Aug 12, 2014

Turkey Breakfast Patties

Turkey Apple Breakfast Patties

Five ingredients is all you need to make these simple, easy turkey-apple breakfast patties… and about 15 minutes. In fact, you’ll barely have enough time to scramble some eggs. Okay, I admit it. I like breakfast sausage but I haven’t had it in years. There’s this thing I have about eating healthy. I love the smell and flavor of traditional breakfast links but not all the fat that’s in there. I’m very excited that I can enjoy a healthier breakfast sausage. (patty, actually – unless you have a sausage maker and some casing!) If you’re wondering about using white ground turkey breast, I tried it and it’s just too dry but here’s the good news – dark meat is nutritionally superior to white meat. Look at this:

  • Calories: White meat = 161 calories. Dark meat = 192 calories.
  • Fat: White meat = 4 grams. Dark meat = 8 grams.
  • Protein: White meat = 30 grams. Dark meat = 28 grams.
  • Iron: White meat = 1.57 mg. Dark meat = 2.4 mg.
  • Zinc: White meat = 2.08 mg. Dark meat = 4.3 mg.
  • Thiamine: White meat = .04 mg. Dark meat = .05 mg.
  • Riboflavin: White meat = .13 mg. Dark meat = .24 mg.
  • Selenium: White meat = 32.10 mcg.  Dark meat = 40.90 mcg.
  • Folate: White meat = .01 mcg. Dark meat = 10 mcg.

So don’t skip breakfast. Turkey sausage and eggs is full of protein and with a slice of whole grain bread, it’ll keep you going for hours. How about making your own breakfast sandwich with a whole grain english muffin, a fried egg, and a turkey patty. Note to self: Add that to my bucket list. To try my easy, healthy turkey breakfast patties, click here for the recipe.

8 Comments on "Turkey Breakfast Patties"

  1. Sandy

    Hello, is it necessary to include the apple.or something else I could use as a replacement.

  2. Suzanne

    I’m curious where you find just dark meat to make these. Is that something every butcher should have? I don’t want to make a whole turkey, just to get the little bit of dark meat!

  3. Debbie Greenfield

    Wonderful sounding recipe. Curious though, if I could make up a dozen, brown them in a pan, cool them and then freeze them individually on a pan and place in a baggie in the freezer? Then, when I need them, I could just nuke (microwave) one or two, enough to thaw and heat. Would that work? I need “fast” in the mornings with my eggs.

    Thank you, I love your website and recipes. I was raised with a Polish family and adore your Polish recipes. I so remember it all! My husband is thrilled at the thought of my making your cabbage rolls! You teach so nicely.

    Debbie Greenfield, Palo Cedro, CA.

    • Jenny

      Yes, you can cook and freeze them individually and then microwave as needed.

  4. Judi

    This was so quick and easy. I am very impressed with your site and your humor. great . thank you for sharing. I look forward to trying more soon.

    thank you,

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