Easy One Bowl Yellow Cake

Easy One Bowl Yellow Cake

Easy One Bowl Yellow Cake

I usually frost the cake right in the pan but you can double this recipe using two cake pans for a double-layer cake. Only line the pan with parchment if you plan to remove the cake from the pan. It’s best to have all your ingredients at room temperature and I highly recommend using a cake strip. Be sure to aerate your flour before measuring.- Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Makes: 8 servings

Easy One Bowl Yellow Cake


  • 3/4 cup sugar (the recipe also works using 2/3 cup sugar)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup milk (low fat or whole milk)
  • 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  2. Grease an 8 or 9-inch round cake pan.
  3. With an electric mixer on high, beat sugar, eggs, & vanilla for one minute to thicken.
  4. On low speed add remaining ingredients (in the order listed) but do not over-mix. This should take less than a minute.
  5. Pour into pan and bake for 25-30 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. I like to frost it with my 2-minute chocolate frosting.

Salt: Based on some comments, I added salt (optional) to my recipe. Use a pinch up to 1/4 teaspoon although I make mine without salt.

A cake strip will keep the edges from over baking and will keep the cake from being domed or rounded in the center. For info on cake strips click here.

For more on this recipe in my blog click here.

480 Comments on "Easy One Bowl Yellow Cake"

  1. Honey

    I made this today but used butter in place of oil. I baked in a 4″ pan and a 4 cup bunt pan. They turned out great. Never heard of cake strips but found them on Amazon so ordered a set for me and a set for my grand daughter. Thanks for great recipe.

  2. Gigi

    Do you think I could add chocolate chips to this recipe? If so, how many? Thank you so much.

  3. Lisa

    Wow Jenny!! This yellow cake is so delicious! This is the only recipe I WILL EVER MAKE!! Thank you!!!!!!

  4. Bonnie J

    Thanks for the excellent instructions! This is an easy cake to make. I made it in a 9 inch round metal pan and followed the directions carefully. I made two layers and mixed the ingrédients twice. I was surprised to see that the second layer rose higher than the first. It made a slightly bigger loaf. Maybe the two eggs in that batter were just a bit bigger???

    Anyway, I’m making this cake to turn it into an Easter Bunny Cake. I’m happy with the way it turned out but I haven’t tasted it yet. I hope it will be moist!

  5. Jo Cooley

    I used this cake recipe to make pineapple upside down cake because I didn’t have a Jiffy mix. It is a great recipe fast to mix up and the results are top notch. Thank you for the recipe

    • Pam

      Ty that’s what I was looking for. You answered my question. I’ll bet it was yummy!

  6. Cathy

    Do you need to refrigerate if not serving til next day? Without butter thought would be ok kept room temp.

  7. Frances

    Very easy recipe, I added 1/4 cup Banana Pudding mix and 1 whole Banana. Love this simple base cake recipe very versatile to use, to add in other flavors
    Thank you

  8. Delicious

    This was such an easy cake to make. Only a few ingredients. I especially like that they use oil as the fat instead of butter. The price of butter is rediculous!
    I’ll be using this one a lot.

  9. Clisandra lynne

    This is the absolute the best recipe I have found for a base with fresh strawberriesand whipped cream. It also is just delightful with a lemon juice and confectioner’s sugar glaze. This simple base cake re ipe works in a million ways foe me. Jenny, very grateful I found your recipe.. I did add one half a stick of melted butter to my butter just for the richness butterbrings to cakes.

    • Sheri

      To what did you add the butter? The cake mix? Did you substitute it for the vegetable oil? Thanks!

      • Laura Marie

        I made the cake today with butter instead of the oil. You can substitute butter 1 for 1 ratio. It turned out beautiful. I am going to serve it as a breakfast cake with fresh blueberries & honey vanilla yogurt on Easter Sunday.

  10. Honeybee

    My 9 year old granddaughter and I used this recipe to make mini bunt cakes in a mini bunt cake maker. I only jumbo sized eggs so we just used 1. And used butter and heavy cream because that is what I had on hand. The cakes tasted great but a bit dry. Next time I will make sure to have oil instead or use more butter.
    I will keep this recipe, as my granddaughter loves to bake with me. And this is just the right amount for baking projects. Maybe I will try almond flavor or buttermilk because it’s fun to try something new or different .

  11. Dee Dee

    I made this cake and followed directions to the max! The cake tasted fine, but it had the texture of corn bread. I wasn’t expecting that.

  12. Dorothy

    A nice,easy cake. All I added was some ground nutmeg.

  13. Leona

    I’ve baked for many years. This is one of the easiest, most versatile cake I’ve ever made. Followed directions precisely the first time, second time added 3 TB of malted milk powder and baked it in a stainless steel bowl. Topped it with milk chocolate glaze and Whoppers (malted milk balls coated in milk chocolate). Fabulous. Today I doubled the recipe and made 2 9” cakes to later fill and cover with a rich buttercream frosting. The texture of this cake is almost sponge cake like. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  14. Hope

    How can I infuse coffee flavor into this recipe?

    • Donna

      Add 1Tb or 2 Tbsp of INSTANT COFFEE CRYSTALS ( depending on how strong of a coffee taste you won’t your cake to be) to room temperature milk (1/2 cup MILK).
      Let sit to dissolve. Add the sugar called for in your recipe ..stir…Then add to your other ingredients.
      BUT YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE OTHER INGREDIENT AMOUNTS FROM YOUR RECIPE. So that being said… it might take a couple of times to get the right flavor you want. You have a wonderful idea! Coffee Flavored Cake YUM!

    • Charity

      May use instant coffee in the milk but may need to warm the milk so it dissolves.

  15. The Baker

    Bakers and non-bakers alike can do wonders with this versatile recipe! I lowered the fat by using Greek yogurt and added strawberry purée and whipped topping. Positively Perfect!

  16. Pat

    I made this cake today ,I do a lot of baking , but wanted a quick small cake for two. The only change I made was a pecan crumb topping , and so glad I did otherwise this would have been a nothing cake , very bland
    leaves me wondering about all the positive comments ?

    • Sandra

      Perhaps your taste buds prefer something more rich. Personally, I liked this cake because of its simplicity and topped it with sliced strawberries.

  17. Essie

    I’ve never baked a cake or really any kind of pastry in my life so I used this recipe because it looked easy and didn’t call for copious amounts of butter. It really was easy! I didn’t have a mixer so I used my magic bullet smoothie blender for step 1. I baked it for my mom and she loved it! The cake was soft, not too sweet, and not at all dense! I made a quick caramel glaze for it and it came out beautifully, thank you so much!

  18. vera

    Hi jenny
    Thank you for your recipes I have used most of them when i bake it’s my passion as well and i love cooking real foods i admire you and all you do.hope everything is well with you just wanted you to know how much your recipes have added me personally i have ibd and cooking using your recepies have helped me which u can only imagine again thank you God bless

  19. Elaine

    Thank you!
    This is the perfect recipe for a simple yellow cake -or- as a base cake for many other creations!!
    It has become my favorite. I can use GF flour with great success. I have shared this recipe.
    I follow your directions exactly to get amazing results!

  20. Joanna

    I made this (after dinner dessert), used 1/2 cup Splenda, Lemon flavor and home made frosting (cocoa powder & heavy whipping cream) plus blackberries/blueberries on the side…. So Easy So Good!!

  21. Kathy

    Great recipe. I used 2/3 cup Stevia and skim milk and it is light and moist. I made the mistake of turning it out on a plate with the soft side up and frosting it with a premade frosting. Didn’t work very well. So recommend frosting it in the pan. Will try some of the other suggestions with fruit.

  22. Dixie

    This is my go-to recipe for an iron skillet pineapple upside down cake. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Carmen

      Do you use pineapple juice instead of the milk? Thank you 😊

  23. Cindy

    Just made it. Very happy with it. I live at high altitude. The only thing I subbed was melted butter for the canola. Rose perfectly, nice moist crumb, rich flavor. Easy and great if you need something quick to go with berries. Very versatile. A new go to. Thanks!

  24. JJ

    Sounds like you used artificially flavored vanilla. Did you sub in margarine or use some
    different type of oil?

  25. Lynn

    Just made this. Will definitely be my go to recipe. Added cinnamon and sugar to the top. So good. Not to crumbly, not dry. Amazing. 🤗

  26. Phyllis

    Used Almond Milk and the 2/3 cup sugar no salt Iced with PB Frosting was deliciouz and so easy to make

  27. Amanda

    This cake is amazing! I used almond milk instead of regular milk and oh my it didn’t last long in our home. Thank you!!!

  28. Amy Bee

    This is disgusting. Somehow it turns out both too spongey yet too crumbly at the same time. Batter has the taste of wallpaper paste. It’s just terrible.

  29. Barb

    I just got done making this cake to use for strawberry shortcake. It is the first “from scratch” yellow cake that I have made that actually turns out! The flavor is great, the texture wonderful! I put it in a 9″ round metal pan and only had to bake it for 25 minutes. I omitted the oil and used applesauce instead, as I have to watch my fat intake. Sometimes that can make a cake more heavy – not this time! This recipe is a keeper.

    • Rebecca

      Please share your measurements for applesauce sub, I plan on making as a stawberry shortcake and would like to use stevia to sub for the sugar aswell.

    • Kath

      This a great tip. will tty next round.

  30. cookie crumble

    Nice little cake. Swirled some leftover apple pie filling through so had to add about 10 minutes to baking time, otherwise everything else the same. Will use this recipe again!

  31. Mary M

    Absolutely love, love,love. I swirl jam through it before baking or add other flavoring such as lemon, orange, or maple. Great with whip cream and berries.

  32. Angelia Mullins

    I love the simplicity of this recipe. So delicious I paired it with berries and cream.

  33. Brenda

    This recipe came out wonderfully. I used the 2/3 c sugar w/o salt adaptation. Then I topped it with coffee icing! Yummy!

    • Becky

      Coffee icing. What is that?! 😃✍🤓☕️

      • Vanessa

        Yes, do tell… How do u make it, the icing w the coffee? Please 😊😁

        • Christine

          When I make coffee frosting, I make a basic butter cream and add some coffee crystals. I won’t drink instant coffee, but it can’t be beat in things like frosting when you don’t want the extra liquid.

          • Kathie

            How much regular coffee do you add? Thanks Kathie

            • TERRI

              You have to use the dry instant or the amount of coffee needed to achieve that flavor you’ll end up with coffee soup!

  34. Teresa Edwards Rathbone

    I have made this,but did it as an orange poke jello cake,with homemade butter cream

  35. Kathy

    I love this cake. I’ve made it plain. I’ve made pineapple upside down with it. I’ve made banana upside down cake .I’ve made a berry upside down cake and they were all delicious thank you for the recipe

    • Jeanne

      My mother made a delicious peach upside-down cake with a one egg recipe. Hers is lost and this looks like a good substitute.

  36. Lacey

    I’m not much of a baker but I love this recipe it came out wonderful thank you

  37. Ginger Ginger

    I made this recipe this morning. It was quick, easy and delicious. I did include the salt as it enhances the taste of the cake, especially being a plain yellow one. I also used a baking strip as this enables cake to be even, uncracked and not burnt around the edges.
    Thanks for a great recipe🙂🙂

  38. Amy

    Yum! Today I made a half recipe with the reduced sugar and included the salt. I got six delicious cupcakes (took 15 mins to bake). Thanks for sharing this recipe, it’s a keeper!

  39. Betzaida

    I would like to let you know that I have tried this recipe with your two minute chocolate frosting, and I must say that it pairs up perfectly. The cake is very delicious. Thank you. This will be one of my quick cake go to recipe. Thanks again for making it available to me.

  40. Cecelia

    Can you use half oil and half apple sauce!

  41. Reese

    I’ve made this cake a few times now and it’s always great. Very forgiving of the type of oil/fat used. Thanks for the recipe! The only think I would note is that I use much more vanilla extract (double) and sometimes a bit of cinnamon to liven it up based on what is being served with. I also do add the salt.

    • Savoya

      I use cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice mix! This is my first time making it so fingers crossed!

  42. Lina

    I love this cake and have made it many times. I top it the inverted cake with homemade jam (just enough to coat) while the cake is still a little warm, then add shredded coconut.

  43. Nancy

    Topped it with diced walnuts and cinnamon sugar before baking. Yum!

  44. Pa

    Sorry to say it wasn’t anything to write home about. Came out dry. The flavor was like a pancake.

  45. Irvin

    I have made this cake many times. It is a winner.

  46. Elizabeth

    I’m baking it now. My husband diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I can save money by baking this rather than buying mix. I substituted Stevia in place of the sugar. If this works I see me making lemon and other flavors.

    • Kate R

      How did it turn out with the Stevia? Did you keep everything else the same?

    • mart

      did the cake turn out made with stevia,

  47. Anne

    Can I bake this in a 6 cup Nordic bundt cake pan?

  48. bonnie

    made a single layer yellow cake, it was very dense too solid, did not care for recipe.

    • Anne

      Hello do you know what you can do the one and a quarter cup of flour measure it into grams and it will be much less flour it will make a difference One cup of flour is not the same in cup and in grams I now learn to measure flour in grams

    • Susie

      If dense and heavy would be perfect to add glace cherries and almond flavoring and turn it into a cherry Madeira cake!

  49. COgirl

    This is still my go-to cake. So easy and simple. Jenny, hope you and yours are safe and well.

  50. Lisa M

    Love this recipe, I keep coming back to it. I find it perfect for when we need a quick snack or a great birthday cake. Perfect recipe thank you so much😊

  51. Julie Hanpener

    It worked!! Coconut Oil does work. After it slightly cooled I took it out of the cake pan and it will be a go for me if I don’t have any oil.

  52. Julie Hanpener

    I took mine hot and ready out of the oven just now!! Once it slightly cools I will take it out of the pan and see if it falls apart. ( Second time using coconut oil!!)

  53. Julie Hanpener

    I have made this cake so many times my family loved it!! Almost every time I bake they ask if I could make it. It is amazing and in my family it is gone in JUST one day. This recipe is a family treat and is most recommend to make. Round of applause for Jenny. It is very fresh, and wonderful! I recommend for you guys not to put frosting on the cake because it is perfectly fine how it is but its totally up to you right? If I don’t have vegetable oil I use butter, melted and cooled completely. I have tried coconut oil but it did not work as good your cake will fall apart. But I am going to make it again today and try coconut oil again to see how it turns out on my second try with coconut oil. Again this recipe is fantastic and you should definitely give it a try!!

    • Julie Hanpener

      Thanks Jenny.

      • Sharon Lee

        Thanks for a great recipe! I followed the directions exactly and, while I was surprised there was no butter, it turned out to be perfect. Serving with strawberries tonight!

  54. Sue

    Made this today to serve with fresh strawberries for dessert tonight and only put in 1/2 c of sugar and 1/4 c of oil ( extra light olive oil). No salt. So pleased, as not only is the cake tender and moist, but delicious as well. It will be my ‘go to’ cake recipe from now own. I followed the rest of the instructions exactly. Thank you Jenny.

  55. Regina

    Just made this to eat with fresh strawberries. Definitely will be making again. So good
    Thanks for such an easy homemade cake recipe

  56. Kitty

    GREAT RECIPE! YUMMMMY! EASY. Made lemon icing using Country Time Lemonade with cool whip. Perfect for after dinner cupcakes.

    • Sally G

      Thank you Jenny! This is the best cake for us. No frosting needed. Made this countless times. Even with getting distracted and adding ingredients out of order, this cake delights.
      Thanks for leaving the website up. Many happy and blessed years to you and yours!

      • Julie Hanpener

        YES!! No frosting needed and is a very tasty recipe!

  57. Peighton

    Just pulled it out of the oven and it is gorgeous. It is cooling and I’m going to do my own chocolate whipped frosting. This cake is for my S/O.

  58. Kim

    Made this at Easter to use up some frosting. It is delicious. Highly recommend it.

  59. Nancy

    Also makes a dozen cupcakes! Reduce baking time to 16-18 minutes, yum!

  60. Kathryn

    Im going to make this right when i get back from school I love to bake.

  61. Ellen

    What is a cake stripper?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please use the link I provided.

    • Judy

      I want to bake this cake tonight for supper, but have never heard of a cake-
      Stripper , could you please explain, dear?
      Thank you so much.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Please use the link in the recipe about cake strips.

  62. Kathy

    This cake was so easy and so yummy. I only used 2/3 cup sugar as I was using the cake for strawberry shortcake. I did have to bake it for more like 35 minutes but it turned out perfect. Definitely a keeper!

  63. ED

    My daughter had to make a dessert for a school project. This was the perfect difficulty for her. I didn’t have any milk though so we used coconut milk. Also, she put sprinkles inside the batter. The cake is soooo delicious. I will be using this recipe again. Thank you!!!

  64. D. Woolf

    Hi all,

    Needed a quick cake for just the two of us and thought this would be the perfect size. My cake has been in the over for over an hour! The outside is beautifully browned, sort of crunchy like the top of an angel food cake, but the inside is still runny. What in the heck did I do? I thought I had followed the directions very carefully. And no, it’s not my oven. I have calibrated the temperature earlier and it is accurate.


  65. Frank

    i miss read the baking powder and did 1 and 1\4 cup my cake exploded in the oven. not a good start to my baking skills

    • Paula

      It’s okay. We all make mistakes. I once thought a container of salt was sugar . . . It was the saltiest cake ever.

      • Julie Hanpener

        Me too. Salt and sugar look the same. In my cake it said to add two cups of sugar. I forgot to add labels to my salt and sugar and my cupcakes were sooooooo salty!! I did not know until I offered my friend one and she said that she would eat it later but when she took a bite her face was saying it was bad from what I could see. I took a bite of a cookie and said to her ” No need to eat it later I will get something else” . And it was her Birthday so I called someone to make a special cake and I went to pick it up. The rest of the day was amazing.

  66. Beth

    As fast/easy as it is delicious – I’m a pretty seasoned baker and this cake is a winner. Can be easily dolled up, too – I use both almond and vanilla extract, pull out some leftover icing from the freezer or slice it in half and spread the middle with lemon curd. And the size is perfect for a small family (sometimes a double layer cake is just too much). Thank you Jenny!

  67. Lilly


  68. Sharon

    For the naysayers: I am no baker. I read the good and bad reviews. The bad reviewers are doing something wrong! I followed the recipe as written, I even made the mistake of accidentally adding the vanilla to the dry ingredients instead of the wet. I made sure I did not beat the cake mix over 1 min. I greased the pan with coconut oil. I did take the advice of one writer and added an extra tablespoon of vanilla. It cooked exactly 30 min. In a round glass cake pan. It is perfect! The texture is like my Bundt cake I make when I add a pudding mix to it. It’s firm but soft. And very sweet and it tastes like actual cake! I’m going to try adding other flavors besides vanilla in the future. Like lemon or almond, or butterscotch, just for fun. Maybe I’ll even add butter! But I did not have butter today so I went looking for an easy recipe for cake from scratch without butter. So, whoever you are…. those that are saying it came out wrong….. I don’t know what you’re doing, but you are definitely not going by the directions. Or, as one person said, maybe your baking powder is old and not working. Also, you do know if you use baking powder, you have to bake whatever it is you’re baking right away otherwise the powder loses its efficacy. Anyway…. I just had to respond. I don’t know Jenny…. and never have been on her site until yesterday. I was concerned because of the few negative reviews, but I took the chance and followed the directions specifically…. do NOT overbeat the cake batter!!! I made a great little quick homemade desert, without butter!

    • June

      I followed the directions and it was perfect. My husband is temporarily on a low salt diet so I used no salt. He still loved it!

  69. Vicky Hall

    This recipe is the best. I used buttermilk though and that cake is out of this world!! Oh my!!!!!

  70. Laury

    I hate baking, but need something sweet and easy now and then. This was perfect, and came out great!! Thank you so much!!

  71. Annelle

    Made this lovely cake…again…but this time added the seat of one lemon and a cup of blueberries. Frosted with a cream cheese and lemon buttercream. Oh my goodness! It is wonderful!

  72. elliot

    can you use a normal rectangle pan for this rescipe

    • Baking_Addict

      yes, but make sure it is the same size

    • Margaret

      Just used a rectangle 8 in pan. Worked just fine, cake really good, made the chocolate icing, very good.

  73. AnnelleB

    Absolutely delicious cake! Super quick and easy….and it turns out perfectly every time.

    • Julie Hanpener

      Yes it does!! Just maybe not with coconut oil I will try doing it again with coconut oil tonight!!

  74. Angie

    The cake came out wonderfully very nice recipe

  75. Lori

    First time I made the cake it turned out heavy and dense. I bought new baking powder, remade it and it turned out perfectly! I’m not a big baker so my baking powder must sit around for a while… I wasn’t even aware baking powder had an expiry date. If yours doesn’t turn out perfectly may I suggest checking your baking powder expiry date?

  76. Maria

    Hello Jenny. I have tried many of your recipes, and I love everything I’ve made so far. Please continue to share more recipes with us. I love your videos!

  77. sarah

    hmm i made this today. great to curb sweet cravings around the house, my cake came out a bit dense. maybe an error on my part.

  78. Mimi Dee

    Made this to put over my butter, brown sugar, and pineapple mixture! Made a beautiful pineapple upside down cake. Use a 10” skillet as the pineapple mixture takes extra room. Came out perfect!

  79. Abs

    I loved this cake! So light and spongy soft. Not too sweet so it was a nice contrast to the chocolate frosting. Yum!

  80. Veronica

    I love this simple recipe for a delicious healthier alternative sweet snack.

  81. Mary

    I Do not recommend. It’s heavy and coarse.

    • AnnelleB

      Sometimes using a “spoon and level” method when measuring the flour gives better results.

  82. Katie

    I made this cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday. We warmed up some homemade cherry jam to drizzle on top. It was absolutely delicious. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Easy to follow instructions and easy to bake!

  83. Billy joe Francis

    I followed your recipe exactly as you said. It came out light and fluffy, the best recipe I’ve found so far. I will have to try your others.

  84. Joani Can Bake

    I have loved baking cakes since my childhood. Unfortunately, my hubby prefers pies to cakes, so it isn’t as much fun to bake for him. However, when he tasted this yellow cake, he declared it was BETTER THAN PIE. He kept sneaking slices throughout the night, and when I woke up the next morning, the cake was 3/4 gone. He sheepishly looked at me and said: I guess a mouse got into it. Hahaha??. He can’t wait for me to make it again. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Jenny. This one is a keeper, even without the icing.

  85. Bonnie Belknap

    I put this comment in as an answer to someone else who’s recipe did not turn out. I baked it last night, and it was heavy and dense, like the other commenter’s result.

    I can only assume that most people commenting on here do not know what cake is supposed to taste like–as with people who think Olive Garden is good Italian food ??.

    Anyway, I really wish I had noticed the website owner abandoned her work and is no longer offering help. I wasted ingredients, and I’ve never had trouble with my baking.

    The thing to do, deary, when you no longer have time to maintain a website is to Take the Website Down, obviously. ?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’ve been kind of busy, focusing on my philanthropy during the Christmas holidays as so many people are struggling. I hope to be able to answer more questions next month but I will not be taking my website down. This is who I am: https://www.jennycancook.com/about-me/

      • John Brooks

        Thx You… I really enjoy your website and find it useful when I need just an idea for something to cook… keep up the great work Jenny lot of fans out here

      • Ofelia

        Love your videos and your recipes! Thank you!

      • Kk

        And we all love you just as you are!!! Your cakes are fabulous!!! Thank you dearly for your recipes!!!❤❤❤

      • Memaw

        Thank you Jenny for every recipe you publish and for calming our fears of losing your website! So happy to hear you say you WILL NOT be taking down the site.
        I love your recipes and videos! Keep up the delicious work and know you are appreciated!

      • Cdnsunshine

        I am happy to hear you will not take your website down. Also, kudos to you for helping those in need during the pandemic.
        You be you!
        I spent this afternoon pouring through your videos and look forward to making the filled donuts, which is something my late mother made on Shrove Tuesday.
        Thank you for proving healthier options for family traditions. Be well and safe, thank you for helping many!

    • Tonya

      You really don’t need to insult others to express your discontent. To each his (or her) own.

      • Nancy

        This looks like an old favorite from when my kids were very young. I couldn’t keep it in the house! I’m going to make it tonight as my son is visiting tomorrow! Thank you Jenny! And rudeness is NEVER acceptable.

    • Lori

      Jenny: Love your website AND your recipes AND your cute videos!!!

    • Dee

      Please try and aerate flour like she shows. It really will make a difference in the cake. That and if you over mix or stir as she mentions can make a difference too. Aeration of flour is important as are are using correct measuring cups. One type for liquids and one for solids. She ponts this out too.

    • Dee

      Karen, Karen. Need I say more.

  86. william

    easy recipe. i used it as the batter for a pear upside down cake: i used a bunch of almond extract in the batter; in a cast iron skillet lightly browned two pears cut into eighths in butter and brown sugar; pour over the batter (i used a bit more milk to make it more fluid) and baked for about 30 mins. magnificent.

  87. Lucy

    Easy recipe ,tastes great and the perfect size.

  88. Sandy

    I’d love some advice from you Jenny. I made this cake twice and both times it was dry , tasteless and dense. I did everything according to your instructions. I’m not a professional cook but I love cooking and baking and I’m normally successful with most dishes and I’ve never had a problem with any of your recipes but this one was a failure for me. I can’t understand how some people had a great experience and others didn’t. Am I missing something?

    • Bonnie Belknap

      I just made this cake and had a similar issue. In my case the cake was “dense” rather than light and fluffy as cake is supposed to be. Very heavy and course.

      I think part of it might be it calls for two eggs, which is a lot for a single layer. That might have added too much moisture.

      Also, and I am going to put this comment in directly, I had noticed she did not reply to your comment. When I went in to answer you I saw that she is no longer replying supposedly due to Covid-19 and “so many people cooking “, lol. One hopes when a website is started that many people use it. I wish I had noticed how lame this website was before I wasted ingredients.

      • Dee

        KAREN. Calm down.

      • AnnelleB

        For heaven’s sake, this is a cake!!! Chill…..

      • Clap back

        Bonnie please take a cue from your last name and do Jenny and all of us a favor – take a NAP.

        Come back when you aren’t so sour. You’re acting like a troll continuing to make mean comments. Maybe someone should send you to one of Jenny’s boot camp episodes and straighten out your panties from the wad they’re in up your Fanny.

      • Marie

        You are an ignoramous. Who are you, telling Jenny to take down her website. You don’t like it? Don’t go on it!! I like it.

  89. Margie Carrington

    I used half milk and half pineapple juice. Also substituted coconut flavoring for vanilla. Placed pineapple tidbits on the bottom of the pan, then poured batter in. Tastes like a pina colada.

  90. Gene Black

    I made this with the following substitutions. It came out great.

    I had Almond milk, so I used that as the milk
    I used orange extract instead of vanilla
    I used coconut oil in place of vegetable oil.

    As a long-time home baker, I knew these shouldn’t change anything drastically. It was amazing. We spooned some lemon curd over it for dessert. (But it is great without it.)

  91. Diane

    Great easy cake with the most basic ingredients. I followed the directions as per instructions. I will definitely make it again and again ?❤

  92. PJ

    I was pleased to find your website and the yellow cake recipe and will bookmark it for later. Right now I plan to make this cake for my son’s birthday and try your chocolate frosting rather than my usual Hershey’s recipe. Will follow up later with the results.

  93. Sue Menon

    Thank you so much! A simple recipe without too many ingriedients! I am trying to make coconut cake so I am going to use coconut milk instead of regular milk.

  94. Robert

    Can I use banana extract? Will that give me banana flavor without using bananas?

  95. Matthew Zinder

    Awesome recipe!!!!!!!

  96. Kayla

    I have made this recipe so made times, and it has never failed to disappoint. It’s my favorite cake recipe, and I love it so much!

    • Matthew Zinder

      Yes. Same thing here!

    • Annemarie Kummel

      You mean it disappoints you every time?

    • Shayna

      Its also a winner with me. Every single time. I double the vanilla extract and use vanilla almond milk instead of regular milk but everyone prefers my cake to a box mix!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      LOL!! How about, “It always never fails to not disappoint me.” ? Kayla likes the cake – that’s all I need to hear! ??

  97. gilly

    I made your cake tonight. I added 1t organic lemon flavor. it is out of this world – tender, not too sweet, absolutely delicious. I have a bowl of mixed berries macerating, along with a jar of homemade dark chocolate syrup, so we can have dessert 3 ways. will definitely make again! thank you for the great recipe!

  98. Brandy

    My cake fell, “sunk” in the middle. Not done in the middle either. Baked for 35 minutes @ 350°. Used a square 9inch pan instead of round. Anybody???

    • Mary

      Baking powder was old or you beat it to long. Always use a light oil anything heavy can weigh cake down. Veg. or canola. I have many of times used applesauce, yogurt even sour cream in place of oil.

    • Nan

      I made this yesterday with a dark (black) 9” square pan & it turned out fantastic. Didn’t use cake strips. It rose perfectly & evenly. I was shocked that it didn’t have to have a lot of beating by mixer. Only change I made was to turn oven down to 325 half way thru baking because of the dark pan. My baking powder was brand new. I purchased it in a plastic container which I think will keep it fresher.

    • Dee

      Try spreading batter away from center just before putting in oven.

    • Marvin

      Suspect your oven temperature. On my oven, 20 degrees has to be added to make things turn out. Have not checked it properly, but get the same kind of failures if set for the stated recipe temperatures.

  99. Jo

    This cake recipe is simple and great tasting. Very moist also. I made it today for my brothers 52nd Bday. I followed the recipe exactly as written. First recipe I’ve tried so far from your awesome website and it was a hit. Had to bake it a bit longer but I am in a high elevation.
    I appreciate the absense of ads. Thank you Jenny.

  100. Amber

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I have tried many and they all turn out so well!! God bless you Jenny!!

  101. Paula

    Anyone try this as the cake part of a fruit upside down cake?

    • Chrissy

      I’m in the process now can’t wait to see how it turns out

  102. Syd

    Use 325 degrees for the same amount of time to eliminate domed middle. But, check doneness with a toothpick as usual

    • Sue

      I have bought and used “cake strips”, but prefer my homemade version: cut off a 2” wide strip from the bottom edge of an old white undershirt (bleached, of course). Wet thoroughly, squeeze out lightly, stretch around cake pan (round, square, rectangular), twist and loop around pan again; if it won’t go around twice, then just twist it and tuck it under the fabric loop that did go around. Works like a charm, and inexpensive too. Easier to used than my store bought strips, Cakes always come out without domes.

  103. Vince

    This was easy and turned out fantastic. 5 stars.

  104. Stefania

    OMG this is so incredible. You’d never guess that such a short list of simple ingredients would yield such an incredibly tasty result. It’s like goodness by the slice. I love it – I made it twice in like 3 days. This is definitely an all-time favorite. Thank you so much, Jenny! Yet another smashing success!

  105. Christy Morgan

    I made this cake to use for a shortcake with strawberries, it was perfect, and I used a wisk instead of getting out my mixer or using my Kitchen-aid. I thought it would great if it was a little dense, but it wasn’t, lol. It was perfect and my family loved it. My husband commented on how good it tasted. Sometime, I would like to taste it with a chocolate frosting. Yum! Thanks for a quick little cake recipe! ?

  106. Isabelle

    I made this cake for my family, but since half of my family is vegan, I replaced the milk with almond milk. I baked a normal and vegan cake and only the icing that I prepped had worked. Very unsatisfied with this recipe. I don’t recommend it. I wish the rest of you luck with this recipe.

    • Kp

      What did you use instead of egg?

    • stef

      I also did not use regular milk, I whipped up either almond milk or oat milk and it always turned out perfect (I made it three times already)

  107. Kathleen Hamel

    I just made this to serve with some macerated berries and whipped cream! The cake smells amazing and was so easy!

  108. Ruth

    A really easy and delicious cake. Ideal size for my small family. Thank you for posting.

  109. Monique

    HI Jenny
    Love this recipe… I followed instructions as written and then set aside about a 1/4 cup of batter and mixed in dark cocoa powder and made a yellow cake with chocolate swirls.
    My hubby and son loved it.
    Thank you so much !!

    • Hannah

      How much cocoa powder did you put in?

      • coucou

        I tried adding cocoa powder too on a small amount of batter. I then cooked in a pan & it turned decent to my surprise. About 2 tbsp per 1/3 of batter. This turns out good baked as pancakes too.

  110. Julie

    Thanks for this great recipe! This cake was so good and easy to make! Made it for my son’s birthday and he loved it!

  111. Carol b

    Made this cake great for when u don’t need a whole recipe. Turned out great!would make it again.

  112. Judy

    I made this simple cake and cut sugar to just under 1/2 C. Pregnant daughter likes treats but lower in sugar. I dusted with powdered sugar. This cake couldn’t be easier! And was a hit with the family during these trying times. I will add chocolate drizzle and whipped cream next time.

  113. Sunshine

    Just found this recipe.

    I am going to be adding blueberries to the cake.

    I will post how it turns out

  114. Debbie Cox

    This cake recipe was completed as written but turned out tasting stale – will not bake this this again!

    • Paula

      My first try also did. Second time I used a bit more oil, was moist and better.

  115. Martine

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I put brown sugar instead, cinnamon and I used gluten free flour. The result is more than amazing because if it’s so spongy and fluffy even for a gluten free cake, then this is the best!

  116. Gloria

    Hi Jenny! Can I sub bread flour for AP? It’s all I have. BTW, I’ve made your Faster No Knead and Ciabatta breads and both turned out lovely. Using your pizza dough, I can finally make delicious homemade pizza. Thank you so much!

  117. Ocqueoc

    This is a great single layer cake, perfect for a family of two. I made a slight change for variety. I divided the batter in half, added 2 scant T. Dark cocoa to half and then alternately drop by tablespoons into an 8 X 8 cake pan. I ran a spatula back and forth to swirl, creating a marbled effect. Baked as directed. Husband of 69 years loved it. We ate it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, (his preference.). Thank you for a wonderful addition to my recipe box. Stay safe, be well!

  118. betty joann branch

    With only two people to cook for, I needed a recipe for a small cake. It turned out great!

  119. CP

    This is a great recipe! Normally, I gravitate toward butter cakes, but I’m sold on this oil cake. I’ve made it twice and it’s been a hit. I followed the lead from another post and made an upside down cake using canned peaches and frozen sweet cherries (what I had on hand) and it was fantastic. Thank you for posting this!

  120. Agnes Flaviano-Spence

    Delicious cake, light and fluffy. The suggested frosting is perfect with the cake. Will make again!

  121. Justin

    Well I love to bake and wanted something sweet and found this recipe, read the ingredients through them all together and then read the instructions. Didn’t follow them at all lol.
    In the oven now sure will be fine lol

  122. jack loganbill

    Finally! Finally I have found a yellow – vanilla cake recipe that approximates a high-ratio bakery cake…this recipe is FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing. It is PERFECT!!!!!

  123. MumaJo

    I have made this cake twice in the last week! We all LOVE IT!
    I’ll never do a store bought mix again!
    Next up: the Chocolate Cake – I give up Chocolate and Cookies for Lent every year, and let me tell ya, it’s not getting any easier.
    Looking forward to making many more of your recipes! 🙂 Thanks Jenny! (Hug!)
    Stay Home/Save Lives

  124. Jillian

    I found this recipe a few weeks back when I was searching for a cake recipe without butter. I am allergic to dairy, so I substituted the milk for oat milk and it turned out wonderfully! It’s so fluffy and light! This is my go-to recipe for when I make cakes now and I’ve even turned it into a pineapple upside down cake that was to die for! Thank you for sharing this:)

    • coucou

      I use water with 1tbsp of lemon juice instead of the milk. Works great. Been baking this regularly for weeks now. Such a money saver. Costs next to nothing to make.

  125. Fang

    My daughter’s 16 birthday we have to stay home. I was looking for a simple yellow cake recipe to make her a birthday cake. I’m so glad to find this one- it’s super simple, clearly instructed ( I really like that you have the approximate time for mixing so I won’t over mix it), and in smaller size. This is my first time to make yellow cake and it turned out great! Thank you!

  126. Joseph aguilar

    Your cake Jenny looks really delicious! I have seen your YouTube videos and you know what you are doing in the kitchen! You do know how to cook! A little salt brings out the flavors in stuff you are cooking . Unless your on a salt free diet.

  127. Howard

    OMG put the cake in the oven an I remembered I forgot the oil.
    So before it started to bake I pulled it out and put the oil in the
    Pan and stirred it up lol ,back in it went WELL it. Came out great
    Thank you ?

    • Junebug

      Came out just like the picture and it’s fluffy, light and delicious. Made it exactly like the recipe except for two things: I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of white, and instead of aerating the flour, I did the old-fashioned thing and sifted it, measured, stirred in the other dry ingredients and sifted again, then completed the process using a hand mixer. The possible variations you can do with this cake make if much more interesting than old recipe book standards. More of a contemporary approach to life in general!

  128. Howard

    OMG put it in the oven, and remembered that I forgot the oil lol. It still came out
    GREAT thank you ?

  129. Patriciann

    I am 73 years old n have never heard or seen my name spelled exactly like my name is spelled. I am curious to know if ur name was spelled like that frm birth! I find it unbelievable. People always spell it as 2 words! I have to always correct them. I’m so stunned to find someone who spells it like my Mom n Dad did 73yrs ago!

    No I haven’t submitted the entire thing twice. I had to correct it. This is the correct one to submit

  130. Patriciann

    I am 73 years old n have never heard or seen my name spelled exactly like my name is spelled. I am curious to know if ur name was spelled like that frm birth! I find it unbelievable. People always spell it as 2 words! I have to always correct them. I’m so stunned to find someone who spells it like my Mom n Dad did 73yrs ago!

  131. Audrey

    What amount of sugar is better? I seen you posted 2.

  132. Lindy

    This recipe us simple and delicious!!
    Thank you!!!

  133. Patriciann

    I recently made your one pan chocolate cake and was so thrilled with how it turned out I was hoping you had a yellow cake. Love the ease and clarity of your YouTube videos! THANK YOU for creating recipes that can uplift the soul during this pandemic.

    • Angela

      Did you see the comment directed at you by the sweet 73 year old woman with your same name? I do not believe she replied to you specifically so I wanted to make you aware of her comment in case you had not seen it. 🙂

  134. Valerie

    Can you use 1/3 cup butter instead of one third cup of oil

    • Lisa Ziccardi

      I dont see why not you are using a fat in this recipe. You may get a slightly different taste. I have replaced shortening with butter or a different kind of fat in recipes and it still turned out fine

  135. Pia

    Best cake ever! I’m calling it “quarantine cake” Since I had all the ingredients at home! Made some whipped cream and added fresh strawberries for my mothers birthday it was delightful and I surprised everyone because everyone knows I don’t know how to bake 🙂

  136. Angelica

    I followed the whole recipe but i used brown sugar instead of regular sugar. It smelled absolutely AMAZING and it tasted great. I was scared at first because of how thick the brown sugar was, but it was really good. This is one of the only recipes that i could make because of the simplicity of the recipe. i would totally make it again and recommend to a friend. 🙂

    • Patriciann

      Thanks for the tip on brown sugar! Running low on supplies here and wanting to bake this to carry me through the week. Much appreciated!

  137. Tanna

    Made this cake was amazing because I finally found a recipe that will come out using sugar sub. I used stevia I’m normally Splenda gal but for baking stivia had the same feel as sugar so it acts like it . Thanks

    • Charity

      Try xylitol or zylia. It’s the best sugar substitute for baking!

  138. Julia

    I have just used your delicious recipe to make a pineapple upside down cake using leftover pineapple chunks. It was super easy and Oh so delicious. Thank you.

  139. Stephanie Milligan

    Can you make an eggless yellow cake like the chocolate one you have posted. The chocolate cake is absolutely amazing and I’d love to make yellow cake with the chocolate frosting you have in that recipe.

    • Lisa Ziccardi

      You can try using applesauce as an egg replacer or a mashed banana.

  140. Wendy Wright

    I;m blonde….I’m NOT

    • Wendy Wright

      what???? no comment???? you do not answer constructive criticism????? figure out your website.

      • C

        Why are you posting all these weird/angry comments on this cake recipe?

        • Marlene

          Some people believe that they are owed personal attention and service by anyone publishing something HELPFUL and FREE on the internet, regardless of how busy the person is.

      • Kathy

        Please! Just make the cake! If you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all!

    • Lisa Ziccardi

      It says right in the comment box that due to the virus she can’t reply to everything. So….chill

  141. Wendy Wright

    I choose your recipe to make a cake with. I’ll measure everything as you suggested. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    • Wendy Wright

      i HAD a question…..NOW i’m moving on to another RECIPE!!!!! THANKS, NO THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

  142. Lina

    Great recipe. Super simple and i’ve now made this 3 times. Thank you.

  143. Anne

    Can I use carnation milk Instead of regular milk Reason being I do make a cake very similar to this actually almost the same recipe except I use three eggs but I use quarter cup of carnation milk and if so how much carnation milk would you suggest I use

  144. Marcela

    Can you substitute the milk for buttermilk? What are your thoughts? Or it will be too much? Thank you!

    • Tanisha Hoffman Wells

      Absolutely. I actually have this cake in the oven right now, made with buttermilk. I also added 1.5 ripe bananas. I did a half & half mixture of white sugar and brown sugar, and substituted almond extract for the vanilla. Topped with sliced almonds. Yum! It’s a very versatile recipe. I’ve made it many times with a tons of variations.

  145. Cat R

    I’ve made two versions of this recipe as a loaf so far. Orange cranberry chai and vanilla almond walnut. Unfortunately, I’ve eaten both…in one sitting! Soooo good, right out of the oven!

    • Marti

      When you make it as a loaf, how long do you cook ii?


      • Tanisha Hoffman Wells

        I’ve made it as a loaf and added 10-15 min to the time. Make sure to insert a toothpick or knife into the center to check doneness. When it comes out clean you’re good to go.

  146. Karen

    This is the best yellow cake recipe I’ve made, and I’ve made quite a few recipes from famous chef’s. I don’t like eating foods with 50 ingredients when I can make it myself with less than 10, but I just couldn’t find a yellow cake recipe with the texture, flavor and moisture that you get from a box or store bought. Finally, this is the one and with staple ingredients I already had! It’s only my husband and myself so it’s the perfect size. I frosted with chocolate frosting and it was so delicious!

  147. Catherine

    This recipe is insanely delicious. I added just the 2/3 cup of sugar, orange zest, the juice of one orange, and chai seeds. I doubled the recipe and filled two loaf pans and baked for a total of 40 minutues. Cake was perfect, moist with a wonderfully toasted top…this is a great go-to recipe. Next up: lemon pistachio! Loved every bite.

  148. Susan H

    Wasn’t sure about this recipe, but it’s one of the best I’ve tried. Don’t wait! Try it. I did use a loaf pan and you have to add about 10-12 minutes extra cooking time. But this recipe tastes like a great pound cake. ❤️

  149. Linda

    Recipe for Easy one pan yellow cake. Can you use self-rising flour? Thank you.

    • Patricia Campbell

      I use self-rising flour. I omit the salt and baking powder. It’s moist and delicious.

  150. Mary K.

    I wanted some cake and because I’m sick I wanted something with few ingredients so I tried this cake. I’m so glad I did!

    I put it in a loaf pan so I can slice it easily and I made a simple vanilla/almond drizzle. It’s delicious. Easy to make and nice a moist.

    I will definitely make again!

  151. Liz

    Hi Jenny! LOVING all your recipes. Can you suggest an icing for this cake other than the chocolate (which is amazing)?

    • Susie

      I am made a heart shaped Boston Cream Cake for Valentines Day. I used a single heart shaped pan. Cut cake in half and spread with vanilla pudding (homemade or bought) and ice with chocolate glaze.

  152. Liz

    Hi Jenny! LOVING all your recipes. Do you have a recipe for icing (other than your chocolate frosting) that you would pair with this yellow cake?

  153. Bruce

    I just made this, it came out really nice. Moist and tasty – except, you forgot salt. I realized at the last minute and saved the batch from blandness.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      There is a note about salt in the recipe but I guess I will have to make it more prominent. I’m glad you liked the cake.

  154. Susan

    How do the dry ingredients compare to a boxed cake mix by volume. I am asking because I have a recipe that calls for a boxed cake mix, but I want to the dry ingredients from a scratch recipe instead.

  155. Linda

    I was going through some YouTube cooking shows and I came across you Jenny so I decided to try this cake and it is absolutely delicious I use self-rising flour I used the brand no salt sodium free salt whole milk that’s all I had on hand and followed your instructions to a T
    I would definitely be making this a lot can’t wait to try your other recipes

    • Sabrina Duckett

      Using self rising flour, do you use the baking powder and salt?

  156. Phennex

    I was looking for a one layer cake because it is just my husband and myself to feed. So glad I found this recipe! I wanted chocolate, so I used 1/4 cup Coco (Hershey’s was my choice berceuse I had it on hand), and I used self-rising flower instead of going through the trouble to do the mix. I baked it in a 9 inch granite stone skillet, just because I love that pan. It took 38 minutes to bake though. I also used your glaze recipe and added 3/4 cup of chopped pecans in the glaze. I cut it into 6 pieces and my husband ate 1 1/2 pieces. We love it and will keep this one in our rotation of sweets.

  157. Faye

    This was delicious. My daughter made it for me in a muffin tin. Do to health problems I have to eat low-fat and other things. This recipe has less than the typical recipe. She filled the muffin cups about 3/4 full (a full icecream scoop) and baked them at 350 for 15 minutes. (you will have to watch it depending on how hot your oven is). Incase that’s helpful for anyone else. They looked a little wet, but the toothpick came out clean and they’re perfect and very moist. Also she made a frosting based off off of a different one she saw Jenny make with 2 tablespoons butter, about 2 cups powdered sugar, a splash of vanilla, and a tiny bit of milk, some salt to taste if you can have it, whipped up fluffy. It’s not a big thick layer, but it’s flavorful and plenty for me. Thank you Jenny for these healthier versions of simple to make food and treats. It’s very much appreciated in my household.

  158. Itzme

    Simple and simply delicious, just as written. A light, delicate flavor and it’s perfect unfrosted with a hot cup of coffee!

  159. Regina Shirey

    I made this cake and used a Bundt pan. It turned out great. I made the first one with vanilla and I made a second one using almond extract. Also after tasting the batter I did add a pinch of salt.

  160. Rosie

    I love that this is a simple quick recipe, but I have found that I need to increase the sugar and vanilla to get the flavor I am after. Otherwise the texture and size is perfect. I have been using this for several years, as someone mentioned its a blank slate. I top with fresh strawberries and a homemade “glaze” for a wonderful summer treat.

    We all love the chocolate frosting!

  161. L.H.

    This cake is basically a blank slate. Today I used it to make a spiced pear cake. I added 1/3 cup molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg and two chopped peeled pears. The baking took a bit longer. The results were delicious! I have also used chocolate chips, frozen blueberries, orange extract, different frostings, the possibilities are end less! Also, I bake this in a 9×9 Pyrex pan without any problems. Thank you. I really enjoy experimenting with this cake recipe! Don’t be afraid to try different combinations. If it doesn’t work, eat it anyway and try again!

  162. Donna West

    I was wondering if you could swap the vegetable oil for zero fat greet yogurt with good results?

    • Mamasacook

      Did u ever try making? Im super curious to know if it worked!!!! Thanks in advance if u Reply to this!!!!

  163. Jan

    Excellent cake – easy to make and the texture was light. The edges did brown a bit but I read your message about pans and cake strips and will buy a silver, cheaper cake pan. I look forward to trying more of your recipes and appreciate the use of oil rather than butter in some of the baking recipes.

  164. karen

    I have made this many times and love it but sometimes the cake will sink in the middle. I open the oven at 30 minutes to check and it looks ok but not quite done so it back in the oven for 5 more and that is when it falls. What can I do to prevent this?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      That can be caused by several reasons: 1) The oven was too hot. 2) Over-mixing the batter. 3) Using the wrong size pan. 4) Changing something in the recipe. 5) Opening the oven door too many times. 6) Expired baking powder.

      Be sure to follow the recipe exactly.

      • karen

        I didnt open the door but just that one time. I followed the recipe to a tee. The only thing I have not done is to check the temp so I will go buy that tomorrow and calibrate. Thank you for your answer.

        • Brandy Agun

          I had this exact same problem. I needed to poke it after 30 minutes and decided it needed 5 more minutes and that was enough to make it fall slightly in the middle. I’d try baking it for 35 minutes and pull it out. I have a feeling it was due to it not being done completely.

    • Helpful

      Just set your timer and do not open the oven until it goes off. then slide the cake and the rack out check the cake with a tooth pick or skewer to see if done if not put back in for a minute and check again.

  165. JeanB

    Your recipe doesn’t state to use buttermilk but I read a note you added and it said you did. So should I use buttermilk or sweet milk?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please direct me to the note as I can not find it.

  166. Janet

    I’ve looked and looked for a simple, delicious cake like this to make for my husband. Great cake!!! Thank you for publishing it. It is a moist, easy cake to make.

  167. Janet

    I’ve looked and looked for a simple, delicious cake like this to make for my husband. Thank you for publishing it. It is a moist, easy cake to make.

  168. Linda Straczynski

    Hi Jenny, I made this recipe today for a gathering. It came out delicious and moist. Also made your 2 minute frosting. I used the Hershey special dark cocoa. This was very creamy and rich. Lots of compliments..BTW, I make many of your recipes from 2 hour crusty bread, which everyone loves, to the Cinnamon raison swirl bread.AWESOME..I think I will make the braid next time..I have also made your pita bread. Delicious..Love your site. I love cooking and baking, especially trying new recipes. I have been making English Muffin Bread, which is incredibly easy and delicious. Let me know if you would like this recipe. Believe me. I make this alot forfriends and family. They cannot get enough of it. I think you would agree.

  169. Genesis Drohin

    The cake came out amazing!!!!
    but since I have a gas stove and oven I lowered the heat to 300 and it cooked perfectly for 20 minutes but I did preheat for 350 and I used a 9 inch pan.
    Since my family is a fan of Almond cake I tried almond extract instead of vanilla and made a soaking syrup with almond you can add Brandy if you like
    perfect delicious scrumptious cake Thank you so much for the recipe

  170. michelle dulaney

    I doubled the recipe as I like making Layer cakes. Also added a tsp salt to the recipe. Made 24 cupcakes that baked perfectly at 14 minutes. Tastes like a cake mix. All in all not a fail…I’ll take it.

  171. andrea

    I am going to try using this cake as a base for a pineapple upside down cake!

    • Inez

      I made this cake as a base for pineapple upside down cake…it turned out great…I would suggest doubling recipe if you use a 13×9 pan because it was a little flatter than I am used to but tasted great with warm pineapple mixture on bottom

  172. gina

    Hi Jenny.
    Thank you again.
    I made this recipe today. It was good and fluffy and very easy to make. the only issue was it tasted floury, like it was nor cook well. When I inserted the clean knife, it came out clean at 35 min. The only thing I changed was that I used self rising flour instead all purpose flour as you indicates in recipe.
    What do you think? other than that it would have been super.
    Every day I searching your website.
    thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I suggest trying it with all purpose flour and see if it’s better.

      • georgina batista

        Thank you Jenny.
        I will do.
        Thank you

        • Rosie

          I use self rising flour and it doesn’t have a taste, it sounds like you didn’t mix the batter up enough.

  173. RMR

    Really good cake. Easy. Don’t over mix the batter! Do add more vanilla and/or almond extract. I bake it in a loaf pan (45 minutes, 350) and pour ganache over it or split in half and fill with fruit and cream for our free community lunch. If you are an over mixer, over mix your liquids and fold in the dry with spatula.

  174. E

    Very good, very simple cake. Fast, easy, and doesn’t require uncommon ingredients (I never have cake flour, for instance, so cake is often hard to make). Anyone whose cake comes out dry has likely over-mixed the batter. I found it perfectly moist.

    I don’t love the recommended chocolate frosting recipe (it’s too bland and gritty), but there are plenty of other options in that regard. Great cake recipe I’m adding to my collection!

  175. Vicki

    Wonderful cake…I did beat eggs for three minutes…and added one tablespoon instant vanilla pudding mix to boost flavor and a tad more sugar….kept everything the same…….it was a moist sponge type cake……a keeper…..thank you for sharing…..

  176. Peggie

    Just made the cake I used almond instead of vanilla my son loved it, cakes a little dry but tasted ok

  177. Angel

    I’m baking right now. Hope it tastes good or great

  178. Sri

    Hi Jenny! I’m a new fan of you. My mom and I are going to bake the cake now! I just KNOW it’s going to taste AWESOME! ??????

  179. Alli

    Hi Jenny I’m new fan .
    My kids and I love this recipe along with your chocolate cake recipe.
    Its was so simple thank you for sharing.
    Happy Holidays ?

  180. Pad

    This little layer makes a great pineapple upside down cake. Delicious.

  181. Ida

    Delicious, easy cake! I used it for strawberry shortcake. Next time I will add a teaspoon of butter flavoring.

  182. Karen

    Hi Jenny, l’m a new fan of you. I Love your recipes it make me feel like a real chef.? Can l use this cake for a tres leches cake?.. I made the apple pie and it was delicious. Now l checking all of your recipes. Thank you, Thank you, thank you.

  183. Glutenfree

    I made it gluten free. Not sure if oven or gf flour caused it, but cake did not brown on top. I used wax paper and cooked 30 min. I did use reduced sugar suggestion and topped with cherry pie filling. It is good.

    • Glutenfree

      I forgot to mention that I also used cashew milk.

  184. Judy

    I’m so happy to have found this recipe. I never have fresh milk in the house so I used 1/4 cup evaporated milk and 1/4 cup of coffee. I also used 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of white granulated sugar. It is so good. This time I put a pineapple and powdered sugar glaze on it. Delicious!?

  185. Saura

    I’ve made this a few times and i prefer it with the full amount of sugar and with salt. I wanted a fluffier cake, so this time I used the genoise method : gently warm the eggs and sugar over a double boiler, and then add the flour by hand. I mixed the liquids together and folded that in. The result was a soft and smooth cake. Thank you Jenny

  186. Claudia

    I can’t believe how easy and how mine turned out just like the picture. I topped mine with a peanutbutter icing .
    Very good.
    I will make the next one with almond flour and see how it goes. Thank you

  187. Gwen Light

    I have made this cake two times absolutely delicious. I am wondering if I could make the batter and put on top of a prepared strawberry rhubarb mixture in tbe bottom of the pan.?
    Thank you

  188. Kia

    This receipe was easy to make and delicious. We used 2/3 cups of sugar and topped with strawberries and blueberries. Everyone went back for more!

  189. Terry

    Hi Jenny,

    I just made this one bowl yellow cake last night and I was so excited! It is just the right size for a few people and I like not always having a 2 layer cake to have to eat up. This was perfect. Such a great texture and perfect flavor to dress up or eat just as it is.

    I did have some left over pineapple rings and maraschino cherries in the fridge and immediately thought of Pineapple Upside down cake. So this time I used 1/4 C of almond milk – we are dairy free here – mixed with 1/4 C of pineapple juice and that was the only tweak to the cake because I wanted pineapple flavor in the cake. No butter melted in the pan first. I lined it with parchment paper and just popped in 1/3 C of light brown sugar and spread it out and laid the pineapple rings and a cherry in the middle of each one on top of the sugar then poured that lovely batter on top. I baked the cake at 350 for 30 minutes and it was golden brown and baked to perfection. I inverted the cake on a plate, removed the parchment, and let it cool about 20 minutes. We cut into it and it was perfection.

    Thanks for the yummy recipes and the entertaining and easy to follow videos. You are such fun to watch! I have tried several of your recipes and I haven’t ever been disappointed.

  190. karen nelson

    I mixed it all by hand and used self rising flour and omitted baking powder. I also used butter and nut extract like my Grandmother did in her yellow cakes. I also used FF milk. Just used what I had on hand and it turned out great. I will use this as my go to snack cake since I just eat mine plain. Thank you so much.

  191. Willow

    Hello, and thank you so much for this recipe. I baked it once and it came up awesomely delicious. No need for frosting, nor fruit or anything. I like my cake plain. I used it for a treat to accompany my mid-afternoon coffee. I was surprised it was so yummy, so I had to bake another one to make sure the first one wasn’t a fluke. Lol. I don’t have the gift of baking? …but your recipe is that amazing! Once again, such a simple recipe made my cake come out extraordinarily! Now I’m PMS-ing big time, and I’m craving chocolate. Do you have another simple recipe for a chocolate cake ( no frosting) or how do I convert this cake into a chocolate cake without ruining the recipe please? Thanks a million ?

  192. Marie Sarapata

    Excellent quick cake recipe. I’ve made this recipe three times using an 8-inch square pan lined with parchment on the bottom. It’s very easy to hand-mix the batter because the recipe uses oil not butter, no need to use a mixer. I made a lemon cake by substituting lemon extract instead of the vanilla extract and topped the cake with a light glaze of confectioners sugar mixed with fresh lemon juice. Really great summer cake served with vanilla ice cream and slices of fresh fruit.

  193. Jessica Day

    Wow, a food blog that gets right to the recipe without the unnecessary novel preceding it like on every other ad-riddled blog. Well, looks like I’ll be trying your recipe!

    • evy

      Lol on the novel…. yup, i agree….how pleasant to JUST get the recipe!!

    • Hinchcliffe

      I couldn’t agree more, I really don’t want to read someone’s life story just to get a recipe 🙂

  194. beeBaking

    Do you think I could replace the sugar with raw honey? If so would I need to alter any of the other ingredients???

  195. Christina

    I have made this cake about 5-6 times. It has come out great each time. I tried something different. I found a can of pineapple in the cabinet so I made it into a pineapple upside down cake. I baked it about 10-15 longer until cake sprung back. It came out really good. I will make it again both plain and gussied up. Thanks Jenny

  196. Antonia

    came out perfectly & I added cherries ?
    Delicious ?

  197. Eden

    I’ve made this cake 5 times and all but 2 came out great. I tried to double the recipe and my guess is that i didn’t add enough of something like baking powder or flour. It came out horrible, it wasn’t cooked and it was clean when i stuck the tooth pick in but when i ate a piece it tasted like egg and flour. The other 3 times it came out great. It wasn’t to sugary or bland it was just the perfect amount of sugar for my sisters.

  198. Diana

    This cake is perfect! The ease of prep and delicious end result have definitely crossed boxed mixes off my shopping list! I made it with the reduced recommended 2/3 cup sugar, and it was sufficiently sweet. Thank you for posting this “keeper” recipe!!

  199. Jelly

    my cake turned out LITERALLY like cornbread… dry and dense also. anyone else?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you can send me an exact list of each ingredient you used (be specific) including the size of the pan, and your method of mixing & how long you preheated the oven, I will try to help figure it out.

  200. carmen

    I’m trying the recipe today I’ll get back with you how it turns out looks very simple and it did only take 10 minutes thanks

  201. Kaye P

    Perfect for the use of creating a cake for Strawberry Shortcake. It sliced easily through the middle to create a pocket for the fresh, crushed strawberries & powered sugar. I baked it in an 8 inch square pan.
    However, I wouldn’t bake this as a traditional cake with icing. While it was perfect for my purposes, the texture was too dense to be considered a regular cake.

  202. Liz

    Definitely easy to make and I like that it’s just for one pan! However for us, it came out a bit dense, dry, and bland. I used less sugar — next time I think I would use the higher amount. Maybe I didn’t beat the eggs “thick” enough?

  203. Sheryl

    Using this cake recipe to make a peach dump cake tonight. Excited – will let you know how it turns out. Thank you.

    • Sherry

      How did the peach dump cake turn out?

      I just made Jenny’s original yellow cake recipe with the chocolate frosting. It turned out great! I passed Jenny’s site along to my daughter and friends. The other week I made her chocolate cake recipe with no eggs. Oh my, it was so moist, tasty and everyone thought it was delicious.

  204. Ryan G.

    Made this cake twice so far. Used butter both times instead of olive oil. First time it seemed like it didn’t rise very much. Wife also said it was pretty dry. Could have fooled me. She ate 2 pieces, as did my son and we had it two-thirds done before too long. Then I noticed both my baking powder containers said they were expired – one expired in 2012! Who’da thunk baking powder expires? So the second cake, without question, was much better.

    • Pjj

      Look on Internet how to test yeast, baking soda, baking powder for baking. I have used all well outside of expiration dates , IF they still test active.

  205. Dodie

    I made this cake today. Did not add salt and used the lesser amount of sugar. I split my piece in two and spread it with black raspberry “Simply Fruit” in place of frosting. Enjoyed it a lot and want to thank you for all of your healthier recipes.

  206. Jessica

    What if u don’t havebaking power!!!?

    • Jessica

      WHAT if u don’t have baking power!!!?

      • Bethany

        They’re many substitutes for baking powder. One of my favorite substitutes is a mix of 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 cup of plain or vanilla yogurt.

        • Bethany

          I forgot to mention that the whole half a cup of yogurt and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda makes up for the 1 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder. It sounds like a lot, but it really works.

  207. JayJay

    I made the cake today and it turned out so good. I followed your recipe exactly–mixing time and all. The texture is fine and light and will be wonderful to serve with this season’s new strawberries and whipped cream. Thank you, Jenny, for the recipe

  208. Jazmyn

    Wat if i dont have any vanilla

    • Sarah

      You can use almond extract or another extract because the vanilla is for flavor. Hope this helps!!

  209. crystal

    Great cake!!!!
    There is NO-THING more to say!!

  210. Christina

    Yo! This recipe is dope. I’m very pointedly ignoring my adult responsibilities and I wanted to make some yellow cake bc I made a yellow mug cake the other night and loved it — and google showed me to this page and DANG. This is a good recipe. I did add some salt (mostly bc I bought myself a $5 thing of pink himalayan salt, not that I’ve noticed a huge difference vs other salt) and I went with slightly less than 2/3 cup of sugar, and it still tastes amazing. I also made them into cupcakes bc I don’t have a cake tin. They puffed up so much!

    If anyone wants to make cupcakes out of these, they’re done after 13 minutes on 350 🙂

  211. theresann

    hi jen, have been trying your recipes and so far everyone of them are so delicious and easy. my friend is a polish girl and is enjoying this site also. thanks again.

  212. Marvina

    Just found this site. Awesome. Making bread, pizza and this yellow cake. Thank you, Jenny

  213. Norma

    Would it work to double recipe and put in 9 x13 inch pan?

  214. Ivy

    What if I can’t use milk??

    • Rosalie

      I also have a milk problem and was hoping for an answer for a substitute for the milk.

      • DC

        I used lactose free milk and the cake turned out great as my daughter is lactose intolerant and does not like the almond or soy.

  215. J C

    Is this cake sodium free?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Essentially, it is sodium free although milk and eggs do contain small amounts of sodium (about 200 mg in this recipe). It’s not much for an entire cake, about 25 mg. of sodium per serving. Of course you would not add any salt as some people have done per my bottom note.

      • J C

        Thank you for replying. It is so very hard to shop, cook, bake, and eat sodium-free. I was happy to find your recipe for my son’s birthday tomorrow. It is in the oven now. I hope I didn’t goof on the baking powder…I found it sodium free today and used it in same measurement as regular…not sure if I needed to adjust it. Shall see. I will appreciate any s.f. baking recipes you could offer. Thanks

  216. Saraye

    I put a pack of wht vanilla pudding mix in mine. It helps make the cake real moist and helps the cake have more taste thank u for the recipe

    • Linda

      Did you use the pudding in place of an ingredient?

  217. Trevor A.

    Nice cake in a pinch. Followed this recipe, but used whole milk. Used it to make caramel poke cake and it turned out well. Definitely will make this again!

  218. lisa scarduzio

    Making it now in my air fryer.. it’s looking good

  219. Angie

    Why does the chocolate cake uses baking soda and the vanilla use baking powder?

    • tananarose

      I just looked at the chocolate cake recipe, it doesn’t use egg, and uses either lemon juice or vinegar which when combined with the baking soda does the same thing as baking powder.

  220. Gunjan

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe! I baked this cake yesterday for my niece’s birthday. Everybody loved it.It was a huge hit.

  221. Snoopie

    Just made this cake to go with my ice cream. I follow the recipe except I added 1/4 tsp salt & whole milk. This taste pretty good . This is an easy recipe to follow. I’ll make this again

  222. Anne

    Such an easy, yummy cake! I’ve made it probably a dozen times. I vary the frosting between fudge, lemon, and peanut butter, or whatever sounds good on a given day…and it’s always delicious. Thanks, Jenny, love your recipes.

  223. Lisa McClure

    1 minute is not long enough to beat the eggs and sugar for this type of cake. I used to make this all the time when I lived in England and the key to success is to beat until you can leave trails in the mix if that makes sense. At least 3 anyway. You need to build air into this mixture otherwise your cake will be flat. My cake turned out perfect so otherwise this is an excellent recipe. Oh and I did add salt.

  224. DEB

    I have been into home made Goodie’s latley. Gonna try this cake home it turn out good. Gonna make double layer frost it with home made chocolate butter cream frosting

  225. Michelle

    I just made this cake. I added cinnamon and pinch of salt. It is delicious! I made a vanilla glaze to go over it. YUM!!! Tastes like a coffee cake!

  226. Sarah

    This is my second recipe trying from this website – the first being the no butter chocolate chip cookies which are a must try! This recipe was very easy to make. I did have only extra virgin olive oil on hand and I was worried about the taste making my cupcakes taste bad but it’s very subtle once it’s baked. I do have to agree with others that the flavor of these cakes is bland but for a simple breakfast it’ll go great with some tea. I’m going to put icing on my cupcakes since I’m making them for my boyfriends coworkers. This recipe is very adaptable so next time I will use it as a guide line and add a pinch of salt. Will make again.

  227. Marie

    I just used it to make cupcakes they turned out very well thank you

  228. Jocelyn

    Loved the simplicity and taste of this moist and tasty cake. Recognizing that the point of this site is no-salt/no-butter recipes, I nevertheless added salt (1/2 tsp kosher salt) and used melted butter. I do think that for people who found the taste flat, probably the relevant factor was the lack of salt in the recipe as given. However, I can imagine it would still taste good with no salt, if that is desired for someone’s specific diet.

    The reason I sought out this recipe, even though I love salt and butter in my recipes, is because I wanted a one-layer cake recipe (rather than halving a standard 2-layer recipe, which usually seems to call for 3 eggs, and I wasn’t sure whether it would be better to go with one egg or two when halving the recipe). Also, I needed a recipe that I could whip up by hand since I’m in someone else’s home who has no electric beater, so an oil-based recipe worked well.

    But what really astonished me was the sheer EASE of making this cake! After I’d made the first layer, I decided I really did need two layers after for various reasons. With a more typical recipe, I would have dreaded the prospect – but it was SO quick and simple that I just did it, lickety-split!

    Thank you so much for this tasty, quick and easy cake recipe!

    • Jocelyn

      Forgot to mention – FYI: I used full-fat buttermilk in place of low-fat milk.

  229. anie

    After the cake came out of the oven I poked holes in it with end of a wooden spoon and then poured liquid jello over and refrigerated it. frosted with whipped cream

  230. Cris

    I just made this left out vanilla because I didn’t have it. I added salt and cinnamon. It’s in the oven now! Fingers crossed

    • Cris

      This cake was moist fluffy and delucious! Not to mention Easy!!

  231. JJ

    I used the recipe as base and used cashew chocolate milk instead of normal milk and coconut oil instead of olive oil. It tastes great and I was out of baking soda? still came out as cake.
    Thanks for the easy recipe!

  232. Nick

    The cake exploded in my oven and was to dry

  233. Divya

    This looks like a great recipe, thank you for sharing. I would like to know how I would be able to adapt this recipe to bake in a 13*9*2 inch rectangular baking dish? Would I need to double this recipe?

    • Jocelyn

      Typically, recipes say the amount of batter for two layers = the amount of batter for a 9″x13″ pan. So yes, you would double the recipe.

    • Patricia Block Levine

      I made this cake today and doubled the recipe. It fit perfectly into a 9×13 pan. I did not use light olive oil because I had only the regular kind. I used vegetable oil instead. I love things sweet so I added 1/2 cup more of sugar, and it was fine. What I did do was add 2 tsp ( remember I doubled everything) of MAPLE extract. That makes everything pop. I used a cooked icing that I have had the recipe for, , for almost 40 years. It is a great icing. I added 1 tsp.
      Of maple extract to that, too, which turned a brown sugar type caramel icing into a maple icing and I added walnuts on the top. The cake was ok ( cooking time was 30 minutes.) I forgot to add salt which would have made it better. Right now I have it covered and in the fridge which keeps it moist.

  234. Katelyn

    This was wonderful. I used buttermilk instead of milk and topped with a strawberry buttercream. Exactly what I was looking for.

  235. Ellisa

    I absolutely thought it was a lovely website until my cupcakes turned out horribly!

    • Jenny

      This is not a cupcake recipe.

    • Kaya Leticia

      Sounds like user error… I have tried this and many of her recipes and they always come out perfect even when I’m feeling lazy and eye ball the ingredients.

    • Carol Horn

      Maybe you should have made it like a cake as that is what the directions say – don’t blame the recipe

  236. Barbara

    You must add salt to this cake – 1/2 teaspoon. Leaving it out will cause the cake to peak in the center and taste flat.

  237. Saoirse

    This cake is very quick and easy to make, however, it doesn’t have much flavor. I guess it would be better iced, but I don’t make iced cakes because of the calories. So…I think I’ll add the zest of an orange and just dust with icing sugar. Hopefully that will help pump up the flavor a bit.

  238. CJ Cameron

    As the owner of a Gluten Free baking company I can say this is the easiest, least technical, consistent recipe for a great tasting base for any flavor or style cake. AND it is xtremely easy to make gluten free. Great job.

    • Jan

      Thank you for mentioning that you can bake this gluten free. With Celiac recipes can be challenging.

  239. Robin

    I substituted Bailey’s Irish Cream in place of the milk and added 1/4 tsp salt. I topped it with a glaze made with 1 jar marshmallow cream, 1.5 cups powdered sugar and 3Tbsp Bailey’s. Yummy!

  240. Mildred

    I made this and I used wesson oil. It wasn’t as sweet as I would have liked it but my brother loved it. Can I add 1/4 more sugar with the same amount of ingredients or do I need to increase all ingredients especially the flour?

  241. Cggbj

    Very easy cake I did not use a mixer came out great. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jocelyn

      I was wondering if I could make it successfully without a mixer – thanks, very helpful to know!

  242. Buffy

    I used a lemon infused olive oil I got from Trader Joe’s. It gave the cake a light lemony flavor that was really good. I plan on doing this again and then topping the cake with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. ?

    • Saoirse

      I serve this with strawberries and lightly sweetened whipped cream. Add a grating of orange zest – it really lifts the flavor of a simple dessert.

  243. Serena

    Can we reduce the measures by half and try the same recipe ?

    • Jenny

      You would also need a pan that’s about half the size.

  244. Gi Gi

    Thank you so much , I made this cake my husband loved it.
    Finally , I found a cook trying to convert everything to healthy.
    I also made cream puff with oil . Try it it is great.
    Please keep trying recipes for deserts .

  245. Jenny

    This is a great basic recipe. I used as a guide to make a gluten free cake that came out great. (Maybe don’t do that unless you understand gluten free baking). I used melted and browned butter in place of the oil and brown sugar for some added flavor. So no I did not make this cake, but the simple method makes it a great recipe to tweak if that is what you are looking for.


      Just a tip…I added an eighth teaspoon molasses to brown sugar, and it made the cake just a tad more moist.

  246. Mari

    Super easy recipe and turned out amazing! I was honestly expecting meh cake but came out fab! I’m practicing different recipes for my daughters 2’nd birthday and I think this is hands down the winner ? So excited! Thank you for shearing

  247. Virginia

    I’ve made this cake twice now, and have a comment and two suggestions.
    The crumb is good, it is moist, and it really couldn’t be easier to put together. Unfortunately, as baked from the recipe, it is flat in taste. Just doesn’t have the delicious flavor that freshly baked “scratch” cake should have. The oil flavor was quite noticeable.
    The second time I doubled the recipe for a birthday cake and added salt. 1 tsp for the doubled recipe. And I used a neutral flavor oil, canola, so the oil flavor wasn’t as strong. So much better and tastier. Thank you for the super easy yellow cake recipe.

    • Roxs

      Nice I will try thx for the tip!

    • Gi Gi

      No way, there is no taste of oil. Try to forget the butter ?

    • Dianna

      Salt was going to be my suggestion. I was looking for a cake to use for fresh fruit upside down cake and this worked great. Love the substantial texture.

    • EvergreenMomma

      If you use extra light olive oil, there will be no discernible taste.

  248. Irma

    Does this cake rely on the electric beater and egg aeration to rise, or do you think it would work with thorough hand-mixing and have enough baking powder to rise?

  249. judy

    I forgot to add in my post that I added 1/2 tsp. of salt to the recipe. I think salt brings out the flavor of the cake.

  250. judy

    Fabulous, quick cake! I needed a recipe for a small cake and wanted one that used oil, not butter. This recipe took no time at all to put together and is my new go-to yellow cake. I frosted it in the pan with fresh lemon buttercream (I had to use butter somewhere :?) and it’s amazing. I’m serving it to my company this weekend, and I’m confident they’ll love it too.

  251. Aisha

    This is an awesome recipe. I did add approximately 1/2 teaspoon of fine grain sea salt, and I also put a generous amount of simple syrup on the cake right after I removed it from the pan. I will be making this again and again, as it couldn’t be easier, and oil-based cakes are always very moist (this being so exception).

  252. Ashley

    Delicious cake! This will be my go to vanilla cake from now on. I’ve made it twice in the last month for different occasions and it has turned out great. I use whole milk and it seems just fine. Thank you!

  253. Des

    This cake was amazing! Very easy to make and it tastes good too. I only had EVOO and worried it would over power the flavors, but it didn’t. Thanks for sharing!

  254. Manon

    Amazing cake.thx so much.used it to do a faux boston creme poke cake.turned out moist and fluffy.perfect.I’ll be saving this one

  255. Steve

    What adjustments in temp and or time if I used a glass load pan instead of a round or square pan? Thank you.

  256. Jean

    Just made a triple batch to use for a birthday cake. I used the baking non stick spray and baked in 2 3″ deep 8″ round pans. They came right out while still hot and are a great texture for cutting into thinner layers. Great, easy, no fuss recipe. Thanks!

  257. Dee

    I was searching for a quick 1 bowl yellow cake recipe to make a one layer cake to use up a little over a cup of Tres Leche milk without having to go to the trouble of making a 3 bowl, 5 egg sponge cake. This recipe worked. Do flour or put parchment paper in the bottom. The cake had a hunk come out of the bottom, but I was rushing the cooling in the pan process. I made a simple chocolate ganache that covered the area. I recommend cooling completely before eating but our thoughts turned to food during a winter ice storm and we didn’t want to wait. Cake was better the next day. I added 1/4 teaspoon salt, will add 1/2 teaspoon next time. Food needs some salt, improves the flavor. I also added 3 drops of real almond extract, usually reserved for my white cakes. Was a nice touch.

  258. Sheryl

    Hi, Jenny. I’m fairly new to baking and was just noticing that the recipe says to grease the pan but doesn’t say to flour it. What is this anarchy? Does that really work???

  259. Mel

    I made this recipe but I put thinly sliced apples and a caramel sauce in the pan first then the cake mixture on top and it was mighty fine!!! ??????????

  260. Chris

    My family loved the cake and it was super easy – just what i need. Thanks for another winner!

  261. Victoria Barker

    Cake was awful

  262. Lauren Burdick

    How did this cake taste i wanna make it for my family dinner but i want to make sure it tasts good!!!

  263. Margaret Howard

    Hi Jenny can I use self-rising flour and whole milk and vegetable oil or canola oil in this recipe this recipe is very easily and I thank you for.

    • Jenny

      Self-rising flour already has a rising agent so you would have to make adjustments. I have never used whole milk so you may have to try, and vegetable or canola oil are fine.

      • Lisa

        U said to use self rising flour instead of.all purpose u would have to make some adjustments what r the adjustments

        • Jenny

          I have never used self-rising flour but you might be able to find something online on this substitution.

    • Manon

      I did.turned out great

  264. Chris

    Hi jenny .. does this cake freeze well ? thanx ….

  265. Smitha

    Very easy recipe. The cake turned out very nice.. Thank you

  266. Carol

    Hi Jenny. I just made your yellow cake recipe and made 12 cupcakes for my granddaughter. I filled cupcake pan 3/4 full and baked 15-20 minutes. It came out really good! I really enjoy your videos and have made so many of your recipes. Thank You so much.

  267. Eomma34

    This was Ah-mazing! We didn’t ice it just added whipped cream and fresh strawberries!! I baked it at 350F with a glass dish for 25 min bc I forgot to turn temp down but it came out great!! Even added some lemon zest to sugar! The whole family loved it!! Thank you for a go-to easy cake recipe! I didn’t even have to use a mixer! Just gave it a little extra love lol

  268. Michele

    Happy Sunday Jenny!

    Would I be able to substitute the 1 1/4 cups of all purpose flour for 1 1/4 cups of whole wheat pastry flour in this cake? As well as doing the same thing in making your chocolate cake?

    Thank-you for your time and effort in doing this site – love it!!!!!

    • Jenny

      You could try but I think you will find the cakes quite heavy and dense.

      • aniket

        well if some people like dence cake but it will be good for stacking cake

  269. Urgeeeeennnnttttt

    So I’m in the process of cooking the cake and I used a round glass 9×9 and the ovens at 350. it’s been 30 minutes, but the cake is still completely raw. Please help

    • Jenny

      When using glass for baking, you are supposed to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees. At 350 it actually should have over-baked so did you change the recipe in any other way? If it’s actually completely raw, I can’t understand except that your oven temperature was much too low or you drastically changed the recipe.

      • Hyria

        I just made it in a 9×9 square glass pan, no parchment paper or anything, just oil and some flour, maybe it didn’t even need that but anyway, at 30 mins it was completely done, and I forgot to turn down the oven by 25 degrees and it still turned out nice, I wish it was a bit more moist, that could have been the oven tempt. but with a filling it’s very nice when you don’t have butter. I love baking with butter and am so glad that the myth about butter being bad for you has finally been debunked as butter in its natural form has so many wonderful nutrients. I always get organic ingredients and make dessert a nice occasion, so all in modernity and no worries about fat because really, sugar and plain oil are the bad ingredients here if we’re to examine more accurately.

  270. Cinu Skaria

    Hi jenny… The cake had a beautiful texture… Beyond expectations for such a simple recipe.. I was wondering if 1/4 cup of the flour could be replaced with cocoa powder.. Will it turn out to be a chocolate cake?

    • Jenny

      I have never done this but it seems to me it could work. If I tried it, I would also add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Let me know if you try and we can share your results.

  271. Susan

    Does this recipe not require salt?

    • Jenny

      I don’t use salt in this recipe but I suppose you can if you like.

  272. Joan L

    I just found your website a couple weeks ago. I have made your 90 min. whole wheat bread. I have personalized it slightly. I add rounded tablespoons of wheat germ, hemp grits and quinoa. Also a tablespoon of Bob’s Red Mill vital wheat gluten. It’s absolutely fantastic with or without the changes. Today I had some blueberries that needed to be used. I made your Easy One Bowl Yellow Cake to go on top. I used a square glass pan to pre cook the blueberries with a bit of sugar and corn starch in the microwave. I t couldn’t have turned out better. Delicious flavor, lovely texture. Thank You so much.

    • Hyria

      That sounds interesting, did you just put the blueberries, some sugar and cornstarch in the microwave for a short time and when you took it out you put the prepared batter on top of it and baked it all together like that?

  273. Catie

    My 2.5 year old son loves the kitchen, recently he’s been asking/demanding “make cake!” This is the perfect recipe, we do it all by hand and sometimes throw some chocolate chips in. Just wanted to say thanks for the great simple recipe! We’ll be making it again today!

  274. Rita

    It’s really easy to make this cake following exactly your simple and yet detailed instructions. Your recipes with oil instead of butter, and less sugar encourage me to try them whenever possible. Thank you Jenny.

  275. Lily

    I don’t have vanilla is there anything I can replace vanilla?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think there is any substitute for vanilla in baking.

    • Helpppppp

      You can use any other type of extract like almond or orange

      • Jenny

        I have only used vanilla so you may have to experiment.

    • Von

      If I run out of vanilla I use 2/teaspoons pancake syrup, it is quite good!

    • Bobbie Hector

      Can I double the recipe for a blunt cake

    • Bobbie

      Can I double the recipe for a blunt cake

  276. Cookoo

    Hi Jenny ? Your recipes. Can I use self raising flour for this recipe?

  277. Tania

    I just made this recipe but baked it as cupcakes. It gave me 18 medium cupcakes and the cooked it about 15-20 minutes (I have a very bad gaz oven tho, might take less time in a good one).

    They taste really good, not too sweet. They are the perfect canvas for a sweet icing or to be filled with lemon curd, salted caramel, you name it!

    Thanks for te recipe!

  278. Mallory

    I only have extra virgin olive oil….will it taste any different and will it be sweet or harsh tasting?

    • Jenny

      It might taste and smell like olives. I don’t usually bake with regular olive oil, only extra-light or canola or Smart Balance oil.

  279. Judy

    Hi Jenny,
    Does this this recipe work for cupcakes? If I pour the same batter into a cupcake tray.

    • Jenny

      I have only made it as a cake but please see Tania’s comment above.

  280. shakira

    Easy recipe but I’m totally sure about the consistency. Mine was a bit thick, I might have over mixed it. Please let me know how runny or thick it’s supposed to be.


  281. Phillip

    Absolutely loved this recipe.
    Simple, yet delicious! Thanks Jenny!

  282. kay tournay

    Hi Jenny! after 1 year of trying to make no-knead bread (unsucessfully) i came upon your YT site. Your ingredients were not much, if any different. It was watching you do it (your method) that gave me the confidence to try one more time, and voila! it worked! the first try, my bread looked just like what i had been trying to get all that time! All your videos and instructions are helpful and easy and produce good results. Thank you for all you do!

  283. Leonie Perera

    You are great. Every recipie is quite good.well done.

  284. Beli A.

    Jenny, I LOVE the way you organized your site. I look at a lot of cooks on YOUTUBE and when you go to get their recipes, it is a complicated and sometimes impossible task. On your site the recipes are beautifully done to print out and use. Maybe you can moonlight as a designer for you tube cooks to help them set their sites up! Thanks!!

    • Jenny

      Those complicated recipe websites are hard to navigate because they are full of ads & links because that’s how the sites make money. I don’t allow ads and I always decline offers to take money to promote products. I keep the site the way I would want it as a visitor – free for everyone and easy to navigate. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  285. Barbara

    Lovely textured and tasty cake and so easy to make. Thanks Jenny.

    Last time I made it I added sultanas and lemon juice and baked it in a loaf tin. Turned out really well and was not dry like some recipes for bar cakes are.

  286. Joanna

    Witam serdecznie ! Droga Jenny twoje przepisy sa bardzo pomocne i nie zbyt skomplikowane …i dzieki Tobie — okazuje sie ze ja potrafie smacznie gotowac i piec !!!♡

    (translation:) A warm welcome ! Dear Jenny, your rules are very helpful and not too complicated … and thank you – it turns out that I can cook and bake delicious !!!♡

  287. Nancy

    I made this last night as hubby’s birthday cake today. It was so easy to make and very affordable. I added a cup of frozen stawberries and cooked it 10 minutes longer. Tasted like a moist strawberry short cake minus the whip cream. Awesome recipe !

  288. Amber

    I want to try it and I’m probably making it tonight but thnx for the recipe

  289. cookie

    I made this cake, and although I enjoyed it and it was REALLY simple, I prefer cakes with butter! 😉

  290. Dwight Kothari

    Lightly sweet chocolate-orange marble cake made with extra light olive oil. Gets rave reviews every time.

  291. Valerie

    Hi Jenny,

    Instead of oil can I use salted butter or clarified butter?

  292. Jennie

    I love this recipe. Any ideas on a easy buttercream frosting?

  293. Parvin

    Hi jenny, thank you very much for all your delicious recipes. I baked this yellow cake and it is very good, i like it alot. My question is after baking and have some leftover , how should i keep that fresh for a few days?
    Thanks again, you are so nice and a beautiful lady.

    • Jenny

      The less air foods are exposed to the fresher they stay. I would cover it as tightly as you can with plastic wrap. If it’s frosted you can refrigerate it first and once the frosting is cold you can put plastic on it without sticking. After the second day, I usually keep my cake refrigerated.

  294. Jennie

    Hi Jenny, I was wondering if I can use Cake Flour instead of AP Flour for this recipe. Or maybe 1/2 cup AP Flour and 1/2 cup Cake Flour plus 1/4 cup AP Flour. Not sure if it will work.

    • Jenny

      You can if you want to but for every cup of cake flour that replaces a cup of a/p flour, you need to add 2 tablespoons of additional cake flour.

      • Jennie

        I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for the recipe.

  295. Fran

    I bough 9″ cake pans and 13″x11″ made by “PEMA” many years ago and I neve have problem with baking. They are made with double layers to keep even baking….never to dry or burned on the edge or dormed on top of cakes. Price is reasonable.
    It is always fun to watch JCC, and recipes are great too. Thank you.

    • Jenny

      I looked for the Pema pans to share a link here but I can not find them. Is there any other info on your pans or maybe they don’t make them any more… or maybe not in the U.S.?

      • IBMIZMO

        Hi Jenny, I love all your recipe’s, wouldn’t think of changing a thing. Thanks girl. Ok, it’s now 2017 any luck finding the PEMA pans Fran mentioned?

  296. Granmama11

    For anyone on WW, just enter the recipe in the recipe builder either on their site or in the WW app and it will figure the Points vale.

  297. Sharon

    Hi Jenny
    I would love for u to include the fat, carbs, fiber and protein content in your recipes I am on weight watchers, so I need to count the points on the program.

    • Jenny

      I’m just sharing what I make at home and do not have that information but see Granmama’s post right above.

  298. h2oplease

    I agree with the previous post from Glo … Your recipes are so easy to follow.
    This cake recipe is perfect to teach my grand kids, 10 and 7. They enjoy baking very much.

  299. Glo

    With this recipe, baking a cake couldn’t be easier. I am making this tonight when it’s cooler. I enjoy the ease of your recipes, so thanks for sharing. (91degrees and it’s not even noontime in Kona!)

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