Apr 9, 2016

I Made Sandwich Buns

Easy Recipe for Healthy Sandwich BunsWe are heading to Las Vegas for a few days and I always make sandwiches for the drive. I decided to see if I could make sandwich buns from my simple whole wheat bread recipe and look how they turned out! They will soon be salmon sandwiches with lots of lettuce along with a bag of sliced carrots and peppers.

I used the exact recipe for my simple whole wheat bread without changing a thing but instead of shaping it into a loaf, I cut it into 8 pieces, shaped each one into a ball, put them on my baking sheet and flattened them with my hand. Here’s how they looked before rising…

IMG_8461 copyAnd here they are after 35 minutes in my warming drawer…

IMG_8462 copyI baked them at 375° F for about 12 minutes. I’ve already made dinner rolls from this recipe and now if you’re wondering if you can make whole wheat sandwich buns or hamburger buns like these, yes you can.

IMG_8464 copyJust use my quick & easy bread recipe to make healthier whole wheat sandwich buns or whole wheat hamburger buns. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

9 Comments on "I Made Sandwich Buns"

  1. TSandy

    Great recipe. I’ve been looking for a whole wheat recipe that makes soft sandwich style loaves. My husband refuses to eat the denser whole wheat bread. So I’m looking for something similar to Wonder Bread soft slices. I think this recipe will do the trick.

  2. Susan

    Jenny, can this easy recipe be made with oatmeal and all purpose flour?

  3. Emily thompson

    My husband and I really like to thank you for your whole wheat bread recipe. we love it.

  4. Bruce

    Since I saw your info on how to make sandwich buns instead of a loaf of bread, that’s all I’ve been making. 1 recipe makes me 4 days worth of buns, and they always turn out perfect. Thank you so much for this one little hint.

  5. Liane

    I don’t have a warming drawer. How long should I let the rolls sit before I bake them? Really looking forward to making these!

  6. Amutha

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you so much for the recipe, finally i can accomplish dinner rolls, sandwich buns and whole wheat bread all with the same recipe which i am successful in making. They taste delicious and my kids are happy as they get wonderful soft bread. I will keep on checking the latest recipes.

  7. Asl

    Hello Jenny! I’ve tried your whole wheat bread recipe before and it was super successful and awesome! Didn’t know I could turn that into dinner rolls!

    I wish you could continue your YouTube channel.. 😀

  8. Ann

    Jenny, you are brilliant! I ve never thought of leaving my dough in the warming drawer for rising. I have to try this soon.

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