts to one cup of flour and half a cup of water to keep it from being too bready. This also eliminates the need to dehydrate the toppings though I do cook the crust first for five minutes after putting a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan first then add my sauce (garlic/ranch) and toppings.

    • shui

      it turns out great with my 12″ pan …

  70. Alex

    Hi Jenny, loved this recipe! Seriously I made it for my wife and I don’t think we will order pizza ever again.

    Quick question: will it ruin the dough to allow it to sit for more than 18 hours? I’d love to make it during the work-week but that will require me to have it sit for a bit longer (probably 20 hours or more) before getting home to get it in the pan for the second rest. Any advice (other than quitting my job)? 🙂

    • Jenny

      I wish I could say for sure but I just don’t know. All the no knead dough recipes I see say up to 18 hours and after that I think they need to be refrigerated.

    • jbr

      KAF (King Arthur Flour) has a no-knead pizza dough recipe that can be used the same day but the dough actually gets better each day it sits, for up to six days. I’ve used it, it’s excellent. Look up Artisan No-Knead Pizza Dough Recipe/King Arthur Flour.
      I came here to ask Jenny a question and got sidetracked by the recipes again, haaa

    • shui

      hi, I tried this recipe the first time and because of time constraint it sat for more than 24 hrs. The result was acceptable though slightly dry & hard but the following day the crust was perfect just not crispy. really important to get the moisture out of the veg

  71. CeaCea

    Ok so as promised I made the dough frozen it & here is the Update. I did make it the “quick” cold water way and let it freeze as a ball almost 2 weeks. Defrosted in the fridge overnite & the next day I stretched it in the iron pan and let it sit a few hours. And adorned with vegan yummies as usual. And heated the pan up on the stove before putting in the oven.

    I found that it came out ok. The crust did have a deflated look, like a think crust whereas when u do it same day, it’s puffy.

    Extra Bonus reviewers…. so 2 of my 3 cats never care about people food (1 will eat unflavored tofu, so yeah he’s interested in at least tasting everything). When I made the pizza last time my bird torn up the crust, loved it! I had a plate of the crumbs sitting there & the 2 cats not interested in human food STARTED EATING IT!!!! (The 3rd was simply not present).

    So I did the test with this crust… all 3 cats & my parrot ate it so I would say (as my human palate assessed) it really didn’t impact it taste wise a whole lot.

    So my verdict? If having it in the freezer on hand makes life easier, do it. It’s not gonna b the best u ever had but sure does work!!!

    I hope that helps!

  72. SW

    I came across this recipe when trying to learn how to make homemade crust for cast iron pizza. It is fabulous! I had tried dough in a bread maker, and refrigerated dough and this tops all. Thank you. Loved your show, by the way…back in the day.

  73. marlene

    i am planning on making this it looks great, you wouldnt know the calorie in take per person on it. i am trying the weight watchers plan.

    • Jenny

      No, I don’t count calories.

      • Paul M

        Using the amounts listed in the recipe, the pizza is roughly 1200 calories with only cheese as a topping.

        750 for the dough
        120 for the oil
        50 for the pizza sauce
        300 for the part skim mozz

  74. Sussie Lee

    Dear jenny.
    I did your 20 min pizza dough and am extremely happy that my pizza was ready to be served in a jiffy.
    Hiw can I do a few dough to freeze up for days when I need to make pizzas. ??

    • Jenny

      I have no experience with freezing pizza dough so you may have to look around for information on how to do that.

    • CeaCea

      I will try it eventually re the freezing thing & let u guys know. I am sure it would b dough 2nite but due 2 reasons, I’m not gonna make the pizza until tomorrow nite. So it’s in the pan which i just stuck in the fridge. I’ll set it out before work & see also how that goes & will report back…

      • CeaCea

        Update I did make it the “quick” cold water way and then as my typos wouldnt communicate above, I did not feel like cooking & eating it that nite so i put it in the fridge over nite, let it sit on the counter 9hrs & it was the best crust i have personally made.

        2 Blend, i did so in the food processor and as I don’t have bread flour, I used 75% whole wheat 25% white flour. that worked great.

        I will double the recipe next time and freeze them & let u know how it goes! I can’t see why it wouldn’t come out fine based on all the doughs we freeze & the fact that even the yeast used u can freeze after u open it….

  75. Lynn

    Loved the pizza. I do like sausage but not the store bought. I make my own. I use a pound or even two of turkey meat. Cook it up and make it crumbly then I add these seasonings that are mixed together before hand to the taste I like. I try to cook out all the lique from the meat cooking then I put in ice box the to freezer and only use what I need.
    Sausage Seasoning
    1/4 tesp nutmeg
    1/2 tesp sage
    1/2 tesp marjoran
    1/2 tesp thyme
    1/4 tesp savory
    1/2 tesp cayenne pepper
    3/4 tesp sea salt
    1/2 tesp sucanat
    1/2 tesp grated lemon rind

    I like the way it taste. I feel it is healthier than regular sausage. Hope you like and enjoy it. Thanks for all the wonder videos.

  76. Syl

    Hi, Thank you for this recipe! I’m hoping you can give me advice regarding freezing. Would you know the best method to freeze this pizza? Better to freeze just the dough, or can I freeze with toppings? Uncooked, or partially cooked? I live alone and would love to have pizza available. Thank you again.

    • Jenny

      I’m stuck on this question. I know you can freeze regular pizza dough but I don’t know about this cast iron pan pizza dough. I tried to research but could only find information on regular pizza dough, not the kind that develops slowly like this one. I’m sorry but I am not able to help.

  77. Cirila Malto

    I will love to make this pizza in pan 🙂

  78. Jeanne

    Jenny, first off let me say that we love you. My Polish heritage loves you even more.

    Ok, first of all, we have a grandson who is 6 and he is so picky with all foods. When we have him and our granddaughter or at a family gathering we always have to consider what he would eat. His mom, being a great mom, always says, he’ll eat what we eat. I was that mom too, but now being a grandma I can give him what he likes (haha). He doesn’t like your pizza, he LOVES it. Of course, we only make him cheese and then OF COURSE we have to make other pies with “stuff” on them for the rest of the family. Our daughter has to bring her cast iron skillet with her so we can make more than one pie.

    We love your pan pizza margharita style or my husbands favorite with pepperoni. He says it’s not pizza without pepperoni. My thought is that in order to taste the pizza it has to be margharita style. This way you can taste the sauce, crust and the simple.

    Thank you so much for your humor and recipes. You make our day whenever we watch your video’s. We actually have a “dough” rising now for our Italian Saturday night dinner. We make it a rule to always have Italian on Saturdays. Wow, and I’m half Polish.

    Just wanted to thank you for your pan pizza recipe. We will be serving it at our neighbors Christmas party. We even bought our son a cast iron skillet for Christmas, but don’t tell him, sshhhh.

    Thanks for sharing “you” with the rest of us.


  79. Navy Dad

    My son sent me your link, I have always enjoyed thin crust pizzas. However after making your recipe I have not made any other crust since!
    And we make a lot of pizza at our home. This is the best!!!
    Sincerely , A Navy Dad

  80. Marcio

    Hi Jenny, i own a Pub im Brazil and i am offering your pizza and it is a sucess, and also your Hashbrow….15 minutes each side..It is great
    Keep cooking and wish you the best
    Marcio Stewers
    São Paulo – SP / Brazil

    • Jenny

      Wow! That’s great to hear. People like my pizza in Brazil! 🙂

  81. Abby

    I will need to make two of these to feed my whole family, but I only have one cast iron skillet like the one you used. I do have a cast iron Dutch oven and another cast iron pan that has really low sides (I use for pancakes, tortillas, etc.). Both of them are about the same width size as the regular skillet. Do you think either would work for this? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      I wish I had a perfect answer but I have only made this pizza in a standard skillet. I don’t think either the flat pan (I have one like that too) or the Dutch oven would work for this recipe. The flat pan does not have sides tall enough and the Dutch oven is too deep. If you can invest an a second skillet, that’s the only way you know for sure you can make two at the same time.

      • Abby

        Well then it’s settled. I’m off to the store to get another skillet! 😉

  82. John K

    Is there a preferred position in the oven? Middle, top, or bottom?

  83. Ian

    Jenny you’re a cutie and we love this pizza. 🙂

  84. Serene

    Hi Jenny! I love your YouTube video very much. This pizza recipe video is my all time favourite recipe ever. I have a question I am thinking of making this recipe but I don’t have a cast iron skillet but I do have a pizza pan can I use that instated of a cast iron skillet?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think a pizza pan can withstand the direct heat on the burner plus you won’t get that crust without cast iron.

  85. Angela

    Quick Question …
    I have two cast iron skillets one 8″ and one 5″ would it be best if I split the pizza dough into both cast iron skillets?!

    • Jenny

      I make this recipe in my 8-inch skillet so there is no need to divide the dough.

      • Angela

        OK NOW …. best pizza ever – I’m not even kidding!!! Thanks for the tip, Jenny!
        I made this pizza on the 4th using the original way (overnight) and I’m going to make it again for tonight using the new option 🙂
        Noticed in one of the comments you’re from Ontario! So am I … I live close to Port Dover!

  86. Amanda Moore

    I just made this tonight and it turned out great! lots of fun to watch you on youtube!

    • Ada

      I can see and hear video on my on my Droid but not while using my home computer. What could be wrong?

      • Web Admin

        Take a look at the speaker icon (near the lower left corner of the media player) and make sure the volume has not been muted. If that doesn’t help, you might want to check the general volume settings on your computer.

  87. sunny

    hey jenny, I love the idea of your pan pizza but the problem for me is that my oven is small and my pan does not fit in so what should I do if I want to use pan for my pizza…

    • Jenny

      You can try making the whole thing on the stove. Follow my recipe though step 8. Then flip over the dough so the browned part is on the top, add your cheese and toppings, cover the pan, and finish it on the stove until the cheese is melted and toppings are cooked. You may have to reduce the temperature – I don’t know – so keep an eye on it. Also, your cheese will melt okay but make sure your toppings are all at room temperature (not cold) and if they don’t cook enough you can try pre-cooking them before adding to the pizza. Good luck.

      • sunny

        thank you so much for replyyy it helppedd so muchhh thank you thank you thank you….now i don’t need to worry about my pan or the oven anymoree yeahhhh luvvv yuuu yu hav juz saved my pizza dayyy!!!!

  88. jane

    The pizza recipe looks so easy and looks good but the question i want to know is can i use any cast iron skillet but mine is a large skillet could it be possible to double the recipe

    • Jenny

      It depends how big your skillet is. Mine is 9 inches across the bottom so if yours is 10 or 11, you could probably use the same recipe. If it’s bigger than that you might only have to do one and a half times the dough. I can’t speak from experience but I believe there is no problem with increasing or doubling the recipe.

  89. kathy

    Jenny, I made your pan pizza yesterday…scrumptious!! thanks for your lovely recipes

  90. Sussie lee

    Hi jenny. Can we use all wholemeal flour instead as it’s healthier

    • Jenny

      It’s always healthier to use wholemeal flour but I never use it for pizza. I think you would find the the crust too tough and heavy.

  91. BJ

    Jenny, love to watch your YouTube videos, they’re so inspiring. I have a Lodge 14″ cast iron pizza pan which makes phenomenal pizzas and would like to try your pan pizza recipe on this, even though it’s not a skillet. Any suggestions? I made your crispy crust pizza on it last week and it was the best! Thank you!

    • Jenny

      If your pan does not have sides and only a slightly raised rim, I think the dough would spill over the edges, no? But then if it’s 14 inches wide, maybe it will just spread. I don’t know! With an oven that hot, maybe the exposed edges of the crust would burn. I’m sorry, I’m just not sure. I guess you’ll just have to try and if you do, please report back. Thanks.

  92. debs lopez

    Jenny let me say you made a baker out of me. I was one of those people who was intimidated by using yeast , but no more thanks to your quick and easy and no knead recipes and confident ,brave and baking up a storm. All i can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU. YOUR THE BEST, LOOKING FORWARD TO TRY.ING YOUR OTHER RECIPES

  93. big mike

    After nearly 50 years of attempting to make great crust for my pan pizza. I decided to try your pan pizza dough recipe and finally… success! Thank you! My wife said absolutely best crust ever, and that I was to be sure to thank you for her also. I made one iron skillet pan pizza which we shared, then tripled the recipe to use in my big custom made stainless steel pizza pan. It just barely fits my oven rack☺. It also turned out great. I used your Microwave tip for the veggies and pepperoni which was another great idea. Finally, because I bake all my own bread (mostly sourdough) for the entire family. Which is 4 households plus a few friends and neighbors, I buy the cheapest flour I can find, so just to add a little flavor and texture like a rustic, old world flour would have, I been adding a heaping teaspoon of Whole Wheat and a level teaspoon of Rye flour to each cup of AP flour. It makes the crust look better and adds a slight flavor. Again thank you, my quest is over for the perfect pan pizza crust. Big Mike

  94. robert

    A little off topic, but I was wondering if you could so a short video on how you season a new cast iron skillet? I’ve looked online and on youtube, but everyone does it different. help! thanks, rob.

  95. colleen frost

    My husband found this recipe an asked me to try it an all i can say is perfecto !!! Did the hot method and used the advice on veggies. This is one great and tasty recipe.

  96. Leslie

    Hi Jenny
    Would the pizza recipe work with gluten free flour?


    • Jenny

      No, this recipe as it is will not work with gluten free flour. I suggest that you look for a specific gluten-free recipe because other additions are required.

  97. Michelle

    Hello Jenny

    All I have to say is, mm mm mm delicious
    I just made this pizza and it’s so good

    I also made the lemon brownies, so so good

    Thank you so much

  98. helen

    hi jenny,its Helen from Nigeria,i want to ask can i use a non stick pan instead of a skillet.Thanks and i find your blog very healthy and rich ,i have some question to ask ask…

    • Jenny

      I don’t believe a non-stick pan is advisable for an oven this hot. As far as I know, only cast iron will give you this pizza crust. As for other questions, feel free to ask them in my “Ask/Tell Me Anything” section of my blog. Other people can often benefit from questions, no matter how simple they may seem.

  99. Dave

    I tried your pizza recipe for the first time … I Can’t Believe i ate the whole thing.Yummy ! I did make two of them but one i put in a cake pan and left it in the oven a little longer,Not as crispy on the bottom, but just as good !

    Also i used Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I know, it’s all i had)and it stuck a little to the
    bottom of the cast iron pan a little. as well as burnt on the edge on the outer crust. (too Much oil). It came out awesome ! Will make again soon. 😉

  100. T Thompson

    This is now made in my house in two skillets each time once a week. One pan for each of us. One with pineapple, ham and mushrooms. The other all meat lots of cheese, peppers and onions. Great crust in this recipe Thank you Jenny you are top gun in all your recipes. I learned to cook as a young boy cold Minnesota winters, one grandma Polish, Another grandma Ukrainian heritage, so watching you cook warms my heart thank you. Wife and I love the pizza recipe Thanks again.

  101. Mark

    been trying to make pizza dough well for years and this one works and is utterly fantastic! it’s great to not have to knead anything. folks, follow this helpful recipe exactly and you’ll be amazed. Thanks Jenny!

  102. Linda

    I just made this tonight and it rivals Pizza Hut Pan Pizza which has always been my favorite. Thank you Jenny for all your time and efforts sharing your great recipes.

  103. Karen

    hey people, made this last night and it was fantastic, I followed the video the only change I made was a little Italian seasoning to the tomato sauce and it was the best pizza, I highly recommend, I wish I had two cast irons skillets cause I would have made two at a time, thanks jenny!

  104. Ophelia

    Hi Jenny,
    I have a 12 inch cast iron pan instead of 10 inch. do you need to adjust the dough recipe to have more flour, yeast and water, etc? THANKS.

    • Jenny

      I would leave the recipe the same. I think it will still fill the pan.

      • Ophelia

        Thanks Jenny,
        This is the best pizza recipe I have ever tried. It becomes a weekly routine for our family to have this pizza for lunch on Saturday or Sunday.

  105. Donna

    Hi Jenny, Made your easy pan pizza. CAN YOU SAY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Easiest dough recipe I ever made. My husband loves it. Keep bringing your wonderful recipes.

  106. Sincronicity

    Your crust is great and so easy to put together. I am diabetic, so I use wheat flour all of the time (takes longer to break down into sugars) and I thought I’d try your pizza using wheat flour. Oh Lordy, does your pizza hit the spot. Never thought I could make a pizza dough by just adding yeast to the flour and water. Came out great. Next stop, chicken pot pie or try using your beef stew as a filler.

  107. Zainab

    Jenny – your recepies are super easy and the best thing is you avoid fatting ingredients which is super…

    I wanted to check can we use all purpose flour instead of bread flour? and i msure there won’t be any problem if we add ingredients for topping of our choice?

    thanx in advance 🙂

    You are amazing

    • Jenny

      All purpose flour is fine to use. Moisture is the enemy of a crispy crust so try to remove some moisture from your toppings first. I usually microwave mu sliced toppings like peppers, onions, mushrooms (especially mushrooms) between paper towels for 30 seconds and then blot with more paper towels. If you don’t microwave, at least blot them before adding.

  108. Jason

    lady, I wish you knew how frustrated I have been in the last 4 years trying to find the perfect pizza recipe. it was driving me mad until now, I just finished baking this pizza and eating it, it was truly amazing I will use this recipe for every pizza I make, it was perfect golden crust with a very nice crunch and a light soft chewy and airy inside, I love this this recipe, its the one ive been looking for all these years 🙂 your fantastic Thanks a million, cant wait to bake this again for my Daughter !!!

  109. Roger

    I made this crust last night, it was super easy, and it was perfect. Thanks for this recipe, now I have another one proofing for tonight=).

  110. Debie Davis

    Hi.I am enjoying reading all the comments:).Mine is thus it has to be a cast iron or regular tray will be fine?

    • Jenny

      I think you need cast iron, which can get very hot, to develop that great crispy crust.

  111. Rick

    Is it possible to freeze this dough after letting it set for 18 hours so you can have some on hand to use right away if you need to.

    • Jenny

      At first I wasn’t sure you could but I did some research and it looks like you can freeze it after the overnight rise. Then defrost the dough overnight in the fridge. Once defrosted, allow it to sit at room temperature and once it reaches room temperature, place it in the greased pan and proceed with the recipe from step #3. I have never done this so please report back with your results.

  112. Carolyn

    I made your No Knead Pizza in the cast iron, and let me say, I may never buy the crust from Whole Foods again. Your pizza is the very best. Thank you

  113. Nadeen

    Is it ok to use instant yeast instead of active dry?

    Thank you so much.

  114. Lance

    Tried the recipe and it turned out great. Glad I saw this for the simple crust.

  115. Terry Walter

    This looks awesome.
    I just bought me a new Lodge 12″ cast iron skillet and this is gonna be the first thing i make in it.

    Love you Jenny and your recipes.

    • Terry Walter

      It was a keeper. Thanks Jenny.

      • Jenny

        Terry, thanks for the great photo of your pizza. It’s posted in the “Your Photos/My Recipes” section of the blog. (…I don’t know how to put it here…)

        • Ron

          I am 71 and have been trying to perfect my pizza dough for years and I watched your video on pan pizza, I fell in love with your recipe. Thank you it’s so good.

  116. Troy J


    Do I need to adjust for elevation? I am in Albuqueruqe, NM. The elevation is just over 5,000. When I followed the directions the dough was quite rough… How much more water should I add?


    • Jenny

      I have no experience at all with high altitude baking but I did find some good information on about this type of no-knead overnight dough… “The air pressure is lower at 5000 feet so your dough should actually rise faster than it would at sea level. That raises the risk of the dough not developing sufficient structure which, in turn, can cause it to deflate or “collapse”. Watch the dough, not the clock to prevent your dough from over proofing. Some bakers reduce the amount of yeast by as much as 30% – 50% at higher altitudes to get better control over the rise. Also, at higher altitudes the humidity drops (the air is drier) so it’s sometimes necessary to add a bit more water when you bake bread well above sea level. A 60% hydrated dough at sea level might need to be 65% or more at 4000 – 5000 feet.” I hope this is helpful.

  117. Raymond

    Made this Pizza today at a camp in South Texas. I didn’t get one piece!! Ha so good

  118. Ewa

    Hello. First I would like to thank you very much for this website and all your recipes. I love your healthy and tasty cooking. I’m going to bake a pizza and I have a question. Is it ok to bake a pan pizza using a cast iron grilled pan ( the one with grooves)?

    • Jenny

      Oh, that’s a tough question. My first reaction was that it would not work because parts of the crust would be crispy and part soft. But then I thought that if the dough spreads into the grooves, which it should, maybe it would work. So you might have a crispy, yet bumpy, crust. I wish I could say for sure but I think I would try it. I hope you’ll report back if you try it because this would be good to know for others with a similar pan. Good luck!

  119. Theresa

    Will I get the same results using All purpose flour? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Jenny

      Either flour will make a good pizza crust. I think bread flour will have a little more body and the a/p flour may be a bit softer but not a huge difference.

      • Theresa

        Thanks. One more question, can I use gluten free flour instead?

        • Jenny

          I have never made gluten free pizza but from what I’ve read I don’t think an overnight dough like this would work without gluten.

  120. Victoria

    I put too much oil and my pizza started frying but it was still AMAZING

  121. RyanMPLS

    I have this super easy dough in the bowl to rise overnight but I have a question about the skillet size. It says in the recipe a 10″ pizza yield and mentions a 10″ skilet. In the video you mention 11″. My Lodge 12″ is a model #10SK and from the specs 10″ internal bottom but up top it fits a 12″ lid…

    From the video I would guess I’m using the right size iron – I think. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! If wrong I just have to increase ingredients by ~1.5x next time.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry about the confusion. I have two cast iron pans and used them both in the video, 10 and 11-inch. I think your 12-inch will be fine because it’s not much bigger than my 11-inch red one, and there should be enough dough to spread to the edges. Please let me know how it turns out.

      • RyanMPLS

        I burnt my finger checking the bottom crust and the roof of my mouth while eating it so I’d say very good! It rested a bit more than two and filled the pan nicely. I ended up cooking for 12 minutes at 500°F (my gas oven max) and then checked at two minute intervals pulling it at about 17 minutes. Before and after:

  122. Andrew

    This pizza was literally outstanding. The dough was light and crunchy and the sauce was the perfect amount. Thank you so much for the great recipe, this one will so be used again!

  123. Marilyn

    Thank You!!!!! Love your website….making pan pizza today….already got dough rising….

  124. Jenny

    I love all your videos! The recipes never fail!!!!

  125. mimosakpl

    Love you!! Can’t wait to try this recipe 🙂

  126. Beverlee

    Sounds good and nearly..good for us that are watching our weight

  127. lpeper1964

    That looks fabulous, Jenny!! I can’t wait to try making this pizza:)

  128. Debbie Chou

    hi Jenny ~
    I just wanted to say to you that all of your recipes look so delicious. I bought your cookbook (Look Good Feel Great) & have not made any of the recipes yet. But I wanted to comment that I absolutely love how you were the photographer & set up all of the dishes & meals with such brilliant color co-ordination. The photos look so bright & magnificent. You are not only a talented cook, but a gifted photographer!! I loved reading about each picture, on how you bought the items for the photo & how it all came together. I used to watch your talk show too. I actually prefer baking to cooking. Do you prefer one over the other? Anyway, have a nice day. I live on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I think you’re Canadian?? Keep up your talented work. 🙂 Sincerely, Debbie Chou

    • Jenny

      Debbie, thank you for all the compliments. I am from London, Ontario but I’ve never been to B.C…. yet. Like you, I prefer baking over cooking, probably because I love sweets so much. That’s why I’m always coming up with healthy desserts. Thanks for taking time to write.

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