Jan 13, 2017

Trying to Keep Up

Jenny Jones photo Jenny Can CookWith over 300,000 views every week between my website and youtube, from 200 different countries, I simply can’t to keep up with the growing number of questions. I never expected this when I started sharing my recipes and I want this to be the best experience for everyone but it’s become overwhelming.

I am a one-man operation, doing the best I can, but here is the reality: If I don’t get to 25 questions in one day, the next day it’s 50. Another couple of busy days and it’s 100 and by then I can’t catch up. I need time to work on my recipes, take the pictures, perfect the details, and share what I love. I also need time to focus on my philanthropy.

It’s wonderful to see how popular my recipes have become and I want to always be there but it’s become impossible and that makes me sad. This is my creation. I take a lot of pride in it and want it to be perfect so please know I am doing the best I can. I hope everyone understands and there are ways you can help:

  1. Understand if I am not able to answer your questions.
  2. Please do not ask a question that you can research online.
  3. Please do not ask about changing my recipe as I only make them the way I post them.
  4. If a recipe didn’t turn out, please look at the FAQs before asking what went wrong.
  5. Please continue to share your helpful comments, especially if you’ve tried something different with one of my recipes and it turned out well. That’s helpful to all of us.

My sincere thanks to everyone for understanding. I have no immediate plans to make more videos but I hope to in the near future. – Jenny Jones

64 Comments on "Trying to Keep Up"

  1. Jeanne

    Hi Jenny
    I’m another fan of yours from Canada. I’ve made so many of your recipes which always turn out great. Every time I make something new, my husband says, “ is this Jennys recipe”? He also says he loves your “buns” when I make them. Lol
    I must say you look amazing for 73. It doesn’t look like you wear much makeup. Your a natural beauty. What’s your secret? I hope it doesn’t cost $300 a jar. Haha ! Oh, and your philanthropy work truly touches our hearts. Jeanne

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thanks for your note. I wear sunscreen every day, even the cloudy ones and I think my healthy diet has a lot to do with my skin. Besides cooking my own meals and desserts, I don’t drink soft drinks or eat any packaged or junk foods. On my skin I use some drug store products, some from the beauty supply, and an occasional expensive moisturizer. I use a scrub twice a week, and every morning and night I use a serum (always trying different ones) and moisturizer. (The older I get, the more I’m willing to spend on a good moisturizer!)

  2. BadCatBoo

    Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with the world – you’re my hero!

  3. Matt

    How many slabs of baby back ribs for 20 people?

  4. Juanecita2

    Hi,I don’t know to which site you respond for questions.I have sent two requests..and see no reply. To ask again,how long will cabbage rolls remain good in the fridge?Thanks.yes,but where is the reply……..

  5. Juanecita2

    Hi,I don’t know to which site you respond for questions.I have sent two requests..and see no reply. To ask again,how long will cabbage rolls remain good in the fridge?Thanks.

  6. karen

    Love your recipes!!!

    Do you plan on any dairy free recipes. I have just recently found out that dairy is the culprit of my cystic acne and I have stopped all dairy. Big Bummer but I am glad my acne is getting better!!


    • The Tinker

      We don’t use milk however we have replaced it with almond milk as we try to
      stay away from soy because it bothers my wife not good;. Hope this will be of
      some help

  7. Cindy Sorensen

    I think you are amazing Jenny! I love, love, love watching your cooking and comedy videos. You are truly an inspiring human. Thank you!!! Cindy

  8. The Tinker

    I though that you retired to make more recipes for us as we love them.

    I use apple juice instead of sugar for the apple recipes

    I just found you web site and made your donuts recipe yum! yum! made a pot
    of coffee and ate half the recipe so good!

  9. Jim Newman

    Jenny, what a great web-site and YouTube presence. I’m a divorced guy (2x losser) LOLO My girlfriend and I are always looking to good easy things to fix for dinner and evenings with friends…we love your ideas…the hash browns are the bomb!!! This weekend I’m going for all the bread ideas…thanks for sharing. I have to be honest, how do you do all this on your own, you must have a staff that helps…it’s OK you can share, we don’t care…glad you’re doing it…you’re the best…keep it going….”BOZO”

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thanks for the nice note. And it is just me, no staff, no assistant but it’s something I enjoy.

      • Jim (the cop prof)

        TC (totally cool)…I worked on the bread this weekend. the 1/4 tsp yeast was not enough. I increased it to 1/2 tsp yeast and it was excellent. Then I used one packet of yeast and it was the best, my girlfriend is getting a ‘Dutch Oven’ for valentines….LOLOLOLO…Jim (the cop prof)

  10. dan

    love your bread recipes they are simple and always consistent would you have a Naan Bread recipe that works every time.Plenty on internet,haven’t found one yet that is consistent

  11. horsiegramma

    Jenny!!! I just discovered you and looooove your recipes! And… my all time favorite actress is Suranne Jones and I just found out she is your daughter!!! Aargh! I am speechless. I can’t believe it. I have watched nearly everything she has acted in. Sooo beautiful and incredibly talented. What a wonderful family you have. Question… since I spend my days reading your recipes… can a person gain weight by just thinking of food?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have no children. This actress’s mother is a different Jenny Jones from England, but I’m so glad you’re enjoying my recipes.

      • horsiegramma

        Oops…sorry. You should check out the actress’s bio. Your beautiful picture is shown as her mom! Thanks for the quick response.

  12. Ann Jones

    Here’s a tip when baking bread in Dutch oven. I purchased the 8 inch Lodge cast iron trivet from Amazon for less than $8. Put it in the Dutch oven when you’re heating it up. Put your parchment paper and dough on the trivet. The bottom of the loaf comes out perfect every time. Thank you, Jenny, for all you do!

  13. Richard

    Hi Jenny…
    Have tried your bread recipes… and they work beautifully for me. I searched your site for HOT DOG and HAMBURGER BUNS…

    OMG… NONE! I guess I’ll try using your W/W bread recipe and see what happens.

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Peg Hambrecht

    I want to make poppyseed rolls like grandparents made when I was little girl. Saw you put seeds into spice grinder so will need to look like one of those… I had just bought the manual grinder last year but looked for recipe. NOW, where do I get poppyseeds? And have not found a spice grinder yet; any recommendations on that too? Thanks! God Bless!!! xo… Peg

  15. Betty

    Just recently came across your website. Have been trying several of the recipes and love them. so delicious.
    Love watching your videos.

  16. Sam

    I don’t see it anywhere, maybe I’m not looking in the right place. But I do want to share, especially for my fellow apartment dwellers, that if their dishes, especially their breads, did not seem to turn out right, and you can’t figure out why, consider that the oven you’re using may not be in sync with the knob on the controls. Suggest you consider buying a cheap oven thermometer so you can ensure you’ve got the right temp and can monitor such during baking. Thank you, Ms Jones! Love your recipes and your smile! Namaste and God Bless!

  17. Jason

    Do you have any live chat rooms? I wanna ask you some questions.

  18. Cassandra Johnson

    Just wanted to say that Im so happy for you Jenny I used to watch your show all of the time very glad that you have other talents that keep you blessed finacially i dont have social media so i guess i can google your recipes

  19. Andi

    I LOVE you. You make cooking fun and so simple.
    Please, I never know which shelf to put my oven rack on. Is there a rule of thumb? Everything I read is different. Please help me.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, you are the best.
    Love from Florida.😎
    Andi Tarantino

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s always in the middle unless otherwise specified.

  20. Patricia Chianelli

    Dear Jen: Love your recipes. Would love a recipe for breaded chicken breasts, Polish style. I think your recipe would be the best. Thank you for all your fine cooking and baking. Love it.

  21. Antoinette

    Dear Jenny,

    I totally understand! And, I agree. We all love you! You are an amazing woman and so very sweet! Thank you for all you do!!


  22. Rhonda

    You can’t please everyone by being on top of your game. It takes the fun away from you for what you are doing. Please try not being sad and just stay focused on what you do for us and keep rolling at your own pace. You didn’t even have to start this, so we should be grateful you and your recipes exist for us to make. Do what you want for your own pleasure. If you’re not your best we won’t get the full fun and enjoyment of it either…
    Take care, Jenny…

  23. Nana

    The no knead crusty rolls are great. I have experimented and swapped out half white whole wheat flour…and I double the recipe. I freeze the baked rolls and pull out, however many I need for a meal. One minute defrost in the microwave..perfect.

  24. JSC

    Hi Jenny . Love your recipes especially your oil based cake recipes. How much AP Flour do I need to use if the recipe has 1.5 cups vegetable oil? The recipe says 2 cups. Please Help. Love your one layer yellow cake recipe.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I am not able to help with this limited information.

  25. Paula

    Holy moly! Wanted a rib recipe and watched your video, the whole time thinking you were familiar to me and then… Jenny Jones, OMG!!! Making your ribs tomorrow. I love you and happy we got back together!

  26. Karen

    Hi Jenny! I love your recipes!!

    My son was recently diagnosed with a gluten allergy. I’m wondering if you have any ‘gluten free’ recipes.

    Hope you enjoyed your summer vaca!!

    Thank you and best regards,

  27. jon

    Hey Jenny,

    I am contacting you from Cynogage, we are a video SSP with direct campaigns that are looking for quality inventory now. We work with brands such as Verizon, Ford, and Chase. You get a lot of user traffic on here and figured its an easy way for you to drive in more revenue. Please contact me back if you would like to make this happen.

    Best Regards

    • Jenny

      Thank you but I do not make money on this site. I’m just sharing my recipes for anyone who wants them. But it’s nice to be asked…

  28. Alex

    I stumbled across all your recipes and now I can’t wait to try them. I was looking for a recipe for giant very rustic sandwich buns for thick roast beef sandwiches. Do you have one?
    Thanks so much. I understand if you can’t answer this.

  29. Marilyn G.

    Hi Again Jenny,
    I’m going to try your poppyseed break recipe. My Mother’s was delicious and I’m sure your’s is too. She made delicious Golopki also. Your recipe seems like hers – she used water too. I remember one time she said she was surprised when her sister-in-law used tomato soup to cover (we called them pigeons as well as Golopki). I don’t think I spelled it correctly. Oh well 🙂

  30. Marilyn G.

    Hi Jenny,
    I love to watch your videos. I’m not a very good cook but my Mother was the best. Wish I had learned from her. My Father was Polish and she’s German & English. She cooked both Polish and Dutch foods. She made a Dutch cake that was not very high, only about 2 inches or so and the middle was indented where she would put fruit like peaches and sour cream. It seems the dough was sweet and I don’t know if she baked the fruit and sour cream topping or not. I hope you know the recipe if you can answer. Thanks, Marilyn

  31. Ronald Ashley

    We tried to hit breads on your main home screen and nothing happens. If I key in something in the search box and then hit that I get a listing on the side and that does work.

  32. Sally

    Ditto what they said. For me, it’s all the fun, kitschy stuff you have to cook with (especially those cute timers) that I look forward to in your videos. And that great sense of humor of yours! Getting undressed for the eye doctor!! I just about peed my pants when you said that! So, stay well, keep focused on what’s important and we’ll still be here when you post more videos. (Oh, BTW, my favorite video was the blooper one. TFF!)

  33. Dawn

    I can’t express how much happier you have made my life with these easy, easy, recipes. However, when is a good time to add any other ingredients? Such as, olives, garlic cloves, cilantro or raisins?? Thank you for sharing your information, photos and time.

    • Jenny

      You should find the answers by looking at my many versions of bread recipes.

  34. Debra Torres

    Hi Jenny. I love your recipes and all of your beautiful colors, I especially like your aprons and headscarfs, I have looked all over the internet for colorful aprons like yours and I cant find them, can you please tellme how I can find aprons and headscarves like yours, Thanks Debbie

  35. Mildred

    How do I unsubscribe to your web site?

    • Jenny

      At the very bottom of every email notification that is sent, there is a link to unsubscribe.

  36. Patty

    Don’t feel sad because you can’t keep up with all of the questions, Jenny. I’m sure everyone understands and appreciates all that you continue to do and have done for us. Seriously, you are the best! “Thank you, thank you” for the wonderful recipes! 🇨🇦 😘

  37. Becky

    As a fellow cook, you must know the hard felt desire for real cooking.
    More programs and recipes please!!!!

  38. Diane simmons

    Hi …. loved your t v show and now your videos! I’ve started cooking again because of finding your YouTube videos . Thanks so much!

  39. Phyllis C.W.

    I want to be like you when I grow up, I am 64 and 5 feet tall, may take awhile. You are one of my heroes and I pray God continues to bless you.

  40. Berthe Odonnell

    Just wanted to say keep up the great recipes, 🙂 i have not cooked and bake for so long till i found your recipes. Omg love it thankyou so much jenny 🙂

  41. Mike

    Jenny, Please continue to do what you do and how you do it. My confidence in the kitchen grows each time I see one of your videos and I not so shy to attempt a new recipe. Keep up the marvelous work! 🙂

  42. Bengi

    Hi Jenny, your remarks were so sincere and heartfelt, I was compelled to let you know just how much you’ve inspired me to bake my own bread, get courageous in my retirement, and pursue my dreams. I only recently found you on YouTube, and I was enthralled with your genuine approach and fun style! I’m an artist, and related to your love of color in your utensils etc.
    I believe that the people who are really supportive will totally understand that you need to follow your dream in your own way, and they will forgive you if you are not at their beck and call ! I would encourage you to not feel guilty for doing your videos and photos in your own time…..after all, we all love your work because it was done with care and detail. I for one would not want you to churn them out like a factory! 🙂 Or become commercial. I intend to explore all your recipes and videos, and practice cooking while I enjoy your sweet “presence” in my life !! Thank you for all that you have given to so many! Sending you a hug 🙂

  43. luke

    I do not watch for the recipes; Its just so much fun just to watch you

  44. Ross Brandman

    I made your brownies and banana bread without butter recipes. Your directions are so clear, it really makes this new hobby fun. It took three tries to make the banana bread because I have No experience baking but, the guys at work ate every bit of bread number three and four! Thanks!

  45. Barb A

    Jenny, please don’t feel badly! You’ve done an absolutely wonderful thing here! I’ve tried many of your recipes and they’ve all turned out beautifully – while being both delicious and nutritous!

    You just keep cooking, dear lady!

  46. Karen

    You. .are such a lovely person. We who love you understand how hard you work on your posts. Your recipes are perfect ! I especially love the ones from your Mom / Family . My husband’s Grandma(“Bobcia”) was born in Poland and his Mom and the 9 other children grew up speaking Polish-“sort of” . I know you know what I mean ! LOL.I’ve learned to make the stuffed cabbage he loves so much but that’s it for entrees .How I wish I could make pierogi ! I do make many of her Christmas cookie recipes and poppy-seed and nut rolls. Never as good as hers ! Don’t even have good recipes . I’m hoping to make Chrusciki using YOUR recipe !Really wish I could learn to make those poppy-seed and nut rolls . In Cleveland we all called them , “Potica”. I think that is Slovenian . Now we’re in TX and nobody knows what we are talking about .They DO know their Kolache here though ! Everybody knows somebody who makes “the best” . You just do videos and recipes on YOUR schedule .If you don’t , you will have defeated the whole purpose you created it all for anyway . When it stops being fun , it becomes a drudge …that’s when you need to quit ! I love everything about your work; and you DO have a lot of recipes to keep us all busy for years . ‘nuf said ! (((HUGS))) ^_^ K

    • Karen

      OOPS! I almost forgot , your Pacz Thanks again for all you do for all of us .ki recipe was a huge hit here for Easter weekend ! Just a few weeks ago I finally found the tip you need for filling them ! I went to so many places looking for it my husband was ready to forget he knew me ! BUT , they were so good he humored me long enough ’til I found it !

  47. Dalila G.

    Hi Jenny,

    I am very happy when I get to read your blog, watch your video’s and especially, make your recipes.
    They always come out very tasty and are not a problem making.
    Sometimes I do get like a “mad scientist” when I cook….LOL!!

    I, for one, totally understand you are only one person, you….by yourself, can only do so much.
    I’m sure you had no idea you would get such a huge response to your “fun” project of cooking and posting.
    You are doing a wonderful job!! YAY you!!
    It does take up a lot of time and it does need constant attention.

    No worries on my part, I’d like to see you at least once every two weeks if not more, but I do understand.
    Just remember, this is suppose to be fun, for us and you too.
    It’s your time to do what you want to do, just have fun! 🙂

    Keep doing what you do….keep working on your recipes, take all the pictures you need, keep perfecting the details, and when you’re able, share what you can.

    Happily waiting till your next recipe.
    Wishing you all the best!!

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