Aug 14, 2015

Simple Yellow Cake Without Butter

Best Yellow Cake RecipeThis is my go-to yellow cake, one you can make from scratch in 40 minutes. Try it with my 2-minute chocolate frosting that has only 2 tablespoons of butter. What I like the most is all the things you can do with this quick and easy recipe.

For a fast dessert, I make this cake and frost it right in the pan. It’s a healthier dessert I feel good about and it really satisfies my sweet tooth. I have made it using 1% and 2% low fat milk as well as whole milk. All versions turned out great.

I have also doubled the recipe and made two cakes using two cake pans and used it for my fresh strawberry cake so now you can make my wildly popular strawberry cake with no butter at all!

The one I really love is my Boston cream cake that I make with just one 9-inch cake, which I slice across in half, fill it with homemade custard and top with a chocolate glaze. (why do they call it Boston cream pie? – it’s not pie!)

One thing of note: this is a much better cake when you use a cake strip. See in the picture how the cake is perfectly flat? I highly recommend using a cake strip, also called a baking strip, whether you buy one or make your own. It keeps the edges of the cake from over-baking.  Click here to learn about cake strips.

If you want a healthier cake that’s low in sugar and saturated fat, try my recipe. You can use my frosting or do your own thing with this simple, easy recipe.  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

29 Comments on "Simple Yellow Cake Without Butter"

  1. Serena Kyle

    Where is the recipe for this no butter yellow cake?

  2. Ann yates

    Thank u, I learned a lot. U should put all this information in book form.

  3. Lisa Naomi

    To double this recipe, do I have to double the amount of eggs as well to a total of 4 eggs? That sounds like a lot of eggs, don’t you think?


    • Charlotte

      If you double a recipe you get two cakes….and you use double everything. 2 eggs for two cakes wouldn’t work as intended.

  4. Gloria

    I made the yellow cake 2 times,1st time turned out great. Today,made it and it was very dense and looked not cooked.I used a different type of all purpose flour,also forgot to aerated flour.

  5. Colleen B

    I made this cake last night, very disappointed. It was dense and lacked flavor. I really enjoyed the chocolate version, it came out GREAT. Hmm. The only change i made was the oil, i used the correct amount and used 1/2 avacado oil and 1/2 coconut oil. Could that be it?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I suggest trying the recipe exactly as written and that will determine if it was your change that made the difference. This recipe has a pretty good track record as written.

  6. Martine

    I want to make this cake but I want a vanilla frosting..

  7. Marcia

    Hi jenny my name is marcia and i would love to thank you for this wonderful vanilla cake recipe!! Its so easy to make i was searching for a no butter recipe i finally found yours!! Im going to start trying your other recipes also! Thanks again!!?

  8. Nancy Ramos

    Can this be made with water instead of milk.

  9. Sandra

    Hi Jenny
    I followed the recipe, it came out good and tastes yummy. Except mine while cooling shrink down a bit. did i do something wrong?

    • Charlotte

      Cakes usually deflate a tiny bit( especially ones with cocoa). If they are deflating too much, then they could be underbanked perhaps

  10. Luis Canela

    Where is the cake recipe??????????

    • Summer

      It says “Click here” for recipe ..

    • Dee

      At bottom of the description. It has click here. Do so and bingo the recipe appears.

  11. JoanB

    Hi Jenny so love your bake donuts,meatloaf,and crusty bread rolls. I also love your fun NY quips I love It!

  12. Janet Lourian

    Hi Jenny.
    I just discovered you web site earlier today, jennycancook.
    I am so excited to make some of your Polish recipes, as I am a proud Polsky.
    I made my mother’s recipe for stuffed cabbage earlier today, but next time I’m going to make your recipe.
    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes you posted and GOD Bless you for being you!

  13. Elamma Varughese

    Hi, thank you for the recipient, pls advise if I can bake it in microwave 20 c IFB.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know of any way to bake a cake in a microwave.

  14. sujatha prabhakar

    I tried out this cake today. it was a great sucess but it somewhat sticky and rough at the top. may I know the reason please.

    • Jenny

      Did you follow the recipe exactly? Including the size of the pan? If not, let me know what you changed and I will try to help.

  15. omobolanle

    Please what exactly made the cake yellow because I just made it and it is not yellow in colour.

    • Jenny

      Yellow cakes are really only a pale yellow color and that comes from the egg yolks.

  16. Jennie

    I can’t wait for the Boston Cream Pie. YUM!!

  17. Marilou

    Do you have recipes for Oxtail stew or anything with oxtails? Thankyou bunches

  18. Marilyn

    Hi Jenny,

    I still haven’t made the cabbage rolls yet. And it is hot here today!

    In fact, just doing some different salads as I don’t want to turn on the oven.

    Used the crock pot yesterday & made Turkey Chili. It was delish!

    I’ll let you know when I make the cabbage rolls and am sure you’ll get

    AAA rating from me as you are an “outstanding cook”!

    Talk to you later.

    Sincerely, Marilyn

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