Jul 22, 2018

Sunday Breakfast

Oatmeal Pancakes RecipeI want to remind everyone how easy it is to make pancakes from scratch. How easy? Twelve minutes. Yes, it takes just 12 minutes to make my whole grain oatmeal pancakes. It was our Sunday breakfast, served with a little butter and a lot of real maple syrup.

These easy, healthy pancakes are made with buttermilk, oats, and whole wheat pastry flour so they are 100% whole grain. Buttermilk really makes the best pancakes! My usual breakfast is a hard-boiled egg, a slice of my homemade bread, a little fruit, and a cup of tea, but Sunday is the day for special treats – I should have called it Sunday brunch because we didn’t eat until after 11:00.

I found these pretty plates at Walmart so I took a new picture. Next Sunday, or maybe tomorrow, if you want a healthy whole grain breakfast that’s fun and easy, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. BJM

    I make similar pancakes with quinoa instead of oats…but I don’t always have cooked quinoa on hand when the urge for pancakes strikes, so this looks just as yummy and healthy.

    I’m not a big syrup fan and prefer fruit jam warmed in the micro until its runny or sliced macerated fruit. We have tons of Nectarines & figs right now and we’re eating them with/on everything!

  2. Barb

    Dontcha just LOVE Pioneer Woman’s collection? I love love LOVE the turquoise, and I have some of it in my kitchen, too!

    I’m from New England where pure Vermont maple syrup is widely available but I am a bit of a syrup snob… I only like Log Cabin Original. I’m such a brat, right?

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